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New Captain Marvel details emerge (x)

During their Comic Con presentation, Kevin Feige announced that Marvel’s first female fronted film will be a period piece set in the 1990s and will feature our heroine battling against the Skrulls, a race of shape shifting aliens. 

Captain Marvel stars Brie Larson as Carol Danvers and will be directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. It will be released on 8th March 2019

The Roommate Swap - Lip Gallagher Imagine

Originally posted by lip-gallaghers-bae

Word Count: 3125

Warnings: Swearing, strong sexual content

Note: Pretty much this is just really long and really sexual

The sound of yet another muffled giggle pulled you away from the notes you were studying for what felt like the thousandth time. The bed behind you creaked louder than before this time. A long sigh escaped your lips. Yet again, your roommate had brought her boyfriend back to the room when you really needed to get some studying done. You had forced yourself to ignore it in the past, but you were being pushed over the edge this time. 

“Fuck, I really need to get some studying done,” you called out, putting your face in your hands. If you had it your way, you would’ve been at the library. Unfortunately, it was well after midnight and your desired location was closed for the night. 

“Shit, I’m sorry, Y/N,” your roommate responded, followed by another fit of giggles. 

“Fuck, sorry. I didn’t even realize,” her boyfriend apologized, the bed squeaking as he sat up. “Not to sound rude or anything, but could you maybe go to the library for a bit or something?”

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“Sexual orientation headcanon debates” are one of the dumbest things on this website and I try my best to not get involved as a rule, but sometimes it’s hard when it’s obvious that one or more of the people involved buy into some larger shitty attitude about sexuality or LGBT people.

Example: when I see people say shit like “Yuri Katsuki felt uncomfortable expressing his sexuality early in the show, therefore he must be ace/demi!” I’m just like…. this is the problem with ace discourse on this website. Right there. People constantly jump to “a lack of/limited sexual attraction” as an explanation for a really common sexual hang-up that’s about sexual expression. It’s really not hard to imagine how in a world that constrains “sexuality” in such specific ways, a lot of people who are not asexual might come to think of themselves that way. Such as: a nerdy, awkward boy who is attracted to other boys and also clearly has a serious anxiety disorder. Take it from a nerdy, awkward girl who is attracted to other girls and has an anxiety disorder!

Also I just saw a big long debate about “is Yuri bi or gay?” where someone suggested Yuri “must be gay” because “he’s so into Victor, he blushed so hard around him!” and…this reflects a really common and to me, puzzling misconception about bisexuality that I don’t see people discuss as much as others. That is that, because we’re into multiple genders, we somehow feel that attraction less intensely than someone who is only into people of that gender. So we’re not as capable of getting a powerful crush on someone. Like it’s not even the usual “well obviously you’re going to pick heterosexuality because privilege” or “you’re really heterosexual and faking it” stuff but specifically that we are into multiple genders, but not as much.

I mean, I could just leave it at that, but of course we all know that this debate gets biased in certain directions. For bi women, it’s pretty much always used to suggest that we like women less than lesbians do, never that we like men less than straight women (which is funny because for most bi women I know the latter is much closer to the truth). Bi men can get it both ways, but pretty much everyone who makes this argument has a strong position one way or the other. I’ll leave you to figure out the “why” of all those things.

Anyway, both of these problems seem like they could be fixed by just meeting more people and talking to them about their personal experiences. Like, meeting bi people and seeing how we act when we like someone, which is, wonder of wonders miracle of miracles, the same as anyone else. Or learning that there are a lot of people who are not remotely ace who have similar issues with thinking of themselves as sexual beings and expressing that. There are few things where online discourse and navel-gazing are the best ways to find out more information about it but sexuality has to be near the top of that list.

one last thing before I log off forever of tumblr:

I am so proud to call myself a juventina. I’m proud that I’m loyal to my club. Juve could lose all the finals in the next 10 years, I would still be here wearing our colours and singing our hymn until my very last breath. I'm proud to support Juve and not any other Italian club, or Spanish or German or English club. I don’t care if they have more trophies, more fans, more money, more success, whatever.  I owe Juve so much, I owe especially Gigi Buffon so, so much. As many times I wanted to forget about juve, there are as many times where I wouldn’t still be here without them. For nothing in the world would I want to love a different club other than Juventus. 

good night~

prince of cats

chapter six: you do wrong your hand too much

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Marinette keeps trying to get back to the building, but it’s almost impossible to go against the flow of the crowd.

Firefighters have shown up. They’re pulling people away from the building. Smoke is billowing out in dark clouds. Marinette feels sick.

She wants to shout that someone’s in there— Adrien is in there. There are probably other people too, still trapped in a burning building, but she only knows one and she can only find enough energy to care about one.

Her eyes are watering and she isn’t sure if it’s because of the smoke or not.

Someone pull her further away from the entrance. She’s holding onto her bag as tightly as she can in an attempt to ground herself, but it’s hardly working. She feels like she’s drowning, like she’s suffocating, like everything around her is going dark.

There’s too much noise.

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The Avengers...Who Are They? - Part 2

Original Request from @snapplejuiceHey there. Can I make a story request? Where the reader is like family to the avengers and one day they’re fighting Loki and he casts a spell and it hits the reader and she is turned back into a child and she doesn’t remember any of them. And when they all get back to the tower they avengers notice that she is not speaking and that’s because she went through a lot of trauma as a child and the spell Loki cast put her brain back into that state of trauma. (Possibly a series lol)

Note: Thank you for all your lovely feedback for Part 1! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. This idea is proving quite fun to write. Not sure how many parts there will be yet but I don’t think this will be a long series. Maybe just 2 or 3 more parts.

The Avengers x Reader

Words: 1,426

Warnings: Memory loss, upset, anxiety and mentions of abuse.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3 

You could hear hushed whispers coming from the other side of the door to the room you were currently in and it wasn’t doing anything to help make you feel comfortable in such a strange place. The building wasn’t familiar to you and the people certainly weren’t. The strangest thing was that the noticeboard in this room was covered in pictures of you with these strangers and they looked to have been taken over the course of some years.

“What the hell is going on Steve? What did Loki do to her?!”

The voice that had grown a little louder than a whisper belonged to the brunette male that had been stood in the room where you’d woken up and it was clear even to you that he was angry, what wasn’t clear was why. Nothing had happened to you other than you being held here by people you didn’t even know….all you wanted was your mum.

