good karma

Personal Story: Karma

This week has really solidified my belief in Karma. These may seem like little things, but sometimes little things are all it takes.

The other day I went bar hopping with some friends for a birthday. At one of the bars, they had a $10 credit card minimum. I only wanted one drink, because I had to drive later, so I asked the girl next to me what she was drinking and told the bartender to put it on my card. She was really surprised at the gesture and told me she would give it to her friend for her birthday. I told her to wish her a happy birthday from me. The total came to about $13.00.

The next day I went on a small grocery trip for a few essential things. My card wasn’t working in the scanner, so the woman next to me pulled out some cash and paid for my groceries. The total was about $13.00.

Later in the week, I was going in to work and I noticed a cart from the next store over in our parking lot. At first I thought “I’m not taking that all the way back there. I didn’t leave it in the first place.” But then I remembered Karma, and thinking “energy in, energy out,” I returned the cart to where it belonged. It was a small gesture, but I knew it would make somebody’s job a little easier.

That night, a woman was trying to use a coupon, but she needed to add another dollar to her order to make the coupon valid. I told her she could get some candy. She said “what’s your favorite?” I told her “I would go for the Mint Musketeers, if you like mint chocolate. I haven’t seen those anywhere else but here.” She put them on the counter and told me to leave them out of the bag. She paid and started to leave without them, and I said “Wait, your candy!” She said “oh, that’s yours now. And here,” she handed me the receipt, “take this so they don’t think you stole it.” It was a small gesture, but the minty goodness sure made my job feel a little easier.

No matter what you do, make it positive. Release positive energy into the universe. The energy you give is the energy you recieve.


Hey guys, I’m feeling p good right now, so I thought I’d pass some good karma around

  • I hope your skin is clear
  • I hope you get a text from that person you’ve been crushin on
  • I hope your next drawing turns out great
  • I hope that diet that you’ve been trying works out in your favor
  • I  hope your next period is light
  • I hope the next movie you watch doesn’t have a crappy ending
  • I hope your eyeliner and eyebrows are on point today
  • I hope you get the courage to do the thing you’ve been wanting to do
  • I hope you eat some delicious ice cream sometime this week
  • I hope the next book you read is v good
  • I hope you ace those exams

  • I hope you just have an all around good day, whatever that means to you :)



  • Money: Don’t waste time on things that are of little importance when you should be in the process of putting together ideas for your next big venture/project.   Venus is retrograde in Aries, an indication that the time is right to give careful thought to the type of endeavors you’re going to embark upon and their potential for success.
  • Sex:      You could gain more happiness in love if you allow yourself to go deeper than the surface with your partner.
  • Power: New beginnings are easy for Aries but this is a time to use hindsight, forethought and foresight when making new plans.


  • Money: Certain acquaintances could cause you disappointment as a result of not following through with right action.  Don’t allow this setback hold you back from moving forward with long-term projects.  Learn from this experience, that you shouldn’t “put all your eggs in one basket”, or be too trusting of others with things that are important to you.
  • Sex:      Be careful of being too idealistic when it comes to love, be practical.
  • Power: Clear thinking before acting will be helpful towards achieving success. Don’t let inertia divert your attention away from what’s important.  You could also lose something of value this week.


  • Money: New involvements could be the catalyst to solving many problems at once this week.   Just think things through carefully before taking action or making decisions that could greatly effect future prosperity.    Also take care not to “rub others the wrong way” during financial discussions.  Give and take is the key.
  • Sex:    Talking things through with your partner will give you insight about their true feelings and intentions.
  • Power: This week you’ll realize you really need to change direction and manner of expression.


  • Money: If you approach people in authority/power with good intent you’ll be able to overcome negativity and hindrances effecting career, goals and ambitions.  Listen to past experience in order to avoid unnecessary problems with these individuals, that can be averted.
  • Sex:      Avoid “forcing” your partner into anything they don’t feel comfortable with.  Tact, tolerance and understanding are your best allies.
  • Power: You need to be more energized, assertive and awake in order to take advantage of all possibilities coming your way.  Blocks and resistance to your goals will, in the long-term, instill many valuable learning lessons.   Caution and patience will serve you well, when it comes to achieving your goals.


