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→ nudes, not flowers (pt. 2)

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☆ pairing → Hoseok x Reader x Jungkook

genre → smut, fuckboi!au

warnings  → … voyeurism + exhibitionism, dom!junghope, power play?, dirty talk!!!, jealousy, demeaning names during sex, the threesome, & probably other warnings byE 

word count   → 10.4k 

☆ summary   →  you’re not supposed to fall for Jung Hoseok and his repertoire of awful pick-up lines – but you do. the problem is: he’s afraid of commitment, and bolts at the idea of settling down. you decide to stay far away from fuckboys, but his friend decides to test your new found resolutions

or : Jungkook wants to see how far he can push Hoseok until he snaps

→  pt i | pt ii (final) 

☆ a/n   → okay…so… this is just porn, but if you squint, there’s kind of a plot. you should probably start with pt 1 if you haven’t already!! 
+ shout out to the mutuals who encouraged the filth fest in this part esp @gxtsmxt @itsrainingmin !! we can have a prayer circle later to cleanse our souls
+ also tomorrow is my one month anniversary on tumblr :’)) thank you so much for all the love i’ve received this past month  ♡

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little monster | (m)

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pairing: park jimin x reader | feat. kim namjoon
genre/warnings: smut, voyeurism sort-of, auralism? masturbation, teasing, switch themes
words: 8,844
summary: you’ve been good friends with your roommate Jimin for a while, occasionally flirting with each other, especially when you’ve had a drink, but nothing has ever happened between the two of you…until that is, he secretly listens to you and Namjoon have sex one day…He thinks you don’t know, but he’s wrong…
note. based on a request.

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Sexting (Jimin smut)

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Summary: On a lonely night, you decide to sign up for an anonymous sexting site. Of course you are matched with the notorious fuckboy you’re constantly trying to avoid. Park fucking Jimin.

Themes: Sexting, Fuckboy Jimin, College AU.

Pairing: You x Jimin

Word Count: 4k

This fic contains: Explicit and graphic depictions of smut, sex over the phone, swearing. 






I’d rather not say/enter here:


Decent conversation/making friends/finding a language buddy/other





THOR562: 21 years old- Seoul, South Korea- also interested in ‘other’.




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Warnings: None 

 A/N: This is the first of many that I’m going to write about Jeff Atkins. It’s going to be a ‘Jeff x Reader’ relationship series. First kiss, fight, breakup, etc. There won’t be any death or suicide- none of that, but there will be A LOT of drama. I’m taking requests as well, so feel free to send some in! :)

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 You stared at yourself in the mirror, horrified at what you saw. Your hair was a complete wreck. The curls weren’t holding, it was frizzy as hell, and it was starting to tangle at the ends. And it’s not like you could jump in the shower to fix it, you didn’t have enough time. Your date said he would pick you up at seven and it was already six forty-eight. God, you weren’t even dressed yet. A knock on your door pulls you from your thoughts. Your brothers bleach blonde head pops in.

  “Jeff’s here, he’s waiting in the- what the hell,” he says when he notices your state. He points a finger at you and laughs. “You look like shit.”

         He dodges the comb you throw at him. “Shut up,” you growl. “Go tell him that I’ll be down in a few minutes,” he’s still laughing when he leaves your room. “And don’t embarrass me, Alex!”

         You sit at your vanity, attempting to brush the knots out of your hair when theres another light knock on your door. “Alex, I swear if you-” you’re cut off when the door opens, and to your horror it’s not the dumbass you call a brother, it’s Jeff, your date.

“Jeff,” you say nervously. “Hey.”

  He smiles at you and closes the door behind him. “Alex said you were running late,” he takes a step forward. He looks amazing, you notice. As always. “Can I help?”

                    You make a mental note to strangle your brother when you get the chance. “It’s my hair,” you point to the mess that sits on your head. “It’s being difficult.” 

“Here, give me your brush and a hair tie,” he holds out his hand. “We got this.”

              You smile as he begins to brush your hair gently. “You know,” he says after a few minutes of silence. “Even on your worst bad hair day, you’d still be the most beautiful girl I know.”

           Your eyes meet his in the mirror and he gives you another dazzling smile. He ends up braiding  your hair into a single braid, and he’s surprisingly good at it. He grins, “Now,” he says turning to the mess of clothes on your bed. He pulls out a pair of shorts and solid baby pink shirt. “Wear this. I like the way you look in this color.”

          You leave him in your room to change in the bathroom. As you do so you think of the way it felt when he touched you as he did your hair, and the butterflies that were still in your stomach that started once he stepped into your room. What guy would do your hair, and help you pick out something to wear when you were running late for your date? Damn it, he was perfect. You chew on your lip as you walk back into your room. He’s sitting on your bed and raises his head when you step in. He grins.

“You look amazing, ________.”

         You don’t reply. He watches you with curious eyes as you walk up to him, cup his face in your hands and lean forward, brushing your lips against his. He doesn’t hesitate to kiss you back, pressing his lips harder against yours. He stands slowly, never breaking the kiss and wraps his arms around you, pulling you closer. Your bare feet on his shoes, tiptoeing to reach his mouth. The kiss starts off slow, gentle as if the two of you are testing the waters. But once you get a taste of him, you lose it. Your fingers tangle in his soft hair, tugging at it as his teeth bite down on your lip. The kiss becomes crazed, explosive, fervent as the two of you poor everything into it. You pull away first, face flushed, panting softly.

“Well,” Jeff says after catching his breath, voice husky. “Isn’t that supposed to happen after the first date?”

You chuckle softly. “Who says it won’t?”

    Another beautiful smile appears on his face. “Let’s get this show on the road then, yeah?”

  And that’s when you knew, you were probably going to fall in love with Jeffery Michael Atkins.

 You pass Alex on the way out, and as you pass him you punch him in the arm. He yelps, rubbing his arm. “Asshole!”

For You{2} [Jeff Atkins]

Request: Can i request a Jeff Atkins imagine where hes like a badboy but when Y/N is the new girl at Liberty and Clay takes her under his wing, Jeff feels the need to protect her and be good for her? And then at a party he sees Monty and Y/N flirting so he gets wasted and Y/N ends up taking him to her house and taking care of him and he drunkenly confesses his softy feelings for her?

Pairing:bad boy!Jeff Atkins x fem!reader

A/N:OMG GUYS YOU’RE AMAZING!The first part got so many notes?WHoa-M

part 1   part 3    part 4   part 5  tags: @gamesandremixes     @leviathan-cas-05     @shamless-wolfies

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It was almost time.She checked herself in the mirror one more time before taking her phone.She send a quick message to Jessica,telling her that she was on her way.Taking a deep breath,she exited the house and started walking all the way to her friend’s house.

Emotionally,she wasn’t ready.She didn’t like dancing,she didn’t like drinking,she wasn’t just like everyone else.She would be like a fish out of water.At first she decided to not go.But after Jessica insisted on her attending the party because “it’s gonna be epic girl" she changed her mind.Not because she thought that she’d actually have fun though.She did it for Jessica. She wouldn’t like it if she told her she couldn’t go.

After a couple of minutes, she was there.A few people were out,drinks in their hands,enjoying the night.She quickly got inside in order to find Jessica. The music was so loud,her ears started pounding.She pushed past some “dance maniacs"as she said under he breath.

Suddenly,someone from behind grabbed her right arm and span her around.It was Jessica,thank God… The young woman put her hands around Y/Ns neck and started swaying back and fourth.

“You’re here!“She shouted and smiled widely.Y/N snorted and shook her head in disbelief.

“It’s eleven thirty and you’re already wasted?Unpredictable!”

“What,me?Not even-” She didn’t manage to finish her sentence because she found the person she’d been searching for minutes now.Justin waved and smiled at her and she nodded.

“Well,hun,i gotta go!Have fun tonight!Jeff is around here somewhere!You better find him!” She said happily,unwrapping her hands from her.

