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I also have to say every moment with Karen. I got really excited thinking they could both have a moment of happiness, after all. When that was taken away from them, I got really depressed, I swear.

I’ve seen some religious voltron headcanons floating around so take some jewish pidge/holts headcanons…

• The Holts always have shabbat dinner, usually just the four of them since they live kind of far from their immediate family (being close to the garrison and all)

• Every Hannukah Matt and Pidge bust out the god awful ugly hannukah sweaters. Mrs. Holt kept trying to get rid of them but she can’t.

• Matt got drunk off of manischewitz during passover one year (nobody really knows how it’s basically grape juice lmao)

• Pidge messes with the gragers on purim every year so they make an airhorn sound when spun

• Mrs. Holt makes gefilte fish every time they go over to someone’s house for a holiday. Nobody eats it except her children who do so with tears in their eyes. They don’t know why she keeps making it.

• Every year Commander Holt insists they add some kind of pea to the latkes. The rest of the Holts decides that their dad should just make his own damn latkes.

• Pidge was banned from the afikomen search when she was like 8 because she hardcore cheated by putting a tracking device in the cover to win. maybe a $50 dollar prize wasn’t a good idea.

• Matt gets bombarded with the “do you have a nice jewish girl?” all the time by his aunts.
“Uh not yet auntie maybe soon.” *thinking about his boyfriend Shiro* “Maybe not soon.”

• Pidge’s Bat mitzvah was scheduled right before the Kerberos mission so it would be one last celebration for the whole family before Matt and Commander Holt left.


Spider-Gwen (2015)

Starring Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy/Spider Woman, Denis Leary as former police Captain George Stacy, Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/The Kingpin, Jon Bernthal as police Captain Frank Castle and Holland Roden as Mary Jane Watson.

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Hey! What are your thoughts on the new Great Wall movie starring Matt Damon?

I find it a bit of an interesting case because I’m all for supporting an International film, Asian director, and a film with a large Asian cast BUT at the end of the day it’s just another movie that perpetuates the WHITE SAVIOR trope which we all know, hate, and are tired of.

Matt Damon seems oblivious to why his role in the film is controversial but at least he stated that he is willing to listen and is open to understanding why it’s being perceived that way. He’s not denying it like Scarlett Johansson who claims that she would never take a role from a PoC yet does it for ~feminism~

This film is director Zhang Yimou (who stands by his film), this is his first American/English speaking film. I believe that in order to appeal to the Western and Asian market, it was believed that if they cast 3 Western actors in the film (Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, and Willem Defoe), it would appeal to the Western audience. His interview with Entertainment Weekly makes it clear that he knew that if he was gonna make a Hollywood movie… he was gonna have to make a Hollywood movie… 

“First and foremost, this is an English-language film, and a Hollywood blockbuster. It was already very clear in the script phase. This is a Hollywood monster movie and needs to be made in that style. I don’t want to change that approach, and there’s no need to do that. What I really want is to bring Chinese color and cultural background to the worldwide audience through a film language that they are familiar with.”

So I get it. I get why Matt Damon stars in this film. I don’t understand why he has to play the lead though. Wouldn’t it make sense if he played a secondary character? The other two Western actors in the film play secondary roles in the film. I don’t think Matt Damon’s role should be the lead. Why does the white man have to save China? He’s only the lead because… you know it… I know it… Hollywood is racist. Even though the cast is predominately Asian, do you really think it would’ve gotten made without Matt Damon starring in it? No. 

But it is dope that Zhang Yimou wanted to make a film he believed was authentic to Chinese culture and he gave Asian actors an opportunity to work in the Western market but the problem is that ultimately, he sold out in doing so. 

Also while I’m at it, I’m just gonna rant about how racist the American marketing of this film is! This is the US poster for the film!!! How embarrassing??? Who thought this was a good idea??? Just Matt Damon??? And then it spits a few facts about The Great Wall of China… smh…

It’s like The Sapphires movie poster controversy but they don’t even show a single PoC on the American promo art I’ve seen for this film!!!!

Now look at the Chinese marketing for this film! Even the Western actors got their own individual character posters (not pictured but they did!!!). The American market does not value the Asian actors in the film because they’re “unknown” in America. It’s insulting because these are International stars too! Just because they’re not white or on Game of Thrones doesn’t mean they don’t have name recognition. I mean the film stars Lu Han, a C-Pop/K-Pop star who was apart of one of the biggest boy bands in the world! Andy Lau has made a name for himself in the Chinese film industry and where is his top billing on the American poster?! The American market FAILED to showcase these actors in their promo art and reduce them to unimportant characters regardless of how big or small their roles are in their OWN trailer which is absolutely disappointing. 

She knew.

She sat in front of him, holding her fingers and staring down at them with furrowed brows as if they might give her the words she needed to say.

He knew she saw the gashes this morning on his shoulder, on his side. Not the kind of thing you acquire when working as a lawyer. He should have been more careful.

