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My cosplay squad and I were at Connecticon as the beta kids! If anyone has any pictures of us, I’d appreciate it if you could send them my way!

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Demon Children Present:
-Bad Memories-

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Any animal that fall sleep on your lap? Then you would love my snake. She always fall sleep curled up over me. Also, on like the weirdest places. The other day I mistakenly take her to my philosophy class cause she was in my bag and I noticed when I got there


good thing she didn’t escape!

How about

1. What if new guy’s actually a setter? What if he’s really really good? What if Kageyama gets the chance to work with him and learn a lot from him and improve his tosses a bunch and??

2. But what if new guy’s Hinata 2.0 instead? What if he’s actually a wing spiker? What if he’s, on top of being smol, also really insanely fast and jumps high? What if Kageyama’s put in a combo with him? What if he can give him the King’s Toss and it totally works out?? WHAT IF!!

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Do you think there's really any personality differences between soldier and warrior Reiner? I mean obviously there's differences between his goals, but I don't really see many differences in actually personality traits. Maybe he's a bit more melancholy, but I feel like that might just be the circumstance. Idk

You know it’s interesting, I’m not entirely sure, but I’ve actually given this some thought in the past as well. I think ultimately yeah, Warrior Reiner is probably a good person as well. If all you’ve ever known was that there was a group of people who’ve caused literally all of the world’s problems, and you have the ability to stop them, it’d make sense that the morally right thing to do would be to stop them, right? I think Warrior Reiner, the original Reiner, is basically a good person with the wrong information.

Eventually Warrior Reiner ended up in Paradis with the Walldians, and being the good kid he was, presented with the undeniable truth that the Walldians are literally just like him, got along with them. I think Soldier Reiner was literally just the result of Reiner being almost too good of a kid. He was totally convinced that the absolute morally good thing to do was to invade Paradis and steal the Progenitor Titan so much that he invented Soldier Reiner so that he didn’t have to deal with the fact that he was lied to by Marley.

To answer the question then, not really. I think Soldier Reiner and Warrior Reiner have the same general guiding set of ethics; good people are good, bad people are bad. Ultimately the difference is who those “bad people” actually are. 

Thanks for the ask! I always appreciate the opportunity to discuss Reiner!

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     Will crouches so that he’s closer to the kid’s height and lifts his gaze to look the boy in the eyes. After a brief moment, he turns his gaze elsewhere, focusing on the boy’s blonde hair rather than his eyes. He’s not exactly uncomfortable with children, but he’s always found that talking to them could quickly go wrong if he didn’t focus. “Can I tell you a secret?” Will moves his jacket marginally to tug the badge off of his belt and flips it so that Clint can see the words printed on it. “Special investigator means I’m not really a cop. I just want to talk to you.” 

I’ll admit I had no interest in Dirk Strider until he started showing cracks in his stoic warrior prince facade. Then I was like ‘ah yes, weakness’ and drifted over. He was too entrenched in his cultivated persona for a while. Kind of like how I really only got interested in Jade once it became clear she was not the carefree peppy girl she pretended to be. Obviously I warmed to her more. 

(And I hated Dave so much, right through act 4 I think where two people were dead and I was like well damn)

My BFF in the whole entire world Brysssssssssa is performing in NYC this Saturday night with a bunch of other hot freaks, cum party with us.


Doors :: 10pm  Music :: 11pm

(260 johnson ave)
L train 2 Montrose 

//$10 // 

Performances by: ~!~ HOT SUGAR ~!~ SLIINK ~!~ NICK HOOK ~!~ M|O|D Crew (C.Z.//Lil Texas// Yung Satan// Rewrote// Trap Arnold) ~!~ CHIPPY NONSTOP  ~!~ PSYCHO EGYPTIAN ARYAN BOY

~!~ Hosted by MOLLY SODA / OSCAR 1992 / PASSION FACTION / Q ~!~

So here is an idea

Dean and Cas adopting kids that lost their parents because of monsters!!!

And raising them up knowing that monster exist and how to defend themselves but not taking them everywhere to go on hunts. Instead they help them have a normal life while at the same time making sure to keep them save.

Dean cooks and they all eat together as a big family.

The kids love each others as brothers and sisters.

And they call Dean and Cas their dads, Sam is their uncle. And when they adopted the first one Sam made a bunch of jokes about “My two dads” until he gets that maybe it’s not really that much like “My two dads”…

The kids call themselves the Winchesters.

They call Jody their aunt and Alex is their cousin.

Cas reassuring Dean that he thinks he is a good father.

The kids buying them presents for father’s day.

Clair is probably one of them too but won’t admit it until she accidentally calls one of them “dad” and Dean and Cas just look so happy and go like: “Yes?”

As they grow old some of the kids become hunters, some don’t. And it’s fine because it’s their choice. 

Cas and Dean having a family of mini hunters that love them.

Cas and Dean being dads.

every single day.