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infodumping about the ocean

thin lines (m)

pairing: reader x park jimin

summary: park jimin was famous for being a fratboy, a cutie with a booty, and for being a pain in the ass. yet, somehow, you still ended up in his bed. 

genre/count: smut and fluff [ nc-17 ]   |   7.8k words

a/n: i started writing this at work and enjoyed it way too much :’)

Jimin liked to think himself easygoing. He could sweet talk anyone, worm his way into people’s lives and fit himself all snug in their hearts. It was just a charm of his, he supposed. He wasn’t too judgmental or strict, liked to be the good cop to everyone’s bad cop (especially Yoongi in the frat).

But there was something about you that just irritated the fuck out of him. It wasn’t as if you were unpleasant, no. You were pleasant to everyone except him. You were always so effortlessly fucking gorgeous. You never looked snobby or pretentious and he would do you ten out of ten. So he wasn’t quite sure what it was that nagged at the back of his mind about you.

It was during one of his fraternity’s house parties, Hoseok’s this time because he had just gotten the opportunity to perform his choreography in the department’s annual showcase, hence making it a good cause to celebrate. Jimin had entered, tipsy from the pre-game at Taehyung’s place with a handful of new pledges and Taehyung had announced his entrance as he always did. “Your party god and savior, Kim Taehyung, is finally here!” A few of the guys who were all too familiar with his antics waved him off. Jimin just laughed.

It was a little over midnight when Jimin found the music a little too loud, so he staggered over to the kitchen in search of a glass of water to relieve the dryness in the back of his throat. He’s found a few potential girls he could hook up with tonight but none he was too interested in.

However, the sight of another figure halted his footsteps. You stood there nursing your own drink, clad in the shortest pair of leather shorts that curved around your ass nicely, a top that was tantalizing enough to have his dick twitching in his pants but elegant enough to keep it classy. Not to mention that choker that wrapped around your neck. Fuck. You were laughing with a new pledge from his frat and he could already tell that the kid was interested but he couldn’t help the asshole in him when it came to you.

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Ok but Percy Jackson isn’t just cute or even just hot he’s ACTUALLY ATTRACTIVE BECAUSE OF HIS PERSONALITY like he’s relatable to the readers and he’s not disturbing with millions of sex jokes and he respects Annabeth and gives her credit for how badass she is and admits his faults and ACTUALLY TRIES TO IMPROVE THEM and he loves his mom and he’s just so respectful??? Like???

NCT 127+Ten reaction to doing the pepero game with their idol girlfriend

Anon: nct 127 + ten reaction when they are with their idol girlfriend (but nobody knows) on variety show and someone ask them to do the pepero game together ( idk if you understood but thank you )  


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He would act like it was nothing, he was ready to do this. He would get half way through the pepero and run away crying (not literally). He would be a blushing mess. 


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He would try covering the pepero with his hands so the audience could not see. After complaints he would laugh it off, not wanting to embarrass himself or you. PDA was not his thing. 


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He would do it and regret it straight away. The second your lips touch he would burst out laughing, the other members making fun of him. He would never hear the end of it. 


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He would notice how nervous you were so would ask you. When you said yes he would not hold back. He would keep going until your lips met, kissing you properly and smiling afterwards. 


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He would smile and laugh a lot, feeling so awkward. He would let you take control in case he messed it up, he would end up stopping near the end and apologizing to the hosts of the variety show. He only liked kissing you in your private time. 


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He would be embarrassed for sure, but he knows what he’s doing. He would eat all the pepero until your lips met, making a “mwah” sound. He would break away while smiling, while everyone applauded how cute it was. 


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He would be up for it, seeming confident and smooth. Once his lips brushed yours he would break away while laughing, “That’s all folks.” He would be sure to make a sly comment on how good you were at kissing though. 


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He would be too embarrassed to do it, knowing you were the same. He would ask, “Can I do aegyo instead?” He would kiss you later when no one was there, thanking you for understanding. 


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“Oh my god please no.” He would laugh it off, begging them to stop asking. He would say that you were too pretty and it made him nervous. Everyone on the show would find it cute but only the both of you knew the truth. 


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He would make sure that he embarrasses himself so you don’t feel as bad. He would make a lot of jokes before he did it. When he was getting close to kissing you he would start laughing and probably fall off his chair or something. 

