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A year ago today - I designed Blue Screen in a stream, and @askinfresh started up the blog - @ask-bluescreen

So… today is Blue Screen’s birthday! 

I am still tied up with a lot of stuff - trying to finish my master program as well as other drawing items that I need to finish. So all I can get out today is a quick sketch of Screen with a slice of cake! 

Happy birthday Screen - I hope I can put more focus on you after college is complete. 

Blue Screen by @7goodangel and @askinfresh

The one good thing about going through old art is finding old facecannon ideas that I abandoned for some reason??? So here’s an updated Tucker.


a 21 second sneak peek of The war for Iokath

anonymous asked:

Do you like chardee

Their dynamic is one of my favourites on the show. I love when they team up and especially when they manipulate together. It took me a while to adjust to them as a viable romantic option but the more I watch the Gang Misses the Boat the more I really get into the possibility. I’m not there yet but I’m on my way. It all really depends on my mood whether I LOVE them or am indifferent. However, I’m writing Chardee into my Dee fic and I really like how its turning out so maybe I do love them a lot? 

@ last person who sent me an anon message. I won’t answer you publicly because you’ve  mentioneted other person’s url, but… yikes. I need to share this.
That anon told me about a fanfic where F/eyre is literally sold to Rice, but they fall in love anyway. I shouldn’t be surprised after that “Rowrat meets Alien when she’s a child” fic but… yikes2. There’s nothing romantic about that f/eysand AU, absolutely nothing. Want advice? Write an AU where he doesn’t drug her “for her own good”

punkmermaids replied to your post: lesbian chloe isn’t even an opinion like… we’re…

one of these days im gonna compile reciepts and the first one is always going 2 be the entirety of her bedroom

i’ve said on multiple occasions i would go through and play the game and write a dissertation on Lesbian Chloe as i do it

I’m telling u KARD is gonna be the one co-ed group that’s gonna get huge n starts a wave of mixed groups but they’ll be the kings & queens and I’m just so ready to witness that happening tbh