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Black Hayate isn’t the first dog Riza ever had. When she was younger, she found a scraggly mutt dog that had been abandoned in the woods near her home. She used to feed her scraps of food and even built the dog a hutch to live in. Everywhere she went and everything she did, the dog would follow. All of this under the nose of her father. But then, one day the dog simply vanished and never returned home.

To this day she still doesn’t know what happened to her loyal first pet.

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high school byeler headcanons? i love ur headcanons!!! i am bleSSED when they're on my dash

certainly, my dear anonymous friend! sorry this took me a few days, i hope you enjoy :’)

  • mike is the second one in their group to get his driver’s license (lucas is first and he holds it over all of their heads while he can, driving up to the school every morning in his mom’s station wagon like it’s the pinnacle of adult achievement). mike starts picking will up and driving him to school as soon as he is granted permission to drive nancy’s old hand-me-down car. sometimes instead of going straight home after school, mike drives them just to the outskirts of town where there’s a rolling field nestled up against a small, serene lake. they sit on the hood of mike’s parked car and eat french fries from the local fast food joint and go over their trigonometry homework together, competing over who can get the correct answer first (will usually wins this - mike swears sometimes that he’s got a calculator in his brain that can process numbers faster than mike can even finish reading the word problem). when mike drives will home as the sky is streaked with broad strokes of pink and orange and the sun is dipping slowly below the horizon, he always makes it a point to walk will to his front door and say goodnight with a soft, sweet smile that leaves will’s brain turning with thoughts for the rest of the evening.

    when will gets his license a few months later, mike still drives him around (just until you save enough for a car of your own, he says). sometimes he lets will drive his car from the lake in the dusky evenings of early winter and tries not to stare too hard at the adorable look of concentration on will’s face as he navigates the winding roads back into hawkins.

  • when will gets a job, on the days when he can’t borrow joyce’s car because she’s working too, mike drops him off and picks him up (even when will has a late shift and they have school the next day). karen hears mike sneaking in late at night after taking will home on a week night, but she can’t bring herself to get upset with him for it.

    will’s manager at the game & hobby store always makes the same remark when she sees mike’s dark car pull up in the parking lot five minutes before will’s shift is over: your boy is here, she’ll say with a soft smile and a ruffle to will’s hair. and will always ducks his head and blushes but doesn’t correct her. because she never sounds mean about it and something about those words makes will’s heart bloom in his chest - a pleasant heat that sits with him as he turns to the window and waves to mike in his car, wondering if he can see the pink blush that’s sitting on his cheeks from that far away.

  • will and mike skip most of their school dances together and instead play video games in mike’s living room while listening to will’s mixtapes. they don’t talk about the fact that they’ve both turned down dates to be there with one another. they also don’t talk about the way mike sits right beside will on the couch, despite there being plenty of room for them to spread out. or the way will ends up grabbing mike’s hand as this charming man begins spilling from the speakers of mike’s cassette player, and they dance unselfconsciously in the blue glow of the television, all uncoordinated limbs and cautiously brushing hands and breathless laughs blooming from their throats like unfurling spring flowers caressing against apple-red cheeks, lips coming all too close to catching against sharp cheekbones in a way that isn’t so unintentional.

  • will kisses mike for the first time on the night of their graduation from hawkins high. they drive to the lake and play the top 40′s radio station as they lie on the grass, still in their caps and gowns, eyes going spotty from all the camera flashbulbs they’ve stared and smiled into for the past few hours. maybe it’s something about the stars reflecting in mike’s eyes like the echo of entire universes, or maybe it’s the way they’ve been smiling and hugging each other all night, or maybe it’s how mike hasn’t stopped reminding him that it’s only two months until they pack up and move into their campus apartment - together.

    it must be one of those things, will thinks to himself as he leans over and presses his lips against mike’s, one hand intertwining their fingers and the other poised on the sharp of his jaw, shaking just slightly. mike inhales sharply and smiles a little, and then laughs, tickling against will’s lips like a summer breeze cascading through the hushed night air. and will laughs too, pulling back and tucking his head up against mike’s shoulder, feeling the drumming of mike’s heart as they point out their favorite constellations, reaching skyward with entwined fingers and soft voices and secret, earnest smiles.

Imagine Woozi surprising you by getting the food that you’ve been craving a lot recently.

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I was rummaging your dancetale ver. (btw i love the way you draw them while dancing, awesome ^.^b) i just notice whenever you draw sans and papyrus standing together, sans's eyes are always watching papyrus, like glancing at him with one eye open, or just plain out starring while papyrus himself has his eyes closed or is not looking. i just like that kind of detail ya'know? it makes me think that sans can't stop admiring his bro he has the "notice me senpai" vibe to it :D

Thank you! ^^ <that’s old stuff tho, plz sthap>

I wouldn’t say Sans always looks at his bro, but he does that…often. Very often. <sweats> Yeah, i like to think he’s just constantly proud of his very cool bro ^^ I know i would be!

