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Fanfiction writers, doodlers, SFM artists, yeah all that good stuff. We seem to have a favorite, right? That one dude or dudette that makes awesome content and it’s just so well done, you gotta reblog it.

I’m very sure that your favorite tumblr hasn’t always been so great at writing fanfiction, or drawing hands. But they got that love and support to help them keep up that drive and train themselves to get better at their hobby. you tell them that they did such a good job and you love their work. Great! You motivated someone! And that’s just the start!

What if they didn’t have support? They’d probably give up, right? They’d uninstall SFM and Paint tool sai and their hacked version of microsoft word because no one supported them. No one told them good job. Imagine your favorite content creator on tumblr in that situation. Those OCs or pieces of work or fictions wouldn’t exist. They’d be trying their damnedest try write something you guys would like but only have a handful of notes on their content. All because there’s someone wayyyy better by miles. And no one can top them. 

(gif not mine but writing is) 

The First Case

Moving to London from another part of England had been tricky but it was worth it. You now live at 221C Baker Street in London,  the apartment below the famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend Doctor John Watson. After living there for a year you had become good friends with them both.  Though with Sherlock it could be difficult to tell. After a busy week at work you were glad it was the weekend. You arrived home after a morning of shopping. It was quiet, too quiet. "Boys still out?“ you ask Mrs Hudson as you passed her in the hallway. “I’m afraid so, dear. They needed to present their findings to the police in person. Something about a thumb.” Mrs Hudson’s words trailed off whilst she shook her head. "Have you eaten yet? I was going to run some casserole upstairs so they’ll have something warm to eat when they got home. I made far too much.“ you add.  "That sounds delicious.  You are too good to us. I’ll grab some after I finish the washing.” she replied. 

Opening the door to your flat,  the smell of food hit your nostrils and awoke your hungry stomach. After decanting the casserole into containers, you write a note to stick on top. ‘2 mins in the microwave. Enjoy. ~ (Y/N)’
After finishing your meal you walked up into 221B with the containers and placed them on the kitchen top. Your mind wandered as you looked around their apartment, searching for any containers from previous meals. John was always good at returning them but you just wanted to check before you did the washing up. Was it that Sherlock couldn’t eat during a case or after a case? You could never quite remember. ‘Oh well’ you thought to yourself, ‘atleast it’s there if he wants it’.

After washing up in your apartment you begin to read a book. At the moment it was one about the history of the Victorians. You loved to learn about things and expand your mind. Suddenly you jump as your mobile phone vibrates with a new text. Glancing at your phone the message read 'Meeting upstairs. - SH’. Staring at the text in confusion at its urgency your mobile vibrates again. 'John reminded me to thank you for the meal. - SH’
Walking up the stairs you chuckle to yourself. Surely he could have come downstairs and told you himself. Opening the door you see your friends. Sherlock a tall man with chiselled cheeks and curly black hair. Also John who’s a shorter man with light brown hair. Both of them were stood in the middle of the room with their coats on ready to leave. 

You stared at them with a nervous smile as they turned to face your direction. “I’m glad you liked the food.” you said in a quiet voice. There was another moment of awkward silence. “Sherlock?” John said in encouraging voice. Sherlock was pacing around the room. Was he actually nervous? What on earth could he be nervous about? You looked at the both of them and John gave a light kick to Sherlocks leg as he walked past, making him stop. 

“(Y/N). We were wondering if you would like to accompany us on a case. You see John is going to be a lot busier soon and he may not be able to join me on cases so much.” Sherlock said with a hint of hesitation in his voice. You were confused. You have always found what the boys do to be fascinating but was never sure if you could be the right person for it. “Wouldn’t Molly be better suited for it? I’m not sure if I’d be any good or be able to keep up.” you ask shyly. “Nonsense” Sherlock interjected. “Molly lives too far away and she’s not quite right for the job. Also you’re kind of smart, I guess.“ "Wow Sherlock, you sure know how to charm a girl.” you say with playful sarcasm. John laughed quietly at the remark. “What’s the case?” you asked reluctantly. "A woman’s body has been found in an apartment. There have been several serious blows to the head.“ Sherlock said in an unchanging voice. You took a moment to think. Even though it was obvious that the men were desperate to go and investigate. It sounded graphic and very gorey. "I’ll give it a go.” you sighed with a nervous smile. 

Luckily you grabbed your purple coat and notebook on your way out as the autumn breeze was chilly. Sherlock hailed a cab and opened the car door for you. As he quickly walked round the other side. “I think I’ll sit next to (Y/N) this time.” John said before Sherlock could get to the door. Every time you went out as a trio Sherlock would always insist on sitting next to you in the taxi. It made no sense as he would be on his phone the entire time, either texting or researching in silence. So you could not think of a reason for his current sulking expression. 

“Don’t worry. I know that you will be great. Stopping Sherlock from getting too full of himself… that can be difficult.” John said as he smiled at you. There was always a warmth and friendly attitude from John, something that Sherlock lacked a bit. You were always intrigued by the story of how they met. It must be hard for Sherlock as John has found 'the one’ in Mary. He was losing his best friend. You can recall the seemingly endless number of times John had encouraged Sherlock to text someone known as 'the Woman’ but despite his interest he always refused. “I’m just nervous. Of course I find it interesting what you both do but there is no way that I can be as good as you. I…I just don’t want to disappoint Sherlock.” you admitted. You both notice Sherlock flinch in the seat in front of you. He nearly turned his head round but stopped himself for some reason. 

It calmed your nerves as you stared out of the car window. You loved the grand architecture of London, especially the way the autumn sun illuminated it. The streets were busy with locals and tourists. A lovely Saturday indeed. As the cab turned a corner the peaceful scene turned into a morbid one. It pulled up outside a building with yellow police tape surrounding the outside of it. You could see the familiar grey peppered hair of Greg Lestrade, detective inspector of Scotland Yard,  entering the building. 

Stepping out of the car you see another face that you vaguely recognise. It was a man with brown hair and beard, you think his name was Philip Anderson. You remember seeing him in 221B and he was heavily scrutinised by Sherlock. Perhaps one day Sherlock will tell you why he doesn’t like him so much.  "Great to see you here.“ Philip said extending his arm. You both shook hands. Being polite you smiled at him kindly, which was reflected by a wide grin that spread across his face. "Don’t even think about it Anderson.” Sherlock sneered in a low growl as he speedily walked past both of you. Confused by his response, you quietly followed Sherlock and John into the building. 

The rooms were small so you stood in the doorway as people stood in front you. John was taking notes and Sherlock was circling was you presumed was the crime scene,  as you couldn’t see because people were in the way. Copying John you take out your notebook and pen and begin to write down your own observations, whilst Sherlock got out his small magnifying glass. It was truly brilliant how Sherlocks mind worked, picking out every detail. Even those which would appear invisible to others. You felt more relaxed as Sherlock made his deductions aloud. “Can everyone leave? There is far too much stupid in the room. Graham I’ll let you know what I deduce in a minute” Sherlock said suddenly. It must have been a common occurrence as people immediately left. Lestrade walked past you mumbling “It’s Greg. He’s known me for years and he knows it’s Greg.”
You backed further out of the doorway but John encouraged you to come in and watch what he does. 

