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when you accidentally write a tragedy instead of a sin

last night i was sick and lying on the couch going over and over a nightmare about my trauma and starting to spiral badly.

dorian gets himself up off the couch where he was sleeping, walks over to my desk and starts pressing buttons on my kb.

he opened spotify and kyary pamyu pamyu started playing, then he went to my open tumblr page and sent a series of numbers and keyboard mashes to @labradorduck.

then after I sat at the desk and took a photo of him he sat on my lap for cuddles while I explained to my freind what the message was, starting a conversation that helped get me out of the headspace.

tl;dr: dorian decided I was entering dangerous territory, puts on my favourite music, messages my friends for me and stayed for cuddles.

he helps

the interaction between genji and mccree is playful and teasing and so cute, you can tell by the tones of their voices, and i bet they talk like that all the time, cute banter on and off the battlefield as a means of making light of everything cuz their lives are Tough but at least they can have fun together (100/10, good content), whereas the interaction between mccree and ha/nzo is literally just ha/nzo being a rude ass (0/10, bad content)

smh i’m trying to redecorate Wes’ loft and i realized i have like 0 rugs from cleaning out my cc a few months ago. i closed my game to go hunt for some but ended up downloading 200 items of cc.. none of them were rugs.


deathcabindiagonalley  asked:

I recently came across the theory that the Tattered Prince is Aerion's son Maegor. Being a true Targ, he would have dragon eggs, and when he fled Pentos, were left behind or stolen from him, which explains how Illyrio was in possession of dragon eggs - three, no less. The theory also mentioned that TTP's aim is still to steal Dany's dragons as they're essentially his. While this theory does sort of explain what happened to Prince Maegor, it still seems like a whole lot of speculation. Thoughts?

It seems like a whole ton of speculation. Cloud-castle-building theorizing of the worst kind, where instead of working with evidence to develop a theory, they start with a theory and twist the truth to match.

But let’s see the evidence.

  • Age. Maegor Brightflame was born in 232 AC. If he were still alive, he’d be 68. The Tattered Prince is “past sixty”, which is a match, but GRRM has a tendency to average up and would be more likely to call a 68-year-old man “near seventy”.
  • Appearance. Maegor was the child of two Targaryens. Aerion looked a classic Targ: pale skin, silver-gold hair, purple eyes. We don’t know what his cousin/wife Daenora looked like, but of the children of Mariah Martell only Baelor is mentioned as looking Dornish, not Rhaegel… and Daenora’s mother was an Arryn, who are generally blonde… so we can presume Maegor probably had the Targ traits. The Tattered Prince is old, with grey hair, so that’s no help, but he says all he needs to do is take off his tattered clothing to become “plain and unremarkable”. (Though note going incognito was something Maegor’s uncle Daeron could do.) But he evidently doesn’t have purple eyes, as that certainly would have been mentioned.
  • The Prince of Pentos is chosen from the forty families. (And greatly honored, until something bad happens and the Pentoshi believe the gods are angry at them, upon which he is sacrificed and the magisters choose a new prince.) Even if Maegor was living in Pentos (though I don’t know why, see below), he would not be of the forty families of Pentos, so why would they choose him to be their sacrificial prince?
  • The Tattered Prince was chosen by the magisters when he was twenty-three. Maegor was 23 in 255 AC, and this is the biggest fault in the theory, because TWOIAF has a date for when the Tattered Prince was elected, and it says it was in 262 AC.
  • But even assuming that Maester Yandel somehow got the records that wrong (and if you do that you open up wayyy too many cans of worms), 255 AC was four years before the Tragedy at Summerhall. Why would Maegor have left Westeros for Pentos during the rule of Aegon V, during a point when there wasn’t even any ongoing war with the Blackfyres? (The Band of Nine didn’t start doing their thing until 258.) Even if Maegor were exiled like Aerion briefly was, for similar reasons, why would he have been allowed to take dragon eggs with him? How would he have gotten three? A Targaryen prince is only given one each, in the cradle.
  • Illyrio says the dragon eggs he gives to Dany are from the Shadow Lands beyond Asshai, and are thousands of years old. If they were from Westeros via Maegor, why would he need to make up such an elaborate lie? Why not just say they were eggs acquired from Westeros, from the Targaryens back when they had dragons? Dany would have been even more kindly inclined to Illyrio to hear that, that perhaps someone in her family once held these eggs, that perhaps they were laid by one of the dragons she knows of from family stories. (Also, the fact that Dany’s eggs are eons old and petrified and from Asshai is a plot point re her miracle, goddamn it. They aren’t any of the known Targ eggs, which were probably all destroyed at Summerhall, anyway.)
  • The Tattered Prince doesn’t want Dany’s dragons. He wants Pentos. He says this clearly, more than once. When Pretty Meris fake-deserts the Windblown to tell Dany that the Tattered Prince wants to go over to her side, she says he says the price is Pentos. And when Quentyn comes to him asking for help stealing the dragons, again he says he wants Pentos in return for that help, and they sign a contract with this agreement. If the Tattered Prince wanted the dragons for himself, why doesn’t he even hint to this feeling? Why does he keep saying Pentos?