Call Boy (Taeyong x Reader x Yuta)

Someone please take my computer away from me, this is a perfect example of what happens when I stay up too late. Anyway, how are you guys? This was supposed to be a Daddy type smut, but it got WAY OUT OF HAND. Idk what possessed me while writing this lol But shout out to my homeboy SoMo for being my soundtrack while writing this, Hide & Freak is a blessing.

ps This was the only gif I could find of them together, I’m so shook #STOPYUTA2K16

Part II

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The bright summer sun blared overhead, not a cloud to obstruct its rays as people walked through the busy street, enjoying their weekend as best they could. It was the type of warm weather that felt good for the first few hours you were outside, but quickly wore off as the sweat began to collect uncomfortably on your lower back. That morning when you leisurely woke up to the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen, you’d checked the weather app on your phone, eyes bulging out of your head at the nearly triple digit number.

You dressed accordingly, knowing you would be outside most of the day for shopping and walking around. You chose a green floral dress that was lightweight and breathable, topping it off with a shady straw hat you’d bought at the beginning of the season. It’d been sitting in your closet until now, finding yourself too nervous to wear it since you weren’t usually a hat kind of person, but the promise of a cloudless hot day prompted you to give it a spin.

You found yourself adjusting it self consciously now, secretly thankful for the shade it gave you. From beside you, Taeyong gave an amused glance while swinging your joined hands, noticing your nervousness, “It looks really cute,” he reassured, reaching over and tugging on the brim playfully.

You gave a small smile, letting him guide you down the bustling street, tugging on his hand when you saw a shop you wanted to look at. He patiently let you peek through the windows, laughing whenever you looked at the price tag with a gasp and shoved the piece of clothing back on the rack. Taeyong picked out clothing that he thought you’d look nice in, most of the choices consisting of soft colors and dresses. You lifted the skirt of a dress he held up to you in appreciation as you laughed, “What’s your obsession with dresses, Tae?”

He blushed and gave an embarrassed smile, “I think you look the best when you wear them.” You giggled at his confession, spinning around to continue sifting through the racks of clothing. You missed the way his eyes dropped down and ate up the flash of your bare thigh hungrily, his fingers itching to grip your supple skin.

Taeyong took a deep breath, putting the dress back on the clothing rack as you called him over again, “Hey, I’m kinda hungry. Do you feel like eating now?” You tugged on his shirt, eyes growing large in an attempt to win him over. Your hands felt shaky from not having anything except coffee this morning.

He laced his fingers through yours again, lips in a soft smile as he gazed down at you, “Yeah, sounds good to me.” The two of you exited the store and he peered up and down the street, nodding towards a brick building, “What about that place? Looks decent enough.”

You picked out the restaurant, seeing the sleek modern front that was decorated with plants and a standup chalk board that advertised specials. You felt your stomach growl, anything was good enough at this point, “Sure, looks yummy.”

Taeyong chuckled as you approached the cafe-styled restaurant, “We don’t even know what they have and you’re already like this.” You got in the short line that led to the host stand, waiting to be seated.

“Hey,” you pouted up at him, lip sticking out temptingly. “I’m so hungry right now, anything looks delicious.”

Taeyong smirked and pecked your lips playfully, “Does that include me?” His mouth lingered just above yours, his dark eyes staring at you intensely.

You gulped, thumb running over his finger nervously as you stuttered, “O-of course it does.” Taeyong had always been so much better at flirting than you, it made you wonder what exactly he saw in you.

He smiled then, eyeing you adoringly, “God, you’re so cute without trying.” You blushed and looked down at your toes, thinking how you didn’t deserve a guy like Taeyong who doted and treated you like a princess.

A host greeted you and led you over to a table by the front window, placing menus down that you snatched up eagerly when they walked away. Everything looked so delicious, but Taeyong suggested that you split something since the portions were incredibly big. You didn’t mind sharing though, knowing you’d get to feed him and see the cute way he groaned when he ate something good. Your order was placed and the two of you chatted about whatever came to mind until your food came out. The way the steam curled from it when the waiter placed it on the table caused a small moan to leave your lips. Taeyong’s eyes shot up at the sound, lips pursing at the semi-erotic sound, but you didn’t notice.

