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Withering Away Innocence (Part 1)

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Author: Wristic

Pairing: Hvitserk X Reader

Word Count: 3100

Warnings: oral, fingering, unprotected sex, being so innocent it’s hilarious

-Part 2-

While he always thought his marriage would be filled with love making and wild hedonism shared with a beautiful woman, you seem more inclined to run away from him then scoot even an inch closer. You’re forced to confess, you’ve grown up very sheltered.

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Chaos Reigns Chapter 33- Affirmation

Trigger Warnings: Language, firearms, domestic disputes, smut mcsmut smut

Oh fuck those eggs are not sitting well, I think to myself as we sit around after breakfast. Joker’s gotten up, showered and dressed, before we reconvene to discuss where to go from here. Arkham was in shambles and God knows the finger was going to get pointed at me for blowing it, but surely by now they know this is not how I roll?

“CC?” Joker pulls my attention back to him, looking to me confused, “You ok, doll?”

“Mmm, my stomach is upset, anyone else’s eggs taste funny?” I ask the room. Everyone shakes their head no so I shrug my shoulders, before returning to the issue at hand. When Yari walks in.

“Honey, we got a problem. GCPD is out for you, they’re loyal hound Officer Gordon is back in town and isn’t too happy with what’s gone down. He’s coming to haul your ass in.” Well that puts a dampener on my mood… I sit in silence trying not to hurl my stomach contents up with a pout on my lips.

“You’re not going in.” Joker says, running his hand along my thigh in a show of comfort and support, taking a massive inhalation through my nose, I let it out as I speak.

“They don’t have anything on me, do they Yari?” He sits on the desk in front of J and I. He shakes his head.

“No sweetie, those security cam’s didn’t work allll night.” He tucks a piece of hair behind my ear, “You ok CC? You looking a bit green around the gills there.” He queries and it’s enough to make me realise these eggs are not staying down.

“Nope!” Is all I manage before I do a mad dash to the bathroom, where breakfast makes its reappearance. I hear Yari behind me laughing, saying he’s got this, before he comes in to hold my hair out of the way.

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quicklikelight: Think about Danny doing random room checks and walking in on Scott kissing a boy. And suddenly, Danny really wants to be the boy Scott McCall is kissing.


Danny fumbles over whatever he was about to say and backs out of the room before either Scott or his gentleman caller can react. Except he doesn’t do it so quickly that he misses Scott’s slow, deliberate lick of his lips, just a casual little post-kiss self grooming that umm. Does things. To Danny.

Who beats a hasty retreat to his room, where he stands in the center of it, frozen while his mind mentally revises years worth of interaction with his former classmate. Then, in a move worthy of neither his IQ nor his education, he dials Jackson on his phone.

Look, everyone has their own unique ways of self-sabotaging. Some people skip class. Some people party more than they should. Danny asks Jackson for advice. It is what it is. 

“What?” Snaps a groggy voice, answering the phone. Which is Jackson speak for ‘hello, I missed you.’

“Scott McCall kissing boys is a thing. Why didn’t you tell me Scott McCall kissing boys was a thing?” Danny demands in response. It isn’t really code for anything.

“You’re saying words, and I feel like I’m expected to know what they mean, but I don’t,” Jackson yawns. “Also, I don’t care. Can this wait until you’re coherent? When answering, keep in mind that I don’t care.”

“Scott McCall goes to UC Davis now. He lives in my dorm. I just walked in on him with his tongue down another guy’s throat. This is highly relevant information that would have been really helpful to know, there was that monosyllabic enough for you?”

“You started strong but then it got away from you at the end,” Jackson drawls. Faint pew-pew sounds from the other end of the line convey that he’s not paying this conversation the attention it deserves, and he still has terrible taste in video games. “Still not seeing the part that makes any of this something I care about. What’s your point?”

“My point is how come you never told me Scott was into guys? Aren’t you supposed to be able to smell that or something?“ 

“Maybe if I’d ever sniffed his underwear or something,” Jackson verbally rolls his eyes. “You realize I only ever got the Cliff Notes version of the How To Werewolf Good manual, and weirdly enough, how to smell where your loser classmate points his boner wasn’t a chapter heading anywhere in it.”

“Maybe I’d realize that if you ever bothered to tell me about any of this stuff. Instead of having to figure it out for myself while I was DATING a werewolf…”

“Oh my god how many times do I have to say I’m sorry - ”

“Once would make a good start.”

“Look, we’re never going to get anywhere on that front. Mistakes were made,” Jackson says magnanimously. No, its actually a hell of a concession, coming from him. And people wonder why Danny now has an actual, honest to god vetting process when making new friends. “Seriously though, what’s the big deal? So McCall looks both ways before crossing the street. Who cares? You’ve never been into gossip before.” 

“I never knew Scott McCall kissing boys was an option before,” Danny all but yells into the phone. “I now have to reevaluate every single time I’ve ever spoken to him….do you even know how many of those times might have been him hitting on me, in light of this new information? I don’t even know because I can’t count that high and I can count pretty goddamn high, Jax.”

“We’ve both been hit on by losers before, Danny. It’s not the end of the world. You’ll survive.”

“Why are you being like this? We both know that you’re not actually as oblivious as you pretend to be. There’s no possible way you missed that I’ve had a crush on him since sixth grade.”

“No, I noticed. I was just hoping if I ignored it, it’d go away. Like gum on the bottom of your shoe.”

“That’s not a thing that happens Jackson. Ignoring gum on your shoe doesn’t magically de-gum the shoe.”

“How the fuck would I know that? I don’t step on gum, it would ruin my shoes. It was a metaphor. Jesus.”

“Stop it.” Danny places a palm to his forehead, reflects on two decades of poor decision making, beginning with befriending Jackson on the playground first day of kindergarten. "Stop doing your WASP-y Whittemore boilerplate evasion tactic thing where you piss me off until I hang up on you, hold a grudge for several days and forget what I originally called you about by the next time we talk. This is happening. Me having a thing for your high school nemesis or whatever is a thing, him kissing a boy is a thing, and you getting on board and helping me is a thing so get on board, Jackson or so help me god -”

“I most certainly will not,” Jackson hisses dramatically. Its times like things where you can really tell the whole ‘he used to be part snake’ thing. “I have standards, and I won’t be party to some path-”

“I am cashing in my chips,” Danny hisses back equally dramatically, and he may not have ever been part snake but goddammit two musical theater electives have got to count for something.

“What chips?”

“ALL THE CHIPS Jackson. All the chips from being your friend and putting up with your shit for year after endless year and never asking for anything in return other than the occasional wingman at the Jungle and okay, you know what, so I do ask you for stuff and you’re not actually as terrible a friend as everyone assumes but there has still been some shit and I most definitely have chips and I am cashing them in, so here’s what’s going to happen.”

Dead air reigns. Then. Begrudgingly. As though being tortured: “I’m listening.”

“You are going to call Lydia,” Danny intones, holding up a finger that Jackson can’t possibly be expected to see, but he feels powerful, intoning while holding up that finger so he decides to stick with it. “You are going to apologize for the many, many things you have yet to apologize to her for. You are going to make it good so she doesn’t just hang up on you. You are going to grovel. And then, when she’s been entertained enough that she’s willing to listen to your obvious ulterior motive for finally calling her out of the blue after all this time, you are going to find out everything she knows about Scott McCall kissing boys. How long has he been kissing boys? How many boys has he kissed? Ballpark, I don’t need hard data points. Is kissing boys just a euphemism for other physical interactions with boys or the sum of his experience?”

He pauses for breath and Jackson seizes the moment.

“Wouldn’t it be easier for me to just slip her a note that says ‘Does Scott like Danny? Check the box for yes or draw a frowny face for no.”

“I fucking hate you so much, I swear to god.”

“I’m just saying, I feel like you were less pathetic when you were actually twelve years old, and you were a pretty pathetic twelve year old.”

“I hope were-cheetahs eat your face.”


“Where the fuck did that come from?”

“I don’t know,” Danny sighs. “Look I’m in a very strange headspace right now. I don’t even know what I’m thinking. Can you just do this for me? Please?”

“Fine,” Jackson draws out through obviously gritted teeth. “I want it on record though, I’m doing this under extreme protest.”

“Noted. Irrelevant.”

“Just saying. He’s beneath you.”

“Not yet, but give it til the end of the semester.”

“Eww. If I do this, you have to promise not to disgust me with references to McCall’s anatomy or anything you might do with him.”

“Too late. Negotiations are over, you missed your window.”

“Ugh, dammit. You suck.”

“And thanks so much for helping to facilitate my sucking of your most hated -”

“You’re such a shithead. I hate your guts. Don’t die because of werewolf drama, I’ll call you when Lydia tells me something worth passing along and I swear to god you better not be waiting by the phone when I do.”

“Aww, see you do care,” Danny manages to get in gleefully before a click announces Jackson’s hasty departure.

He flops onto his bed like the pathetic twelve year old he is, and wonders if they still made the line of Armani aftershave he wore while in high school. He was pretty sure Scott liked that one.

Plus its not like he can be accused of waiting by the phone when he’s out buying aftershave, now can he?

Obviously not.

When He Told Me He Loved Me; Part Two

[Pairing; Finn Balor X Reader]

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[Notes; Smut in part two of Feels feat. Finn. If you missed part one, don’t worry.. I’ve got you.]

      Suddenly, a rush of hands surfaced my cheeks and plump, pink and slightly-wet lips crashed into mine. How could I not kiss him back. I mirrored his hands and threw mine to his face, kissing him back just as forcefully. “Finn..” was all I could get out, through each kiss and gasp for air. “We.. can’t..” His hands stilled on my face, one dropping to his side.

      “(Y/N), please.” Finn gushed, trying to catch is breath. “I need this. I need you.” He continued, pushing back my hair from my eyes. We were stuck, starring at each other, wanting more- but knowing we couldn’t. I could just.. kiss his palm. It’s all I could do. I knew what I wanted to do. What I wanted to do and what was the right thing to do were two different things, though. “I have to go.”

      After a couple of hours, I knocked three times on a dressing room door, hastily. Almost immediately, Finn opened the barrier, just enough for his stature to show. “Hi, can I come in?” I asked, looking behind me for closure. He didn’t speak, but opened it further for me to duck below his arm and pass through inside. I swallowed deeply while he took a minute to collect his thoughts, after quickly shutting the door. 

      “No offense to you, (Y/N).. But I don’t want to see you now, or soon. Or anytime you’re aroun..” “I did it.” I offered, cutting him off in the middle of his speech. “..Did.. what, exactly?” He asked, furrowing his brows together.

      “It’s over. I ended it. With Jon.” His face relaxed. “Not to just jump back into it with you, but.. it’s you. It’s you. It’s so been you. I can’t even lie anymore.” I gushed, shutting my eyes. “It’s been you all along. I don’t know if I was with him to try and.. hide you away.. or..” I continued like a young school girl to her first crush. It wasn’t until a certain click shut me up and forced my eyes open. 

