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Ask yourself why you want a Queen who can’t make a plan on her own unless the plan is to burn them all then lashes out at her advisors because she’s loosing her war.

Ask yourself why you would want a ruler that has to be talked down from her darker most destructive impulses by everyone around her at every turn. What kinda Queen needs her advisors to keep her on a leash to avoid mass death and chaos every time she gets mad.

Like it really it don’t make sense. How am I supposed to root for Dany? Serious question. We are 7 seasons in and Jon, a perfect stranger has to tell her that burning down cities and castles isn’t a good idea? And I’m supposed to pat her on the back because she sorta listened and only burned a field of men alive along with all the food at the reach. I have to watch her have a temper tantrum because Tyrion, the brains behind her whole operation, made a miscalculation in his plans and they suffered a loss that she felt wouldn’t have happened If she had listened to her gut and stormed KL with dragons and a foreign army.

Let’s also talk about how despite Tyrion’s devotion her first instinct when he failed was a paranoid belief that he’s working with his family? Or how about how we’re supposed to believe that she’s a benevolent queen who wants to save people but she uses the WW threat once again to selfishly try to secure power and refuses to help the North unless Jon swears fealty to her.

How am I supposed to root for a queen who tells a King that he can disregard the will of his people because as King they will go along with whatever he says….

Honestly if this isn’t the start of a mad Dany arc then I’m not sure I get what’s going on here because nothing Dany has done since coming to Westeros feels heroic.

If the realm needed a ruler who’s first instinct was “burn them all” , who got off on seeing people burned alive, who lashes out as advisors and threaten to have them killed, and slipped into paranoia easily then the realm could have kept Aerys.

i just don’t understand why people got the idea that dany didn’t listen to jon’s advice ??? like what scene did y’all watch ???

jon clearly told her that burning down castles and cities isn’t a good idea

castles and cities

she took her army and dragon to an open field where she launched an attack strictly on the directly opposing force

how the hell does this sound like NOT listening to his advice she avoided exactly what he told her to avoid

I finally finished the story mode after juggling between homework and gaming :D
Sometimes I like going to the highest point to get a good view of the map. Basically what I do in all open world games just cuz wow.

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Where do I find a traditional man?

Hello darling,

Try looking for them at places where people go to improve themselves. Extracurricular classes, sports clubs, university even church? As a general rule don’t try to look for decent people in places that aren’t so decent like clubs. 

On top of this try to take note of early warning signs that can indicate that they are not of good character/don’t believe in traditional virtues eg they watch porn, they speak poorly, they dress themselves in an immature way, they speak badly of their parents, have an addiction, don’t have a clear drive in life, they don’t look after their health etc.

When looking for a gentleman, meeting men outside of cities could also be a really good thing. Cities don’t tend to foster better traditional characters (not saying there aren’t any but there seems to be more outside of the cities).  

It might even be a good idea to have a look at the decent dating websites? I know that they aren’t everyones cup of tea but they have the benefit of being able to search for people with similar values as you.

I believe that traditional women often attract traditional men. If you are a traditional lady dont be afraid to express this in your character, traditional men will be attracted by this. 

One last thing, I know it can be an easy thing to fall into but don’t make the mistake of thinking you can change a ‘modern’ man into a traditional one. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves as tempting as it might be to try.

I understand that its becoming increasingly difficult for ladies to find traditional men in this world, but don’t lose hope. There are many still out there you just need to be really patient and look in the right places.

In the mean time try to focus on developing yourself and that will help to attract alpha men. 

I hope this helps xx

One Manchester

Today is June 4th. Two weeks ago, a suicide bomber targeted the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, killing 22 and injuring many others. Amongst the fallen are innocents: children, excited to meet their favourite pop star in person, never to return home, parents, who leave behind beloved children and cherished partners.

Yesterday was June 3rd. Three terrorists bulldozed Londoners and foreigners alike, ploughing into the crowd on London Bridge and then stabbing patrons of a cafe in Borough Market, killing 7 and injuring 48. The first confirmed victim was a woman, from British Columbia, my home.