The two of you ate and fed each other happily, gobbling down the tasty food with ease. While polishing off your meal, you heard the front door open and close from behind you, the host greeting them warmly. You saw Taeyong’s eyes widen suddenly, a grin spreading on his face as he stood up, “Yuta!”

“Taeyong!,” a bright voice responded happily, as your boyfriend greeted the newcomer with a hug and a clap on the shoulder.

You looked up at the owner of the voice, breath catching in your throat as you were met with the most gorgeous smile. He was breathtaking to say the least, athletic body, tan skin, stylish clothes, and a head full of soft looking brown hair. There was something strangely familiar about him as well, like you’ve seen him somewhere before. Said boy looked down at you with interest, smile never fading, “Taeyong who’s this?” He stuck his hand out and you grasped it gently, neck craning as you looked up from him in your seat. “I don’t believe we’ve met before.”

Taeyong smiled proudly down at you, squeezing your shoulder lovingly. “This is my girlfriend _______.”

“Ahhh,” he grinned again, bending down towards you ever so slightly, “I’m Yuta, it’s nice to meet you.”

You felt entranced, barely mustering the strength to mumble back, “Nice to meet you too.”

Taeyong looked excitedly at the new boy, “Hey, why don’t you sit here? I haven’t seen you in so long,” the waiter was already pulling up a chair, even when Yuta lightly protested, “But you’re on a date right now, right? I don’t want to be third wheeling.”

Your boyfriend looked over at you for permission, “You don’t mind do you?,” his big eyes were hopeful, making you cave rather easily, “No, not at all.”

Yuta sat down, shooting you a beautiful apologetic look as Taeyong began to talk to him  excitedly again. You couldn’t help discretely looking at him, he was just too gorgeous to ignore and his smile really was beautiful. It was contagious as you felt the corners of your lips tug up when Taeyong recalled a story from when Yuta and him were younger. From the way things were going, you felt like you were the third wheel, making you laugh amusedly.

“Finally she laughs,” Yuta sighed dramatically, his eyes alight with mischief as you blushed.

Taeyong arched an eyebrow at you, “She’s usually so talkative too, what’s up ______?”

“Nothing,” you smiled to yourself, fingers tugging at your dress pensively, “I just thought that it feels like I’m the third wheel instead of Yuta.”

They both laughed and Yuta placed a warm hand on your shoulder, reassuring you, “Don’t worry, I’m not trying to steal him from you.”

Taeyong chuckled, pushing his chair back, “Excuse me, I need to use the bathroom real quick.” The two of you nodded at him, watching as he weaved in and out of servers to reach the restrooms in the back.

You turned back to say something to Yuta, but was shocked when you were met with a smirk on his pretty lips, “Staring is gonna get you in trouble, ______.” The hand on your shoulder was like a hot brand, “Don’t think I didn’t notice.”

You felt your cheeks turn red, stuttering, “I-It’s not what you think, I promise. I just-”

He chuckled, sliding his hand down your bare arm until his fingers tangled with yours. He played with them absentmindedly as he mused, “You probably thought I looked familiar, right?”

You looked up at him in surprise, seeing him regard your shocked expression in amusement, “Yeah, actually.” You shifted in your seat nervously, “But I’m probably wrong-”

“You’re not,” Yuta smirked, his eyes roaming around your body, shamelessly drinking in the smooth expanse of your legs. “I just didn’t think you were into those kind of things.” He released your hand and propped his chin on his hand, smiling at your obliviousness.

Those kind of things…?, you wracked your head for ideas to where you’ve seen his face before. An old woman near you snapped her magazine she was reading loudly, sipping on her coffee when you suddenly remembered. You’d been at a friend’s house recently, jokingly digging under her bed when you found the dirty magazine that depicted semi-nude images of attractive men. You dropped it in shock, its contents falling open as you scrambled to pick it up to shove it back under the bed. You tried not to look out of embarrassment, but your eyes happened to fall on a small headshot in the bottom corner of a page.

You snapped out of your thoughts, eyes wide as you stared at the boy across from you, “You were…you’re-”

The brown haired boy bit his lip with a grin, spinning in his chair, “Oh, Taeyong! We were beginning to get worried about you.” His face gave nothing away about the details of your conversation, taking a sip from his coffee cup as your boyfriend rejoined you.

