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i had a singing lesson and after fuckn years of my singing teacher trying to help me be comfy with high notes i managed to sing really high really comfortably??? it was insane?????? also i showed her one of my favourite songs and she loved it and the next concert is gonna be really awesome ahhhhhhhh i am very proud of meself

So imagine that Jason and Nico both have a crush on Percy (I mean, who doesn’t?) When Jason comes out to Nico they both have a bonding talk about what they like about Percy (and how Percy is so oblivious! Ugh!) Jason laughs about how Percy jokingly flirts with him, and how he secretly wishes it was real. Nico is a little jealous but he needs more time to build up his friendship with Percy again.

Jason and Nico really start closing in their friendship. Hanging out a lot, laughing about Percy or Reyna or Piper, whoever. It’s funny how the two bond so strongly over a mutual love interest.

Everything changes, however, when Jason and Nico realize they have feelings for each other. Here’s the catch: both think the other is too in love with Percy to ever like them.

It immediately becomes a mess. Jason talks to Percy and Percy completely hypes Jason up on the idea that Nico “has to like you. There’s no way he doesn’t!” Percy immediately comes up with cunning ideas to get the blond to confess to the son of Hades. Nico goes to Reyna and Reyna details plans to set up the two clueless lovebirds. Nothing too rash, just conveniently in the same place at the same time.

The issue is that Percy and Reyna’s ideas completely clash. The two of them entirely miss each other on multiple occassions. They just can’t seem to align right.

Will these two boys ever just confess?

Arranged Marriage Chapter 12 ║ Art by: @kvei

So. This is It. This is The End.

In just a few short hours, the end of Gravity Falls will be upon us. And, I want to do something so special, so heartfelt, to try and convey my ‘calm before the storm’ emotions but…

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