good in black

no, he just likes sleeping with his eyes open while sitting up

Things I learned in Doctor Who today (spoilers)

1. The kinder, gentler form of queerbaiting is “queer, but your dates will always be interrupted.”

2. Labs dealing with potentially biohazardous materials routinely vent their air into the atmosphere during quarantine lockdown.

3. The Doctor forgot to include a camera phone/Facetime on his glasses. ETA: or come to think of it, OCR, which my Apple ][+ could do in 1984 with the help of a hand scanner?

4. “Consent with love” means “give in to extreme blackmail, bullying, and immediate threat of death for yourself and your loved ones, because you have no choice.” A very important message to send on a show targeted at teens and young adults. (NOT!!!!)

The first three are mild nitpicks, but that last one had damn well better be the “get out of jail free” card when the Doctor points out that it was in no way pure, OR consent, especially with someone who is powerless!

The Battle Continues

I need some healing,
That old church in the country feeling,
That choir sweet singing, that’ll have you at the alter kneeling.
I need to make my relationship tighter with Jesus,
To change my outlook on life, I’m becoming quite peevish
Just take me back to summer of 15, alone in my room with the windows open,
Back when I understood my emotions,
Way before I was broken.
Or even further than that, take me back to my innocence,
The smell of jasmine incense, the taste of sugar grits.
Before I was ever ashamed of being brown,
Walking in around in Grandma’s oversized nightgown.
I’m scared to grow up and I’ve finally faced that truth,
Everyday I’m fighting to reclaim my youth.
-Ashley Blackley