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>Preds that NEED to eat you, right now, right at this moment and they’re very whiny and impatient about it.

>They’ll pull you close, open their mouths wide to show you just where they want you– down that hungry throat.  Their tongue will graze over your face slowly, tasting and savoring you.  A breathy, hot sigh and patting their belly will show their satisfaction for your taste.

>They try their best to pull you in, but you manage to pull away- making them growl and whimper some more. You can hear their starving, groaning belly aching for you even as you run.

>They call for you, snarling and begging you to come back!! No worries… they’ll catch up.

>Once they catch you, their grip is much stronger and they croon with delight at your presence- smirking as they tell you how much they missed you~

>And in you go, crammed into that mouth as that predator whimpers so vocally and happily at your taste. If they could, they’d be moaning as they swallow you, enjoying how you fill them already. 

>After you’ve curled up in your new fleshy, grumbling prison, you can easily hear your captor purring away, panting, groaning- just so loud with their enjoyment.  Rippling, humid, full belches leave them, making their belly much more snug for you as it starts to churn. 

>They admire their wide waist, murmuring and complaining about how you’ll ruin their figure~ or how chubby you’ll make them.   Ohh, but you just feel so good in there.. they couldn’t possibly let you out!  Better get comfortable..kekeke

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((For OOC you look more like Moody than Moody did in the movies, Like how you look is exactly how I imagined Moody in the books not how he was portrayed in the Movies, good job!!))

(( OOC: *giddy* Guh! Thank you! 

This illustration of Moody from the US edition of the HP books was always my favorite… it kind of solidified how I pictured him. )) 

Flail, Ninja Dorks! Flail!

This is the First Part of the sporadic series Ninja Dorks Flailing at Interpersonal Relations, a tag stolen from @mouseymightymarvellous with her permission.

Updates are when ever I need to post some writing.  It’s no fun to write iin a vacuum and this is the cure.  :D

This AU is set in a world where Kakashi was given a mission in Suna that set off a Civil War.  He didn’t make back to teach Team Seven, so Yamato became sensei instead.

This post has been edited for organization, as this series is going to be longer than I thought.

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So imagine that Jason and Nico both have a crush on Percy (I mean, who doesn’t?) When Jason comes out to Nico they both have a bonding talk about what they like about Percy (and how Percy is so oblivious! Ugh!) Jason laughs about how Percy jokingly flirts with him, and how he secretly wishes it was real. Nico is a little jealous but he needs more time to build up his friendship with Percy again.

Jason and Nico really start closing in their friendship. Hanging out a lot, laughing about Percy or Reyna or Piper, whoever. It’s funny how the two bond so strongly over a mutual love interest.

Everything changes, however, when Jason and Nico realize they have feelings for each other. Here’s the catch: both think the other is too in love with Percy to ever like them.

It immediately becomes a mess. Jason talks to Percy and Percy completely hypes Jason up on the idea that Nico “has to like you. There’s no way he doesn’t!” Percy immediately comes up with cunning ideas to get the blond to confess to the son of Hades. Nico goes to Reyna and Reyna details plans to set up the two clueless lovebirds. Nothing too rash, just conveniently in the same place at the same time.

The issue is that Percy and Reyna’s ideas completely clash. The two of them entirely miss each other on multiple occassions. They just can’t seem to align right.

Will these two boys ever just confess?

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NO YEAH IA WITH THAT, just that the specificity of gondor and rohan being mentioned by diff ppl as ~vulnerable or whatever gives heft to uh what you said about the characters we meet later and the things THEY say about their own culture

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