“I don’t know Buck.” This one wasn’t full of anger but something else entirely, something that tugged at your heart a little, he sounded broken and defeated. “She’s my best friend. We were so close and now she doesn’t even know who I am. I have never seen terror in her eyes like that…..not when she is looking at me.”

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On a side note, I’ve read people saying authors/writers “can be wrong” and write the wrong story or the wrong end game.

But here’s the thing, authors aren’t wrong, they’re authors. And that’s it.
It’s their story they’re writing, it’s their finale they imagined and it’s their capability to bring that same finale to life.

If you don’t like what an author is telling about, that is not a wrong tale, it’s just you not liking it. Same happens if you disagree with the end game they portray.

It’s their choice, it’s their story, and you’re free to disagree with them. But that’s definitely not wrong.

First Kiss: Hansol


Anon: Can u write a first kiss with hansol ^^ I love your first kiss series

oH GOD, this is the last one of the series! I hope you like this. Only thing is I thought of the idea way too late, so this is more of an AU than realistic. You’ll see what I mean, his personality isn’t right here, but the idea is good. So if you want just imagine anther member instead! trust me im mad at myself but asidjn its too late now

Originally posted by suhyngho

he looks so hot here im crying my eyes out holy fuck ARMS

  • Okay so can I just start off by saying that I haven’t done Hansol any justice in writing this
  • He sounds like the opposite as he actually is imo, but I’d like to think this haEppEnEd let Me bE
  • So, background story
  • You and your ex broke up a few weeks ago, a messy and awful break up at that too
  • Honestly, you never thought you’d ever break up with him (your ex), and thought your relationship with solid and secure
  • Unfortunately you were very, very wrong after having caught him messaging another girl - his previous girlfriend - some promiscuous things if yA geT wHAt I meAn
  • You felt so betrayed and horrified to see him say things like that
  • He was usually so polite and sweet and maybe even innocent in a pure, but these texts and photos proved otherwise
  • When you confronted him about it, he got very angry and very rude very quickly, calling you a whole load of insults and names
  • You felt hurt for a couple weeks, isolating yourself from the rest of the world, as you watched how he updated his profile with new pictures, surrounded by girls
  • But that pain and sadness turned to anger and frustration
  • Not only at him, but yourself
  • How could you let yourself mope around like that, wasting days of your life over a guy who clearly never cared, and still doesn’t, about you?
  • Thankfully for you, you picked yourself up very quickly and put all your feelings for him behind you
  • That was until you spotted him at a friend’s party
  • The only thing you hated about your ex was that you shared the same group of friends, so you were bound to bump into him or see him again
  • Although he wasn’t close to the group anymore because of the break up, he was still invited to this party
  • And all your feelings came back
  • Suddenly you felt exposed and vulnerable standing on the other side of the dark, despite the vast number of people separating you two
  • He stared at you intensely, a playful and teasing look in his eyes, as if he was challenging you
  • The eyes that once made your heart flutter, now filled your heart with dread and anger
  • You refused to let yourself go and feel ashamed for doing the right thing months ago
  • As he stood there, surrounded my girls who flung themselves over him, you scan the room, anywhere but his eyes
  • A tall, dark figure in the corner of the room caught your eye
  • His hair was dyed blonde, his hoodie hugged his broad shoulders well
  • Dressed all in black, he seemed to just blend into the crowd
  • But to you, he was very striking
  • You watched as he laughed with his equally-as-attractive friends, brushing his hair to one side and his dimples subtly coming out
  • Quickly you averted your eyes, worried that someone would spot you watching him
  • The hours continued to fly by, your ex lingering about the room, occasionally smirking at you
  • The mysterious male from the corner, moving from his spot to the food to the centre of the room
  • You were sighing heavily, leaning against the wall now
  • This party had practically physically drained you, and your ex also being there really did not help
  • Suddenly, a strong arm slithered around your shoulders, pulling them into their chest
  • You jump suddenly, ready to turn round and basically kick this person to the ground
  • But then you feel air fan the back of your ear and a deep voice whisper~
  • “I don’t know who that guy is, but I don’t like the way he’s looking at you”
  • Your brows furrow, and you turn your face upwards towards the voice and the face that accompanied it
  • Looking down at you, a look of worry laced across his face, was the mysterious, blonde guy from the corner hours before
  • Up close, he looked even more beguiling, his facial features defined yet still soft
  • You stutter, looking urgently around the room, shocked by what was going on; you had no idea what was going on
  • The man frowns at you, briefly looking up in confusion and then back down at you
  • “Well, don’t be so thrilled about this then”, he sarcastically comments, a small smile playing on his lips
  • “I have no idea what you’re doing right now, why should I be thrilled?” You reply, your typical sarcastic self returning
  • He laughs airily, a beautiful laugh escaping his lips and you watch in admiration as he throws his head back and shuts his eyes
  • Leaning back down to you ear, he says~
  • “Feisty, exactly what I was expecting”
  • Before you even had a chance to reply, he continued~
  • “I’m assuming he’s the ex then? By the fact he’s fuming right now”
  • You raise an eyebrow in response, your eyes briefly looking up and around the room to see your ex standing on the other side of the room, a scowl on his face
  • You laugh, nodding at his question “yep, that’s the ex. Cheated. Lie. Didn’t care”
  • “Ooooh, that’s low”, he whistles lowly, wincing at the thought. “Well, do you want to play him up a bit?”
  • Confused at what he had in mind, you gestured for him to continue
  • “Well, what I had in mind was- oh wait. He’s coming. Okay, just play along, yeah? What your name again?”
  • “Uh, wh-what? Wait! Uh, Y/N! Yeah, Y/N…” You literally had no idea what was going on, but for some reason trusted this guy 
  • His arm moved from your shoulders to your waist, tightening it slightly and turning you to face him properly
  • He brushes your hair to one side, smiling at you warmly
  • “Hmm. Y/N. It suits you princess. I’m Hansol”
  • His voice was genuine and sweet, but unfortunately, you then heard the voice of your ex-boyfriend 
  • “Y/N? Didn’t think you’d be here. How are you? Who’s this?” The questions spill from his mouth and he doesn’t even give you a chance to reply
  • “Uh, well yeah we have the same friends…and this is Hansol”
  • “The boyfriend”, Hansol added simply, nodding at him as if it was a matter-of-fact
  • Your eyes widen suddenly and you look at Hansol, who just smiles at you, his eyes pleading for you to play along
  • “Moving on already Y/N? Well, I’m-”
  • “The ex, yeah I know”, Hansol interrupted him
  • His response was so blunt and so true, you would’ve laughed if you could
  • An awkward silence fell over the conservation, you avoiding the gaze of both men, a blush playing on your cheeks
  • “Well then, if you don’t mind”, Hansol sighed at your ex, hinting that he wanted him to go
  • “Right…okay? Bye Y/N, you call me when you want me back yeah?“ 
  • He winks at you before sauntering off and back to the group of girls who threw themselves back on him
  • You shut your eyes in frustration
  • He managed to make you so mad and angry with only a few words, weeks after you left him
  • Hansol’s hand rubbed your shoulder reassuringly, bringing you into a tight hug
  • “Hey, don’t let his words affect you. You’re going to be fine okay?” Hansol soothed, holding you quietly
  • You had only met this guy and yet he was already making you weak at the knees
  • Slowly, he pulled away, looking above your head at your ex who still looked pretty mad at him
  • “You want to make this” Hansol gestures between you two “more real?” He smirks at you, clearly a plan in mind
  • “Oh God, yes. What you did back there was actually so-!”
  • You were interjected by Hansol, who grazed his lips over yours, holding your face with both hands
  • You gasp, hands instinctively moving to place themselves on his lithe chest
  • Hansol takes the chance to press his lips to yours harder, his jaw moving to apply more pressure in the kiss
  • His lips were so warm and inviting, electrifying your entire body
  • It’d be a lie if you said you weren’t attracted to him; his direness and fearlessness was appealing
  • The kiss soon became fervent and frantic, his tongue reaching to graze your lips and entice you to open them
  • Willingly, you did so, inviting him to deepen the delectable kiss
  • Although the kiss wasn’t that extreme or fast, it left you burning and impassioned, when he pulled away and brought you to his chest again
  • You smiled delightfully, feeling hazy and addicted to this man after the intimate moment
  • “I don’t want to alarm you, but, your ex has just left. I think this plan may have worked”, Hansol crooned into your hair, giggling at what happened
  • Although you didn’t know, Hansol felt all giddy and excited inside
  • He had been admiring you all night, wondering what he had ever done to be at the same party as someone like you
  • “And, I hope I don’t sound like a creep for saying this, but I really like you, Y/N. I’m glad your ex-boyfriend gave me the perfect opportunity to talk to you”
  • You lean back, so your arms are still around Hansol, and laugh at what he had said
  • “Hansol, its fine. I’m glad you did come. I think I like you too”, you whisper, watching with anticipation as he grins and begins to close he gap between your lips 
  • “So princess, want to get out of here?”
  • Okay I hope you liked this yall 
  • The last of the series I CRY
  • NAH not all really lmao
  • Hopefully I ended this on a high and you liked this
  • I made this extra special since he’s my bias but then again he’s not appreciated so it won’t get much attention

