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Hoe Tips: School and Studying

I’m currently in PA school with close to a 4.0 GPA, and with college and back to school starting up, I’m dropping some tips for y'all. A hoe gotta get bomb ass grades if ya want a bomb ass career and to be successful af. So let’s get it✨

1. Write out your notes. Have two notebooks: one for when you’re in class (this one can be messy) and one for at home (this one is the neater one, for color coding, formatting, and all that organizational jazz). Writing things out is proven to enhance memorization 7X more than just reading is.

2. Have a go-to format for your notes. Numbering, bullet points, whatever floats your boat.

3. Type out your notes. I use Google Drive, because it automatically saves all your shit, and you can access your notes via your Google account literally anywhere. Typing out your notes does the same thing writing them out does, as far as helping you review the material.

4. Use Quizlet. Quizlet is a free flashcard website/app that allows you to type in all of your flashcards and definitions, and gives you review options like matching, testing, flashcard mode, and more. This shit made me my high schools valedictorian, no lie.

5. Keep your old quizzes and tests. Often times, teachers will ask similar questions on finals.

6. For math-based subjects, always always always show your work in your notes. I try to explain each step for a math problem in the margins of my notes, and generalize how to do each problem at the end.

7. Do practice problems consistently.

8. For my college hoes: never take an 8 am class. You think you can do it because you did it for high school, but I promise you will regret it. If there’s no avoiding the 8 am lecture, bring coffee and skip any makeup/hair that day. Sleep is too important.

9. Make flashcards. The night before my exams, I like to try and fit everything I need to know for a specific chapter/topic onto one flashcard, in order to weed out main ideas.

10. For essays, is amazing with free citations to avoid any plaigiarism or incorrect bibliographies.

11. Rent👏your👏textbooks👏. Unless your teacher specifically requires you BUY it, you likely won’t need the actual textbook. Buying access codes for the book online is hundreds of dollars cheaper.

12. If you do get your textbooks, a lot of them have chapter summaries at the end of each chapter. Be sure to write out/type out/review those summaries.

13. For science labs, if you are allowed, take pictures of any models or slides you need to know for your exams. Pretty much all labs won’t let you take pictures of cadavers or animal dissections, but plastic models and microscope slides should be fine.

14. If you have a question, ASK YOUR TEACHER. It is better to look stupid in class and get your clarification, than to look stupid when you get your exam back and actually have it count against your grade.

15. Do study groups. I have two nursing friends in some of the same classes as me, and we’d always meet up before exams to go over the material. We would bring dry erase markers and map out shit in empty classrooms, taking turns explaining shit to each other until we nailed it.

16. Try to teach the material. Like I said in #15, study groups are great for this. By teaching the material out loud, you are subconsciously reviewing it yourself. This is a HUGE help.

17. Take breaks. You cannot exhaust yourself and expect to still recall anything you learned.

18. I know everyone does this and there’s no avoiding it sometimes, but DO NOT CRAM. Gradual learning is most effective.

19. Have one day every week where you don’t do any schoolwork. You need time to reboot.

20. Use your phone’s calendar/task checklist app for all major assignments, due dates, exam dates, study plans, appointments, etc. Set reminders as needed.

21. Charge your phone in another room while studying. No distractions.

22. is a free website that plays a 30 minute loop of rain sounds. It helps me focus like nothing else, especially in my loud ass household, and every time the loop stops and replays, I know to take a break between 30 minute study sessions.

23. Feel distracted at home when studying? Try studying in a library, cafe, or even at school. I find that going somewhere else to study actually forces me to pay attention to what I’m doing, for some reason.

24. Reward yourself for good grades. Buy yourself a slice of pizza or a new highlight, have a netflix marathon, go to a party, or take a nap. Whatever conveys a job well done, do it. It’ll make all that studying feel that much greater when it’s over, and you’ll have a goal to work towards.

25. Sit in the front of the classroom as often as possible. You’ll be forced to pay attention, be able to actually see the board, hear the instructor better, and you’re more likely to have your questions answered quickly because your teacher will actually see your hand go up.

26. Caffeinate. I prefer tea because it’s healthier, but coffee works too. Ya girl is NOT a morning person, but my morning tea at least helps me pay attention during earlier classes.

27. Keep all of your school shit organized, together, and labelled.

28. Do NOT skip a class just because you’re lazy or don’t feel like going. The temptation is real sometimes, but a hoes gonna be pissed when ya see your participation average decline.

