good honeymoon

isak and even are totally those high school sweethearts who everyone hates. someone’s like, “no one ever actually meets the love of their life in high school.” oh wait there’s evak walking their dog at the park with even’s hand casually slipped into the back pocket of isak’s jeans, and everyone knows that he’s grabbing isak’s ass through the denim. someone else complains that there’s no such thing as soulmates, that you just end up settling for someone you can stand. but look, there’s evak, still making out everywhere they go like they’re horny teenagers who’ve just made their relationship status official. one person points out that most couples who get married young just end up getting divorced, but evak is at it once again, holding each other’s hands reverently just to gaze at their weddings rings even though they got back from their honeymoon a good month ago. 

fuck them, honestly. 

Honeymoon {Remus Lupin x Reader} *SMUT* *REQUESTED*

I WROTE THIS IN MY PARENTS’ OFFICE AND I THINK I SHOULD WIN A SHAMELESS AWARD. anyway, im a sucker for Remus so this was totally worth it :)))


(and yes, anon, this is for you)


Every move they made was calculated carefully as they slowly danced to the bedroom of their new home. With lips locked together and hands around each other, they undressed their clothing and left them in a messy pile on the floor. Remus had imagined his honeymoon about a dozen times with (Y/n) and so he took his time to indulge into her sweet pair of lips, not feeling the need to rush things. He wanted it to be precious and gentle. As he unlaced her wedding gown, his mouth watered at the sight of her looking so beautiful in her tiny white lingerie. It was his first time seeing her without the uniform or the dresses she would wear on their dates and he was happy to finally see it all come off. She smiled at him and placed both of her hands on his broad shoulders while he held her waist, swaying slowly under the romantic candlelights. He pressed his forehead against hers and softly whispered,

“Hello, Mrs. Lupin.”

(Y/n) chuckled at the sound of her new name and bit her lip before answering, “Hello, Mr. Lupin.”

“You look so lovely tonight, darling,” he said before pressing a kiss on her lips, feeling the excitement rise in his chest as she tugged on his neck tie, deepening the kiss. She moved her lips against him in perfect synchronization and with a gentle push, she sat down on the bed while he proceeded to unzip her lace lingerie, not taking his lips off her.

She was really sweet, almost like chocolate. Not a day passes by that he loved her less than before. He was happy to spend every second of his life with her and she felt the same for him. After finally removing her undergarments, he shrugged off his coat and gently crawled on top of her, gazing into her (e/c) eyes that captured his heart the first time he saw her in the Great Hall. He unbuckled his belt and threw his pants aside while she pressed kisses down his neck, keeping her fingers intertwined in his brown hair she adored so much. She unbuttoned his white shirt and pushed him to sit back so she could climb on his lap.

“I love you so much, Remus,” she said, kissing him once more before trailing down to his jaw, throat, and collarbone. He played with her (h/c) hair around his long finger as she left kisses along the scars on his body and the small patch of hair on his chest. His heart beat loud like a strong drum, shouting her name and her name alone. It thrilled him but he held the instinctive urge to pounce on her and did his best to be patient. She was teasing all his favorite spots dangerously and by the time she reached his boxers, he was almost panting. She sat once more on his lap and kissed him passionately, tongue tasting his lips while he guided his fingers to her bum. He squeezed her there, making her moan into the kiss, a sign that he wanted her now.

“So beautiful for me. So sweet,” he praised.

She laid back on the mattress and allowed him to get on top of her, his turn to tease her. He kissed her neck to her breasts where he left small bites but not enough to bruise. He sucked on her nipples gently while his other hand massaged her, moans leaving her mouth as he licked them.

“Remus…,” she gasped after feeling the tips of his fingers rub her moist womanhood.

He slipped a finger inside and tormented her with teases and whispers, his lips brushing against her jaw but not pressing into a kiss. (Y/n) was writhing and moaning beneath his touch. She bucked her hips to him after he added another finger, feeling her orgasm coming close.

“Come on, love. Do it for me. That’s right. Bet you taste delicious down there,” he encouraged and shortly after, she felt herself release.

Remus removed his boxers and positioned himself between her legs, his length rubbing up and down her soaking slit.

“Are you sure, darling?”

“Yes, Remus…Want you now,” (Y/n) moaned.

He smiled at her and kissed her softly before pushing inside. It was his turn to moan.

“O-Oh…yes..Mm, so nice and tight, darling.”