“Hey,” Y/N shouted as she was to head to her boyfriend. “Be careful alright? ”

Jessica gave her a small kiss on the cheek. “Sure,i always am!”

Y/N shook her head once more;that party wasn’t gonna end up well.She took a look around,her hands folded to her chest,in case she found Clay.But he was nowhere to be seen.He said he would come but he probably changed his mind and stayed home.“Something that i should’ve done too…"She told herself.

Everything about the party seemed so wrong to her.She didn’t fit in there.Plus,she couldn’t find anyone to even talk to so she decided to go out and wait for Clay,in case he came later.

She sat on the front porch and that was when she saw him.No,not Clay.The other guy,the guy from the “hall incident”.He had a red cup in his hands and stood at the right of the front garden with some of his friends Y/N didn’t even know their names.

She couldn’t help but stare at his beautiful face,his beautiful eyes.Eyes that after a few seconds looked back at her.She didn’t pull away though.His expression was unreadable,vague. They stayed like that for a few moments before he looked away.

Y/N started playing with her fingers as she intently stared at the white tiles of Jessica’s porch.Why were things so complicated between her and Jeff?What the hell had she done to him?She was afraid to ask him,she couldn’t tell why.Her liking him was wrong and she knew it very well.Because such a famous boy would never want to be with the girl who “daydreams”.Besides,the rumors of him not being in long term relationships were likely true.They had to be.

“Hey,Y/N!“A male voice said.She looked to her left and saw Moty,a good friend of Bryce.He took a seat next to her as he smiled widely.

“Oh,hey Moty!“She said and forced a grin.Honestly,the last thing she wanted was Montgomery to keep her company. “Beautiful night,isn’t it?“He asked,looking up at the dark sky which was full of stars.Y/N did the same and nodded. “Yeah,it is indeed.”

“But not as beautiful as you though!Don’t get jealous please!”

Y/N couldn’t help but laugh at his words.Really.Had the poor guy lost all his chances with all the girls at the party and his last option was her?Was he just playing around?She didn’t know and she didn’t care.

“Honestly Moty,that’s the best thing i’ve heard all night!“She said as she wiped away some tears that had escaped her eyes.

"Honestly Y/N,that wasn’t even funny but i’m glad i made you laugh. ”

Suddenly,they both heard Zach yelling at someone.Y/N immediately looked at his direction. It was Jeff.He was yelling at Jeff.Something serious must have happened because Zach hardly made a scene.

"Dude,fuck off!It’s not my fault alright?You’re drunk as fuck and you don’t know what you’re saying!Talk to me when you sober up,i’m out…"He said angrily and not bothering looking at her or Moty,he went inside the house.

Y/N tilted her head to the left to see Montgomery’s reaction; He stood up in an instant and went to where Jeff and three other were,probably to ask of what happened.

As soon as he saw Moty,Jeff grabbed him by the collar and punched him in the face.

"You won’t ever talk to Y/N again,you understand?"He shouted and pushed him away.Moty tried to fight back but the others separated them.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Atkins?"He shouted as he touched his mouth,only to see his fingers being covered in blood. Y/N’s mind was on fire.Many questions started crossing her mind.Was Jeff watching her the whole time?Why did he care about her and Moty talking?How the hell did he even know her name when she never told him?Indeed,what the fuck was wrong with Jeff Atkins?And that time,she wouldn’t let all these questions unanswered. Next thing she knew was that her legs were taking her to him.

She had to clear things out.

Heart on the Line (part 6)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1114

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Dog Days Are Over

Summary: You were already having a bad day, and then in walks Mr. Perfect and his best friend’s puppy. Oh, and he needs you to hurry because he’s got a blind date tonight, and he’s really nervous.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,993

Author’s Note: Do you know how long this has been in my drafts? Anyways, here’s more fluff. Sorry I’ve been the Ebeneezer Scrooge of fluff, but I can’t help it that I’m a cynical, angsty bitch who likes to make people suffer.

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There were certain rules to being a veterinary technician.

Number one, waterproof mascara and eyeliner always! When the customer cries, you cry. Number two, carry a lint roller on you at all times; it’s best to get the pocket-sized one, because Mr. Twinkles sheds a lot! Number three, iron your scrubs! And it’s probably best to keep an extra pair in your car, because Mrs. Comier’s Jack Russell likes to pee on people.

Even though you knew these rules by heart, and you followed them every single day of your work-life, today was an exception. It was just one of those days that absolutely nothing- no matter how hard you tried- was going right. You were covered in fluffy cat hairs, Mrs. Comier’s Jack Russell peed on your leg twice, and you had run out of waterproof mascara; so when Mr. Langley brought in his thirteen year old Labrador to put her down, he cried, and so you cried, and in the end you looked like the raccoon that liked to sneak into the office dumpsters at closing.

Today just wasn’t your day.

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5 a.m. [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Inspired by the one time me and some friends went to McDonald’s at 5 a.m. The reader, craving junk food, drags a sleepy Lin out of bed, way too early in the morning. The breakfast menu isn’t up yet. Chaos and shenanigans ensue.

Word counter: 4,474

Warnings: None, just a really sleepy and grumpy Lin. 

Authors Notes: @sunshinemiranda - i cannot believe i got to the chance to collab with ren again??? you guys, this honestly all stemmed from this really cute story she told me and then me (being pushy and annoying as per usual) needed to get in and then this came into being!! we got so attached, we made headcanons for this, unbelievable. i still want to make a prequel. enjoy.

@alexanderhamllton - i got to collab with my girl again, can you guys BELIEVE??? I am so happy with how this turned out, we made a whole lot of headcanons (hence the mixtapes) and we really hope you guys like it! If you want more from this universe PLEASE let us know, because we would love to wirte that! 

askbox | olivia’s masterlistren’s masterlist

Lin wasn’t expecting his phone to ring at 5 in the morning. He wasn’t expecting anything but a solid sleep that he desperately needed after too many late nights full of work. Funny thing was, life had a screwed up talent at ruining expectations.

His phone lit up in the dark, vibrating against the wooden bedside table with a vicious energy. With a groan, he stabbed a button blindly and brought it to his ear without even bothering to emit a greeting. It was too early for that.

“Lin. Listen, it’s 5 am. You wanna go to McDonald’s with me?”

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cardiac arrest (m) | pt. 1

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pt. 1 | pt. 2 | pt. 3 (coming soon)

⇒pairing: taehyung x reader (ft. hoseok)

⇒genre: doctor! au | angst+fluff, smut at the end

⇒length: 14k

⇒summary: you’ve always thought the only thing you’ve ever wanted was to become a doctor, but then you meet him.

a/n: wowie its been a while i’ve been super busy with a ton of crap and im still busy but i really wanted to write this and get it up for you guys! part 2 will not come out for a while, but ill try my best!

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Staring is Rude (Jaehyun x Reader)

WAZZZZZUPPPP GUYS! Your gal is back at it again with that smutty smut and with her ultimate bias too! That’s right, more yummy Jaehyun for everyone, and this time it’s a college AU. Hope you like this one, I really had a blast writing it!


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

It all started at the end of the first semester of your sophomore year in college. The glances that were snuck from the corner of the eye, watching from your peripheral vision each other’s movements, the strategic sitting for the best view. It was innocent at first, just simply checking one another out due to curiosity. You barely knew him at all; knew that his name was Jung Jaehyun and he was a first semester junior majoring in music and fine arts with many obnoxiously talented friends. 

You frequented the school’s library on a daily basis, it was your first choice of a study place, plus you liked the peaceful atmosphere. It wasn’t dead silent, the sounds of page turning, chairs scraping, and quiet murmuring was a soothing and natural background for your reading and essay writing. Being at a big school, it wasn’t likely you would ever see the same person twice, it was like being at Disney World, which made people watching one of your favorite pass times. You liked to imagine a life for each person, what they were thinking, what their dreams were, never to see them again except by some miracle. But you saw Jaehyun in the same spot across from you in the library almost every time you went to study, boggling your mind and making you wonder.

