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Durarara!!   {Sentence Starters}

  • “I am trying to seduce you.”
  • “If I’m your savior, then you’re mine.”
  • “The world isn’t as bad as you think.”
  • “You think you’re special? You’re not.”
  • “It’s kinda scary how much people trust me.”
  • “These days, I feel more comfortable in dark places.”
  • “It’s hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.”
  • “In other words, you don’t even have an idea of what death is really like.”
  • “Oh, and just because I like humans, it doesn’t mean that I like you personally.”
  • “I’m not rude… I just wasn’t taught to politely pretend to be nice to people I can’t stand.”
  • “You’re happy enough, so don’t take away the happiness of others. You should share it.”
  • “It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.”
  • “If there’s any possibility that I might visit this city again, then I challenge you to a duel.”
  • “Love. I, myself, have never loved another person. Most likely, I don’t even love myself.”
  • “All this talk about monsters… that’s what people have called me ever since I was a kid.”
  • “Even if everyone in the whole world dies, I won’t care, as long as my beloved survives.”
  • “If I pull this out will it start bleeding? Maybe I should get a band-aid. Or maybe super glue!”
  • “They have their respective secrets. And they’re deliberately trying not to give themselves away.”
  • “Everyone lies, everyone hides things. Nobody makes it through this life being completely honest.”
  • “If you know this, then you were trying to kill me, right? So whatever I do next is what you deserve, right?”
  • “If you want to run from your past, fine. But whatever you do, don’t run away from your present or worse, your future.”
  • “I don’t have have much time. It’s not that I’m busy, but I’m only willing to give you about two and a half more minutes of my life.”
  • “Well, hurting girls isn’t one of my hobbies. That’s why I’ll make it my hobby to stomp on their cell phones. Hahahahahaha! …I’m so bored of it now. It’s no longer my hobby to stomp on cell phones.”
Death’s Choice

I tried really hard to get my kid out of my neighborhood. When he was born, I made all the promises I’m sure my old man made to me when I was young.

You’re not gonna live like this.

You’re gonna be better than me.

You’re gonna be somebody.

But what does an eighteen year old know about getting anybody outta anywhere? I couldn’t even get myself out. Me and my girl lived in my mom’s basement while we tried to get our shit together for Abel’s sake, but it was never gonna work. She was younger than me, she didn’t want to be a mom, and she split when he was only a couple months old.

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I want a good cop bad cop nellis au…like

•Nick being such a dirty cop and involved in organized crime since the start

•Ellis coming straight out of the Academy and heading to a big city (no this isn’t zootopia)

•Nick getting pared up with Ellis

•Keith stories during stake outs

•Nick getting frustrated cause the kid is just so good and genuinely wants to help people and like what’s that about??¿¿

•Ellis wanting to hang out off duty

•Nick shooting that idea down

•Nick actually having to be careful because the kid is smarter than he looks

•Nick falling for Ellis first and being PISSED about it

•Nick having to distract Ellis during a stake out so his ‘only’ choice is to make a move

police cruiser sex

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I think the met as teens verse is my favorite thing you've written so far! (And I love all your stuff so that's saying something) can you maybe write how murderous mask would have gone down in that verse?

(You guys are lovely, you know that?)

What’s hilarious is that the first Murderous Mask prompt actually predates the Mag betrayal prompt. When I got that one, I just stared at it in puzzlement for a while– because if Juno’s on Brahma, then literally the entirety of Murderous Mask can’t actually happen– Cecil would be dead and the Mask would still be buried in the desert, and besides, there’s no way Peter would have failed to retrieve the Mask if Juno was there helping him out.

Then I got the request for Mag’s betrayal. And then I got some help from my friend Kya about how to make that all work without breaking character (fun fact: the version I sent you guys is the second one I wrote; the first one just didn’t feel right.) 

And just like that, the pieces are in the right position to make MM work again. Sometimes it just requires a little suffering along the way.

Like any of my episode-based fics, I’m gonna jump around to the scenes that are actually different. There’s no need to make you read through the entire episode. 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (The Talk) | Part 4Part 5

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Kol Mikaelson Imagine: Worth The Risk


Prompts: 11- “Everyone keep telling me you are the bad guy.”
24- “Oh, fuck off.”
31- “I thought it was a one-night-stand…and now we’re dating.“
122- "Enough with the sass!”

Summary: Reader gets a message from Kol that he wants to meet her. Then they have a conversation about him being the bad guy. At the end he asks her to be his girlfriend.

Word count: 1000

Y/F/N - your friend’s name

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‘Meet me in 15 minutes at our place, love. I need to ask you something important.’

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Community Service

A fun spec on Oliver finally coming out as the Green Arrow and his first public appearance.

Oliver sat in the rafters above the school auditorium at Laurel Lance Elementary.

Below him, about 200 students sat on folding chairs, shifting and fidgeting in their seats, anticipating Oliver’s arrival. Up on the stage, various faculty members also sat waiting, wondering if Oliver was actually going to show up for his scheduled appearance. He was already an hour late and they were getting worried that the kids might start to riot in protest.

Oliver had a City Council meeting earlier that morning which ran late, and when it finally ended, he had to rush back to the Bunker and don his other business suit—that of the Green Arrow. John, Rene and Felicity were also at the Bunker when he arrived, and they began to joke about him being Star City’s new costumed community service hero. Rene even went so far as saying that Mayor Queen was going to the school in drag.

It was Quentin, out of his Deputy Mayor’s office, who set all this up, arranging Oliver’s appearance with Principal Juarez. Lance told Oliver now that Mayor Queen had come out as Green Arrow, he needed to let the city know that Oliver Queen (and Green Arrow) was even more of an integral part of the community. Lance also told Oliver that this school visit would be good for the Mayor’s approval ratings. The Green Arrow’s as well.

“Oliver,” Felicity’s voice suddenly spoke through the com link in his ear. “I just got a call from the school asking if my husband is still coming. What are you waiting for?”

“Just checking out the area,” he told her.

Felicity chuckled in his ear. “Honey, this isn’t a mission you’re on. There are no bad guys or super villains you need to fight. They’re just kids waiting for their hero.”

A small grin appeared on his face. “Alright hon, call them back and let them know it’s show time.”

“Copy that. And Oliver…try to have some fun with this. We don’t have to hide all this anymore. Just be yourself…” Felicity fell silent for a few seconds then added, “Uh, actually, don’t be yourself. Maybe the public isn’t ready for that kind of scary.”

Oliver grunted back. “Uh, just stay with me. I might need your help fielding questions.”

“I’ll always be here,” Felicity told him.

Below him, Oliver noticed that the faculty suddenly became animated and Principal Juarez walked up to the microphone with sure, steady steps. The auditorium’s speaker system clicked on.

“Kids,” she spoke. “It’s time. Please join me in welcoming to our school…Mayor Queen and the Green Arrow.”

Thunderous applause drifted up to Oliver. He pulled a repelling arrow out of his quiver and found a spot on the stage to plant it.

Show time indeed, he thought. He let loose his arrow and descended into infamy.


Below the auditorium, down in the boiler room amid steam pipes and girders, 100lbs of C-4 was wired with two detonators, ready to take out the school and 5 surrounding blocks. On the floor next to the bomb, one of Oliver’s security detail from the city lay dead, blood congealing on the concrete floor from the head shot he took.