Now that it was just you, Sherlock and a John you could finally see the crime scene fully. There was a woman’s body lifeless on the floor. Her head had been smashed in several times with a heavy blunt object and blood spatters surrounded her. You were right. The scene was graphic and gorey. Despite hearing all of the details of the case and knowing what you were going to, something unexpected happened. 

The colour began to drain from your face and your eyes widened. Your body was screaming to run but you were glued to the spot. Physically unable to look away from the scene that was in front of you. The only part of you moving was your hand as it continued to fill your notebooks pages with notes. You weren’t squeamish, it was because of something else. Your mind knew that this was not a movie or a video game. This wasn’t just a body on the floor, she was somebody’s mother, daughter, aunt,  friend. Somebody somewhere was crying in grief because the woman who was lying in front of you had been murdered. Sherlock continued to make his deductions but his voice now sounded like a mumble in the distance. Unable to write any more, you put your pen and notebook in you coat pocket. 
Your reaction was unlike you, perhaps it was the initial shock of it all. Eyes still staring at the scene,  your breathing became irregular and your body began to tremble. Maybe you thought to yourself, maybe I am too human for this.  

 "There was no forced entry which could only mean what (Y/N)?“ Sherlock said loudly crouching over the body whilst tilting his head up to look at you. He must of asked you that question a couple of times. "The victim must of known her attacker or had a key to the building.” you reply in a monotone voice, your body still rigid like a statue. 
Sherlocks eyebrows furrowed in confusion and concern as a look of worry spread across his face. He walked up to you, though you didn’t really notice it. It felt like you were in a daze. 

“(Y/N)?” Sherlock said as he stood in front of you and took one of your hands in his and gently stroked your cheek. “(Y/N)?” he repeated as he squeezed your hand, snapping you out of your trance. Your body still trembled but your cheeks flushed red with embarrassment. Putting an arm around you he pulled you into a hug. Feeling his chest against yours, you copied his steady breathing which stopped your body from trembling. “I’m sorry” you whispered “I’m not sure what came over me. I’m so sorry I’ll be better next time, I really will. Please let there be a next time." 
You could feel Sherlock smiling. "It’s exciting, isn’t it.” he chuckled.  

Reaching into your coat pocket, you pull out your notebook and pressed it against his chest as you pulled away from the hug. “My deductions.” you said with a nervous smile. You didn’t realise just how many pages you had filled, it looked to be at least ten. The three of you walked outside and hailed another cab. Greg had already left to go to another crimescene, so Sherlock would text him his findings. John allowed Sherlock to sit in the back with you for this car ride. You nervously twiddled your thumbs as Sherlock flicked through the pages of your notebook. Suddenly there was a look of surprise on his face as his eyes darted to look at you and then the notebook once again. His lips curled up into a smirk. “I wouldn’t worry (Y/N).” he said. “I think that you will definitely be joining me at the next crimescene.”

*REQUEST* Bambam Scenario - #51 “Sorry! I didn’t mean to touch your butt” & #70 “I don’t think you’re doing it right?”

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! I do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell me who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3

*Don’t own gif yo*

Author: Taebaby

IKEA was a mistake. This whole day was a mistake. You and Bambam had to lose the bet against the other members and get stuck putting furniture together while they went and enjoyed the nice day outside. Sometimes you questioned the direction your life was going in.

               You were sitting on the floor in the dorm living room with Bambam as you tried to evaluate your latest life choices, when a crash behind you let you know for the third time that his attempt at trying to build the cabinet himself had failed. You finally stood up, not listening to his protests (‘I don’t need help, I can do it myself’) and leaned over the pile of wood.

               You finally found the instructions crumpled and hidden underneath some nails and a peace f a door and snatched them up, and had only gotten through the first paragraph when you looked over at Bambam, who was sitting there, pouting at you.

               “I don’t think you’re doing it right?” You said as you looked over the pile for a second time, “Look, see, this piece-“

               “I know how to do it!” He whined loudly, grabbing the paper out of your hands. He hadn’t meant to pull hard, but he also didn’t expect you to be holding on that tightly, so when you lost your balance and fell, neither of you meant to end up in the position that you did.

               You were like statues, frozen in time as you both realized at the same time that your faces were an inch apart- and his hands were firmly holding on to your butt. It had been a few minutes, and Bambam opened and closed his mouth many times before actually finding his voice, his hands flying off your bottom so fast you’d think he’d been burned.

               “I-I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to touch your butt!” He stammered while trying to shimmy his way out from under you since you hadn’t gotten up yet. Instead, you had been too busy blushing and thinking of how nice his hands felt there. Shaking you head, you shuffled away as well, both of you avoiding eye contact at all costs. It was so damn silent in that room, that your souls nearly shot out of you two when the front door banged open and the other six members came filing in like a damn parade.

               They were all laughing and talking loudly until they spotted you two on the floor, faces red, along with the pile wood that was supposed to be a cabinet.

               “What’ve you guys… been doing?” Jackson asked as he looked from you to Bambam, who you could see was about to choke. You decided you could cover this one, and Bambam would owe you some other time.

               “We’re just too damn stupid to build this thing.” You laughed, keeping you voice light but still adding a frustrated tone to sell it, “Hey, Youngjae, do you think you could help us? I think you’d probably do a better job than we would.”

               The boys shrugged you off, walking into the kitchen to get some food, and Youngjae sat down to help. Low and behold, the cabinet was up in less than thirty minutes and the others got a good laugh at you and Bambam, who had been giving you appreciative looks the entire time.

               It had been later in the day when you finally caught him in the hall alone, away from prying eyes.

               “Hey…” You stopped him as he tried to pass you. Embarrassment and apprehension evident in his face. He kept looking from your eyes to the floor as he waited for you to continue, but when you didn’t, his nervousness overtook him.

               “I’m really, really sorry about earlier (y/n). I understand if you’re mad at me still-“ He began to ramble but you cut him off by reaching up on your tip-toes and pressing your lips to his. He stood frozen for a minute, before gently placing his hands on your shoulders, holding you there. You finally broke away and he smiled at you in awe.

               “I’m not mad at all.” You smiled back at him.

I’m Sorry

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Fandom: The Maze Runner

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Author: (me) multifandomimaginesandstuff

Word Count: 1510

Being the only girl in the Glade wasn’t easy. People always thought that you were weaker because you were female, but with a little bit of time you had proved to them that you were just as good as most of them. Obviously some of them could lift heavier things than you, but other than that you were one of the guys. You joined in on the crude jokes and heavy drinking. You could even make someone as vulgar as Gally blush from the profanities that left your mouth. So, in almost all senses of the word you were one of the guys and everyone had seemed okay with that.

You worked in the med-jack tent, for some reason that felt like the place that you should be, helping the Gladers that got injured doing their job. It made you feel good that you could help the boys, keep them safe to a certain extent. You mainly patched up the slicers though. They were good at getting meat but they weren’t very good at not cutting up their hands a few times in the process.