At first you didn’t think much of it, he was just another student studying and doing his own thing, and you respected that. That was before you got a good look at his face while he was buried in a textbook, feeling your thighs press together on their own accord.

Damn, he was actually really hot.

He had jet black hair that was perfectly messy, combined with his habit of constantly running his hand through it, well, it was enough to make you hate him a little. Maybe he didn’t know how attractive he was, or maybe he did. Regardless, he became a distraction and you thought things couldn’t get worse until he accidentally caught you checking him out one day. You remember how much your face burned with embarrassment, and how you couldn’t think of nothing else except him throughout winter break. He practically tormented you even when he wasn’t there.

Spring semester came and you began your usual routine at the library again, trying to beat down your hopes of seeing Jaehyun there. You barely knew him and he probably didn’t know who the hell you were, so why think something could come from those few exchanged glances? You were such a hopefulness romantic, this wasn’t some chic flick where everything works out perfectly.

You had almost forgotten about the incident from last semester, when one day, Jaehyun decided to move a whole table closer to you. He sat straight across from you at the next table over, casually setting his books and laptop out as he began his own usual study session. It was almost as if he was reminding you that, yes he existed, and yes, he was very attractive. It bothered you how much just him moving closer made your heart race, it was so annoying. You huffed out loud, surprising yourself as he looked up at you with raised eyebrows. You met eyes, yours growing to the size of dinner plates, as your hand tightened its grip on your pen. He had obviously heard you as he glanced your way, his own hand stilling as he stopped taking notes at the noise.

The eye contact lasted only for a few seconds, but it felt like hours before he pulled his eyes away, a small smile on his petal soft lips.


A smile?

You stared down at your book, not reading the words as your brain tried to process what had just happened. Maybe you had just imagined it, or maybe you should stop being a little bitch and just except the fact that he had just smiled at you. Should you have smiled back? Would that have been creepy? God, this was infuriating.

You stood up and gathered your things, gaining his attention once again as he watched you angrily pack your belongings. Out of the corner of your eye, you caught his amused gaze again and blushed, accidentally fumbling and dropping your pen. And of course, it just so happened to roll in his direction. You wanted to combust in that moment, erase your existence from this plane of reality.

He stood up calmly, bending over easily to scoop up your rogue pen. You’d never heard him say a word before, and the moment his mouth opened, you knew you were fucking screwed.

“Here,” he murmured softly, holding out your pen for you to take in his strong looking hand.

You gulped and took it, your fingertips brushing along the palm of his hand as you stuttered back quietly, “T-thank you.” Just that single touch made you shiver, and you hoped to God he didn’t notice the goosebumps on your arm.

“No problem,” he smiled, endearing little dimples poking out cheekily from the corners of his mouth.
You hadn’t expected him to reply, making you look up at him. His eyes were even more mesmerizing up close, dark pools of black water framed by soft as feathers lashes. He held your gaze for a few moments, looking as if he was contemplating what he wanted to do with you exactly, like you were some new thing he’d never seen before.

You bit your lip at that look and those eyes of his flashed toward your mouth for a moment before you turned away quickly to get your bag, your heart racing a mile a minute. What the hell was that?

You remember walking as fast as your legs could carry you back to your dorm room, slamming the door shut and collapsing on your bed before screaming in your pillow. You wondered what that look in his eyes could have meant, and why it had made you want him to push you down on the nearest table and let him have his way with you.

Of course, that wasn’t the last time Jung Jaehyun would give you that look, in fact, he was far from through with you. It was like he had a personal vendetta against you, wanting to make you as aroused as possible every time you walked into that accursed library. Sure, you could easily find a new place to study, but who was to say you weren’t curious as to where this would all lead? Maybe two could play his little game.

The next few days you tried your best to stay toe to toe with Jaehyun. Every time he would check you out, his eyes roving unashamedly over your body, you would do the same. He’d been surprised at first, his gorgeous eyes widening, making you think you had finally caught him off guard. That was until he smirked the sexiest possible smirk and continued to read his book, looking impressed. You’d secretly flushed with pride, feeling happy that he approved of your tenacity.

Over the next few weeks, things began to escalate, from flirtatious glances to blatant eye fucking, Jaehyun wasn’t holding back anymore. You did the same, feeling bolder than ever before as would stare back at him without shame. You were trying to do your usual studying again, preparing for an essay that was due in a couple of days. While typing, you began to wonder where all of this would lead you and Jaehyun. Was he actually interested in you…?

You shook yourself, trying to focus on your typing again as you glanced up to see Jaehyun reading quietly as per usual. You really needed to worry about your work right now, not just some boy who might or might not want to be something more with you. You bent over to grab a book you needed as a source in the paper from your backpack, only to find that it wasn’t there. Puzzled, you dug around the stacks of paper and notebooks in front of you, unable to find it at all. You furrowed your brow, clearly remembering that you had put it into your bag that morning along with your other books and laptop. If it wasn’t here, then where the hell was it?

Jaehyun noticed all the movement coming from your direction and perked up, watching you quietly as you rifled through your things one last time. You huffed and stood up, walking towards the many bookshelves in search of another copy of the book you were using. You were sure they would have another of the one you needed, it was just a matter of finding it.

Jaehyun watched you disappear into the maze of shelves with a smirk, eyes tracing the sway of your hips as he contemplated just what he wanted to do with you. He slid his finger over the edge of the page he was on, twisting his mouth so that his dimples poked through. He suddenly felt shy, even after all the eye sex and obvious mutual interest, what was he supposed to say? He shook himself, closing his book definitively as he stood up and followed where you had entered the rows of shelves.

You weaved in and out of the bookshelves, fingering through stacks of books and coming up with nothing. You were beginning to get frustrated by the fact that you couldn’t find it anywhere. You slumped against a shelf and let your head tilt back, wondering what the hell you were supposed to do now.

“Looking for this?,” a familiar voice murmured, sending shivers all over your body as you turned toward it. Jaehyun, in all his sex god glory, stood a few feet away, holding out the exact book you needed for your paper.

“Jaehyun,” you whispered, surprised that he was there at all. His name felt foreign on your tongue, but you liked the way it tasted and sounded coming from your lips, and so did he. You took the book from him and gave a bashful look, “Thank you.”

“No problem,” he smiled, dimples soft on his cheeks as he mirrored the first conversation you had with him. “I have a question though.”

You were paging through the book absentmindedly, not bothering to look up as you made sure it was the right one, “About what-”

The book flew out of your hand as you were roughly pushed against a wall of books, gasping, “What the fuck are you…?”

“Do you understand how fucking difficult you’ve made things for me?,” Jaehyun murmured, his hips pressing you hard against the shelf as he wedged a thigh between your legs. One hand landed securely on your waist, the other grabbed you but the back of your hair, forcing you to look him in his coal black eyes, “How difficult you make it for me?”

You shook your head, heart racing faster than the speed of light as you swallowed hard, “N-no.” Your chest heaved, causing your breasts to brush against him every time you took a shaky breath.

“Are you sure?,” he pondered, readjusting his hand so your neck was exposed to him. He let his mouth brush lazily over your jugular making you gasp, feeling your pulse with his lips as he continued, “‘Cause all those times you made fucking eyes at me seemed like you knew exactly what you were doing.”

You sucked in your breath, feeling every time he took his own breath his hard abs flex against your stomach. Mind spinning, you tried not to picture how he would look without his shirt on as you mumbled, “You’re right.”

“Can I ask you,” he started, hot breath fanning across your skin. “What were you expecting out of all of this?” He drew away from your neck, looking you dead on with a hard and intense look in his eyes.

You met his gaze, realizing there was no other answer to give than the truth. You’d been denying yourself this whole time, but the truth was that you wanted him. You wanted him so bad that you were willing to fuck him with your eyes for months, but cowardly enough to do that too. You wouldn’t have thought he wanted you back in your wildest daydreams.