  • Money:  This week’s New Moon is an indication that you have the potential to succeed, overcome, negotiate and prosper in legal matters and expansion of horizons.  Success largely depends on whether or not you’ve been moving in the right direction, doing the right things. Remember Venus is retrograde in Aries,. Therefore it’s important to get the most out of your interactions without being unnecessarily arrogant or domineering, because this will only spoil the outcome of things you’re trying to accomplish.
  • Sex:       Care and caution in the area of love is needed because you might just say the wrong thing at the wrong time to cause friction between you and your partner.
  • Power: Try to settle old differences with others instead of creating new ones.


  • Money: Business dealings that are important should be kept secret and only shared with others on a need-to-know basis.  This is a week when you realize it’s time to change the way you interact and deal with people in joint financial partnerships.  You could also have some problems with very forceful people.
  • Sex:     Get in touch with Self on a deeper level which will make it easier for you to open up to your partner and form a greater level of understanding.
  • Power: Events this week will require increased output of energy and challenge you in many ways.  There’s a need to regenerate and focus on health, in particular rejuvenation and regeneration.


  • Money: In all contractual agreements try to be open to negotiation.  You may not receive exactly what you want, but it’ll be better than nothing and you need to keep the peace at this time with Jupiter retrograde in your sign.
  • Sex:      Jupiter retrograde in Libra does effect love.  This is a week to focus on making things more harmonious and balanced.  However, you have to be the one to initiate things and not wait for your partner to start the ball rolling.
  • Power: Focus on how you can be more assertive in a public format instead of just going with the flow.  There are opportunities on the horizon that will require you to be bolder than you’re used to being, on all levels.  Think of Aries and “pull” from your opposite sign.


  • Money: At work and in group situations you may find yourself in a position where it’s necessary to speak-up and defend Self, a situation or condition.  This will be challenging to say the least, which may change the way others interact with you and relationships you have at work.
  • Sex: What you think is going on in there area of love could be very far from the truth.  Therefore instead of over-thinking things go straight to the source and ask.  
  • Power: Try not to over-react to the words or assumptions of others.  Keep a cool head and be calm in the face of a potential “storm”.


  • Money: This is a time for planning and not so much action, even though you feel a strong urge to do something and get things done.   Instead be in action with creativity, planning and seeing how/where you can step out of your financial comfort zone.
  • Sex:      If you can remain calm without “threatening” your partner to react against you, you’ll make great progress when it comes to self-control.
  • Power: This week remember to differentiate between personal desire and true will or purpose.  Meditation will help.


  • Money: When it comes to dealing with the public and contractual agreements, make an effort to not react to others aggressive or overly assertive behavior.  At the same time, self-image needs work and will help to create a different more positive reaction from others.
  • Sex:     Keep emotions balanced and don’t allow them to be misdirected towards your partner unnecessarily.
  • Power: You may find yourself in the position of having to defend Self, home, family or foundation of life, which if you act quickly will prevent accident or argument.    This week’s New Moon on the 27th, will bring troubles/difficulties to a head in some way.


  • Money: When it comes to projects, plans and ideas you might have to defend them to others who don’t see things through your eyes and are not on the “same page”.  You can try your best to convince them, but must be careful of creating animosity that wouldn’t be worth it in the end.  You have good ideas but need more faith in Self.
  • Sex:     Avoid getting caught up in discussions with your partner to the point they become “heated” and your words used as “weapons”, that cause deep regrettable hurt.
  • Power: Ultimately, doing things you own way and going your own way, are the only options if you want to achieve success.  Don’t rely so much on the opinions of others.


  • Money: Discussions about finances, worth and value could go very well as opportunity knocks this week. Try to get as much as you can but negotiation is your best tactic and will impress those who matter to want to work with you.
  • Sex:     The more attentive you are towards your partner, the more they’ll appreciate you and your love this week.
  • Power: Even though Venus is retrograde, opportunity will be there for you, even if it is from the past.  Be wise and exercise self-worth, because you know what you have to offer is of value.