The countdown display screen on the C-4 read: 15:00 minutes.


“Yes, the boy in the blue shirt,” Oliver pointed out to the audience.

“My dad says you are a criminal,” the kid said. “He said that you use to kill people. Is that true?”

Oliver glared out at the kid and was ready to unleash his gruff Green Arrow voice.

“Oliver,” Felicity whispered in his ear. “Don’t go savage on the kid. Keep calm and answer the question as Mayor. The kid believes in you, despite what his father told him. Don’t prove him right.”

Oliver took a couple deep breaths, and then followed Felicity’s lead. “Son, what’s your name?”

“Bobby Caldwell,” the kid answered.

“Bobby,” Oliver responded. “Your father was right. I was a bad man six years ago, when I came back from the island Lian Yu. I spent a long time there and had some bad things happen to me. When I came back to the city, I didn’t like what was happening here and I was trying to stop all the criminals.”

“Is that why you killed them?” Bobby asked.

“Uh…” Oliver didn’t know what to tell the kid. “Well, it was a difficult time for me and…”

“Oliver,” Felicity chimed in again. “The kid is not going to understand this. Just assure him that you’re not a bad man anymore…well actually, you are bad, but in a good way…I mean with me; anyway, focus on all the good things you’ve done since the island.”

Oliver nodded. She was right. Now was not the time for therapy. He started to redirect his answer.

John suddenly came on the com channel. “Oliver, security detail #3 has gone silent. He missed his last check-in. Last known position was down in the boiler room.”

Oliver halted his answer for Bobby. “Felicity, are you picking up anything?”

“Stand by,” she told him. “I’m starting a search algorithm.”

Everybody in the auditorium was watching Oliver as he suddenly became still. They were not familiar with how he was when danger came calling. They had only read about him or seen him in brief coverage on TV. A new anticipation emanated from the students and staff. They might actually get to see the Green Arrow in action, and live.

“Oliver,” Felicity returned. “I’m reading an electronic signature about 200 feet below you.” She paused. “Oliver, the signature is similar to some kind of detonator.”

Oliver shifted fully into Green Arrow mode. He turned to Principal Juarez. “I need you to have the auditorium cleared out. Have your staff start leading the kids out of the building.”

“What…” the Principal started to say?

“Do it now,” Oliver told her. “There is a possible situation, maybe a bomb.”

That did it for her. Principle Juarez turned away and complied with Oliver’s directive.


Oliver reached the boiler room 8 minutes later. He found the dead security man—then he saw the bomb. He also saw the countdown indicator telling him he had six minutes before blast off.

“Felicity, it’s C-4. It looks like the one we, uh, I mean the one you and Roy disarmed at Rocket’s Arena 3 years ago.”

“I’m guessing there aren’t any coolant pipes above you?” Felicity asked.

Oliver looked up. “No, just more steam pipes. What’s the status of the auditorium evac?”

“SCPD dispatched 30 officers to the school. ETA is 10 minutes.”

“Not good enough. There’s six minutes left on the timer.”

“Oliver, please tell me you have a directional arrow with you. You remember the one we used on that bomb last year?”

Oliver smiled in response. “Honey,” he said to her. “I never leave home without one. You never know when you’ll come across a 100lb bomb out in the field. Stand by…”

Oliver pulled said arrow out, backed up about 20 feet, and then shot it at the countdown mechanism. It stuck and the relay arms latched on.

“It’s all yours, Felicity.”

“Ah…another piece of ugly modern art,” Felicity sighed in relief. “And by the way Mr. Mayor—I love you.”

Oliver smiled. “You know, I feel the same way about you. Let’s get the bomb squad down here and see if we can find some clues on who put this thing here.”

“Copy,” Felicity answered. “Does that mean the Mayor/Green Arrow assembly is over?”

“No way,” Oliver told her. “Little Bobby Caldwell is still waiting for an answer to his question.”

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The Underground of Art: Graffiti

By Ardijana Kukic      

“Graffiti is the rock and roll of visual arts,” words said by Roger Gastman that simply define the infinitely growing art. For over 40 years, the art form of graffiti has continued to surpass the heyday of many other genres of art. With all the recognition graffiti artists and their art has earned (such as art shows, books, galleries, etc.), the beginning of this artform had risen from the streets and was originally the idea of illegally tagging your name in as many public places as possible.

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A Stanford dean on skills every 18 year old should have

1. An 18-year-old must be able to talk to strangers — faculty, deans, advisers, landlords, store clerks, human resource managers, coworkers, bank tellers, health care providers, bus drivers, mechanics—in the real world.

The crutch: We teach kids not to talk to strangers instead of teaching the more nuanced skill of how to discern the few bad strangers from the mostly good ones. Thus, kids end up not knowing how to approach strangers — respectfully and with eye contact — for the help, guidance, and direction they will need out in the world.

2. An 18-year-old must be able to find his way around a campus, the town in which her summer internship is located, or the city where he is working or studying abroad.

The crutch: We drive or accompany our children everywhere, even when a bus, their bicycle, or their own feet could get them there; thus, kids don’t know the route for getting from here to there, how to cope with transportation options and snafus, when and how to fill the car with gas, or how to make and execute transportation plans.

3. An eighteen-year-old must be able to manage his assignments, workload, and deadlines.

The crutch: We remind kids when their homework is due and when to do it— sometimes helping them do it, sometimes doing it for them; thus, kids don’t know how to prioritize tasks, manage workload, or meet deadlines, without regular reminders.

4. An 18-year-old must be able to contribute to the running of a house hold.

The crutch: We don’t ask them to help much around the house because the checklisted childhood leaves little time in the day for anything aside from academic and extracurricular work; thus, kids don’t know how to look after their own needs, respect the needs of others, or do their fair share for the good of the whole.

5. An 18-year-old must be able to handle interpersonal problems.

The crutch: We step in to solve misunderstandings and soothe hurt feelings for them; thus, kids don’t know how to cope with and resolve conflicts without our intervention.

6. An 18-year-old must be able to cope with ups and downs of courses and workloads, college- level work, competition, tough teachers, bosses, and others.

The crutch: We step in when things get hard, finish the task, extend the deadline, and talk to the adults; thus, kids don’t know that in the normal course of life things won’t always go their way, and that they’ll be okay regardless.

7. An 18-year-old must be able to earn and manage money.

The crutch: They don’t hold part-time jobs; they receive money from us for what ever they want or need; thus, kids don’t develop a sense of responsibility for completing job tasks, accountability to a boss who doesn’t inherently love them, or an appreciation for the cost of things and how to manage money.

8. An 18-year-old must be able to take risks.

The crutch: We’ve laid out their entire path for them and have avoided all pitfalls or prevented all stumbles for them; thus, kids don’t develop the wise understanding that success comes only after trying and failing and trying again (a.k.a. “grit”) or the thick skin (a.k.a. “resilience”) that comes from coping when things have gone wrong.

Remember: our kids must be able to do all of these things without resorting to calling a parent on the phone. If they’re calling us to ask how, they do not have the life skill.

GOT7 As Tumblr Bloggers

Requested: No

A.N. Saw @jinboopil post about “DAY6 As Tumblr Bloggers” and wanted to do it for GOT7.