She sat in the chair opposite his desk as if she were a client. As if she were trying to distance herself from him. The thought made Matt start to panic, he swallowed and shifted his feet. She wasn’t saying anything. All Matt wanted was for her to talk. He didn’t know what he wanted or needed her to say, but just something would be better than the suffocating silence they currently sat in. Anything to make him feel like he wasn’t going watch her walk out the door and never come back.

Anything to make him feel like she didn’t… hate him. For what he hid from her. For what he does. For who he is.


“I-” you paused. It was one word but it didn’t feel right. This whole situation didn’t feel right. You glanced up at Matt, you knew he was anxious. You could hear his shoes shifting, his throat bobbed as he tried to calm himself. His hands sat in his lap, one thumb brushing quickly over the other in nervous rhythm. You hadn’t told him why you wanted to talk with him alone in his office, but you guessed from the tension in his face that he had a pretty good idea.


Matt was getting dressed for work when you saw the gash on his shoulder. He faced away from you as he took off a black short sleeved tee. Obviously your eyes drifted up from your book to watch the lean muscles of his back ripple with movement. He winced as he turned to slip on a sky blue shirt, dropping his shoulder slightly put the wound in clear view, another one creeping around the side of his torso. They looked to be a week old at most. Your heart sped up, your eyes widened. Your mind was bombarded with a stream of questions. How did he even get that? Who did this to him? How was he even in a position to- what was he doing- where was he- How could he- what was he thinking he-

And then it dawned on you.

You’d seen the newspapers, the tv spots, you remember feeling a sense of familiarity staring at you in the face as you watched the footage.

You had been following the articles and even talking with Matt over breakfast about how the impact of having a vigilante in Hell’s Kitchen would have a serious effect on the crime rate, hopefully a good effect. Matt never had much to say. More than once he had changed the subject to something more lighthearted. You just let it go, thinking that it probably didn’t sit right with him that someone was taking the law and justice into their own hands…


The roughness of his hands… the strength in them. The nights where you would wake up reaching for him only to see the other side of the bed empty and cold. The little bruises and cuts where he ‘walked into things’.

It was a big jump to make. Massive in fact. You backtracked for a second, you needed proof before you could even consider listening to your minds paranoid ramblings. But that didn’t stop your breathing from picking up. That didn’t stop the ‘what ifs’ from plaguing your thoughts. They piled up on top of each other so fast that you felt like you might not be able to take another breath.

Matt’s head turned as he buttoned up his shirt.

“Are you okay? You seem awfully quiet this morning.”

“Fine!” you chirped. A little too quick to be genuine. Too quick for Matt to ignore. Matt paused in reaching for his tie.

“You sure?”

“Absolutely. Just excited to start the day!” You flung the sheets off of you exposing your bare legs. Wearing only a large grey tee you jumped out of bed and swung around to throw your arms over his shoulders, narrowly avoiding the wound.

Running your fingers through the tiny hairs at the nape of his neck, he slid his hands up under your tee, lifting it high enough for you to feel a light breeze on your backside. He wrapped his hands around either side of your waist and began running his thumbs up and down the small of your back. “I’m excited for every day that I get to start with you.”

Whatever tension there was in Matt’s frame dissipated. He smiled wide, leaning his head slightly to the side. “You’re full of cheese.”

You shrugged. “What can I say? It’s a talent. Maybe I should start classes. Could save up some money and get myself a plaque. ‘Y/N, Master of Cheesery’”

Matt snorted and slid his arms all the way around you, pulling you as close as he could. You had to rise to your tiptoes to fold your arms behind his neck, leaning your cheek against his. Your bodies molded together and he hummed once in content as he swayed the two of you from side to side. Dancing to no music. “I wish I didn’t have to go in today. Foggy needs me to go over this case one more time before tomorrow. I can think of a few things we could do right here that would be much more fun.” He sighed out his nose. You held on a little tighter, you didn’t know if you wanted to uncork this bottle. But you knew that you needed to.

“I’m gonna drop by at lunchtime.”

Matt nodded and turned to kiss your cheek twice. He pulled away reluctantly and let your arms drop to your side. Picking up his jacket from the bed he made his way through the living room and towards the front door. You trailed behind him, gripping your fingers tight behind you. Matt opened the door and turned around to you leaning against the doorframe. “We can talk about some stuff.” he raised his eyebrows.


“You focus on your case for now. I don’t want to distract you. We’ll talk when I come in.” You leaned in and pressed a kiss to his lips. He left with a small frown on his face.


It had taken a lot of digging. A lot of thinking like someone who wanted to desperately hide something. Finally you found your proof, tucked away in his father’s box. The mask that he wore to his nightly endeavours. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen’s mask.

After giving yourself some time to cry, to scream, to punish yourself for not seeing it sooner, you got up, got dressed, put the red mask in your bag and left the apartment to meet Matt. To have a conversation you weren’t sure you were prepared for.