First Kiss series

Good Acting.

straightasdeanwinchester asked:

Heey! Could you do one where the reader is a teen acting on the show, they’re at a con and she’s having a bad day so the cast cheer her up?? I freaking LOVE your writing btw<3

I’m so so sorry this took so long to get out, but I’m finally back to school so now i spend my studyhall writing.
Also slight warning in this it mentions your dad getting hurt, if this bothers you in any sort of way i would suggest not reading it. I legit looked up what does Jensen smell like for this. Also i had the ending and everything done when the app crashed so i got angry and left the computer for a bit.

Going to cons can be tons of fun. Getting to meet your favorite actors, taking pictures meeting friends. But they also could be extremely hectic, and stressful. 

The first con you attended was as a fan, your family had loved supernatural since the day it started. Together your family had attended three cons, but just last year you had attended not as a fan but as a guest for the first time ever. Now a year later you were going to your fifth con as a guest, and for the first time you weren’t excited for it. 

You joined supernatural during season ten, quickly creating a strong bond with the cast. They treated you like a family, they took care of you on set because your parents couldn’t be there, they were like your older brothers, or grandpas. 

Every con that you have gone to since you started your parents have been there. They would go to every panel you were in, and maybe a couple that you weren’t. Your parents were more than supportive of your choices, they loved watching you with the fans, and could not be more happy for you.

Having your parents there could be annoying and you tried to act like you didn’t like it, but on the inside you loved that they came with. Whenever you were nervous or overwhelmed by the amount of people there, you could always find your parents to help you. 

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Guys My Age

Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

Pairing: John x Reader
Word count: 1,424
Warnings: Smut, oral, swearing
Request: @itsrainbowunicornstuff oooOOOoOo could you do a smutty john x reader based on guys my age by hey violet?? :)

It was the first case you’d finished with the Winchesters since you left your boyfriend. He hadn’t been a hunter, but he tagged along with you. You’d lost count of how many times you’d come back, beat up, to him stoned out of his mind. It wasn’t like you didn’t smoke now and then, but you knew there was a point that you needed to chill out.

So, you’d packed up, walked out of your motel room, and slid into the Impala. You left your now ex-boyfriend in some motel in Nevada. You felt free for once, like you didn’t have to watch out for him. Worried that he’d do something stupid.

Your body moved to the music, pushing thoughts of the immature boy you’d left behind from your mind. Since you hit that first highway, your eyes fell upon the eldest Winchester. You knew that he would know what he was doing, would know how to treat a woman. Without making it too obvious, you’d lightly flirt, letting him know he was on your mind.

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anonymous asked:

I hope Boris realizes that by giving Henry that mug, he's now wasted a perfectly hilarious way of telling Henry that he and Bianca are expecting in the event they decide to have kids someday.

“Ya can’t really save jokes, ‘specially when you’re a toon. It’ll drive you crazy, you know? When me and Ben found that mug we knew we had to get it for Henry, it was just too good! Savin’ something like that for a hypothetical situation is pretty much never a good idea, coz you’re more likely to miss out on something great right here in front of you. The future is the future, but now is now. Does that make sense?

Not to get too morbid, but… Well, we could basically die tomorrow, or at any time. Why wouldn’t we take the chuckles where we can find ‘em? If me and Bee do have kids in the future, maybe a way better joke will come around to use for that very same purpose. Or maybe it’ll never even happen. You can’t see into the future (unless maybe you’re India), so denying  yourself stuff now is just silly.” -Bo

Few years younger Lexa & Aden messing around during practice.

