good guy greg meme

new meme: good guy greg but it’s good guy joji, we make posts about all the nice things he’s done here i’ll start

Good Guy Joji: Posts a video on Christmas Day just for his fans, telling them about the things he has in store for us in 2017


penny dreadful meme: ¼ characters⇨Good Guy Greg Ethan

Memes For The Signs

Aries- the dress
Taurus- Coppy
Gemini- thanks obama
Cancer- Feels Guy
Leo- First World Problems Girl
Virgo- hoe don’t do it
Libra- Good Guy Greg
Scorpio- but that’s none of my business
Sagittarius- Doge
Capricorn- Success Kid
Aquarius- Grumpy Cat
Pisces- the frog meme