good kisser

anonymous asked:

Finland have you ever kissed Denmark? If so how was it?

Finland: I… Have… Once. Just the once. It… It was a while ago, sometime around the 1980’s, and we had both gotten really drunk. We’re drinking buddies if no one else is free after all.
So yeah, one minute we’re telling our life stories and the next Denmark has his tongue down my throat. It was… Ahem… Not too bad actually. He’s a good kisser.

hes still complaining hes like ‘i wish girls liked me youre the only girl that ever really took me seriously’ im like LMFAO What was a dumb bitch THINKING lmfao hes repulsive to me now or like a small baby. actually what i was thinking was that he had a lip ring and was a good kisser and love to eat ***** so like that was that but like now with distance im like….. hes a child