good grades finally

don’t let a bad grade make you think any less of yourself.

I got the Fall semester results today!!!! I got an average of 14.1 out of 20, which is really good! 🏆 I am very happy, and I hope I’ll do as good for the Spring Semester

I will post the last two Spread Explanations next Monday and next Sunday, because I’m off for the week-end. 

Featured on the picture: some Us civilization HW I did yesterday. 

BTS Reaction: You cry from stress


You were currently studying your life away so you could get a good grade on your finals. Not to mention the fact that you had to balance your relationship, your part-time job, and other homework on top of it. 

You sat at your desk, head in your hands as you desperately tried to lull the lingering ache in your head. You let out a pained whimper as you slammed your pencil down, the loud snap that echoed causing you to whimper again. 

Soft foot steps pattered outside the doorway before you heard the faint creak of the doors hinges. Your head slowly turned, the pops from your spine aching your head even more. You spotted Jin and gave him the weakest smile you could muster. 

Jin gave you a pitied smile as he walked closer, cup and medicine in hand. Just the kind gesture made your eyes tear up. What seemed to make you snap was the soft kiss Jin placed on your temple. Your lip wobbled and Jin cooed as he pulled you close, tears now soaking the shirt he was wearing. “Oh, Princess… I’ve got you… Everything’s okay…”

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You swept up the floor for what felt like the fifth time today. Yoongi would always bring the boys over to hangout and they never seemed to clean up after themselves. Letting the broom fall to the floor, you covered your face and shook your head as you only imagined what the living room looked like. It pained you to peek out around the corner, and you regretted it immediately. Soda cans, empty pizza boxes, and pillows littered the floor. 

Letting out a pained sigh, you walked in and grabbed the closest things off the floor. You tossed the pillows back on the couch before moving onto the soda cans. After minutes of picking up, the room seemed to have not changed in the slightest. Your eyes stung and you blinked rapidly as you picked up another pizza box. As you stood up, the tear fell, then another, and another as you threw the box down and plopped down on the couch. 

Your face was still shoved into the same pillow when you heard voices and keys from outside. You cursed and shook your head as the gang of boys pilled in. You couldn’t help the strangled sob that left your throat that instantly silenced the boys behind you. 

Yoongi’s soft voice chimed in behind you. “Jagi?” Rushed footsteps sounded from around the couch and the next moment, you were curled into your boyfriends side. The tears fell freely now, the sobs rolling in like rushed tides behind them, followed by the waves of your cursing. “You guys never clean around here! I’m tired of it, Yoongi! I cook! I clean! All day! And you guys leave this place in such a dis-!” You were cut off by soft lips on your cheek. “Go lay down, Jagi.. Let the boys and I finish…” More soft kisses pattered onto your face as Yoongi kissed off your tears. “I’m sorry…”

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Your feet dragged along the stones leading up to your front door, you fingers lazily sliding up the key pad. You shivered and sniffled as you typed in the code as fast as you could, attempting incorrectly a few times before the soft ding rang. You slid the pad back down and opened up the door, walking in and closing the door behind you as fast as you could. 

“Welcome home, Kitten!” Hoseok sang from upstairs. You could only grumble back as you kicked off your shoes and stepped inside. You walked to the living room and tossed your work bag onto the kitchen table. You walked around the couch and switched on the lamp before plopping down on the couch. 

Hoseok walked down the stairs apprehensively. “Kitten? Is everything okay?” He noticed your back tense and then your shoulders slowly start to shake. “Oh no..” He whispered out as he rushed over and kneeled in front of you. “I just don’t get it! I do all this work at fucking work! And they just send me home with more! It’s never enough! I can’t fucking take it!” You spit out as you sobbed loudly. 

Hoseok felt his eyes tear up as he listened to you. “Oh kitten… No more work.. I’ve got us now.. No more..” He climbed onto the couch and pulled you close. “I’ve got us..”

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Propping up the final pillow on the bed, you backed away and cursed as you pulled at the sheets. You groaned as the pillow collapsed onto the bedsheets. You shook your head and sighed as you walked back downstairs, giving up on making the bed picture perfect. 

Starting with dinner, you set the ingredients out and turned on the burner on the stove. You hummed to calm yourself as you mixed the batter for the chicken. 

Namjoon’s loud footsteps echoed from the front door as he walked into the kitchen and gave you a sweet smile. “Let me change and then I’ll come help.” He disappeared upstairs and you continued to concentrate on the dinner you were making.