JB: More a photography blog. Dark and mysterious just the way he likes. Has an about me page on his blog and says everything you need to know about me is on here. But the page only has his name, birthday, 3 interest of his, and a black and white picture where you can barely see him. Started his own photography business and people are buying his work because he keeps it affordable and not wickedly expensive like all the other professionals.

Mark: The traveler blog. Started the blog as a way to document his way of how he’s going achieve his dream of backpacking through Europe and South America. Raised money through high school by working multiple jobs and did kids homework. Didn’t go to college because he had enough money to travel so he left everyone behind. Post pictures of food, scenery etc. at whatever city/country he’s in and tells other they must travel one day.

Jackson: the “Organic way is the best way” healthy fit blog 24/7. Post workout routines for people to follow. Tells his followers whats good for them and whats bad. Post pictures of them working out and then caption it with something like “Best way to start the day is seeing the sunshine and a 3 mile run.” Loves seeing his followers progress and encourages everyone to live healthy. 

Junior: The poetry blog. Reblogs quotes from his favorite authors. Post pictures of his coffee and whatever new book he is reading that day/week. Has tons of girl followers because “he’s so dreamy and romantic”. Also post pictures that is aesthetically pleasing of books and his apartment. He rarely replies to his inbox but still appreciates the messages he gets.

Youngjae: The music blog. Post their pictures from concerts, review albums, gets lots of people wanting recommendations for new bands to listen to. Does music related giveaways when he hits every 5k. Still is super emo about MCR breaking up and will tell everyone how they are still a great band. Goes on rants about how you should treat celebrities as normal people.

Bambam: The aesthetic fashion blog. The dark pastel colors are his favorite and will somehow incorporate that into bias fashion sense.Everyone is in love with him because he’s soooo good looking but is also caring towards everyone. Replies to hate and ends everything with a smile face just to piss off the angry anon more. Makes sure his favorite followers are doing well.

Yugyeom: Shit posting blog but still has the theme of dancing videos. Reblogs a lot of post that resembles his personality. Will talk about current events and how people should be equal. Calls lots of people out of their bullshit. Yet has a passion for dance and post videos of him and his friends dancing to new pop/R&B songs. Everyone loves that he’s so relatable so he has a strong following.

This is Halloween

Fandom: The Flash

Rating: G

Pairing: Cisco/Reader; Team Dynamics

Warnings/Notes: Wow, look at me on a roll. So yeah, with Halloween tomorrow, I couldn’t get the idea of a Star Wars costume with Cisco out of my head. What was one small scene got away from me too…again.

So no warnings, except for a bit of playful innuendo.

Requests are open and if someone could help me figure out how to do that “Keep Reading” thing so my posts aren’t hellaciously long at first glance, that would be awesome of you too.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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“Alright, that just about does it,” Caitlin said as she finished patching up Barry. “Once I get this last cut cleaned out, your healing should do the rest.” Team Flash had just finished taking down another one of Zoom’s baddies: an Earth-2 psycho named Goblin with a penchant for throwing exploding, acid-filled pumpkins…which somehow seemed fitting since it was October 31. Halloween, your favorite holiday aside from Christmas. It would figure the paranormal holiday would bring out the meta-crazies in Central City, as you pointed out a few times over the past couple of days.

“Too bad, some of those cuts would make a good addition to your costume for the haunted neighborhood event,” Iris smiled. Every year for Halloween, the West’s neighborhood block hosted a large “Haunted Street”, where everyone would come together and decorate one street in a haunted festival-type fashion for trick-or-treat. It was a popular thing with all the kids in half of Central City. Even the older kids and young adults came out to take part in the fun. This year, the street where Barry and Wests’ lived was hosting it. While their house wasn’t taking an active part and just handing out candy, the team was meeting up at the Wests’ house for their own Halloween celebration.

“I still say your costume should be a t-shirt that says, "I am not The Flash”,“ you quipped, earning a laugh from Cisco.

"Speaking of which, are you coming to the party Y/N?” Barry asked, looking towards where you were seated at your computer.

“Not right away,” you answered. At the negative cheers from the rest of the team, you shrugged helplessly. “What? My sister just got out of the hospital from having a C-Section and can’t do any strenuous activity yet. I promised her I would take my nephew trick-or-treating.”

“But you are taking him to the Haunted Neighborhood, right?” Barry asked.

“Of course, this is his first year he can truly enjoy it. And we will be stopping by the house, but not for long.” You looked at your phone and cursed softly. “I gotta go. I need to get ready and pick him up. You got this babe?” you asked Cisco, gesturing to the last bit of research you two had been working to take down Goblin.

“Seriously? Who is the best hacker in the world?” he asked, shifting his chair so you could grab your bag.

“Felicity Smoak,” everyone echoed.

“Rude…and hurtful. Especially coming from my own girlfriend,” Cisco complained. You smiled mischievously as you pecked his lips.

“But only my favorite hacker can recode my programming,” you ghosted over his lips, loud enough for only him to hear. The sound that escaped him was a cross between a moan and a laugh as he cupped your face and returned the kiss.

“That was both dirty and terrible. That’s why I love you.”

“You should hear the ones I got for Vibe.” You must’ve said that louder than you thought because both of you were surprised when Joe barked a laugh. Glancing over with wide eyes, you found the rest of the team, even Harry, watching you with amused exasperation. While you weren’t a prude by any means, you had only been dating for six months and some things were still relatively new, like letting some PDA slip in front of the team. Blushing brightly, you turned back to Cisco (who was grinning shamelessly, the jerk) and pecked his lips one last time. “I really need to go.”

“Okay,” he laughed. “See you later?”

“You bet. Later guys!” A chorus of “goodbyes” and laughter echoed behind you as you jogged out of the Cortex and headed towards your car. 
“OW! Melanie! Would you leave me some hair?!” you complained as your older sister worked on your hair for your costume. Around the two of you, your five-year-old nephew, Damien, was zooming around you in his Poe Dameron costume, pretending to shoot down Tai Fighters.

“Don’t be such a baby, Y/N. I got one of those already,” Melanie grumbled around the comb in her mouth. “Hair tie.”

“Sucks that you couldn’t have had Adri earlier this year. A few months older and we could’ve dressed her up as an Ewok,” you joked, handing her one of the ties in your hand.

“You are not dressing my baby up as a teddy-bear looking alien, Y/N. I swear, that boyfriend of yours is a bad influence on your already nerdy interests.” You laughed softly.

“BB-8 then? That would be adorable.”

“You’re terrible. Hair tie.”

“Auntie Y/N? Is Cisco coming with us? I want to show him my costume,” Damien asked, lifting the visor on the helmet up.

“No sweetie. Cisco had stay at work and finish up some computer stuff so I could come home and get ready for trick-or-treating. He didn’t want you to miss your first big trick-or-treat night. But we’ll see him later at Detective Joe’s house, okay?” Damien nodded then zoomed off again, saying something about protecting his baby sister from the Empire forces.

“How are you and Cisco doing?” Melanie asked after a few moments of silence.

“We’re good, like really good,” you answered, handing her the last hair tie. “We’ve been close friends for so long, this just seems like a natural step. Feels like it’s been longer than six months.”

“Good, you deserve to be happy. Okay, all done! Damien, get ready to leave!”

“Thanks Mel, I’ll have him home by 9 so he’s not up too late.”