And here you are. Sitting in his office trying to find the right words to begin with. None of them seemed to suffice. This was Matt, why couldn’t you just talk to him?

You stood up suddenly and turned towards the door to close the blackout blind that hung from it. Then you walked behind Matt to close the blinds on the windows. It left the room dark so you switched on his desk lamp and instead of sitting down on the chair you perched on his desk next to where he sat so you were facing the wall to his back. Instead of looking at him, you stared unseeingly at the strings on the blinds.

You took a deep breath. You reached into your bag and held the mask just behind him.

“Matt, I know about your night job.” You said firmly and put the mask on the desk in front of him. He reached out and ran his fingertips over one of the pointed tips for a mere second before pulling his hands back to his lap.

He remained silent.

“I’m not mad. I just- I’m.. worried.” your breath hitched, “I’m scared, Matt.” your bottom lip trembled making you reach up with both hands to cover your face.

Matt’s hands stopped twitching and instead gripped tight, his shoulders tensed and his face screamed how much he didn’t want to have this discussion.

“You don’t need to be scared of me.” He muttered in a low but steady voice. Dropping your hands and swinging your head round to him, you scooched up along his desk to sit in front of him, your legs hanging down either side of his. You brought your hands to his cheeks. Cradling the hurt you saw on his face. The disappointment, not at you but in himself. You could feel the muscles in his jaw tense.

“Matty-” your voice caught, and Matt almost flinched at the noise. Clearing your throat you tried again. “Matty, I’m not scared of you. I’m scared for you.” Matt’s eyebrows twitched together, so you slid your hand down to just above his shoulder, where you both knew the tightly stitched wound sat. “This, is a big deal. Did you think I would be okay with you coming home with giant cuts on your body? God forbid I wake up in the morning to see you bleeding out on the couch-” you bit your lip and looked away, trying to pull yourself together. You needed to be a little bit stronger, just enough to deal with this.

Matt tentatively put his hand on your knee.

“Y/N, I’ve trained for this. I was trained from a young age to fight like this and it’s something I’ve known how to do for a long time. I’m not just some billionaire thinking he can make a suit, fight crime and take on the world all in the same day. I’m going to do better. I’m making this city a safe place. My city. Ours.” He took your hands in both of his and rested them on your knees.

He licked his lips and shifted in his chair, you could see he wanted you to believe him, to trust him, to.. accept him. “I’m sorry I kept this from you. Part of me is saying I should let you go to protect you from this, from the people who might want to use you against me if they found out what you mean to me. I couldn’t-” he swallowed, “I won’t let that happen. I can’t lose you. You’re the reason I can do this and still smile everyday, not hate myself for keeping this a secret from almost everyone I know. I love you.” he paused, gripping your hands slightly tighter for a second before leaning back in his chair a little. “But I understand if you can’t cope with this. You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to, you can walk out that door and I won’t stop you.”

You were quiet. You just looked at his face and all it’s features as your hands warmed between his. You could see how much he didn’t want you to leave, but you knew that he would let you go if you wanted to. You knew he was genuinely sorry, but he had reason to keep it all from you. He was trying to do the right thing. Not just for him or you but for the whole city.

Make a decision. A little voice in the back of your mind prompted you. And you did.

You slid off the desk and into his lap, he pulled your joined hands up to give you room, but didn’t let go. Not quite ready to release you just yet. His face remained set. You smiled at him, just a small slightly wobbly curve of your lips.

“I love you too, Matt. But-” you could see his brows wobble a touch. You squeezed his hands before releasing them then took off his glasses and put them behind you on the desk. You wanted to see his eyes. You slid your hands back over his, threading your fingers together.

“I’m not leaving you.” You had to reassure him first. His shoulders dropped the heavy weight on them and he leaned his forehead against yours. His breath hitched slightly as he tried not to cry in relief. You almost burst into tears at the sound, instead a few dripped down your cheeks and hit your joined hands.

“You need to tell me everything. And I mean every little minute detail that occurs, I don’t want the highlights.” He nodded lightly. “and you’re gonna teach me how to fight.” His head shot up. “You’re not coming with me. It’s too dangerous.”

You snorted. “of course not, but if you’re worried about me being a target then I need to learn how to defend myself. I need to show these guys that my badass boyfriend isn’t the only one who can handle himself. The Master of Cheesery can pack a punch too.” You held up an arm to flex your muscles and pulled a strained face.

Matt grinned as he brushed away the fallen tears and pinched your flexing ‘muscles’, “That means you’re gonna have to actually get out of bed in the morning and you know, exercise.”

Your pursed your lips and rolled your eyes. “The things I do for you, Matt.”

He swallowed. “I know. Thank you.” He leaned in to kiss you, but you pulled back and put a finger on his lips. “Uh-uh. You’ve got some serious ass-kissing to do Matt-Matt.”

“What?” came his muffled reply, his lips squished behind your finger.