You rolled your eyes as, Winston, the keeper of the slicers walked in. You would think that as the keeper he would be better about not almost cutting his fingers off, but as you had found, he was worse. “What is it this time?” You asked him, a hint of playfulness in your words.

He held out his hand and you internally winced at the deep gash. “It’s not that bad you big baby.” He laughed at your reassurance and put his hand back down as you rushed around trying to gather the supplies that you needed.

You made sure to never let any of the boys know just how bad their injuries were because, let’s face it, guys are a bunch of drama queens when it came to stuff like this and with you being the only girl they most definitely dialed up the theatrics. You loved the boys, they were like brothers, but when they tried to hit on you most of the day it got a little tiring. The only boy you wanted to like you in that way only thought of you as a sister. It was frustrating on a monumental level. Newt would never think of you in a romantic way and it pained you to think that your love would always be unrequited.

You shook the thoughts of Newt from your mind and went back to treating Winston’s wound. You were done in no time and he was ordered to his hammock. You didn’t want him working for risk of infection and you did not want a sick Winston on your hands.


It was getting close to dark when you heard a commotion across the glade and being your usual nosy-self you went to go and check it out. You were shocked at the sight that was before you. Newt was being held up on the arms of Minho and Alby. “Y/N, hurry up and get over here!” You heard shouted at you.

You ran across the grassy field faster than you ever thought possible. You skidded to a halt when you got to the boys. Your heart shattered as you saw how pale and broken Newt looked hanging from the shoulders of your two best friends. “Get him to the hut, now.” You commanded, your voice leaving no room for any questions.

“What the hell happened to him?” You asked frantically when you were all safely in the hut away from the prying eyes of the other 17 boys.

“He jumped.” Alby whispered quietly.

You knew instantly what he meant, but you couldn’t dwell on that now. Right now you had to help the frail british boy that was dying in front of you.

Your eyes traveled down to his leg. His ankle was bent at an odd angle and you knew that what had to happen next would be painful for all of you. “Hold him down.” You ordered, your voice hollow and emotionless.

You grasped his leg and foot firmly and you apologized mentally as you counted to three. Your heart broke a little as he lurched and called out in agony. You wanted to make everything okay but you didn’t know if you could this time. Only time would tell if his leg would heal properly, but at least for now he was stable.


It had been a few hours since Newt’s accident and you hadn’t even thought about leaving his side. Alby had brought you a plate of food when he came to check on Newt, but you couldn’t eat when the second in command looked so fragile and breakable. It just didn’t seem possible that someone so sweet and strong hearted could attempt such a thing. You knew how he felt though. The thought of running into the maze before the doors closed and taking your fate from the grievers had scurried through your mind more than you would like to admit. Being in a place like this took its toll and Newt obviously got tired of paying it. You just hoped that he would be okay. He was one of the few people in this place that kept you sane. He was one of the first ones in the glade, along with Alby, Minho, Gally, Winston and yourself. Losing him would be like losing a little part of yourself.

Your head snapped up quickly when you heard a quiet groan escape Newt’s lips. “Am I dead because if this is death than it’s worse than a big pile of klunk.” You couldn’t help but smile at his groggy ramblings.

Your face grew serious quickly as he tried to move. Your ‘motherly instinct’ (as the boys liked to call it) kicked in and you pushed him back down slowly, making sure that he was comfortably situated on the pillow before you dared to speak. “I’m sorry.” You murmured quietly.

You knew that this wasn’t your fault, but you couldn’t help but think that there was something you could have done to stop him from jumping from that wall. Maybe there was something that you could have said, something that you could have forced him to talk about. “What?” Newt was confused, that much you could tell.

“Why are you apologizing for my bloody mistake? This isn’t your fault, how could it be? I did this to myself.” He avoided your eyes by looking down at his now wrapped leg.

“Why didn’t you talk to me? I would’ve liste-” He cut you off.

“You would have listened? Well how do you bloody tell someone that you want to jump off of a wall? How do you tell some shank that you want to end it all because there is no bloody way in hell that you can ever get out of this maze? How do you tell that to someone?” His cheeks were red by the time he finished his speech.

He had a point and you knew it. It was hard to tell someone that you wanted everything to end, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. He should have trusted you, and if not you Alby! You couldn’t blame him though. No one in the glade saw it coming so, you were just as much to blame for not noticing how he was feeling as he was for not telling how he felt. “Why are you crying, love?” He softly asked.

You hadn’t even realized that tears were running down your cheeks until that moment. You decided then and there that you were going to tell him how you felt because, you didn’t know how much time either of you had left in this god-forsaken maze so, why should you spend it pining over a guy? The worst he could tell you is that he didn’t feel the same, which would crush you, but at least you would know.

So, you said it, “Newt, I-I don’t know what I would do if I lost you, okay? You mean the world to me, more than any friend could. If you died it would crush me. You can tell me anything and I would listen whole-heartedly because, that’s what you do for people that you love; you listen to them no matter what.”

“Y-you…love me?” He asked hesitantly.

All you could do was nod your head. You were prepared for the worst, but what came wasn’t the rejection that you were anticipating. “I love you too.” You couldn’t believe the words that just escaped those pale pink lips.

Did he just say he loved you too? You were shocked, in a good way, obviously, but still shocked. “Uh, Y/N?” Newt’s voice broke through your haze and you did the only thing that seemed better than words, you used action.

You leaned over him and kissed him like it was the last thing you would ever do. Newt meant the world to you and as long as he was okay so were you.

(So, there are some differences and I think the biggest one is that I put down that there were only 21 people in the glade. I did this because this would have taken place far before The Maze Runner took place so naturally there wouldn’t be as many boys.)

eagerfriend-deactivated20170621  asked:

These imagines are amazing! How about the V3 girls being surprised with a pet from their S/O?

Of course! I tried to use a larger variety of animals, rather than just cats and dogs. I made all of the pets male for simplicity’s sake.

~Mod Harumaki

Toujo Kirumi

-You decide to get a parakeet because why not

-She is confused at first, but smiles softly and helps you set up the cage

-She naturally ends up taking better care of him than you do

-You begin to feel like you just placed another job on her already busy schedule

-When he thinks his name is “good boy” a week after getting him, you realize your worries were unfounded

Angie Yonaga

-”Kamisama said you were keeping secrets from me!” 

-You sheepishly open the tiny box in your hands and show her the mouse inside

-”Wow, he’s so small and defenseless!”

-That wording worried you a little, but within days she’s proven surprisingly good at handling him

-”Of course Angie is gentle! You need very delicate hands to make sculptures”

-You end up doing most of the actual work when it comes to taking care of him, but her cheerful expression when she’s painting with the little guy asleep on her lap makes it worth it.

