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Dude how in the hell did you get a job in the cartoon industry with no prior art education or experience? Because when I read that CalArts post I felt my soul being ripped out of my body because it gave me a since that my dream was dead before it even began. So when I read your addition to the post, it gave me hope again, and I really want to know how you accomplish entering to cartoon industry?

Tbh it was a result of several years of sharing my art and getting it out there, establishing connections, and being a decent person to everyone I possibly can! That said my current situation is extremely rare, but not impossible!

A less vague answer: Kyle, the show runner, directly approached me for the job. I had helped him out with his personal projects at times in the past and had established connections years before the proposal. He’s a cool dude.

So yeah, don’t lose hope! Just keep sharing your work, improve your skills, make friends with everyone, and continue being a good person!!! I can’t guarantee results, but you’ll have a MUCH greater chance of an opportunity popping up if you keep yourself busy and involved with the online art community, as well as work well with people thru collabs, trades, group projects, etc. 




Just do everything you can to better yourself personally and keep that same level of energy and positivity until something eventually does happen. The important thing is to keep at it. ^^

A huge amount of MCU fic features Steve Rogers the wonderful, caring, sensitive, supportive boyfriend, and I uh. Kind of want the opposite.

Don’t get me wrong, any “Steve is a godawful boyfriend” headcanon should still start from the baseline of Steve being a good person who cares about Doing The Right Thing and treating people decently. But Steve is also:

- married to his job
- kind of emotionally constipated
- quick to anger
- prickly about receiving comfort, and awkward about giving it
- blunt and plain-spoken
- prone to expecting a lot of the people around him, and to being openly disappointed/unimpressed when they don’t come through
- going to put duty ahead of personal attachments most of the time
- withdrawn and socially isolated
- reckless, stubborn, and the kind of prideful that answers anything that can be taken as a challenge with “wanna bet?”
- a lifelong dweeb who has never been in a romantic relationship and has no experience in how they work

Which is a set of issues that could range anywhere from “highly manageable, if you aren’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with him and don’t expect him to be available 24/7″ to “un-dateable human disaster.” Going by my fairly limited experience with comics, there is precedent for the “un-dateable human disaster” option; MCU doesn’t have to follow it, but it wouldn’t be out of the blue. And let’s face it, MCU Steve could use some better-developed flaws. 

And oh my lord, Godawful Boyfriend Steve Rogers. Swears he’s not trying to set a record for number of consecutive dinner dates he’s bailed out of halfway through to go Avenging. Fails epically at normal emotional boundaries–is cagey and withdrawn about the weirdest shit, but overshares about his Dead Best Friend Feelings on the first date. Goes abruptly from zero to full commitment once he decides he’s found the Right Partner. Guilt-trips like a pro, and sometimes forgets how fucking intimidating he is when he’s pissed off.  Takes an “if you get killed, walk it off” approach to almost all life difficulties.   Will always come through with material and moral support in an emergency, but clams up and flees rather than be a shoulder to cry on. Wouldn’t know work/life separation if it clocked him over the head.

Don’t get me wrong, Steve’s a nice dude, and unlike most angry repressed masculinity-stereotype characters, he’s capable of being forthright about his feelings when it counts. But there’s plenty of potential there for him to be flat-out fucking terrible at romantic relationships. And even at his best… well, “sensitive” isn’t exactly the word I would use. Considerate, sure. Solicitous of whether he’s saying/doing the exact best possible thing for someone else’s emotional wellbeing, not so much.

I’ve been lighting a white candle at night due to a celebrity death that touched a little close to my heart, but I’ve been informed I should be lighting two.

@k9kesi and I were not friends, if only due to my stubborn shyness, but we had a handful of conversations about correct care for the greys and how to become more knowledgeable in the breed due to a job offer on my end. I had liked a lot of what the blog turned out, and found the person behind it to be a rather good and decent human being.