“You’ve been keeping something from me for God knows how long. You’re gonna have to make it up to me, your loyal and forgiving girlfriend. Starting with dinner and later listening to Stephen Fry read Sherlock Holmes on audiobook. With blankets. And malteasers. And kitkats.” Matt kissed your finger twice in quick succession.

“Anything.” He said sincerely. He would do anything for you. You smiled as you replaced your finger with your lips, brushing them over his in a soft kiss.


Matt Murdock isn’t the only one who gets into fights.

I actually made this blog because I had this little idea.. So tell me what you think please, I’ve never published my writing before haha.

981 words. Enjoy xx

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“Ignore her, Y/n,” you heard Matt say quietly from next to you, but your ears were ringing. You barely heard him. This chick at the bar was annoying the hell out of you, and you really wanted to give her a nice right hook to the face.

You clenched your jaw, sat up straighter, and took a sip of the beer you had ordered not ten minutes ago, trying to keep some self control. You weren’t even here long-you hadn’t even insulted her. Why was she picking on you? ‘Just my luck,’ you thought.

“The only reason you got a date is 'cause this one’s blind,” she slurred in your ear.

That was it. Your face turned red. Whether from embarrassment, knowing Matt could hear her ('Why am I embarrassed, this isn’t even a date, he’s just my friend!’) or from complete rage you didn’t know. The next few minutes were a blur.

When your vision cleared, you found yourself lying on the floor surrounded by broken glass. With your ears still ringing, you looked to the right and saw the rude, drunk brunette knocked out cold. Feeling an arm hoist you up off the ground, you looked up to meet Matt’s face a few centimeters from yours. “Let’s go, yeah?” He didn’t wait for a reply as you both left hurriedly, your head still spinning.

A few silent minutes of walking later, you returned to Matt’s apartment. Your head had cleared, and you felt your face heat up as you remembered everything. You cringed. Hearing Matt chuckle, your eyes found his face. “What?”

“Nothing,” he said, sitting you down on the couch and getting the first aid kit from the bathroom.

He got out gauze, rubbing alcohol, and ointment, and began cleaning the cut on the side of your head.

You suddenly pulled your face back out of his grasp, hissing. “Ow! Watch it.”

“Well,” Matt started, sort of staring past your head, “if you had let me lead you out before you started throwing punches-”

“Are you kidding me?” You huffed, crossing your arms over your chest. You winced when pain reached your right hand, and you had to hold it out reluctantly for Matt to patch up.

You remembered now that as you stood up to punch the woman in her face, Matt had tried talking you out of it. It was safe to say that you had not listened. “If you hadn’t made me seem weak in front of that idiot, we wouldn’t be in this mess!” Even then, you probably would have still knocked her out.

Your best friend chuckled, carefully holding your hand in his. At least he wasn’t mad at you. How could he be? He was the one going out and looking for fights every night.

“Your knuckle is broken. You’re lucky that’s it, though.” You were both silent as he wrapped your hand, and you let it fall back in your lap. “I’m just saying, Y/n, maybe take your ego down a notch and listen to me next time?” He shook his head fondly. “Bar fights. Honestly.”

You sat up straighter. “What?” You said more firmly, wanting to know what he was thinking.

Matt’s hands flew up in surrender. “Nothing…” You glared at him trying to get an answer, and you were sure he could feel your gaze burning a hole through his head. “You fought pretty well,” he conceded, succeeding in boosting your ego even more.

You grinned triumphantly. “I’d say so. I won.”

With an amused smile, Matt leaned in, sitting directly next to you to reach your head wound. You flinched as the rubbing alcohol burned and you tried to move back, but Matt held your head steady with his other hand. “Stay still,” he murmured.

Scanning over Matt’s face, your eyes landed on his. They were a beautiful hazel brown color that could make you melt. He may have been blind, but his eyes still sparkled, and he definitely knew how to pull off puppy eyes. That you knew from experience. Staring at him, you thought back to what the woman at the bar said to you. You may have had a lot of pride, but you realized that maybe, just maybe, you were, in fact, embarrassed…

“All done,” his voice brought you out of your daze, and you found yourself face to face with him again.

“Thanks,” you said softly. He nodded slightly, and you watched his face turn pink as you were sure he listened to your heart rate speed up.

'Screw it.’

You kissed him lightly and pulled back waiting for a reaction. His lips pulled up into a small smile and you smiled back.

“You’re welcome.” He cradled your head in his hand and your lips met again, pulling back after a few seconds. You swallowed, memorizing his face. He touched your hand cautiously, and you looked down at it. “Better?”

You nodded wordlessly. Matt then stood up slowly and put away the kit as you waited on the couch with a sheepish smile on your face.

He brought two beers from the fridge before walking towards where you were seated on the couch. You reached out, taking one from him. “We can have our own party,” he said, sitting down next to you.

You heartily agreed, watching him as he took a swig of beer. “A night in.” You inched closer to him, laying your head on his shoulder.

