good i wanna be that hat!


okay i need to say this shit. SHES SO FUCKING HOT AND SEXY AS HELL HOLY FUCKING SHIT I LOVE THIS WOMAN SO MUCH IM SO SO SO FUCKING GAY FOR HER SHES MOMMY AS FUCK AND YUM. HER IN HER AND PEGGY HAT BACKWARDS IN ONE OF THE HAM4HAM’S WHERE SHE SAYS SEX T A K E ME NOW I WANNA MARRY HER OR PLAY HAMILTON DURING SAY NO TO THIS HAVENT DECIDED. Anthony is also one fINE PEICE OF MAn. they’re such a good couple because they’re both walking sex dreams i’m so in love with them both. i’m so bisexual it hurts i love these two more then anything in this life. i will meet jazzy one day and that day will be the best day of my life. okay but her in red lipstick FUCK. ME. okay i’m done now i just love them

Reyna’s 500+ Follower Giveaway!!!


I’ve been saying I’d do another one for the last, oh, two hundred followers I think?

Finally, I noticed I have OVER HALF A THOUSAND FOLLOWERS OH MY G O D WHERE DID YOU ALL COME FROM?! *Ahem* So I can’t really put it off any longer. XP

You old hats know the drill, but for all the newcomers, the rules are as follows:


1.) You must be following me. More specifically, you must be following my writing blog, since I wanna avoid spamming my personal blog with this giveaway this time around. ^^;

2.) Every like and reblog counts towards one entry in the giveaway. You can only like this post once (until I add to it, that is), but you can reblog it as many times as you wish~ For every like/reblog, I will record your url, which gives you more chances to win a giveaway slot!

3.) This giveaway will run until January 24th to January 31st. You have until then to get your like and reblogs in. And, to prevent any confusion on the subject, I will be going by American Eastern Standard Time. So when it hits midnight on the East Coast and the date changes to February 1st, the contest is over. Make a note!

4.) At the end of the giveaway, I will choose three urls and write them a medium-length drabble (about 7 pages minimum) about a prompt of their choice. The prompt does not have to be about Miraculous Ladybug, but at the same time, I can’t write for something I’m not a fan of. Please keep that in mind when making your requests. Also, there may be things I will NOT write, so if I turn your request down, you’re free to request something else.

5.) The giveaway winners have until February 5th to contact me about prompt requests. I need a deadline for this just to make sure they don’t take me forever to do. ^^;

Annnnd I think that’s it! I’ll reblog this post with new information when necessary, but for now, have at it~ Good luck, and thanks for following!! <3

EDIT: KAY SO I FUCKED UP BY POSTING THIS TO MY PERSONAL BLOG WHEN I MEANT TO POST IT TO MY WRITING BLOG. So we’re starting over. >_< Reblog THIS version please, so I can keep track of you guys! <3

Holiday Sentence Starters
  • "Want some hot chocolate?"
  • "You think we have enough decorations?"
  • "We still have to get the tree."
  • "I think we need more ornaments."
  • "Do you wanna build a snowman?"
  • "I think you need a good snowball fight."
  • "When should we get the turkey?"
  • "Who's coming over?"
  • "Do we /have/ to go?"
  • "It's a costume only party, you have to wear it."
  • "Don't forget your gloves/jacket/hat."
  • "It's too cold, let's just stay in bed."
  • "I just want to lie here all day with you."
  • "Did you eat all my cookies?"
  • "We can't afford this!"
  • "Scoot over. Share the warmth."
  • "I'm cold."
  • "We should start a fire."
  • "You're a good pillow."
  • "Do I look like a pillow to you?"
  • "You think (name) would settle for just carrots? ...Y'know, the reindeer need to eat too. Maybe Santa's on a diet this year."
  • "Did you leave milk and cookies?"
  • "Are you shivering?"
  • "You think you got enough gifts there?"
  • "I think we forgot something..."
  • "Do you have your list ready yet?"
Stranger Things: As described by somebody who’s never seen it (That person being my sister)

Eleven:  “ I know that she’s 11. I know she’s like an alien or something. I mean… Just from stuff I’ve seen online, I know those hands have killed. Someone please get her a napkin for her nose. Also eggos.”

Joyce: “Is this the ‘Where is my son?’ lady?”