Calum Imagine #4: Not as Good as Cuddling You

“I need someone to cuddle with! I miss my girlfriend!” Calum exclaimed.

“Here, cuddle this.” Michael threw him a teddy bear.

Luke laughed. “You really think that’ll work?”

“Hey.” Michael began. “As long as it shuts him up for a little while, I’ll consider it a success.”

“Ashton, take a picture of me with this teddy bear! I gotta send it to [Y/N] so I can let her know how much I miss her!” Calum demanded.

Luke glared at Michael. “It didn’t work for very long…” Luke muttered.

“That boy is hopeless. We need to get [Y/N] here as fast as possible because I can’t take any more of his complaining.” Michael groaned.

Scared To Be Lonely - D.H.

Pairing: Dan x reader

Summary: in which Dan and the reader have been fighting every night for months, and it’s finally time to sit down and re-evaluate their relationship. based on the song Scared To Be Lonely by Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa.

Requested: yes, see here

Warnings: angst, feels, mention of like pg-13 topics (like twice but), just a whole lot of everything

A/N: sorry this took super long but i wanted my first imagine in a while to be (objectively) good so please enjoy my first song imagine! if you have any other songs you think would make good imagines, let me know here. if you don’t know what i’m talking about, click here and finally, let me know what you think of this one/if you want me to do a part 2 bc that could be a thing

you can listen to the song here on youtube and here on spotify!


It was great at the very start, hands on each other; couldn’t stand to be far apart, closer the better.

In the beginning, everything had been great between you and Dan. The two of you were inseparable, unable to stand being far apart; so close that your friends joked you were more attached at the hip than Dan and Phil were, which seems pretty impossible.

Somewhere, somehow, in the past few months of your nearly 2 year relationship, loving words had turned into yelling, date night into falling asleep alone, and touches into slamming doors.

You flinch at the ever-recurring sound, body crumbling in on itself as you collapse onto the end of your bed for what felt like the hundredth time that week.

You and Dan had gotten into a fight, again. Recently, it seemed the only way you were communicating at all was through picking fights.

It had started out so stupidly, Dan had filmed a video but hadn’t cleaned anything up; his light and tripod still sitting in your bedroom a day later. You had asked him to put it away, commenting that he never seemed to clean up after himself when he filmed.

Now we’re picking fights, and slamming doors; magnifying all our flaws.

From there, it had escalated into magnifying each others’ flaws. You were too clingy, but he was too anti-social, and you were too loud, but he was too busy. It always seemed to come back to that, Dan being busy.

You understood how time-consuming what he did was, but recently, it felt like he didn’t have time for you; you couldn’t even remember the last time the two of you had done something together even as simple as eating breakfast at the same time. The only time you were spending doing anything as a couple was making up every night when Dan returned from god knows where; climbing into bed with an apology and a kiss that always led to something more.

You run your still trembling hands through your hair, eyes burning with unshed tears.

You couldn’t figure out how you’d let you relationship come to this. It wasn’t even really a relationship anymore. You felt as if maybe, it was time to really think about what you were doing. Maybe it was a healthier decision for both of you if you ended things.

You felt a single tear roll down your cheek as you came to the realization.

You lifted your hand to your face, wiping it away quickly before standing up and making your way into the lounge of your apartment.

Too much time, losing track of us, where was the real? Undefined, spiraling out of touch; forgot how it feels.

Next to the door Dan had just slammed, a picture frame was on the floor. You sighed, knowing it was the same picture that always fell; one of you and Dan from your first anniversary.

Picking it up, you stared at the photo, envious of the people staring back at you and how happy they were. You yearned for nothing more than to go back to how things were, when everything between you and Dan had been perfect.

Unfortunately, perfect didn’t seem to exist anymore when it came to you and Dan. You couldn’t even remember what it felt like anymore, to be like you were back then. The only thing you associated with Dan anymore being arguments and make-up sex.

You hung the picture back in it’s place before making your way back to your bedroom, falling asleep alone for another night.

time skip of a few hours:

You’re woken up by the sound of your bedroom door opening.

Turning to face that side of the room, you see Dan standing sheepishly by the door through your blurry vision. Rubbing your tired eyes, you sit up and watch as he makes his way towards the bed.

“I’m so sorry, love,” he begins the vicious cycle, leaning down to press a kiss to your lips; you responding before realizing what you were doing, quickly pulling away just as he tries to deepen the kiss.

Dan looks at you confused as you do so, trying to decipher your expression.

“We can’t keep doing this, Dan.”