“Thanks for doing this, Y/N. I’ll make it up to you.”

“Don’t worry about it. I love spending time with my nephew.” You picked up the staff that was part of your outfit and looked down at Damien. “You ready to go? Alright, let’s go get some candy!”
You grinned brightly as Damien practically skipped along beside you down the sidewalk. It had been a good haul, starting with a few houses before heading to the Haunted Street that had been in full swing before it even got dark. Your nephew had a blast running around to the different houses and stands where neighbors had set up baskets upon baskets of candy. Kids and adults were running around in full get-up, snatching as much candy as you could. You counted at least ten Flashes and Green Arrows and a few Black Canaries. You even glimpsed a couple Speedy and Red Arrows running about. Overall, Damien’s first big trick-or-treat was a success and you were surprised he wasn’t crashing from the adrenaline rush yet.

“Alright kiddo, where to next?” you asked, taking his over-flowing bucket of candy for him.

“Can we go see Barry and Iris and Caitlin and Cisco now?” he pleaded. “I want to show them what I got.”

“Okay, we are only three houses down and we still have time before I have to take you home.” Taking his hand, you both walked through the throngs of kids and parents. As you headed up the steps of the West residence, you could see Iris and Barry handing out candy to a group of middle schoolers. Sure enough, Barry’s speed had healed up the cuts and bruises, leaving only the fake scars Iris created for his zombie costume. Both of them lit up when they saw you and Damien walking up and Barry disappeared for a minute, presumably to tell Cisco.

“Hey you two! We saw you getting some candy across the street earlier. How was your haul?” Iris asked, smiling as she hugged you.

“It was great!” Damien cheered, jumping up and down in excitement. “I’m Poe Dameron, the best Rebel pilot in the entire galaxy!”

“Wow, that is awesome dude!” Barry complimented as he reappeared in the doorway. “And it looks like the best trick-or-treater too!”

“Yeah! Barry, may use your bathroom, please?”

“Sure thing. We’ll drop your candy bucket off by the table too while we’re at it. Awesome costume, Y/N. Cisco is helping Joe and Caitlin refill candy bowls,” Barry quickly complimented as he led Damien in the house towards the bathroom. Iris let you in as well and shut the door after making sure there weren’t any kids coming up.

“Barry is right, you look awesome in that Rey costume! Cisco is going to flip! How are you feeling?” You laughed and nodded.

“I don’t know how Damien is doing it but I am exhausted! I think that kid is just so excited, he’s running on pure adrenaline.”

“I bet! He’ll crash later on. Have you eaten? We’ve got a good spread, even Harry brought something along.”

As if on cue, your stomach growled loudly. “I totally could, actually. But first, I think I’m going to track down Cisco first.” You hugged Iris once more as the doorbell rang and made your way to kitchen. Along the way, you saw Jay and Caitlin milling around. Harry even drew you into an one-armed hug, which surprised you a bit. Finally, after wolfing down a couple small sandwiches, you made your way into the kitchen where Joe was heading out with two new bowls of candy.

“What is this? I thought I would get to live out my fantasy of seeing my girlfriend dressed up as the Rebel Princess she is! I even dressed up as Han Solo so it would be a cute ensemble!” Cisco proclaimed, throwing the bags of candy away. Sure enough, he was wearing brown pants, boots, a white shirt, and a leather jacket.  You laughed as you set aside your staff and hugged him tightly.

“Damien couldn’t go as Poe without having a Rey. Besides,” you added, looping your arms around his neck and dropping your voice, “If you went with us, you could’ve been my Finn.” Cisco laughed as he rested his head against yours.

“I do enjoy a good last-minute change. Besides,” he replied, tucking a stray piece of hair behind your ear, “I’ll be whatever you need me to be.” His words sent butterflies soaring around your stomach as his eyes stared at you with sincerity. What did I do to deserve this man in my life, you thought.

“You’re so damn corny,” you murmured shakily as he molded his lips over yours in a tender kiss that stole your breath away. Your fingers slowly entangled in his long, black hair as he gently leaned you against the counter and pulled you in tighter. The both of you exchanged slow kisses as the party outside the kitchen seemed to disappear, leaving only this man you had fallen head over heels with overwhelming all of your senses. You didn’t think anything short of Zoom could ruin this moment for you. This was possibly the best Halloween you had spent in years.

Pulling away so you both could breathe, Cisco kissed your nose. “This is Halloween,” he sang softly on your lips, grinning as you started giggling. Yeah, this was definitely the best Halloween you’ve ever had and you looked forward to spending many more with him.

I’ve finally read that fanfic that so many people recommended. It’s Children, Wake Up and I really enjoyed it, even shared it with my irl friend. I wanted to somehow capture the essence of this story in the drawing, I hope it came out good. 

It’s so sad that kids have so bad luck with kissing… That’s why I made a small bonus picture to cheer myself and them:

Unfortunate [Damian Wayne x Reader]

Anon requested: “1 with damian???”

A/N: Sorry this took so long, but I’m finally finished with it! OwO

Pairing: Damian Wayne x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of alcoholism, drug addiction and domestic abuse

Word Count: 899

Prompt 1: “Are you sure he/she doesn’t want to kill me, because he/she looks like he’s/she’s gonna kill me.”

You were a good kid, really you were. There were many less fortunate than you, which was why you stole and did the bad deeds instead of them. You sheltered them from a life of crime, while you took their place.

The kids on the streets didn’t have a home, but every night you’d give them warm blankets to share. They were lovely kids, and it was the least you could do for them.

You weren’t rich yourself. In fact, your mother was a drug addict and your father was an abusive alcoholic, and you lived in the bad side of Gotham City. Both your parents had spent most of the little money they had left on their own pleasures, leaving none for you.

You hated returning home. You hated hearing your parents yell and fight, the way your mother screamed when your father crossed the line, the sounds of bottles smashing and things being thrown. You were strong, but you were still a child. A very frightened child.

The kids on the streets absolutely adored you. You weren’t much older than them but it was clear that they looked up to you as a role model. However, with security increasing and more shopkeepers on the lookout, it was only a matter of time before you were caught.

The sound of rapid footsteps on the wet pavement was masked by the rhythmic drumming of the rain. You wrapped your hoodie around your shivering body tightly as your grip on the container of cookies tightened.

Silently scolding yourself when you saw the dead end you ran into, you quickly jumped and gripped the fire escape, using it to climb onto the roof with ease. You jumped from roof to roof, trying to lose the vigilantes on your tail. You hoped the heavy rain and darkness would work to your advantage.

As you stepped on the edge of the building and prepared to jump to the next, you gasped, feeling your foot slip due to the water. You fell forward, straight towards the ground five stories below, and you closed your eyes and braced for impact. However, instead you felt something wrap around your ankles, leaving you hanging upside down.

You opened your eyes and saw the two vigilantes standing on the ground below you, looking unimpressed.

“I’m assuming you are the ones who tied me up like this?” you began, glancing at the cookies that you dropped when you fell. It now laid on the ground; wasted.

“A simple ‘thank you’ would suffice, but I suppose a thief like you lack the ability to display decent manners.” the shorter one spoke–Robin. He sounded shockingly young, about your age.

“How rude.” you commented. “You two were the ones who chased me down, causing me to slip in the first place.” you exclaimed.