No, the Tattered Prince is a Pentoshi, from one of the forty families. He wants to be the Prince of Pentos for real, but on his own terms, one that doesn’t get sacrificed to appease the gods. He’s not a Targaryen, and he doesn’t want Dany’s dragons.

As for what happened to Maegor Brightflame, he’s only mentioned twice, re the Great Council of 233AC (once unnamed in ACOK, once with more details in TWOIAF), and then entirely disappears from the narrative. Personally, I believe that if Maegor didn’t die young, then he’ll be the thematic replacement for Aerion in the last D&E story, and I’d bet something he did is one of the reasons Aegon’s ceremony went wrong at Summerhall, and he died there. At any rate, even excluding the notable contradiction of the dates… what with Maegor’s mad father, mad grandfather, and apparently mad aunt and uncle... I sincerely doubt Maegor would ever be the cold and rational devil-bargainer of ADWD, the twisty rogue called the Tattered Prince. Hope that helps!

My sis is watching a show on nickelodeon and the episode we watched had all the kids trying to figure out who was sent a love letter and giving hints to the people they like

And one of the girls was like “I can’t do this Sam is way out of my league”

and at the end they’re like “screw it we’re sending our own” and the girl who kept backing out slipped hers into her crush’s locker

And it turns out Sam was a girl! Not like the “oh no it’s in the wrong locker” thing, like I thought it would be, but genuinely intended for her

I’m almost crying

The Disappearance of John Watson

Chapter 6:

I remained in the same position for quite some time, staring down at the little diaries as if I had only just discovered my Watson. But I knew that it wasn’t quite true, that it was merely the emotion with which he wrote that was holding me captive. Hardly ever did one get the opportunity to meet another fellow as intimately as that. 

Of course, there were many questions that presented themselves to a curious mind such as mine, but the more pressing matter was to traverse the country and make it to Birmingham. 

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How It REALLY Happened in Saban's Power Rangers (2017) | Jason and Zack edition!
  • Jason: Let's play a game alright? On the count of three name your favorite Dinosaur. Don't even think about it. 1, 2, 3!
  • Both: Velociraptor!
  • Zack: Favorite non-pornographic magazine to masturbate to?
  • Both: Good House Keeping.
  • Zack: If you were a chick, who is the one guy you would sleep with?
  • Both: John Stamos!
  • Jason: WHAT!?
  • Zack: Did we just become best friends?
  • Jason: YEP! *slaps five*
  • Zack: Do you wanna go do karate in the garage?
  • Jason: YEP!

I like to imagine a Gorillaz family game night where they all play monopoly and everything goes well at first, but suddenly it turns into a slaughter of friendship.