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this is a metaphor for reigen as a character supporting my whole mind and soul during this troubling time

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So I sat here for a solid couple of minutes trying to come up with a prompt for you and I realized: 90% percent of the stuff I read, from you especially, falls into the category of 'i didnt know i needed that until just now, right now as I read it' 😂😂 just a fun fact. Good job being creative enough to come up with this stuff 👏👏😙😙 sorry I couldn't contribute 💜~Mysterious 3rd party(M3P)

This is actually especially nice right now because I’ve been mega blocked for like a month and a half and it’s really bugging me that I haven’t put out any writing content in so long??? So I’m like…super happy that people are still enjoying what’s there. >

That’s 7 job applications sent in since Friday, one of which has contacted back and another where I have a contact in the company passing my info along to the team. Even though some of this is preparation for being without a computer next week, I feel solid. 

I’ll still be stuck in this retail hell through the holidays and probably just into the new year, but I’m hoping to move on soon.

Anime related

Kuroshitsuji Chapter 128:
The ring theory — Its not fucking real.

He literally found his ring in the fucking remains of his burnt down mansion. Why the fuck do you think ring means candy? HOW COULD REAL!CIEL HAVE SWALLOWED A FUCKING RING? Why would he have done it?
Also, how would the ring have gotten from his stomach to the mansion yard?
Tell me, I really wanna know.
It’s so dumb, like good job on being creative, but what the fuck? I think this has something more to do with Bravat.

It’s not even cliche, like Yana normally does, it just makes no sense.

It wasn’t Sirius in that room, Sirius is a child like Ciel. The man behind the mask was obviously an adult, not a child. Plus, there is no way because Sirius is not finished being ‘revived’ yet, unless they had some magic or some shit.

The ring theory is all in all pointless in my opinion, I don’t see how it correlates to anything. A ring doesn’t mean candy.

Also, even if it was the ring, what does that even mean? There’s no detail or insight that the candy = the ring gives us. It just basically tells us that. Yana would make this clue much more in depth, as we know her to make things.

Honestly, I didn’t even think the theory was real at first. It just sounded that unbelievable.

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For one convention, I dressed as a shadow heartless from Kingdom hearts and one guy commented that I was too tall to be one and it really put me off from cosplaying. Any tips on how to get back?

Literally FUCK that guy. Heartless are made from any soul whose lost their way to the darkness. 

is he implying that no one over 5″6″ lost their soul? Fake geek boy. 

Cosplay your heart out! LITERALLY *I* want to see your cosplay. I can guarantee you a ton of other people do too.  Remember that cosplay if for YOU not for anybody else. 


Flyers MASH, as requested! Tag your results :)!

a whole new level of shit

Shameless is that show you watch and think “okay we reached the bottom” and then.. Surprise! They reach a whole new level of worst.

And I don’t think Cam has lost the capability of acting just because he is playing a shit role now - he does what they write. And what they write for his character in this season is SHIT. sorry, but it is. And it doesn’t mean that the writers agree with all the bullshit they make Ian say etc, but the entire story sucks.

Ian showed just a bit of his mental disease on the first episodes (he seemed to be just a bit too nervous), and in the remaining episodes he seems to be “normal” af, or at least really more normal than the past season.
I know perfectly that bipolar disease acts on alternate phases, but in a fiction I think it’s very forced. CASUALLY now Ian feels better, doesn’t feel the need of having sex so often, he wants the love story, the good guy, he has the patience to wait for the good timing with his brand new boyfriend.

Ian si no more the sweet carrot cupcake of the first seasons, and he’s not even the sexy tormented young man of the last ones. He’s a completely different character with the face of Ian Gallagher. The worst thing about it is there was no evolution between season5-Ian and season6-Ian. The character is badly written, not to talk about Caleb, the clichè-guy. Black, son of a protestant priest, with a good job and a creative hobby, now HIV+……….oh really? Come on.
And I don’t want to talk about the fact that he laughed of the story of Mickey being raped by a hooker (I can accept it because, yes, it may be that he didn’t think it was a real thing but just a story told by Ian to impress him or something of the kind, idk), he’s just a conglomeration of shit put there only to serve a sort of redemption to Ian.

Really the writers want us to dream about their love story?
An 8 EPISODES “love” story?? 
Okay, Noel wasn’t available for filming the season, and I accept that It could be difficult for the writers to think about a new storyline for Ian but…….really there were no other option?

Like, I dunno, Ian being sad about Mickey when he’s alone, Ian that process the loss without the haste of putting him in a relationship, Ian that NOT SO FAST find someone else (black, white, yellow, transparent, alien, it doesn’t matter a fuck) and slowly accept his new life without Mickey?

Was that too much…?


Gay Chicken

$1000- signed “worn” tank top
$2500- hot sauce.
$5000- Katawa Shojo
$7500- Live Reading Fanfiction
$10000- paintballing. Smarty gets a haircut
$15000- Fan Meetup in New York. Ze draw my life

The plan was simple enough. A few interesting goals here and there, the threat of hot sauce, fan fiction reading, and such. Anthony was sure the goals were good enough to raise a decent amount of charity money. But as a bit of a motivator for the fans, he added one final goal.

$25000- ZeRoyalChaos Gay Chicken

Anthony was sure they’d never reach that goal, but he at least knew that it’d get people excited. He laughed as he typed out the goals onto his twitter, sending it out into the world. Chuckling to himself as he watched a good amount of fans explode.

He stopped as soon as he realized that he never bothered to talk to Steven about it. He sighed as he pulled up skype.