“What d’you mean, y/n?” he asks, moving to sit down next to you.

Are we both losing our minds? Is the only reason you’re holding me tonight cause we’re scared to be lonely? 

“This isn’t a relationship anymore, we’re just losing our minds… Is the only reason we come back every night because we’re scared to be lonely?” your voice shakes as you voice what had been in the back of your mind for weeks now.

“No, don’t say that.. I-I love you, it’s just a rough patch,” he stumbles over his words, rushing to get them out before he can lose the thought.

Even when we know it’s wrong, been somebody better for us all along, tell me how can we keep holding on? Holding on tonight cause we’re scared to be lonely.

“A rough patch? It’s been like this for the last 3 months, Dan… We can’t keep doing this, we both know that it’s wrong; what if there’s something better out there for us?”

“There’s no one out there better for me than you, I know you’re the one for me.”

“How do we know that Dan? How can we keep holding onto this when it’s doing nothing but hurting us… I think we need a break.”

There. You’d said it. The elephant that had been in the room since the second he’d walked in the door, you guys needed a break. Some kind of time to yourselves, to process and to think before you could come back to this.

“No, no, y/n, we don’t need a break, love. We can work this out, I promise I’ll try my harde-”

“Dan,” you cut him off, tears that had been building up for the last 15 minutes finally beginning to fall, “I love you, and that’s why I’m doing this. We need some time to figure out why we keep coming back, why we’re constantly fighting and making up.”

He nods his head in understanding but looks miserable. His face reflecting how your heart feels.

It kills you to have to do this, but you knew it was necessary for you guys to have a little bit of time to sort this out separately before you could come together and try to fix things.

He stands up next to you again, “Please don’t cry, love.. We’ll figure this out, I know we will,” he wipes tears from your face before continuing, “I’ll call Phil and see if I can stay with him for a few weeks, I- I want to fix this, fix us; however you think we need to do that.”

You nod, breathing deeply in an attempt to calm down as he slides his phone out of his pocket, dialing Phil.

You listen closely to Dan’s half of the conversation as tears continue falling down your cheeks, “Hey Phil.”

He pauses, likely waiting for Phil’s response, “Look, can I come and stay with you for a few weeks?”

Again, silence as Phil replies, “I know,” another pause, “Yeah,” one final pause, “Thanks mate, I’ll be over within the hour.”

This makes your tears fall faster. The break was your idea, and you knew it was necessary; but you also knew that watching Dan walk out the door, even though he would be returning, would shatter your heart into a million pieces.

Dan sighs as he hangs up the phone, noticing the increased speed of your crying, “Y/n, love, please don’t cry, okay? This is only for a short while, alright? You’re right, we do need the time to think and that’s all we’re gonna get.. I’ll be back before you know it, I promise.”

You nod as he leans down and wipes tears from your cheeks again. He turns to begin packing some stuff but you grab his arm, “Wait.”

He stops, turning back and sitting beside you again as he pulls you into his chest, rubbing your back soothingly.

“Please, this is already breaking my heart, don’t make this harder, on either of us,” he pleads with you as your breathing begins to even out slightly.

“I’m sorry, Dan, it’s just-”

He cuts you off, understanding what you meant, “I know, y/n, I know.”

Dan pulls you back into his chest one last time, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.

“I love you,” you let out against him, allowing him to finally pull away from you.

“I love you too, now, it’s late, get some sleep, love.. I’ll lock up behind me, okay?”

You nod, laying back down like he had told you, biting your lip to keep from beginning to cry again; knowing it would only make it harder for both of you if Dan was forced to leave you like that.

You feel him press one last kiss to your forehead before hearing him step away, moving into the closet for a bag before rifling through his drawers for the things he’d need. After a few minutes, you hear him head into your bathroom, collecting some other stuff. By the time he’s back in your bedroom, you’ve fallen asleep; mentally and physically exhausted after the day you’d had.

Dan stands, watching you for a moment before smiling sadly at your sleeping figure, taking a deep breath in as he exits the bedroom and apartment.

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plc anon with some shalluratt!!! So like going back to matt is really good with kids, so imagine they find matt and he lowkey joins the team in like diplomatic missions or helping them with small things like playing with kids while they get info from the parents or some shit were he sees kids and allura is like "are u seein this shit rn" and shiro is like "yes. it's the only thing keeping me alive" and allura agrees like "we have been fucking blessed thanks @god" and matt is just oblivious.

beautiful. amazing. 10/10. thank you so much my friend.


Sora || The Hero of Light chosen by the Keyblade


This whole bit of the opening cinematic of KH2, where Sora walks through the doors in Castle Oblivion only to be trapped by Naminé was really interesting to me??? Probably because I played KH2 before I even knew about CoM so I had no idea what was going on, i legit thought Naminé was evil or something lmao…. That and I loved the close up of Sora’s eyes. ;; Squeenix y u gotta make their eyes to anime and pretty?????