Nancy: :She looks like someone I wanna fight… I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say she’s gay. So she’s probably dead. “

Dustin: “I want to protect him. Also, I like his duck lips. Also, he’s wearing  trucker hat, so he probably trashy but in a good way. I’m assuming he’s the little rascal of the group.”

Lucas: “I’m just gonna assume he’s done with everyone else’s shit. Also, I know somebody plays D&D in this, so I’m gonna assume he’s the ranger.”

Jonathan: “Forehead”

Chief Hopper: “Get off my lawn you crazy kids!”

Will: “He looks like coconut head mixed with Marty McFly. His face is filled with worry. Probably a 50 year old in a 5 year old’s body.”

Dr. Martin Brenner: “Is he the president?”

Karen: “She’s wearing flannel so is she also gay? Is she important?”

Mike: “Small and precocious and filled with wonder. He looks like he tries to protect. “

Flirty old western aesthetic eremin scribbles.~ cuz I love that snk is partially technically a western lmao

I just really wanna see them fall for each other at a folk dance<3

like- Eren gazing at Armin from across the room, cuz he looks wonderful that night, and then his eyes meet his, and then like something out of Armin’s dreams, Eren casually strolls over with that smile Armin adores, and tips his hat to him and Armin blushes and his eyes sparkle, and they exchange “Good Evening.”, “Evening…” to each other before Eren finally awkwardly asks him to dance (losing his cool in the midst because his heart’s all a flutter and he can’t hide how nervous he is), but when Armin says yes, they both lock eyes and never look away, lay their hats together on the table, and walk over to the dance floor hand in hand, preparing for the twangy up-beat music to drop and Eren finally admits in a low tone “Armin… I’ve never actually done this before, I don’t know what I’m doing…” but Armin happily looks at him with those eyes and says “Well, neither do I…” and his eyes bring that confident smile back out on Eren’s face and he says “Then what have we got to lose?” and they wow everyone with their chemistry alone as they learn to dance with each other, hot diggity~

badass tenor songs [x]
a giant master playlist of tenor/baritenor songs for all of your high note needs. (requested by fruitpunchladel)

on the street where you live (my fair lady) // gethsemane (jesus christ superstar) // high flying adored (evita) // johanna (sweeney todd) // finishing the hat (sunday in the park with george) // something’s coming (west side story) // empty chairs at empty tables (les miserables) // giants in the sky (into the woods) // she loves me (she loves me) // one song glory (rent) // the proposal (titanic) // all good gifts (godspell) // i wanna be a producer (the producers) // what do i need with love (thoroughly modern millie) // purpose (avenue q) // it hurts me (all shook up) // take a chance on me (little women) // my unfortunate erection (25th annual putnam county spelling bee) // being alive (company) // goodbye (i love you because) // don’t do sadness (spring awakening) // role of a lifetime (bare) // my next story (glory days) // anthem (chess) // i’m alive (next to normal) // run away with me (unauthorized autobiography of samantha brown) // disappear (the burnt part boys) // goodbye (catch me if you can) // i believe (book of mormon) // santa fe (newsies) // dreamer in disguise (carrie) // land of lola (kinky boots) // moving too fast (the last 5 years) // corner of the sky (pippin) // proud of your boy (aladdin)

soprano | alto | bass

Anthony by PhemieC

Another song! It’s an Original this time, not a fansong for once. A little weird and experimental, and pretty personal, but hopefully someone enjoys it :)


I’m kind and I’m clever, I know how to pull out the tab of a coffee cup
I find more pleasure in helping than hurting, I’m pretty sure that’s enough

and as for grown ups I don’t wanna be one
and I don’t wanna see one again
and I don’t want to know what I’m missing out on
or if my hat’s on the wrong end

so what if I’m walking home backwards?
I’m still gonna get where I get
Anthony’s walked round in circles for years and he hasn’t stopped yet

I’m funny and free, with a few good tattoos and permanent crooked grin
I’ve medals for participation and others for getting the hockey puck in

and as for losers I’ve certainly been one
and I’ll probably be one again
but I don’t want to know what I’m getting too old for
so don’t put your trash in my bin

so what my life story’s missing a cover,
on sale for just $1.99?
Anthony’s written in marker, he’s scrawled in the margins of mine