“You stole, committing a crime.” the other vigilante–Red Robin– stated firmly, as if he was scolding you.

“Well I’m sorry if wanting to survive is a crime.” you snapped. Your eyes narrowed at Robin’s furious look. You turned to Red Robin and asked, “Is he going to kill me? He looks like he wants to kill me.”


“Survive?!” Robin growled before Red Robin could answer, “how about actually going to school and educating yourself!”

“Of course! Thanks Captain Obvious, for pointing out that people my age should be at school! Let me ask you something Robin; are you an idiot?” Seeing the glare the boy was giving you, you added to Red Robin, “Are you sure he doesn’t want to kill me, because he looks like he’s gonna kill me.

“How dare you call me an idiot–”

“Then stop asking such stupid questions.” you cut in. “I know I should get an education, but not everyone is as fortunate as you! Do you think I can afford an education? Heck, do you think my parents even give a damn about me? Trust me, if I get a chance I would take it in a heartbeat, but unfortunately I can’t see that happening any time soon. So I’m stuck with scavenging and stealing.”

At that, the two males fell silent. You grew impatient, and it was getting incredibly cold that you started to shiver. You shifted uncomfortably; being upside down wasn’t a nice position to be in.

“U-Um… are you just going to stand there? Because I’m sure I may die of hypothermia soon.” you snapped, teeth chattering.

Snapping out of his trance, Red Robin quickly cut the rope that bound your legs and caught you, placing you on the wet pavement carefully.

“Thanks.” you smiled weakly, “you’re nicer than him.” you glared at Robin.

Red Robin shrugged. “Everyone’s nicer than demon spawn over there.”

“I can hear you.”

“I know.”

“So uh… are you two going to arrest me or…”

You saw the two exchange a look, having a silent battle before Robin approached you. He huffed and crossed his arms; he didn’t look too happy.

“I suppose you didn’t have much choice other than to steal, so we’ll let you go… this time.” he stated reluctantly.

You raised an eyebrow. “So there will be other times then?” you teased.

“Wha–do not test me!” Robin exclaimed. Even in the rain you could see the blush on his cheeks.

“Of course. And I suppose I should say thank you?” you continued, smiling slyly.

“Why can’t we arrest her again?”


For: Anon

Imagine: Being on patrol with your boyfriend Eric and best friend Four. Eric and Four argue the entire time but when Eric gets hurt, he has to ask Four to help him.

Four is your best friend, he has been since you two were in the same initiation class, he is almost 11 months older than you are, so he always treated you like his little sister. When you started dating Eric two years ago during initiation, Four definitely was not happy; he and Eric were rivals after all. You eventually convinced him that Eric wasn’t bad for you, but that didn’t stop the two of them from constantly fighting.

Today the three of you were asked to patrol the factionless portion of the city. This will be a long day.

“Good luck, kids, and take care of yourself,” Max says to the three of you as just as you’re about to leave.

You get on to a train and make your way to the factionless sector.

You hear Four whisper something to Eric through clenched teeth, and Eric looks like he’s holding back a punch, shit is gonna go down if I don’t do something.

You step closer to them, “I keep trying to tell her that you’re no good for her!”

“So what, she’s better off with a stiff like you who would barely even as far to holding her fucking hand! Have you ever even held a girl’s hand Four?” Eric asks snidely.

Yes Eric, I have, and maybe she would have been, at least I haven’t slept around with every girl in the fucking faction!”

“Fuck you Four! I’m a leader and you better s-” You quickly step between the two of them.

“Alright enough boys! This is gonna be a long ass day if you two don’t stop fighting, if not for yourselves, stop fighting for me! Please?” You fake a pout and give them your best puppy-dog eyes.

Eric rolls his eyes and turns around, and Four crosses his arms, they both look like small children who are getting ready to throw a tantrum. You love these two, but you hate being caught in their crossfire.

You stand between Eric and Four for the rest of the ride, Eric keeps giving you random pecks, and Four keeps groaning and making faces in disgust. These two are such babies.

An hour later, the three of you jump off the train and begin patrolling. You hear sounds coming from an alley as you pass by, “I’ll check this out guys, you two continue, I’ll catch up.”

“Are you sure Y/N?” Four asks, at the same time Eric says, “I’ll go with you!”

“No, I can handle this, and we have a lot of shit to take care of, you guys continue,” You turn and walk away, before they leave you call over your shoulder, “And try not to kill each other while I’m gone!”

Four’s POV

Y/N walks into the alley, and I’m left alone with Eric, one us should have gone with her, what if she gets hurt, I love this girl like a little sister and I honestly wouldn’t know what to do if something happened to her.

“Alright let’s go Stiff,” But then again, if that girl can handle dating the devil himself, I’m sure she can handle anything. I push in front of him and continue walking without answering.

We walk for a while until the street splits into two different alleyways, Eric looks at me and says, “I’ll go left, you go right.”

I curtly nod and walk into the right alley. I scan the alley for a minute or two until I hear a cry coming from the other side of the wall. Eric.

I quickly make my way towards Eric’s groans. I find him lying on the ground clutching his leg, which in now covered in blood, “Shit! What happened?”

“A fucking factionless man started a fight, and that piece of shit cut my leg with a fucking machete,” He hisses in pain, “Where do they even get those things!”

I stare down at Eric, feeling somewhat amused, “So what do you want me to do about? Does Eric, the leader of Dauntless actually need my help?”

“No Four, if I remember clearly, I never asked you to come help me, I can do it on my own!” He attempts to get up, but falls back down groaning in pain, I don’t even try to conceal my chuckle.

“Aww,” I fake pout, “The big bad Eric does need my help.”

“Alright fuck it, help me up!” Eric says angrily.

“Oh I would but you’ll have to ask nicely Eric.”

He looks like he’s trying to hold back a punch and he says through gritted teeth, “Can you please help me Four?”

I’ve pushed my luck far enough so I agree, I lean down and help him up, I then hesitantly put my arm around his waist, and he puts his arm around my neck resting his hand on my shoulder. We walk out of the alley, giving each other uncomfortable glances.

“Alright, I’m just gonna say it, this shit is awkward as hell,” Eric finally says breaking the silence, “Just call Y/N and get her over here, we need to get back down to the compound, my leg is going numb.”

I agree pulling out my phone and I dial her number, “Hey Four, what’s up, did you guys find something?”

“No we just-” Eric interrupts me with a loud groan as he almost trips.

“Oh my god! What’s going on Four?! Is Eric okay?” She says quickly.

“Uh that’s why I called, Eric was attacked by a factionless man, and we have to get back to the compound!”

“S-shit, is he okay?” Her voice trembles slightly.

“Uh yeah, sure,” I say not sure how I should put this.

“Ok, take him towards the train tracks, I’ll meet you there!” It’s times like this that I realize how much the two of them actually care about each other, and no matter how much I’d love to leave Eric here on his own, I can’t. I have to help him for her.

We make it back to the tracks just as the train arrives, Y/N is just ahead of us, and she jumps on turning to look at us. I basically have to carry Eric in order to help him get on the train.

Your POV

You’re worried sick about Eric, but you can’t help but laugh when you see Four basically carrying Eric on to the train, it is hilarious.

Four rolls his eyes at you and Eric gives you a glare that only makes you laugh harder.

