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Ooh! What about Chica loving Dark (maybe she can see him well bc dogs being colorblind or something I dunno) and he (secretly) has a soft spot for her?

Mark brings Chica to Ego Inc. one day because all the others love her so much, and when she wanders away from him, Mark doesn’t think twice about it. She noses her way into Dark’s office, tail wagging and ears perked. Dark is standing beside his desk and staring angrily out the window when Chica boops her nose against Dark’s palm.

The black and white Ego jumps and makes a face at the perky golden retriever. “What do you want?”

Chica wags her tail and whines at Dark. The Ego sighs. “I’m not going to pet you. You’re a useless creature that adores that ridiculous idiot Markiplier, which is really an egregious error on your own part. I refuse to show you any kind of affection.” Dark looks away, but Chica sits and laps at his fingers until Dark flinches away.

“Quit that!”

Chica boofs at Dark quietly and whines again until Dark rolls his eyes, caving. “Fine.” He kneels down beside the dog and pets her awkwardly at first until Chica begins to purr deeply. When Mark finally starts wondering where Chica has run off to, he’s beyond shocked to find Dark fawning over her.

“You’re really not so bad, kind of unnecessarily fluffy and cute, but I can understand why others would enjoy your company.” Chica licks his cheek fondly before sensing her human peeking at them from the door and runs over happily.

Dark jumps to his feet, surprised by Mark’s sudden appearance. “S-she wandered in here.”

Mark attaches Chica’s leash again, watching his Ego carefully with slight amusement. “You know, I bring her by every other Thursday.” Dark’s shell cracks a bit, and he slams the door in Mark’s face.

Mark looks down at Chica happily. “Good job, bub.”

Today is the 5 year anniversary of this photo going viral right here on Tumblr, setting off an unprecedented chain of events that has brought magic, joy, and inspiration to millions of people while raising awareness and over half a million dollars for homeless pets worldwide. GOOD JOB, BUB!

Captain Underpants AU - He Didn't Leave Us Ch. 1

A CU AU where Mr. Krupp didn’t loose his powers and kept in touch with Harold and George as they grew up!

Thanks to @jackie-sugarskull and discord chat for your help with ideas!

@larrythedrunkardlamp @thatanimationgirl @guiltyhipster @thatanimationgirl @superhighschoolleveldemigod @realphoebejudd @clockworks-time

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#28. 'What Daddies Do for Their Daughters'

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Wake Me Up: What Daddies Do for Their DaughtersOne Shot #28

(past one shots)

No visuals or song in this one.


A pair of gentle lips on his and soft hands shaking lightly at his shoulders was what woke Harry up in the morning. His eyes barely opened before he got a whiff of your perfume, and instantly, a smile formed on his face.

“Wake up, mister. I have to head out soon,” your voice was breathy and right next to his ear, sending a shiver through his newly woken body. Without even opening his eyes, his arms wrapped around your upper thighs, sending you to topple on top of him with a rather loud groan, your suitcase falling from your grip.

“No,” he murmured, voice deep and gravelly in his just awoken state. Nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck, he spoke again. “Don’t leave, stay.”

You giggled as your hand moved to pushed through his wild bed hair. “Come on, baby. We talked about this. It’s Ivory’s baby shower, and I’m the one throwing it. How bad am I going to look if I don’t show up?”

“Friends are overrated,” he nipped at the skin of your neck causing your to laugh before pulling yourself off of him.

“I’ll be sure to tell the boys you said that,” you pointedly rose your eyebrows, a smile curving your lips.

Harry then sat up in the bed, the duvet partially falling from his body and landing in his lap, properly exposing his bare chest. He watched as you dropped to the floor in order to check your suitcase to see if you had everything you’d need. Your bottom lip was taken between your teeth in concentration, causing a smile to form on Harry’s. Each time you couldn’t find something in your bag that was clearly written on your list, your eyebrows were scrunch together as your eyes scanned the contents of your suitcase until you found it. And of course, Harry found this incredibly endearing, just how he found most things you did utterly endearing. It was the simplest things you’d do that made his heart warm. Things like you talking to Toby or Darcy, playing with them, or sometimes simply watching you go about your day would send Harry’s heart into a puddle. All your quirks are make you- you, and are the reason Harry fell in love with you in the first place.

Quietly, he slipped out of bed in order to make his way to you. And when he stood right behind you, he crouched down on the balls of his feet, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you to his chest before fully sitting on the ground. His eyes were still heavy with sleep, and the outside was barely lit in the early morning. But Harry never felt quite as alive as he did when you were snuggled in his arms.

“You said goodbye to the kids, right?” Harry asked as he gently squeezed you.

“I did,” you allowed yourself to relax in his grip. “Last night when I put them down, I said goodbye and gave them both a kiss.”

