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Hussie’s art style is so weirdly unique to where I haven’t seen one person draw it quite the way he does and it’s weird because it’s so simple
And the other weird thing about that is that when you start/ plan to read homestuck the art style is one of the biggest turn-offs of the comic but as you get to the end you start to just like adore it and I want to see it all the time

Rhythm | Lee Joo Heon | One-Shot

jooheon (monstax) + you (reader)
word count: 7,233
warnings: i have no excuse for this flithy, graphic smut (that includes but is not limited to thigh riding, breath play, mild degradation, spanking, etc) and strong language (some slut shaming) and brief mentions of infidelity
a/n: i was inspired by the new mv and channeled that inspiration into a gang!au, bad boy jooheon sexy time fest and before you say anything yes i know he is a total squish in real life that’s why it’s called fiction :)

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man. emerald fennell, kate lamb, laura main, helen george, bryony hannah, jennifer kirby, charlotte ritchie, linda bassett, jenny agutter, judy parfitt and victoria yeates are OUT THERE. they’re in the world. women that talented and Angelic™ exist?? they’re ALIVE?? breathing. being perfect with every step they take. i love the female cast?? so much?? ??????    
I’m gay ?


Drew the Kindred skins again. Still sketches though, since I’m still on exams.
Almost done with them though, so I can then finally go back to drawing in peace.

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My grandma got me this toy lamb for christmas, its from a company called scentsy and when you hug her the lamb smells good!! Her fur is really soft and she has a zipper on the back that you put these "smell pouches" in, and right now mine smells like raspberry! There are lots of smells to choose from so I recommend this for anyone who likes smells and soft

Ooooh I’m going to have to look into that!!