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The set-up/punchline for the Doctor Doom bit in Fantastic Four #300 (1987, by Roger Stern, John Buscema and Sal Buscema). I love this version of Doctor Doom especially, but perhaps even more, I love Sue’s response. “Oh, good heavens,” indeed. For those who haven’t listened to the latest Baxter Building yet, we’re covering this issue and those around it this time. – Graeme


Feng Jiu x Dong Hua [2/?]: 三生三世十里桃花 Eternal Love ep.43 

“Will I ever get to see Di Jun again?” 

// “Promise me that you’ll never forget these two years.”

I always found it funny that in the Hot Pot special where everyone’s telling a story abt their past, Shinra tries to join in with a story of his own but Celty’s ignoring him & then Kadota be like, “I don’t know what happened, but..”

Celty & Shinra are currently in a mutual loving relationship. But Kadota is telling Shinra, “oh unrequited love-life. Yeah that happens, especially if we’re talking about you.“

Shinra’s only ever pursued Celty, so why did Kadota attributed this to him? …could he by chance know about Shinra & Izaya’s fallout relationship?

I mean he does proceed to stop Shinra from calling Izaya over right after..

It’s like Kadota’s basically saying, “DUDE NO. You’re trying to invite your ex to come see you flirt with your new gf!? He’s going to flip it & WE’RE ALL going to suffer! I’m not having this ON MY WATCH!!”

good job Kadota. we’ve averted disaster! :D

anonymous asked:

Can you continue the 7 Minutes in Heaven story? ^-^ it was really good!

Not going to lie, I had no idea what to write for this story until I sat down. I hope it was worth the wait! Thank you for the request and liking my writing!

Killugon, college au

First part herethird part here

Killua had been lost in a kind of heavy, daze-like state when the knocks finally came.


Killua inhaled sharply at the unexpected sound and the growl that came from Gon’s lips as they pressed against his neck caused a shiver to cascade down Killua’s spine-

“Gon, Killua! Your seven minutes is up, you guys can come out now!”

“Shit,” Killua breathed, letting his head fall back against the closet wall with a dull thud.

Gon’s grip on his waist tightened. “Was that really seven minutes?” he mumbled into Killua’s neck.

“I guess.” Killua’s chest was still heaving from lack of air and his heart wasn’t slowing down even though they’d stopped moving. His whole body was tingling all over, almost like he’d been shocked with electricity. 

He probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference even if that was the case, Kilua thought distantly. His head was swimming with an overload of scents and flavors- and overload of Gon- and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Gon,” he said lowly. “They’re gonna come get us if we don’t move.” 

Despite his own warning, Killua didn’t bother to move his arms from where they were currently wrapped around Gon’s shoulders. Gon, on the other hand, ignored Killua entirely; instead, he pressed even closer, until Killua’s back was flat against the wall and Gon’s muscled chest lined up against his own.

They were so close Killua could feel Gon’s rapid heartbeat matching his. Their breaths mingled in the air between their mouths and Killua burned with the aching desire to get rid of that distance entirely.

What he would give to see Gon’s face right now.

“I don’t wanna leave you,” Gon murmured. Fingers caressed Killua’s cheek and he melted at the soft touch.

“W-We can, uh.” Killua swallowed thickly. “We can always go back to this, later…”

The fingers paused and Killua nearly whined. Why did Gon stop? That had felt so good-

“Really?” came Gon’s excited question.

Heat- the embarrassed kind, this time- bloomed under Killua’s skin. “Yeah. Really.”

“You won’t run away?”

“Why the hell would I run away from someone I’ve been wanting to kiss for three years now?!” Killua snapped. Too late, he realized what he had just confessed.

There was a slight pause.

“You…you’ve had a crush on me for three years?” Gon asked.

“I, uh-” Fucking shit why did he just say that what was wrong with him tonight, “- well, maybe not that long, but…”

Gon’s booming laughter made him want to die.

“Awww, Killua! You’re so cute!”

Strong arms wrapped around his middle and Killua suddenly found himself squished against Gon’s torso.

“I em naht cute!” Killua argued venomously, voice muffled against the fabric of Gon’s shirt.

“Yes, you are! Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I’ve liked you since the day we met!”

Killua stiffened. No way. Was Gon seriously telling him that Killua could’ve been kissing that stupidly perfect face of his this entire time?!

Gon’s nose nuzzled into his hair. “Its okay, though, I know you get shy about this kind of stuff. At least now we can finally start dating!”

Killua’s stomach flipped. 

“You. You want to date me?” 

“Well, yeah, of course! I thought the making-out session would’ve made that kind of obvious.”

Irritation swelled up inside Killua like a wave. He lifted his leg and brought his heel down onto Gon’s foot with enough strength to make his family proud.


Gon’s arms around him vanished. A muffled crashing noise echoed around the closet as Gon fell to the ground. Killua didn’t wait around to see if Gon had survived, instead shoving the closet door open and storming off without looking back.

Everyone looked at him expectantly as he stomped into the room. Their expectant expressions dropped the second they saw the murderous anger in his face.

“H-How did it go?” Palm asked.

Killua just glared at her. “Don’t,” he said shortly.

Gon stumbled into the room less than a minute later, spiky hair tousled and cheeks stained red. Killua’s heart twisted at the sight; why did Gon have to look so good disheveled like that?!

Gon plopped down onto the floor next to Killua. For a few moments, they didn’t say anything, quietly listening to their friends’ laughter as they shared a story after story from their freshman years.

Then, Gon leaned into Killua’s side, tan and calloused hand moving to cover Killua’s. Goosebumps broke out across Killua’s pale skin as Gon whispered into his ear-

“Wanna come back to my apartment after this?”

Killua smiled to himself.

“Of course. We’re dating now, aren’t we?”

Gon’s grip on his hand tightened and Killua’s chest swelled.

He had his answer.

(part three)

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Hello, everyone! I know that I said I’ll be on hiatus BUT! It’s the end of June in my time zone, so that means:

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I am so happy I started this and to celebrate its birthday, I decided to make this quick follow forever ft. some cheesy notes (I can’t help it!!! Let me live, gosh.) I also am playing an ask game, so please feel free to send in your names! I will get to them as soon as I can~

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::PVRIS Record Signing::



I had the opportunity to meet the band PVRIS at a record signing and it was such an amazing experience! These three people have influenced me like no other band. Though I have only been a fan for a short time now, I felt so welcomed and comfortable around them and their fans. They were so sweet, considerate, and kind. Their new album, All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell, is a work of art. I absolutely love their music.

Some of the pictures consist of the signed album, random shots of Lynn, Brian, and Alex, and a gif of Brian giving me a high-five while bonding over our love for No Mercy from the new record! aHH~ I can’t believe all of this actually happened!! I was so excited to be there. Alsooo, Lynn complimented my Paramore shirt and I was sOO happy. I went with a friend of mine and we had a lot of fun, shared a lot of laughs (to the point where I cried), and created new memories. I’d like to thank Lynn, Brian, and Alex for such an amazing day. I haven’t felt this good in quite a while. For once, something finally felt right, even if it was only for one day. I hope to get the chance to meet with you again because I had such an incredible time! Again, thank you for everything. ♥️

Love, @anxxiiety.

utapri song concept: element units, based on their signs

air: camus, ren, syo, natsuki, ranmaru, eiji (light, flowy song)
earth: nagi, masato, kira, eiichi (something traditional jp)
water: ai, reiji, cecil, shion (something heavenly and deep probably)
fire: yamato, otoya, tokiya, van (very upbeat and powerful song)