I’m soft and I’m silly, my therapist tells me I thoroughly know my own mind
yeah, I’m so self aware she can’t help me, I finish her sentences all the time

so as for sanity take it or leave it
don’t know where I last put mine down
and I’ve gained thirty pounds since I lost it
so it probably wont fit me now

so what if my uncertain future
looks nothing at all like my past
Anthony's outside the confines of spacetime completely
he’s perfectly calm and relaxed


Anthony’s just where I left him
and he can’t do a thing on his own
he’s never won any trophies or accolades
he’s never gonna get home
so I’ve got a leg up on the boy
that I dreamed about being when I was 13
I’d rather be the real me than fake Anthony

yeah all in all I’d rather be me than Anthony


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Dating Niall would include

- baking cupcakes in the middle of the night.

- him making you wear his sweaters when you get a cold

-lots and lots of cuddling

- rough and sweaty post-concert sex

- “Y'have to be quiet darlin’, I don’t want Harry catchin’ us again.”

- him dragging you to all his sports events

- You having to cheer him up after his team lost and he’s acting like a pouty four year-old toddler

- “Niall did you purposely cut holes in your jeans?”

- “Niall where the fuck is the pie I bought this morning?”

- “Niall get off of me, we have to get up.” “Nuh uh. Don’t wanna.” “Niaalll.”

- him making dinner and it’s good but the kitchen’s a mess

- “Sometimes I think you love Harry more than me.” “You got me.”

- rough and sweaty post-golf sex

- that goddamn stupid ugly hat

- him being overprotective at clubs and crowded places

- him tackling you out of no where and tickling you

- him trying really hard to braid your hair

- “My eyes are drowning in an ocean of you.” “You’re such a loser, you know that?”

- him trying and failing to teach you guitar.

- his thick ass fingers

- tracing the veins on his arms while you both watch tv

- sloppy kisses

Pregnancy sentence starters


“Do you have a name picked out yet?”

“Can I feel?”

“Okay I know we’re not related, but can I still be an aunt/uncle?”

“You need me to help you bring those groceries in, or do you two have it handled?”

“The only reason I am getting you french fries in the middle of the night is because you’re pregnant and because I’m a good friend, remember that okay.”

“What do you mean I can’t get the baby this hat that looks like a crocodile is trying to eat it for once it’s born? It’ll totally be cute.”

“Wait, are you pregnant? Why am I just finding this out now? You should have texted me the second you knew.”


“Why’s the baby moving so much? I just wanna cuddle it.”

“When’s my friend gonna get here? They’ve gotta be really big now right?”

“Why do babies take so long to make? You’ve been all big forever.”

“How’re they gonna shower the baby when it’s in your tummy?”

To friends:

“Remember how I was sick every morning last week? Well turns out that you’re gonna be an aunt/uncle…if you’re up for it that is.”

“I’ve been having a little trouble making supper with the little one kicking me all the time, want to come over for pizza and hang out for a bit?”

“I finally understand why you like ___ so much, it’s surprisingly good…either that or the baby shares your taste buds because we spend so much time hanging out.”

To children:

“You know how sometimes people get all big then later they have a baby? Well I’m gonna start doing that now too.”

tagged by @nerdyzelo.  Thanks for the tag bruh.  Hella bored in class you saved me.

rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to know better

nicknames: B, Biancabear, BSwagMunny, Binkys, Potato (general term for friend)

gender: Fluid

star sign: Capricorn

height: 5′6″ 

time right now: 12:33 Pm

last thing i googled: Why do hats make my head itchy.  Listen dudes i just wanna wear my hats comfortably, why she gotta itch???

favourite bands:
Fickle Friends, Panic! At the Disco, The 1975, LANY, EXO, f(x), seventeen, Great Good Fine Ok, B1A4, Monsta X

favourite solo artists: Drake, Dodie Clark, Julia Nunes, Jay Park, Tone Stith, Mura Masa

song stuck in my head: Playing to Lose by Lemaitre, Stanaj

last movie i watched: Mobile Suit Gundam

last tv show i watched: Black Bullet

when did you create your blog: December of 2013, please help me get off of this hell website

what stuff do you post: Mainly kpop stuff and few memes.  It’s very reversed now.  Sorry for all the shitposts.

when did you blog reach its peak: Is there really such thing as peaking in this blue hell??????????  Idk probably like some time during 2016.

do you have any other blogs: Theres an art blog i was forced to create for school and then a side blog i use for venting but i havent touched that second one in years.

do you get asks regularly: Lol no

why did you choose your url:*sigh* well this was at the time sandeul from b1a4 was my ultimate bias but chunji from teen top was rising in the ranks.  So i just smashed their names together and here i am.  Should i change it??? probably, i hate explaining it… am i going to? probably not.