It was silent for a moment, the two of you allowing yourself time in each other’s presence knowing this won’t be granted to you for a few days.

“Three days,” Harry finally murmured after the moment, kissing the skin under your ear. “Three days and then you’ll come back to me.”

You nodded as you allowed your hands to grip his forearms that were wrapped around your shoulders. Your head fall back onto his shoulders. “Three days,” you agreed, gripping his hand to place a kiss on the back of it.

“Good,” he kissed the skin of your jawline, his lips seeming to never get enough. “I love you.”

“Huh, what a coincidence because I love you, too,” you smiled turning in his arms to face him. “And I happen to love you quite a lot.”

Then when his lips landed on yours, you found yourself seriously contemplating whether or not you should go.


“Daddy, Mumma always makes pancakes before I go to school.” Darcy’s little hands rested on her hips as she stood at the entryway of the house, ready for preschool with a backpack on her back seeming to be the same size as her.

Harry sat right next to his daughter, Toby in his lap, as he struggled to get shoes on the squirmy two year old.

“I know, sugar. But Daddy thought you’d want to go get breakfast before you went to school,” he proposed as he finally tied both shoes onto Toby’s feet.

Harry scooped Toby in his arms, settling him on his hip as he rose to his feet. His fingers moved to grip the puffy jacket adorned on Toby’s body, flattening out the fabric in order to offer the most substantial fight against the bitter January air. Looking over at Darcy, Harry saw her cheeks slightly flushed as her own puffy jacket was zipped up to her chin. The skin surrounding her cheeks offered a more chalky complexion.

“Are you feeling okay, my love?” He asked her, moving forward to slightly unzip her jacket in order to offer a bit of circulation.

Darcy only coughed in response, nodding her head as best she could. “Yeah, ‘m fine, Daddy.”

Harry’s brows furrowed together as Darcy braced herself with a brave face, smiling at her father unconvincingly. She gripped the strap of her oversized backpack in order to better place it on her shoulder.

“I promise I’m fine, Dad.” Gripping Harry’s hand in her own, she pulled him closer to the door, cocking her head over to the wooden surface.

“Okay, okay,” he conceded—though, he never really stood a chance with the big green eyes staring over at him. “Let’s go get some pancakes.”


Darcy’s head lolled against the cold glass of the window as Harry drove, Toby babbling in the car seat next to his sister. Her tiny arms wrapped around the expanse of her backpack, clutching it to her chest as it rested on her lap. Harry’s eyes were constantly flickering towards the rear view mirror in order to check on Darcy. This behavior was nothing but foreign for her, and it really worried him.

“How are you doing, sweet pea?” Harry’s eyes flickered to the rear view mirror at a red light, watching as Darcy’s eyes opened half way before closing again as she rested her head against the window. Offering her dad a half smile, she nodded slowly. “Is your belly full of yummy pancakes, yeah?” He offered light-heartedly, trying to erase the feeling he had in the pit of his stomach.

“Yeah,” she said breathlessly. “Just sleepy, Daddy.”

“Okay, sweet girl,” Harry nodded as he pulled into the carpool lane of her school. Teachers were standing at the sidewalks ready to escort their students inside. “We’re here, my love,” Harry put the car in park in front of Darcy’s teacher, turning around in his seat to look at his baby girl begin collecting her lunch box and backpack.

Jumping out of the car, Harry rounded toward Darcy’s side, opening the door and collecting her in his arms. Her arms wrapped around his neck, face burrowed in the crook there as her legs clung to his waist. Harry kept his grip on her firm, pressing her small body into his much larger one to keep her as safe as possible.

They made it to Darcy’s teacher, and seeing the state Darcy was in, she frowned, this differing greatly from Darcy’s usual perky persona.

“Is everything all right, Mr. Styles?” Darcy’s teacher questioned, looking up at Harry with her brow furrowed.

“She’s just a bit tired, is all. She must have had a bad night’s rest.” As Harry tried placing Darcy on the ground, she began to whine clinging desperately to the fabric of his peacoat. “Oh, oh,” Harry gripped her tighter. Giving the teacher an apologetic smile, Harry turned around in order to walk back a few steps. “Baby, what’s wrong? Huh?” He pressed his lips to her ear, kissing the skin a few times as Darcy kept her face burrowed in his neck. “Tell Daddy what’s wrong, my love.”

“I miss Mumma,” she whimpered, clinging tighter to Harry.

“Oh, baby,” Harry sighed, kissing her temple. “I miss her, too, sugar. But she’ll be home soon. Don’t worry, my love, okay? Now, how about we have a good day at school today, and we’ll call Mumma when you get home. Yeah?”

Darcy nodded mumbling slightly in agreement before she allowed Harry to set her down on her feet. Crouching down, Harry embraced his daughter, pulling her close and kissing her temple several times.