When it comes time to jump off the train, Four once again practically has to carry him off. Just before we enter the compound, you take over for Four, wrapping your arm around Eric’s waist, the uncomfortable look finally vanishes from both of their faces, and you don’t think they will ever be able to make eye contact again.

Eric leans over to Four and says, “We’ll never speak of this again do you hear me number boy!”

“Agreed,” Four mumbles before walking into the compound.

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Butch DeLoriaxFemale Lone Wanderer Headcanons

So I have this HUGE idea for a Butch DeLoria x Female Lone Wanderer fanfiction. And I have all these damn headcanons. Shall I write a giant story about all these? (Please don’t steal the ideas! I really want to write this someday but I can’t hold these ideas in anymore.)

  • The Female Lone Wanderer’s headcanonical name is Eve, Eva or Evelyn. James and the FLW’s mother were both religious and quoted the bible. Also, The GECK James searched for stands for Garden of Eden Creation Kit. He would want his daughter to belong to something beautiful. Not to mention…President Eden is this big lie in the same way that utopia can never exist, and the FLW comes to accept that. While she searches long and hard for a better life, she is only shown that she can no longer obtain what she wants. Not to mention, Butch is a Tunnel SNAKE, like the snake who tempted Eve. He believes in anarchy and making one’s own choices that defy the higher power (the Overseer who plays God).
  •  Butch’s father was killed by the overseer. Ellen DeLoria is always drunk like she’s washing away sorrows. Butch’s father used to tell him stories about the outside world and tell him to never tell anyone because everyone is supposed to believe that you are born in the vault and die in the vault. Eventually, when Butch was three or four, his father tried to leave the Vault and was shot by the Overseer’s henchman, perhaps Officer Kendall. Butch could barely remember this…but eventually figured it out as the years went on. His hatred for the Overseer’s control was a personal matter as well as his rebellious spirit coming to light.
  • Butch and the FLW were best friends before the age of nine. They used to share Grognak the Barbarian comic books, and play in the atrium. Eventually however, Butch received pressure from the other boys (mainly Wally Mack) to break away because of gender roles. The female lone wanderer then got even closer to Amata.
  • Butch DeLoria is afraid of radroaches because, when he was five he was locked in the lowest level of Vault 101. His alcoholic mother Ellen DeLoria locked him there.  Butch kept asking his mom about what happened to his dad, and afraid of the Overseer’s wrath, she told Butch to stop asking. But being a  typical five year old, he kept asking over and over. So, she dragged him to the sub basement area while intoxicated. After locking the door, he began to cry and scream after a radroach came out and attacked him. James shows up with his daughter to unlock the door and comfort him. After that, Butch holds a respect for James, but has a resentment towards his daughter that he doesn’t have a father like him. When Butch bullies the lone wanderer, James never actually gets angry since he still feels bad about Butch’s lack of a father figure.
  • The FLW always cried to her dad about Butch. James told her that boys only tease you when they like you… For years, she hoped that was the case. But she still didn’t believe that hitting on her actually meant hitting her!
  • The Female Lone Wanderer is nicknamed “Nosebleed” because of what Butch did. At the age of nine, the kids were playing baseball in the atrium. Eventually, the female became MVP (because the perk says so) and jealous of this, the opposing team’s players told Butch to bring her down a notch. When she was up to bat, he was pitcher, and threw the baseball right at her face, where it hit her nose and she received a bloody nose. He’d been calling her “Nosebleed” ever since.
  • The Female Lone wanderer never fights back against Butch unless he’s bullying someone else, namely Amata. He then stops targeting  Amata after realizing this and tries even harder to get a rise out of her, like throwing gum in her hair during class or tripping her after class. When it never works, he gets obsessed with this…and maybe even develops something far different from hatred.
  • When they were seventeen, Butch fucked up the FLW’s hair. To get back at him for all his teasing she called him a hairdresser instead of a barber. He decided to pull  a prank and botched her long hair unevenly. When she told Amata, Amata tied it like her own hair. So they wore similar hairstyles for a long time. Over time, the ponytail began to grow out more until it no longer resembled the other girl. But she refused to go back to the Vault hairdresser…err barber.
  • A year before the FLW left Vault 101, her relationship with Butch got…somewhat…better. While he still teased her, shoved her in the halls when the other guys were around, etc, he began to get quiet when it was just the two of them. He’d watch her shooting her BB gun in the basement, and even gave her a shot of whiskey he managed to steal from the Overseer’s chambers. They finally got to talk about what it was like growing up with one of their parents being dead. It turns out they had more in common than they initially thought.
  • Butch began to date Susie Mack, Wally Mack’s sister. She’d never admit to it, but when the FLW catches them making out in the hall, she immediately turns back around where she came from and feels like she could cry without fully comprehending why. Butch tries to talk to the FLW and be nicer, but she instead treats him harshly because of her jealousy. He again turns hostile. Wally Mack soon quits the Tunnel Snakes after that, pissed that Butch would go with his sister. 
  • After she left the vault, the FLW always wore the Tunnel Snakes jacket Butch gave her. She began to panic as it got more and more damaged. Eventually, Moira fixed it up, and teases that it has the scent of a man’s aftershave and cologne.
  • Butch DeLoria was the one who spray painted “Fuck You, Overseer” on the “Thank You, Overseer” sign. Amata kept yelling at him to stop it. But he managed to make a contraption out of rope to allow him to paint the sign with the other Tunnel Snakes
  • Butch meets James Hargrave in Rivet City. The kid with a bad attitude has a dead father and alcoholic mother and he reminds Butch so much of himself as a child that it begins to disturb him. He tells the kid about his own life and even becomes like a big brother James could look up to. He also told James to be always be good to C.J. Young, the little girl who always follows james around. And if he does, he’ll even let him join the Tunnel Snakes when he grows up. James asks why he has to act so nice to her. Butch tells James that he’ll understand why when he’s older…. Because he wishes he could’ve treated the FLW better. Every day, he’d been waiting for her to show up in Rivet City…
  • When the FLW agrees to travel with Butch again, she knees him in the groin. Butch apologizes for all the times he bullied her and beat her up when they were kids. So, she knees him in the balls and says she forgives him. He of course crumples to the floor and says “Yeah…maybe…I deserved that Nosebleed.”
  • Butch DeLoria is still a HUGE Grognak the Barbarian comic book fan at the age of 20. His line “I hear there were dragons out there. You ever seen one?” reveals this. It drives the FLW crazy, especially since he spends all their caps on rare issues rather than on the supplies they need.
  • When the pair sleep in Raider camps outdoors, the female lone wanderer always takes the top bunk when they manage to find bunkbeds. Based on the line “Man that creeps me out. That thing up there…you know? The sky…” The lone wanderer knows he’s terrified to look up there, so she alleviates his fear by taking the top bunk, making it feel like he’s back in the Vault.
  • Butch suffers from monophobia: the fear of being alone. His whole “Tunnel Snakes 4 LYFE” motto is only him trying to belong to something. The Tunnel Snakes have no real goals or purpose besides to be “the most badassest gang in the wastes”. Plus, he’s the only one to leave the vault for good after Trouble on the Homefront. This likely means, he knows the gang is over with and everyone else abandoned him… Even still, he follows the FLW and uses the “gang” as an excuse. He never wants anyone else following you. So how could a gang ever form?
  • Butch sings along to Galaxy News Radio. Whenever they are at a bar, Butch gets buzzed and just starts singing along. The FLW told him a million times to shut the hell up, but he just sings louder. His favorite song is supposedly “I’m a Mighty Mighty Man.” because it says that “I really don’t need a wife.” This upsets the FLW though she never says so.
  • The Female Lone Wanderer loves when Butch cuts her hair. The feeling of his fingers against her scalp takes her breath away…until he decides to play the same prank like when they were kids and shaves part of her scalp. She sics Dogmeat on him.
  • Butch really likes Dogmeat, though initially acts like he doesn’t. This is since he doesn’t mind having Dogmeat follow as well. He wanted to sew Dogmeat a personal Tunnel Snake jacket… The FLW forbid it.
  • Butch manages to find a way to bake a sweetroll. He goes through life and limb to obtain the ingredients. He gives it to the female lone wanderer as a peace offering after taking her sweet roll at her birthday party ten years prior.
  • The Lone Wanderer says goodbye to Dogmeat and Butch during the last quest (without expansion). She makes a slight joke that Dogmeat and Butch should go into the irradiated chamber of Project Purity. And while Butch declines, he doesn’t believe that she planned to do it anyway. He doesn’t understand why she says goodbye and tells him to take care of Dogmeat. When she goes in, he tries to stop her but it’s too late.
  • Butch goes into a huge depression before the events of Broken Steel (aka end of game without expansion). He becomes an alcoholic just like his mother and only has thoughts of the lone wanderer. Dogmeat ends up taking care of him more than he takes care of Dogmeat. Every day, Butch regrets that he didn’t activate the control chamber in her stead. Whenever he hears Three Dog mention her on GNR, he gives a toast before downing his last shot and smashing the glass. Instead of “I’m a Mighty Man” he only listens to the slow sad songs like “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire.
  • Ok, that last one made me tear up. AHEM. The female lone wanderer and Butch are in love. I mean…that damn dialogue. As a follower, he flirts so much only if you’re female. Need I say more?
  • Butch and Dogmeat are reunited with the Female Lone Wanderer… The Three Tunnel Snakes For Life. 
  • Gavner: Larten! Do you remember the good ol' days when we used to get into trouble?
  • Mr. Crepsley: *grins* It would be terribly hard to forget nights like those
  • Darren: what're you guys talking about?
  • Gavner: oh kid, there's a lot you don't know about your mentor here! Like one time he and I went on this binge where we would flit to several different city's in a night, and while we were there we would find some ladies an-