“I thought I might as well take care of the check while I was up,” Taeyong lifted his wallet and wiggled it, placing it back into the back pocket of his jeans. He looked at Yuta apologetically, “We should probably get going anyway, I’m not sure how much more of this heat I can handle.”

Yuta gave another brilliant smile, “Yeah, no problem.” He watched you stand up and retreat to your boyfriend, Taeyong’s arm wrapping protectively around your waist. “Thanks for letting me crash your date.”

Taeyong returned his smile, clapping Yuta’s shoulder once again, “We need to hang out again soon, maybe this weekend or something?”

“If something doesn’t come up with work then I’ll give you a call and we can do something together,” he looked down at you, his hands stuffed in his pockets, “_______ can come along too.”

You forced a small nervous smile, heart still hammering as you watched his tongue unconsciously trace his bottom lip, making your own mouth part at the sight, “Y-yeah, sounds like fun.” You mentally slapped yourself, you couldn’t be thinking about Yuta like that. You had a perfectly fine boyfriend who loved you and whom you loved back. Everything that you were feeling for Yuta was just pure lust, nothing more, nothing less.

You finished saying your goodbyes and as you were walking out you couldn’t help but look one more time. Yuta noticed you again and smiled at you secretively, his dark eyes alight with mischief as he winked at you, “See you around.”

Back on the street, the sun was still harsh, making your head spin a little as you thought of the way Yuta’s hand had felt against your skin, the way his tongue licked his soft looking bottom lip…Stop it, you thought, calming yourself. You gripped Taeyong’s hand harder, causing him to look down at you in concern, “What’s wrong, baby?”

The temptation was too great, you tried to sound as nonchalant as you could, asking, “What does Yuta do for work?”

Taeyong released your hand and slid it around your waist, tugging you closer as you turned down a crowded street, “Oh,” his thumb drew circles on your hips through the thin material of your dress, “He’s a call boy.”

“Oh,” you gulped, accidentially tripping on a crack clumsily as you tried to feign innocence. “That’s an…interesting profession.” So it really was true, he was that same Yuta you had see in the magazine. It made sense now that you thought about it, there had been a phone number displayed by his headshot.

Taeyong steadied you easily, squeezing your hip with his gorgeous, veiny hand as he spoke, “Don’t hold it against him. Yuta’s like you and me, he just works in the sex industry instead of a normal job.”

You nodded, giving an uneasy smile as your mind quickly went south and you thought of all the things Yuta probably did for money. You pictured everything that you and Taeyong did, realizing that Yuta probably had done far, far worse things seeing as he basically had sex for a living. Images of him haunted you all the way home, your head spinning as you walked through the door.

The blasting air conditioning did little to ease your tension, slipping off your shoes and bag as you headed to your room. Taeyong followed you, a worried expression on his face as he watched you tear your dress off and flop down onto the bed, “Baby, what’s up?” He laid himself down beside you, fingertips tracing along the exposed skin of your back, biting his lip at the sight of you in your underwear.

You turned your head to look at him, “Nothing, it’s just really hot.” From the expression on his face, he didn’t buy your excuse at all, but his cool hands smoothing across your skin was enough to distract you just a little.

He smirked, tracing a finger on the waist band of your panties teasingly, “Does that feel good?”

You let out a small groan, burying your face into the bed sheets as one of his rings touched your bare skin, the freezing metal making goosebumps appear. Taeyong carefully rolled you over, leaning down to press a kiss to your stomach as his hands wrapped around your wrists to pin you down gently.

“Tae,” you whined softly, enjoying the feeling of his lips traveling up your body as he stopped at your neck to suck a bright red hickey into your skin. You gave a small gasp as he licked over it, placing a kiss there before he regarded your lips with a smirk, “Hm?”

You pouted, lower lip sticking out tantilizingly as you wiggled beneath him, “Kiss me.”

He leaned down a bit closer, his breath ghosting your lips as his eyes stared deeply into yours, “What do we say?”

“Please,” you begged, thighs rubbing together in anticipation as he watched you squirm.

“Good girl,” he praised, pressing his lips to yours as you sighed in contentment. Taeyong quickly deepened the kiss when he dragged your bottom lip between his teeth, a gasp leaving you when his tongue slipped into your mouth. He managed to wedge a knee between your thighs, moaning into the kiss as you rolled your hips on his leg. You gave a small cry, your clothed heat rubbing against the fabric of his jeans as he broke the kiss to allow you a breath. His hands released your wrists, pulling you by your hips so your back arched underneath him, dragging you against his leg slowly.

