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The Professor’s Decision

Summary: While reader is talking with Doctor Singer, Professor John comes to a decision about their relationship.
Characters: Professor John Winchester & Female Reader
Word Count: Just under 1,900
Warnings:  Angst (if you tilt your head and squint), fluff, talk of mental illness.
Author’s Note: Part 6 of my Professor John series. POV changes from reader to John. Any mistakes with medication / mental illness are mine and mine alone. John’s dog is modeled after JDM’s dog from this interview (x@deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @hidingfrommychildren @balthazars-muse @mrs-squirrel-chester @aprofoundbondwithdean @mrswhozeewhatsis @iowarose @manawhaat


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Gruvia fluff. What else needs to be said?


The day had started off normally, like any other day would. Juvia had woken up, taken a shower, eaten breakfast, and went to the guild. She hung around her friends and eyed the jobs available. She ate and drank, smiled and talked, but she spent the majority of her time trying to scout out where the famous ice mage was. She hadn’t seen him at all, which was the one detail throwing off her entire day.

Soon it was eleven at night, and the blunette was dead tired. She probably would have been able to hold out longer if it weren’t for Erza’s “girls night” that happened the day before. They had stayed up until three or four AM, and Juvia was the kind of person who needed sleep.

Juvia stood from her usual booth and yawned, waving goodbye to everyone as she did so. The expected whines for her to stay out longer were ignored. Levy even bribed her to stay by offering to buy her a drink. Still, the water mage’s answer was no. She was actually excited to go home and get full night’s sleep for once. She was so excited that her heart broke the second her plans changed when Mira called out to her from behind the bar:

“Juvia, I know it’s late, but I was wondering if you could drop off this job flyer at Gray’s apartment on your way home.”

Despite her wish to be lazy, Juvia couldn’t resist helping Gray out. So she made her way towards the bar quickly and leaned up against it, eager to hear what she had to do.

“Of course, Juvia is happy to help.” She smiled weakly, “Do you know why Gray Sama isn’t here today?”

“Actually no,” Mira looked disappointed that she wasn’t caught up with the latest gossip, “But yesterday he practically begged me to hold onto this for him, and the deadline for it to be turned in is tomorrow morning.”

Juvia nodded and took the thin piece of paper from her. It was a surprisingly simple job, but the reward was pretty extreme. All that Gray would need to do was make sculptures for an upcoming art event.

Gray Sama would be great at that, Juvia thought to herself, he’s a wonderful artist.

“Okay, Juvia will definitely get this to him. Where does he live?”

If Juvia had to choose the most inconvenient, furthest away place from the guild for Gray to live, Ebony Apartments would be her first guess. And guess where he lived? Ebony Apartments.

It wasn’t a horrible walk when you weren’t thinking about how long it took to complete it, which was a solid thirty minutes at least, but Juvia was exhausted to the point of crying or having a mental break down—both of which had a good possibility of happening if she kept stumbling over random rocks and roots covering the road. Finally, when she was just about ready to explode, she approached the doors of the small building.

“Hello,” She huffed, out of breath, to the man at the front desk. “Juvia has something that needs to be delivered to one of the people living here.”

“Does that person have a name?” The man asked rather sarcastically, not showing any sort of respect towards the girl.

“Yes,” Juvia remained calm, “Gray Fullbuster.”

“Third floor, room eight.”

“Thank you.”

Juvia cried tears of joy when she realized that this apartment building had an elevator, and sighed with relief as she stepped inside of it. No more walking! The smooth buttons lit up as she pressed them, and her stomach flipped a little as the box she was standing in rose up off of the floor and traveled to her exact destination. The doors slid open and she gracefully stepped outside, peering down the hallway to see which direction room eight was on.

Clutching the job flyer tightly in her right hand, she began walking down the left hallway. Her tall black boots clicked down on the floor with each step she took, and she was embarrassed by how loud they were. When she gazed down at her feet, she realized how frazzled she looked. Her tight dress was wrinkled and her hat was lopsided on her head. Her jacket was even jumbled up.

“Ugh,” She sighed, fiddling around with her outfit so she’d look more presentable. In the end, she decided to take her hat off completely and let her hair be free to flow in front of her shoulders. When she finally felt satisfied with herself, she confidently stepped up to his door and knocked three times.

There was no noise on the other side of the door, and she suddenly felt very out of place. This was Gray’s home, and who was she to intrude? What if he was with someone? What if—

Her train of thought halted as soon as she heard footsteps drawing near the door, and her heart started beating five times as fast.