Thirty or so minutes later, Namjoon trotted downstairs and into the kitchen. “Hey, babe? Why’d you leave the bed so messy? Do you not clean?” Sucking in a harsh breath, Namjoon decided to continue. “And there were clothes all over the floor in the bathroom.” Your lip trembled and your ears turned red as you turned around. “Did you just.. ask me!” You pointed to yourself for emphasis. “If I don’t clean! Did you really just ask me that Namjoon!” Your voice raised and your tears followed, tears pouring out after your words. “That’s all I do! That’s all I fucking do while you’re gone! I make everything picture perfect and you ask me if I don’t fucking clean?!”

Namjoon seemed to shut up immediately once he spotted your tears. “Oh, babe.. I didn’t mean it like that.. Oh no..” He walked over and enveloped you with his arms. “Oh no… Everything you do for me is perfect… I’m so sorry…”

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Soft music was the only noise that reverberated throughout the house. It seemed like it was the only noise the walls had heard for the past two months. With your boyfriend never home and refusing to let you work when he could take care of you both, your life had turned into an endless and boring cycle and it had definitely started to take a toll on you.

You laid in the middle of the carpet, your eyes glazed over slightly as you stared up at the ceiling. Your ears perked up however when the sound of the garage door opening cut through the endless cycle of the music. You didn’t make an effort to move however, afraid that it was just your mind playing tricks. Even when your boyfriend loomed over you, you still thought of it was a joke. “Are you crazy? Why’s all of the furniture on one side of the room? And why are you playing such shitty music?” Your bubble popped as you looked up at him. You instinctively blinked quickly as you stared at him. “Crazy? Shitty music? Well I wouldn’t have to listen to shitty music if you were home!” You sat up and huffed softly. “I wait day and night for you to come home and this is how you repay me?” You felt tears start to roll down your cheeks. “I can’t believe you, Jimin..” You whispered out as more tears fell down your cheeks. 

Jimin felt his heart squeeze and he shook his head with a frown. “Oh, baby… I’m so sorry… I love you so much… I didn’t mean it…” He walked over and wrapped his arms around your waist. “I know I’m never home… It’s so selfish of me..” He pulled you closer. “Why don’t we dance to your music, hm?”

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You sat on the couch scrolling through twitter, just seconds after Tae had posted one of his infamous selfies. You couldn’t help but giggle at some of the frantic and wildly inappropriate things that some people commented, knowing not long ago you were right by their side. 

You were about to give up on your scrolling frenzy until a few keywords caught your eyes. You scrolled back up, squinting your eyes as you read over the words repeatedly. They repeated in your head but you couldn’t help but to continue reading over them.

‘He’s so pretty. Why does he date such a fat pig?’

You set your phone down with a soft thud and looked at the blacked out TV in front of you, it seemed to accentuate your features making them large and misshapen. You stared your slight double chin and the roundness of your cheeks. You looked away quickly and sat there thinking to yourself. “Am I really that fat? I didn’t think I’d gained any weight.” In a panicked frenzy you ran to your shared bathroom. Tae was sat on the bed and watched you bolt by with a curious eye. “You alright, babe? Did you see my picture?” He teased.

Ignoring his comments you ran to the scale and stepped on, looking away before down at your feet. You sucked in a harsh breath as you read the numbers. You’d gained a few. You shook your head and started to pace, slowly stressing yourself out in disbelief.

Tae walked into the bathroom and frowned as he watched you for a few seconds. “Is everything alright? What’s wrong, baby?” He kneeled in front of you, grabbing your arms softly. “Tell me what’s wrong?” You refused to looked at him before letting the words tumble from your lips. “Have I gotten fat, Tae?” 

Looking at you as if you were losing your mind, Tae huffed and stood up. “Is that why you’re all stressed out? Of course not, baby.. Besides, if you did what’s the big problem? You’re still my pretty princess.” He scooped you up by your legs and tossed you over his shoulder. “Let us escape these bad thoughts, princess! We shall take a small vacation from this castle!”

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Sitting there and watching your boyfriend attempt another round of Overwatch had become exhaustingly repetitive. You understood that he adored the game, but he seemed to adore the game every second that he wasn’t in the studio recording or at dance practice. 

