good karma

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Your comments on stories in the Rumbelle fandom are a thing of beauty. You offer such wonderful, precise feedback; it demonstrates how closely you've read the story, and I'm always so blown away by what you write. I'm also a huge fan of your writing. "The Big Tease" is like a fever dream. You do an excellent job of showing Rumple's disbelief at Belle's lust for him and her increasing arousal. It's such a fantastic fic. Thanks so much for all that you do. ||The Rumbelle Compliment Bandit||

Thank you so much for taking the time to send me this absolutely fantastic message!  This really made my day!!!! :-)

I love this fandom for so, so many reasons, but positive love like this for each other is one that it so important and needed!

Good Karma to you for all the joy you spread and all the Rumbelle love you create!!!!


Hey guys, I’m feeling p good right now, so I thought I’d pass some good karma around

  • I hope your skin is clear
  • I hope you get a text from that person you’ve been crushin on
  • I hope your next drawing turns out great
  • I hope that diet that you’ve been trying works out in your favor
  • I  hope your next period is light
  • I hope the next movie you watch doesn’t have a crappy ending
  • I hope your eyeliner and eyebrows are on point today
  • I hope you get the courage to do the thing you’ve been wanting to do
  • I hope you eat some delicious ice cream sometime this week
  • I hope the next book you read is v good
  • I hope you ace those exams

  • I hope you just have an all around good day, whatever that means to you :)