He nodded, trying and failing to hide a smile. You didn’t take your eyes off his face. His smile was a beautiful thing. “A night in,” he repeated, reaching an arm around you and pulling you close.

You both sat on his couch, drinking beer and talking quietly. Well, it wasn’t all talking. All you knew was that this was much better than a night out at the bar.

Fic I’ll never write (1/?): Auston/Mitch wishbabies AU

Summary: The baby shows up on Auston’s front porch in Arizona, the week before he leaves to go to Toronto for training camp; his mom finds him standing on the front porch staring dumbfounded at the cradle and immediately brings the baby in and starts fussing over him. He sees the birth certificate taped to the side of the cradle and when he takes it out of the envolpe, his name’s on there -along with Mitch’s. The thing is, they’re not together.

Green With Envy- Chapter Four

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Bruce Banner x Daughter! Reader and Peter Parker x Reader

Summary-You and your little brother Wyatt have been living on your own since your mother ran out on you two years ago. You hadn’t seen your father since you were 10 and now 7 years later he shows up on your door step asking for your help. Him and the avengers need a place to lay low for a while. Everyone is shocked to meet you and your brother. They never expected Bruce to have kids. Let alone enhanced ones

Message- Here’s part four! It’s kinda a filler chapter!  Sorry if it sucks!!!

Warning- Mentions of child abandonment and a drug addicted mom, reader gets arrested

Background  Chapter One  Chapter Two  Chapter Three

Word Count- 948

“What is your brother doing?” Danny asks. “I thought you said that he drew pictures of the future.”

“He does.” You say as you move to look at what your brother was doing. He was writing a list of names. “Wade Wilson, Peter Parker, Jessica Jones, Sam Wilson, Luke Cage, Steven Strange, Danny Rand, Miles Morales, Y/N Banner and Wyatt Banner. This is a list of who their targeting.” You murmur as you watch your brother write more names.

“We need to warn everyone on that list. Tell them all to hide.” Peter murmurs as your brother continues to write names.

“Or tell them to join us and fight.” You mutter.

“Woah, hey. I never agreed to anything.” Jessica says.

“This is too big to ignore, you have to realize that.” You say.

“Okay, I’m in or whatever.” Jessica says as she rolls her eyes.

“I’ll call a friend of mine and he can start warning the people on the list.” Matt says as he grabs the disposable phone from you.

“I need to call Aunt May, she needs to get somewhere safe.” Peter murmurs to you.

“Can she take Wyatt with her?” You ask and Peter nods. He uses the phone when Matt is done and gives may an address down the road. May took Wyatt and left for an unknown location minutes after she arrived.

“Okay, what’s the plan?” Luke asks you.

“Me and Peter get arrested.” You say to them.

“How is that going to help anything?” Danny asks.

“We need to know where they are holding the Avengers, right? So odds are if me and Peter are apprehended they would take us to where they are. If for no other reason than using me to get to my Dad and Peter to get to Tony. So we put trackers on Peter and me, that way the four of you can break everyone out.” You say as you cross your arms over your chest.

“That’s….actually a really good idea. Stupid, but good.” Matt says.

“Thank you.” You say.

“Your both okay with this? Getting arrested? This will completely blow any chance at anonymity for either of you.” Luke says. You look at Peter and he nods his head.

“Yeah, I mean they obviously already know who we are, so it’s not like my secret identity is actually a secret anymore.” Peter says as he takes your hand in his.

“So how do you plan on getting noticed?” Jessica asks.

“Oh, I have a few ideas.” You say as you smirk.

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The battle of the Mullets.

Okay. So Matt almost has a mullet. So what if his hair grows our more by the time he meets the rest of the gang. Lance looks at Matt then Keith when they first meet Matt and then says “Matt. You seem like a cool dude so I’m afraid there’s only room for one mullet in this group so you and Keith will have to duke it out.” Then Keith is like “I hate to agree with him but he kinda has a point.” Can there please be a picture of this?? I could TRY (emphasis on try) to draw it but I know you guys have a whole lot of artsy talent so feel free to steal this idea!!


5x13 | The Song Remains the Same
Michael possesses John

Symbiotic Bonding

Part 5

The Experiment

Matt continues to feel weak for several minutes. His mind drifting in and out of consciousness as Andrew’s apology rings throughout his head. He slowly comes to his senses; eyes popping suddenly wide open. Matt sits up, groaning, feeling completely awful.

“What the hell just happened?” Matt muttered under his breath. He slowly pushes himself off the floor from between Andrew’s legs. Standing up on shaky legs, Matt staggers away toward the bathroom, having to reach down several times to pull up his shorts. When he finally reaches the sink he hesitates at first before looking into the mirror.

What he sees makes his blood run cold. Matt is clearly shorter then what he was before, and his muscles, while still large, are no longer the huge size they were minutes ago. Where his head used to reach to the top of the mirror – now it’s a good four inches lower. He snorts in aggravation, walking over to the scale. As he steps onto it the hand flies to the right, landing on 250lbs. He couldn’t believe it; just last week he stood at 300 lbs.