Bonus: Indra & Titus

Dark Side of Your Room | Episode 3

Originally posted by dailyjugheadjones

This is a sequel to At the Drive-In. However, having read the prequel is not necessarily a requirement. I leave that up to your discretion.

At The Drive-In: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 + Epilogue

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Pairing: Jughead x Reader, Jughead x Betty
Word Count: 2,058
Warnings: I swear.
Summary: Jughead and Reader reconnect at Southside High where he notices that she’s wearing a very familiar leather jacket. It’s not long until he has a jacket of his own.
A/N: It’s been 84 years… I wrote the whole chapter out and then decided to split it into two parts. I’ll be posting Episode 4 ether today or tomorrow.

Can’t take another hollow point conversation
It’s getting hard to fake
The sound of you an outlasting vibration
Something I can’t shake

She is not quite awake and not quite asleep when she hears the front door open. She thinks it’s Moms, back from a successful birth. She hears The Man, a muffled grunt in greeting, and her eyes flutter open and then close and then open again. She’s closer to asleep than awake when Alexander appears over her, lips pressed together in a firm line. She closes her eyes again.

“No you don’t. Wake up!” It’s not his hand shaking her roughly that wakes her so abruptly. It’s the way his voice sounds when he tells her to wake up–wrecked somehow, like a sob is buried deep down in his chest.

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Title: Geronimo
Pairing(s): Gavin/Ryan/Jon
Rating: Slightly NSFW
Word Count: 4,100
Summary: The five times Gavin wanted nothing more than to say “I love you,” and the one time he did.


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Sixteenth Christmas

the series is as follows so far:

FirstSecond ThirdFourthFifthFifth Christmas, Part 2SixthSeventhEighthNinthTenthEleventhTwelfthThirteenthFourteenthFifteenthSixteenthSeventeenthEighteenthNineteenthTwentiethTwenty-firstTwenty-secondTwenty-third


“Mulder, it’ll be fine.”

“Can’t we just drive? I mean, we’ll leave early and take in some sights and get there and have Christmas and then drive home. It’ll be like old times.”

Scully looked at him over her spoon, oatmeal piled high, “you want us to drive through both the Smokey and the Rocky Mountains in December? Really?”

“We did a Christmas in northern Minnesota. I think we can handle a nice drive through the mountains.”

Watching him stir his tea, butter his bagel, dart his eyes from her spoon to her face to his plate in repetition, she saw the man she used to sit across from at a Formica diner table at 2am, in the middle of Nashton, Delaware or Tarkington, Colorado, eating greasy hashbrowns slowly while he tried to convince her that the footprint wasn’t human, the lights weren’t a wayward swarm of fireflies, the evidence he has was just slightly more extraterrestrial than he had imagined when they first arrived. He wore a smile that only she would recognize as such, the small muscle on the left side of his upper lip nudging just slightly upwards, fractions of millimeters, twitching more than moving, spasming so minutely that anyone else in the world would think he was sitting stone still.

She felt her muscles give way, her face soften without regret as she simply shook her head, once again, as so many countless times in the past, she gave in to him, knowing they may not get to their destination in a straight line or with relevant speed but eventually, with stories to tell and laughter to share.


And, as things progressed in the fashion normal from the first day they’d met to this very moment, he grinned in her direction, taking a bite of his bagel and talking around it as he chewed, “when do we leave?”


Maggie, being Maggie and loving her daughter and what she now referred to as her ‘one of these days, eventual son-in-law’, graciously patted Scully’s hand when she told her they’d be driving to San Francisco instead of flying, “he gave you that look, didn’t he?”

Her mother knew them too damn well sometimes and with an eyeroll of someone happily resigned to caving to her Mulder, she then nodded, smiling, “it’ll be a nice trip through the mountains.”


Jeep packed, house locked, food and blankets stowed, flashlights, shovels, emergency flares, tire chains, assorted rescue equipment stashed in a box in the back, they headed off into the early morning light, sky rosy, temperatures below freezing, Mulder smirking, poking Scully in the ribs as she attempted to continue her night’s rest in the passenger seat, pillow jammed up against the window, “I will cut off the tip of your finger if you keep doing that.”

“My God, you are still cranky after all this time knowing I’m going to be poking you. Why aren’t you used to it yet?”

“Why the hell haven’t I cut off your finger yet?”

Feeling his inner sass kick in, “you like what I do with my fingers, Scully. You’d be very sad if one of them disappeared.”

Her chuckle was involuntary and for it, she received another seven pokes, the last one culminating where she liked his fingers best and pushing his hand away in amusement, “would you just drive already? Christmas is in five days and knowing you and your tourist-trap stops, we’ll get there by New Year’s if we’re lucky.”

Removing fingers, he returned to the steering wheel, “you’re bossy in the morning.”

Scully settled into her pillow further, “you’ve never complained before.”

“Usually you’re naked at the time though.”

Her hand shot out, pointing through the windshield, “Go!”

“Yes, ma’am.”


First day, nothing.

Second day, she began noticing things but argued with herself that she was wrong.

Third day, in the middle of the Rocky Mountains outside Denver, she politely brought up the subject, “Mulder?”

He was sitting in the corner of the room, tugging off his shoes and absently pulling the curtain tighter over the window every few seconds, “yeah?”

“Are you okay?”

Genuine confusion met her gaze, “I think so. Why?”

Biting her lip, she wondering if prodding would bring about an argument she didn’t want to have, “you … you keep checking the curtains. Do you see something outside?”

The barest hint of anger chased its way across his face before settling back into Mulder, “I just want to make sure no one can see in. Not a fan of getting naked with an audience, especially on the first floor.”

Not wanting to ruin their trip, she let go of the fact that he checked several more times, then covered the peep hole in the door with a bandaid, moved the phones to charge in the bathroom covered with a towel, Scully assumed to block the cameras and their conversations from anyone possibly listening. He unplugged the room phone, pushed a doorstop from home under the room door, then came to bed, settling in to read his book while she did her nightly routine.

How had she not noticed his habits? Had she really been spending that much time at the hospital that she neglected signs so obvious to her that she felt utter stupid in having missed them?

When had he taken his paranoia to this next level?