“I wanted you,” you whispered, eyes half lidded, “I want you, Jaehyun.”

You expected him to jump your bones right then and there, but Jaehyun was apparently far more patient than you had thought. He smiled, looking relieved for a split second before reverting back into the lusty look he was oh so good at. He leaned in slowly, tilting your head up and placing his lips softly on yours. He teased you with slow movements, caressing more than kissing, making you whine and wrap your arms around his neck to pull him closer.

Jaehyun chuckled, pulling away with a satisfied look, “Didn’t take you to be so impatient, _______. So,” he stepped away from you and placed his hands in his pockets, “Wanna come back to my room?”

You were going to act mad from his teasing, but the way he said your name made you forget quickly, “S-sure.” You mentally shook yourself, trying to take back some of your dignity as you clipped, “You think I’d let you get all up on me without expecting an invitation for more? It’s not a lack of patience, Jaehyun, it’s called common curtesy.”

He was already walking back to gather his things, looking amused, “Didn’t know asking a girl you like to come back to your dorm to fuck is a common curtesy. These are modern times though, maybe I’m too old fashioned.” He smirked in your direction as the two of you packed your bags, making you glance down and smile to yourself.

“…a girl you like…”

You felt giddy, truthfully impatient as you followed Jaehyun across campus to his dorm room. He wasn’t a complete asshole either, he offered his hand for you to hold and you gladly took it, wanting to get a feel for the hands that would be making you moan later.

Twilight had spread over campus like spilled paint, dying the quad and the buildings in a purple hue that made this strange situation seem much more romantic. You thanked Mother Nature for interceding on your behalf as Jaehyun unlocked his dorm, pulling a lanyard jingling with keys from his pant pocket.

You had made idle conversation with him on the way, casual flirting as well, trying to get to know the guy you’d been making eyes at for months before he fucked you. He didn’t seem to mind the calm silences that would naturally happen either, making you like him just a little bit more than you already did.

“So, you don’t have a room mate?,” you asked, rocking back and forth on your heels as you stood behind him, not forgetting to give his backside a good once over with a smirk.

“Nah, he dropped out at the end of last semester,” he replied, finally unlocking the door and pushing it open. “Good guy though, nice and tidy.”

He allowed you to step in first, get a good look at your surroundings before he would pounce on you probably. You were pleasantly surprised by how clean he kept things, nothing gross and smelly like in a typical college boy’s dorm. “Well, Jaehyun,” you smiled, turning around and letting your bag hit the ground. “I’m kinda impressed already.”

He dropped his own bag in a chair, sliding off his jacket and meandering toward you gently, a smile mirroring your own, “Wow, and to think I haven’t even gotten inside you yet.”

You scoffed, but grinned and smacked him playfully as he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you close, “You’re unbelievable, Jung Jaehyun.” You snaked your own arms around his neck, your fingers playing with his silky hair. It was strange, but it felt like you knew him so well already, despite never having had a full conversation with him until today.

“Am I allowed to take that as a compliment, or am I allowed to kiss you?,” he asked, voice and dimples soft, glancing down at your lips before biting his own.

You were already leaning in, rocking carefully onto tiptoes as you whispered a hair’s breath away from his lips, “Both.”

He was quick to respond, lips coming forward to capture your own rather romanctically, his hands coming up to cup your face gently. You sighed against his mouth, feeling positively radiant as he moved closer to you. You stood up even higher on your toes in order to give more to the kiss, wanting to feel more of him as he parted his lips to allow you entry. You were surprised he let you be dominant, but then again, Jaehyun seemed to be full of them.

Your tongue danced with his, sliding together wetly as you let out a small noise of appreciation from the taste of him. He was like vanilla coffee and sugar cookies, something sweet and then something even sweeter. It was intoxicating and made you allow him to explore your own mouth, taking back control as he walked you backwards toward his bed.

When the back of your legs hit the side of the mattress, he laid you back easily, careful to not break the kiss. He slid a knee between your thighs, taking one of your legs with his strong hands and pulling it up around his hip as he pressed himself down into your heat. You gasped at the new sensation, the thin material of your shorts offering little to no barrier between your core and his rough ripped jeans.

Jaehyun released your lips suddenly, a shining trail of saliva still connecting your lips as he tugged at the bottom of your shirt. He glanced up at you through his lashes, voice like velvet, “Can I…?”

You nodded, helping him lift your shirt off and watching him toss it on the floor. You touched your swollen lips, looking up at where he caged you in as you ran a quick hand through his black hair, “Your turn, right?”

He caught your wrist, pulling you to sit up with him as he dragged your hand up his stomach and chest, taking the shirt with him. His voice seemed to reach an octave deep enough to make you soak your panties, “Only if you help me.”

You moaned, allowing your other hand to come up and pull his shirt over his head carefully. Each inch of skin that was exposed you immediately marked with your lips, pressing wet kiss after wet kiss to his toned abs. You let your hands grab onto his belt, pulling it down so his hips were easier to access with your mouth. You heard him hiss as you grazed your teeth over the prominent outline of his hips, your tongue coming out to soothe the light bruises that began to appear.

You pushed him back, having him stand up off the bed as you kneeled before him like he was your god, wanting nothing more than to worship him and his body. Jaehyun groaned at the sight of you knelt before him, his hands pushing the hair back from your face as you began to work on his belt and pants.

“You look so fucking beautiful like this,” he murmured, eyes half lidded as you pulled his pants down and off his ankles.

You smiled, feeling your face heat up from the praise he was giving you. You remained quiet though as you let your hand gently caress the prominent outline of his member pressed against his grey briefs. Jaehyun sucked in a breath, hips arching forward into your hand at just the slightest touch. You licked your lips upon seeing his erection strain and press against the cotton of his underwear, fingers just itching to wrap around his cock.

Jaehyun’s eyes squeezed shut at your teasing brushes, biting his bottom lip painfully as he pleaded with you, “_______, please…!”

You glanced up at him with a smirk, as you thought of how much you liked seeing him like this, all helpless and dependent on you. Your fingers wrapped around the elastic waist band of his briefs and pulled them down slowly, “Only because you asked so nicely.”

You tugged his underwear past his hips and down his thighs, nearly getting smacked in the face with his cock as it sprung forth from its cage, swollen and red. You took your sweet time to help him out of his underwear completely, his fingers weaving into your tresses as he edged you closer to his member impatiently. You saw how his precum dripped down from the head of his cock to the underside and couldn’t help but run the flat of your tongue from base to tip, making him release a satisfied groan.

You kissed the tip softly, circling it with your tongue as you looked up at him before opening your mouth and sliding him in. His jaw dropped at the sight, eyes clouded with desire as you relaxed your throat and took him all the way to the back of your throat.

“Fuck,” he cursed lowly, letting his head tip back as his hips moved slowly in and out of your mouth.

You were taking it like a champ, your gag reflex practically nonexistent as you encouraged him to go deeper with hands on his hips. He gladly obliged, losing himself in the feeling of your mouth around his cock as he thrust into it shallowly. You hummed at the control he was exuding, his hands tightening around hair as he pulled you to meet his thrusts, face fucking you so well you had to reach down and touch yourself to the feeling.

Jaehyun looked down and saw you unbuttoning your shorts, watching as you slid your hand into your panties and rubbed your clit. He could have come from the sight had he not gotten a hold of himself quickly, making him groan, “Do you like getting fucked in the face, baby girl? Does that make you wet?”

You finally gagged around him for the first time as he thrust in roughly, tears springing to your eyes as you moaned around him again. You quickened the pace on your clit, wrist getting tired as you desperately chased your release, but Jaehyun had other plans.

He pulled out of your mouth carefully, his cock shining with your spit as he picked you up and threw you on his bed again. His hands made quick work of your bra and shorts, only taking a moment to appreciate your black lace panties before he tore them off. You were confused when he laid down on the bed as well, but you assumed he wanted you to ride him, which was fine with you. You straddled him, eager to finally have him fill you up and feel him inside of your heat.