Maki Harukawa

-You go for an older cat because you’re pretty sure she doesn’t want a kitten after working with kids all day

-She doesn’t seem interested in him at all at first, and just gives you look that you take to mean that she won’t be taking care of him

-She probably could have hidden it, but you came home after being out for three hours and saw she hadn’t moved an inch because he was sleeping on her lap

-She’s always very gentle when handling him- probably due to being used to children, but she never uses a cutesy pet owner voice

-The content look on her face when petting him is enough to make your day every time you see it

Himiko Yumeno

-She’s asleep when you walk through the door and she’s still rubbing the sleep out of her eyes when she sees the dog

-”Oh…You got me a wolf familiar. Thanks”

-Unsurprisingly, you’re the one who winds up walking him every day

-She works up the energy to give him belly rubs, and they become couch buddies in a very short amount of time

-A small part of you feels as though this dog has stolen your girl due to their shared hobby of sleeping

Kaede Akamatsu

-She immediately starts fawning over the puppy when you walk in the door

-You went for a smaller breed to make sure he couldn’t mess with her piano

-She’s a good owner, and you share responsibility pretty evenly

-He whines and paws at her door when she shuts herself away to play piano

-Eventually, she feels guilty enough to play with him until he tires out, and then she plays with him sleeping on her lap

Tsumugi Shirogane

-The look in her eyes when she sees the kitten scares you a little

-You understand why when you wake up the next morning to an angry cat in a handmade dress

-The poor thing looks miserable, but she looks so proud of her work that you can’t bring yourself to say anything

-You end up slipping him treats as an apology

-You don’t think he’ll ever forgive you or Tsumugi whenever she gets “creative”, but you manage a civil relationship when he’s out of costume

Tenko Chabashira

-Her constant stream of energy leads to only one conclusion- big dog

-This dog doesn’t get walks, he gets races

-The poor dog loses every time when going against her in anything, and you’re pretty sure she’s tried to wrestle him once or twice

-She’s absolutely in love with this dog, but you’ve had to stop her from feeding him weird things occasionally

-”But he looks so sad when Tenko doesn’t give it him…”

-You gently remind her chocolate is poisonous to dogs

Miu Iruma

-She tries to pretend that the hamster you get isn’t one of the cutest things she’s ever seen

-Within hours she’s hooked up his wheel to power one of her infinite machines

-”Whatever shortens the electric bill”

-She eventually develops a completely silent hamster wheel that stores electricity and can be used to power almost anything

-”Listen. Hamsters are nocturnal. So this technically counts as part of my “while sleeping” line. Got it?!”

-She denies that he had any influence on her decision to make the machine.

3 dogs. 2 cats. RIP 

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Yuri was pissed, but that tended to be his default, still despite that rage he walked up closer to the older Japanese skater and wrapped his arms around him. He could not bring himself to say, 'you look like you need a hug,' how embarrassing would that be.

He was shocked when the boy hugged him, he’d been having issues with his anxiety all day and was coming apart at the seams despite his best attempts to keep it together. He thought he’d hid it better, but if Yuri was hugging him maybe he wasn’t doing such a good job. Still it eased him, and he smiled hugging him back. 

“Thank you.”

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Can you recommend some really amazing Sterek angst/smut?!?! I've been in the mood to read some! Please?

oh my god, okay. this list is probably going to be ridiculously long because there’s just /so much/. 

(this is in no particular order btw)

Something by livthelion
Rating: Explicit
tags: human AU, (Completely Unintentional) Angst, Stiles is a little fucked up but Derek likes him anyways, Sex, Apparently this is shameless smut and should be tagged as such lol so,Shameless Smut

Derek is hunched over, lacing up his boots when someone comes up behind him and smacks him on the ass.

“Good job out there, Hale.” Stiles plops down on the bench next to him with a grin, hair still slightly damp from his post-game shower.

Derek feels his heart speeding up, knows he’s probably blushing like an idiot, but ignores all that in favor of rolling his eyes. “You should probably keep your hands to yourself,” he advises though he doesn’t actually mind. At all. He opposite of minds.

Stiles waggles his eyebrows at Derek and starts pulling on his own shoes. “Oh, yeah? Why’s that?”


Sluice by GoddessofBirth
Rating: Explicit
tags: Rain, Smut, oblivious boys, everything’s better with water, Pack Dynamics, Grooming

Of course it would start raining, Stiles thinks, as he trudges through the woods, slipping on wet foliage every few yards, so that by the time he’s within sight of the Hale house, he’s soaked, and his hands and knees are filthy.

He wonders, again, why he feels the need to do this…Derek’s a big boy wolf, hell, he’s the Alpha…but he can still bleed, can still die – Peter’s death proves that – and maybe that won’t happen if somebody has his back.


What’s an Oral Fixation? by stileskolpath
rating: Explicit
tags: Oral Fixation, Oral Sex, Pining Derek, Pining Derek Hale, Sassy Lydia, Awesome Lydia, Oblivious Stiles, Scents & Smells, Derek Is A Failwolf, Stiles Has An Oral Fixation, Porn With Plot, Explicit Sexual Content, Fluff, Fluff and Smut, Fluff and Humor

“Derek was pretty sure Stiles was actively trying to kill him. Had to be. No one could be this distractingly perfect and not have some kind of evil streak.”

a.k.a. the one where Derek can’t stop staring at Stiles’ mouth. Or his neck. Or really anything. He has a problem.


Sterek: Unexpected Passions by caro_devss
rating: Explicit
tags: Hurt/Comfort, Bottom!Stiles, Bathroom Sex, Floor Sex, Loft Sex, Fluff and Angst, Smut, Fatal Injuries

“Look, I know you probably have very strong intentions right now of murdering me and hiding the body, but I would really appreciate it here if you didn’t.”

No response. Just those bright red eyes staring back at me.

“Derek? I’m serious. I’m gonna be so pissed if you kill me.” God, I’m an idiot. The eyes start getting closer so I automatically start backing up.

“Please, let’s just talk about this… I would really like to keep all my limbs attached to my body here.”

Bump. There’s the wall. I feel my hands out behind me, trying to find a way around it as the eyes get closer. And closer. Until he gets close enough that I can see his face, hear his breathing, and smell his body. He steps right up in front of me, pinning me against the wall with his arms. He looks seriously pissed.

I didn’t anticipate what he said next.

“What are you doing to me.”


Can’t Stand the Heat by LuminescentLily
Rating: Explicit
tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Werewolf Stiles Stilinski, POV Derek, POV Stiles, Pining, Oblivious Derek, Oblivious Stiles, Alpha Peter, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Masturbation, Knotting, Top Stiles Stilinski, Bottom Derek Hale, Hunters, Slow Build, Eventual Smut, Rimming, Blow Jobs, Hand Jobs, Barebacking, Wolfsbane, Guns

Still hopelessly in love and too dense to realize they both feel the same, Stiles and Derek have to try and deal with their feelings as hunters decend on Beacon Hills and Derek goes into heat at a most inopportune time.


Of Werewolves and Dolphins by Ilovesocks_24
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
tags: Alternate Universe - Cruise Ship, Fluff and Crack, Friends to Lovers, Singles Cruise for Werewolves, and Stiles, He’s not a werewolf though, Shh! Don’t tell Derek, Dolphins are a big deal, Side Scisaac is my specialty, Alive Erica, She’s just sleeping in canon, Now there’s some angst

“Stiles, come on! It’ll be fun,” Scott said. “You can’t deny that seven days in the Caribbean on a cruise ship full of hot, single werewolves won’t be a good time.”