I’m sorry no one here reached out to help you during your bad night. I don’t know if my reach would have done any good, since we did not know each other well. What I do know is that a family lost a beloved member, a friend circle is now one short, and two dogs are in grieving.

No matter who you are, suicide of someone you know will always deeply affect you. If you think a friend could use a kind word, please, reach out. I’ve been there- as both the one that needed a friend and as the one who noticed the cry for help. I’ve been the one that didn’t respond in time, too, and that will always be something I deeply regret.

And if you’re the one staring down that dark road, thinking there’s no point in continuing on, please, ask for help. A family member. A friend. A stranger. A hotline. A text service. Someone, anyone.

My messages are always open. I have the contact information of family members of two internet friends which I have permission to use to get someone physical there to stop them when things get bad. I’m no stranger to talking someone down from the ledge. If you reach out to me, I don’t care if we’ve never spoken before, I will stay with you until you can stand on your feet again. If I can help you, I will.

Please, stay safe.

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Are you more upset by the fact that Wanda keeps getting possessed, or because you feel the writers aren't doing a good job addressing the themes and consequences of a minority person losing her autonomy? Im curious because, personally, I'm not bothered by the former, and while its not been perfect, I think they've been doing a decent job with the latter in the past 5 years or so.

I don’t have a problem with stories about characters being possessed or controlled by outside forces. There’s a reason I talk about Chthon a lot, and it’s not because I think he should never appear in stories with Wanda.

The problems with how this is being handled in Secret Empire include:

  1. Nazi Steve is a Nazi. Spencer’s denial of this fact does not change reality. Even Remender, whose tone deafness about issues of race is legendary, understood why Wanda-Gets-Controlled-By-a-Nazi is creepy.
  2. The focus within the narrative is all on Quicksilver and how this makes him feel. This is called fridging, and we’re not supposed to still be doing it in 2017.
  3. This is not a brief moment of possession. A substantial – but unspecified (because comics) – amount of time has passed. She hasn’t had control of her body for months. That’s horrifying, and it’s not something that should be glossed over. This is not Wanda’s story, and there is no thought at all put into what this means for her and how she might be affected.
  4. We just had a whole comic about pushing back against these kinds of stories and not letting them overtake her character. Robinson’s Scarlet Witch series is bookended by Wanda performing exorcisms because it is meant to be the opposite of stories like this. We’re also going from having a woman of color (Emily Shaw, the editor of the last SW series, who pushed so hard to make it happen) having a substantial role in deciding the direction of Wanda’s character to… the white guy who oversaw Disassembled, House of M, and Uncanny Avengers being in charge again.
  5. Wanda’s history. Specifically the works of: the aforementioned Remender, Byrne, Roy Thomas, Bendis, Heinberg, and most recently, Bunn and Hopeless (in an alternate universe, but it was terrible garbage nonetheless).
  6. Real history.

All of that together is what makes this so bad. It’s poorly timed, poorly thought out, and poorly executed. A person, any person, not having control of their body for months on end is not something to be treated lightly, but it takes on additional layers when the character is a woman and a minority. And none of the people in charge notice or care. There is a deep apathy that underscores all of this. Sometimes, characters just have to deal with repeated rape allegories that aren’t examined within the story and are occasionally treated as a good thing. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How many times can Wanda be denied her autonomy before the implicit message becomes she’s not meant to have control of her body? That this is just what her life is supposed to be like? She’s supposed to belong to men and have her trauma used as a way to prop up white women?

Secret Empire turns Wanda into a prop, an uninteresting object to be passed around and fretted over and insulted. That would be boring and lazy no matter the character, but the particular context it exists in makes everything far, far worse. It’s not just the real history of Romani women or the way all women have traditionally been treated in superhero comics. It’s also Spencer’s skeevy political history, Marvel’s silence about Peter David’s racism (and how they, y’know, didn’t fire him), and the fact that all of this is being done – and has been done, many times over – by white men. It’s one thing to depict a character as an object. It’s another thing for a long, long line of white men to decide a Romani woman should be depicted as an object, denied agency and bodily autonomy, and not be allowed to fight back.