You were surprised though when Jaehyun pulled you farther up his body, a smirk on his lips as he licked them, “Come up here, baby girl.” He helped you straddle him, hands running up and down your thighs as he groaned at the sight of your heat shining with arousal. He looked up at you, pure want in those dark, dark eyes, “I want you to ride my face, sweetheart.”

You choked out an embarrassingly lewd sound when he didn’t wait for an answer and pulled you down to his mouth, flattening his tongue and licking a stripe up your heat, tasting you. You shivered when his wet muscle traced over your clit, eliciting more explicit sounds from your mouth as you let your head fall back and rolled your hips gently into Jaehyun’s mouth.

“Fuck, just like that…,” you whispered hotly in approval, bracing yourself against the headboard of his bed.

He hummed in response, eager to please as he let his tongue bury itself into your core, circling around your walls. Your thighs twitched under his grip and he couldn’t help but smirk against you as he pulled away for a moment, “Does that feel good?”

“Y-yeah,” you nodded eagerly, wanting nothing more than to buck your hips back into his waiting mouth.

“Do you want me to make you come?,” he murmured against your thigh, dragging a tongue soaked with your essence over the skin there before he placed a kiss. “Do you want to come all over my face?”

Your arms shook where they were splayed on the wall, shifting your weight so that his mouth was once again under your core, “Y-yes.”

Jaehyun ran a hand through his soft inky hair, making himself look even more deliciously fucked than before. You could do nothing but stare as his swollen lips already shining with your arousal kissed your most intimate area so sensually you thought you would come right then. You let out another shaky moan, and Jaehyun brought his hands to your ass and squeezed it hard, urging you to rock into him faster.

You couldn’t even make anymore sounds, the overbearing weight of pleasure collapsed on your shoulders as you lost yourself in the feeling of Jaehyun eating you out. He fucked you with his tongue, bringing a hand up to rub your clit just right, making the knot at the bottom of your stomach snap as you finally came. His own eyes fluttered close as he savored your release and taste, groaning as you collapsed down onto your hands and road his tongue until you were satisfied.

“Jaehyun,” you cried out softly, sweat dripping down your neck as you still trembled from your orgasm, having never came so hard just from someone’s mouth.

“Come here and taste yourself,” he commanded, reaching up and pulling you down by the back of your head.

You met lips and took in the strange combination of the taste of yourself and Jaehyun’s own flavor. He pulled away slowly, carefully rolling you over so you were on your back as he hovered over you, “Say the word and I’ll fuck you.”

Instead of answering, you reached up and laced your fingers through his hair, tugging him down towards you. He allowed you to give him a hungry kiss, your back arching so that your breasts brushed against his well muscled chest. Jaehyun grabbed one of your legs and hooked it over his shoulder, pushing your flexibility to the limit as he sunk down against you. You felt the head of his hard cock brush tease your entrance and barely enter you, just sinking past your lower lips.

Your mouth opened as he gave you one last look, a soft smile that reached his eyes and gave you a peek of the boy who was really behind the smirks and taunts, before sliding in. You gasped as he filled you up, all the way to the hilt as he sat up and began to rock into you, balancing expertly on his knees with his hands on your hips. Your back shifted against the sheets of his bed as your own hands reached to pull him back down towards you. You liked having him near, able to see his expressions clearly and feel his hot pants against your cheek. He complied, barely breaking his pace as he began to increase the speed of his thrusts into you.

You let out a sound of surprise when he ran a hand down your thigh and slapped the exposed skin there, the sting it left made your eyes roll to the back of your head. You let your hands wrap around him and reach his back, your fingers digging into the hard muscle that flexed under your touch. Jaehyun’s thrusts were becoming increasingly harder and more frantic, his release not being to far away by the way his bottom lip was stuck between his teeth at the pleasure.

He managed to groan, a hand once again coming down to run at your clit at the same hard pace as his thrusts, “Come around my cock, baby girl. I want to feel you.”

You moaned at his words, and combined with his fingers on your clit and his erratic thrusts you couldn’t help but clench around him again as you came for the second time. You let his name escape your lips again as you bucked your hips to meet his own, “Jaehyun…!”

Jaehyun finally pushed himself as far inside you as he could go, his body stiffening as he released with a groan. You blushed at the feeling of his hot seed coating your inner walls as he continued to roll out his release until he was completely finished. He stayed inside of you, the two of you panting as you waited for each other to recover from your highs. Or maybe so you wouldn’t have to be the first to speak.

Your eyes widened when he cupped your cheek gently as he pulled out, careful in case you were sore. He rolled down beside you, eyes cast to the ceiling as he broke the silence, “That was dumb.”

“What?,” you replied, heart breaking slowly as you thought of all the ways he probably regretted sleeping with you, how you weren’t enough.

“Fucking the girl I like without a condom,” he sighed, turning to face you as he regarded your surprised expression. “Aren’t you angry?” He seemed just as confused as you were, not knowing how to clarify the situation.

You didn’t know what to say, so you just let the word vomit spill forth from your stupid mouth, “I-I mean, to be honest, Jaehyun-.” You blushed, trying to start again as he watched you patiently, “T-to be honest it felt really good. What could one time do anyway, like, I’m on birth control and all but-”
He silenced you with a sudden kiss, a smile that pressed against your mouth and made you return the kiss. He pulled away and looked at you seriously, maybe a little nervous, “I just want to know if you’re okay, ________.”

“I’m okay, better than okay,” you answered, trying to lighten the mood as you turned to face him. You felt bold and let your hand stroke his cheek, tracing his jawline and poking his dimple, “I’m just a bit curious about this whole 'girl I like’ bit.”

For the first time in the months you’ve seen him, Jaehyun blushed, suddenly shy as he looked anywhere but you, “Oh, that. Well, you see, I was kind of hoping these past few weeks that you liked me and I didn’t know how to go about it, but then I fucked it up by fucking you and that is definitely not the first step in a relationship-.” He stopped suddenly with wide eyes as he looked at where you were trying to not die from a fit of laughter, “I’m just going to stop now.”

“No, no,” you giggled, sitting up and laying on top of him. “Please don’t stop, go ahead. If fucking isn’t the first step, then what is?”

He smiled and blushed again, happy to have you close to him as he murmured, “Well, I would have asked her for coffee, or to go to a park where we could talk and get to know one another. Then after a while, maybe have the courage to ask her out-. What’s so funny this time?”

Pouting, he reached up and squeezed your cheeks as you laughed again, “Who would have thought that Jung Jaehyun, the school’s resident flirt and cool guy, would be such a big softie? Where can I get a man like that? Can you tell me where I should look?”

“You won’t have to look far,” he smiled shyly as he twirled a lock of your hair around his finger.

He was too much fun to tease, you couldn’t help yourself, “Wow, do you know someone? Does he live on your hall?”

“You’re a real demon, you know that?,” he groaned, pulling you down into his arms as he rolled his eyes.

“Can I be your little demon then?,” you asked with a smile, kissing the simple that poked out from his cheek as he mirrored your expression.

“Hm, I guess so,” he shrugged nonchalatently before seeing your pouty frown and chuckling, “Of course, _______.”

You cracked a smile at his laugh, a sweet musical sound that made his eyes smile and dimples show. A sight and sound you could definitely get used to.

You had to make one more jab at him, you just couldn’t resist, “So does this mean we can’t eye fuck in the library anymore? The thrill of you being a stranger is gone-”

“You’re literally impossible, you know that,” he groaned, rolling underneath him. “I think I need to teach you another lesson.”

“Ohh, does someone have a little teacher and student role play kink?”

“Oh my god, stop…!”

wrapped around your finger. (m)

↳  Sub!BTS collab

pairing: kim namjoon | reader
genre: fluff, smut
warnings: sub!namjoon, begging, a cock ring, and light bondage.
word count: 7,180
in which a night of grading papers about robots becomes a night where you get your payback against rival grad student, kim namjoon. 
author’s note: this is a very, very, very late christmas gift to @jungnoir but better late than never amirite? anyway, enjoy this piece! also, this is probably the dirtiest thing i’ve ever written so… just let me live…. rip.