“Maybe for you,” Stiles said. “Because you’re tan and have a six pack. No one is going to talk to me at all. Also, fun fact: I’m not even a werewolf.”

“You don’t have to be a werewolf to come,” Scott said. “You just have to be twenty-one so you can drink. Or so hot guys can buy you drinks,” he added, raising his eyebrows suggestively.

“No, thanks,” Stiles said, shrugging. “Go on without me, just send postcards with all the hot guys you meet.”

“They’re stopping in Cozumel,” Scott said. “It says here that you can swim with dolphins.”

“Did you say we could swim with dolphins?” Stiles asked, curiously. “Like the ones that do tricks at Seaworld?”

“That’s what swimming is,” Scott said, eyes gleaming. 

“When do we leave?” Stiles asked.

Or the one where Scott convinces Stiles to go on a werewolf singles cruise. Stiles is really only going for the dolphins. Until he meets Derek.


Closer Than Most by Finduilas
Rating: Explicit
tags: Alternate Universe - Human, Alive Laura Hale, Charity Auctions, Bachelor Auction, First Time, First Kiss, Background Sheriff/Melissa, Background Erica/Boyd, Background Isaac/Scott/Allison, (kind of), Wolf Sanctuary, switching POVs, POV Derek Hale, POV Stiles, Beard Kink, Stubble Burn, Texting, Masturbation, Rimming, Oral Sex, Booty Calls, Bottom Derek, Bottom Stiles Stilinski, Other tags will be added as I write, but no major triggers or deaths will happen in this fic, mention of canonical character deaths, that happened in the past, namely the Hales and Claudia Stilinski, Angst, Happy Ending, Oblivious Stiles, Oblivious Derek

Laura organizes a charity bachelor auction to raise money for the wolf sanctuary she and Derek inherited from their parents. Derek reluctantly gets roped into bidding on one of the bachelors, and he sure as hell doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into when he decides to bid on Stiles.


A soul fractured to the bone (searching for someone who can make you whole)  by MemeKon
Rating: Explicit
tags: Sex Magic, Make Them Do It, Threesome - M/M/M, Barebacking, Rimming, Fingerfucking, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Comeplay, Awkward Sexual Situations, unintentional dirty talk, Scenting, Scent Marking, Fluff, Angst and Humor, Feral Behavior, Possessive Behavior, Protectiveness, Doppelganger

“You have to merge the two sides together, Stiles. Through mating. Sexual magic is second in power only to blood magic. And the latter one is too dangerous and volatile to be feasible.”

“They have to… With each other?” He inquires; and although hello there spank bank material for the rest of eternity, the issue still stands that “They kind of can’t tolerate each other? Or at least Other!Derek doesn’t tolerate regular Derek.”

“Oh, I see.” There’s the distinct sound of paper rustling. “That’s… less fortunate but still doable. They will need a link. A nexus to help them fix the broken bond between instinct and reason. Someone who both sides trust and have a connection with. Is there anyone who the wolf has shown a particular attachment to, Stiles? Or even someone whom he lets near it?”

There is.


Grin Like a Madman and Dance by jsea
Rating: Explicit
tags: Future Fic, Artist Derek, Frottage, Alternate Universe - Canon, Anal Fingering, Fluff, Fluff and Angst

“Stiles. We haven’t seen each other in ten years, but you somehow still managed to find yourself in the one square foot of this damn town that I happen to own. Will it blow your mind, if I say that I have faith? Faith that if this,” Derek gestures at the space between them, “is meant to be, it’ll work out?”


The Chemistry Between Us by coffeeinallcaps
Rating: Explicit
tags: Alternate Universe - College/University, Alternate Universe - Human, Explicit Sexual Content, Derek Has Issues, Past Kate Argent/Derek Hale, Fuckbuddies To Lovers, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Angst and Humor

Meeting Derek Hale wasn’t special, or frightening, or any of the other things everyone had made it out to be. It was, actually, pretty much the opposite. Stiles didn’t even realize the guy was Derek Hale until the moment had passed. Derek: the most infamous student at Beacon Hills University. Stiles: the freshman who falls for him anyway. Awkward encounters, concerned friends, and lots of not-so-casual sex ensue. (A ‘fuckbuddies to lovers’ college AU.)


I’ll Be Seeing You bythepsychicclam
Rating: Explicit
tags: World War II, Alternate Universe - World War II, 1940s, Alternate Universe - 1940s, Romance, Epistolary, Love Letters, Angst, Fluff and Angst, war related violence, Minor Character Death, War related death, Rimming, First Time, Frottage, Blow Jobs, Families of Choice, Era specific homophobia, Waiter Stiles, Soldier Derek, Reporter Stiles, Happy Ending, No Major Character Death, Alternate Universe

In the summer of 1941, with the country on the brink of war, diner waiter Stiles meets Derek Hale, an army soldier just passing through Beacon Hills.


Divided We Stand by KouriArashi
Rating: Mature
tags: Alternate Universe, Mating, Courtship, Misunderstandings, Angst, Eventual Happy Ending, Detective Stiles, Stilinski Family Feels, Hale Family Feels, Alive Hale Family, Sassy Peter Hale, Bullying, Bigotry & Prejudice, Mystery, Plot sneaks in, Pack Dynamics, Scent Marking, Slow Build

Derek is being pressured by his family to pick a mate, and somehow stumbles into a choice that they didn’t expect and aren’t sure they approve of….


What Rises From Darkness by LapfulofMisha
Rating: Not Rated
tags: AU, Magic, Protective!Derek, shameless porn, Kidnapping, Mutual Oblivious Pining, Angst, Starts out dark but ends with extreme FLUFF

AU where Stiles is kidnapped by a rival pack and Derek has to fight their alpha to get him back.


Permanent Fixture by linksofmemories
Rating: Explicit
tags: This is 80000 words of fluff and Doctor Who references so don’t say that I didn’t warn you., Alternate Universe - Human, Childhood, Growing Up, Canonical Character Death, Slow Build, Pining, Fluff and Angst, Family, Loss of Virginity, Masturbation, First Kiss, First Time, Phone Sex, Oral Sex, Rimming, Anal Sex, top!Derek/bottom!Stiles, Doctor Who References

Derek is Scott’s older brother. Stiles is Scott’s best friend. Derek is falling in love with Stiles. This is a bit of a problem.

(** I would highly recommend reading the entire The Rory to My Amy series, as this is the first part. )


But, Doctor! by stilinskisparkles
Rating: Mature
tags: Alternate Universe - Hospital, Fluff and Angst, Oblivious Stiles, Oblivious Derek, Sex

“We had to splint a girl’s leg in a ditch,” Scott says excitedly.

“Bro, you sound way too happy about that,” Stiles complains, opening up his bag and pulling out a Twinkie.

Derek removes it from his hand silently and replaces it with an apple. Stiles scowls at him for a second then bites into it, regardless. Derek sits back and lets the group discuss the merits of dramatic lifesaving feats for winning over the ladies. Scott is convinced it’ll help impress Allison; Isaac thinks Scott’s a loser. Stiles—

Stiles is falling asleep on Derek’s shoulder.