And, frankly, it’s getting creepy.

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Does Anne have have a day job or is being a dominatrix her full time job?

Anne is a submissive but I get what you mean

Anne (right) has a job in business administration for a branch of a decently large company. The job does however have a lot of stresses and such, and one of the ways she’s come to relieve that stress is, well, the content you see here. 

Since I’m answering this, Sara (left) does on/off personal training and bodyguarding. And normally dresses like a gym rat. 

Good question, after all this time I finally got to draw them wearing something somewhat presentable. 

Cry Wolf ch1

Werewolf!Jungkook reader insert

TW (eventual smut, injury (possibly graphic), physical and emotional abuse, trauma, dehumanization, will update as I create)

Heh I accidentally deleted my previous post of this///

Everyone knows about werewolves, the cities are flooded with them. The thing is, nobody is afraid. Werewolves are treated as trash, often packs of them stay together when going outside, it wasn’t very safe. Those who have no pack are the most vulnerable to attack, the news hardly bothering to report the hospitalizations and deaths from when normal people think they’re being heros. Most of those unfortunate enough to have no pack stay in wolf form often, making it easier to fit into smaller spaces and giving a bit more of an advantage if attacked. Doesn’t help much considering they’re were usually charged with assault if they defend themselves.
You left your job at around 9pm, you sometimes having to work a bit later than normal to finish up. It’s annoying but you get pretty good money working as an illustrator. Your cab drops you off at your building, it’s pouring rain.
Sure you were rushing to get inside, but that didn’t mean you overlooked the person leaning up against the the wall of a nearby ally, soaking wet in a black hoodie and bleeding a bit from the mouth. You know he’s a werewolf, pretty young at that. Your a decent human being though, and honestly couldn’t leave him out there… it’s dangerous, cold, he’s hurt, and considering he doesn’t seem to have a pack, probably doesn’t have anywhere to go.
The way he tenses up and tries his hardest to avoid eye contact shows how much he’s been through and what he honestly expects you to do (yell at him for being so close to the building or toss slurs in his face).
“Hey there” you say loud enough to be heard over the down pour.
He hesitates to meet your gaze, but after a moment he looks up. There’s a cut on his lip and a bit of bruising there and on his neck.
“It’s pouring out here, come in with me”
He sounds as if he is going to politely refuse, him stuttering out “I-uh, You see I-” but you interject, “Please don’t try to argue, I really want you to come inside” you kneel down as you speak, making sure he can see the sincerity on your face.
He paused a second, as if analyzing the situation he is in. “The rain isn’t stoping until morning at least” you say as gently as you can while still being heard over the crashing of water, it really takes a lot to convince him of you’re honest intent, he finally agrees.
“Yeah, ok” he speaks but makes no move to get up. You grab hold of one of the nervously fidgeting hands from his lap and start to get off the ground. He follows suit cautiously, you don’t miss the slight wince as he stands so you wordlessly put his arm around your shoulder incase he needs to lean on you.
“I-uhmm, thank you” he makes the briefest moment of eye contact as he speaks, but he breaks it immediately. He’s obviously learned to avoid looking directly at people.
The security guard at the main desk gives a bit of a look as you bring in the werewolf, but there’s no rules against ‘his kind’. It doesn’t stop the guard from asking a few questions, wolf or not, the man is a stranger. “Hey there __y/n__, is everything ok?” The guard asks, you look over with a friendly smile a the familiar man “Yes sir, we’re just heading up to my place. It’s raining pretty bad out there don’t you think?”.
He smiles a bit “well your right about that, I’m going to need your uh, friend’s name here though, ID if he has it… security protocol and all”, the guard pulls out a pen and clip board.
The werewolf on your side speaks, “My name is Jungkook, sir… um Jeon Jungkook” he pauses a second to reach into his jacket pocket, “I have an ID card here” he says shyly as he pulls it out. He lets go of your shoulder and walks carefully towards the desk, you can still see his pain as he walk, looks as if it’s coming from his side.
The guard looks over it carefully, “alright you seem like a good kid”, the man writes down Jungkook’s name on the clipboard “again it’s just procedure to take names of strangers in the building, alright?”
“Of course sir” Jungkook nods, still being shyly polite.
“Ok, then you two head on up”
You had come back to his side as the two had talked, but he seems to be determined to walk on his own.
“Come on” you smile sweetly as you start to walk to the elevator.
He still hesitates, but he follows carefully, weary of the environment.