You let out another sigh of annoyance, hoping that making it louder this time would gain your boyfriends attention. It only gained you a sigh in return. Rolling your eyes and shaking your head as you crossed your arms over your chest and looked away from the computer, a rush of angst running through your body. Your eyes prickled with tears as you couldn’t even remember the last kiss let alone hug you and Jungkook had shared. 

You stood from your seat and walked out onto the balcony, the cold chill from the air relieving your eyes of the tears, causing them to roll down your cheeks. You shut the door behind you and leaned on the railing letting your tears fall freely. You covered your mouth and shook your head as you let out a weak and tiny sob. 

You were cut off by the door squeaking open quietly. “Babe? What are you doing out here? It’s freezing, come back inside and let me finish this round and warm up.” You shook your head as another ugly and gut wrenching sob broke from your lips. “No! I won’t sit there and watch you play another round! That’s all I ever do! I watch you play another round! We never watch movies let alone cuddle anymore! I wait for you every secon-!” You were cut off by the soft lips you had craved so desperately for. 

A weak whimper left your lips as you melted into his arms. You pulled away after a few more seconds. “I-I’m still mad at you..” A soft chuckle left his lips as he gripped under your thighs and hoisted you up before carrying you back inside. “We’ll see how mad you are after all these kisses I give you.”

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diamondsparkle42  asked:

Could I request RFA + V getting into a fight with MC, and having MC storm out the door and tell them not to follow her? You can decide if it's happy end or not. Thanks!

RFA (+ V) getting in a fight with MC

Note: I’m so bad at coming up with reasons to arGUE UGH. I love how much support you’ve all given, I’m already at 110+ followers! V’s hurt my heart, okay? He’s too pure for this world.

EDIT: I wrote this before Jaehee’s route, and her parents are dead, so I’m sorry this is inaccurate!!


✰ - Yoosung’s finals were coming up, so you came over to surprise him at his dorm, ready to help him study with a healthy meal. Of course, upon entering, you were met with a terrible sight.

✰ - Yoosung drinking chocolate milk, playing LOLOL, bags under his eyes, and empty cups of ramen scattered on the ground.

✰ - You were not having it, he needs to get a good grade on those finals, so you walk over, and quickly unplug the computer. He didn’t even notice you till then, and he’s disgruntled af.

✰ - “Yoosung! This place is an absolute mess! Look at how unhealthy this is for you! You have finals in a week! There’s no possible way you’re gonna be prepared!”

✰ - You just ruined this boys LOLOL expedition, and had the nerve to criticize his eating habits? What the heck?” Even when he’s mad he’s not gonna curse. “I thought you were my girlfriend, not my Mom!”

✰ - You just look at him, laugh in disbelief before dropping the takeout and flashcards onto the floor. 

✰ - At that moment, Yoosung knew, he fucked up.

✰ - “Wait! MC! I didn’t mean it! I’m sorry!” Literally Yoosung has never felt worse, seeing how upset you looked before leaving his dorm

✰ - “Don’t follow me, Yoosung. Just, please, take care of yourself.” You leave, Yoosung sadly picking up the scattered flash cards, opening the takeout with a sigh. He’s aware of how thoughtless his actions were.

✰ - “She even dotted all the i’s with little hearts.” Of course he’s using those flashcards to study, you made them just for him!

✰ - One week and a half later, with little to no talking with Yoosung, there’s the knock on your apartment door. You open it to reveal Yoosung, holding a manilla envelope in one hand, the other holding a small bag.

✰ - You go to shut the door, but he stops you, nervously sticking his foot in the apartment. “Please wait, MC, I need to show you something. Just five minutes, please.” 

✰ - Only five minutes, you made that much clear before letting him enter the apartment, the male setting the bag on the table before grinning sheepishly as he opened the manilla folder.

✰ - “Your flashcards came in handy! I got great grades on my finals. It’s all thanks to you… and, at the time, I didn’t see how much you cared about me, but I’m so thankful you do.”

✰ - You look at the grades on the finals, before he opens the paper bag, where a couple cookies are inside, although, they look very deformed.

✰ - You try not to smile, but can’t help it when you raise a questioning eyebrow to the misshapen goodies. 

✰ - “Um, they were supposed to be hearts!” Bless Yoosung, he’s trying his best, give him points for trying.

✰ - “Oh come here,” You gotta hug him, he’s forgiven, he loved your notecards, he even aced his finals, you’re a proud girlfriend. “Don’t show 707 these cookies.”