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Steter Prompt

Werefox!Stiles.  Stiles loses his entire family to hunters and ends up living in fox form because surviving as an animal is always simpler.  He travels around without pack or even acquaintances, and he eventually stumbles into Beacon Hills where he senses an injured were’, and it piques his curiosity, enough for him to brave civilization and go looking.

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what's your favorite city that you haven't been to yet? <3

this is such a good question because i love cities. i love the idea of paris. it looks beautiful in all the movies that i’ve seen. thank you, momo <3 i hope you’re doing well.

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Hi. I joined a martial arts club so I could learn self confidence/self defense. But yesterday I was taught by a guy who made me so uncomfortable, I don't want to go again. I cant believe the irony! I wanted to learn self defense against misogynists & ended up being taught by one who roughed me up & pretended it was a lesson. He kept saying "girls are so much worse than boys" (about school bullies, like at over 20 yrs old that's why I joined?) & when I disagreed he aggressively pulled me. Advice?

Get out of the class.

This guy obviously has nothing to teach that you’re interested in learning and in the words of the Karate Kid: “There are no bad students, just bad teachers.” You don’t have to go, you don’t have to stick it out, this is not a toughness test. You have the right to say “no” and go find an instructor who will help you achieve the goals you set for yourself as opposed to working out his personal issues on you.

This is not acceptable. It is not okay. Leave.

I cannot stress that enough.


If this guy is the one running the school, then find another school. If he’s not and is working under a leadership then (if you feel comfortable talking to them), you should let them know. If this is a position or attitude that they endorse, then, again, leave. Unfortunately, that may be all you can do. Safeguarding yourself is important. You are important. You are entitled to a safe, constructive learning environment with someone you trust and who believes in you. This guy is obviously not giving you that, therefore he is neither entitled to your time or your money.

Abusive environments in martial arts schools are not normal. However, they do happen. Assholes exist and, unfortunately, regardless of training, shitty people will continue to be shitty.

So, get out. You don’t want to go back? Great. Don’t. You don’t have to. This is not you giving up. This is not cowardice. This is not you failing. He has failed you. If you do to get a refund, bring a friend. Don’t go back without one, or two, or three. There’s safety in numbers. Whatever you need to feel safe.

Here’s what you shouldn’t do.

Don’t let this guy scare you off getting what you want. Okay? He’s not the norm and those goals you mentioned: building self-confidence and learning to defend yourself? That’s admirable. I’m proud of you for finding the courage to go after what you want. Tackling new experiences is very brave and I’m sorry this situation has been so horrible. All my hugs to you. Those things you want? You deserve them. Find a different school.

Martial arts schools are like any community, they’re all different. Think about the different cliques in your high school, even the people who seem very similar can be vastly different. What you need is to find an environment where you feel comfortable. Find someone you want to learn from.

Martial arts require trust and respect, it’s a shared path between teacher and student. You need to find a teacher you respect and one who respects you. A good teacher is one who believes in you. They believe in their students, they are invested in their development, they are with you ever step of the way, and they are a second family. They will not disregard your fears, they will listen to you, and together you will work toward achieving what you need. It’s a partnership. Because of that, it’s important to remember that not every teacher can provide what you’re looking for. This is why finding the right one is so important. Remember, what’s right for me or Starke may not be right for you. We all learn differently and thrive in different learning environments.

Most importantly: This is supposed to be fun.

I’m going to borrow a section from The Ultimate Guide to Tai Chi, an article by Dr. John Painter where he discusses selecting a school. This is going to be specifically about Tai Chi, but really, it’s good advice for any martial art.

to find a school to suit your needs, you should first decide just what you expect to gain from studying tai chi chuan. Do you simply want better health, or do you want to learn tai chi to defend yourself, or to enhance your internal power? Or all of the above? Getting in touch with your needs is a good idea before you start your quest.