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pokemon team: meme team instinct 

favourite colors: P  A  S  T  E  L  S , black, white, blue, red

average hours of sleep: about 5 on a good day

lucky numbers: 19

favourite characters: Korra from LoK, Delphine from orphan black, everyone in steven universe, Blaine from Glee, 

what are you wearing right now: Black hoodie, grey baseball cap, light pants, starwars socks, tropical print shoes, and my university lanyard

how many blankets do you sleep with: 5

dream job: Visual development artist

dream trip: Get me out of the USA

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cxsmictxy replied to your post “* i like horror movies but only when the dog is ok.”

Agreed, man. Sis and I are making sure nothing happens to Aggie in the ARG because of this

* oh good. i was pretty into the idea of a friend making an arg before but now? you’ve definitely got a fan in me. so do you wanna join the fictional animal protection squad aka f.a.p.s.? you get a pastel hat and giggling rights.

* yeah. only f.a.p.s. members can laugh at the funny acronym.

anonymous asked:

I really wish I could be 5h's designer, sometimes the things they wear literally makes me wanna throw up, they are so beautiful , all they need is a good designer 😌

i would remove dinah’s hat, ally’s jacket, normani’s pants and lauren’s shoes


hat / cat

To my new followers...

Welcome! I’m thankful for the new likes, reposts, and follows I’ve been getting. The Alpha Bitch is a rare breed and it’s nice finding guys and Alphas who want a money making, take no shit, split on the dick at the drop of a hat and swallow your nut til your balls dry up, type of bitch.

I have an upcoming out of town trip to announce next week for my birthday, and I’d LOVE to hook up with some Alphas that wanna give this wet-wet a try.

Not to mention, I’m in heat. And you know what that means 😈

Once again, thank you. And stay tuned.
-The Alpha Bitch


[march 11-12, 2017]

the first two Harry Potter movies for the first time ever. looking like newt scamander’s little sister now that i’m ginger. this cake is like the good relationships in my life - lopsided, crumbly, but super sweet. missing Vic. it’s not right with just the three of us. day light savings is still the most awful thing to ever happen to us. 2 a.m. on march 12 will never exist for me. i will never not be mad about that.

@reflectionofsunlight | @like-he-would-for-the-good thanks for educating me, and for being patient with my outbursts of wonderment and confusion.

anonymous asked:

You know I really really REALLY hate you right now for making me choose if I don't pick Jooheon then he won't get his hat back but if I don't pick Jaebum then he won't get to meet bingu and I don't even wanna IMAGINE tae or tops face if they don't get picked and OH GOD jay parks poor heart but but precious Mingyu and the aquarium 😭😭😭😭😭 I don't waaaannnnaaaa doooo iiittttt

why do you think i’ve left it up to my beautifully capable readers?! the struggle is real and ya’ll are the only ones i can trust…because i know damn well i couldn’t pick…

make good decisions! :D 


letting my imagination run wild with this lot! duggan, bandit, and rory– though i’ll be renaming bandit and rory i jsut…. don’t have names

at least two more central characters i wanna pick up >U> bart (bogsneak), and eleanor (skydancer) and everybody still need genes

bandit has cool implants to make him faster + stronger + an even bigger pain in duggan’s ass than he should be


I recently added hat chops to 11 of @sweettacoplumbobs’ hairs and with the last one I did a wee tutorial. Based mostly off @simlaughlove‘s answer to some anon question. It works pretty well which is why I call it “Good Enough”. It assumes you have some blender knowledge but, I tried to spell out a lot. You can also view images here on imgur. Whatever works for you. Enjoy  ♥

If this made sense to you lemme know if there’s something else you wanna know. I don’t know much but, I like to help. ☺

Model by @mamalovesnuts you can find her here. :D