✰ - You didn’t think much of the motorcycle when Zen rode it, until you received a wake-up call from him one evening, explaining that he needed you to come pick him up because his motorcycle ran off the road.

✰ - “Zen, are you alright?” His head is bleeding a little bit, and his outfit is really ripped up. “Your motorcycle..”

✰ - “It’s trashed, now, MC, but I can get another one with the warranty. I called the authorities to tell them to get rid of this metal on the road.” 

✰ - You glanced at the hazardous cycle before getting back into your car, nervously thinking about how badly hurt he could’ve been - or even dead.

✰ -”I should get a good amount of money from my insurance to buy a nicer motorcycle~ Maybe I can show you how to drive it, MC!” Insert happy ramblings about how he’ll get a new death mobile.

✰ - “Zen, you could’ve gotten hurt on the motorcycle, maybe buy a safer vehicle? You know how we’ve been talking about children, smh they can’t be taken to school on a motorcycle.”

✰ - “Babe, accidents happen!” Uh no, life threatening ones cannot be solved with pet names like Babe, Zen I will get your goddamn license revokED.

✰ - “Of course they do, but accidents can end your life, especially on a motorcycle. Or you could get severe injuries - Zen, I’m just saying, maybe get a more family friendly vehicle-”

✰ - He’s triggered at the mention of family, like, he ISN’T READY.

✰ - “I don’t want to start a family, MC!” He’s kinda mad about his motorcycle, you burst his bubble, damn you.

✰ -You pull over the car without hesitation, and step out, throwing the keys at him. Slamming the car door you yell at him to not follow you before full on sprinting down the Korean streets.

✰ - You realize you’re near SKY university and call Yoosung to stay with him while you’re upset with Zen, because he kinda just said he didn’t want to start a family with you??

✰ - About a week later, filled with cup o’ noodles and missed texts from Zen, Yoosung gets a call from him and asks him to deliver a message to you. 

✰ - “Zen told me to tell you that he wants to talk, and to meet him in front of the college.” Honestly he’s glad to be used even as a messenger.

✰ - Kinda reluctant but hey. You’re looking around and cannot find him?? There’s only two minivans here, OH MY GOD.

✰ - There’s a silver one with the license plate: ZENSFAM

✰ - “Oh my god, Zen, you didn’t.” He gets out of the car with a face that’s like OH I DID.

✰ - You’re literally so happy of course you forgive this man, and he wants to have a family, or that plate has a lot of explaining to do. 


✰ - Jaehee isn’t too open about her relationship with you, and when her parents show up at the cafe, she leaves out the fact that the two of you are actually engaged to be married.

✰ - So, you confront her after serving them their drinks. “Jaehee, I know your parents aren’t aware that you’re bisexual… But you should come out! I’ll be there to support you.”

✰ - “MC, your parents are a lot different from mine, and I don’t think mine would be that happy to find out my partner is female - it’d be shameful to them.”

✰ - “Wait, Jaehee, are you ashamed of me?” Cue you being a little upset, considering how the two of you easily came out to the rest of the RFA, and how confident she’d been about you then.

✰ - She looks upset, she is upset, but she is not ashamed of you.

✰ - “No, of course not, but…” She trails off, and you begin to untie your apron, slightly upset by this.

✰ - “I’m gonna take a day off, alright?” You hand her your apron before slipping out the back door, telling her a brief, “Don’t follow me.”

✰ - Jaehee then calls up Jumin, asking for a favor, and to get her lots of food coloring and vanilla frosting. Jumin, on the other hand, gets Assistant Yoosung to handle this-

✰ - You’re not very excited to go to work today, but you go nonetheless, surprised to see that both of Jaehee’s parents are there, drinking coffee when you arrive. 

✰ - Also they’re the only ones in the cafe, and it’s right before opening?? Cue you being confused and them politely smiling at you.

✰ - “MC, help me frost these cupcakes with this rainbow frosting.” Jaehee is like in super busy mode as she mixes up this gorgeous multi-color frosting. “My version of coming out, I guess.”

✰ - Of course you’re gonna help! While you put the rainbow frosting on, she’s writing small hearts with J + [First Initial].

✰ - “I’m sorry about yesterday, I would never be ashamed of you.” You smile and help her take the cupcakes to her parents, prepared for whatever may come!


✰ - You’re a mix of nervous and excited about meeting Jumin’s father for the first time, over a meal from a French bistro downtown.