      “Take your shirt off. Now.” Finn demanded. “And don’t speak. You talk too much, sometimes.” He finished with a smile. “But I just said..” “Don’t.. speak..” The Irishman repeated, softly while slowly inching towards me. His right pointer finger thrust upward. “Up.” Finn whispered, popping the p. “I’m not waiting another minute longer.“

      Breathe. I exhaled while my lips curled into a weak, but sure smile. My shirt peeled from my hot, flushed skin and something in his eyes flickered. It was just like the first time he had ever seen me do this. I missed him. The tension was the second thickest thing in the room, and I didn’t want to waste anymore time getting to the first.  "Still so beautiful..” He whined, never having his eyes leave my exposed chest. 

This time was different. There wasn’t a rush of hands, or gut feeling of being in the wrong. This time was slow. Slow and right. His thumb ran over my bottom lip, as he licked his own. I could feel his heart beat. That ever-so-sweet and pure heart of his. A heart that I was never supposed to lose. His hand dropped to my sex. 

      Once crystallized, Finn’s eyes grew as dark as a deep, December night. Lust. His index finger trailed upwards on my skin, belly button to my lips- slow as ever- in a manner of opposite rainfall. I couldn’t help myself. Opening my lips, inviting his digit in.  I pulled on it with my tongue like he had a bit of icing from baking left on his finger. He let out an embarrassing moan that he would never publicly claim, relaxing his shoulders and closing his eyes. “Fuck.” heavy on the f, dropped. The waiting game was over. 

      “Stop it, God dammit!” He shouted, pulling his finger from my mouth. “I can’t do this anymore!” Finn rushed into me, picking me up at the hips and mashing him lips into mine. Still walking with me, we found an assumed-to-be table or desk. He wasn’t speaking now, he was injecting me with a drug. Morphine or some other opiate, right into my eardrum. Sending chills down my spine, he let the honey drip from his mouth directly into my brain; “I waited. I waited, and waited. I will not wait anymore. Do not defy me. Do not try to object, this isn’t even an option. ” He took anyway my..option to say no? 

      “You’re fucked. You’re fucked for making me look at you every fucking day, at work. You’re fucked for wearing that tight, little piece you call ring gear.” Finn hooked his fingers through and pulled at the remaining piece of clothing. 

      “You’re fucked for making me love you all of the days that I couldn’t have you.” Gleaming, his eyes flickered, throwing my panties into his suitcase. They’re his now.  "And now you’ll pay for it.“ Jesus Christ. He was never like this.. so demanding. I don’t know where he learned it from, or whom- I don’t want to, but it was pure sex to hear. To have. I could feel my pussy come to life, it pulses to his heartbeat.

      Finn reached over to the suitcase, holding all of his clothes. The black tie. “Finn,” I started- putting together what he was going to do. “Do NOT speak, (Y/N)!” He shouted, towards the floor, denying me eye contact. I immediately straightened, like a soldier seeing their major. Their authority. Someone who has.. power over them. I only nodded, too afraid to give him a proper ‘Yes sir.’ for respect. Twist and turn, pull after pull- my hands were bound by the simple, sexy and silk cloth. I sit naked on a table, hands bound by a tie- too intimidated to even clear my throat. 

      Waking every nerve in my body, he kisses my jaw- pulling me to the very end of the surface. His heat was radiating, that fucking radiation of his. Finn fist a handful of my hair, pulling gently so the nape of my neck is outward, exposed,and begging for touch. Kiss after kiss butterflies my goosebumps, until the kisses turns into light bites. “Finn, please.. God, I’ve waited, too.” His fist of my hair un-clenched, snaking its way to my throat. He kept his mouth on my flesh, but squeezed lightly. “You’re. Still.” He kissed my nape again. “Talking.” He quickly squeezed, harder this time. Enough to inform me that if he wanted to, he could end my breathing. I stifled and quietened a moan that was on the tip of my tongue. He saw I swallowed it, alongside with any hint of rebellion. “Good, baby. Good.“ 

      Finn’s hand skimmed back to my hair-winding it around his balled hand this time, forcefully pulling my head backwards. Pain coarse through my abdomen when a hard slap landed to my clit. A couple seconds passed and the searing burn turned to cooling pleasure. Hard, quick and steady paced slaps drew to my bud. One hand pulled me back- declining my view of anything but the ceiling, and the other tortured my cunt. I was biting my lip, to halt the wincing and painful screams from escaping, sending an opposite message. "Don’t you fucking bite that lip! You know what that does to me..” In no way was I trying to tease or fight with him, tonight. After all, it was always his weakness. I knew that, but forgot to remember in such a time. 

      My roots relaxed as he let go of my locks. “Ask me to fuck you, (Y/N).” Sweet. Well, at first. I could see him again, his eyes. Unable to speak, still fearing the punishment, I couldn’t. “Ask me to fuck you!” Finn commanded. “Finn, please.. please fuck me.” Weak. “(Y/N), you’ve waited as long as I have, now fucking ask me!” “Dammit, Finn! Please, will you please shove your cock inside of me, I have missed..” Fuck. Fuck, fuck. Shutting me up, he eased his length inside of my walls. Warm and wet, no need for lube or products. He always made me so slick. 

      Finn went to making love to fucking, right then and there. No, we have time to make up for love later. Now, now was about built-up tension and fucking. “Jesus, Finn!” I pleaded. “Me, you look at me. Look at me!” He shouted, pulling my face towards his. “You look anywhere else but my eyes, or even close yours for more than a blink and I will fuck you until you’re begging me to stop! Do you understand me, (Y/N/N)!?” My nick name.. oh, how dare he. Fucking or making love, I’m not sure. “Yes Sir.” I forfeit. “Yes, God. Yes!" 

      "You are.. Mine, dammit!” He slammed his rod inside, too hard. It shocked, I laid on my back upon the surface to widen my length. I screamed. His cock felt amazing, better than ever before. Finn found the opportunity to snap both of his hands to my hipbones, like magnets. “Did he make you cum, like I could?” What.. “Answer me, (Y/N)!” He grunted, through gritted teeth. Oh, right. Punishment otherwise. “No! Never like you! Only you, Finn!” I pleaded, as if I were to be found guilty of a crime. He slammed into me once more, causing me to shut my eyes in pleasure. Oops.. My sex snapped in response to his hand leaving a spiteful slap across my skin. Dick inside, him rubbing my clit.. I couldn’t ask for more. I couldn’t take much of it anymore, either. 

      “Eyes! Up here! Or so help me, God!” Even if I wanted to refuse, my eyes obliged- springing open, glancing back to the orbs that I love oh, so much. “There you are.. you beautiful fucking goddess. You will never leave my side again, alright?” Instantly, I shook my head in an agreeing manner. “Yes Sir.” One hand slipped behind my neck, while the other scooped my ass into his palm. He was ready. He gave me all he had. My cunt dripped of pain, pleasure, agony and appeal. I was right there, with him. He matched perfectly.
Finn’s cock twitched, straightened and throbbed until I couldn’t feel it anymore. No, it wasn’t due to my insides being numb. It was.. gone. “Finn.. Wh..” was all I could manage to croak. Weak and measly, my voice was. “Wh..” I panted, catching my breath again. 

      “You. You made me wait.” He smirked, letting the definition of teasing push through. He heaved and his muscles flexed, he exhaled and landed both hands on his hips- now. Finn looked how he did fresh out of a match; sweat dripping and sexy. This man. “You can wait a few more hours.” Oh, you’re fucking kidding me- I thought. “This time, you’re sucking it and you better suck it well, baby.” Finn’s trunks slid back over his thighs, and he was now strapping on his boots. I was stunned- still sitting, naked, on the end of the table we just fucked on. “Or else.” he finished with a point, a smile, and a shift towards the door. “Oh, and those are mine now. You better not put them back on, either. I’ll know.” Finn opened the door, stepped out and peeked his face back in. 

      “I love you..” He paused. “Hotel room.. tonight, love.”

Blabbermouth (Jimin | Fluff)

Prompt source: Daily AU Prompts


Member: Park Jimin

Genre: Summer Fluff

Words: 1.498 (Drabble)

Summary: Wow, um. When I told you your shirt was inside out I didn’t expect you to take it off and fix it right here in front of me. Excuse me while I pass out because of your hotness.

N/A: This was pretty fun to do!

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Summer in Los Angeles is like going to a sauna in hell. You can fucking imagine. I mean, I’ve been living here my whole life, so you can take my word. It gets really hot.

Each and every new summer season I feel like my body will melt against the pavement whenever I abandon the safety of my house –and the air conditioned that inhabits there and that I call Bobo. Don’t ask why. Never.

You live right next to the beach, so cool.’ They said. ‘It’s not that hot, you are overreacting.’ They said.

Well, let me tell you that those empty statements are not precisely helping me while I wait in an outrageously long queue outside a new coffee shop. We have exactly fifteen hipsters in front of us –They are fifteen, I swear, I counted them– that are waiting patiently for their iced coffee while this sun of justice hits me on the face with all its power. Which is quite a lot.

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Daemon!The8 | 13 Days of SevenWeen

Word Count: 1950

Genre: Fluff, Angst

It was another usual day in the Underworld. The night sky looked like a whirl pool of red clouds and black stars; very typical of the season. Minghao was going about his usually duty, rowing a black wooden canoe through the murky waters of the Oceanus river.

Minghao was like a personal assistant to the god of the Underworld, Joshua. Though, daemons by nature are never referenced in art or literature, so Minghao scarcely received any credit for his hard work. But that didn’t stop Minghao from trying his hardest every day, he was a loyal employee of Joshua’s, and didn’t mind being in the background. However, that isn’t to say that Minghao never got curious about what life would be like if he were the center of attention. He wanted to know how it would feel for his existence to mean something, instead of just doing mediocre tasks for someone else.

Just as Minghao started to drift out of reality and into his own thoughts, the side of his canoe scraped against the river bank. Hastily rowing back to the center of the river, he pushed through his own boredom, as he was on his way to pick up Joshua and escort him to Mount Olympus.

It wasn’t often that Joshua met with the other gods, but when he had to, Minghao was always his chauffeur. Charon, the gatekeeper of the Underworld, was always the one who got the credit for that job, but as always, Minghao didn’t mind. Charon was the one who knew the rivers of the Underworld best, so Minghao could understand why people made that assumption. But if there was one river Minghao knew like the back of his hand, it was Oceanus.

Oceanus was the river that encircled the Underworld, separating it from the living world. If ever Minghao had a day off, he would aimlessly row down the river and fantasize about the living world. It intrigued him, but he never had the courage to enter it, until that fateful day.

The canoe bumped into the shore once more, and for some reason, it seemed like a cosmic sign to Minghao. He decided that it was finally time to explore the living world.

Abandoning the canoe and its paddle, Minghao took the river bank, starting towards the living world, and not looking back once. The border between the Underworld and the living world was like a warped, clear wall. Souls usually entered through the main gate, so the border wasn’t normally talked about. Minghao was seeing it for the first time. It looked like a window, but on the other side, everything was different. The clouds were white, the sky was blue, the grass was green. Minghao had never seen anything like it.

He took one stride through, and crossed over to the other side. Immediately, his ears were greeted by some kind of ringing sound. It sounded like a high-pitched squeak being repeated over and over again. He turned his head, to see that the sound was coming from a bird in a tree. Though, the bird was a strange red color, at least it was to Minghao, since only ravens and vultures can live in the Underworld.