  • Sora is on the verge of a major identity crisis. Seriously, a Cloud Strife level of identity crisis, and he has a good reason why. Imagine finding out that for your entire life, your heart/soul has been connected to someone else’s, and that since a very young age that persons heart/soul has lived within you, slowly influencing your abilities(such as his ability to duel wield keyblades and so on). Everything about yourself is special because of that other person inside your heart, now imagine knowing you had to free them from your heart. What would be left behind? Who is Sora without Ventus(and Roxas and Xion by extent since they also reside in his heart)? Must be terrifying. c:
  • Now, how about something a little lighter, huh? The crown on a chain around Sora’s neck was a gift from Riku on his 10th birthday. Ten is a mile stone, right? Double figures, finally! Unfortunately Sora spent the entirety of his birthday fawning over some candy that Kairi gave him instead and forgot to thank Riku for it! Funnily enough though, he was never seen without it on afterwards though, he’s even considering finding a new chain for it as he knows he’s beginning to grow out of it.


  1. Sleeping!!! (not so much post-DDD tho (’: )
  2. Stargazing despite knowing nothing about stars and constellations
  3. When he was young he was all about adventuring, now he just prefers to just relax in the company of friends

SEVEN PEOPLE THAT YOUR MUSE LOVES: ( in no particular order )

  1. Riku
  2. Kairi
  3. Roxas
  4. Naminé
  5. Donald, Goofy & Mickey
  6. Even thought he’s never personally met Ventus, he subconsciously cares deeply for him. (’:
  7. And like everyone else because this boy is seriously on a mission to befriend the entire world i swear…. apart from his mom, wHO’S STILL WAITING FOR HIM TO GET DINNER. GO TO YOUR MAMA LOSER YOUR MASHED POTATO IS GETTING COLD!!!!


  1. Failing to stop Riku from walking down that dark path after he promised Aqua he would & not being able to be there to prevent Kairi from being kidnapped by Axel & being so easily emotionally manipulated into following young Xehanort into the abyss of sleep, which in turn prevented him from gaining the ability to wake Ventus.
  2. ALL of Roxas’ pain. (’:


  1. Sleeping, post-DDD. His favourite pass time absolutely shattered. He tries to pass it off as a good thing, like at least he’s not falling asleep all the time and can concentrate on his training now! But the moment he does close his eyes and that sinking feeling takes over, he’s petrified that he’ll never wake up again.
  2. Surprisingly, falling from the sky. It seems to be a common occurrence in Sora’s dreams where he falls from the sky and into the ocean. He’s not exactly afraid of drowning, living by the ocean all his life means he’s knows it quite well, nor is he afraid of heights, but an uncontrollable fall from high in the sky into the ocean? Terrifying. It’s an irrational fear that only really pops up in his dreams, never fails to make him wake up in a cold sweat though.

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listen lin is attractive but oh my god i would kill for pippa or renee. or both. both is good. i need renee imagines.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Renee imagine. I agree, the world needs more of that!

What makes me really excited about my fanfiction (which by the way, the chapter is almost done I just need to edit it) is that I want to make my story seem as despairingly hopeful like the games

I’m trying to have cool and complex ideas like Kodaka to make it really seem like its an actual Dangan Ronpa game. You have no idea uwu

But what makes me ecstatic is thinking about how the group will meet each other again. Of course they’re still friends, but their jobs have made everyone lose touch and only see them through photo albums (with few exceptions)

Imagine how everyone will be so happy when they meet each other again after so long. Imagine Akane begging Teruteru to eat his food again. Imagine Hiyoko giving Mikan a quick apology for always tormenting her and congratulating her on finding a good husband. Imagine Nekomaru telling Souda and Gundham about his team managing job so excitedly

Imagine Mahiru explaining to Ibuki that she now works for Makoto at Hopes Peak Academy, and tells her that her twins are a handful. Imagine everyones shock when Touko laughs and calls her husband Byakuya an idiot. Imagine Makoto dying inside when everyone teases him for still being shorter than Kyoko

Imagine Yasuhiro smugly telling Fuyuhiko he predicted that he would get married to Peko. Imagine Peko shyly asking Sonia to hold her toddler child. Imagine Sagishi and Ryota pronouncing their engagement to everyone. Imagine Chiaki wanting to know how Hajime is doing, and he just hold up a photo of him with his teenage daughter Nozomi saying that they’re both getting better. Chiaki starts crying when she sees how Nozomi resembles Nagito

And especially, imagine Nagito watching over everyone with a warm smile


Hate doesn’t stand a chance, nothing is unachievable, those who say you can’t… Simply just never will