For many graduate-level students, there is only one day that truly means the world to them. It’s a day where they’ll be chosen to either teach a classroom or assist said person. In your university, pairs are created for these courses. Many of which are targeted toward impressionable first years but anyone’s welcome to partake in the experimental class. The department of any major -in this case, Philosophy- hears back on your progress at the end of the term, then from there even biggers decisions are made. The research component of any subject is easy, but being able to convey it to a large crowd is what the department heads look for. In all essence, it will make or break you as an aspiring teacher.

Your anticipation only proliferates as the red marks shrink the previous days to the forthcoming circle for the upcoming Winter quarter. And today is finally that day.

With a buzzing all-time high, you find yourself among the select eight in your graduate program. Many of whom are just as excited as you are, even Namjoon but you opt to ignore the silver-haired man just to keep your own buzz going. With some luck you won’t have to deal with him anymore. Hell, maybe you’ll even have Hani as a partner. Or Minhyuk.

Soon enough, Professor Lim enters, and everyone immediately sits straight and leans forward.

The salt and pepper-haired man laughs, “It’s good to see everyone looking so alive today.” Meeting each and every one of your wide eyes as he takes a seat at the head of the crudely formed circle of chairs by Namjoon, he asks, “Is everyone ready to hear the pairs for this year’s Introductory Philosophy class?”

There are nods and murmurs in response. Of course, they’re ready. They’ve been preparing for this since the start of the program.

His eyes twinkle beneath the mediocre fluorescent lighting before he gives a nod, “Alright, well, let’s get down to it then, yeah?” He receives a chorus of affirmations, earning another hearty laugh of his, “The following pairs shall be Namjoon and Y/N…” But the moment he says yours and Namjoon’s name, you can’t seem to register anything else.

Fuck… Out of everyone in the room, it had to be him.

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When We Collide (Part 5)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: PG-All

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

”No way! Seriously? They really kicked you out of college?”

You rolled your eyes and glared over at Nicole for being the gossip snitch, something she had been her whole life but you really had wished she would have kept this to yourself just for a while. It was, after all, pretty humiliating when you thought about it.

“You sound like you’re surprised, Joey.” You commented with a glimpse in the eye and lifted your beer up to your mouth, letting the taste explode your senses and cool down your pre-sweating forehead.

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anonymous asked:

Holy shit I love your analysis' of Jimin and Namjoon!! Would you mind doing one for Jungkook as well? I know a lot of people were confused as to why Namjoon put him in Ravenclaw over Gryffindor/Slytherin.


It’s really weird for me that you guys actually care about and value my opinions  on this whole business so thank you so much for giving my ramblings the time of day omg

for those who are wondering about my thoughts on gryffindor!namjoon and slytherin!jimin here’s the links to those:

Namjoon as a Gryffindor || Jimin as a Slytherin

So like, I really. really. really. love the idea of Ravenclaw Jeon. (But listen… I used to be a hardcore Slytherin!Jeon person okay, so I understand your feels on this. I do.) 

 here goes nothing

Ravenclaw Jungkook confused a lot of people. And I really get it because Ravenclaw was so fucking shafted in the books. 

We had so many Gryffindors and Slytherins to relate to, and we had a fair share of badass Hufflepuffs (TONKS) to base our opinions off of. But there were only a few Ravenclaws that were given the time of day in the books, and only one of those was a major character. We had Luna, Trelawney, Lockehart, and Cho. Cho’s amazing character was wasted by JK – she was written with the personality of a dish rag and didn’t really get the spotlight she deserved. Trelawney was presented as a crazy old lady who sometimes ?? served a purpose. Lockehart was an idiot. All we really had was Luna.

But it wasn’t just the characters. Ravenclaw has a really weird reputation. Before I wrote this, I asked a bunch of my casual and hardcore HP fan friends to tell me the characteristics they associated with each house. And I got pretty much what I expected:

  • Gryffindor: Leaders, brave, courageous, brash, strong
  • Slytherin: Cunning, resourceful, calculating, perfectionists
  • Hufflepuff: Loyal, kind, hard-working, determination, cheerful
  • Ravenclaw: Smart…?? they are… smart people?? They do things…….smartly……

Like for real. Whenever I asked people what traits they associated with Ravenclaw, all anyone was ever able to tell me was that Ravenclaws were supposedly smart. And that’s got a lot to do with the fact that when the sorting hat sings off about all the houses, it lists all these great traits for the other houses, but when it comes to Ravenclaw it says this:

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind.

And then the books go on to say that Ravenclaws are,

characterised by their wit, intelligence, and wisdom.

So maybe you’re like me, and I am REALLY guilty of this, but when I first read this in the books I kinda just thought these all meant the same thing. So maybe that’s where we got this idea that all Ravenclaws are good for are being smart.

But it wasn’t until I looked up the actual definition of each word that I realized these were all saying really different things:

Intelligence - the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.
Wit - a natural aptitude for using words and ideas in a quick and inventive way to create humor.
Wisdom - the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.

^^^^this is just webster dictionary definitions here. The bolded words are the ones I want to focus on.

Skill. See – Ravenclaws are supposedly smart. But this doesn’t always have to mean BOOKSMART, and I think that’s where we had a lot of trouble with Jeon. No one is saying he is dumb or anything, but he’s no Namjoon.

Notable examples of this trait include Lockehart, who was pretty shitty at a lot of things, but had the street smarts enough to pass off his big whole scam for years and years, and was especially gifted in certain charms.

Then there’s Luna, who while shown to be really good at solving riddles, was also portrayed as really physically skilled. In Dumbledore’s Army, while being taught how to conjure a Patronus by Harry, Luna was the first to get it right. She was fourteen at the time, and was such a skilled witch that she was able to perform an incredibly difficult charm - that even adults had trouble with - after like…….mere minutes of teaching.

Does this sound like someone you know?? I’ll give you an example: Observe this VERY determined Hufflepuff not give up on his dreams and finally have all his hard work pay off… only for someone to come in and get it right almost instantly.

Or maybe… “Hey guys, this dance move you made up looks pretty cool – mind if I watch you do it like once and a half and then nail it instantly?”

And if you’re ever in doubt about just how skilled Jungkook is… remember that he turned down seven other agencies to join BigHit. That’s how many people were after him and recognized his talent. (This also ties in to my thoughts on the part about good judgement – Jungkook obviously saw a lot of potential in Namjoon and BigHit in general, so much so that he turned down tons of other companies to be there. He saw something a lot of other people did not… and it ended up being the best decision he ever made.)

But I think another really telling aspect of Jungkook’s Ravenclaw personality is that he isn’t always perfect at everything. He’s not always good at something right away – but that won’t stop him working really hard to get good

In Rookie King he was shown to be at the most pretty average at bowling. He wasn’t terrible, but he was about as good as you and I would be after playing a few rounds with a little luck. Well, Golden Maknae Jungkook could not stand to not be the best at something, so he mentions sometime later (13:10) that he’s hired a coach to teach him how to bowl…. and then just a few months later uploads a video of himself getting a strike like it’s no god damn big deal at all. And he looks pretty proud of himself too.

But all the major Ravenclaws were also shown time and time and time again as being a little…. scatterbrained. Luna, Lockehart, and Trelawney especially, and to an extent even Cho. And Jungkook is no exception. He’s… pretty gullible. And DEFINITELY scatterbrained.

But wit, intelligence, and wisdom are not the only three traits associated with Ravenclaw. There are a lot of other traits you may not really know about, because again – Ravenclaws were woefully under-represented in the series. There’s quite a few others listed for this house:

  • Creative
  • Individuality
  • Eccentric
  • Quirky
  • Jealousy/Envy
  • Competitive

So imma just go down the list because I’m really tired and I can’t made good word things rn


it’s no secret that Jungkook is a pretty talented artist. He’s a pretty damn good photographer too. (This will always be one of my favorite photos ever of Jimin – and Jungkook took it.) And he’s a talented lyricist as well. He’s an extremely good dancer and has a beautiful voice too – but you guys know this already.