Why do the Supergirl writers believe that women should be with men that are immature, selfish, lack morals and disrespect everyone (including them) and that they should babysit them and forcefully try to make them be decent people all while being abused by them? Why do they see that as a good relationship? How is pairing up someone who is good in every way with someone who doesn’t even care to try and be good logical to them? They should already be equals at the start of the relationship. Why should the woman have to teach the man to be a decent human being and adult? Why is that her job? Why would a grown woman who is a good person (actually, better than most people on the show) be interested in a childish fuckboy? If that were the case she would probably already be dating some human fuckboy from Earth because we know she had gone on awful dates before, likely with men like Mon-El. Why would she even want to be in such relationship? What does that offer her? Besides company to avoid the loneliness they caused by isolating the character on purpose so she would depend on such relationship. How are we meant to view this relationship as good, logical and healthy? Kara gets nothing out of it. Mon-El gets a mother figure/babysitter that literally gets him jobs, teaches him basic things, has to scold him about basic concepts such as not hurting others for money, not making others do your work for you, not lying, etc… 

Realistically Kara and anyone else would have 0 interest in dating a deadbeat selfish guy like him with no morals or ambition. In fact, the only reason why anyone else showed any interest in him besides Kara was because of his seducing powers. If we think about it, Rhea needed to kidnap Lena to find someone that wasn’t Kara that would marry him. Apparently, nobody else was up for it. Not any royals from other worlds, not Daxamites, not literally anyone who had a say in the matter.


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Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader
Word count: 931
Warnings: Swearing, sexuality
400 Follower Request celebration drabble request: @soythedemonqueen Whoo hoo. Okay. I’ve had this stupid idea stuck in my head for like a month and it doesn’t fit into my story at all so I’ve scrapped it. Like okay so homegirl is like a personal assistant or something to Jeff but they’ve never really gotten along because she thinks he’s a womanizer or whatever, but they get drunk one night after a convention or something and end up sleeping together and then the next morning he awkwardly confesses that she’s the only one he’s wanted, etc.? since it’s just a drabble it could just be like when they wake up the next morning or whatever.

As you slowly woke, you groaned. There was a strong arm holding you close to a very warm, very naked male body. Your head was pounding like a sailor on shore leave, and your mind was racing to remember the scattered events of the previous evening.

Letting out a deep breath, you rolled your shoulders. Another long day being a personal assistant. You loved your job- you just weren’t exactly all that fond of your boss. Sure, Jeffrey was great with fans, was a good friend, and was a decent person. None of that made up for him acting like he was God’s gift to women. Did the man have no shame?

Shifting, you attempted to move the man’s arm from around you. All that managed to do was make his grip tighten, his hips rock against yours, and his face to bury in your hair. From what you felt, you’d gone home with someone with a nice body. It would be nice to remember more that was was currently growing against your backside.

You waved over towards one of the other girls as you made your way out the back exit. Your eyes scanned the area, wondering where in the hell your boss went. All you were hoping for was not to have to wade through middle aged woman who were all but throwing themselves at him, young woman wanting to call him ‘Daddy’, and the few ‘tough guys’ wanting to prove themselves. Which made you roll your eyes.

His lips brushed your neck for a moment as his leg pushed between yours. Biting your lip, you decided that slipping out of bed was likely the best idea. Sleeping with some guy while three sheets to the wind was one thing. Waking up and fucking him during a hangover was another.