29. This may just be a psychological thing, but I love to use the same colored/brand of pen for all of my notes/assignments/tests. It just makes everything seem more uniform, and I’m able to recall information better.

30. Trouble taking tests? For any multiple choice question, read the question and try to answer it first without reading any of the options. If your answer doesn’t match the options, then use process of elimination to find the best answer. For true/false questions, write out justifications for each answer (you can also do this for multiple choice). You’ll be acing your exams in no time.

31. Chewing gum during class/studying, and chewing that same flavor gum during the exam, has been scientifically proven to boost your memory recall.

32. Literally any time you have the opportunity to do extra credit, DO IT. Cherish that shit.

33. If you aren’t doing so hot in a particular class (literally any math class for me lol), schedule a private meeting with your professor and go over test questions you missed, or topics you didn’t get. If you know your professor is a flop, or can’t get an appointment, meet with a tutor or another professor of that same subject. Sometimes another voice can shed new light on a difficult topic.

34. For essays, critiques your writing for free based on readability, grade level, formality, tone, grammatical errors, etc. Seriously a life saver.

35. Also is ya bff for fancier words/phrases to make your writing more eloquent

36. Always make an outline for every essay or project to organize what you want to say. This will keep you on track, and help you work around any quotes or sources in you writing to make sure your writing is hella organized.

That’s all I can think of for now, please please please feel free to add and share. Enjoy those 4.0’s, hoes💞

don’t let a bad grade make you think any less of yourself.


I Hope You’re Having A Good Day

I Hope That Whatever You’re Asking The Universe For She Grants You

I Hope You Get That Grade You Need For That Class

I Hope You Get That Job You Want & Need

I Hope That EX That’s Always Hitting Your Line Goes Away

I Hope That Toxic Energy Leaves Your Presence

I got the Fall semester results today!!!! I got an average of 14.1 out of 20, which is really good! 🏆 I am very happy, and I hope I’ll do as good for the Spring Semester

I will post the last two Spread Explanations next Monday and next Sunday, because I’m off for the week-end. 

Featured on the picture: some Us civilization HW I did yesterday. 

Day 1 of back to school series

Ah, school. Love it or hate it, this place that we spend so many hours in is important and the grades that we get do affect our future in some way. So, it’s advantageous to have the best notes possible. This post that I’ve released will definitely help all of you become the crème de la crème of your classes. 

  • Find a study space. This can be anywhere. Your bedroom, another room in your house, a library or even a cafe. Just make sure that this space, is mostly quiet, uncluttered, has natural lighting and is comfortable. You want an area that you can study in without getting distracted. 
  • Attend all your classes. This might be a no-brainer, but unless you’re sick or have any obligations, that’s keeping you from going to school, you should always attend your classes and on time. Showing up late or not showing up at all will not only keep you from learning the class material properly but also make your teacher think poorly of you. 
  • Establish a proper study schedule. Dedicating just fifteen minutes to an hour a day for studying even if you don’t have any tests or exams in sight will help you better understand your material as well as keep you from cramming later on. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time to ask your teacher questions if you don’t understand something.
  • Get organized. There’s nothing worse than needing to study but your notes are nowhere to be found. Thankfully, this can be easily prevented. Throwing your notes, assignments, papers, etc in your locker or your backpack is a recipe for disaster. Instead, use notebooks, binders, folders and never lose anything ever again. 
  • Use some sort of planner. Whether you buy one, use an app on your phone,  printables, or a bullet journal, it will be useful for keeping track of due dates, exam periods, your study schedule and you can even jot down things you need to do on a specific day. I can’t stress on how important this step is. 
  • Become friends with your teacher. By that, I don’t mean eating lunch with them every day or kiss their ass. But doing simple things like being respectful, participating in class, and just overall being a good student will make them more inclined to give you good grades. 
  • Take care of yourself. You can’t do your best in school if you are sleep deprived, hungry or simply in a bad mood. So take care of your physical self. Eat often, get at least 8 hours of sleep, exercise often. And don’t forget to take care your mind too. Meditate, talk to someone if you’re having problems (my inbox is always open) and most of all, take a break once in a while. Work hard, but don’t work so hard that it’s compromising your health. 
  • Do work outside of school assignments and homework. School only teaches you so much. Broaden your knowledge by taking some specific classes outside of school whether it’s online or walk-in. Join a book club, if you’re into that. You can even get ahead of your classes by reading an extra chapter. By doing this, you will ultimately become a smarter person not only during your school days but when you graduate you can apply those skills in the real world too. 
  • Get a study buddy or join a group. Having someone to study with can be very helpful as long as you’re actually doing some work and not goofing around. You guys can teach each other the material, answer each other’s questions