✰ - “You’re wearing the purple dress? It looks lovely on you.” He adjusts his matching tie before escorting you to the car, with Driver Kim behind the wheel, of course.

✰ - The conversation is fine as you sit in the back of the nice vehicle, until the topic shifts to well, you. And not in the nice, flirtatious way you’d expect.

✰ - “When talking to my father, remember to use your manners, try to smile and answer the majority of his questions. When answering questions that involve politics, keep it towards the conservative side. Don’t-”

✰ - “Jumin, that’s not how I act though. Come on, shouldn’t your father like the real MC?” You’re just mildly annoyed at this point, it’s not like you thought his father would dislike you.

✰ - “He likes a classy businesswoman, MC.”

✰ - Did he just? He did, didn’t he? “Are you trying to imply that I’m not a ‘classy businesswoman’? Why don’t you go bring Sarah Choi to meet your father, then?”

✰ - Before he can scramble for an apology, you’re requesting for Driver Kim to pull over. And he’s wondering if he’ll get fired for this. 

✰ - “MC, wait, please, I’m sorry.” He reaches for your hand but you jerk it away before exiting the car, firmly telling him not to follow you. Insert loud car door slam.

✰ - You wipe a couple tears from your cheeks as the car slowly drives away, but feel arms wrap around you, making you quickly jump to be met with Jumin’s apologetic gaze.

✰ - “MC, I made you cry…” He is Not Okay. “I’m more than idiotic, I don’t care if my father dislikes you, I love you. He’ll have to accept that, regardless, but then again, who wouldn’t love you?”

✰ - Lots of make up kisses.

✰ - You guys call off the dinner with his father, and instead the two of you check out a Taiyaki stand together.


✰ - He’s been neglecting you for work lately, and neglecting the RFA as well, so you decided to confront him about it.

✰ - “Saeyoung, maybe you should take a break and we could go out to eat? Or I could make something-” Of course, this gets shut down almost immediately.

✰ - “MC, this is important work, okay? I don’t have time for that.” It reminds you of the apartment and how he pushed his feelings aside for that damn work, it’s like the whole scenario over again.

✰ - “Whatever, Saeyoung, I’m gonna go out and eat by myself, then.” You didn’t hesitate to slam the door. muttering not to follow you.Then heading upstairs towards his garage, getting into one of his cars.

✰ - You called Jaehee and said you were coming to her cafe to eat, explaining to her what happened to Saeyoung, although she didn’t say much about the situation at all.

✰ - On the other hand, Saeyoung was freaking out, tracking where his car went, to hacking into your cellphone, and keeping an eye on the CCTV feed in the apartment’s hallway.

✰ - When you finally returned to the apartment, not ready to go see Saeyoung after he somewhat ignored you, you opened the door to reveal him leaning against it, fast asleep.

✰ - Surprised, you slowly shut the door, noticing the open laptop next to him, with a map with a blinking dot, seeing that he’d tracked you. 

✰ - “Saeyoung, wake up.” Unsure of how to react to this, you gently tried to wake him, and as his eyes flickered open, he pulled you into a hug. “Oof.”

✰ - “Don’t leave me, MC, I’m stupid, I shouldn’t have been such a dumbass to let you leave like that.” Burying his red hair into your shoulder, you sighed, hugging him back.

✰ - “I know.” You kissed him gently, before sitting against the door with him, watching as his face of happiness and relief turn tired once more, his head leaning on your shoulder.

✰ - “I love you.”


✰ - You’ve been living with V for over two months now, and something was genuinely bothering you, the large amount of Rika photos in his home. 

✰ - So, you decided to bring it up with V at dinner one night. “Jihyun, you have a lot of photos of Rika in your home, and um, well it’s making me think your feelings for her aren’t gone.” 

✰ - You weren’t jealous, it just made you uncomfortable, like a replacement for Rika. But you also understood how important she’d been to him, so you’d waited a long time to bring it up.

✰ - “MC, I..” You could tell he disliked bringing it up, the plain expression on his skin. “Shouldn’t we talk about this another time?”

✰ - “Jihyun, I’m not saying to get rid of all the photos, maybe change some, though, like photos of the last RFA party! I’ll help if you want-”

✰ - “MC, really, it’s complicated.” He looks upset about bringing up his former lover, but you also felt second to the female, and sighed, standing up from your seat. “MC? What are you doing?”