Tossing your head back, the amber liquid slid down your throat. “Another?” Came the deep voice from your right. Licking your lips, your gaze went to Jeff as he smirked. “Going to get another, you want one?” He offered, motioning to the bar with his head.

“Yeah!” You nodded in agreement.

Your eyes shot open. Nope. No way. You did not fuck your boss. Taking a deep breath, you looked over your shoulder. “Fuck.” You breathed. You did. You so fucked your boss.

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title: Father

rating: t

summary:  He had gone from a reclusive hermit to the guardian of five time-traveling Slayers in the span of a day (or, the one where Acnologia is roped into looking after kids he wants nothing to do with, but along the way finds himself gaining the family he never had).

note 1: can also be found here.  Follow link for more extensive notes.

note 2: for @acnologias-ass and @kushexi.  Your Papalogia fanart really just got me too invested in this and now I’ve made a goddamn multichapter for it.  Therefore, this whole fic can be blamed on you two.  Enjoy!

Acnologia had been having a rather pleasant Saturday morning.

Pleasant, he felt, was a subjective term. For most, a pleasant Saturday involved no work, maybe some family time, prepping for an evening out, or sleeping in. For the four-hundred and something year old Dragon Slayer-turned-Dragon, a pleasant Saturday constituted as him not having to wake up to a leaky ceiling.

It was degrading, he mused as he padded around his small apartment. Four hundred years ago, he would have been living in palaces stolen from the rulers he had overthrown, but in this godforsaken era, he was forced into a one-bedroom domicile in the heart of Magnolia’s roughest neighbourhood.

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Person of Interest - 2x22.

One of those amazing scenes that show what a truly decent and beautiful human being John Reese is. Forget the good looks, the hair and the badasserie. This is truly why I love him and what makes him one of the best fictional characters ever.

Here, basically, John just learned that Ordos happened because of Harold. Ordos, where he lost everything. His job, his partner, his illusions about his mission, and of course, Jessica. All because of Harold. Harold, of course, feels guilty, and apologizes. We would all expect John to be at least a tiny bit angry. At least hurt. He has every right to. He lost *everything* because of that laptop in Ordos. But instead of expressing any anger or pain, what does John do? He just makes a little face, and then, then, he smiles! And he reassures Harold. Because that’s what John does. He is the man who needs all the hugs in the world, but he’ll give you one instead.

Cafe AU Part 1

Leorio has has absolutely no luck with jobs… which isn’t a very good thing when you’re a medical student living in a bustling, money hungry city like Zaban.

But things take a turn when he lands a job at a unique little café around the corner from his student apartment, where he meets three misfit kids and a very high maintenance boss, whose stuck up demeanour hides a colourful past…

Leorio’s world changes forever when he joins this strange little family.

Expect cakes, chaos and curiosity.

(Featuring dfab genderfuild Kurapika and of course trans Alluka)

(The main pairing in this fic is Leopika but there will be hints of Canary/Amane and Killugon)

(content warnings: strong language, gender issues in later chapters, abuse or mention of abuse in later chapters, mentions of teenage pregnancy(?), parallels towards sensitive real world racial issues)

Rating: M (for swearing and for later down the line when there’ll be some nsfwish leopeeks)

Thank you jillua for being the beta reader! 

One more thing, if you enjoyed this please rebagel it, it would mean a lot!! thank u

The batch was fucked. There was no other way to describe it. It was utterly and undeniably fucked.

“Salt,” Killua stated, gesturing his hand sharply towards the batter mix; a rare appearance of the hand that usually stayed firmly shoved in his pocket. “You put salt in the cake mixture instead of sugar.”

Leorio flinched. The mother of all classic rookie mistakes and he made it on his first day on the job. Good going, Leorio!! Way to get fired. Again.

