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i just got to know sorry. im so intrigued. why do you hate the kingsman so bad?

It’s classist, racist, misogynistic and the morality is awful like I don’t even know where to start this would take a fucking day.

Like the only two people of colour in the movie being the villains (one of whom is very visibly disabled which is used as a weird gimmick). Also the main villain is an extreme ecologist (with a speech disability) whose evil plan is supposed to stop climate change and who takes an asshole white republican under his wing while the good guys blow up Obamas head (and those of a shit ton of other people in a really disgusting scene while we’re supposed to CHEER THEM ON with celebratory music playing in the background and it’s supposed to be hilarious?) THIS MOVIE IS LITERALLY SO DEEPLY CONSERVATIVE IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY)

AND the memorable last scene which is the princess of Norway or Sweden or smth offering our (possibly underage??) protagonist anal sex because he saved the world (the movie literallly ends on a shot of her naked ass). Needless to say that the….three? female character get little to no characterisation and are either killed or completely sidelined

Not to mention how insanely classist it is? How the whole “hero journey” our protagonist takes is to become like a member of the british upper class?? Like what the fuck?

Or that ten minute scene where our mind-controlled “good” guy slaughters a shit ton of also mind-controlled innocent people in a church in incredibly graphic ways with again celebratory music in the background. Please let that sink in we’re supposed to enjoy and cheer for out hero being mind-controlled and slaughtering other mind-controlled innocent people. And actually literally every single time people are being gratuitously slaughtered (which happens A LOT this movie is like 70% gratuitous violence) there’s happy party music playing in the background. ALSO READ THIS ENTIRE REVIEW THERE’S JUST SO MUCH OFFENSIVE SHIT IN THIS GARBAGE MOVIE. 

SO yeah I’m not a fan lmao.

I want to tell you guys a story real quick. 

When I was 16 and the final Harry Potter movie premiered, two of my friends agreed to go with me at midnight, then backed out at the last minute. Then said yes again. Then backed out again. My dad gave me a ride, and I had no idea if they would show up or not. So my dad and I are walking through the parking lot towards the theatre (he didn’t want me to wait alone) and halfway there he says “Oh I forgot something! You go ahead, I’ll meet you out front." 

A few minutes later I’m in front of the theatre, and I see my dad walking towards me in his college gown, with a Hogwarts emblem taped to it, carrying a stick. My dad has never seen anything Harry Potter; it involved wizards, that was about the extent of his knowledge. And yet he was willing to dress up, wait two hours in line, to go with me to see this movie because he knew I didn’t want to go alone. My dad is not the perfect parent, but I think that was pretty fucking cool of him.