“Oi, Marco, I thought I told you that I paid my rent already, there’s no need to—oh! Juvia?”

The door swung open to reveal a half-naked Gray, wearing nothing but low cut sweat pants and his usual necklace. His hair was disheveled and he looked very tired, like he had just woken up from a nap. This, Juvia noted, was not the case based on the bandages tied around both of his knuckles and the thin layer of sweat coating his skin. He had probably just finished training. The raw sight of him made Juvia’s mouth water.

“G-Gray Sama,” She smiled to the best of her ability and promptly shoved the job flyer at him without hesitation. “Mira San wanted me to deliver this…”

Gray quickly scanned the flyer and his eyes lit up as he remembered what it was.

“Ah! Thank you so much, I really needed this.” He grinned. His arm muscles flexed as he reached behind him to put it down, and Juvia almost fainted. Instead, she yawned.

“You are welcome,” She blushed. He took a minute to look her over and then leaned his head against the doorframe, unconsciously making a very cute expression, or so Juvia thought.

“You look exhausted, and I feel awful about you having to walk all the way here.” He paused and bit his lip, his dark eyes piercing into hers.

“Would you like to come in?”

If Juvia wasn’t so tired, she was sure she would have literally started melting. Instead, she nodded her head like a child would, and she was sure she looked like an idiot. In response, Gray chuckled a little and opened the door wider, motioning for her to come inside.

Shivers ran down the blunette’s spine as soon as she entered the freezing apartment. It must have been negative a million degrees, but based on what Gray was wearing (or what he wasn’t wearing), it was obvious he couldn’t care less.

“Juvia doesn’t want to intrude,” She spoke softly, a blush still on her face. Gray shrugged and closed the door behind her.

“It’s just me here, and I was only training. Trust me, this is a lot better.” He said. Suppressing a squeal of excitement, Juvia just smiled at him and took a few more steps forward. The apartment was bigger than it looked, with a small kitchen and a generous living room. There were two doors that probably led to Gray’s bedroom and bathroom, but Juvia didn’t know for sure. The walls were all a dark gray color, and blended perfectly with the white kitchen cabinets and tables. There was also a black couch in the living room. The entire place was spotless except for the left side of the living room, which was covered in pieces of ice and training equipment.

“This is a nice place,” Juvia commented as she looked around more. “Is there a place where Juvia can put her hat?”

Gray nodded and took it from her, walking to one of the closed doors. He opened it and walked inside. Juvia decided it would be best if she made herself scarce, since she didn’t want to make things awkward. So, she just stood by the front entrance and shifted her weight from one foot to the other. When Gray did come back, he was wearing a tight white tank top. He must have realized that he was half naked when he was alone.

“So,” He motioned to the kitchen, “would you like a drink? I was going to have one after I was done training, but I’ll just have one now.”

Juvia nodded.

“Sure,” She agreed, “whatever you have is fine.”

Gray’s face lit up with his gorgeous grin again and he walked to the fridge. Juvia moved to the small kitchen island and sat down on one of the stools.

“Hmm,” She eyed the contents of the fridge, “you must cook all of the time.”

Gray stood up, holding two beers. Once he heard her little joke, he blushed and quickly shut the fridge. There wasn’t much in there other than drinks and some eggs. He had some bread on the counter.

“Well I normally eat at the guild, so I don’t need to cook much at home.” He tossed her the drink, which she expertly caught.

“That’s a good idea,” She said. “So why weren’t you at the guild today? Everyone missed you.”

He laughed and took a swig of his drink, taking the seat next to her.

“I just took a day off,” A smile was still on his face, but his voice grew dull. It was if he didn’t want to talk more about it, and since Juvia would do anything to keep him comfortable, she backed off.

“Ah,” She ended up saying before taking a sip of her drink, “that’s good.”

Gray shifted on the stool as he tried to distract himself from her question. Whenever people brought up awkward topics, the silence that came after was nearly unbearable. That’s why it was nice to talk with Juvia, because their conversations seemed to write themselves.

“So how did you end up living here?” She asked, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. He shrugged and took another swig.

“When I was old enough to buy a place, this was the cheapest one available. It’s sort of been my home ever since.” He answered, “Marco, the guy you probably saw at the front desk, collects my rent. When you knocked earlier I thought it was him.”

Juvia crinkled her nose a bit when the bitter man was brought up.

“He didn’t like Juvia.” She murmured, taking sip after sip. Soon her bottle would be empty.