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[RadioSubs] Episode 13

Best male-female seiyuu combi

I’m probably going on semi-hiatus with subbing cos I’m getting busy in job hunting/interning etc…so you’ll either see no subbed videos for a long time or a surge of videos in my attempt to finish all ongoing but unfinished videos.

Anyway, this is a short clip recycled from Valvrave web radio #20 back in 2013. Yuuki Aoi is one of my favorite female radio personalities cos she’s not overly girly and has a decent sense of humor. She being a fujoshi makes her quite an interesting and unique character as well~ Also she’s quite a good gamer in my opinion. (See Tokyo Encounter #15, 16) 

But that means the two of them can be a ‘dangerous’ combination because they end up giving terrible nicknames to people and Yuki Aoi can’t help but tease Nakamura and Nakamura can’t help but threaten to tell on her to her shacho~ oh well.

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Since it's my personal favourite I'd love to hear what you've got to say about Kalos! ;w;

Send me a Pokémon region and I’ll tell you 

My favorite overall character: Augustine Sycamore. Gentleman, scholar, makes purple shirts look good. I love his devotion to his job and friends, and how much he’s dedicated to being a good, decent person despite being a goddamn French meme. 

My favorite gym: Courmarine. It’s a treehouse full of books! How can you not love that?

My favorite gym leader: None of them really stuck out this region. Maybe Corinna…?

My favorite pokemon from that region: ESPURR. Such a cute, traumatised kitty.  

Which legendary is my favorite: Xerneas is a super pretty, multicoloured tree deer. How lovely. 


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;;lmao honestly you dont even have to give me a blograte just gonna say it;; I started following you when I created this account because of the content on your blog. I'm only stanning BTS but yknow your whole blog is amazing and I just stayed despite there being like GOT7 and such. On top of that you have this amazing, friendly personality; and I'm so smitten with how kind you are. 💞

OMFG thank you. This made me so emotional but happy at the same time. Its so kind of you to say this, I don’t really deserve it but thank you 💛

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Comments: Omfg I have read your Jin punny Texts and I was laughing my head off because I LOVE PUNS!! and omg your writing is killer!!!! Keep writing because you are AMAZING 💛

How does the gender of someone’s parents have an effect on how well kids are raised? I know kids with two moms that are raised to be decent human beings. I know people with two dads that are raised as they should be. I know people with a mom and a dad that turned out great! And guess what? Single parents are doing a pretty damn good job too. They are all parents taking care of their family. Gender and sexuality has nothing to do with this. Your ability of raising kids does. 


  • Has an issue with strong women and women who stand up to him. Attacked Natalie for her personal appearance because she dared to blow up his game to Zakiyah. 
  • “You’re as fake as those things on your chest.”
  • He has been disgusting and emotionally abusive to Zakiyah. Making her feel bad for her emotions and belittling her. Throwing her on the  block to make her a target, and not using veto to save her. 
  • Is targetting the women because they’re women.
  • Compared feminism to racism.  On top of that has proven to haven an actual issue with strong women. 
  • “Don’t get thate female empowerment thing on your mind.”
  • “She’s a fucking feminist!”
  • “James let Natalie do what she wanted! I would have shut Z down.”
  • Has generalized latin women [after equating feminism to racism] as women who steal other women’s boyfriends, etc.
  • Cheated on his fiance with 5 different women.
  • Has made person attacks about Natalie on her appearance and whom she is outside of the house, slut shaming her to no end. 
  • Doubted with Corey about the number of men she said she slept with.
  • Has a countless number of times called her FT [fake tits] and acts like whether or not her personal decision to have a boob job is his business or something to shame her for. 
  • Has called Natalie a one nighter
  • Keeps referring to Natalie as a typical “Jersey girl” a countless number of times.
  • Has bragged about his sisters/girls he knows who would beat the shit out of Michelle/Bridgette out side of the house. 
  • Hates Bridgette because she said she was a feminist. 
  • While standing up to Frank for his harassment of Zakiyah and Da'Vonne was good, it’s still something that should be required of a decent human being. Yet times he brought it up he gives himself a huge pat on the back as if he’s some man empowering women. 
  • Wanted to shake Tiffany and make her crumble before veto. 
  • Bragged about how many times he slept with Zakiyah.
You’re All I See - Part Three

Summary: “There were many theories concerning the multiverse, but Peeta’s favorite was the idea that the universe was infinite, so there were infinite worlds, worlds born from every decision each person made.” Three universes, three decisions. Everlark.