Though I’m with you now, I am miles away by misakikinomoto
Rating: Not Rated
tags: Pining, Angst, So much angst that it somehow became heart-wrenching fluff, I managed to write an angst blowjob guys, Writer Derek, Friends With Benefits, only not

“Some brave souls choose to wear their hearts on their sleeves, but I, brave or stupid or perhaps both, have chosen instead to wear mine on yours.”


Sense of Home by siny
Rating: Explicit
tags: Hurt/Comfort, Nightmares, Panic Attacks, Hallucinations, Major Character Death (not real), Blood and Gore (not real), Angst, Spoilers Season 3A, Slow Build, Humor, Scott and Stiles feels, Lydia is a genius, Flashbacks, Texting, Masturbation, Cuddling & Snuggling, Blow Jobs, Frottage, Fingerfucking, Rimming, 69 (Sex Position), Bottom Derek Hale, First Time, Post season 3a, Happy Ending, Darkness Around The Heart, Minor Allison Argent/Scott McCall, Minor Allison Argent/Isaac Lahey, Minor Lydia Martin/Aiden, Minor Danny Mahealani/Ethan - Freeform, slightly Bottom Stiles Stilinski

Home can be a place, but it can also be a person.

After the events with the Nemeton, Stiles starts suffering the consequences of their sacrifice. A journey he attempts to make on his own, but only becomes worse with every step he takes. In the process he seeks comfort in an unexpected place and it draws him toward an unexpected person.


Terrified of These Four Walls by mithrel
Rating: Explicit
tags: First Time, First Kiss, Cuddling & Snugg ling,Sharing a Bed, Hand Jobs, Blow Jobs, Anal Sex, Angst, Underage Sex, Loss of Virginity, Marking, Scent Kink, Possessive Behavior

Derek and Stiles are transported to a house in the middle of nowhere.

sam/benny + fear!kink + bottom!sam, explicitish, this was a commission; you can have one too!

Sam barely notices the names of the bars anymore. Dean picks. They all sound ridiculous: The Hound and the Tooth (maybe chosen ironically), the Crow’s Nest (pirate themed) and tonight, the Melon Patch.


The deeper south, the stranger stuff seems.

It’s the same darkness as any dive though, dim lit and cigarette miasma, the kind of place where no one looks up when the brothers Winchester stride through the door.

Well, except one person.

Sam didn’t think ‘meeting up with a friend’ meant Benny Lafitte, but he turns slow from the end of the bar and salutes them with a beer bottle clutched in his thick fingers. Sam hangs back, watches Dean approach all bowlegged and gregarious. They share that bond that only war buddies forge together and Sam dances on the outside.

He never thought he’d see his brother shaking hands with a vampire. It’s grotesque and unsettling, digging a deep pit in his stomach before he’s even said hello.

“Think this guy gets taller every time I see 'im,” Benny says before Sam’s even moved towards him. There’s absolutely no malice in it; Benny’s hand is stuck out and his eyes are bright blue, clear and amiable and Sam still feels a cold prickle of fear ice his skin, ripple a chill down his back.

He takes Benny’s hand with the very real knowledge that, if he wanted to, the vampire could rip out his throat. Possibly with his bare hands.

But he doesn’t.

Sam can’t shake the nervous edge to his heartbeat, can’t shake it the whole night. Dean picks up some stacked trailer trash girl and Sam’s alone in a booth for a few minutes, picking the label off his beer. Local brand. It doesn’t taste half-bad either. Maybe he’ll get tanked.

He actually jumps when Benny slides into the booth opposite him; the vampire disappeared for a few minutes and in the comfortable lull of Dean doing his thing, Sam forgot he was there, completely.

And he’s stealth-silent of course.

Benny’s got another round for two and a pleasant little smile but Sam’s heart still pounds hard in his chest, the leftover adrenaline coursing through him.

“You actually scared of me, Sam Winchester?” Benny asks. It doesn’t sound mean or threatening. It’s just a question.

Sam huffs out a quick breath and shakes his head, reaching for the fresh beer and concentrating on that, on the coolness against his palm. “No, of course not.”

“Uh huh,” Benny drawls and drinks and confusingly, Sam can’t not stare at how his lips curve against the bottle. He knows what that mouth has done, what it’s capable of. “Y'know I can actually hear your heartbeat, right?”


Sam swallows hard and tries to regulate his pulse.

“An’ it’s thumpin’ like a little baby bird’s. Now, I know you hunt monsters for a living, so I’m just a bit confused.”

“Makes two of us,” Sam grumbles.

Benny chuckles low and deep, barely heard. “You can’t decide if you wanna kiss me or kill me, ain’t that right?”

Sam just stares at him and thinks it over and, okay, Benny’s got age and experience on him. Wouldn’t even be the first monster he’s had relations with. But he’d never been so scared at the same time.

“C'mon with me,” Benny says, smooth. He’s already standing up.

Sam hesitates, watches the outstretched fingers and then fuck it, he’s up too. He takes them and they’re cold and he nearly flinches away, a gasp sticking in his throat.

Sam follows Benny to his truck, parked behind the bar. He doesn’t get a word out, doesn’t form a thought before the vampire launches forward and mashes him against the side of the cab. He’s fucking strong, certainly stronger than Sam.

There’s no war between fear and arousal, like Sam thought there might be; it’s the same animal somehow, it’s all gut-wrenching and reeling. He melts like butter against Benny’s compact body, against that terrifying strength and those big-big hands.

Benny kisses him hard and Sam feels his jaw shift – it’s subtle but unmistakable. He pulls back and Benny’s fangs glint under the yellowish streetlight and his thick thigh presses between Sam’s legs and he nearly creams in his fucking jeans.

“Lucky for you, I know how to play nice with my food,” Benny croons.

For a break-neck, hard-edged second, Sam thinks he might end up crumpled bleeding out in the parking lot, sees it in his mind’s eye and a shuddering whine escapes his throat.

“There’s that baby bird pulse again,” Benny growls, scrapes his teeth against Sam’s neck and flattens a palm against his cheek to keep his head turned away, to keep his skin bared. “Oh Sam, I am gonna tear you up so good, inside and out.”

Sam swallows, his throat tense and tight, his heart pounding so fast, the night’s exploding in stars all around him. He sputters out, “Please yes?” and flushes red right away, his cheeks hot even while cool sweat drips down his back and makes him shiver. He has to close his eyes against the spinning, the sped-up world in front of him. It doesn’t make it any better.

“Atta boy,” Benny says, a finger sliding hard against Sam’s face, his thumb plucking at his bottom lip. He’s so close and he’s still just a chill, just a monster with filthy whispers in the dark. “Do a real good job and maybe I’ll keep you around some, alright? Understand?”

Sam nods quick, too fast and his knees give out, slam him hard on the concrete with a grunt but god help him, he knows what to do.

