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Once I fought someone on the schoolbus on the way home from after school help. He had been messing with me there and I couldn't get my work done, on the bus he threw stuff at my head and I snapped when he grabbed my boob. I got up and kicked him in the chest, bus driver took my side and reported it to the school.

Good job bus driver

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banana bus squad in dresses would be called the BANANA DRESS SQUAD AYYYY(plz don't ask where this came from it was a 2am thought)

Im into this new au, I welcome you to the BANANA DRESS SQUAD AU!~

Glass Elevator//Josh Dun

Requested: Hi! I love your imagines! Could you do a Josh one where you two HATE each other with a passion but you’re both best friends with Tyler (you’ve been best friends since you were nine) and Tyler takes the opportunity to set you both up on a blind date with each other after building up how great the other is. Thank you! <3


               “Aren’t you full of yourself Mr. “I’m a drummer so I’m better than everyone.” You snapped at Josh; who was easily the bane of your existence. His stupid attitude, his cocky stance, rude comments. Everything about him made you want to take his stupid snapback off and shove it down his throat. Maybe then he would stop talking.

               A snort and a cocky smirk was all you got in response; his comeback cut off by Tyler walking in, arms crossed as he shook his head at you two. You felt bad for Tyler when it came to tour; having his drummer and photographer fighting tooth and nail must be hard. Especially when he’s best friends with both and refuses to choose a favorite.

               “Can you two please get along? Please!” Tyler groaned, walking over and pushing the two of you apart from each other. Neither of you intended on violence, but you did manage to get chest-to-chest. “I love you both to death and I hate the constant fighting!” Tyler was raising his voice, as he usually did when lecturing you two. Though everyone found his random bouts of screeching quite comical. “I want to have a fun tour where Josh likes Y/N, and Y/N likes Josh. Or at least have you to stand each other. I don’t want to constantly get pulled away from video chats with my family because a crew member is scared that you two will start throwing punches!” The look on the singers face screamed exhaustion, which was to be expected. He was always the one keeping you two apart; or finding ways to keep the two of you from fighting. Not to mention desperately trying to spend an equal time with both of you, in fear that you guys would fight about that too (which yes, it had happened. Not your fault Josh is possessive).

               “I’m sorry, he was being rude and I don’t stand for that.” You shrugged, about to walk away when Tyler grabbed your shoulder. “Ty.” You started, a feeling of fear building in your stomach when he just let go of your shoulder; waving you off.

               “Just go. I’ll figure something out so you won’t have to leave.” Leave? What is Tyler talking about leaving?

               “You stupid asshole!” You didn’t know what came over you, but for some reason you knew Josh was to blame. “You’re possessive over Tyler so you have to fight me and you’re trying to make me lose my job. I hate you. You’re so.” You paused, arms flailing as you swore you saw red (and not just Josh’s red hair).

               “Amazing?” He laughed, causing the adrenaline to pump through your body as you pounced. You had no muscle whatsoever, so your jump did nothing besides knock him off guard—resulting in the two of you landing on the floor; your arm in a strange and painful position. “What the hell?” Josh whispered, quickly shifting to let your arm free as you felt tears brim in your eyes. Why did you just do that? “Y/N.” Josh started, obviously shocked by how fast your mood had changed.

               “I’ll pack my stuff and book the first flight home. Bye guys.” You mumbled, standing up and running toward the bus. Good job Y/N. Good job.


               “Hey.” You heard Tyler whisper from the front of the silent tour bus; you were currently curled up in your bunk softly sobbing as you looked at flights. You knew nobody would let you stay, especially not after your irrational decision. “Y/N.” He sighed, opening the curtain slowly as you shifted closer to the wall, encouraging him to slide in beside you. Which he happily did; wrapping his arm tightly around your shoulders. “Why? You aren’t violent so I know you wouldn’t have hurt him. But why get physical?” His words caused a pathetic whimper to pass your lips. You felt your hands slightly shake as you went to book the first flight you saw pop up; only to have your laptop closed slowly over your fingers. “Enough of that, talk to me now.” Tyler grabbed your chin with his thumb and forefinger, turning it so you were looking at him. His once lively brown eyes now filled with exhaustion.

               “I don’t know. I’m an irrational idiot who just lost her job and just wants to go home.” You felt like a lost little girl who was beyond homesick. Tour was fun and all, but the way Josh scowled at you, and the rude remarks under his breath as he passed by made it a torture sentence. The two of you had gotten along on past tours; but now he was just being impossible. “Just let me book a flight home and I’ll be gone.” You mumbled, trying to turn your head and open your laptop. Groaning as Tyler wouldn’t let you.

               “Thing is, I’m not letting you get fired. Nobody besides the three of us saw what happened. It didn’t take much for Josh to realize that you’re about as violent as a kitten. We both want you to stay—but we want to know what got into you.” Josh believed his words without much fight? Sure.