Take a look at how he expresses his individuality through his song covers.

Eccentric & Quirky

You guys thought the fact that Lockehart, Trelawney, and even heckin Luna were all in the same house was a coincidence? Ravenclaws are NOTORIOUS for being Extra™ . I’m not kidding! This is literally a personality trait of Ravenclaws that we overlook so often from these weirdos. And Jeon fuckin Jungkook invented the word eccentric:

you’d be here forever if i kept going so… you get the point. eccentric is jungkook’s middle name.


Jeonlous exists in this god forsaken fandom, and I ain’t gonna link it and open THAT can of worms, but if you’re feeling so inclined and care to enter the seventh circle of hell, feel free to look it up… but tread carefully.


When I got the first ask about Ravenclaw Kook I had woken up at 3am and sleepily looked at my emails. I saw the ask and immediately had to jot down my ideas to keep for the next day, and all I managed to write in my sleep stupor was this

and then i promptly fell back asleep.

I was referring to this, and if you don’t feel bad for poor Jin in this situation I don’t know what to tell you. Jungkook is intensely competitive, even over small things like board games. He was so intent on winning that game that he literally assaulted someone five years his senior to sabotage them.

And then this is him trying to win a dance-off… doing the most, as usual.

And also?? He was literally banned from the gym because he was getting too buff. And look at him take out that guy in wrestling… and then demolish poor Jimin, the smallest member of BTS in arm wrestling when he could have… you know… let him win or something……

It’s a pretty well known meme within the fandom that Jungkook is competitive and always trying to outdo the others.

But when it comes down to it, Ravenclaws are still known for being smart, right? We can take all these other traits and apply them to Jeon but what about his brain?

He’s actually kinda smart. He is able to cover a song in perfect English even though he doesn’t speak the language all that well (but well enough to constantly correct others’ English and he’s good enough to tell you he’s really not all that interested in participating in English Time anyways)

And I mean…. he can outsmart the other members pretty well…………..

But I think one of the most important things to note about Jungkook being in Ravenclaw is to look at who sorted him, Namjoon: Namjoon himself gave Jungkook the nickname “Golden Maknae”. He is constantly saying that Jungkook can do anything, or watch this Jungkook can do this, or wow look at him go, or he’s so talented this and that. Is it really any surprise that Namjoon would put Jungkook in to a house known for being highly skilled when he believes no less of the kid?

Jungkook has some pretty Slytherin-like qualities – but tons of canon HP characters and the BTS members themselves have traits that are shared by all four houses. It’s just a matter of where he fits best.

I mean TL;DR, Jeon says it best himself:

gif credit: bwiskook

anonymous asked:

RFA+V+Saeran meet MC before the party while she is a coffee barista? Maybe she recognizes them and leaves them a little note or something :3 ~ I love your headcanons btw. Also your english is totally fine. Have a nice day ;)

Oh, thank you! Okay, maybe this is silly, but this request made me feel really touched. And I’ll explain why, I remember when I joined tumblr and started reading mm headcanons, I saw a request just like this and it was soooooo good, so freaking cute! I decided I could try to write hcs too and started this humble blog. I never found that headcanon or that blog again, tho :(

So it was so hard to do this, because I kept thinking about that hc, how good it was, and how mine could never get that good. (never compare your writing, children, it’s an endless road of insecurity and self sabotage) But I think in the end these are cute? Hope you like it!

RFA + Saeran and V meeting a barista MC


  • He thought about getting some coffee before a morning rehearsal
  • And there’s this coffee shop on his way to work. Perfect!
  • He walks in and you immediately look at him. No… Zen? H-here? Did he find you? No, he couldn’t, your profile pic is not that good and…
  • “Uhm… excuse me? Lady?” he tries to get your attention, you’re taken aback. He chuckles, yes, this is a normal reaction for women when they see him.
  • Then you proceed to take his order and you keep glancing at him. Well, he’s used to it, but this barista is really cute…
  • “I really liked ‘Promiscuous Jalapeno’” you say and smile cheerfully. “Oh… so you’re a fan? Thank you!”
  • “Yes! Can I get an autograph, please?” oh, usually his fans ask for pictures with him… You’re really different, ain’t you?
  • “What’s your name?” “Hum… you don’t need to put my name, just write… ‘With love, Zen.’” He blushes a little, what’s with him? He does this all the time.
  • “Here you go, sweetie.” He hands you the napkin he wrote the autograph and you hand him his order. “I can’t wait for your next musical!” you say as he gets out of the shop, he turns and smiles.
  • He’s smiling to himself, what an interesting girl… no, forget about her, what about MC?
  • Then he sees the little note on it: “I couldn’t ask for a photo now, I would rather do at the party when we’re alone. With love, MC.”
  • He wants to go back, but he’s pretty late for work. Oh well… guess he will have to drop by again tomorrow, and the next day too, and the next…


  • He was on his way to college and needed some caffeine after putting an all nighter playing LOLOL.
  • You see those violet eyes and immediately smile. Oh my god… what are the chances? Hum, this should be fun…
  • You get his order and keep smiling the whole time. Okay, he knows the people who work here are usually nice, but you are on a whole another level.
  • Or maybe there is something in his face? Oh no… so embarrassing! He looks like a fool in front of such a cute girl…
  • “I couldn’t help but notice, is this a LOLOL bottom in your hoodie?” “Wh-what? Oh… yes! Yes, it is!” Oh, there’s nothing wrong with his face, thank god.
  • “Do you… do you like LOLOL?” “Oh yeah, I’m ranked #12 in the shooting star server.” “WHOA, SERIOUSLY? I… play there too.” “Cool, are you having problems with that Superman Yoosung too? I gotta say, that guy is good!” OH. MY. GOD!
  • “Yeah…” he just chuckles, he doesn’t know what to say, he wants to yell “It’s me! It’s me!” but he’s too embarrassed.
  • You also want to yell “It’s me!” but it would ruin the fun, so you just hand his order and tell him “Good luck with LOLOL!” he’s so flustered he just waves to you as he walks away.
  • Wow, you’re amazing! And so cute… wait! He shouldn’t be thinking like this, he’s already talking to MC in the chat room… oh, but she’s probably into Zen anyway…
  • He’s on the bus stop when he sees the note: “LOLOL is fun, but I hope this helps you focus on your studies. Go get’em, Superman Yoosung! ~MC”
  • He immediately pops in the chat room: “Oh my god, MC! Why didn’t you say anything?” “Meh, it wouldn’t be that fun, right? I like your hoodie, by the way.” You bet he needs that coffee to focus after that…


  • She drops by this cute coffee shop on her way to C & R. Well, this wouldn’t take long and… tbh, she’s not that worried with C & R as she used to be…
  • She admires the decoration in the place, and finds this smiley barista staring at her.
  • You want to greet her and tell her who you are, but nah… her face when she recognizes you in the RFA party will be really cute to watch.
  • “Did you like the decoration, miss?” “Yes, everything here is so cozy! Your boss have a good taste!”
  • “She does, it’s a shame she’s selling this place…” “Oh, she is?” you can only imagine all the thoughts she’s having right now, considering your last conversations in the chat room and can’t hold back a chuckle, which she thinks a little… odd.
  • She watches with attention as you prepare her coffee, you notice and explain to her the grounds you used, the techniques, she’s extremely interested.
  • “Here you go, miss.” “Thank you! Oh… I should get something to Mr. Han too…” Yes… she almost forgot about Jumin…
  • You hand hers and Jumin’s coffee. “Have a good day at work, miss!” you smile,oh… what a weird familiar sensation.
  • Yes, there’s something about you that’s really familiar… almost like… MC? No… it can’t be, you would have say something if it was you, right?
  • “Assistant Kang, why does my coffee says ‘go easy on Jaehee, okay?’?” she looks puzzled, than she notices hers has a little note too: “I bet your coffee tastes better, but enjoy this! I’m always rooting for you! ~MC”
  • She smiles for the rest of the day, so many thoughts running in her mind… especially that little fact you shared about the coffee shop being up for sale…


