good job you morons

Kinks #13 - Temptation to Sin (Teasing)

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word count: Almost 4200

Warnings: Oral sex (reader giving), masturbation (reader) and maybe slight shame kink? Dom!Cas

A/N: I quite enjoyed writing this but I’m entirely unsure of whether I like how it turned out. It’s open to part 2, maybe? If that’s wanted. Requests are open!


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Episode four: in case you don’t remember what happened at the end of episode three, don’t worry, there’s a flashback for that.

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After that initial interaction with the… with the skeleton, Conan had begun keeping track of things. Slight comments, idle details, and minute references. And he really, honestly hadn’t found much. He was slightly surprised. Maybe that was what the other had meant by a Forget Code…. but what did that even mean in the first place. Walking, hands in his pockets, staring at the ground, he suddenly felt a chill up his spine. It was a feeling he recognized a bit too well, a sensation he was able to recognize because of many cases.

Someone was watching him.

Turning around, hand’s still in his pockets, he surveyed the scene, eyes narrowing. What details, what could he see? Good job, Kudo, looking at the ground like a moron. You weren’t paying attention to the scenery itself. He couldn’t tell if anything was off. He wasn’t even positive if something was wrong but…. Well, sometimes instincts know what’s best.

      👓 “ If you’re following me, just come out. I know you’re there.