She felt so good and warm around his hard member. He pulled out and thrusted back in and soon enough, it became a pace. Slow and gentle were his movements, wanting to make sure she feels every inch the length he pushed inside her. Her nails dug scratches on his back, leaving behind red trails but Remus did not mind. It quite turned him on.

He continued thrusting into her until he reached the spot that made her buck her hips into him once more.

“Remus, right there! Mm…”

“Here, love? Gonna cum now…”

As they neared their orgasm, Remus pushed her knees to her chest and slightly quickened his pace. Afterwards, he released inside her and watched her smile satisfyingly as she came as well. He cleaned her up, ever the gentleman he was, and tucked her under the thick blankets to prevent her from feeling cold. He kissed her gently and waved his wand, snuffing out the candles before lying down beside (Y/n) and falling asleep.

Damn it, I need you.

Authors Note: This was requested by the prompt:
“You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”  From the list of Prompts found HERE.
All prompts/ Blurbs can be found HERE
Warning: It is a bit sad, as you can assume from the sentence it started from.

He was never one to permit his emotions to show unless in the comfort of his own house, generally not even then did he grant them the opportunity to reveal very often. It was on rare occasions that you ever saw a tear escape from his precious eyes.

From the moment he received the call his body was diverted into an emotional panic state, he didn’t care that he was in the middle of signing his new contract; he didn’t care that it was impolite to answer the phone call. The minute he sensed his phone ringing he had an inkling something was wrong, something about the morning just wasn’t settling right with him.

He had left you this morning snuggled up to the warmth of the bed, he admired you peacefully sleeping, the way your hair fell messily around you, the way your hand stayed nestled under the pillow, and the way you bury yourself amongst the covers.

He had spent a little too long appreciating you this morning, he just couldn’t help it. When he did manage to wrench himself away from watching you peacefully sleep, he pressed to kiss to your forehead, whispering a swift “I love you” before forcing himself to leave the bedroom, gathering his things from downstairs before leaving to attend his meetings.

The whole way to the hospital all he could do was repeat the same sentence over and over again, “Please be okay, please be okay.” trying to hold himself together but failing as he shakes while trying to compose a text message to his sister. She was the one who always seemed to know what to do, additionally, she was also two hours closer than his Mum.

He did his best to hold it together while pacing around the waiting room, wearing the floors’ thin as he chews his lip, circling the small area without stopping to think twice. He didn’t know what to do, there was nothing for him to do but to wait for a doctor to tell him what was going on. There was nothing he wanted more than to know that you were okay, he needed comfort, he needed the reassurance that this morning wasn’t the last time that he would be able to admire you while you slept, he needed to know that all the plans the two of you had made weren’t going to be nothing but unaccomplished plans.

His eyes meet his sisters when she steps into the holding area, he doesn’t say a word, he just glances at her like a child who desperately needs to be held for a while. She doesn’t think twice before forcing him into a hug, his taller figure towering over her as she wraps her arms around her little, (not so little), brother. The minute he felt her warmth and comfort he allowed his emotions to flow, for the tears to finally settle, the tears he had been holding in since he got the call.

“I just want to know everything is okay. I knew something was wrong with the morning, but I didn’t think—I didn't—” He stutters, struggling to finish his sentence through his tears. “I didn’t think we’d end up here.” He chokes on his own words.

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Extended Imagine - Sweet Cakes

It was a beautiful spring day - everywhere you looked, flowers were blooming, birds were chirping, and the sun was shining. Standing outside, you could feel the gentle warmth from the rays on your skin. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, and you couldn’t think of a single way this day could get any better.

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18 with Dean x reader “Don’t panic but I think we might have accidentally gotten married…”

A/N: Hey! I just wanted to say thanks to anon for requesting this. It was very fun to write. Hope you like it! (Y/n/n means Your nickname)

Y/n: Hey Dean… can we… uh…. talk for a moment.

Dean: A bit busy Y/n/n. Doing research for this hunt.

Y/n: Please. It’s important.

Dean: Okay fine. What’s up?

Y/n: Don’t panic but I think we might have accidentally gotten married…

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Honeymoon - cinnamon_skull - DCU (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: Tim and Jason go undercover as a just-married couple celebrating their honeymoon in order to catch a high-profile drug lord. Hand-holding, kissing, secret rendezvous and bed sharing ahead.

OR: The JayTimWeek prompt I never posted, filled with all of my favorite tropes, inspired by Lana Del Rey’s song - Honeymoon

Pentagon Materlist #2


kazekage-libra  asked:

*gasp* thank you :D If you haven't done it, hcs: Gaara on honeymoon travels.