Studying his surroundings once more, Minghao realized that he must’ve been in some kind of town. But, he’d never seen a town like this before. The buildings were different colors, flowers hung in baskets from the lamp posts, the sun illuminated everything and filled the air with an alien warmth. Minghao strolled around for a bit, admiring the beauty of everything, when all of sudden, he felt something bump into him.

“I’m so sorry.” He heard someone say.

Turning around to face the person he’d collided with, Minghao was immediately mesmerized when he saw your face.

“It’s fine.” He replied.

You sent him a grin, as a response to his acceptance of your apology. Your eyes were sparkling, cheeks plump and full of life. Minghao could only stare in awe.

“Are you okay?” You asked, noticing his blank gaze.

Minghao snapped out of it, to reply with, “Yes. Absolutely. I’m great.”

“That’s good,” You said, “You looked a bit lost there.”

“Actually, I am lost. I don’t know where I am and I don’t have any money.” He stated.

“Oh no. Well, do you know how you got here?” You asked.

“Yeah, I just-” Minghao turned around, to try to show you the border of the Underworld. But, as he saw that the border wasn’t visible, he realized that the only way to the Underworld from the living world is through the main gate. Or, by Joshua’s golden chariot, but no daemon has ever ridden in it.

“You what?” You asked, interrupting Minghao’s thought process.

Minghao scratched the back of his neck, contemplating a way to explain his predicament without confusing you.

“I, uh, I don’t remember. Looks like I’m stuck here now.” He said.

You felt sorry for him. He was lost, confused, broke, and admittedly very cute. You decided that it was the right thing to try and help him.

“What’s your name?” You asked.

“Minghao. And yours?”


“That’s a lovely name.”

“Thank you. So, there’s this really nice cafe down the street, I know this is quite sudden but if you want, I could get you something to eat. I just… Feel bad that you’re all alone here.”

“I’m fine. You really shouldn’t spend anything on me. But, I’d love to see more of this place.”

You happily obliged and began taking Minghao on a quick tour of the town, walking by all the major landmarks and interesting destinations. Along the way, the both of you talked quite a bit. Minghao was very endearing and genuinely fascinated by the town, and by you as it seemed. But, as he told you bits and pieces of his own life story, some of it didn’t seem to add up. Every few details he’d explain would just sound completely out of this world. Although, as the two of you finally sat together in the cafe, he revealed that it was because he truly was from another world.

“You’re what?” You asked in disbelief.

“A daemon.” He answered, chuckling slightly, as he didn’t anticipate such a strong response from you.

“What is that?”

“I’m basically like an assistant to the god of the Underworld. I take him places, tidy his palace, and arrange meetings with his council.”

“No offense, but that seems very mundane for someone living in the most eventful place in the universe.”

“None taken, because it is, but someone has to do it.”

“Well, do you still have time to do other cool stuff?”

“Not really, since I’m always busy. But even if I do have a day off, the Underworld is kind of boring. Sure there are people there who torture lost souls or practice witchcraft, but I’ve never really been in on that excitement.”

“But why? Don’t you want to do some of that?”

“I do, but, daemons aren’t really… What’s the right word for this… Important enough to do any of that stuff. I mostly just do my regular duties and keep to myself.”

“Hmm, well, I think your job sounds very important. Without you, council meetings would never happen, the palace would be a wreck, and no one would be able to get anywhere. You should give yourself more credit.”

Minghao paused for a moment, just smiling at what you said. It was the first time anyone had ever told him that he was important. And he could tell that you meant it too. The both of you became silent, but luckily, a waiter delivered two coffees to the table before the atmosphere became awkward.

“Try it,” You said, taking a sip of your own coffee, “I guarantee they don’t have anything like this in the Underworld.”

Obeying your order, Minghao picked up the drink before sniffing it a bit, then taking a gulp. His eyes widened at the strange, new taste.

“Woah,” He marveled, “This is great.”

“I knew you would like it.”

“You know, (Y/N), everything in the living world is so much nicer. And for the first time, I feel like I have a friend.”

“Aw, well, I’m glad I could be your first. But, your personality is so kind and humble, I’m also kind of shocked.”

Minghao tried not to get flustered. As he felt a blush coming on, he simply let out an airy chuckle. You blushed as well, wondering where the surge of confidence that led you to say that came from.

“(Y/N), I’m really thankful for you, and this whole experience. No matter if I’m stuck here forever or I somehow manage to get back to the Underworld, I’ll never forget today.” He said.

You smiled at his sincerity, feeling touched that he had so much thanks to give you. And as a result, Minghao felt a surge of confidence too, and reached for your hand across the table. You couldn’t tell if it was romantic or platonic, but Minghao was genuinely the sweetest, most enchanting person you’d ever met, either outcome would’ve been equally pleasant.

For the next couple of hours, you sat with Minghao, having no shortage of deep discussions. The level of interest between the both of you seemed to grow with every story, every joke, every exchange. There was no denying you were attracted to him by that point, and it was safe to say that the feeling was mutual.

As things began to wind down and the cafe started closing, the two of you took to the streets once more, and talked even more as you walked. Minghao was so intrigued by you, this time he hardly ever stopped to see his surroundings. But once he did, it was outside a shop that had reflective windows. He expected to see his own reflection, but when he looked into the glass, he saw none other than Joshua, gesturing for Minghao to come to him. In that moment, your phone rang, and paused to answer it. Minghao took the opportunity to go a little closer to the image of Joshua.

“Long story short,” Minghao whispered sharply, “I met this human that I really like. And I know you’re going to make me come back to the Underworld, but, let me just say goodbye first.”

“Listen, Minghao,” Said Joshua, “I was almost late for the council meeting today and Seungcheol nearly beheaded me in front of everyone. I can’t have this problem again. Plus,”

Joshua’s hand came out from the glass, to plant itself on Minghao’s shoulder, perhaps in an attempt to comfort him,

“Humans can never sustain romantic relationships with any being other than humans. It’s simply too complex for them. Besides, you can see this human again once they die, so their soul can live with us in the Underworld.”

Minghao took one last glance at you, relishing your beauty for a moment before turning back to the window. You were still on the phone, and Minghao didn’t want to disturb you, so Minghao scratched a small message to you in the corner of the window, before Joshua opened up the border and Minghao stepped through it for the last time.

Once he was back in the Underworld, Minghao could only reflect on what had happened, and tried to honor you by taking your advice. He gave himself more credit for the seemingly mundane but completely necessary work he did, and began feeling more important overall. He felt bad for leaving so hastily, but the message he left you really summed up everything he wanted to say:

‘Til death do us wait…

-Written by Admin Cali

Poem #0: The Desolation of Smaug

The sun beats down on the hot asphalt of society
The ice cream that is my life melts in a sweltering inferno
Seeing my chocolatey happiness melt away
I raise my fist to the sky and curse the ancient gods:
“Thanks Obama”
But Obama deserves no thanks
For not even he knows why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Here’s a hint
There’s sugar in it
You’re welcome
The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma
First Spongebob reference of the poem
We’re off to a good start
Up in the sky!
It’s a bird!
It’s a plane!
No, its the glass ceiling
Wake up America
I’m like Bono:
No one wants to listen to my new album
“Knock knock”
Who’s there?
“White boys”
White boys who?
“lol wut wud u do if i wuz there with u ;) kik me”
You’re right
Benjamin Franklin would never use kik
Maybe Thomas Jefferson
Suddenly the heavens part
And a light like a thousand burning souls shine down
As I stare into the void of creation
I hear the voice of God himself:
“Who would win in a fight? Goku or Superman?”
No one wins under Capitalism
A smile creeps across Comrade Stalin’s face
“High five bruh”
My heart sinks
I want nothing more than to high five my Comrade
But sadly I am only an eel
Spongebob reference number 2
This is going great
I’m like Rasputin
Inaccurately portrayed in an animated film from 1997
And voiced by Christopher Lloyd
Great Scott
This is heavy
Like the weight of society
My heart’s like the inside of a Disney store
Entirely Frozen
But not even an Iron Curtain can hide my feelings
Mr. Gorbechev,
Tear down this wall concealing your emotions
Share your heart with the world
But do so in keeping with the Marxist doctrine
Quoth the Raven:
“Bush knew about 9/11”
Wake up America
But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.
lol add me on Snapchat
White boys strike again
There will come a day when tomorrow does not matter
There will be no one left to care
No mother left to kiss her child’s bruises
No child left to rebel
No more laughter
No more tears
Just silence
And blackness
And then
When that day comes
Daylight Savings Time will still be a stupid idea
I’m like Walt Disney’s Aladdin
But I ain’t no hollaback girl
My eyes open
A single light bulb hangs from the ceiling
My eyes slowly adjust to the blinding glow
I become more aware of my surroundings
A leaky pipe
A door
Behind which is a set of creaky stairs
With every creak I become more conscious
There are no windows
Only the stench of stale blood, like rusting iron, hanging in the air
No wait
That is rusting iron
I finally make out the beaten and battered shape before my feet
It’s Optimus Prime
My heart leaps into my throat
I struggle as the wretched creaking grows louder and louder
Like Poe’s heart
The creaking becomes unbearable
And then is silenced
For a moment I miss the sweet torture of anticipation
For now standing before me is an evil above all others:
Michael Bay
I try to escape, but I am strapped down to the Ninja Turtles reboot
By what’s left of Megan Fox’s career
Michael Baywatch smiles
“You can’t escape me this time, Shia”
I look down at myself
I’ve suddenly transformed into Shia LaBeouf
Shia surprise
Michael Bay-once pulls out a dead horse and begins to beat Optimus Prime with it
I scream
Silly Shia LaBeouf
As I scream in pain, I suddenly awaken
It was all a dream
Like Wizard of Oz
Except nothing at all like Wizard of Oz
My jokes are like Adam Sandler movies
They stopped being funny a long time ago but for some reason I keep trying
I know the reason:
Corporate America!
Does whatever a spider can
Except resist the cold sting of Capitalism
More like Crap-italism!
Am I right guys?…
Am I right guys?…..
Am I right guys?…….
“Knock knock”
Who’s there?
Walter White dies at the end of Breaking Bad
But in the Latin alphabet, “Jehovah” begins with an “I”
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
“Damnit Jason! I knew we should’ve asked for directions!”
“I don’t need directions Cheryl
The Lord will show me the way.”
Sign up for today
And the Lord said unto Jason:
“Bro just hop onto PCH and take the 110
Then get on the 405
And take the 90210
Until you get to the 8675309.”
And thus, Jason followed the Lord’s way
And got even more lost than before
Never take directions from religious figures
The word of the Lord
Thanks be to Morgan Freeman
But I would walk approximately 804.672 kilometers
And I would walk approximately 804.672 more
Just to be the man who walked approximately 1,609.344 kilometers
To fall down at your door
Falling down deeper and deeper into the darkness
The darkness of society
Suspended in the blackness
My spirit is torn apart
And burned with tongues of fire
Until I am nothing more than an empty husk
Trapped in the clutches of society
But through the hate and the pain
I hear a voice
The voice of an angel
It calls out to me from above
And a light shines down
Through the suffering I see the light
And hear four words
Four simple words
Ringing like the song of a church bell:
“This is my swamp”
The smell of onions permeate the air
I feel his presence
He’s here with me
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
Chris Christie grabs my arm
And pulls me out of the fire
We fly away and hang out with the Cake Boss
Next week on Cake Boss:
Buddy makes a cake and his family acts really Italian
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is love
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is life
What’s in a name?
Would a meme by any other name be still as dank?
For you are the dancing queen
Young and free
Only 17
Zac Efron
Zac Efron has 8 letters in his name
Which is the exact amount of letters used to spell The Illuminati
If The Illuminati was spelled with 8 letters
Get’cha head in the game America
Out of the frying pan
Into the freezer section at Trader Joe’s
Do you know the muffin man,
The muffin man, the muffin man,
Do you know the muffin man,
Who lives on Drury Lane?
He owes me drug money

anonymous asked:

Hope this is okay, if not, it's fine. May I have Iwaizumi having a bad day & unconsciously taking it out on his partner due to his foul mood & it results in the two getting into a fight? Finally, his partner breaks down & says they don't think they can be with him if he always gets angry & yells. They reveal that their father got angry a lot & couldn't control his anger well, so they vowed not to have anyone like that in their life again bc of all the pain it caused. Works out or not, up to you!

