good job jung!


ANYWAY, vocal group f(x) has like 2 ballads and they’re beautiful. “Beautiful Goodbye” is absolutely one of my favorite songs and added bonus here: no intro.

Leo’s solo stage

After lots of group songs came up Taekwoon oppa’s stage~

Outfit~ Black suit, white  dress shirt, and white high top sneakers 

Song~ I still have no idea…I will update later

Leo has become quite the performer and he has a great presence on stage. He performed on the very tip of the stage that was in the audience. Like, not the main stage but the stage that was even more into the crowd. The tip of the V if you guys have seen pictures. He had back up dancers, revolving stage, and super strong vocals. I have no idea what the song was but he always sings with such passion I’m pretty sure he could sing happy birthday in a sad way. He kept showing us the top of his head as he sang the high notes. After singing the first verse and the chorus the stage started to rise up. In the middle there is a circle that can raise up and it was just him on the elevated stage. He sang his heart out up there and slipped a view times. (I think his shoes were a bit slippery) but of course he did an amazing job. He finished the song with the last long note and as the revolving stage leveled to the right height, the stage went dark. 

Now, later when they were talking to the audience about the solo stages the other members asked him how he did and he said that he felt like he was lacking and wished he could have shown more. In all honesty, the boy didn’t need the back up dancers and I love him when he just sits and plays the piano and sings. But, all in all his performance definitely fit his musical background. He always puts so much effort into his singing and he is always such a strong foundation for the group. He will have plenty of more stages to showcase how amazing he naturally is :)