Matt closes his eyes for a moment, trying to think. Something sparks. His mouth dropping as he opens his eyes and spins around heading back to where his brother sat on the couch. “Andrew, I think I know what’s going on. But we need to test it to see if I am right.

Andrew looks at Matt confused. “Umm, Ok?”

“Something in our cum is doing something to us… Something weird…” Matt turns from his brother, walking into the kitchen, coming back with a pair of cups. He hands one of them down to Andrew. “I want you to jerk off into this, and I’ll do the same with my cup. And when we are finished, we’ll each drink the cum and we will see what happens.” It’s an insane plan, beyond ridiculous actually. But something in the back of Matt’s mind tells him he needs to know if this is what is really going on between them.

Andrew continues to look up at Matt from the couch, confused. He’s still shirtless and just in his boxers from the previous encounter, his cock pulled to the left and held tightly in place when his cock begins to twitch a bit in excitement. Andrew also has a feeling that their cum is the cause what is happening to them too. “I don’t think that is a good idea, Matt. I mean, I think this might cause another change.”

“I think so too.” Matt looks a bit nervous, but he doesn’t care. “That’s why we need to test it. We have to know if it’s the cum or something else. I have a very good feeling it is our cum that is doing this to us… As crazy as that sounds.”

Matt takes his cup and pulls out his cock right in front of Andrew, holding It right above the lip. Closing his eyes he strokes his large piece of meat. Matt can feel it is smaller then what it was, and Andrew notices just by looking it isn’t the massive 10 inch monster he used to be so proud of. Matt’s Legendary 10 inches has been reduced to a generous 8 ½. Matt pumps it slowly methodically, holding it in one hand and the cup in the other.

As Matt strokes himself off, Andrew takes notice of other things. His brother’s shirt is no longer as tight as it used to bel the oversized garment hangs loosely off his still-muscular, but significantly-smaller frame.

Andrew hesitates at first, but slowly peels the front of his underwear down. His 5 ½ inch cock popping out free, along with his new, massive forest of dark pubic fur. He reaches down, wrapping his hand around his cock, putting the plastic cup between his legs. The head of his cock over the top of the cup as he begins to jerk off his own member.

It feels so good in his hand; it’s the first time he has really taken notice to his new size. It’s the first time he’s actually got to handle his own cock this much since this whole ordeal started. Andrew looks up at Matt, noticing his brother looking right at him intently working his own cock over. “Are you ok, Matt?”

Matt begins to stroke his dick harder as he looks on at Andrew. Both of them gazing at each other in a somewhat lust and desire. Matt pumping his meat with gusto. With a loud grunt, he exhales, shoots, pumping his load into his cup.

Matt breathes heavily as he strokes the remaining dollops of cum from the inside of his shaft, squeezing it and making sure he got every last drop out of it. “Doing just fine, Andrew. Just studying your body. I want to see how you do when you drink this. I’m guessing you’re going to do very, very well.” Matt smiles ruefully down at Andrew. Making magic cum is fine and all, but if his balls churn out this magic growth-cum, why does he keep shrinking? His suspicion, of course, but it’s about to either be confirmed or proven wrong.

Andrew continues to look over Matt as he too continued to stroke his own dick. He begins to feel his balls churn, pull up. Andrew leans forward, grabbing the cup between his legs. “Oh FUCK!” He grunts as he shoots, and shoots… and SHOOTS… Andrew begins to pant between his grunts as he doesn’t feel his cock stopping until he fills the cup a bit more then ½ way full.

Andrew looks back up at Matt, a quizzical look on his face. Matt’s cup doesn’t have nearly as much as Andrew’s contained. “Uh, you don’t have to drink all of it, Matt.”

Matt takes a step forward, handing his brother his cup of spunk that he just produced, taking the cup that Andrew was holding and just filled up. “No sense being a wuss about it now,” Matt said in his old cocky voice. Placing the cup at his lips, he tips it back and chugs the entire thick fluid down.

Matt winces, feeling his body react to the bitter substance. The familiar feeling of weakness coming over him again and making him feel… less… than he was before.

Andrew just sits back, watching in horror. The cup of Matt’s cum still in his hand as he watches on as Matt begins to shrink right in front of him. For the first time, they can both see what effect Andrew’s cum has over his brother.

Andrew puts the cup of cum on the coffee table, getting up, wrapping his arms around his shrinking sibling. “Fuck Matt!” His arms shifting around his brother’s body as Matt’s lats collapse inward slightly. He begins to descend slightly in height. Matt’s body is wobbly as he leans into Andrew for support as his muscular legs feel weaker as he compacts an inch all over his entire body as his body mass loses 10 more lbs of muscle. And his cock, slowly retracting to 8 inches.

He clutches onto Matt’s body more tightly. “I can’t drink it, bro!”