Fourth day, she woke to find him spooned behind her, hand under her shirt, a little something pressing insistently against her pajama bottoms. Seeing the curtains opened to the third story morning glory that was the Rocky Mountains, she decided to let things go until they got home, choosing to keep an observant eye on him for now. Instead, she relished in his fingers, playfully grumbled something about sleeping in before she pressed back into him, his hands moving to slide her flannel down before pushing himself up inside her.


Only getting lost once, which was impressive for the pair to say the least, they pulled up to the house Christmas Eve morning. Once to the front door and inside, they found the holidays were in full swing at Bill’s house, Matt and Graham running to them, hugging, making general 12 and 8 year old boy noise. Maggie squeezed them both tight once the boys cleared out and then Tara made her way over, completing the greeting, Bill still at work until the late afternoon.

Festivities happened, dinner occurred, games commenced, sweets consumed, goodnights given, the pair ended up, at midnight, lying cozily on an air mattress in the back room, curtains open to the full moon pouring in the room. “Merry Christmas, Scully.”

Snuggling even further in, she nuzzled under his chin, “Merry Christmas, Mulder.”

“This is our 15th Christmas together, did you know that?”

“I remember.”

Voice soft in her ear, “what if I hadn’t come over that night? You would have put your tree away and never blown on my hot chocolate to cool it down and I never would had fell in love with you that very second and we wouldn’t be lying on an air mattress in your brother’s house on Christmas Eve thinking that we should sneak out of here and go check out the Golden Gate all lit up for the holidays.”

“I don’t like to think about the first part of that and the second part is more comfortable than I thought it would be for an air mattress and the third is a really good idea except for the fact that I’m already falling asleep right here.”

His hands roamed lightly over her back, “thank you for driving out here instead of flying.”

Nearly unconscious as this point, her words were slurred and soft, “if I were afraid of flying, you’d have driven out here without hesitation.”

Mulder’s voice grew hard, “I’m not afraid of flying. I just thought it would be nice to take a little vacation with you. You spend so much time at the damn hospital that I never see you.”

Pulling back immediately, brain slow to react to his sudden harshness, but realizing they were doing this now, “you’ve been covering up the windows and the cell phone cameras and avoiding using anything with your name on it. I’ve been signing everything and you cover the camera at the gas station with your hand even though you think you look casual and leaning when you do it but I notice. It’s okay.” She moved her hand up his chest, stroking his chin, watching his eyes still full of fire, “you would have had to give the airlines your name and then whoever you think is out there would have been able to track where you were going and when you’d be leaving and you were worried about what could happen with us in the air and what could happen to you trapped in a plane full of people you didn’t trust.” All this poured out, Scully herself discovering most of the information as it came to vocal fruition, without more than one breath and with complete calm. Stopping with her last revelation, she felt her heart twist when she realized, in his expression, that it was all true.

Then she watched him morph into Deniability Mulder, the man who could talk himself out of anything involving a head-on collision with his darkest fears and feelings.

She simply closed her eyes, feeling him roll off the mattress and begin pacing, pulling on sweatpants and shoes while she lay there, dreading the prospect of the impending fight, the inevitable closed-off interaction, the silent, polite, pretending Mulder she couldn’t stand. Opening them back up, she found him kneeling on the floor, sliding his arms into his thermal shirt and about to apologize, he held up his hand, then leaned over to kiss her forehead, “I need to get away from you for a little while. I don’t want to fight and I can’t … just …” shaking his head, he stood, “I love you.”

And he was gone, slipping into the dark hallway, moving quietly enough that only Scully could track his movements, given years of midnight bathroom breaks and 2am snack attacks.

She tried not to cry but the moment she heard the front door click shut, she fell apart.


Not sleeping well, she spent 20 minutes in the bathroom with a cool washcloth trying to reduce the size of her puffy eyes to levels that wouldn’t warrant drilling questions about why she looked like she’d been sobbing most of the night. Once she achieved what she thought was a look of polite exhaustion from an uncomfortable mattress in a strange place, she snuck to the makeshift bedroom once again, finding Mulder dressed and lying on the mattress.

Before she could ask where he’d been, he took in her face, knowing it better than his own, and stood, enveloping her in his long arms, “I hate making you cry.”

“I wasn’t crying.”

“I hate … making … you … cry.” Each word punctuated with a kiss to the part in her hair, “I didn’t want to fly because I wanted to be alone with you, trapped in a car like the old days, where the only thing we had was each other and we loved it. Everything else … I’m not thinking about right now … but I’m sorry I made you cry. You have no idea how much it kills me.”

Enjoying his warmth, she stayed there until she heard footsteps upstairs then pulled back, “will you go to mass with us?”

“Will your mother believe in my eternal damnation if I don’t?”


“Then we’d better get out there.”


Church didn’t burst Mulder into flames. The priest didn’t call out the atheist amongst them. The demons weren’t writhing in Mulder’s soul. He knelt, sat, stood, moved politely aside when the rest of the pew moved to take communion. During the Sign of the Peace, he shook Bill’s hand, kissed Maggie’s and Tara’s cheeks, quietly patted the boys on the shoulder, whispered his apologies once again against Scully’s hair while he hugged her.

She held his hand tightly the entire time.

Then Maggie slipped on an icy patch, swore in front of the priest who was outside shaking hands and any tension between the intrepid duo evaporated, nothing like a good swear on Christmas morning to push them back to normal.

Scully broke first, then Mulder, then the priest, followed by Maggie and the rest of the family, the boys laughing so hard they nearly fell over themselves. After that, Christmas spirit returned and they all moved back home, breakfast and Santa awaiting.

In the midst of present opening, Maggie handed Scully an oblong box, tag stating, “for Small from Tall.” Smiling down at her daughter sitting on the floor, Mulder molded behind her, “I can only assume you are ‘Small’?”

Mulder took the box, “yes, she is.”

The room had quieted given it was Scully’s turn and looking at Mulder over her shoulder, “I’m ‘Small’?”

Grinning, “you are very small, indeed.”

Nudging him with her elbow, she opened the box to find her latest Christmas ornament, a glassy, metallic, painted mug of hot chocolate, complete with sprinkles, whipped cream and Mulder’s boxy alphabet announcing across the front, ’15 Years’. Scooting around to face him, she held up her gift, “did you really fall in love with me when I blew on your hot chocolate to cool it down?”

