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revenge is a kind of wild justice, suits, louis litt/donna paulsen

revenge is a kind of wild justice, louis litt/donna paulsen


Here’s a secret: Louis Litt always wanted to be an actor.

Okay, so maybe that’s less a secret and more a predictable and rather mundane revelation. He was born with a vicious streak, that everybody knows; and everybody knows that vicious streaks serve you just as well in Hollywood as they do on a courtroom floor. He wasn’t born nasty, but he learnt it, in time. He wasn’t born in the spotlight, but now he drags it to himself because you find your light and you stay there. He wasn’t born with both feet on the stage, but he’ll damn well get the lead if it kills him, bowing to applause and flashing a smile that makes you more than a little nervous. He knows what he is. He knows what he looks like. That’s power. (People get it when it’s Harvey. That one’s always stuck in his craw.)

Louis Litt always wanted to be an actor. Look at him now, tell him he isn’t.

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mike ross?

My same sex otp: mike ross/harvey specter
My opposite sex otp: mike ross/rachel zane (with some caveats)
My most hated pairing: mike ross/not being a vicious bastard
My same sex unusual otp: mike ross/kyle durant/the firm’s attack dogs
My opposite sex unusual otp: mike ross/jessica pearson/her harvey 2.0 with sex throw in, mike ross/donna paulsen/harvey specter/ruling the world
My crossover otp: mike ross/neal caffrey (duh), mike ross/blair waldorf/social takeover and then takedown
My brotp/friendship otp: mike ross/donna paulsen
Character headcanon: mike ross knows that this is supposed to be his life now, but he still keeps a packed bag at the back of his closet, fake id right there when he opens it up, just in case