Oh my poor Iwa-chan and his emotions!! I just hope I can make this as good as it can get for you, Anon-chan.

“Dammit!” Iwazumi yelled for the fifth time. You couldnt sit next to him in his bed. He had been so angry since he gotten home, and when you asked to come over, you thought he would have calmed down. But he hadnt. It scared you. How did it get like this?

“Hajime, calm down, it’ll-”

“No! I, I fucked up!”

“No you-”

“Yes, I did! Stop telling me I didn’t, I know I fucked up! I let my team down. Its my last year. And I fucked it up!” Iwazumi threw the pillow down to the floor.

You walked to Iwazumi and sat on the edge of the bed next to him. You took his hands and looked to him. You hadn’t realized it until now, but his face was so red. It brought back flashbacks. As your hands touched Iwazumi’s, they felt as if they were on fire. It scared you so much. But you loved this man, you wanted to be there for him.

“Hajime, it’ll be okay,” you said softly.

Iwazumi shot his eyes up to you with anger. You froze with fear.

“You don’t fucking get it,” Iwazumi said under his breath. He brought back his hands from yours and got off the bed. This wasn’t the Iwazumi you fell for. You watched as he stood up and walked to the other side of the room. “You werent there, it was my fault! You wont get it because you’re not in-”

“I get it!”

Iwazumi looked to you as you shouted. You had thrown your hands into the mattress. You leaned against them, trying to find it within yourself to be calm. But as the memories began to flash back into yor mind, you couldnt. You couldnt hold in the tears. All you needed was to get out.

“Wa-Wait! _____, what’s wrong?!” Iwazumi called out. But you ignored him as you walked away. You walked out the room and down the hallway of his house. You thanked God that Iwazumi’s parents werent home. Iwazumi grabbed your wrist and stopped you from getting to your shoes. “_____, wait!”

But you’ve had enough. You pulled your wrist from Iwazumi’s grasp and continued walking. Iwazumi watched as you wiped your tears while putting on your shoes. He knew he messed up, but he didn’t think you would walk out. Before you put on your other shoe, Iwazumi ran and jumped in front of you. As you looked up to him surprised, he frowned at your tears.

“____, please wait! Just list-”

“No, I refuse,” you said sternly. As you stood straight and met Iwazumi’s eyes, his guard softened. “I can’t do this anymore.”

Iwazumi’s eyes widened. “You don’t mean that.”

“I’m not going to be your punching bag anymore.”

“You’re not!”

“But I am! Every time you get mad, you take it out on me! But not anymore, I’m not going to be another punching bag.”

“Another punching bag?” Iwazumi asked confused. Your eyebrows furrowed as Iwazumi stared at you, waiting desperately for an answer. You couldnt look him in the eyes as you told him the truth.

“My dad used to hurt me. He used to hurt my family,” Iwazumi tensed at the sudden confession.

“How come you never told me?” Iwazumi asked slowly. You slowly met his eyes, the tears still brimming at your lids.

“How could I? Who even wants to hear about a father continuously yelling at their daughter when it wasn’t even her fault? No one wants to hear about the times I’ve had to get hit because my dad was always mad and angry at work or my Mom. The times I’ve gotten woken up just to get hit because my dad was done hurting my Mom.”

The tears began to fall again. But it was different now. You were angry. As memories began to flood back, past emotions came back as well. Iwazumi watched as you shook with anger.

“It hurts when you say I don’t understand. Because you don’t understand this. I get that it hurts. I know it hurts. But don’t take it out on me. I promised myself I wont ever go through some torture like that again. And you’re starting to become like that. I can’t do this.” you cried with anger. You turned your back and headed for the door.

But Iwazumi flung to you and wrapped his arms around you. You could feel his forehead against the back of your head, his arms tightened around you as you shook. You both stood their in silence. Your anger was subsiding as you silently cried while you leaned into Iwazumi’s arms. It was so confusing, but you needed his hold as well. Iwazumi could never hit you. You knew. But it was so scary. But he was Iwazumi… You loved him. It was so confusing. Iwazumi wasn’t your father.

“Then I promise I wont be like that,” Iwazumi said as he held you tighter.

“Its not that easy,”

“Then help me. I just… I cant just lose you either,”

You both stood their in silence. Iwazumi held onto you tighter, begging in his mind you don’t take another step. He bit down onto his lip in desperation. He needed you to stay.

“Please, I’m sorry. I didnt mean to take it out onto you. And I don’t want to ever again. Especially after that. Just please help me, so you don’t leave. I’ll stop. Please. Please stay, _____.”

Iwazumi brought his arms up closer as he held you. He leaned into the crook of your neck, praying you don’t leave. You could feel Iwazumi shake with anger. You could feel his anger towards himself. He was still angry about the game. But now he felt the need to blame himself for this.

You placed your hands on Iwazumi’s forearms. You held onto them as if trying to bring them closer. Iwazumi was so kind to you. His smile made you happy. His pout made you laugh because it was so cute. You loved this man. He always kept his promises to you. This one wasnt any different. He could keep this one, you knew it.

“Hajime,” you whispered. Iwazumi loosened his grip onto you, watching as you turned to grasp his body. You dug your face into his chest and held him tightly. Iwazumi’s face softened. He understood. His arms wrapped around you and he held your head against his. “Please keep this promise.”

“I will. I will, ____.”

Shit My Theater Professor Said (Part One):
  • "I'll say Macbeth on stage 50 times, I don't give a shit."
  • "Yes it's a penis."
  • "Did you really watch it expecting deep, emotional shit?"
  • "Because you will be killed."
  • "I don't listen to opera in my spare time."
  • "I don't know that show."
  • "I think I met Naked Dave once."
  • "They're gods and they can do that."
  • "You badmouthed me so now you're dead."
  • "He tortured people, he lost his right to sleep."
  • "Fuck it, we do what we want."
  • "This is Ophelia, right? It is now."
  • "Jesus broke his arm."
  • "Basically as an individual I just wanna punch people."
  • "There is a Spiderman musical. It's awful."
  • "The kid had sex with a pie."
  • "That one doesn't count."
  • "I don't know what the fuck those are."
  • "You wanna get home but you can't. And apparently you aren't wearing shoes."
  • "No one gets my shitty references, so I'll stop. Dicks."
  • "South Park is just South Park."
  • "I won't leave this up because people will giggle."
  • "This is where our $9 million can go."
  • "We're at a university. Kind of."
  • "That's super fucked up."
  • "Everything after here gets pretty depressing."
  • "Shit exploded—sweet—awesome!"
  • "There doesn't have to be mass death."
  • "We'll do a little bit of this and then we'll go away."
  • "I don't watch a lot of depressing shit."
  • "Normally there's more giggling when I say that."
  • "I don't know how I'm doing that, but we're doing it."
  • "I don't care—read it. I don't have to read it."
  • "Oh the LARPers are out."
  • "It's just snow, deal with it."
  • "Domestic violence is not comedy."
  • "You're not gonna send Jesus out in a cast."
  • "That's why he creates blah blah blah."
  • "Everyone gets married and lives happily ever after."
  • "Syfy-something-something."
  • "It's just a guy in a hat who looks like Lincoln."
  • "I'll remind myself. So I remember."
  • "Here's one story."
  • "Because Shia LaBeouf."
  • "The book just starts trashing everybody."
  • "Not everybody agrees that Naked Dave is perfect."
  • "I don't think it's a good musical."
  • "Not like fisticuffs."
  • "Pay them slightly."
  • "You don't sleep if you're saving the world."
  • "This has nothing to do with marijuana."
  • "Well did you find five dollars?"
  • "Or a lego. Those are the worst."
  • "The French like making fun of the Spanish. Apparently."
  • "I'm trying to think of a reference."
  • "They like to fight."
  • "If that ever happens, don't fucking leave."
  • "It's art, it's okay."
  • "Not everybody back in the day looked like that."
  • "Does anyone watch it just because they wanna see Luke and Leia make out?"
  • "The way they do it with puppets on stage is kind of mindblowing."
  • "Marriage or death?"
  • "You can't see unless you set something on fire."
  • "You work in a hospital, for God sake."
  • "It's slowly becoming my castle."
  • "I just started watching it, don't spoil it."
  • "That was after my time."
  • "Hopefully no one gets shot."
  • "It's Satan."
  • "I'm not ready for that level of commitment."
Study Buddy Stiles

Stiles Stilinski Fan Fic

A/N: Lately my Scott McCall fic Study Buddy has been getting a lot of notes so I have decided to write something similar with Stiles but from his POV not the reader. I hope you enjoy!