“You get used to him,” Gray said lightly, “I mean, I’ve lived here for years and he still treats me the same way.”

“How do you stand the long walk?”

“At first it was a big annoyance, but after a while it seemed like part of my training. Sometimes I even run back and forth from the guild if I feel like it.” He took one last big gulp of the drink and then he pushed the empty bottle across the kitchen island and into the trash. When he noticed Juvia’s was also empty, he stood and walked to the fridge.

“Want another?” He asked. She nodded and handed him her bottle in exchange for a full one. When he sat down again, he started the questions up again.

“So you’ve been part of this guild for a pretty long time, and I still don’t know some basic things about you.” He sighed, popping open the drink with one hand. “Do you mind if I ask you some stuff?”

Juvia just smiled, overjoyed at the chance for him to get to know her better.

“No, Juvia doesn’t mind.”

“Good,” Gray smirked, “what is your favorite color?”

“Blue,” She answered almost instantly, “because it is the color of the sky.”

“Favorite food?”

“Um… Caramel apples.”

“Caramel apples? Why?”

She paused to drink and then said,

“She once had one at a carnival and it was delicious, better than anything she’d ever tasted.”

Gray raised his eyebrows and copied her by drinking again.

“What’s your favorite book?”

“Juvia can’t choose a favorite, she’ll read anything.”

“Favorite drink?”

“Tea. Hot or cold.”

“Favorite season?”

“Um… um… W-winter, probably. No, summer. Juvia can’t decide!”

“Favorite battle out of every battle you’ve ever had?”

She stared at him with big innocent eyes and set her half empty drink on the countertop.

“That’s obvious,” She stated, surprised that he didn’t know. He raised his eyebrows again and fiddled with his necklace.

“How so?”

Juvia shifted herself so that she was facing him, and then crossed one leg over the other. Her expression turned nostalgic, and he could’ve sworn he saw a blush flash over her cheeks.

“It’s the one Juvia fought with you Gray Sama. The first time we met, do you remember?”

He felt embarrassed that he couldn’t guess it, and based on her now smiling face he could tell that it was very important to her.

“Of course I remember,” He whispered, “How could I forget?”

Four or five drinks later, when the two of them had decided to move themselves to the more comfortable couch in Gray’s living room (taking a few extra bottles with them, of course), the 20 questions game had ended. The reasons why were obvious, since Gray had asked her every question he could think of and Juvia was too drunk to answer.

Gray had seen Juvia drunk before, and that situation did not end well for either of them—with Juvia melting and Gray drowning. But this time it was different. She was quiet, dizzy and flushed, and had to lean against the couch in order to remain upright.  Her voice was slightly slurred when she spoke but it was still understandable. Gray was pretty sure from her delayed responses that he was speaking clearly too; clearly enough for her drunk mind to understand, anyway.

“Why was Gray Sama not at the guild today?” Juvia asked again, “Juvia was lonely…”

Gray, now that he was far from sober, couldn’t control the words coming out of his mouth anymore. His mind only somewhat focused on the question being asked, and his usual tough exterior was eroding away rather quickly.

“I couldn’t come totheguild,” He started speaking quickly and more slurred, “Ijustcouldn’t.”

Juvia just rested her head on his shoulder and sighed, running her right hand down his arm to clasp his hand clumsily.

“Gray Sama can tell Juvia anything,” She suppressed a yawn, “Juvia… Juvia can listen.”

Gray looked at their intertwined fingers with a puzzled expression, and second guessed if he really wanted to tell her. Luckily for Juvia, he didn’t really have the self-control to make that decision for himself.

“Lyon visited me yesterday,” He whispered as Juvia began to close her eyes. She was still weary from her walk, but she was determined to stay awake at least until his story was over.

“Lyon Sama?”

She felt him nod and breathe in deeply.

“He s-said that he was going to visit Ur today,” He stuttered and gently put an arm around the small girl’s figure. “And he wanted me go too.”

“Did you?” Juvia asked in a whisper. Gray nodded again, this time it was slower and more hesitant.

“I went and we walked to the ocean. We sat. We tried to feel her presence. To remember her.” He stopped again and pulled Juvia closer. If she was close, he was calm—at least, that’s how he operated at the moment.

“That is why I wasn’t there.”

“That was kind of you.” Juvia stated simply.

“Yeah,” His head was pounding and he could barely see anything that wasn’t doubled from his twisted vision. But he could still feel Juvia there, and he was definitely not hallucinating about that.