Matt trembles for a moment, then wraps his own arms around his twin. He’s still bigger, still stronger then Andrew. But he’s quite a bit smaller than he was before. “You’ve got to, Andrew. We need to know. And hey, it’s not so bad, right? If my cum works like I think it does, you’ll get bigger, not smaller. That’s not so bad, is it?”

Matt smiles down at Andrew, sadness in his eyes as he knows there is no going back, the only thing they can do now is move forward as he bends his neck down and places a soft kiss on Andrew’s lips. “Come on. Just drink it. It won’t hurt you. A hundred bucks says you’ll feel better afterwards.” He looks at Andrew seriously, and Andrew can see that Matt really wants him to drink down his seed.

Andrew hesitates, moves over to the table, and picks up the cup. He lifts it up to his lips, his eyes never breaking contact with Matt as he pushed the cup back and feels the warm salty cocktail that Matt made produced from his manhood slide down his throat.

Andrew’s eyes open wide as he drops the cup. A feeling of warmth washing over his entire body as he begins to breathe harder, grunting in pleasure. His body tingling as Matt’s seed begins to fuel his muscles. Andrew’s entire skeletal structure shifts and pops, growing upward and broader as his bones grow to accommodate the incoming new size. His body gaining another inch in height. Andrew’s muscles tense all over, throbbing gently, growing bigger with each pulse of his heart beat as 10 pounds of muscle packs onto him.

A moan escapes his lips as his cock and balls tremble and jerk as they bloat a bit larger, fuller, more potent. His dick becoming rock hard, looking a bit over 6 inches now, jutting a bit further out from his forest of pubes he’d grown.

“Fuck, it does work!” Matt watches in awe. His clothes even looser as he sees the boxers around Andrew’s thighs pulling even tighter.

“We can’t do this anymore,” Andrew pants, breathing hard after this new dramatic growth that they now both know what the actual cause is now. “You’re going to keep shrinking, Matt. And it just feels like the world is changing. I can’t get bigger then you, Matt.”

The look in Matt’s eyes though seems to tell Andrew more of what’s going on in his brother’s head. If it wasn’t for his facial expressions, Andrew could easily tell what Matt was thinking by his brother’s growing cock after seeing him change a bit.

“Are you fucking kidding?” Matt said, finally back to his normal demeanor as he tossed his empty cup aside. “I have the power to make you bigger, stronger… tougher. Why wouldn’t we do that? I don’t need to drink your cum. Fine. No reason though why you can’t drink mine though!” He looks down at his dick, noting it has boned up to its full hardness again.

Matt steps closer, pulling off his shirt and tosses it aside. His torso is still beautifully-muscled, but no longer has its prior impressive size. It’s also completely smooth, missing the carpet of masculine fur that once covered it. He tenses his pecs and abs slowly, making the muscle bulge under his skin. Slapping his flexed abs, striking them like a drum. “Come on, Andrew. You saying you don’t want to get a bit bigger? A bit stronger? A bit sexier?” Matt’s voice trails off into a seductive growl.

Andrew places his hand on Matt’s smooth pec, not having to look up as much anymore to see his brother’s face. “I don’t Matt. You make me feel comfortable. I don’t want to lose what we are gaining back after all these years.” Andrew wraps his arms around Matt in a hug.

“We need to stop this all together. No more blow jobs. No experimenting. No fucking. If our size difference continues to shift, I won’t see you as my big lug of a hunk brother anymore.”

Andrew shifts his eyes downward, looking a bit depressed. “I just wish there was a way we can continue to play without the risk…”

