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Unfriendly Competition // Min Yoongi


the prompt: I’ve been thinking lately about dragons;; Could I request a Dragon Tamer!AU with Yoongi of BTS? Where you two are both dragon-tamers in training (like you’re both students under the same master, kind of thing?) and you two have a very intense rivalry that’s literally all pent up romantic tension but of course neither of you realize it~ So you’re constantly teasing and trying to one-up each other, but things go too far when one of the baby dragons gets hurt?? And in nursing it back to health you two grow closer, and start to realize that you don’t hate each other as much as you thought… and actually might even like each other??

words: 3682

category: fluff!!

author note: i had fun writing this!! your requests are always fun to write tbh. i hope everyone enjoys this! (also, i made the flame dragon’s name susan because dan and phil okay bye)

- destinee

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  • Professor X: You can be a real jerk sometimes, you know that?
  • Magneto: Yeah, and you're the good guy.
  • Professor X: At least I try.
  • Magneto: As long as you're trying to be good, you can do whatever you want.
  • Professor X: And as long as you're not trying, you can say whatever you want.
  • Magneto: So, between us, we can do anything. We can rule the world.
Newt x reader :: Got Your Back

Hi! Love your fanfics. Can you do a story in Hogwarts, about a extremely bullied Newt and a girl that is his only friend? Thank you! :3 XOXO

Hey! I love your blog. Please, can you do a writing where the reader is in Hogwarts and he meets Newt but there are some kids that bullies her so Newt start confronting the boys and they start bullying him too? I know it´s weird but YOLO, :v. Thanks a lot!!!!

Notes: I got these two requests that I thought would work well together so I hope you don’t mind I combined them! Hope you enjoy this (a bit sad) read.

!! WARNING !! Bullying, physical/verbal abuse

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It was nearing Christmas, and the hallways were decked out in a way that only Hogwarts could do. Garland of holly and bright, gold tinsel lined the way to the Hufflepuff common room. This was your favorite time of year; the gray, stone walls of the castle looked, well, happy. And Merlin knows you needed all the happiness you could get. The sun was shining bright through the windows today, and the smell of cinnamon cakes was wafting from the kitchens. Not a bad day, not the worst, but you had gotten by pretty much unnoticed, which about the best you could ask for.

However, the moment you rounded the corner, you saw a group of students crowded in front of the barrelled entrance to the common room and you froze. They spotted you.

“Hey, it’s (Y/N)!” one of them called in an overly-surprised voice.

“Ohh, (Y/N), you’re just in time!” another voice called out, dripping with false friendliness.

Suddenly, a voice from right behind you, “Well, well, if it isn’t out little prefect-in-training!”

A shove to your upper back caused you to stumble forward and drop all your books across the floor, your new inkwell rolling away.

You flinched, as the little glass bottle crunched like an eggshell under a girl’s shoe. She wiped it off on your shoulder, kicking you over. “We’ll have to tell the Professor you spoiled the rug in the hall again. What a klutz.”

Your parents scraped together what little money they had to get you through school. Every parchment roll, every text, every inkwell…was precious.

“I suppose that black ink will cover up some of the patches on that grimy old robe,” a tall girl remarked, looking down at you as one might look at a bug.

You looked at the floor, and tried to push yourself up. You couldn’t hold your head up, not now.

“Who told you it was time to go?” said the voice from behind you again, and shoved you back to the ground face-first.

“Maybe some of that ink won’t go to waste if she drinks it,” snickered a boy.

Suddenly you felt yourself being grabbed by your collar and suspended momentarily, as if flying. THUD. You landed directly in the pile of broken glass and ink, the impact being hard enough that you bit your tongue and tasted blood.

“So bleeding pathetic,” a girl mumbled, walking by, doing nothing to intervene.

You lay still. You figured if you played dead and didn’t do anything, that they would get bored and leave you alone.

“How is she gonna do my homework if she doesn’t even have any ink?” one of the boys said, genuinely annoyed, “I have that essay due on Thursday.”

“Relax, Will,” someone responded, “she can just use that cheap stuff from the storeroom on the third floor.”

“That stuff writes terrible.”

“Well, you’re not gonna have to be the one using it.”

You tried to swallow the blood in your mouth to not let it dribble all over your face, and hoped it wouldn’t make you nauseous.

“She won’t even get up now…just sad,” you detected a tone of sympathy in the voice, or maybe it was just pity.

“Anyways, like I said, just in time,” a boy with long brown hair shuffled through your books sprawled across the floor, “for my potions class.” He picked one up that had your notes scribbled through it and walked off briskly. A few people snickered.

Suddenly, the sound of quick footsteps echoed down the hall, and everyone standing around you jumped into position to look like they were actually helping you. Like they were the good guys. “Professor, she tripped! And broke her ink! We have to get her to the hospital wing, I’ll take her!”

You turned your head to look, and it wasn’t a professor; just a lanky, pale kid who usually kept to himself. Scoot Salamander? Something like that.

The group of kids relaxed and rolled their eyes.

“It’s just another nerd.”

“No one can be as nerdy as our precious wittle (Y/N), though,” said a girl in a sugary-sweet voice. She reached down and pinched your cheeks so hard they felt like they would bruise.

Scoot walked toward the common room entrance, but stopped at the edge of the group. He stood taller than most of them, and actually looked a little imposing in his unreadable face, until he spoke, “W-what’s happening?” His voice was soft and shaky.