By now, their audience was listening intently, even the boys, “of course. You took my drink right out of my hand and blew germs all over it? How could I not fall in love with you?”

“You’d think that would have been a turn-off in some respect.”

“You kidding? Hottest chick in the room giving two craps about me burning my tongue? I really should have kissed you right then.”

“I was the only chick in the room, Mulder.”

“Still are.” Giving her a grin, he leaned forward, kissing her full and long, not caring about anyone or anything watching them.

Scully, however, remembered they weren’t alone after about 10 seconds and pulled back, pink with embarrassment at her sudden and unusual public display of affection. Gliding her thumb over his chin briefly, she twisted to settle against his chest once again, holding her hot chocolate mug and grinning happily.

Maggie handed Mulder, a few minutes later, his own box, “to You from Me.” Shaking her head down at the pair, “we have to talk about your labeling system, daughter of mine.”

“Thank you, Maggie.” She ruffled his hair as she sat back down and watched as Mulder opened Scully’s gift, a collection of eight glass-blown tropical fish, brightly colored and finely detailed, hanging from thin wire and ready for hooks, prepped for tree trimming the moment they found their back home. Admiring each one in turn, “why eight?”

“There were eight different ones and I couldn’t decide so you got eight.”

“Makes perfect sense to me.”


Much later in the day, after an obscene amount of food was inhaled, they were back on the air mattress, Scully on her side, Mulder on his belly, arms over the edge, examining his fish more carefully. Watching him with half-lidded eyes, she reached out, running her finger along the outer shell of his ear, staring peacefully as his lip curled upwards involuntarily, “enjoying your gift?”

“Of course.” Holding up a beautiful sunset colored one with fiery red fins and glittery blue eyes, “this one’s Scully,” then picking up a sword fish type with a long snout and long blue fins, “and this one’s Mulder.”

Scooting closer against him, “are you going to name them all or just those?”

“Just these for now. Maybe later, I’ll do the rest but these are the ones that matter.” Setting them down gently, he turned his head in her direction, resting his mouth on her forehead, whispering into her skin, “I don’t think fish mate for life but I like to think that ours will.”

“You get sappy when you’re sleepy.”

Moving in more, he found her lips, “but I think I can stay awake a few minutes longer.”
Good Omens: David Tennant and Michael Sheen to save the world in TV adaptation
Terry Pratchett would be ‘over the moon’ at the casting according to his estate, while co-author Neil Gaiman reminds Hollywood to give both equal credit
By Alison Flood

Originally posted by snorrierickson


Tyler Joseph X Reader


WARNINGS: abuse – emotional and physical, depression/anxiety, bruises/cuts, self-blame, blood.

Word Count: 3,778

A/N: I’m warning you guys now that this is going to be pretty heavy, it may be a little over exaggerated as well. It’s also uber long! I really hope you guys enjoy though! I apologize for the ending if you don’t like it!!! But in all honesty this is how I wanted to end it from the beginning of the fic. So I really hope you guys enjoy. And please please PLEASE if you are in an abusive relationship, GET HELP.

Here’s the thing. You and Tyler had a thing before twenty one pilots got so big. You couldn’t have been any happier for Tyler and Josh. They deserved the whole entire world and more. You couldn’t help but feel jealous, however. The Clique was getting more time with them than you were. The two of you sat down one day and discussed what would happen between the two of you. And it came down to the both of you parting ways. Tyler thought it was best for your mental health, as well as his. Being apart from someone you love for so long can really take a toll on someone’s mind and body. It was hard for you and Tyler, but you knew it was for the better. Sure, you guys would still be friends, best friends in fact. But could you live with being only his friend? The thought killed you but you knew Tyler could get any girl he ever wanted.

He was the most special soul in the world. Not only was he talented, but he was kind and caring. He had a sense of humor, and he had a laugh and smile that could light up the entire universe. It was bittersweet for you to see him leave on tour, and not being able to give him a goodbye kiss. So, after he left, you thought it was best for you to move on.

You met Justin through a mutual friend at a party one night, and the two of you hit it off immediately. Everything about him seemed so perfect to you, and it almost seemed like he wasn’t a real person, but he was, and he had feelings for you. It took him some convincing for you to actually start dating him, but when you did, it was great. He was always the gentleman that you knew him as. He was your knight in shining armor. Then one day, something snapped in him, and all of a sudden, he became as close as a stranger to you.

You thought you knew him. You thought that he could be the one when you started dating him other than Tyler, of course. But all of that turned to shit. You blamed yourself for the way he was acting. You always told yourself that you weren’t being the best girlfriend in the world. You always justified every single thing he ever did to you. No matter what people told you, you would lie and say that he had a rough night and apologized for it later. It never got violent. At least, until recently.

The Night Before

“(Y/N)? Are you home?” you heard your boyfriend scream from down the stairs of your home with him. You inhaled deeply and wiped your eyes quickly, running downstairs as fast as you could.

You greeted him with a smile.

“Hey babe.” you say with the most loving tone you could muster. “How was your day?” you ask as you grab his stuff from his hands, putting it all away.

Justin sighs and sits on the couch, ignoring your question. Justin started cracking his knuckles and all you could do was stand there and watch, being as careful as you could when you approached him.

“Can I get you a beer or something…? Are you hun-”

“Can you just shut the hell up, please? Your voice is starting to give me a massive headache… Jesus Christ, woman…” he said relatively loud.

You flinched and nodded a little bit, getting up from the couch, walking to the fridge. You grabbed a beer and opened it, walking back over to your boyfriend, handing him the beer gingerly. He takes it from you harshly, taking a swig and closing his eyes.

You sigh quietly to yourself and grab your phone, deciding to text Tyler to check up on him during the tour.

“Hey Ty! How’s the tour going?”

“Hey (Y/N)! It’s good… Josh and I have both been really tired but it’s so rewarding.”

You smile down at your phone. Justin notices and grabs it from you.

“What the hell, (Y/N)? I thought I told you that you can’t talk to this bitch ever again. He’s not your boyfriend. I am. Remember? You whore!” he screams.

“Justin, I’m sorry. I… I was just checking up on him during his tour. It’s nothing, I swear. Please.”

“What, am I not good enough for you? Huh? Is that it?” Justin responds, his voice growing louder and louder with each syllable that came out of his mouth.

“No of course not! You’re everything I could’ve asked for!” you shout back at him.