               “I got pushed to my limit which is why I want to go home.” You snarled as Tyler sighed once again.

               “We’re stopping at a hotel for a couple of days in the next city. You having your own room will have to be the closest thing to home.” He shrugged, causing you to pout. “Don’t be like that.” He hugged you closer, now resting his chin on your head. “Josh isn’t a bad guy you know. He just doesn’t know how to warm up to people properly. You have to get past his mean outer shell before you get the nice, soft cuddly inside.” You rolled your eyes, Tyler had to be kidding right?

               “Yeah, right.” You growled, sliding so you could lay down in your bunk. Resting your head on Tyler’s stomach.

               “I’m serious Y/N. How do you think I put up with him for so long? He really is sick as frick. He kind of reminds me of you when we first met. Little 9 year old Y/N was scary, and mean.” You laughed at the memory of your first conversation with Tyler. You made fun of his weird haircut and shirt, to which he made fun of your “ugly girl face”. From that day on the two of you were inseparable. “I talked to him and he would be fine with this, but will you please join us for dinner. A nice, slow paced one with Mark and no mean comments. He said he’ll try to open up for you; and I want you to do the same for him. So please come along?” You sighed, knowing tour would be pretty hard if you didn’t at least give the idea a chance.

               “Fine. When and where?” You looked up to see Tyler with a wide smile across his face who began to blabber on about the plan him and Mark had devised.


               Two days later you were in front of the mirror running your fingers through your hair. They had said dress casually-nice. So you decided on your nicest shirt and jeans; not like you were dressing to impress. You knew none of the guys had thought of you in that way, and no way were you going to hook up with a random dude.

               “Downstairs.” Mark directed as you passed him in the hall; he was in the clothes he wore earlier. Wasn’t he supposed to be joining? Before you could ask, he was gone. Probably in his room. You shrugged, maybe he was just changing.

               “Oh, Y/N.” You heard Josh mumble as you walked up to the hotel restaurant doors; it was only Josh and you so far. Him in a button-down shirt with jeans; which looked nice on him


               Did you seriously just say that?

               You internally shook it off and looked around for Tyler or Mark; neither of which seemed to be coming down anytime soon—so the two of you decided to be as mature as you could and begin eating before them. Not like they would have waited for the two of you if roles were reversed.

               “So, why did you choose photography?” Josh asked, rubbing the back of his neck after the two of you sat in awkward silence for a minute or two.

               “Um. I don’t know actually.” You laughed to yourself, “It just kind of came to me. That’s like asking why you chose drums. There isn’t a real answer.” He nodded, sending a small smile your way. Maybe the night wouldn’t be so bad after all.

               The two of you went on to talk about random topics together; about everything and anything that had come to mind as you ate. It was weird; for once you felt comfortable around Josh—you didn’t want to snark at him, you weren’t awaiting the moment when the two of you would part ways. You were having fun with him; and secretly didn’t want to leave his presence.

               “You know, you’re not as scary as your little pounce the other day said you were.” Josh laughed, causing your face to turn red. “No need to blush; I found it sort of cute. You were like an angry little kitten.” Your face blushed harder.

               “You found that cute? Even after I screamed in your face and claimed to hate you?” You couldn’t help but laugh. Before the conversation could continue; the waiter walked up.    

               “You guys won’t need to pay tonight. The gentleman from that table took care of the bill for you.” You and Josh shared a confused look before turning to see where the waiter was pointing. Toward a table with Mark and Tyler giving the two of you cheesy grins and thumbs ups.

               Those little shits. They had it planned. You took a breath after the waiter left; not realizing you were holding it. Thanking Josh for the night quickly before standing to go to your room; shooting a glare at your best friend as you walked quickly to the elevator. Not realizing Josh was on your heels.

               “Hey. If it’s any defense of mine, I thought they were joining our table too.” He mumbled, walking in the elevator with you. “I’m sorry if that ruined everything. I had a really good time; and don’t want it to end.” You felt your face flush, you sort of felt the same way. Didn’t you? “How mad would you be if I kissed you?” Josh whispered; before snapping back into reality and turning bright red; obviously speaking before thinking. You bit your lip; studying his features as you acted on impulse, leaning in to press a gentle kiss to the drummers lips. Pulling away a second after smiling.

               “To get any more, you need to take me on a few more dates.” You winked at him, leaning back against the elevator wall as the door opened to your floor. You had parted ways with Josh; entering your room before checking your phone to see a text from Tyler. It was sent only a couple minutes ago.

               “AWEEE. That was cute. Mark and I did well (just saying, before you two start sucking each other’s faces off; make sure it’s not a GLASS ELEVATOR”