good job caspar

Caspar Lee - you drop his camera in water “I can’t believe you are actually finally going to do that” You smirk looking at the bath tub full of ice and water. Caspar your boyfriend is usually the host of The Brain Freeze Challenge but for this video after it being highly requested he is going to do it and he has even asked you to help film it while Joe acts as host.

Caspar gets in the ice cold bath and Joe starts to asks him question, it goes on and on and Caspar just can’t answer a question right. You eventually feel more confident with the camera and move it closer to Caspar but he reaches up to grab your wrist but his cold hand shocks you and makes you drop the camera.

Your eyes widen in horror as you plunge your hand into the bath to retrieve the camera

“FUCK!” You yell at the cold water, you didn’t really know what you were expecting - For it to be warm?

Luckily there was another camera but the point of the camera you had was to get closer to Caspar so now the angles wouldn’t be as good.

When Caspar finally gets the question right he jumps out of the bath and wraps himself in tinfoil and walks into his bedroom to crawl under the covers.

“I’m so sorry Caspar!” you exclaim peering anxiously at the dripping camera

“It’s a good job I love you” Caspar laughs but then he jumps out off the bed with a mischievous look on his face “Give me a cuddle babe because I love you” Caspar winks but your eyes widen again as you shake your head in horror

“No!” you beg trying to run away but Joe is blocking the door, you give him a pleading looks but he just shakes his head and laughs and then suddenly you feel Caspar’s arms wrap around you and his stomach presses into your back and soon enough the water is seeping through your clothes and making you shiver

“I hate you!” you squeal trying to wriggle away from his grasp to no avail

“Love you” Caspar repeats in your ear hugging you tighter