“Mmm,” She hummed against his chest, “It’s okay, Gray Sama.”

Gray didn’t recall what happened next, because as soon as those words slipped out of Juvia’s mouth he lost his balance and fell sideways so he was sprawled on the couch. Juvia, since she was leaning against him, also toppled over. She ended up right in front of him. They both fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the cushions.

Gray woke up with a migraine. A bad migraine. He was curled up on one side, facing the back of the couch, and his shoulder was sore from the weight of his body crushing it. It wasn’t often that he woke up like this, but sometimes he dozed off on the couch, so he didn’t decide to take it too seriously until he rolled onto his other shoulder and became face to face with a sleeping woman.

Not just any sleeping woman—Juvia.

The memories of the night before came crashing down on him and made his migraine even worse. He either got crazy or gushy when he was drunk, and of course with Juvia he became the sobbing emotional mess he never wanted to be. He took a minute to calm down, and then very carefully he sat up, being extra cautious not to wake her.

He didn’t do a very good job.

As soon as he had proceeded to move his hand so he was sitting, he got very dizzy and fell on top of her, waking her up instantly. With a yelp the blunette was sitting and breathing heavily, recalling the events that had played out the night before.

“I’m so sorry!” Gray exclaimed, his head still pounding. “I am so sorry!”

“Oww…” Juvia moaned as she rubbed her aching head. “Juvia is… Juvia is…”

She paused to look around her surroundings and then let out a loud scream, making Gray’s brain rattle around in its skull.

“Juvia is in Gray Sama’s apartment! She is so sorry! She meant to just drop off the job and go straight home, but—“

“The job!” Gray smacked himself in the head and then winced, “I was supposed to head out today! Shit, this is wonderful.”

“Juvia is so sorry, she will leave right away.”

Gray immediately felt guilty and started shushing her, trying to reassure her that everything was okay.

“No, it’s fine, please don’t worry about it, I’ll just go some other time.”


Gray watched, in shock, as the woman shakily stood up and caught her balance.

“No?” He asked.

“You are going on that job. Juvia brought it to you and is the reason you’re late, and she will help you get ready to go.” She decided. “If we stop by the guild first, Wendy will make us feel better.”

Gray thought it over and came to the conclusion to trust her.



About two hours later, when the two had made it past the suspicious people eyeing them at the guild and the endless questions about “what had happened” from Mirajane, Gray and Juvia finally made it to the train station.

“We made it!” Juvia beamed happily. Gray grinned.

“Yeah,” He nodded, “look, thank you so much for helping me out.”

“It’s no trouble,” Juvia assured him. They stood there in silence for a solid ten minutes before Gray stopped biting his lip and got the guts to speak.

“Um, Juvia?” He wondered, gazing at the girl who was staring back at him.


“I know you’re busy and everything, but I was wondering if maybe… After I get back… you wanted to go out to lunch sometime?” He blushed and looked away, not noticing her practically explode with happiness.

“Of course!” She squealed, “Just tell Juvia when!”

Gray sighed with relief and smiled.


“Gray Sama?” She asked, trying very hard not to start hyperventilating.


“Good luck on your job.”

Then the train pulled up and collected the travelers, leaving Juvia alone to jump up and down with happiness. Who knew that delivering a simple job flyer would cause such amazing results?

This was written based on curtymac7 ’s request :) Sorry I rushed the ending a bit… 

Anyway, this was really fun to write! Please comment and request! :)

Family Matters (2/?)

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Summary: (Y/N) is running from her family problems and the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is there to save her. Will she every full escape her family ties, or will they catch up to her and further entwine her life with the life of the the masked vigilante.

A/N: I really want to say I’ll finish this before the second season comes out, but I don’t want to make any promises I don’t know I can keep.

Part 1

I sat at the small kitchen table watching Claire run around the apartment getting ready to go to work.

It had been almost a week since the incident. Since the man in the mask saved me. I had spent the majority of that night talking with Claire and explaining to her my situation.

“You have a very interesting friend,” I tell Claire.

“Interesting,” she chuckles, “that’s an interesting way to describe him.”

“How did you get wrapped up with the vigilantly running around Hell’s Kitchen saving people?”

“I saved him from dying in a dumpster,” she said running her fingers through her hair tiredly. “Why were you being chased down an alley (Y/N),” Claire asked me.

“I was running away from my problems,” I tell her.

“That doesn’t explain why you were being chased,” she frowns.

