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Drogon was perched up atop the pyramid, in the place where the huge bronze harpy had stood before she had commanded it to be pulled down. He spread his wings and roared when he spied her.

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What are your cullistair headcanons?

weeeeeeeell. how much time do you have because we could be here all night. for real. i’ve received a bunch of similar asks lately, nothing particularly specific tho, so i’m gonna answer a lil ship thingy i came across a few days ago and hopefully it’ll satisfy your curiosity 8)

all answered based on my swords and broken shields verse:

  • Who’s more likely to find who wearing their clothes?: cullen. i feel like alistair would wear cullen’s clothes as some sort of prank, but also because he’s a sentimental dork, they both are, and still cullen is more subtle in his romantic endeavors. i picture alistair shoving his face into cullen’s pillow when he’s gone and wrapping himself in his scent as soon as morning comes and who does that and he’s not creepy.
  • Who enunciates hand holding?: …i don’t think that word means what you think it means. but. they both initiate hand holding, rarely in public, alistair’s touch comforting and firm, heartfelt, i’m here, i’m yours, and cullen’s fingers gentle, a question and a promise, warm, a tender glint in his eyes, as am i.
  • Who likes having their hair washed by who?: alistair. but he won’t let him style it
  • Who likes to slow dance?: alistair, and i don’t know why but i’ve always pictured him as a great dancer. cullen sometimes indulges him, tho slow dancing usually involves the both of them standing by the window, still in each other’s arms, hands everywhere, broken whispers on each other’s lips.
  • Muse that’s more likely to fall asleep with their head in the others lap?: cullen, even when he doesn’t mean to, always exhausted and fighting off sleep as much as he can, but it’s hard to keep his eyes open when alistair feels like home, safe, a harbor where demons aren’t as frightening.
  • Muse that does all the cuddling in a blanket fort?: are you kidding they both do all the cuddling. when they are together, alone, when alistair’s convinced cullen to let himself breathe, they are very much all over each other, hands and arms and lips, legs intertwined, and they breathe together.
  • Who hogs most of the covers at night?: alistair, and he snores too, until he wakes and finds cullen agitated beside him, a nightmare he can’t fight for him, so he inches closer and wraps himself around him, tender caresses to soothe his mind, his heart.

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