Chilly: So… Might’ve forgot to tell you something before I sent it out to the masses.
Ze: Sigh.. What’d you do this time?
Chilly: Just check my twitter

Two minutes later Steven called Anthony over skype, he tried to suppress his grin as he accepted it, immediately greeted with Steven’s face.

Steven sighed and stared at Anthony for a while, before bursting out laughing.

“Ah, man. That’s actually pretty creative, good job Chilly.”

Anthony brushed imaginary dust off his shoulders, grinning as he leaned back in his chair.

“Ah yes, praise me for how creative I am. I’m awesome.” Anthony boasted sarcastically.

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: the staff doesn't take their job seriously and the updates they make to tumblr doesn't improve the website or the users' blogging experience. each update is just a small tweak that throws everyone off and takes weeks or even months to adapt to and once we get used to it, there's another useless update. they honestly thought they were doing a good job and it's saddening. creativity is gone. i hate this website more than anything and it's trash but i don't feel like leaving. the xkit guy is out there feeling overwhelmed and the staff doesn't care. this is infuriating.
Frozen Heart


Elsa stood and spun in front of her sister, but she was too late – her only family had taken her last breath, and was now frozen solid, her heartbeat gone. Elsa ran her hand along her sister’s cold cheeks of ice, feeling her own tears trickle down her face. “Anna, no.”

Holding back a scream, she flung her arms around Anna’s neck, holding onto her for support as she fell against her frozen body. “Please, no,” she whimpered under her tears, “Anna, please.” She could feel the presence of the young man, the reindeer and Olaf around her, but she ignored them. How could she face anyone?

“How pitiful.”

Opening her eyes, she looked to her side to see another young man, a stranger, standing before her, his tanned skin hidden under his silver hair and black cloak. Her gazed upon her with golden eyes that gave her chills never before felt.

“Who,” she spoke through her crying, “who are you?”

The man snapped his fingers, and Elsa watched the snowflakes in the air freeze. Olaf stopped moving, and there was no noise anywhere.

Time was frozen.

Pushing her braid over her shoulder, Elsa stood protectively in front of Anna, knowing full well that the man was dangerous. “I asked who you were!” She wouldn’t let anything happen to her sister – not again. “If you don’t answer, I’ll-”

“Freeze me to death? Haven’t you done enough of that already?”

Elsa gasped at the man’s comment. He knew, as well, and yet he wasn’t a villager?

He smirked. “You will call me Xehanort, despite me being only the beginning. Time is now frozen, as cold as your sister’s body. I have arrived her to retrieve something important – you.” He gestured towards the frozen sea surrounding the kingdom. “Look around you, Queen Elsa. Look at what you’ve done.”

She shook her head. “no, please, just…just stop.” She held Anna’s outstretched hand for comfort, but none came.

“Don’t touch her,” Xehanort said, “she’ll only break in your fine fingers.”

Elsa quickly retracted her hand, and gripped her wrists. “I know what I’ve done, and there’s nothing…nothing I can do!” She looked back up at Xehanort’s calm expression. “please,” she pleaded, her voice cracking, “help me.”

Xehanort chuckled. “I didn’t come here to help you, but I suppose that by completing my mission, you too shall be helped.” He held his hand out towards. “Come with me, Elsa. Your power is so much more than you know. Do you truly want your sister’s sacrifice to go to waste?”

He pointed to the kingdom. “They’ll never accept you, not after all you’ve done. They’ll know you killed the princess, and they’ll kill you, too.”

H walked towards her. “You don’t have to be a monster, Elsa. Let your sister’s sacrifice, your family’s sacrifice, help you grow into what you can become – just let. It. Go.”

Elsa glanced back at the kingdom over Anna’s shoulder. Xehanort was right – no one would accept her. She didn’t want them to accept her – not now. Gazing over Anna’s determined eyes, she dropped to her knees, hugging herself.

“What can I do?” She felt herself shaking. “I killed her. I’ve killed the kingdom.” She felt Xehanort standing beside her.

After a moment, she breathed deeply, and stood up beside him. “…What do I do?” Her voice was a whisper. “How can I go on?”

“Kingdom Hearts.”

Elsa’s eyes widened. “Kingdom…Hearts?”

Xehanort smiled. “If you want to save your sister, then help me collect Kingdom Hearts, the source of all. My older self will explain further.” Holding his hand out behind him, Elsa gawked at the sudden appearance of a large, menacing portal of darkness.

“Enter it, Elsa,” Xehanort stated calmly, “do it for Anna. Save her, and you shall also save yourself. Her sacrifice will only be your demise if you don’t.”

Elsa looked deep into the portal, trying to find any source of light – but there was none. “…This is where I belong, isn’t it. The Darkness.”

She sternly turned to Xehanort. “If you’re lying, I won’t hesitate to-”

“Kill me?”

She shivered, but managed a nod. “I’m only doing this for Anna.” With that, she slowly stepped towards the portal and slipped through, taking one last second to see Anna, frozen in place.

“…I’ll fix this, Anna.”

Once she was gone, Xehanort turned back towards the frozen princess.

“The fool.”

Raising his hand, a multitude of heartless appeared, twitching and stumbling over the ice. “Quickly,” Xehanort ordered, “devour her, but leave the princess’ heart.”

Smiling, he watched on as the heartless slowly crept up Anna’s body, until she was covered in darkness. Within seconds the princess was gone, nothing left but her glowing heart, trapped in a case of ice.

Picking it up carefully, Xehanort sneered.

“Control the ice, control the curse – control the power.”