“I can’t…I can’t get you involved with something you won’t understand,” I say hoping she wouldn’t push for more.

After a long moment of silence she finally spoke.

“What are your plans for now,” she asks. “I mean you do have a plan right?”

“No,” I mutter. “I don’t. I just needed to get out of there. I took what I could and when I had the chance I made a run for it. Where is my bag by the way,” I ask. “I had a backpack.”

“It’s by the front door,” she says pointing to where my bag was.

I sighed in relief when my eyes fell on it.

“Claire I know I am no position to ask, but I need a favor,” I turn to her.

She doesn’t say anything, just waits for me to ask for the favor.

“I know we just met, but can I stay here,” I ask her. “Just for a few days. Until I figure out what I am doing next.”

She frowns at me.

“I have money,” I quickly say. “I can help pay for rent, buy groceries, anything. I just need some time to plan my next move.”

“I don’t know (Y/N),” she sighs.


“Fine,” she says shaking her head. “I only have one bed, but the couch can be pulled out into a bed.”

“Thank you Claire,” I smile. “I promise you won’t regret this.”

“I’ll go get you some blankets and a pillow,” she says standing up and walking down the hallway.

I stand up ignoring my spinning head and walk toward the front door to grab my bag. Once it is in my hand I walk back to the couch and set it down next to me.

I hear Claire shuffling around down the hall as I pull down the bag’s zipper.

On top was a spare change of clothes, and a few toiletries. Deeper inside was a brown paper bag. Inside of it was the money I had taken before I ran. I stuck my hand in to the very bottom and pulled out a picture.

It was the last picture ever taken of my mother before she passed away when I was in my last year of high school.

People had always told me I looked like her, and I agreed to some extent. We had the same hair color, the same laugh, even the same smile. The way people were wrong was in that they didn’t see that her hair was always shinier, her laugh was more joyful, and her smile was brighter than mine.

“I have a double shift today,” Claire tells me grabbing the cup of coffee I had made her. “So I’ll be home late.”

“I’ll leave a plate of food in the fridge for you to heat up in the microwave later,” I tell her as she chugs down the coffee.

“What are you doing today,” she asks setting down the empty cup in the sink.

“I have an interview with that law firm I was telling you about,” I say smiling. I had finally made a plan for my life and the first step was to get a job.

“Good luck,” Claire says grabbing her bag. “Tell me how it goes later.

Claire and I had become instant friends. After she moved past the fear of me killing her while she slept.

I looked at the clock hanging on the wall and saw I had about an hour left before my interview.

Stuffing the remaining piece of my now cold poptart in my mouth I rushed to the bathroom to get ready.

The job I was interviewing was for an assistant position. I had received my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and now that I couldn’t rely on my father’s money to put me through grad school I had no way to pay for law school.  

I looked at myself over in the full-length mirror. Claire had lent me the clothes. I had planned to go out and buy the outfit myself with the money I had, but Claire offered me her closet after I gave her one month’s rent in advance leaving me almost penniless.

The black pencil skirt was long enough to fit interview dress code and the matching blazer was to long from the sleeves for me to wear, so a long sleeve light pink blouse would have to do. Unfortunately Clair and I did not have the same shoe size. The simple black pumps I was wearing were brand new and cost too much for me to not get this job.

I grabbed my folder with all my information and walked out the apartment.

The walk to the law firm was longer than I thought. About a block away from the building I was already staggering in the new heals.

When I stood in front of the large building I took a deep breath before walking in.

“Hello, how can I help you,” the receptionist at the front asked me as I was walking in.

“I have a job interview with attorney Henry Clark,” I told her.

“Name,” she asked looking on the computer screen in front of her.

I hesitated before answering and gave her my first name and my mother’s maiden name. It was safer this way. It would be harder for any one who knew my father to recognize me.

It wasn’t widely known that Wilson Fisk had a daughter.

She typed on the keys before turning to look back at me. “He is waiting for you. If you would please follow me.”

I nodded and followed her down the hall.

She knocked twice on the open door before stepping in and announcing my purpose for being there.

“Please take a seat miss,” the man sitting behind the desk said.

I did and waited for him to talk.

“Why do you want this job,” he asked leaning forward on his desk and placing his crossed arms on it.

“Because I think it would be a great opportunity for me to learn hands on what it is like in a law firm before I go into grad school,” I tell him not mentioning the part about needing the money.

“I see here you graduated with a bachelor’s in criminal justice, why are you not going directly into grad school?”