“Don’t talk back to me! You don’t EVER raise your voice at me. Is that understood? Well? Is it?”

You simply nod your head and look away.

Justin sighs and rubs his temples, handing you your phone back.

“I’m sorry… It’s been a rough day at work. Please don’t be angry with me.” he says quietly as he scoots over towards you, pulling you in giving you a kiss.

You smile slightly.

“It’s fine… I get it.” you say lovingly. “I think I’m going to go to bed though. I’m exhausted.” you say as you start to walk up the stairs.

“Okay, babe… Oh… by the way. I’m serious about not talking to Tyler again. He’s not good for you. Can you promise me that…? Please…? I don’t want to feel like I’m fighting him for my own girlfriend.”

You stop walking and pause before responding. You shut your eyes tightly and clench your fist.

“Yeah babe… I promise…” you say quietly.

“I love you.” he responds. “Thank you.”

“Love you too…” you say quickly before running to your room. You quickly text Tyler, before deleting the thread.

“Hey Ty… I’m so sorry… Justin doesn’t want me to talk to you… And I’m so fucking scared of him… I’m scared I’ll lose him… So please… just… forget about me, yeah?”

Tyler’s POV

I couldn’t believe my eyes. (Y/N) had to be kidding, right? We’ve gone through so much together and this prick gets to call the shots? Did she realize how much he was hurting her emotionally? Or was she just in that state where she was so scared she did everything he said and convinced herself that she really did love him?

I threw my phone at the wall and sat down on the couch, screaming into my hands. I had to go back to check on her. What if he hit her? I had to get (Y/N) out of there. I had to. I feel like it’s my duty. I drove her to this madness. I left her! I made her move on.

The last time I saw her she was glowing. Her smile was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It was even more beautiful than seeing everyone at one of our concerts, singing along to one of our songs. Her eyes sparkled with love, her voice full of delight. I wondered now if that’s how it would be when I came back. We had one more show for this leg of the tour, and I honestly didn’t think I could make it through.

The thought of her crying made me upset. The thought of having this asshole Justin using her and abusing her like she was something that was meant to be abused made me fume. How could anyone want to hurt someone as precious as she?

Josh looked at me and sat down, patting my back.

“Is everything okay? I heard something break and then I heard you scream… I got worried.”

I leaned back and looked up at the ceiling.

“No, it’s not okay… (Y/N) basically told me that she couldn’t ever talk to me again because of her dumb boyfriend… the one who abuses her… emotionally. And maybe now physically. How would I know? She said she’s scared of him, Josh… I need to go back there and I need to make sure she’s okay. She’s in this relationship because of me… This is on me.”

“Okay… look our last show is tonight. After the show we’ll fly straight home and you can go see her. If you need help with anything, just call me. Alright?”

I sighed deeply and nod, getting up to play our final show. The show right before I had a meltdown.

Your POV

That night, you were laying in bed next to Justin, silently crying to yourself. Thoughts were flooding your head, wondering if this was ever going to change. You tried to convince yourself that things would change. And eventually you did. You started coming up with scenarios in your head of how things would be once you became the girlfriend you were supposed to be. After hours of crying silently to yourself, you finally fell asleep. And you had a nightmare… one that you hoped wouldn’t become real.

The Night Of

The day had gone by quickly, but for the most part, it went smoothly. You and Justin had gone out to the bar with some friends. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, so you started to forget about everything that had ever happened. You didn’t feel like you were in any type of danger, emotionally or physically. It had honestly been a really fun night. Laughter had filled the air around everyone, dancing ensued, and smiles were being thrown left and right. Soon after, however, things would go from amazing to horrifying.

As the both of you reached the house, you could see a familiar car parked in the front of your house. You pushed a drunk Justin inside the house, closing the door behind you, frowning when you saw Tyler get out of the car.

“I thought you had a show to do…” you say quietly.

“That was last night. I came to check on you.” he responds, walking closer to you.

“Look, Ty, I was serious about that message. I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to be here right now.” you say, the anxiety building up inside you as you could hear Justin screaming your name. You rub your arm and look away from Tyler as he steps up onto the porch in front of you.

“(Y/N)… I don’t think you’re serious… And I really think you need to breakup with this Justin guy… he’s abusing you… emotionally. I don’t know if you can see it but that light you had the last time I saw you, is gone. And I want you to be happy again. Not scared. Please…” Tyler says as he reaches for you.

“I need you to leave, please.” you say, tears starting to form.

“I’m not going to leave, (Y/N)! I can’t!” he shouts back at you.

You back into the door, surprised when it opened and you were dragged inside, the door being slammed shut and locked afterwards.

Tyler frowned and called for your name.

(Y/N)!” he pounded on the door.

Justin grips your arm tightly slamming you up against the wall.

“I thought I told you to never speak with him again!” he slurs into your face, the smell of alcohol burning your nose.

“I didn’t ask him to come, Justin… I promise.” you plead as you try to push him off your frail body.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” he screams into your ear.

You frown and shut your eyes, the tears welling up, threatening to spill out.

“Please, Justin… you’re hurting me…” you whimper.

“Oh… I’m hurting you…? You’re hurting me you slut! What have you been doing, huh? Sleeping with him behind my back? Is that it? What, I couldn’t satisfy your needs?”

“No! That’s not it at all! I swear I told him to back off! Please!” you beg.

“I TOLD YOU TO SHUT THE FUCK UP!” he yells one more time before raising his hand, slapping you right across the cheek, leaving a red mark where his hand hit.

You instantly grip your cheek as the tears finally fall from your eyes. You get up slowly and look at him, fear overtaking your body. You quickly run upstairs and lock the door to your room as Justin follows suit, pounding on the door.

“Babe, I’m sorry! Please. It was a mistake. (Y/N)!” he shouts as he keeps banging on the door.

You quickly grab a bag and throw as much stuff as you can into it, finally climbing through the window, running as far away as you can. Tears were blurring your vision and you instantly shut the world out. You ran across streets, dodging oncoming cars, finally stopping when your lungs and body couldn’t take any more.

You slowly sat down under a big tree in the woods by a river. You curled up into a ball and broke down, not knowing where you went wrong. You kept blaming yourself for everything he had ever said to you, and you blamed yourself when he hit you. You knew you had done something wrong when you texted Tyler in the first place, but right now you would give anything to be in his loving arms.