“I love you, sweet girl,” he whispered in her ear.

He could feel the small smile form on her lips with his words, before she copied his action, whispering those three words right back in his ear.


“Daddy! Watch this, watch this!” Toby sat on the floor of the living room, beckoning for Harry’s attention. Walking from the kitchen with a bowl full of Goldfish for Toby’s snack, Harry offered him his undivided attention.

“Yes, little man? Show me.”

Toby grinned before placing his hands on the carpet, pushing his body forward as he tucked into ball before flipping in a somersault. His giggle rang through the entire motion, and his lips were curved into a toothy grin once he was finished, bottom resting on the carpet once again.

Clapping his hand against the skin of his forearm, the other hand holding the bowl of food, Harry cheered loudly at Toby’s accomplishment. “That was amazing, Bubs! Good job!”

Toby’s laughter was then caught short by the ringing of Harry’s phone. Setting the bowl of Goldfish on the coffee table, Harry gripped the phone from his pocket, answering the call before pressing it to his ear.


“Mr. Styles?” A female voice sounded. A voice Harry had heard before, but he couldn’t quite place the face.

“This is he,” he nodded, though whoever was on the phone couldn’t see him.

“Hi, Mr. Styles. This is Darcy’s teacher. We need you to come pick her up. Immediately.”


His shoe was tapping against the linoleum of the floor, the heel’s noise echoing through the waiting room. Darcy’s body was limp with sleep as she rested in Harry’s lap, face paler than he’s ever seen. Harry watched as patient after patient was called being granted the medical help they needed, but his baby girl hadn’t been granted that just yet. And he was worried. More worried than he had been in a long time. He should’ve know. He should’ve known this wasn’t just lack of sleep that was causing her odd behavior and sluggish movement. Even now, with her secure in his lap, her body radiating foreign heat, he questioned how he ever overlooked it. It was more than clear she had a fever, a seemingly high one at that.

“Darcy Styles,” Harry’s head shot up with the familiar name, a female nurse standing in front of him. “We’ll see her now.”


“Strep throat, huh?” You asked into the phone, your sounding soft and angelic to Harry’s ears with the day he’s had.

“Yeah, a bad case of it, too.” he nodded, sighing as he finished folding the last bit of clothes. His shoulder held the phone to his ear in order to free up his hands. “She has antibiotics for it, but she can’t go back to school for a few days because the medicine needs time to kick in.” His fingers gripped the phone from his shoulder before pressing it to his ear again, his hand now holding it rather than his shoulder. Leaning against the couch, a large sigh was drawn from his lips, head spinning with the events from today. “I wish you were here,” he whispered into the phone. “Being a single parent is not easy. I don’t know how you do it when I’m away.”

“I’m special, I suppose,” you smiled softly as you spoke those words, laying down in the guest bedroom of your best friend’s home.

Harry smiled softly, “You certainly are.”

You both continued to talk for a few minutes before Harry’s eyes began to droop, and sleep began sounding better and better by the second. With goodbyes shared, you two hung up the phone with goofy smiles adorning your lips.

Quickly, Harry placed all the folded clothes in the laundry basket to put away in the morning. But as he was putting away the final pile, tiny footsteps were heard as they made their way over to him. He looked up to see Darcy’s tear stricken face.

“Baby girl,” he rushed over to her bending down to press her to his chest. “What’s wrong, my love? Can’t sleep?”

“My throat hurts, Daddy,” she whimpered, crying slightly into his chest. Her voice was scratchy and nearly mushy sounding, evidence of the illness she was bearing.

“Okay, my love. How about we go up to your room and snuggle. How’s that sound, hmm?” He looked down at her, his thumb moving to wipe the moisture from her cheeks.

She nodded. And so, they both made their way up the stairs, squeezing into Darcy’s small bed as best they could. And Harry’s leg may have hung over the edge, the blanket much too short for his body. And he may have not gotten even a wink of sleep that night. But Harry did what a father should when their child is sick, he cuddled her to his body, shielding her from any further harm.


His voice was scratchy and mushy when you came home. His throat sore and body ache-y. His forehead was hot to the touch with the promise of a fever, and his body moved sluggishly about.

“My poor mister,” you jutted out your bottom lip as he laid in bed, snuggled into the mattress. The covers were pulled up to his chin while you ran your fingers through his hair, fingernails gently scratching his scalp as he hummed with your touch.

“She wanted to cuddle,” he croaked. “I just couldn’t say no.”


He’ll do anything for his little girl, and I adore it! I hope you all enjoyed this one, and thank you to anon who requested it!

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BUB raised over $125,000 for homeless pets in 2016, which means she’s raised over half a million dollars since she landed on Earth in 2011. GOOD JOB BUB.