22tops  asked:

"Ow, Lou can you turn that off and fetch me a bandaid. I just nicked my finger it keeps on distracting me." "Haz give it here, I need to see the damage of my clumsy boy." "Hey, I'm not clumsy the loud laugh made me jump." "Ok, don't work yourself up, I'm not sure you'll even make it through the night with a gash like this one. You did a good job with that." "Just hurry up and kiss it better so I can finish these fajitas."

“Tell you what, why don’t I finish them up?”

“Uh Lou…”

“Come on, let me try my hand at the husbandly duties”

“I happen to know your hand does wonders when it comes to husbandly duties”

Seraph of the End - Starving: Chapter 1 [Mikayuu]

Summary: After Mikaela became a full vampire, he could no longer eat ordinary food. Yuuichiro told himself that if Mikaela couldn’t eat, then he wouldn’t eat either.



The sharp pain of Mikaela sinking his fangs into his neck was something Yuuichiro had convinced himself he would never get used to. He felt his blood being sucked away in large gulps, and he held onto the blond for support. It wasn’t until his knees gave out that Mikaela removed his fangs, catching the raven haired boy in his arms.

“I’m sorry, Yuu-chan! I overdid it again..” Mikaela sighed apologetically as he held his boyfriend close.

Yuuichiro shook his head and smiled, “Don’t worry about it, Mika. I’ll be fine with a good night’s rest.”

“Do you want me to get you a snack or anything?” Mikaela asked with concern in his voice.

“I’m fine, thank you, though,” Yuuichiro leaned into Mikaela’s hold, and he felt the blond tighten his grip, “Isn’t it weird, though?”

Mikaela tilted his head, “What do you mean?”

“I mean..” Yuuichiro began, “Ever since you’ve completed your transformation in becoming a true vampire, you haven’t been able to eat anything but blood. Wouldn’t you rather eat actual food?”

“Of course I would, I would do anything to eat food again, it’s not like I asked to be turned into a vampire in the first place,” Mikaela’s voice was harsh and his eyes turned cold.

Yuuichiro flinched in his hold, feeling guilty for forgetting that Mikaela was forced to turn into a vampire, “I’m sorry.. I shouldn’t have asked..”

“No, Yuu-chan, it’s okay! I’m sorry for snapping at you like that it was totally uncalled for, it won’t happen again, I promise,” Mikaela held onto Yuuichiro tightly as he stood up, bringing him to their bed. He carefully set the boy down before climbing into bed himself. Immediately, Yuuichiro grabbed onto Mikaela for warmth, and Mikaela smiled into his dark obsidian hair as he pulled his beloved as close as possible.

“So warm..” Yuuichiro heard himself say, and flushed when he heard small giggles coming from the blond.

“Good night, Yuu-chan.”

“Night, Mika.”


The next morning, Yuuichiro had skipped making himself a breakfast. Instead, he slept a little longer and used the rest of his leftover time to get ready for school in the bathroom. He took note of his pale complexion and remembered that Mikaela had gone slightly overboard the previous night and he hadn’t eaten or drunk anything since then. He was sure that he would be asked about it, but he could just tell his friends that he didn’t get enough sleep.

“If Mika can go this long without eating, then so can I,” Yuuichiro had told himself. He had felt horrible after what happened with last night’s conversation and he wanted to experience for himself what it was like to not have food.

When Yuuichiro had walked out of the bathroom, Mikaela was already prepared to leave, waiting for him by the front door. He smiled as he watched the boy grab his school bag before slipping on his shoes.

“Ready to go?” Mikaela asked.

“You bet!” Yuuichiro grinned.

Mikaela held out his hand and Yuuichiro grabbed it without hesitation and together, the two walked out of their apartment and headed for school.


Three days had already gone by and Yuuichiro had stuck to refraining from eating food. His complexion grew so bad that even Mikaela began to worry, thinking that he was still taking too much blood, even though he had only taken from him once out of the three days that had passed. Yuuichiro assured him that it was from the lack of sleep from the past couple days which wasn’t a lie, he had been staying up later than usual the past couple nights and it was having an obvious effect. Yuuichiro considered looking into getting make up to cover up his pale skin so he didn’t look so sickly. For now, he would have to make do with the worried questions that practically everyone was throwing at him.


“Huh? What?”

Yuuichiro was snapped out of his haze, literally. Two fingers were snapping in his face and he looked over to see Shinoa standing next to him. What had he been doing?

“Did you even listen to a word I just said?” Shinoa asked.

Yuuichiro smiled sheepishly, “Sorry, what were you saying?”

Shinoa sighed, “You’re starting to worry me, Yuu-san.”


The girl crossed her arms over her chest, “You look so pale and you haven’t been paying much attention to what anyone says these days.”

Yuuichiro held up his hands, “Sorry, sorry, I just haven’t been able to get enough sleep lately.”

Shinoa gave the raven haired boy one more hard look before giving up with a sigh, “Anyway, I was saying that Yoichi-san and Kimizuki-san are throwing a party for their birthdays and you have to come! You could even bring Mika-san if you want to,” she explained.

“Sure! Sounds like fun,” Yuuichiro grinned, “What day is it?”

Shinoa felt at ease, At least he seems like himself again, she thought. “It’ll be on the 24th, this Saturday.”

“Alright, we’ll be there!” Yuuichiro gave the smaller girl a thumbs up.

“Ah, so you will be bringing Mika-san~” Shinoa teased with a devilish grin.

“B-But you said I could!” Yuuichiro sputtered, feeling his cheeks grow warm.

Shinoa giggled, “I know.”


Two more days had passed and it was the night of Yoichi and Shiho’s birthday party. Yuuichiro had stayed strong with refraining from eating food, but it was having a rather obvious effect on him. Although he used cover up to make his skin look healthier, his eyes were drained of color and he could barely keep himself standing without support. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could stick to the plan, but he knew he had to push himself and make it through. If Mika could survive without food, so could he. Right?

However, it was not just the lack of food that he was dealing with. Mikaela continued to drink his blood on their regular every other day schedule and he still could not get his sleep back on track. With only 3 hours of sleep every night and a pint of blood being sucked away every other day, Yuuichiro had wondered how he hadn’t collapsed from everything he was putting his body through. However, he was strong, he would not let his body stop him from achieving his goal.

At least, that’s what he’d like to think.

Yuuichiro sat in Mikaela’s lap, allowing his boyfriend to help himself to his meal. However, Mikaela held himself back from taking as much as he normally would. He did not want to go all out and make Yuuichiro tired before they even left the house. Although he was not too fond of Yuuichiro’s human friends, he would still be right by his side, even if meant spending most of the night with them.

When Mikaela withdrew his fingers, Yuuichiro fell into the blond’s shoulder, panting hard, sweat clinging to his skin.

“Yuu-chan! Are you okay?” Mikaela asked worriedly.

Yuuichiro nodded, “Fine.. just tired..” He murmured.

“Do you want to skip the party?”

“N-No!” Yuuichiro stood up fast, swaying a little from the quick motion, but gave the blond a reassuring smile, “I’ll be fine, I swear.”

Mikaela sighed, “Do you want me to get you something to eat or drink?”

Yuuichiro shook his head, “No thank you, I’ll just eat at the party.”