It felt like you had been in the woods for forever. Thoughts flooded your head making you numb, and you grabbed the rubberband that was on your wrist. You kept pulling it and pulling it, eventually drawing blood. But you needed to feel something. You grabbed a lighter you put in your bag and ignited it, putting your hand over the flame to see how long you could hold it there before receding.

I don’t understand why everything I adore

Takes a different form when I squint my eyes

Why did Justin change? Was it because he was in a relationship with you? Were you the reason he became like this?

All these questions flooded your head and all you could think of was how everything lead back to you. Everything was your fault. The reason you and Ty broke up. The reason Justin changed. The reason that you were so scared, and so untrusting of everyone.

You eventually felt so dead inside that you didn’t realize that you even drew blood with the rubberband, or that there were now burn marks all over your skin. You started setting fire to the grass and wood around you, and you didn’t care if it started to spread. For all you cared, the flames could engulf you and at least no one would be in pain anymore, and no one would blame you for anything.

We’ll be on fire

At some point, you weren’t sure when, a small ring of fire surrounded you. You thought you hallucinated Tyler and Josh’s voice calling your name, so you ignored it. You were so lost, that you didn’t even notice that Tyler had carried you out your doom like a guardian angel.

The next morning you felt like your soul had returned to your body. You woke up in familiar bed inside of Tyler’s house, and you sighed in relief. You slowly walked down the stairs, and to your delight you were greeted by Tyler and Josh.

“Hey… how are you feeling…?” Josh asks quietly.

You look down at your wrist and arm, shrugging your shoulders a little bit.

“Better, I guess…” you respond as you finally reached the bottom steps.

Tyler gives you a small smile and walks over to you, pulling you in for a warm embrace.

“I’m just glad you’re still alive…” he whispers into your ear.

You squeeze your eyes shut and hold onto him as tightly as you could without hurting yourself even more.

“Thank you…” you say softly, pulling away.

You were wearing nothing but one of Tyler’s old tees, the bruises and cuts finally showing themselves from last night.

“He’s not going to get away with this, I hope you realize that.” Josh says, walking over to you grabbing your hand gently and gave it a reassuring squeeze before walking away.


You spent the rest of your day with Tyler. It was sweet, and you finally felt safe. You felt like your normal happy self again. The night came closer and you started to yawn.

Tyler laughs and butterflies fill your stomach.

“If you’re sleepy then go to bed, silly.” he says as he gives you a kiss on the top of your head.

You smile up at him and nod, getting up from the couch and walked upstairs. After Tyler knew you were asleep, he went out to give Justin a little visit.


He knocked on the door loudly, clenching his fists as he heard Justin’s footsteps nearing. He could hear a girl’s giggle, and it raged Tyler even more. The door opened and Tyler looked up at Justin, pure hatred emitting from his being.

Tyler pushed him inside, looking at the girl and signaled her to get the hell out of the house. She obliged and ran out, quickly driving away.

“We need to talk…” Tyler said firmly.

Justin scoffs and tries to walk away from him, only to be dragged back towards him.

“I don’t think so, Justin.” Tyler says. “You don’t get to walk away like nothing happened. I know what happened. You don’t get to treat (Y/N) like that ever. Or anyone for that matter. Do I make myself clear?” he says sternly.

Justin smirks and pushes him aside.

“You don’t get to tell me what to do, asshole. You don’t know shit.” he shouts.

“Bullshit! I know everything! She’s told me everything about you, and what you’ve said to her. And that’s not okay.”

Justin laughs maniacally.

“So what are you going to do about it? Huh? Write a song about it?” he mocks.

Tyler twitches and punches him right in the nose, breaking it. Blood splatters over his knuckles as Tyler tackles him to the ground, repeatedly hitting him over and over again until blood is covering Justin’s face.

Tyler gets off him, looking down at the body.

“That’s what I’m going to do about that.” he says as Justin groans and spits blood out. He starts to crawl to the kitchen counter as Tyler is about to leave the house. He grabs his phone and calls you, as he sees he has a missed call from you.

“Hey (Y/N)…”

“Hey Ty… Where’d you go?”

“I went to Justin’s… I had to talk to him…”

“You what?! Are you kidding me Ty? Come home right now!”

“Don’t worry, everything is oka-”

Justin opens the drawer weakly, grabbing the gun that was stowed away. He clicks the safety off and shoots.

You frowned as you could hear the gunshots go off on the phone.

“Tyler? TY? TYLER!” you shouted over the phone but to no avail. There was no response.

You quickly hung up the phone and called the police, telling them the address and to get there as soon as possible. Anxiety pulsed through your body as you called Josh to tell him the situation.

Josh quickly drives to Tyler’s house quickly to pick you up, and you rush to Justin’s house immediately. You were happy to see that the ambulance was already there. You rushed past the police and the caution tape.

“Meet me at the hospital!” you shout at Josh as you make your way towards the ambulance

You ran into the back of the ambulance and sat down by Tyler as you ignored everything they said about you not being able to ride in the back. However, they got the hint you weren’t taking no for an answer and finally allowed it.

“Ty…” you whispered. You ran your hand through his mocha hair and smiled when his eyes fluttered open.

“Hey…” he says weakly.

“Why the hell would you go over there?” you ask, voice shaking. “I could’ve lost you… Then what would I have done…?

“Hey… I’m not leaving you that easily. I just had to teach the ass a lesson… Needless to say I think I got my point across. No one gets to treat the woman I love like that… Ever…” he says in between breaths.

You smile and laugh a little bit, giving him a kiss on the top of the head.

“I love you too, Ty… but right now I need you to focus on surviving, okay?”

Tyler simply nods his head and closes his eyes. You look at the paramedics with a concerned look with the amount of blood that was coming out of his body.

The paramedics curse under their breath as the ambulance reaches the hospital. They quickly rush Tyler to the OR as you’re left standing in the rain, with Josh rushing to your side. He pulls you inside and wraps his jacket around you, assuring you that everything was going to be okay.

“He’s going to be fine, (Y/N). He wouldn’t leave you like that. I promise. He loves you too much.” Josh says.

You nod your head a little, wondering if he was going to make it. And if he didn’t, at least he knew that you loved him, and that you always had loved him, despite everything that happened between the two of you.

After hours of operation, the doctors finally came out to deliver the news.

“(Y/N)?” the doctors said as he walked out.

You immediately turned your head and swallowed, standing up to meet the doctor halfway.