good job yixing

  • Lay: *kisses KyungSoo in front of Kai*
  • Lay: *is a unicorn*
  • Lay: *kisses members*
  • Lay: *plays pepero with sehun*
  • Lay: *kisses back on Xiumin's head*
  • Lay: *kisses KyungSoo again*
  • Lay: *kisses Xiumin*
  • Lay: *has a unicorn pillow pet*
  • Lay: *let's JongDae hug him when he was cold*
  • Lay: *hugging LuHan while other members talk*
  • Lay: *holds BaekHyun from behind*
  • Lay: *walks around with his unicorn pillow @ the airport*
  • Lay:
  • Lay:
  • Lay: Don't misunderstand EXO is a manly group

my sister knows running man but she doesnt know exo 

so when we were watching exo on running man together she identified yixing as “the blur one”

so now everytime she looks at my exo posters/wallpapers the only person she can identify is “yixing the blur one"