•Gaara loves the Suna, so he doesn’t necessarily require that they leave for the honeymoon, but if his s/o wants to leave, then that’s fine with him. It just can’t be to somewhere too far since he’s still Kazekage, and he doesn’t have a large time frame to be missing out on work

•To be honest I feel like Naruto would go crazy for Gaara’s wedding and be so excited that he’d offer to ‘hook him up’ at a nice inn in the Land of Fire, preferably near Konoha. And Gaara wouldn’t mind. The Land of Fire is beautiful so it’s a good place for a honeymoon

•A nice little inn is probably the best place for a honeymoon in Gaara’s mind. He and his s/o are catered to by the owners and can enjoy the hot springs together. It’s just relaxing, and Gaara needs a relaxing honeymoon above all

•If you mean in a Modern AU then it’s also up to Gaara’s s/o. He’s really not picky, and would rather them pick their dream honeymoon and be happy with it. If it was completely up to him though, Gaara likes unconventional places. He’d be happy renting a little cabin out in the woods somewhere and spending his honeymoon there

•Beaches and tropical destinations don’t always wow him, since the heat and the sand is what he’s grown up with. He might also like a very tour-based honeymoon? Like a trip through Europe, visiting places like Paris and London, etc. Just imagine Gaara’s s/o taking cute pictures of him standing awkwardly next to the Eiffel tower or something. So cute

•Pictures would probably be a huge part of honeymoon travels for Gaara. He’s not really a guy who enjoys pictures being taken of him, but he finds that his s/o wants to snap the memories, so he’s fine with it. He’ll probably enjoy looking through all the pictures he has at the end of the trip and pick his favorite one to keep in his wallet or in his office

SF9 Masterlist #2


anonymous asked:

Scisaac. Just all the scisaac. They deserved better (on the show).

Here you go! - Anastasia

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Elevators by LovelyLuna

(1/1 I 525 I General)

Isaac has a fear of tight spaces. It doesn’t help that his crush is also in the same elevator and it just broke down.

Limitless by scisaac_the_socio

(1/1 I 1,315 I Mature)

“Oh Baby it’s you.”

Scott and Isaac are on their honeymoon.

Good Decision Lahey by AudreyInTheUniverse

(3/3 I 1,418 I General)

Isaac does his best to protect his little brother from their dad, but he was never enough.

One day Scott McCall, the guy who babysits little kids after school, approaches him about it.

He never thought help was so close.

sometimes our happiness is captured by indoordisco

(1/1 I 1,724 I Teen)

It’s different combinations of people every night, but there’s always at least one person, and there’s always a hand on his skin leeching pain whenever they can.

For the Band by AlwaysCryOverSpilledMilk

(5/? I 6,674 I Explicit)

Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Erica Reyes, Derek Hale, and Stiles Stilinski have been the best of friends since fourth grade. When they graduated high school they decided to start a band called the Disciples of Liberty. For two years they’ve been making it big both inside and outside of their small town of Beacon Hills, and their friendships have only been getting stronger. But one night may change it all for the singer and the guitarist. Truths come out and through dramatic turns of events the lives of these bandmates may change forever.

The clave vs the pack by MulderScully

(6/? I 13,700 I Not Rated)

Alec stood still in surprise.This cant be happening.The Clave has given the judgement,without any proper hearing.As if they were waiting to punish him.The verdict is still echoing in his head….
Exiled…..the Clave has banished him to Beacon Hills for a year,away from the Institute…away from his home,his siblings,his family…..
“Izzy,I will be fine,its just one year.”,Alec kissed her on top her head and tried to smile.
“Its Beacon Hills,we don’t know anything about it Alec,the only things we know about the place are from our history books,that its a land of druids and wolves,the only place where Clave rules do not apply.Angel knows how they are going to treat you.”,Izzy sighed.

What will happen when a shadowhunter is exiled to Beacon hills,ruled by a true alpha?

Scent of a dream a scisaac story by Jbrnsd

(4/? I 14,803 I Explicit)

Taking place at the beginning of season 3a after the events of season 2 and his breakup with Alison, Scott is drawn to the scent of one of his friends. Not only is he drawn to the scent when he is awake but at night he dreams of loosing control and giving in to the chase. This new feeling lead to confusion and Scott have more questions then he can answer.

The Runaway by scisaac_the_socio

(26/37 I 35,622 I Explicit I Rape)

Isaac is tired of being treated like a child. So he packs up his essentials and leaves his Pack to see what else is out there. He passes through Beacon Hills and meets none other than Scott McCall.