Where to Look
In most large cities across the United States, there are usually several teachers available. Look in the yellow pages or ask around to compile a list of candidates. Checking with the local community college programs is another option. Anyone who wishes to study this art should identify as many teachers as possible in the area. Then go visit the training sites of each. Some may be in a commercial gymnasium, or a church hall, or a college gymnasium, while other classes are taught in parks. The authenticity of the art does not rely on the place in which it is practiced. However, for a beginner, it generally is best to have a quiet serene environment in which to train.
If the site matches your needs, call the instructor and ask to visit an actual class. It’s most helpful to observe both a beginner’s and advanced class to determine how you might progress as a student of that particular school. Avoid a teacher who will not allow visitors during class time. Legitimate teachers have nothing to hide and do not conduct “secret” classes. (pg XIV)

I also suggest checking Yelp and other sites to see if the school is listed. Not all experiences are going to be favorable, but this is an easy way to check the pulse before leaping right in.

This part is the one I feel is most important.

Once you have located a teacher to visit, do what the Chinese say: “Empty your cup.” Let go of any expectations about how a competent tai chi chuan teacher should look, act, or sound.

Good teachers come in all shapes, sizes, and nationalities and in both sexes (genders). A teacher does not have to be Chinese to have a command of the art. A good teacher has to communicate the basic principles in a clear and concise manner—this is essential.

The hallmark of excellence in teaching is not how the teacher performs, but how he or she gets you to perform. No matter how many awards are won or how perfectly the forms are executed for the class, if the person in question cannot explain in simple terms, or communicate in some way how you can do the technique, you are not looking at a good teacher! (pg XIV, bolded for emphasis)

Learning is about you, the student. The teacher’s job is to serve the needs of the student. If those needs are not being served, then the teacher has failed or is not a good one. When you look for your next school (leave this one), look for someone who makes you feel comfortable, whose class is comfortable and relaxed, who promotes an environment where you feel comfortable learning.

You are not being selfish. It’s okay to say no. If the school cannot provide what you need, then feel free to look elsewhere. This is why looking at multiple schools is important. Much like applying to college, you’re looking for a place where the learning environment is right for you.

Do you trust this person? Do you feel safe? Are there other women present in your classes? Are they present in the higher classes? Are there female instructors? When you observe a class, how does the instructor treat them? How do the students behave? Do they look comfortable and happy?

Again from The Ultimate Guide to Tai Chi:

Taking the Pulse of the Class

When visiting the school, talk to the students and find out what they like about the program. Watch the classes and see if the students are having fun learning. It is best to avoid teachers who run their classes like a military camp or who never smile. Discipline is important and should be part of the class, but remember that tai chi chuan is based on Taoism, and Taoists do not take things as seriously as many of their Zen-oriented brothers in budo. Look for laughter.

You want laughter. You want comfort and friendliness. People who smile, who are warm, friendly, and welcoming. Community is what keeps you going when things get tough.

This is what’s most important. Women are often taught to sacrifice themselves for the good of others, to put aside their own needs in order to make someone else more comfortable. Screw that. Trust your instincts. They are right. If you find yourself having to make a lot of justifications, if this school is somewhere you don’t want to be, if you don’t feel like you’re learning, if you don’t feel valued, and you don’t feel respected both by your instructor and the other students then it’s time to go somewhere else.

Take care of yourself first.

I’m sorry this experience has been rough for you and your instructor is an asshole. Don’t give up. The sense of betrayal you’re feeling right now is natural. It’s not your fault. It’s his fault. You don’t have to go it alone. Most importantly, find a safe place.

Don’t go back.

(If you absolutely must, take a friend. If you are nervous about signing up at another school or even just visiting, again, bring a friend. Someone you trust, someone who will look out for you.)


because police body cameras have reduced complaints and incidents of police violence in pilot cities I think it’s a good idea to try in other places

but in reality it doesn’t matter what the cops do or how much evidence there is.