✰ - You gave a soft smile, before shaking your head, grabbing your coat from the rack before pulling it on. V stood up as soon as he heard the door open, the outside chill sweeping in.

✰ - “Jihyun, I’m gonna go.” Going to shut the door, you paused, “Please don’t follow me.” And you left the home quickly, sad that it seems you were runnerup to Rika. 

✰ - V: Jumin, I need you to come over to my house immediately. 

✰ - Jumin Han: It sounds urgent, I’ll get Driver Kim to be there in half an hour.

✰ - It was extremely urgent, and V lowkey needed Jumin because he’s kinda blind. Although, some things even V, the blind man, could do better than Jumin. Like take photos.

✰ - MC gets a call from V the next day, explaining that she needs to come back and talk to him, and she agrees to give him a chance to hear what he has to say. 

✰ - You get there and literally can’t find him? So you look throughout the home, except, you have to do a double-take as you enter rooms that formerly held multiple photos of Rika - now framed with you and the RFA members!

✰ - You dialed his number, and hear his phone ringing in the other room, so follow the noise to find him in the bedroom, adjusting a frame on the bedside - an image of you and him, taken by another photographer at the party.

✰ - “It’s us, MC.”

Best Friend?

Yuta fucking likes you.

Anon said: Could you write a imagine about a “bad boy” yuta realising he is in love with his sweet and shy best friend as they enter their final years of high school or just in college in general? I hope that’s not too cliche. I’m sorry if it is!!

Anon said: Can I get Yuta fluff? I noticed no one is requested for him >< poor my bb! Yuta and the girl always fight and annoyed each other a lot but they began to love each other and felt empty without one of them. So in the end he confessed to her. Thx you ❤

hOPEFULLY this satisfies both these requests. this is 3k i can’t believe this it’s ridiculous. also. these are legit some of the oldest requests in my inbox like bless they’re finally out of here. i hope you enjoy ^^

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and sparkling evermore

Strifesodos Week day 1 - Reading
It’s still the 18th somewhere! 
Cloud visits the library and explores poetry, one of his least favorite things, with his crush.  

The ShinRa library, tucked into a back corner of the 47th floor of the iconic Midgar Tower, was pretty nice.

Cloud hadn’t thought that too many military folks read a lot of books—perhaps that was presumptuous of him.  Heavily muscled, frightening military personnel didn’t really mesh with the image in his head of a bookworm (a nerd, like you were in Nibelheim if you read books for fun).  But to his surprise, he found both infantrypeople and SOLDIERs with books in their hands all the time.

 After all, missions could be long and tiring. There weren’t always stations to recharge your PHS or tablets.  Life in ShinRa Tower, despite what the bigwigs at the top said, could be tough and… boring at times, even.

 So perhaps some people read for the same reasons Cloud did—life at ShinRa was kinda crappy, actually, and books offered a nice escape during his personal time.  

The library wasn’t massive but there were lots of shelves in the space they did have that were packed with books, and even a couple tables and chairs.  Cloud liked it there… but honestly, he’d like it a lot more if Genesis Rhapsodos wasn’t always hanging around.  

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[M] Moonlight | One

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A/N: Hi guys! It’s Admin Sunshine, thank you for loving this fiction. I’m re-posting this fiction on my blog because soon there will be a new chapter!

Pairing: Hybrid Female Reader AU! x Yoongi

Genre: Hybrid AU!, Smut, Fluff, Angst

Warnings: None except it’s full of sin.

Words Count: 2k

Summary : As unwelcomed cat hybrid, you’ve lived in the streets since you were born. You never believed in love neither in humanity. But even though you didn’t want to be loved by someone, you wanted him to love you.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Finale

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anonymous asked:

In a world where deities are known to actually exist (some people doubt their existence, but most at least acknowledge them, even if they don't follow any), do you think that religion would change significantly? A lot of religions are about a relationship with a being based on conviction, but less so on actual interaction or evidence. Do you see this being significantly different, or would what people want from it be the same, and therefore religions wouldn't differ much?

DISCLAIMER: These replies are only writing advice and intended for entertainment purposes only.  Your personal experiences may vary.  The author accepts no liability stemming from improper use of any material presented here.  I am not here to be your pastor; I am here to help you write better pastors.  If you need real life spiritual advice or are experiencing a spiritual crisis, please search for local resources related to your specific crisis as these will be best equipped to assist you. If the first resource doesn’t work out, try the next one. You matter.