anonymous asked:

Can I have a scenario with smoker, kid,and law's s/o wearing their clothes and their reactions? also good luck with your blog im rooting for you ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ

Aww thank you for rooting for me, honeybuns! (*’∀’人)♥


He had had a particularly long day today.

His morning started off poorly because somehow he was out of his usual favorite cigarretes and he didn’t realize it, so he had to spent half of the day without any smoke. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the endless paperworks and the reports he had to go through were driving him nuts. Then he ended up having to go down to the city because apparently some ruckus were happening and even his men couldn’t handle it by themselves. Oh, and Tashigi just happened to take a day off today because she had to do some maintenance for Shigure or something, so he had to deal with whatever work she was supposed to do, too.

So with all the bad things that happened, when he came back to his office after the strenuous day he really hadn’t expected for you to be waiting for him there, clad in his clothes which was obviously oversized, and hot damn you looked good in them.

You stopped swiveling around on his big desk chair and grinned at your lover.

“You’re finally back! I’ve been waiting for hours, darling~”

He continued to fix his gaze on you, and you pointed to the chair across his desk which was usually reserved for guest, “You can go and sit down, really, I don’t mind!”

“I’ll sit down once you move out from my chair.”

“No, no, you see, right now I am the Vice Admiral! Hence, this is my chair and I have full authority over you in this office!” Following your declaration, your hands came up to straighten his thick white marine jacket in an attempt to emphasize your point, and you waited for his reaction with a wide grin.

You were more than pleased when he finally stepped towards you with a chuckle and snuffed out his cigarettes.

“I’ll show you just who has full authority over whom, woman.”


“W-What the fuck do you think you’re wearing?!!”

“What do you think this looks like? It’s your clothes, dummy!” You giggled and flapped his coat around. It was obviously too big on you, and you felt like a child wearing their parents’ clothes, but so far you were enjoying your beloved’s reactions. You could tell he really tried to hide how he liked seeing his coat on you, but the redness on his cheeks gave it away.

“I knew that! I-I meant… Why the hell are you dressed in my clothes anyway?!”

“… I was lonely, and they smell just like you…”

He fell silent at the sombre look you were giving him.

“Well, what the hell do you want me to do?”

“Can we cuddle?”

“I have a night watch shift today.”

“Just for a while, like, ten minutes?”

Kid said nothing, but he silently sat down on the bed after contemplating your request, his sight set on anything but your eyes. A fond smile graced your expression as you climbed on top of his lap, body snuggled close to the pirate’s chest. One of his arm winded around your waist, and you relished the feeling of being safely tucked in his embrace.

It’s almost amazing how you dozed off in just a few minutes within the somewhat awkward position, and you soon slipped into dreamland given how comfortable you were. The Supernova carefully laid your sleeping form on the soft mattress, careful to not stir you from your slumber.

He watched the rise and fall of your steady breaths and your tranquil sleeping face. It truly made him feel at peace, and with his coat around you, he thought it was an endearing sight. He conscientiously fixed the fabric of his coat so it covered your whole frame, and stealthily gave your forehead a kiss before exiting his room, with your adorable sleeping form staying at the back of his mind the whole night.

Maybe he should let you wear his coat more often.


Your sole objective for today is one and only one: try to get your boyfriend all flustered.

It had been plaguing your mind ever since you got into relationship with him. He hardly blushed or got nervous around you, and truthfully you didn’t like how you were always the only one who did. He succeeded in teasing you all the time, but you never managed to caught him off guard.

This time, you swear on your pride you will get him into a blushing mess.

Your knuckles rapped against the familiar door of your captain’s study room, where he had spent the last two days locked in ever since he got his hands at another stupid medical journal…. Okay, so maybe you were feeling just a bit lonely. Just a teeny tiny bit.

The door opened, and you felt a happy spark inside your chest when you saw his face. He looked like he hadn’t sleep for the past two days, judging from the prominent dark circles under his eyes. You stared at him intently, putting on your sweetest smile – which isn’t hard since you tend to feel all warm inside whenever he’s around – and waited.

He gave you a once over, and his eyes widened marginally at your attire. Your inner self cheered. His hoodie looked like a dress shirt on your body, and you’re confident that it actually looked nice on you, as Shachi and Penguin had affirmed. This time for sure–

“…. You needed something?”

You mourned inwardly at your short-lived happiness.

“Well I– Uh– I… wanted to check on you! You’ve been cooped inside your study for two days straight, you know…”

“I’ll finish reading by tonight.”

“I…. see….”

“Is that all?”

“… Yeah.”

“Alright. I’ll see you at dinner.”

With that, the door closed.

Your lips formed a saddened pout and you grumpily stomped your way down the hallway. Mission failed.

Unbeknownst to you however, when you were gone, Law’s head met his work desk in a loud thud. The pain didn’t even register in his brain because it was too busy processing the image of you. You in his clothes.

