good karma

dont´know this couple, found this photo random on internet, but i like it.

I like that kind of dreadlocks, when they are so messy and mish-mash. like my husband´s. He has it just because of practic reasons, has curly hair - then dreadlocks are naturall curly as well and nice. : )

like photos like this. relax karma.

sometimes the photo can give you some motivation.



Each Astrology sign has its own unique birthstone/s which are usually natural crystal or formed from natural crystal.   Either way they have a natural healing quality that is inbred within each stone.  Therefore if you choose to wear them for decoration purposes, place them in your home or just use for mediation, you’ll still experience their healing power.   You can also experiment with different stones,depending on your specific need at the time, that are not necessarily associated with your sign, to see how each stone/s have an impact on life.

ARIES:  Amethyst & Bloodstone

Amethysts are excellent for Spiritual protection.  
Bloodstones:  Seeing the past and embodying altruistic love.

TAURUS: Sapphire

Sapphire are good for healing, clarity
Blue Sapphire  for peace, balance and harmony.

GEMINI: Agate, Tigers Eye

Agates come in many different varieties but essentially are good for protection and spiritual development.

CANCER: Moonstone

Moonstones can be used for the dream state.

LEO: Onyx, Turquoise

Onyx for Creativity, spiritual protection, discipline and focus
Turquoise for healing on a deep level

VIRGO: Carnelian, Blue Sapphire

Carnelian for health
Blue Sapphire for emotional healing, harmony and balance

LIBRA: Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire

Lapiz Lazuli for healing, foresight and unique creativity
Sapphire for healing and clarity

SCORPIO: Ruby, Agate and Aquamarine stones

Ruby for energy, prosperity, power and sexuality
Aquamarine for deep healing

SAGITTARIUS: Amethyst, Blue Topaz

Amethyst for Spiritual protection of aura
Blue Topaz for emotional healing

CAPRICORN: Ruby, Turquoise

Ruby for energy, prosperity, power, sexuality and perseverance
Turquoise for deep healing

AQUARIUS: Garnet and Amethyst

Garnet for strength, will power and courage
Amethyst for spiritual protection

PISCES: Amethyst

Amethyst for spiritual protection, transmuting negative to positive