A/N: This is the last part. I hope you enjoy! The title comes from the song “2 Heads” by Coleman Hell.

Part One | Part Two

Part Three


Two days after Peeta broke the news that he had to move back to Connecticut, Katniss once again showed up at his apartment. Her arms folded across her chest, a scowl on her face, she announced that he wasn’t moving back.

“I’m not?” he asked.

“Absolutely not.”

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  • luke skywalker: well i'll do my best teaching you kids about the force and, y'know, being a decent person
  • jedi academy student: wow, this is gonna be so cool, we're gonna learn so much
  • luke skywalker: hey. listen
  • luke skywalker: something i think you should understand ahead of time
  • luke skywalker: i mean it when i say 'i'm going to do my best'
  • luke skywalker: but 'i'm going to do my best' isn't the same thing as 'i'm going to do a good job'
  • jedi academy student:
  • luke skywalker: here, enjoy this candy snack bar
Richard Armitage 31 Day Challenge - Day 18: Favourite quote about him

Everybody who worked with Richard has always had words of praise towards him. Everyone seems to love him, his fellow actors, directors, even crew people or occasional people who met him cannot find something bad to say about him.

Of all the beautiful things I’ve read, I like these words by Peter Jackson and Martin Freeman, during the Japanese press conference of The Hobbit, which seems to summarize Richard’s personality in a (long) nutshell.

Peter Jackson on choosing Richard Armitage:

“We auditioned the role of Thorin and saw many, many actors and Richard really managed to capture for us the very important sense of nobility because he is essentially playing a king, but also the conflict as to whether or not he has the ability to lead these dwarves on this very difficult quest, a small number to fight a dragon, to reclaim a homeland, it’s a very noble thing he’s trying to do but he doesn’t really have the resources. Also, with the character, there’s a sense of honour, the quiet honour that Richard carries which I think is absolutely superb. As an actor, Richard is one of those very rare actors in which he uses stillness and he uses quiet to draw your eye. There can be a lot of things happening on the screen, there can be many characters on the screen, and yet Thorin in his stillness draws your attention. It’s a very, very rare skill and he’s somebody when he’s on screen your eyes go to, you want to watch.”

Martin Freeman on working with Richard Armitage:

It was very easy, working with Richard. What Peter just said about what he brings as Thorin is partly what he brings as a person which is that he has quiet determination. He respects himself and others, he respects others when working but he holds onto this strong core of himself, actually. He’s about the least arrogant person you can wish to meet, very self-deprecating, and he’s always up for what you’re going to bring to the scene.

“I went to the gym with him once, and there was a few of us there, and we had to do these circuits around the gym with this insane, psychopath of a gym trainer, and I was busy dying about half way round. And I nearly did pass out, I genuinely nearly did, it was only a sports drink that stopped me from rolling on the floor. And Richard had sort of quietly completed the entire circuit with only slightly breaking a sweat; he sort of admitted he found it hard but what I really admired about that was that he wasn’t being macho, he wasn’t being butch, but he just quietly got on with it. And that’s kind of how he treated the 18 months on the job, really. All the trials and tribulations that inevitably come, which is the day-to-day making of a film, it’s tiring, you miss home, et cetera, but he was very stoical about it, which again is a great thing for Thorin. So there was a good marriage of Richard and Thorin there, and I enjoyed working with him very much. What I always think about Richard is that he is essentially a decent person, and I can offer someone no higher praise than that. He’s a good human being. I like being around him.”

I think this says it all.