good job rm

BTS, probably - fansign/namjin
  • Fan: Soooo….how long will you and Jin stay a married couple?
  • RM: We will.. *turns red* lol come again?
  • Jin: We will be together al-
  • RM: … hold on, what are you gonna say?
  • Jin: She’s talking about being professionally married in our business partnership... *winks*
  • RM: *sighs*
  • RM: Well then, of course we’re together forever. *winks and millions of fangirl's have otp confirmed*
  • Rest of BTS: *snickering* Yeaaa...PROFESSIONAL...veryyy professional
  • <Later>
  • RM: Thanks for handling that so smoothly bro.
  • Jin: oh yea, no problem. *looks up from his ramen* So, about painting the dorm pink…what do you think?
  • RM: .......