“Nothing, Scamander,” a girl spat, “Keep moving.”

The tall boy stood still and looked down at you, sprawled out on the floor. He was actually pretty cute, and you felt a burning embarrassment that was worse than usual. You looked away, not wanting to meet his eyes any longer. Not wanting him to see the tears that were stinging as you tried to hold them back.

“Newt, you here to join the fun? If not, beat it,” a boy advised him.

Newt blinked hard and walked forward towards you with purpose. He set his books down and knelt next to you.

“Are you alright?” His expression was stony, but his eyes radiated a deep kindness.

“I think…I think I’m okay,” you said, bringing up one hand to your bloodied mouth, “I think I just bit my tongue, is all.”

“What did we say? Leave her be!” a girl shouted.

“No,” Newt replied simply.

“Scamander, you’re gonna regret this if you don’t leave her alone.”

“What if he tells on us? He could be the ratty type. Always keeps to himself.”

“Yeah Scamander’s not friends with any of us. He’ll probably just go straight to Black.”

Newt seemed to be completely adept at ignoring people, as all his focus seemed to be on you. He cupped your swollen cheek in one warm hand and brought out his wand, “Episkey.” You felt your tongue go hot then cold.

“That should stop the bleeding,” Newt said calmly. His voice was soothing, and he smelled like the outdoors, like grass and dirt after a rain.

In an instant, there was a crash, and he was on the floor next to you. Someone had kicked him in the back, hard.

“Told you to leave her, Scamander.”

Newt turned to face the boy who had kicked him, pointed his wand, and coolly whispered, “Expelliarmus.”

A wand shot out of the boy’s pocket like a rocket and he was knocked backwards a few feet onto his bum. Was this Newt guy about to start a full-on duel for you? You looked at him as if he were crazy. He looked at you as if this was simply the only thing to do.

“Leave her alone,” Newt said evenly. The tremble in his voice vanished. He rose to his feet and offered you his hands. Taking them, you felt him lift you with ease. He was stronger than he looked. You felt a sharp pain in your right shoulder and lower back causing you flinch, but this only seemed to make Newt more protective.

“C’mon, Scamander. I thought you had better taste in girls,” a boy laughed.

A blonde girl joined in, “Yeah, at least Lestrange is pretty, this one’s just…dumpy. A bit of a step down, if you ask me.” A muscle in Newt’s jaw twitched.

“Huge step down,” said a girl with a wicked smirk, as she whipped out her wand. Before she could even point at him Newt muttered, “Titillando!” and the girl suddenly collapsed in a fit of uncontrollable laughter. “Laugh at yourself for a change,” Newt said, looking down at her howling on the floor.

The group of bullies looked stunned for a moment as they had obviously underestimated this Scamander kid. “PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!” one of them screamed, as Newt grabbed you and ducked. You yelped in pain as Newt pulled you to the floor by your shoulders, but it was immediately soothed as you saw who the spell actually hit. A prefect who was just exiting the common room, to see what all the commotion was about, lay flat on his back, eyes glued open, and staring at the one who cast the spell.

“Bloody hell, let’s go!” In a flash, the group of bullies ran away as fast as they could back down the kitchen hallway, robes streaking behind them. “Roy, you buffoon! You hit a bloody prefect! If I have detention because of you, so help me–”

As they clattered away, Newt was still holding you tightly, close to him. He turned to you with genuine worry on his face, “Are you hurt anywhere else? Did they do anything else to you?”

You looked directly into his eyes and unable to muster a word, just shook your head. You realized you had been trembling and finally allowed yourself to relax into his hold. He turned his head to look at the prefect, still stiff as a board.

“Suppose we should do something about him,” Newt let go of you and you felt a sudden coldness and shivered.

Newt went over, performed a counter-curse, and the prefect jumped up immediately, fuming mad.

“Those little twats,” he hissed, “I’ve been trying to get them for ages and now I have them caught-in-the-act. They’ll have detention for months when the headmaster hears of this.” He stormed off down the hallway, leaving you and Newt alone.

“I suppose…” you began, “Well, thank you.”

“Of course,” Newt turned red. He looked around awkwardly, and set about the task of collecting all your fallen books.

“I-I will write to my mum and have her send an extra one next time,” he nodded at the broken inkwell.

“Oh, no, I couldn’t–”

“No,” he said with a tiny smile, “I insist.”

The two of you had gathered up all your books and papers and Newt got his own in order, as well. “Maybe I could walk you to your next class, if you don’t mind, that is,” he offered, looking shyly at the ground.

“I’d like that very much,” you responded, equally as timidly, “Maybe you can show me that tickling jinx sometime, as well. Could come in handy.”

“Yeah, I’d really like that,” Newt said as you two started down the hallway, feeling like maybe, just maybe, you had made your first Hogwarts friend.



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I like that we devoted an entire movie to Charles apologizing to Raven for being a douche, yet she was the one who left him bleeding to death on a strip of sand because Erik actually likes the color blue

Something About The Stars

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Hey everyone!

I think today is a pretty important day. Am I wrong?

I want to thank everyone that keep this fandom alive. It’s pretty amazing. I’ve been living under a rock for the past few months but Brittana is still so important to me. And I just realized I have so much fics to catch on! I’m so excited I might pass out! 

So thank you everyone! Love you all!

And happy anniversary!