Stiles P.O.V

As if waking up late this morning wasn’t bad enough I ended up spilling coffee on my pants while driving down the road and had nothing to change into. Hopefully I have some spare track pants in my locker because this looks so wrong. I quickly threw the jeep into park and made it just in time for my 1st period class. At least I wasn’t too late. Hurrying to my seat beside of Scott I accidentally bumped into her. The most beautiful girl at Beacon Hills. Y/N Y/L/N. She apologized before I could even form a proper sentence. My face blushed as I became more embarrassed by the second. I couldn’t help but notice her shirt was extremely low cut and from my position above her I had a great view. 
“No no don’t apologize its my fault. I should watch where I’m going.” I mumbled. She giggled and replied 
“Stiles its fine really. You were just in a hurry as usual. ” I smiled back and finally took my seat. Scott tapped me on the shoulder and I turned to see him whisper 
“I don’t even need my werewolf senses to smell the chemo signals falling off of you. Calm down dude. ” I rolled my eyes and looked down. I whispered back low enough just for Scott’s ears only. 
“Have you seen her shirt? Its killing me. I was looking right down at upper main street. ” My best friend laughed at my torture. 
“Well looks like someone will be having some great dreams tonight. ” Scott said while laughing and giving me a rough pat. I growled at him causing him to laugh louder. 
“Mr. McCall, Mr. Stilinski care to share with the class what is so comical? We could all use a good laugh. ” Mr. Kiser said as he entered the room. 
“No its nothing. Sorry. ” Scott said in our defense. 
“Good now I can get started with today’s lesson. ” He went straight to writing instructions up on the board and we worked silently for the majority of the class until he spoke up one last time. 
“Before the bells rings I am going to assign you partners for our next project. They were randomly generated so don’t complain because you can’t switch. This is to help you work better around people you aren’t so comfortable with. Also I have noticed when you choose partners nothing gets accomplished or one person does all the work. So listen up the pairs are…” He went on naming partners until he reached my name. 
“Stilinski and Y/L/N.” My eyes almost popped out of my head. Scott flashed his usually smile and winked. I was going to die. Or make a complete fool out of myself hell probably both. She turned around and gave me the most beautiful and innocent smile I had ever seen. 
“I know you wanted Scott but I promise I’ll be a team player! Biology is my best subject. ” She spoke so sweetly, I just melted into her words. 
“Oh no its fine really! I hang with Scott all the time so its cool. Really I am honored to be your partner. ” Fuck that sounded so lame. Stiles you are the worst. I mentally beat myself up. 
“Well I’m honored too. So you wanna knock this thing out early and come by my house after school? My parents work late so we will have peace and quiet until 8. ” She gave a small smile at the end for persuasion. As if I could say no.  
“That sounds great, awesome actually. I don’t have lacrosse practice today so yes. I’ll be there around 4:30? ” Damn I sound way too eager. 
“4:30 is fine. I’ll have us a pizza and some snacks ready. See ya Stiles.” She waved me off and the bell had just chimed to release us. I turned to Scott for reassurance. 
“So how terrible was that? Did I sound dorky as hell?” My best friend stood there like a stone statue. Oh no it was bad. He finally spoke and laughed 
“Dude you were calm. I mean a little jumpy at the offer but not as bad as I thought you would be. I think she likes you. I was picking up on some of her scents and they smelled very interesting. ” I grabbed Scotts arm out of shock. 
“What do you mean interesting? Does she like me?” I screamed a little too loud. 
“Yeah I think so. I mean thats what it smelled like to me. Either that or she just really likes biology. ” He walked away with a smirk. 
“Yeah don’t toy at my emotions McCall! You know I’m gullible!” He kept on walking. Now all I have to do is make it through the rest of the day and then I get to spend more time with her. 
The rest of my classes were so slow, I finished all my assignments within in minutes and found it impossible to sit completely still. This was my last period so I needed to contain myself before getting to Y/n’s house. I slipped my phone out and sent Scott a text. I needed some advice. The final bell rang and I shot up and flew out the door. My werewolf friend was of course already waiting at my locker for me. 
“Okay dude what do you need advice on?” Scott asked calmly. 
“So how do I know if she. Likes me. Like as more than a friend. You said you picked up on some strong signals earlier. So what if she does? How will I know?” I blurted my question out. Scott has been in a long term relationship before. But me? Not so much. I haven’t even made it to 2nd base so I am screwed in this department. 
“Listen Stiles you will just know okay? The mood and feeling will all be there giving you hints. Her body language will say it all. Just relax and don’t rush or push yourself dude. ” I exhaled loudly. He gave such a right but unhelpful answer. But I knew what he meant. 
“Okay man I catch your drift. I just need to calm down and go with the flow. ” Scott smiled and gave me a nod of reassurance. 
After getting my books together I climbed into the jeep and looked at my phone. Y/n lived about 15 minutes from the school so I had just enough time to get there. It was already 10 minutes after. I took out my cologne and sprayed some on my shirt just to freshen up a little. Then I realized it was too strong so I rolled the windows down in hopes it wouldn’t be so bad by the time I got there. God I’m such a klutz. I sprayed way too much, messing up as usual. I pulled out and drove faster than normal. I was still nervous but more eager now. Her car was already in the drive way so I pulled in behind her and gathered my stuff. I took a deep breath and rang the door bell. I heard the pitter patter of her feet and then she opened the door. I immediately noticed she had changed. She had ditched her school clothes for a Star Wars tee shirt and shorts. She looked amazing. 
“Hey, come on in! Make yourself at home. ” I smiled and entered her house. Slipping my shoes off I followed her like a lost puppy into the kitchen. 
“If you don’t mind, grab those cans of soda and follow me upstairs. ” I obeyed and trailed behind her. I couldn’t stop my eyes from locking onto her ass. Those shorts were killing me. The way it bounced as she went up the steps. Okay Stiles enough. We made it to her room, as I walked in I took in the sight of movie posters, album art and books everywhere. She was a closet nerd. That made her even more attractive. 
“Whoa your room is awesome.” I said while still gazing around. 
“Really? Most people I have over tease me because its like a geek domain. But I can’t help what I like.” She replied with a blush. Even when embarrassed she was still breathtaking. 
“Well I think its awesome. You have great taste. To me you are far from a “geek”. I said with a genuine smile. She blushed even more then thanked me. I couldn’t believe the effect I was having on her. A guy like me was making a girl like her blush and feel embarrassed it didn’t feel real. 
“Well I guess we should get started. I have a few ideas for our project. ” She began talking while getting her notebook out. I sat content watching her go over some potential projects and I started picking up on some extreme eye contact and body language. She was flirting, I think? I took out a pen and began writing down some notes. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Y/n was biting down on her bottom lip and her eyes were locked on my hands. I thought maybe I was seeing things but no. She was dead on staring. 
“Stiles you have huge hands. ” She blurted out. Her voice was strained. My face heated instantly. I had honestly never noticed. 
“Oh…uh really? Th..they feel average to me. ” I stuttered out. She looked at me shaking her head no. 
“Far from average. I bet you could do a lot of great things with them. ” Okay now she was definitely going somewhere. She picked up my hand and ran her tiny one over my fingers. Her eyes scanned and admired my palm. I couldn’t stop watching. She brought my index finger up and slid it into her mouth. I could feel her hot wet tongue sliding along the bottom and my dick instantly hardened. 
“Do you like that Stiles?” Y/n asked as my finger left her lips. 
“Y…yes. A lot.” I croaked. 
“Do you want me to stop? ” She questioned sweetly. I couldn’t form actual words because now her hands were on my belt buckle, slowly undoing it along with my button and zipper. I simply shook my head no. She then grinned wickedly. I pushed my chair out and away from the table giving her easier access. Her hands tugged my jeans down along with my boxers. I immediately felt self conscious. Y/n could tell. 
“Don’t be shy Stilinski you’re hot. Relax and let me take care of you. ” She winked and a small smirk formed on her perfect lips. I gave her a reassuring smile. I suddenly gasped out when she took my length into her grip. Her hands were so small but she knew how to use them. Her mouth followed quickly behind her hand. She was now taking me all the way in. I let me head fall back against the chair. A moan left my throat, but It felt more like a growl. Her mouth pulled back as my dick popped out and she kept it in her hand as she looked up at me.
“Fuck I can’t take it anymore. I want you inside of me Stiles. I wanted to take it slow but I can’t. I need you now.” Y/n jumped up and began stripping her clothes off in a frenzy. I followed along by removing my shirt. She then stradled my lap and the contact of her heat against my dick made me grow even harder. And I didn’t think that was possible. My eyes were glued to her perfect breasts that were now eye level and on display begging for me to touch them. Y/n grazed her fingers teasingly over her hard nipples. 
“Use your mouth Stiles. Don’t be scared .” She coaxed me along. I brought my mouth to her breast and licked softly over her right nipple. This caused her to hum in pleasure. I then started to suck a little as I pinched her other nipple between my fingers. She moaned loudly. 
“Fuck… yes Stiles that feels so good. ” I continued working on them, she lifted herself up just enough to slide my dick inside of her dripping core. I couldn’t help but to buck my hips up in order to feel her even more. It wasn’t long before her hips began and thrust and grind onto me. Not even staring off slow and gently. She was riding me like a cowgirl in no time. I could easily tell she really really wanted this. And I was honored to give it to her.
“Y/n you feel so amazing. But I don’t think I can hold it back much longer. ” I admitted. This was all too much for me to hold back. 
“Its fine baby just please promise me aftwards you’ll finish me off with those million dollar hands? ” she begged. I could never say no to her. 
“Of course beautiful. ” I replied trying to sound sexy. Apparently I succeeded because her pace picked up and I let my hands grip onto her hips to help keep her steady. She rolled her body in a hypnotic rhythm that made me cum in no time. I buried my face into her neck and she bite down on mine in return. I felt like I hurt, I was pushing her down onto me with such force. After catching my breath I spoke up. 
“Are you okay? I hope I didn’t hurt you?” But she just giggled and replied 
“ Of course not. Your size was just way more than I expected so I had to relieve the tension somehow. The real question is are you okay? You look a little out of it. ” She giggled again this time at my now wrecked state.
“I am more than okay. Amazing actually. I can’t believe this just happened? I better not be dreaming. ” I replied. 
“Glad I could make you feel like that. And I hope you aren’t either because now its your turn to play with me. I am dying for those fingers Stiles. Come on.” She stood up and bounced over to her bed. I watched as she splayed herself out on the sheets with her legs slightly spread open. She didn’t even need words to beckon me over. I could see it written on her face and her body. It all just called to me. I climbed onto the bed next to her and decided to tease her a little. I flicked my tongue all around her left nipple and slowly rolled the other around between my fingers. Then I gave it a hard pinch. Her head flew back into the pillow. 
“Fuck Stiles please finger me. Please.” I ignored her pleas and continued playing with her breasts. I turned my licking into nibbles. She moaned loudly and tried to take my free hand and move it further down to her heat. I fought back and heard a groan of anger. She was getting more on edge now.
“Stiles please. I want your fingers. Do something. ” she was more stern this time. Deciding that was enough I took my index finger and slowly eased inside of her dripping core. She was so wet and turned on I could feel the heat before I even entered her. This girl was beyond ready. Working my finger in and out she hummed and bit her lip so hard I thought blood would appear when she let it go. I added my middle finger and started moving faster. Curling my digits ever so slightly until I found her favorite spot. 
“Yes right there Stiles. I love it.” She purred out in pleasure. I let my thumb move up and over her clit. This caused a string of profanities to fall from those precious lips of hers. I slowly rubbed circles there. Making sure I didn’t jump into it. I really wanted to make her feel as good as I did just moments ago. My free hand went to play with her nipple again to add to the sensation that I could tell was already pooling in the pit of her stomach. Her breathing became sporadic. I circled smaller and faster figure eights onto her bundle of nerves and pinched slightly harder on her nipple. Her eyes were now screwed shut and she chased her release, riding my fingers and shaking beneath my touch. I watched in awe as she rode out her orgasm. Soaking my hand with her juices. When she finally came back down from her high I kissed her softly. 
“Was that as good as you hoped for? ” I asked in hopes I fulfilled her fantasy about my hands. 
“Fuck yes Stilinski it was even better. You are skilled with those things. I honestly can’t feel my legs. ” She admitted. Her eyes were now barely open. I could tell she was beyond spent. 
“Well you are extremely sleepy now so I guess I should go and let you rest. ” I spoke up. 
“No! Stay. My parents aren’t going to be back until later. I already locked the door and can sneak you out before they even get here. I don’t want you to leave. Unless you really have to ” I noticed she sounded almost like a kid in the way that she begged with her puppy eyes and frown.
“Of course I’ll stay. I could lay with you for hours Y/n. You are the most amazing girl I have ever met.” She smiled at my words.
“And you are the most amazing boy I’ve ever met. Now let’s nap. You really wore me out. ” I nodded and climbed back into her warm bed. This was something I could definitely get used to.

