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hi sweets! Can you maybe give me some advice on applying for a job? I hate the job I have now and it makes me really uncomfortable and anxious. I haven't been working there very long but I can tell I just won't be happy there. The thing is, I can't quit until I get another job. The whole process just makes me really nervous. I was hoping you could give me some tips on how to handle myself and stay confident when applying in-store and interviewing? Please and thank you,xx.I hope you're doing well

hi friend sure yes. first good for you for leaving a place that doesn’t make you feel good!! the process can be annoying and nerve wracking but confidence is key you just need to trust in your capabilities and feel prepared :-)


  • do ur research/ know the company. even if it’s like urban or target, know the company feel and vibe and mission. if it’s something a lil more 9-5, make sure to know a few details (ie in my case interviewing at agencies, i made sure to reference their clients/ recent case studies/awards they’d won recently) 
  • work on an elevator pitch, this is essentially selling yourself in 30 seconds. practice. be able to say who you are, what you’ve done, what you’re doing, and what you’re interested in doing with the company in one mouthful, don’t be too wordy. and don’t really worry about 30 seconds, but just practice enough so that you can address those things clearly off the top of your head 
  • buy/put together an outfit that makes you feel rly good!! take rly good care of yourself that morning, make your favorite breakfast, take a long shower, take a lot of selfies. this is called a power morning and it is mandatory!! 
  • listen to this on repeat rly loud before leaving the house 

applying in-store/interviewing: 

  • if you’re applying in-store, look the part. you don’t want to go out of your way to dress completely unlike yourself, but i assume you’d be applying that at least somewhat aligns w your vibe. ie you will dress differently for an interview at American Apparel than you would at like …… auto zone or something.
  • bring ur resume!! if they’re not hiring at the moment it’s always good to leave so they have it when they are
  • be friendly, be confident in your capabilities and that you believe firmly ur right for the job
  • during an interview- remember it’s just as much about if they’re the right fit for you as it is about if you’re the right fit for them!! keep it conversational, remembering that calms nerves trust me :-)
  • at the end of the interview when they ask “do u have any questions” always have at least three in the back of your head!!!! it can be from the research you’ve gathered or rly general like asking about the company culture, vibe of the workplace, ask the interviewer more about themselves/how long they’ve worked w the company whatever but never let that q go unanswered. 

hope this helps friend, g’luck!!