  • police departments inevitably decide (after investigating themselves) that everyone did everything right and they all deserve raises
  • DAs want to keep the cops on their side so they avoid bringing charges or pressing for an indictment
  • in many districts DAs rely on their conviction rate to get reelected and they know they’ll lose against a cop
  • (by the way this is why electing DAs is fucked up)
  • grand juries won’t indict the police
  • trial juries won’t convict the police
  • in general police officers’ testimony is treated as absolute fact whether the officer in question is on trial or not

part of this is institutional corruption and part of this is a deep social problem. millions and millions of Americans think the police are always above suspicion. whatever the police do must be right, because they’re the police.

in general you can’t address social problems with a technological solution, but given that these problems are super complicated and will require decades of fixing, one hopes that body cameras might at least have cops behaving better in some situations. (I’m guessing the primary beneficiaries will be white people involved with the police.)

however, I remain suspicious of politicians who oppose body cameras on the grounds that they won’t fix the fundamental problem, unless they have a much better solution on hand. because for most of them the alternative's gonna be a bunch of “special committees” making useless recommendations that get ignored anyway, and then everything goes on as before.

unfortunately, we also need to watch out for people who implement body cameras and then dust their hands off like “welp, that’ll fix it, we’re done here.” no, this is just a beginning.

I just love how many big government figures are now openly advocating for a Minimum Income. This would have been unheard of a year ago. It may just become a reality now. 

Ontario seems onboard. Quebec seems on board. Alberta’s finance minister is a fan. The Canadian Federal Government’s Minister of Families, Children and Social Development thinks its a good idea. Mayors of cities like Calgary, Edmonton and Halifax support it. The Green Party supports it. And now MP’s and Senators are coming on board to urge governments to try it.

Its very exciting.


It’s a really good idea, isn’t it? Join in the march and see Pride in select cities September 26th. 

Bird School Selfie: the Remix

So I looked at this story and laughed at myself for calling Oliver getting a sword through the chest…and then I realized how much this could actually just be changed to make it a canon ‘fix it’ fic. Thanks to everybody that helped me out with canon details! Rated PG-13, 6000 words, warnings for mind control references. storiesbyladychi, I expect that red lightsaber now, kthxbai.

Bird School Selfie: The Remix
Sara Lance faked her death. Oliver Queen tried to copy her—with a lot more reality thrown in. A healing fic featuring Team Arrow (minus Roy, who’s presumably holding down the fort in Starling City).

The only warning Sara Lance had of the oncoming storm was a text from Felicity, which she didn’t realize was a warning at the time. It was a jumbled mishmash of letters and numbers that woke her at two in the morning, and no amount of code-breaking knowledge helped decipher it. After a very frustrating day of trying to crack it, Sara decided Felicity had somehow pocket-texted her on an insanely secure line. It kind of sounded like something only Felicity could do.

She wished her friend would reach out for real, though, as much as she enjoyed the silence. She would remain vigilant just in case, but she wasn’t ready to run yet.

Of course, all of that shattered the next morning. Sara, out walking the withered vineyards, watched the approaching van bumble its way up her driveway, not even bothering to attempt any stealth. And then there they were in a flurry of chaos and noise: Felicity talking too fast and too loud, Diggle’s face lined and strained, and Oliver…

Oliver looked like death.

“We got to him in time,” Felicity said in a tone that sounded like she was trying to convince herself more than anything else. “We did. He’s…he’s going to be fine.”

Sara just looked at the bandages fastened around Oliver’s ribcage, dotted blood already soaking through. “Get him inside,” she said.

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I totally understand criticisms of DAI but like… damn. I really love this game. Exploring really isn’t my thing in games but I love the environments in Inquisition soooo much. Buuuut…

I think it would have been a happier compromise if we had more cities. Like if they’d included Denerim and made Val Royeaux as gigantic and grand as it should be. If we got to see the infamous Val Roueaux Alienage where over ten thousand elves are apparently confined into a space the size of Denerim’s market district, instead of just the pretty parts of Val Royeaux. The wilderness areas all over DAI were full of things to do but still felt slightly empty in that most interaction with people was dead people’s left behind diary entries or notes and letters. Talking to people in actual cities would’ve been awesome. Like, what if we got to go to Serault? Or the burnt remains of Halamshiral? More people would’ve probably supported Briala if they had seen the gruesome aftermath of what Celene and Gaspard did to that city.

I feel like character interaction is where BioWare shines, so putting in huge gorgeous environments, while captivating and awesome, could’ve been a good idea, but only if they had filled those environments with characters. Vibrant cities, full of life, are far better for immersing oneself in a world than vast wilderness where we usually only get to see what people left behind before fleeing.