His hands came up to cover his face, the skin around his cheeks heating up against his palm.

“That wasn’t fair, [f/name]-ya….”

after dr:ae
  • Hiroko Hagakure made such a good job at finding the Captives that she is given a Future Foundation suit and a hacking gun. Komaru teaches her how to use it.
  • Yasuhiro is an intermediate for Towa and the rest of the world; he brings medicine, weapons, clothes, cosmetics, manga, anything. he’s goofy and likes to hang around Toko, Takaaki and Kanon. His mom smother him with hugs each time he comes back and he earns the title “Ultimate Mama’s Boy”.
  • the Captives are not imprisoned anymore and free to go anywhere Towa City. They still call themselves ‘Captives’ since they can’t leave it, their electronic bracelets still working. thanks to Komaru, they decide to help future foundation but refuse to be part of it yet. most of them don’t trust the organisation completely, Kanon Nakajima for example.
  • Haiji Towa is escorted outside Towa City and is completely under the care of Future Foundation. he is completely traumatized and unresponsive. as much as Komaru hates to think that, it might be better if he’s not in Towa anymore. maybe he did more bad than good. 
  • she inherits his red motorcycle though (who was mysteriously unharmed) and rides it everywhere. it’s faster and she has a blast. Touko rides at the back reluctantly. soon it becomes a symbol for adults and kids alike, but then she decides to give it to Takemichi Yukimaru. he is very loyal to her afterwards and goes off to any errands and patrollings she gives him. the Captives like to hear about his time in the Crazy Diamonds.
  • one day Fujiko Yamada encounters Genocider Syo and they both become buddies. when Komaru comes to pick Syo up, they’re drooling and keep slapping each other’s back while saying “fujoshi sisterhood”. she gains paper, ink and pens and continue tara ☆ spa, the quality not slighted in one bit, “as expected of a master of manga!” Komaru says in awe.
  • after going through Towa City’s archives, they write a list of kids born into the town. a good hundred are missing. they manage to keep the monokuma children in a big school that the Captives have transformed into a big and comfy sorta-hospital, kept secret from the adults and guarded by Kenshiro. their only concern is that kids don’t eat. they’re slowly thinning out and it stresses everyone. Komaru sends a request for medical equipment and the kids are fed through tubes. it’s not the best solution but it’s the only one they have as of right now. the medical equipment is also a benefit to Kenshiro whose health slowly deteriorates. 
  • one day Hiroko brings out grand bois chéri ludenberg and the kids croon after the cat who hiss and tries to escape these creepy masked children but it’s no use, ultimately, his tummy is gonna get rubbed.
  • when Komaru meets Ayaka Haneyama, she is completely starstruck. she shakes her hand with both hands and stutters throughout her whole introduction. Ayaka decides to help at towa hills, where she puts a news radio show up diffused throughout the whole town. she is a very good talker and she is the main host of a talk show whose catchphrase is “it’s not kasu, it’s ayakasu!” who becomes super popular amongst adults. they request song covers and small idle chat with guests, like Toko Fukawa the popular author.
  • Takaaki Ishimaru created a small police force with adults, including Hiroko and Yasuhiro Hagakure, Komaru, Toko and Kanon. he has a few contacts outside, like Yui samidare, who soon enters Towa City as a resource help. they target the Remnants of Despair. they find a lot of clues and even manage to take down the mysterious masked bodyguard swordswoman and the son of the Kuzuryuu family.
  • Fuhito Kirigiri’s status is unknown. Hiroko swears she found him, but they have yet to find a sign of life from him. Yui Samidare makes a detective vow to find him.
  • at the request of his master, the butler Pennyworth helps out too. he is mostly wandering in the town, helping whoever needs help. most often he crosses Komaru and Toko’s path. his gaze is stern but he chats a lot and offers them tea. surprisingly enough, he befriends Toko quite easily since both have something in common: they adore master Byakuya.
  • the cleaning of the town is not easy. rubble and debris everywhere, corpses every two meters, monokumas hiding in every corner… but they manage. in all the confusion, Komaru decides to properly bury Taichi Fujisaki and to raise a shrine for Yuta, at the end of the broken bridge. she stares a long time at the water. she wishes he was still there. she thinks he’d been friends with everyone.

  • at some point, Toko decides to write. it’s not easy finding paper, and a great rivalry between her and Fujiko arises, both accusing the other of wasting it. she writes and writes, from day to night on off days, she doesn’t come in broad daylight for at least five days. when she does, though, pale and sweaty, she gives Komaru a huge manuscript and mumbles that it’s “the first draft, but it’s ok enough for someone so low like Komaru”. it’s tedious for her to read and full of kanji Komaru has to check in a dictionary but she finds herself enraptured in her writing. she finds herself with no words left of praise to offer toko, mesmerized by how well she wrote the story. their story. the story of Towa City, and most importantly, of two girls who had nothing in common at first, but became best friends by pushing each other up. komaru smiles. it’s everything toko never thought she’d need but it’s enough. more than enough.
  • the tension between them is so palpable that adults groan whenever they enter a room together. Hiroko smirks and ask casually, “so you two share a bed, huh?” Komaru is so oblivious it hurts. “well of course, she’s scared in the dark and all, that’s what friends do for each other, no?”
  • (they start dating each other a year after that “in secret”, Toko insists, but it’s no use since everyone knew already. “you sure took your sweet time,” Hiroko teases.)
Notes on Boruto show

I’m glad to see that the Academy teaches academic classes now, so that kids can be something besides ninja if they want. I’d like to think Shino and Anko influenced that change. 

Very glad to see some dark-skinned Academy kids. Even if Iwabe is a bit of a stereotype, at least there is definitively some diversity there. And this means the Cloud Village and Leaf Village are on good terms now.

I realize Konoha was urbanized, but I miss the color green. This is supposed to be leaf village, but there are no leaves!  I feel bad for Shino, working in a place with only a tiny yard like that. I hope he has a cottage by the woods and commutes to work - an Aburame living in the city just feels sad to me.

There is no way it’s only been ten years since the war. Forget the technology shift - these kids are way older than seven. They look and act like their twelve-year-old selves. And Boruto can already do multiple shadow clones - does he not improve at all in the five years between now and the chuunin exams? 

I’m glad that the kids all know each other. I wouldn’t expect them all to be best friends just because their families hang out together. I just needed them to recognize each other.

Chocho is life. 


Patti Smith & Robert Mapplethorpe, on the balcony of their Hotel Chelsea apartment, 222 W. 23rd St, 1971, by Gerard Malanga.

“We used to laugh at our small selves, saying that I was a bad girl trying to be good and that he was a good boy trying to be bad. Through the years these roles would reverse, then reverse again, until we came to accept our dual natures. We contained opposing principles, light and dark.”  ~Patti Smith, Just Kids

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*small child scowls* You are a bad! Mr. Adam is the best!

Yang, kneeling down again: Kid, he’s the reason Vale isn’t safe anymore.
Yang: He let the Grimm into the city.
Yang: He tried to kill my partner, a woman he claims to care about.
Yang: He very nearly killed me.
Yang: He’s not a good guy.
Yang: Please.
Yang: For your own sake.
Yang: Stay away from him.
Yang: He’s dangerous.
Yang: I don’t want him to hurt you.