To Be Continued…

Coming Soon Part 06: Risk Takers

safe and sound

Matt woke up in a panic. Struggling against the sheets that felt like they were suffocating him, face stuck in a silent scream.
It took him a moment to remember where he was. Not in the Galra prison, not in the rebel base camp. No, he was in a castle. The castle of lions. There was a princess and Katie was there. Katie was a paladin of Voltron. Shiro was a paladin of Voltron. The man Matt had thought he’d never see again was here and alive.
Matt struggled to calm his racing heart and slow his breathing. He was safe. He just had a nightmare. Turning over in the bed he couldn’t seem to get his mind to relax despite knowing he wasn’t in danger.
At the rebel camp, Matt had felt as secure as he thought he could be nowadays. Being in a new place must have spiked his anxiety and caused the most vivid nightmare he’d had in awhile.
Matt knew he wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep anytime soon so he rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling above his new bed.
Maybe he could go to Katie’s room and sleep in her bed. But Matt remembered how tired she looked after they got back from their mission at the rebel camp. He couldn’t bother her when he knew she could use a good nights sleep.
The idea to go to Shiro’s room flitted into Matt’s mind but he shoved it aside quickly. Of course he couldn’t bother Shiro. Matt started dwelling on the idea more though and sat up in his bed. Shiro might still be awake. He had also told Matt to come see him if he needed anything. Matt decided quickly that he would walk to Shiro’s room and see him just to reassure himself that Shiro was still here. Still safe. That would calm him down enough to go back to sleep.
Matt quietly got out of bed and opened the door. He slipped out of his room and started creeping down the hall. Which room was Shiro’s again? Matt recalled Shiro saying something about the last door on the left. Deciding to go with that, Matt crossed his fingers and gently knocked on the door he hoped was Shiro’s.
A few moments passed and Matt began to panic. This probably wasn’t Shiro’s room or maybe Shiro was in a deep sleep. Why did he think this was a good idea? Matt suddenly heard a quiet rustling and the door slid open with a soft whoosh.
“Matt?” asked a bleary-eyed Shiro in a confused whisper.
There was a distinct pause before Matt realized how unthought out his plan was and started rambling, “I’m so sorry. This was dumb. I obviously woke you up I just couldn’t sleep but I can see this was a bad idea. I-I’ll um go now.”
“No. Wait.” Shiro stopped him from leaving with a hand on Matt’s arm. “Did you have a nightmare?”
Matt nodded weakly. “Yeah, but it’s no big deal…”
“Do you want to sleep here?” Shiro asked timidly.
“You had a nightmare and you’re in a new place I figure you might not want to be alone. I should have offered before we even went to sleep.”
“I don’t want to inconvenience you Shiro” Matt mumbled.
“Matt. You’d never be an inconvenience. You’re my best friend. I care about you. And the bed is big enough for both of us.”
“Okay. Only if you’re sure..”
“I’m sure. Come in.”
Matt hesitantly walked into Shiro’s room and the door slid closed behind them. Matt laid down in Shiro’s bed, pressed tightly against the wall. Shiro flicked off the light and slid in after Matt.
“Goodnight Matt.” Shiro whispered into the dark.
“Goodnight” answered Matt.
Matt was only freaking out a little about sharing a bed with the man he’s liked for what seemed like years. What captured more of his attention was how comfortable and warm Shiro’s bed was and how safe he felt lying next to Shiro. He felt more relaxed then he had in a long time. Matt soon drifted into a deep sleep.
The next morning Matt woke up slowly, drifting into consciousness. He looked up and saw Shiro blinking awake too. When they were both mostly awake they quickly took note of their position. In the night they had moved closer and closer together until they wound up in their current state. Arms and legs tangled together. Chests pressed against each other.
Matt felt his ears and cheeks start to burn and knew he must have been an embarrassing red colour.
Shiro, who was also looking a bit pink on the cheeks, simply looked at Matt and smiled.
“Good morning Matt. How did you slee-”
Shiro was cut of by a loud banging on the door.
“Shiro!” Pidge yelled through the door. “Matt isn’t in his room and he wasn’t in the dining room. I can’t find him!!”
Shiro quickly hopped out of bed, shooting Matt an shy, apologetic smile.
“He’s in here Pidge. Matt slept in my room.”
“Oh okay. Wait. What?!” she replied.
The door slid open and Pidge stepped into the room. Taking in the sight of Matt still in Shiro’s bed, her left eyebrow raised.
“He slept in here huh? With you? In the same bed?” Pidge said, a smirk growing on her face, “Well I guess I’ll just be going then. Hope you both had a nice sleep.” She slowly walked out of the room.
Pidge’s mischievous smile told both Shiro and Matt that the others in the castle would soon be aware that they had slept in the same room. The door shut behind Pidge and Shiro turned towards Matt.
“So..” started Shiro.
“Sooo..” said Matt, still wrapped in Shiro’s blanket. “Thank you for letting me sleep here Shiro, it really helped.”
“No problem Matt, I slept better too. You have no idea how worried I was about you. I-I thought I lost you forever… Matt, I love you. I have since before Kerberos. I was scared to ruin our friendship or interfere with the mission so I didn’t tell you. Getting you back made me realize, the only thing I’m afraid of is losing you. I should have told you sooner. I love you Matt. I’m not afraid to tell you anymore.”
Matt was sitting in a stunned silence on the bed before he quickly stood up in front of Shiro.
“I love you too Shiro. I have for so long. I thought you were dead. Having you here feels like a dream. I finally feel safe again. I feel at home with you, I always have.”
“Matt, can I- can I kiss you?”
Instead of responding, Matt slowly closed the distance between them and pressed his lips gently against Shiro’s. They kissed softly for awhile. Each kiss light but filled with love. Eventually the two broke apart.
“We should probably head to breakfast.” Shiro mumbled, his lips still brushing against Matt’s.
“I guess so.” Matt sighed in response. He kissed Shiro once more and then stepped back.
“Pidge probably told everyone an exaggerated version of what she saw.” Shiro groaned. “Everyone is going think she walked in on us making out or something.”
“That does sound like Katie” Matt said with a chuckle. “C'mon, let’s get this confrontation over with then.”
Matt grabbed Shiro’s hand and together they walked out the door.