The blond smiled, “Shall we go?”


2 hours later and the two were still enjoying themselves at the party. Well, at least Mikaela was enjoying himself. Yuuichiro on the other hand was trying his hardest not to pass out in front of everyone. Thankfully, there were plenty of chairs and he had taken one the second they arrived at the party. Mikaela stuck by his side for the most part, but the blond began to linger around so he wouldn’t be a bother to the raven haired boy.

Yuuichiro had been doing a good job keeping his composure, until Yoichi approached him with Shiho close by, an arm hooked around his shoulders.

“Yuu-kun, are you sure you’re okay?” Yoichi asked with concern.

“Never better!” Yuuichiro forced a smile, “Why do you ask?”

“Oi,” Shiho snapped, even he sounded a bit worried, “You look sickly. You’re sweating so much that your concealer has washed away, plus you’ve been sitting the whole time. What’s up?”


Mikaela hurried over and stood protectively next to his boyfriend, his blue eyes icy cold.

“Is there a problem here?” He growled.

“Not with me, but your boyfriend here is sick.” Shiho pointed at the pale boy.

“Yuu-chan??” Mikaela looked at the boy with worry in his eyes, “What’s wrong?”

“He hasn’t moved from his spot all night and his sweat washed away his make up to conceal his pale skin.” Shiho grumbled, “If you’re sick why don’t you just get help, idiot!”

“I’m not sick!!” Yuuichiro yelled, slamming his fist on the table, “Here, I’ll prove it!!”

With a quick motion, Yuuichiro was up and on his feet, his hands placed on his hips with a triumphant grin. However, his grin faded as he felt his energy being sucked away in a heart beat, his skin growing a sickly, pasty pale as his knees bucked from underneath him.

“YUU-CHAN!!” Mikaela cried out.

Quickly, Mikaela fell to his knees to catch Yuuichiro in his arms, and his back slumped against his chest. Yoichi gasped and Shiho’s grip on his boyfriend tightened in comfort for the boy next to him and concern for the boy in the blond’s arms. Shinoa and Mitsuba ran over as soon as they heard Mikaela’s shout. Mitsuba dropped her glass and Shinoa ran over to the two on the ground.

“Yuu-chan!! YUU-CHAN!!!” Mikaela shook Yuuichiro with trembling hands and he felt tears prick in the corner of his eyes. “Answer me, Yuu-chan!!!”

“Mika-san,” Shinoa placed a reassuring hand on top of the blond’s, “We have to take him to a hospital immediately.”

“H-Hurry!!” Mikaela cried. Shinoa nodded. She stood up and ran off to find a phone. Mitsuba followed her girlfriend while Yoichi and Shiho stayed behind to comfort the sobbing blond. Mikaela held Yuuichiro tightly in his arms as his whole body trembled. “Y-Yuu-chan… Y-Yuu-chan…”


To Be Continued

Fashion Slave - Requested (Luke)

Can you do an imagine based off the movie devil wears prada? You can do any boy, but I think luke would be a good fit. Thanks so much!

I’m not sure about the story. Let me know what you think.

“And?” Luke is waiting for you at the door of your apartment.

“I have the job”, you say blank.

“A little more enthusiasm babe”, he skips round you, trying to warm you up.

“I got it!” you scream, faking your excitement.

“That’s better”, he laughs pressing his lips on yours.

“I already know I’m going to hate this job”, you growls.

“You don’t have to take it, you know that”

“Yeah, but I can’t keep living off you. I don’t want that. I’m just going to do this and I hope it will open some doors to real journalist jobs”

“It will, you’re the best writer I know”, you smile and wrap your hands around Luke.

“I’m going to work for Miranda Priestly. If I tell this to Kylie she’s going to die. Every time I walk in when she’s dressing you, she asks if she can style me. Oh god what have I done?” you say to yourself, starting to panic. “I’m going to work for the biggest fashion magazine and look at me. I’m not fashionable, not at all. I don’t really care what I wear”

“You look fine”

“Not according to the magazines. Every time they snap a picture of us it has the capture what is he doing with that girl”

“I don’t care what clothes you put on, you always look good to me”

“You have to say that, you are my boyfriend”

“I mean it and you are a beautiful person on the inside so that always shines trough”

“My little charmer”, you press your lips on his cheek.


You walk in the apartment, it’s dark, but you see dimmed light coming from out the living room. You carefully open the door and you’re struck back by Luke. He’s standing in a costume next to a beautifully set up table. “Luke, this is amazing”

“I thought you would be tired from work and I haven’t seen you much these last weeks”

“I’m sorry babe”, you pout wrapping your arms round him. “I’m just so caught up with work. It’s like Prietsly needs me all the time and I don’t do it that snobby Emily will. I don’t want to lose my job already, I’m getting into it”

“I’ve noticed”, his hands wonder down to your bum.

“Do you like it?” you with a little voice.

“Yeah, I thought nothing was wrong before but you do look sexier”, he winks. He moves his head to yours, you slightly tilt your head to initiate the kiss. When your lips touch, your phone starts to ring, you pull back with a groan.

“It’s her”, you pull up your nose, press ignore and lay the phone down on the table. “She can wait”, you put your lips back on Luke’s, but quickly your phone starts to ring again. “Yes Miranda? Yes, okay, yes”, you put down the phone again. “I need to go”


“Luke, I’m so sorry. You put so much effort into this”

“It’s okay, I get it. Go”

“You’re the best”, you quickly give him a peck and run out of the door.


“What do you think?” you make a twirl in front of Luke, showing him your new dress.

“Where are you going”, he growls.

“I told you”

“I don’t think so”

“I’m going to a book launch”

“Do you have to go?”, his voice is whining and you sigh.

“It’s networking and Miranda asked me to go. It’s work”

“You’re always working. I hardly see you”

“That’s not true. We watched a movie last night together”

“I watched it, you only saw half of it cause she called”

“Three days ago we had dinner with the boys”

“Yeah and again you left, cause she called and needed you”

“Okay, what about that movie day we had?”

“That was a month ago”

“You have to understand it, it’s my job. I never give you a hard time when you’re gone on tour or recording or whatever”, you try not to get annoyed, but it’s hard.

“I miss you and it’s just so frustrating that you leave every time. She calls and you’re off. She’s abusing her power and you just let her”

“She’s my boss and I want to keep my job”

“You have changed”

“For the best. I have a good job, my life is going places, I know how to dress now”

“It’s more than that, you’re like a slave. A fashion slave. You don’t have time for our friends and me anymore, you have become selfish”

“I don’t have time for this right now. I have to go”

“Is he going to be there?”, he grumbles.

“No, not that jealous behavior right now, please Luke. We already talked about that”

“Is he?”

“Yes Christian is going to be there”

“You’re spending more time with him that you are with me. I’m still your boyfriend you know”

“Yeah, but if you keep this up, I don’t know for how much longer. Luke, Christian Thompson is just a respected journalist. He can help me with my career”

“Helps that he’s good looking right?”

“I’m not doing this. We’ll talk later”

“I don’t know if that will be necessary”


“It’s okay, go. I’ll be here when you get back”