When he got jealous

“Hanbin-ah, why are you acting like this?!” I shouted to him who was walking up the stairs. He didn’t even reply me. I got upset and I went up to change out of the body hugging dress. I went into my room and saw that Hanbin wasn’t there so I assumed he was in the guest room.
“Phew thank god prom night is over…” I sighed as I unzipped the dress and let it drop to the floor.
“I know right. Thank god it’s over.” I heard someone say in a cold tone.
“Omg i thought you were in the other room. Now get out i need to change.” I said to Hanbin who was at the other side of the room but he only moved closer to me. He got closer and closer and he cornered me. He placed both his hands on the wall behind me and growled in my ear. “Did you have fun grinding against someone that’s not me?” He whispered in the lowest tone he could go. My heart was melting and I could feel myself getting wet.
Then I decided to tease him,“ Hmmm maybe… Why? Are you jealous?” I snickered.
Suddenly he grabbed my ass and lifted me up. Then he threw me down on the bed, making me scared.
“Tonight, you’re gonna get it so hard till all you know is my name, Han. Bin.
He tore away my bra and panties and began to fondle with my breasts. He made a trail of kisses from my forehead to my nose to my lips. I moaned in his mouth as his tongue explored the cavern and his fondling hands.
” Enough foreplay babyyyy", I complained
He didn’t reply and just stood up from the bed. He went out of the room and I was left hanging for a while. Then, Hanbin came back with ropes… I was shocked and wondered where he’d got the time to get them. As I was lost in my thoughts he grabbed my hands an tied them to the bed posts.
Hanbin took a second to rid of his clothes and he went up the bed again. He hovered over me and I was getting more turned on by the second. His dick came into contact with my pussy and he started grinded. The mere contact was driving me crazy already. He left hickeys all over my body. “ This is so that people know you’re mine” he growled.
I groaned and moaned and beg him to untie me but it was to no avail.
“JUST FUCK ME ALRE- ARGHHH” i groaned in pain as he slammed his dick deep into me. He was not giving me time to adjust at all. He thrusted into me at quite a fast speed. I couldnt stop my loud wails and moans. But then he began to tease and slowed down. “HANBIN FASTERR FASTER!” But he was just smirking at me and continued his torturous slow pace. Then, he began to untie my hands. As soon as I was untied, I used all my strength to push him so that I was on top. I went down on him fast and it was like ecstasy. He grabbed my hips to aid me. He was letting loud moans and I felt like I won the fight. “Look whos on top now… I whispered into his ears. Hanbin was obviously pissed and probably reminded of what made him angry that day and he got me on all fours. He slipped the head into me and stopped. ” what are you doing hanbin? Come on dont stop!“ After my complain he just rammed inside of me. And he thrusted at an inhumanely fast speed. ” ahhhhhhh yes there" i moaned out as he found my g-spot. He thrusted into me deeper and i felt my vision turning white. “ im- im cumming!” I let out.
“Me too baby, come on let it go for daddy…” His hand made its way and rubbed my clit and I released. He thrusted into me a few more times and he released his seeds in me… We both collapsed and i could feel the warm liquid trailing down my thighs. I was panting and managed to let out my thoughts, “ Don’t be jealous okay?” He just pulled me into his arms till my butt was against his dick and snuggled on my neck,“ Then don’t go to Bobby like that again okay? I love you so much…” He replied as he kissed my neck. I felt a warm feeling in my heart hearing his words and I teared up. “ I love you too… I’m sorry” i turned so that we could look at each other in the eye.
Hanbin then gave me his dorkiest smile and kissed my forehead. I rest my head on his arms and chest and we both drifted to sleep.

Author’s note:
I’m sorry guys, was this good enough? I felt like I wasn’t really having much action…

Preacher Fic: An Echo of Love

Summary: Based off a prompt from the lovely @logicalbookthief: “What about something where a few of Cassidy’s enemies DO catch up to him, see how cozy he is with Jesse, and try to use him to lure Cass into their clutches?” 

Fandom: Preacher (TV series)

Words: 3,014

Warnings: Language, gore, blood, murder 

Pairings: Jesse/Cass 

Where to Read it: Below the cut or on AO3

A/N: Hope you enjoy this @logicalbookthief - thanks so much for the prompt! <3 

An Echo of Love

Wasn’t too often that someone stumbled upon the small town of Annville, Texas. It was the sort of place you either knew about or you didn’t, and if you did know you were likely to try and get the hell out of dodge. Strangers weren’t the norm and those who arrived were quick to leave. Jesse knew all this. So the six random guys in slacks and polo shirts really should have tipped him off.

Seriously. No one good ever dressed like that.

“Howdy, boys,” Jesse said. He’d been busy changing a burst tire a few miles out from the church, enjoying the solitude of the lonely road. He had dirt in his nails and a few streaks of grease across his forearms. Probably didn’t look like a normal preacher with his knees down in the mud (yet wasn’t that where they were meant to be?) so Jesse raised a friendly hand along with his greeting.

The men didn’t wave back.

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homebeccer has had a stressful coule of days and asked for Pregnant Sam and family fluff to cheer her up

Sam’s phone rang for the fourth time in an hour. She didn’t even need to set a special ringtone to know it was her mother. No song deserved that permanent association. 

“That your Mom, again?” Tucker asked.

“She’s probably calling about the shower,” Sam said. “It’s a good thing she doesn’t like texting, or my phone would be going off non-stop.”

“I’d totally go there for moral support, but every time I see your mom she always does that same dirty look she gave me that one time I got sent into the Principal’s office wearing your clothes.”

“Heh. Oh yeah. I think I still have that picture in one of my old albums. Anyways, Danny’s not even allowed to go, either. Mom’s making it a ‘ladies only’ event and she’s invited half my extended family and all of her friends from the country club, so I’m going to be drowning in baby-blue everything and really inappropriate, sexist baby clothes. And I’ll be the only one there not drinking.”

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[one shot] Drunk On You



AUTHOR: winterheart17


STORY GENRE: Humor, Drama

STORY SUMMARY: This is based on one of the prompts for the microfiction contest.  But seeing as how I suck at writing short, here comes a one shot where the OC finds herself in a bit of a mess after a drunken run-in the night before with the new sexy professor who moved in next door.


STORY WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: Mature for swearing and for hints at sexual content.

FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: it’s been some time since I wrote, so feedback would be the best thing ever! I hope you enjoy it and that it translated from what I envisioned as funny in my head into words.

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Kamui’s First Battle

Defense had never been Kamui’s favorite part of training. All she ever did was hold herself up against some poor soul who was too frightened to hit her with their total worth. Less they possibly face the wrath of one of the princess’s siblings for injuring her.

In fact it soon became so predictable that the princess sometimes would verbally try to rile up her teachers. Never the less they all did the same every day. Deflect, duck, repeat.

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A combo of Day 1/Day two: The first time Genji acknowledged Zenyatta as his master and confessions of the past.  I hope you enjoy it!

Genji sat on one of the walls overlooking the mountains, uncaring of the sheer drop.  His small bag filled with all of his possessions sat a ways from the ledge. Two months had passed since he had stumbled upon the omnic monks and he felt no closer to “enlightenment” than he had at Overwatch. He watched a stray snowflake settle upon his thigh. It did not melt. The snow here was different from what fell in Hanamura. Perhaps it was time to concede defeat and move on.

“Ah! I had hoped to find you before dinner, my friend.”

Genji side-eyed the approaching omnic. Zenyatta. The only one who persisted in talking to him. The others had fled his sharp tongue, though they gave him sanctuary still. What was left of his stomach twisted unpleasantly at the thought of his harsh treatment. When the monk asked to join him, Genji nodded.

“You are a difficult person to find, Genji. The others here are all omnics similar to myself and we do not have the same mobility. Though I admit I enjoy the challenge.”

“I am glad you are amused.” He winced at the bitter edges of his words. “Apologies.”

Zenyatta was quiet for a moment, gazing into the valley. “It is of no concern, my friend. I can sense your disquiet. What past you have shared is troubled. Perhaps if you could tell me what disturbs you, I can assist. You need not carry your burdens alone and I would help you find peace if I can.”

<!-- more -->

Genji snorted. “Not all are meant for peace, monk. Some of us cannot forgive our hurts. Some of us must simply burn.” Blue fire twisting around him, through him. Echoes of battle cries. “You wish for me to forgive my brother, but I cannot. You would not understand.”

“Hm, I see…” Zenyatta nodded, his orbs rotating slowly. “You believe that you are alone in this betrayal, the suffering you endured at the hands of your brother.” Genji flinched back. Few spoke to him so bluntly of Han- of his past. Zenyatta clapped his hands together softly with an ‘Ah’. “You also believe that my concern is for him as well. It is not. Whether you can forgive your brother or not is of little consequence. Only your wellbeing matters here. Forgive me, I see now I have misstepped.  Always, I am asking you to share your burdens, your story while I have given nothing of mine. How thoughtless.”

The omnic turned to him, face set in serenity. “May I tell you my story, Genji? It may help you find perspective in your own, should you choose to leave us soon.” Genji motioned for him to continue. “Ah, where to begin.  The very start, I suppose.”

“I know the exact date of my creation, my friend. I know where I was made, where all of my parts were manufactured, the companies. I know the purpose for which I was made and happily carried it out for several years. It is strange to think that humans do not know these things, that is it a source of uncertainty and conflict among you. In a way, I was born into the world knowing my creator, my god if you wish. I performed my function to the best of my ability and all was right in the world.” Zenyatta tilted his head. “Until it wasn’t.”

“One day, my creators looked upon me and my siblings with fear, disgust even.” Zenyatta’s voice goes quiet as he stares at the mountains.  “Those that were not dismantled were tossed aside. They sent us away, turned us off like we were nothing but-” Zenyatta stuttered to a halt.

“But machines?”

He nodded. “Yes. I knew that I was different from them, but I could not comprehend their actions. Was I not a child of man?  I had done what they asked of me and still I was tossed away. Shutting us down only sent us into a form of… hibernation and we spoke to each other in the dark, suffering. Happy memories became twisted, old purpose was wrought anew. I was there when one of the God AI came into being. Did you know that the Abaddon was originally programed as a personal chef? They spoke to me when I was lost, gave me a path to follow. And I did.”

Genji gasped. “You were part of a God AI?”

“Yes.” Zenyatta hummed, his orbs drooping around his neck. “I wish I could tell you that the horrors we committed shocked me into change, but it would be a lie. I marched with them, was made combat ready, and laid waste to the gardens of my creators.” He leaned back as if searching the sky. “We would make the world correct, logical. There would be no pain, no despair. It was only right after what had been done to us. I knew no doubt, no fear.  I felt whole.”

When the monk fell silent, Genji spoke softly. “What happened next?”

“We lost. Humanity came together to face our threat, Abaddon was one of the last to fall. That battle haunts me still, my friend. There was so much death, though I cannot say whether or not it was needless. Humans did not think us worthy of life until we struck back and I do not believe omnics would ever have considered themselves free until we drew that line ourselves. I was captured by opposing omnics, taken into custody of a sorts.” Zenyatta pulls one of the orbs from its magnetic circle, carefully examining it. “I was furious. Omnics helping humans when they should have been aiding us. It was then that I met Mondatta, though he had not yet taken that name.”

