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I didn’t know Andrew didn’t tell Benedict that it was a near kiss and not a real one. 0-0 He let Ben kiss him without telling him! XD oh Andrew… ;)) (well I would have done pretty much the same if I was him.. 😂)

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Good kisser - Usher / HOYA / INFINITE CONCERT practice video



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Newt Scamander Drabble

Newt’s lips are soft. Warm. They brush against yours with ease, absorbing any word or worry and instead replacing it with a dizziness. You melt into his arms, once again in shock at how much of a good kisser this man is, as you marvel each and every time. His mouth guides yours, lips clashing with lips in the most delicious of ways. His tongue glides against the tender, plump flesh of your bottom lip before he completely ravishes you. 

Often times you couldn’t find the strength to not kiss him; hours tick by regrettably slow if you haven’t felt his mouth on yours. The taste of him makes you shiver: sweet and sugary like the smell of vanilla. Although Newt is the exact opposite of vanilla. You bring out a different side of him; he utterly worships you and can’t hold himself back from showing you which is precisely why with you two there’s no such thing as a “short and sweet kisses.” 

His hands slide along your thighs,  slender fingers digging into them before moving them apart, allowing his hip to rest against yours. You move a finger to his lips which makes him pull away. “What’s wrong?” The worry in his voice is well hidden. 

“I wanted to see your eyes again.” 

Newt admires your features while you admire his. Each of you have swollen lips and flushed cheeks. Newt’s hair is in disarray from you combing your hands through it again and again. Yours is splayed out against the pillows and grass of the makeshift bed you’ve made somewhere in the case. 

“I love you,” Newt murmurs. You have no time to tell him the same when his mouth is on yours. But he knows. 

With fluttering eyes, Newt pulls you close. The feeling of your hands around the back of his neck excites him, your nails pressing against his skin in a way that doesn’t hurt but still sends shocks down his spine. 

But your eyes are open; open and tear filled: open because every time you close your eyes the happiest memories of him play. All that your mind can see is Newt Scamander; in every possibility of a future you see, Newt always remains.You kiss him back hardly and happily, releasing every emotion you feel into that very kiss. Your eyes are locked on the stars above. The stars that remain imprinted on the blue velvet sky, always and forever, burning because they have no other purpose. As they twinkled indefinitely, you and Newt would age and grow old and eventually die. The thought made you ache, but why dwell in the future?

There is only now: Newt’s mouth on yours, your bare bodies pressed together. There was a distant ringing, like tolling of light bells. For a moment you imagined the stars were laughing; speaking to you. Maybe they were. 

All you knew for sure is that the bells were a prophecy.
One for a happy ending with Newt.