So I’ve given this some thought, and my answer is: No, I think religion probably wouldn’t differ all that much.

I’ll start by mentioning that humanity is incredibly predisposed to religion.  We can engage in all kinds of speculation why, but suffice to say that we do.  Long ago, we worshipped emperors and kings; more recently, we worship the economy and certain beauty ideals.  People argue about whether or Dumbledore’s sexual orientation is “canon,” given that JK Rowling revealed that detail in an interview and not in the text of the books (scripture) themselves.  It’s controversial when a professional athlete chooses whether or not to stand for the national anthem, which is a ritual designed to reinforce feelings of loyalty and pride in the fictive state.

I’m working with a very broad definition of “religion,” here.  For my purposes, religion is something that gives narrative structure to one’s life and environment.  Religion uses sacred story and ritual to represent this narrative.  Religion posits an “ideal state” that we are meant to strive toward or return to.

It sounds like in this world you’re building, deities are “known to exist” because there is evidence of them.  I don’t know what kind of evidence there is; maybe that means deities are walking around on the surface of the planet as we speak, waving their multiple arms and performing miracles, or maybe Real Miracles happened fifty years ago but no miracles have happened lately so people are starting to forget.  

In the latter case, I don’t see this as being particularly different from, say, people who absolutely believe in the existence of angels.  You might say, “well, that’s not evidence-based,” but that would depend on what you mean by evidence.  She prayed for her tumor to shrink, and it did, and she says it’s because her guardian angel was listening.  Her doctor says it’s because the medicine worked.  Who’s right?  Maybe her guardian angel made sure the medicine worked.

In the former case, where you have basically X-Men running around the place, controlling the weather and firing lasers out of their faces, I can only think that it might make the ordinary populace more demanding of their deities.  XD  People can always make up reasons for why something didn’t happen.  If the aforementioned woman’s tumor had not shrunk, she might shrug and say, well, it must be my time to go, the guardian angel knows best.  But if you performed the correct ritual for rain and it didn’t rain?  Hey, somebody’s not holding up their end of the bargain!  Or, hey, maybe not: maybe I didn’t perform the ritual correctly.  Must have missed something.  Maybe I’d better go back and do that again.

Which can make things pretty interesting for your deities!  Like, holy cow, people are hanging all kinds of responsibilities on me; I didn’t ask for any of this!  I was just born this way!  So on and so forth.

It’s also worth noting that this idea of religion being based on some kind of belief and/or conviction is a relatively new one, and a particularly Western notion at that.  Nearly 80% of the Japanese population engages in Shinto practices, but ask any one of them if they were “religious” and they would probably say no, even if you’d stopped them to ask this question in front of the shrine where they’d just made an offering for a good grade on their final exams.  What, that?  That’s not religion.  Same with many Hindus and Buddhists.  For thousands of years–and in much of the world today–religion was not something we believed; it was something we did.  They were and are a set of cultural practices that had nothing to do with whether or not you actually believed in a supernatural deity out there, somewhere.

The Signs During their Finals

Aries: Ok but why is Deepthroat by Cupcake playing in my head I need to know these chemical functional groups

Taurus: Yo this exam is tearing me open a new asshole but I’m completely ok with it, not like as if I would have done any better if I studied

Gemini: *stands up to blow their nose* OH my GOSH everyone probably thinks I’m a DISGUSTING little GERM

Cancer: Lol for once these questions are more confusing than the emotional mess which exists in my mind

Leo: I can already tell I’m either praying to God or making a deal with Satan to get a good grade on this final after I finish it

Virgo: *is the normal one, does the preparation required, passes their exams with ease*

Libra: HA there’s an L in the name of my astrology sun sign for a reason

Scorpio: *focuses on one question for an hour* NO i will NOT continue until this QUESTION is ANSWERED I just need to REMEMBER HARDER

Sagittarius: You know what?  Why am I so worried about these finals killing me I’m already dead on the inside 

Capricorn: Ok well if my average in this class is a 98.6 and I need an 89.5 to maintain an A and the final is worth 15% of my final that means I need a 37.93% but you NEVER KNOW I might still ABSOLUTELY fail this

Aquarius: *wings it* yo life is quick you can’t let yourself be tied down by the evils of this tyrannical world

Pisces: *turns in final* I either killed this test or the test killed me, there’s absolutely no in between