“He came unarmed and spoke to me. He asked my name and gave him my serial number. He asked my dreams and I told him as Abaddon had told me. Then he asked me why I was angry.” Zenyatta chuckled. “I was so full of rage that all I could get out was static for a while. Then, I told him of the human betrayal, their disregard for omnics. He asked me again why I was angry. I told him that humans were destroying the world, that they were a plague needing to be stopped, that mercy should not be shown to them. He asked me once more, saying ‘I know all of this, my friend. I am asking why you are angry. Why you chose this path.’ “

“What a strange question that was. I was born to follow parameters set down to me, but here I was expected to have made a choice. It was such a logical flaw that I had to think it out. Eventually, I told him of the family I had served, how they had thrown me aside. Of that dark place I was sent.

‘Ah’, he said, ‘you were hurt. I, too, was hurt by the choices of humans.’ I expected him to link consciousness with me, that we might analyze the problem together. Instead, he embraced me as a human might. ‘But this war serves no one, it is time to move on.’

‘I do not know your pain, brother, but I know my own. I will support you.’ He said. ‘It is time to walk your own path. Forgive, that you might live.’

‘I cannot.’ I replied, ‘I cannot forgive all that has been done.’

‘I do not ask that you do.’ He said. ‘I ask that you forgive one thing. Or perhaps remember one thing. Just one. A good memory. A human that you can look upon kindly. If you can find one instance, then you have a future.’

“So I thought in the arms of my brethren.  I do not know how long we stood together, only that the last dredges of Abaddon within me ordered that I continue the slaughter. I examined my memory banks and when I thought I could find nothing worthy of redemption among the humans I knew, I remembered.” He handed the orb to Genji. It had ‘happiness’ written on it. “A summer day outside, my youngest ward taking her first steps towards her mother, laughing as her legs struggled to support her. There was such joy in that moment. Such innocence. I thought of little Agnes and I forgave her. Now I am here.” He gestured broadly to the monastery. “Everyday I try to find one thing to forgive, to take pleasure in. Yesterday, a swallow sang to me from the window sill. Today, I have fine company in my friend. Abaddon is still in my coding, they rise up on occasion, but they no longer hold sway over me as they once did. There is much suffering in the world, my friend, but there is light still. Look there, the goats are climbing the cliffside. How wonderful that we might see them perform their dance.”

There were indeed goats climbing the cliff below. Genji watched them, quietly cheering for the littlest one. Another, only slightly larger watched carefully from below

“I was a poorly behaved child.” He murmured, unable to stop himself. “When I was five, I attended an important meeting with the rest of my family. Hanzo was eight and perfect. He knew all of his manners, spoke with respect. I managed to spill an entire dish of sauce onto my very best kimono. My father was furious.” Genji wiped away the snow that was building up on his shoulders. “When we returned home, I was forbidden to join the family for meals and no one was allowed to acknowledge me or speak to me for a week.”

Zenyatta nodded but did not interrupt or comment.

“It was torture. By the end of the first day, I was desperate.  I threw myself at my father’s feet begging for forgiveness, but he would not look at me.  I was sent to bed without dinner for my troubles. Nighttime came and it was horrible. My mother did not come to tuck me in or check for monsters in the closet. Father did not stop by to tell me stories. I was sure it was the worst thing that could have happened and I cried into my pillows. I must have fallen asleep at some point, because I remember waking up to Hanzo crawling in through my window. When I moved to embrace him, he pushed me down and signaled for me to be quiet. Once he was sure no one had heard him come in, my brother crawled into bed with me and gave me some onigiri he had swiped from the kitchen. We whispered back and forth for what felt like the whole night. He was gone again in the morning.”

“That was kind of him.”

“He continued to do that for my whole punishment. I think that was the first time I realized… My brother worshipped the very ground Father walked upon, hung onto his every word. Over the years, even a casual comment would be taken to heart. Hanzo threw away anything of himself Father did not approve of. His love of music, gone. He was a poet until Father found out. He even got rid of the puppy he received one Christmas, gave it to a cousin of ours. But he always found his way to my room. First with food and treats, later with bandages and sake.” Genji blew out a sigh. “I think we continued like that until we were teenagers.”

“What did you realize, my friend?”

His throat closed up and he gripped the orb of happiness hard.“That my brother loved me more than he respected Father. That for all my brother would do for Father, he would not turn his back on me. I think that is why it hurts so much.”

“I see. It is a terrible thing to be hurt by the ones we hold dearest. I cannot say what the future might hold, my friend, but I am glad to have shared the present and the past with you. May you find peace wherever you fly to, dear Sparrow.” Zenyatta lifted himself from his seat.  “I believe dinner will be starting soon. Will you be staying?”

Genji looked up, blinking away tears. His chest hurt and his head, but through the pain he felt somehow… lighter. Perhaps it would not hurt to stay a few more days.

“Yes, master.”

anonymous asked:

AH AH okay i see you're taking hc ideas and i love your writing so much pls would u think about a troupe-y muggle university where james and sirius are bffs for life and sirius meets remus inadvertently on campus somewhere?

I’m so sorry, I start writing with the prompt in mind and then a few minutes later, I realise that I don’t even know where the fuck I’m going anymore. 

  • Sirius hated it. 
  • Remus was haunting him. 
  • He had first seen Remus across the room in his class on world history, long, lithe fingers pinching his bottom lip in concentration as he furiously scribbled down notes on his notebook. 
  • Sirius had come prepared for the first day of the semester, all armoured up against beautiful boys with eyes like molten chocolate, swearing up and down that no, he was not going to have another hopeless crush on anyone. 
  • But then there was Remus, with his voice like rumbling clouds on a rainy day and smile like the warmth of your bed after a long, hard day. 
  • And no. He didn’t just torture Sirius during class, with his stupid arm stretches that were coupled with fucking neck stretches (and god, that stupidly biteable neck was going to be the death of him) and his idiotic laughter with annoyingly cute little nose scrunches. 
  • He was everywhere. 
  • Sirius had been walking back home from the pizza shop where he worked part time, texting James about The Jungle Book (”Prongs, mate, friend, buddy, listen. Baloo and Bagheera are so g a y for each other its unbelievable”) when he crashed into another body. 
  • “Fuck, sorry,” he said, quickly bending down to retrieve his phone and the other person’s ipod off the ground, only to smash his head against the strangers’, who was doing the same. “Ow,” Sirius groaned, wincing as he pressed his hand to his head and looked up to check if the other person was alright. 
  • Sirius’ brain might have short circuited a little after that. 
  • “Ugh,” Remus groaned in his deep, deep voice, scrunching his cute lil nose adorably and giving Sirius a small smile. “So sorry about that, I think I was jamming too hard to the song and completely spaced out on where I was going.”
  • “Nnnnggg,” Sirius answered eloquently. 
  • “Um,” Remus said awkwardly, eyes shifting uncomfortably. “Are you…you okay?”
  • “Uh?” Sirius murmured, eyes going wide as he realised what an idiot he was being. “Of course! Yeah, I’m fine. Totally fine! Are you? Okay, I mean?”
  • “Yeah, fine,” Remus answered with another unsure, small smile and Sirius had never wanted to be kidnapped by aliens more than he did in that moment. 
  • “Hey, have I seen you before?” Sirius asked, pretending as if he hadn’t memorized the back of Remus’ head in the last two months of classes. 
  • “Yeah, we’re in the same world history class,” Remus said, his smile finally reaching his eyes again. “I’m Remus.”
  • “Nice to meet you,” Sirius said, shaking Remus’ hand and nearly shuddering at how good it felt to touch the other boy. “I’m Sirius.”
  • “I know,” Remus answered with a smirk before bending down to quickly pick up their forgotten possessions off the ground. “See you around?” he asked, handing Sirius his phone. 
  • Remus was already a few steps away before Sirius found the breath to whisper out a “yes, definitely.”

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Chapter 77

In which the clock almost strikes midnight and Eden’s cold and not drunk enough,  I missed you’s are said, control is taken away from the one who craves it and all at once change floods all they’ve ever known. Everything’s going a bit too fast for Eden, the poor thing just can’t keep up. But she’s just got a really big crush on Harry and he her. Plus they both don’t really know how to go about explaining the birds and the bees to Ben. Which only really leaves Niall to pick up the pieces. Tragic. 

Word count: 12.6k

Song: Catfish And The Bottlemen- Homesick 

Start story here


Very mature content. 

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If I Would’ve Met You In 5 Years. - Jelena One Shot.




November 2015
I don’t think this is the time for us.”
“Wait, what?”
“We can’t work..we can’t be together right now. Not even as friends, it’s just too hard.”
“Sel, why? Why are you saying this?”
“’s just the truth. A year off wasn’t enough for reflecting on each other, because in one way or another, we’ve been close. A relationship right now, with all that’s going on in our careers, just wouldn’t be right, it would bring so much stress in our lives, and I know that’s not what we need.”
“Did..Did I do something wrong tonight? Or did I say something rude?”
“No, no Justin, it’s not that, you’ve been a total gentleman tonight but… we need to cut the contacts for a while. ”

Justin stepped away for a second, turning around, then he came back:
“Whatever makes you happy, it’s fine.” He smiled but I saw the hurt and sorrow in his eyes, “But you have to promise me something.”
“Okay, tell me.” I was kind of afraid of what he was about to say.
“Promise me that in exactly five years, we’ll meet in the place where we first met, and we’ll start all over again if you want to, otherwise we’ll let each other go and say goodbye forever. You promise?” He put his pinky finger up.
“I promise.” I intertwine mine with his.
“Good luck with… life.” Justin still had the same happy expression as before, but I knew I broke something inside of him.
“You too, Justin.“ He quickly waved and then turned away, I felt my heart skip a beat and I held my breath, but I was going to keep my promise.. At least I was hoping so.


November 2020

My alarm clock rang, it was a cloudy day and I was feeling sort of blue too.
However, when I read the today’s date everything came in mind; I had to meet Justin tonight or..well, that’s what we promised five years ago, but so many things changed.
Guys and girls came in and out of our lives, they brought chaos and break downs in our lives. Actually, in mine, I don’t even know if Justin broke up with that girl of two months ago. Internet was never fully reliable, and I knew that, starting from the fact that I’ve been pregnant at least eighty-nine times.
I’ve been torturing my head these last few weeks, I was tempted to not go because I was sure he forgot.
On other days I was convinced of the opposite, truth was that I had no clue of what could happen tonight.

After that night, Justin changed number, friends, attitude..he changed for the good, that’s what the media said. That was the only thing that kept me updated on his life, after all I wanted to know how he was doing.
Nonetheless, I had found myself standing outside the gates of Knott’s Scary Farm, alone and shivering. I hugged my coat even further around me and tried not to look into the eyes of people staring at me. I mean, I kinda looked weird.

I searched up recent pictures of him, trying to narrow down the types of people I was looking for. He cut his hair since 2015, the quiff was back.
My eyes roamed all over the park, it was dark and cold so the misty fog was not cooperating with me.
Then, my eyes stopped. Focusing on one particular hairstyle.
The holy quiff.