  • He’s there to prove a point, okay? Zen teased him about always making Jaehee doing the simplest tasks for him, he probably couldn’t even get a coffee by himself!
  • Well, challenge accepted! But as he steps into the coffee shop, he regrets it. How… how does this even work? Do they come to you or…?
  • You can’t believe what your eyes are seeing. Is that man over there Jumin Han? Well, judging from his fancy clothes and completely lost, yet very stoic expression, it can only be him!
  • “Sir?” you go to him, “can I help you?”  “Yes, I would like to…” “Oh, follow me to the balcony, please.” Hum, so that’s how it works, he has to go to you… still, how considerate of you to go to him…
  • “What do you recommend?” you tell him and he asks for that, you smile and he feels… really amused.
  • When you hand him his order, you notice he’s uncomfortable, as if he wants to say something. “Can I get you anything else, sir?”
  • “Yes, I… I need to take a picture, but my photos keep getting blurred, can you take it for me?” Jesus Christ, you want to hug this man! Control yourself, MC!
  • “Of course” he hands you his phone and you take a picture of him holding his order, hoping he doesn’t notice your little note.
  • And he doesn’t, as he thanks you and walks away leaving a veeery generous tip to you, you’re not sure if he’s paying that much because of your extra service or because he has no idea how much he should pay.
  • He notices the note when he’s in his car: “I hope you’ll let me take a lot more pictures of you, maybe of us? ~MC” he chuckles and suddenly feels really hot.
  • “Driver Kim, make sure to stop by this shop every morning from now on.”


  • He knows where you work, and he really wanted to see you. He was worried after the hacker attacked the chat room.
  • He doesn’t share selfies of him in the chat room, so he should be fine.
  • As soon as he walks in, his phone rings. Shit, it’s Vanderwood! Did them already notice he went out of his house?
  • You listen to this voice and turn your head to see this cute red haired guy with colorful glasses. Oh my… could It be…? Yes, that’s definitely his voice!
  • “Hi! Do you have Dr. Pepper here?” yep, it’s definitely him, and he’s definitely teasing you. Oh well, let the games begin!
  • “We do not, sorry. But we have this new latte with honey. Do you like honey?” As in Honey Budha Chips? Sure… wait!
  • He’s staring at you. Do you…? No, how could you know? He’s pretty sure he never sent any photo of him in the chat room.
  • He’s feeling a little embarrassed at the way you look at him, oh shit! This was a bad idea, wasn’t it? Yeah, he shouldn’t feel like this when you look at him.
  • “Can I get a name for the order?” “Uhm… Tom.” “What a cool friendly name!” you tell him and smile innocently. “Here you go, Tom!” Oh… maybe you don’t know it’s him after all.
  • Well, that was close… and he thought he would feel better and able to focus if he saw you like that? Well, bad bad mistake, 707…
  • At least you didn’t know it was him, and… wait… “I know you’re worried, but I’m fine, as you saw for yourself. Now go back to defend justice, God Seven! ~606”
  • He should feel worried that you actually recognized him, but right now… all he can do is smile.


  • He knows where you work, he just wanted to make sure his target is behaving and not doing anything stupid that could ruin his plans
  • Oh, and they serve sorbet here, cool!
  • You spot this weird guy with this grumpy expression… where do you know him from? Think, MC, think!
  • Ugh… it’s so frustrating seeing such a familiar face and not being able to tell why.
  • “Cool tattoo.” You tell him as you make his order. He just nods. That tattoo… you saw it before!
  • He notices you keep staring curiously at him. What could you possibly be thinking?
  • Oh, the tattoo! This eye… yes! It was in that weird email Jaehee was talking about in the chat room. Mint Eye or… something like this…
  • Shit! He knew sending that picture when he was trying to convince you he was not a creepy was a bad idea. But he thought he was so well disguised… or maybe he underestimated you…
  • Call it intuition, 6th sense, whatever… you just knew! This guy was Unknown!
  • You weren’t afraid, he wouldn’t do anything with all these people around, and he should know you aren’t scared of him.
  • So you calmly hand his order and tell him to have a nice day. Okay… that was just a weird vibe, you probably didn’t suspect a thing.
  • Then he saw the note as he got into his car. “Why did you never text me back? Are you afraid? You should be… ~MC”
  • He couldn’t tell what he was feeling. It should be anger, but for some reason, he wasn’t angry, he was amused… You were very cute thinking you could threat him like that.
  • He grins, yes, he is definitely making you pay for defying him like this when he takes you to paradise.


  • He stopped by this cozy coffee shop before going to the airport.
  • Seven told him where you worked, but he genuinely didn’t remember. Yes, so much was going on, and he was so worried for you staying in that apartment, your job was just a detail he completely forgot.
  • Of course you noticed this really handsome customer with blue hair. How could you not notice?
  • But he looked familiar… this blue hair… so unique and beautiful… where have you seen it before?
  • V? Well, you couldn’t see much from his profile pic, but yes… it looked like this guy standing in front of you, waiting for you to take his order…
  • He smiles softly as you apologize for spacing out. He even asks if you’re feeling well… yes, it’s him! You’re pretty sure!
  • “Cool camera! Is that a Nikon D5300?” you’ve been studying to exchange emails with his friend Rui, you really want him at the party since he’s V’s friend. “Yes, it is! Do you like photography?”
  • “ I do!” “Well, I just take pictures as a hobby.” Modest son of a bitch… “If you’re interested, you should check Rui’s work, he’s really good.”
  • “I hear that V guy is pretty good too. Have you heard about him?” Wow, you were cute… he couldn’t hold back his arousal from you saying you liked his work.
  • “I’m pretty sure he would like to take pictures of you, you would be a perfect model!” you blush, oh shit! You thought you were in the control here? Bless your soul…
  • You hand his order and watch him walk away, almost regretting for your silly note.
  • That he only sees when he’s about to catch the plane: “You shouldn’t be so modest, I bet you can make even me look good in a photo. ~MC”
  • He laughs softly, yes, he’s been so worried he almost forgot how sweet the new RFA member is.
  • Now he can’t wait for the party, maybe everything will be solved until then and he’ll be able to talk to you… and take lots of photos of you.
Heat (Officer JDM x Reader)

Summary: Officer Morgan had been your partner for the last six months. You’ve had a crush on him but didn’t know if he felt the same about you. Until today that is…

Requested by @fuck-yeah-lets-do-negan-ff

Note: For now this is going to be a one shot. But if you guys like it I’ll write more!

Warning: A lot of cursing. Request was “Officer Morgan Fuck Me Up Smutty AF”  This is definitely going to be very, VERY NSFW. You’ve been warned!

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Just For Tonight

Title: Just For Tonight

Summary: Dean comforts the reader after a bad day. Sweetness ensues.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count: 714 (I tried to drabble but apparently I can’t lol)

Warnings: Not much really. Some language, the tiniest bit of angst. Fluffy fluff.

Author’s Note: This is for my amazing twin @ravengirl94 You’re 110% awesome and I love you <3

Originally posted by winsync

You huffed out a frustrated breath, hands furiously wiping away the tears as the TV played one of those stupid show advertisements you hated so much. But, at least, the dim light of the bedroom reminded you that the day was almost over and you couldn’t be more thankful because you were so done.

The sound of footsteps pierced through your thoughts, effectively catching your attention and before you knew it Dean was in your room, eyes scanning your desk in a way that reminded you that this man, no matter how soft and tender he was with his loved ones, was, in fact, extremely dangerous hunter.

“Hey, sweetheart, have you seen my- what is- Y/N, have you been crying?”

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