Those are all the tips I have for now. Hopefully, this post was informative and helped all of you become the best students that you can be! By the way, this is the first post of my back to school series. If you loved this, and want some more tips, check-in tomorrow or any other day of this week.  xxx

Zodiac Signs as High School Clichés

Aries: Detention kid always getting into trouble

Taurus: Random kid who’s friends with everybody

Gemini: Social butterfly

Cancer: Teacher’s pet

Leo: Drama Club president everyone likes

Virgo: Shy kid with good grades

Libra: Flirt who’s always in a relationship

Scorpio: Weird loner who nobody likes

Sagittarius: Popular jock

Capricorn: Quiet nerd no one talks to

Aquarius: Hipster

Pisces: Anime Club member

You need to understand that studying requires extensive training. Study habits, amount of sleep, timing. Therefore, you should see it as a sport. In order to get better you need to repeat and practice. Your brain needs to be recited all this information for long term memory. It's a hard process, I know, but trust me you'll get there.

this is so important 🙌

how to survive algebra + other maths classes

yoyoyoyoyo! i’m a smol bean taking some advanced/accelerated math. it’s not really challenging for me, seeing as i’ve been self taught for the past 2 years + i had a tutor for the past few months. however, lots of the people around me are failing math??? and i really want to help!! so this is my first masterpost and stuff!!!!!!!! idk this intro is rly bad!!!!???

1. read ahead. this is really important and how i actually got ahead in math and maintained an a. whether its some kind of textbook (i really recommend these), a website, or just some youtube/khans tutorial vids, find some way to learn what your teacher is going to teach before they teach it. this gives you time to really learn those formulas and stuff so you’re not struggling to catch it while your teacher is super speed teaching during class.

2. talk to your teacher. for some reason, i’ve really noticed that math teachers go really fast when teaching??? especially if you’re taking an accelerated class??? thats one of the reasons lots of people are currently not doing so well. so my advice is to become homies with your teacher. like, a bunch of students who were failing came to my algebra teacher and told her that they just did not get what was going on in class, so she offered this nice little study session with those students! not only will your teacher do everything they can to help, but they will notice that you’re trying to do your best and will not be as harsh when they’re grading you. teachers aren’t trying to kill you!! i promise!!!

3. do your homework. like literally. the point of homework is to assess what you’ve learned in class. if you don’t do your homework, you won’t be able to practice those skills and they may fade away when you most need them, like during the exam!!!

4. don’t just learn the concepts. practice applying them, too. this is what homework is for! math is very vocabulary and formula-based. but just because you memorized the quadratic formula doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to use it on the exam! practice applying those formulas and definitions, because thats what you’ll be tested on in the future.

5. take eLITe notes. this is also v important. when you’re reading ahead you should take notes bc not only does this assess your understanding of the reading but it counts as active studying! also it serves as a basis for your lecture notes! instead of scrambling to take crusty notes while your teaching is speaking, you can just write additional information in the margins to revise later. see? genius!!!!

6. participate in class. ok this seems very unrealistic especially if you’re struggling. but listen: the good about this outweighs the negative! if you participate, sure you might get some things wrong. but this only leaves room for correction and improvement. if you get a question or something wrong, then a teacher or fellow classmate can correct you and explain the right answer so that you understand it better. besides this, most teachers give grades on participation, anyway. it’s literally just extra points towards your grade.

7. ask for help. this goes a long way. there are tons of math nerds around you!!! most lots of them are willing to help!!! besides them, there are your teachers and parents (if your parents are math geniuses idk). but yeah!!!! having someone explain something to you not only informs you, but is a method of studying for that person too!!! it’s a win-win situation!!!!!!!!

8. use your resources. this was kinda mentioned in #1. but math is a subject that tons of people struggle with, and as a result there are tons of videos and articles on the subjects you may be struggling with. this is a huge win!!

9. get a tutor. this is the most obvious. if you’re not getting anything, get a professional who’s not your teacher to teach you the concept.

10. don’t give up!!! math is a difficult subject. you may not get it the first time, but practicing and studying over a long period of time will result in you getting it. trust me. i promise.

some links and helpful schist:

freshman masterpost w/ some maths stuff

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now go, studyblrs!!! slay that math class!!! get that a!!! and if you don’t, it doesn’t matter. you’re going to go on and be a genius in something else anyway and you don’t need math for that pfft thats what we have calculators for