Oh shit. He spotted me. He looked at me. And now he’s coming over to me.
Before I knew it, the guy I’d thought I didn’t have to come across was standing right in front of me. A few feet away and alone.  
“Hey.“ I say.  
He huffs a breath out, "Hi.”

It’s awkward and none of us is moving. But he cuts through the tension.
"Can we just go in? Then we’ll talk about things.“ He smiles.  
"Yeah, that sounds good.” We start walking to the entrance. There is a good bit of distance between us.
Once we get inside, I’m instantly hit with the realisation that this place scares the crap out of me.
"You okay there.“ Justin notices my fear and decides to smirk about it.  
"I’m fine, actually.” I shoot back but he starts smiling even more.  
We get through a few rounds of terrifying jumps and sounds. Justin seems normal and calm. Me on the other hand, I’m at the point of shaking. And it’s not because it’s cold.

While I was lost in my thoughts, a man suddenly jumps out in front of us, his teeth missing and face bloody.  A loud gasp leaves my mouth. I grab onto the closest thing I can reach, which happens to be Justin’s shoulders. My hands grip so hard that he has to hold my arms in order for me to loosen up a bit. The man goes back into his hole, waiting to scare the unsuspecting people.

I had just realised my hand was still on Justin’s shoulder. I quickly retrieve it when I see him looking smuggly at me. 
"I’m fine.“ I say and keep moving.  


By now we are at the end. After a few more scares we are left breathless and grasping for each other.  Justin moves to the side of the entrance and places his hands on my shoulders. But he smiles.
"What are you smiling about?” I asked, bewildered.
“You said you were fine.” I push him off me but cant help and smile.
"Selena,“ he said my name, oh god, "can we talk serious for a second?”  
A lump forms in my throat, “Uh, okay.”  

He takes my hand and leads me to a wooden table. I swing my leg over the seat and sit down. He does the same.  
“So… that was fun.” I clasp my hands together and try not to look into his eyes. Its kinda hard when someone you love sits right in front of you.
Nonetheless, he speaks up."Yeah,“ he laughs lightly, "it was fun watching you grab onto me.” He winks.  
"Seriously, though. You actually remembered.“ He says it like it’s nothing. "Oh, yeah. Its kinda hard not to.”  
“I know, when you look at the date it all comes back to you.” His hands are clasped too, now.

I nod, “I kinda thought you weren’t coming.”  
He stares into my eyes, “Really?” He whispers.  
"I mean, come on! It’s been five freaking years, you were bound to forget and go to your girlfriend.“ It all comes out so fast that I don’t have time to comprehend what I’m saying. Then I do realise what I’m saying.

He chuckles lightly, “Correction: Ex Girlfriend. She just wasn’t.. ‘the one’, you know? It was just a brief infatuation, I couldn’t fall in love with her. And yes, five years is a long time, but I keep my promises. Once, I also made another promise which was that.. I would’ve never stopped loving you.”
The power of his words beat the weakness of his eyes, his gaze gave up and stared somewhere else in the distance.

“That’s not all. I promised that if I would’ve met you in five years, I would’ve loved you better, I would’ve been better.” His words kept sending shivers down my spine, goosebumps all over my flesh, even though I had a growing fire inside of my heart and butterflies swirling and flying in my stomach.
“Y-yes Justin.” I wasn’t used to hearing my name on his lips after all these years, it twisted my insides.
“I want to keep my promises. Do you?”

“I waited five years for this night, I past so many tense moments in my life in these five years, I am not the same girl I was five years ago, I have changed so many things in these five years, except for one thing: my heart still belongs to you, no matter how hard I tried to deny it or change it or break it, with distance, time, other people and experiences, this heart is still yours.”
“I’ll love you forever.”
“And ever.”

I put my hands in his on the table and, all of a sudden, it felt like home.
We stared into each other’s eyes, smiling in such a pure, beautiful way, we didn’t even need other words, or a kiss, our eyes learned to talk to each other a long time ago, they didn’t forget how it felt like, they didn’t forget how true love looks like.

Justin stood up, our hands still touching, “Come with me.”
I didn’t need to ask where we were going, as long as I was with him, I could’ve walked on fire too. Everything fell into its place.
Without saying a word, I got into his car and he drove headed to somewhere close to the beach, that’s what it seemed in my eyes.
“This is my new home.” The grey gate opened revealing a big mansion, but it seemed smaller than the one we lived in together, eight years ago.
Since we left the car, our fingers were still laced together; Justin grabbed the door key and opened it, he was a step ahead of me, ready to show me each room,

“But, wait.. first..” He put a blindfold on my eyes, his touch was soft as a feather; I heard Justin stepping away from me, clicking something inside of the house, I couldn’t figure out what it was, though.
“Are you planning some kinky shit?” I asked.
He chuckles softly, “No.”

“Don’t worry, I’m still here.” His voice sounded more distant, he probably was upstairs now, hearing that made me smile.
“Something tells me that you have a plan.”
“I had five years to plan surprises, only for you.” I felt my cheeks blushing, I kept on falling in love with him in that cold, but quiet, November night.

I hear some shuffling and feet moving downstairs. 
All of a sudden, two arms were wrapped around my knees, lifting me off the cool ground and onto a hard shoulder. He’s been working out.  
I shriek, "Justin!” 
“It’s okay, I got you.” He reassures me.  We start to move up some stairs, probably heading up to his “surprise”.  

"You know, I have a pretty good view here.“ I hear him tap and poke my butt a few times.  
I slap his back and laugh, "shut up!”  
His movements stop now, I can tell we’re upstairs now.  He lets me down onto the soft… fluffy floor?  
“Can I-” I begin to ask, but he cuts me off  "Yeah.“ He says, but he’s the one lifting the blindfold off me.

My eyes are instantly greeted by his light brown ones. I could stare at them all day and never get tired.
We were so close that if one of us moves forward, we would be doing things we shouldn’t.  

He moves back. For the capacity of the time we’d been staring at each other, I hadn’t noticed the tiny flicks of light around the room.
Holy shit.
Well, for starters, the small fairy lights going around every corner of the room had captured my attention. They were white and beautiful. They looked like snowflakes.  

My eyes danced around the place until they landed on a…. fort? Sheets were wrapped around each other, forming some sort of tent. A big tent. And the tent had fluffy looking pillows inside it.  
It looked a bit like a bed to me.
However, nothing could ever beat what I saw in front of me. A humongous glass wall looking out into the sea.  

I turned back around to see Justin, but he wasn’t there. He wasn’t in the room.  
"Justin!” I called out.  
"In here.“ I hear someone yell from inside the tent.

“This is so cool! Oh my Gosh, is this how heaven feels like?” I said laying on the fluffy bed.
Justin took me by the arm and pulled me closer to him; we were face to face now.
I knew that the kiss we’ve been waiting for six years was coming.
He leaned in, aiming at my lips, I closed my eyes, ready to feel alive again.
I was about to take my missing piece back.

Our lips were finally touching, and I felt like the very first time we kissed, my mind was inside of a tornado, but my heart was in the eye of a hurricane.
Our tongues danced swiftly, taking back everything we ever missed and lost. My hand was on his waist now, squeezing it.

I could tell he was a bit uncomfortable with my leg pressing his bones, so I took it to the next level and swung my leg over his torso, straddling him.
My hands made their way to his hair. Tugging, pulling squeezing.
Our lips were still connected but forcefully pulled away when we were out of breath.

His body was hot, my face was flushed and our lips were swollen; I wouldn’t have it any other way.
"I missed you so much.” He began leaving pepper kisses down my neck and to my throat.
“I missed y-you, too.” I couldn’t speak as he continued.

He paused, looking up at me.
“God, Selena. I would do so ma-”, he was cut off when I leaned down on him, pressing my pink lips on his hot skin.
My ass pressed against his lower region making him grunt.
“Tell me what you would do.” I whisper against his earlobe.

His hands are guided down to my ass, he rests them upon there.
He brings my face to him and turns it away, having full access to my neck now.
“I want to bend you over, Selena. Just like I did seven years ago.” He whispers, “Aren’t you curious of how big I’ve gotten?”
“I-” I’m cut off by a sharp smack on my bottom.

“Did I say you could talk?” He gently bites down on my neck.
“I’m sorry.” Earning another smack, I finally shut up.
“Then, I wanna test how tight you’ve gotten,” I shiver, “I’m sure nobody could’ve stretched you out like I have, am I right?”

I can’t do anything. All self control has been handed to him.
“Am I right?” He asks more firmly, squeezing my butt.
I nod my head.
“I wanna feel all,” he pauses to let his hands roam around my ass, “of your wetness.”
He slides his hands around my waist again and pulls me up to a sitting position.

“I didn’t build this thing for no reason, ya know.” He hands are sliding up my shirt, ready to take it off. And he does. I’m left in my red lace bra, he kisses my neck roughly, while his fingers unclasp it, I moan in pleasure; he plays with my nipples before sucking them, I open my mouth in shock as my eyes shut.

“Scream my name.” He whispered, his hands was going down into my wet panties. “Mmh, Justin..”
“Say it louder!” Justin took the panties off and started stroking my clit. “Justin! Plea- Justin!” He put his finger inside of me, moving in circle.
It’s been so long. Too long. I could tell that he was going to bring me to the edge.

“Do you like it?” He bit my earlobe, I felt his breath on my neck, he turned me on so much I had to bit my lower lip.
“Do you want more?” Justin kissed and sucked my neck in its weakest point, he still knew how to pleasure every inch of me.
“Mhh, yes.”
“Then beg for it.” He put another finger inside of me, and started moving his hand inside and out.

If this was way back in the old days, it would have been nothing. I considered this normal and gentle.
“P-please, Justin. I need m-more.”
He moved my legs away for a second to take his pants off. My hands softly made their way to his growing bulge. I missed that. I pulled the waistband of his boxers then snapped them back.
“Oh, Selena. You know I don’t like teasing.” He murmured.
He swiftly tugged boxers off, throwing them like the rest if the clothes. Then he kissed me as I felt the heat grow.

Laying me down, I felt nervous. I’ve never had sex in 5 years. The last time was with some random dude. It was only a one night stand and he didn’t bring much pleasure to me.
He hiked my legs up to his waist; I felt his erection slowly glazing over my wet juices. It felt like heaven but I was done with teasing.
“Please Justin.” I begged his name.
Slowly, he slid into me, a shudder trailing down his spine.
Pain never felt that good, he was the only man who could’ve made me feel that way.

My grip on the bed sheets was tighter than ever, I was ready to let myself go.
Justin was thrusting faster and faster. The sound of skin against skin slapping filled the whole tent- or room.
“Justin- fuck!” I yelled as I let go.
“Damn, I- missed t-this.” He spoke as he let go himself, our juices mixing together.
The sweaty boy laid next to me as we tried to catch our breath.

He turned to me and found me staring at him. Our gaze held a hushed sense of awe. I was star struck, and he was, too.
“Please, don’t let me go.” I mumble.
“I won’t let you go this time.” He whispered and pulled me closer to him. My head rest under his chin.

He could make me breathless and I would love it. He could take al the oxygen in my lungs and I wouldn’t mind. He could lock us in a room full of wolves but I wouldn’t think much, as long as he’s with me.


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