“As I said before, I wanted to see what it was like to work at a law firm first, then I would have a better understanding of law school,” I say with a smile.

“So you aren’t decided on your career,” he frowns.

“Yes I am,” I tell him. “I just wanted some hands on experience before enrolling.”

“I’m sorry Miss, but unfortunately I don’t think you are the right person for this position,” Mr. Clark says leaning back on his chair.

I wanted to yell, but I held myself back. “May I ask why,” I ask as calmly as possible.

“I can’t have an assistant who is unsure of her future taking care of my work,” he sighs.

I held back the argument on the tip of my tongue.  

“Please sir I need this job,” I say trying not to sound desperate.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve made my decision,” he sighs.

“It’s money,” I quickly say. “The reason I haven’t started grad school is because I can’t afford it.”

He stares at me for a long moment before grapping a pen and a piece of paper and jotting something down.

“I was serious when I said I made my decision,” he says. “This is a direction to a law firm that just opened a few blocks away I’m sure they could use an assistant. I owe one of the partners there a favor. Tell them I sent you.”

“Thank you so much Mr. Clark, “ I say taking the piece of paper he handed me. The direction was written in bad handwriting, but I was still able to read it.

I tell him goodbye and walk out the door. Halfway down the hall I hear him yelling something at me.

“Make sure you tell Murdock we are even after this,” he yells before slamming the door to his office.

There was no sign outside the building showing that there was a law office inside the old building. I read and re-read the paper in my hands to make sure I was at the right direction before wobbling up the stairs in my death heals.

I stopped in front of a door with a hand written sign.

‘Nelson and Murdock, Attorneys at Law’ it read.

I knocked on the door not knowing what to expect.

I heard voices on the other side of the closed door and footsteps coming closer before the door was swung open.

“Welcome to Nelson and Murdock mam, I am Nelson and my partner is Murdock,” a man answered the door. “How may we be of your assistance?”

“Hello, I’m (Y/N),” I introduced myself extending my hand to shake his. “I was sent here by Henry Clark. He said you needed an assistant.”

He tilted his head to the side thinking before tuning to yell over his shoulder. “Hey Matt did you tell Clark we were looking for an assistant?”

“Not that I recall,” a deep voice came from somewhere in the office. There was tapping that grew closer before a man wearing dark round glasses appeared in the doorway.

“I’m sorry he said this was a new firm, and that you could use an assistant,” I said looking between the two.

“Foggy I got you those copies you asked for,” said a blonde woman walking in the office with a folder. “Oh hi,” she smiled seeing me in the room. “I’m Karen.”

“(Y/N),” I smile shaking her hand.

“Thank you Karen,” Foggy said taking the folder from her. “I’m sorry (Y/N), but we already have an assistant.”

“Oh,” I say looking back at Karen. “I’m sorry for taking your time.”

I waved a small goodbye and turned to leave.

“Wait,” Matt stopped me.

“Matt,” Foggy said wearily.

“I see no reason we can’t at least interview her,” Matt says a small smile playing on his lips.

“How about the reason of us already having Karen,” Foggy frowns.

“I’m sure Karen wouldn’t mind some help with the work load,” Matt says. “Please come into out conference room,” he tells me motioning to a room behind him.

My eyes flicker from Foggy to Karen to Matt before walking forward into the open door that lead to a room with a large table.

I took a seat on one side of the table and Foggy and Nelson sat across from me.

Pulling out my resume I handed it over to Foggy.

“Wow this is impressive,” he said reading over the paper. “Graduated top of her class from NYU with a degree in criminal justice.”

“Foggy can you please read the entire resume out loud,” Matt said without turning to look at Foggy.

He read everything word by word. I didn’t know why I was nervous when he read out loud my name, but I felt my heard skip a beat when I heard my mother’s maiden name read out loud.

“I think that is enough,” Matt said intertwining his fingers in front of him. “You’re hired.”

“Really,” I said in disbelief.

“Really,” Matt smiles.

Foggy stares at his friend wide eyed before shaking his head.

“Welcome to Nelson and Murdock I guess,” Foggy says unsure of what just happened.

Part 3

Either Or

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Either Or

“Please come Rae?  It won’t be same without you?”  Chloe was on her knees begging, her lips pouted, her eyes wide like a puppy dog and her hands together as though praying.

"You know I can’t Clo, Finn hates us, it would be weird to go to a party as his house!”  Rae threw her hand up in exasperation.  "It’s not like I wanna stay in on me own.“  She huffed.

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