“Do you like that? Huh?,” he asked panting, fingers squeezing your hips in a bruising hold. Your fingers flew to his hair, tugging at the white colored tips as you pressed kisses to his razor sharp jawline.

You thought for a moment you were going to come, but the feeling left the both of you as Taeyong’s phone dinged loudly from his back pocket, “Fuck,” he cursed softly, stilling his movements with a groan before looking at you apologetically.

You smiled softly at him, “It’s okay.”

He pulled the phone out, still crouched over you as he unlocked it and read the text, “Yuta says he can hang out this weekend.”

Your mind jumped at his name, thoughts of him crawling back in as you bit your lip, “That’s good.”

Taeyong clicked his phone close, sliding it onto the bedside table with a groan before flopping down beside you. You could tell his libido was gone, but you could still try as you slid a hand up his chest, “Hey, it’s okay.”

“I’m sorry,” he pouted cutely, a hand pulling you close so he could kiss your lips in apology. You straddled his hips and he looked up at you in surprise, hands resting on your thighs as you looked down at him nervously. “What is it?”

You swallowed, fingers playing with the hem of his red button down, the color always looked so good on him you thought to yourself. “You know I love you,” you began carefully, seeing his immediately worried reaction.

“Did I do something wrong?,” Taeyong murmured self consciously, hands slipping off your legs.

You caught his hands, quickly saying, “No, baby! Of course not,” you leaned down and pressed a kiss to his lips reassuringly, before you sat up, “I was just wondering about something…”

“Like what?,” he asked, eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.

“You probably won’t like it,” you admitted, avoiding his eyes. “But it’s been on my mind all day, it keeps bothering me.” You took a deep breath, finally looking him in the eye as you said, “Can we…call Yuta?”

Taeyong’s eyebrows shot up, eyes quickly becoming guarded as he sat up, “Why? Am I not good enough for you or something?”

“No!,” you cried out, gripping onto his shoulders tightly, “Its just, I wanted to try something different and new with you.” You searched to find the best way to put it without upsetting him further, “I’m just curious about what it would be like. I thought this would be a good opportunity since you know and trust him.” You looked down feeling ashamed, “But if you don’t want to, that’s okay too. I want you to be comfortable.”

His voice was low, but he wasn’t as tense, “So you don’t like him?”

You shook your head, your hopes rising, “No! If we did do it, it’d definitely be no strings attached. You’re the only one I love, Taeyong.” You looked at him earnestly, seeing his eyes soften at words.

“Okay,” he sighed, but his face was stern. “But if I don’t like it then this will be the first and last time we do this, okay?”

You nodded happily, practically bouncing on the bed as he slid you off him so he could reach for his phone again, “Just know he might already have…business tonight.” Taeyong went into his contacts and found Yuta’s cell number, pressing his number and waiting. You felt anxious for some reason, urging wherever Yuta was to pick up his phone and answer.

You jumped, when your boyfriend spoke, “Hey, Yuta,” you noticed how nervous he seemed and realized how awkward it must be to ask his friend to come over to have sex. “Are you, uh, busy tonight?” You grabbed the phone from him and pressed the speaker button, giving Taeyong a look that said, we’re in this together.

No, why?,” came the sweet timbre of Yuta’s voice through the phone. “Is something up?”

“No,” Taeyong worried a lip between his teeth, bringing a hand up to nibble on his pinky, “We, uh,  _____ and I were-”

You leaned over the phone and blurted out, “We were wondering if you could come over?”

“_______?,” Yuta sounded surprised to here your voice, but a little pleased. “It’s getting pretty late, are you sure?”

“Yuta,” your voice was a little weak, the embarrassment of the whole situation made you want to bury yourself under the covers. “We needyou.”

“Oh,” there was silence on the other line for a few moments, making you worried as you realized he might not be interested in threesomes, or having sex with his friends at all. Your heart sank into your stomach, opening your mouth to apologize until Yuta spoke suddenly, “Alright.”

Taeyong seemed a bit shocked, “Are you serious?”

“Yeah!,” Yuta said, once again his confident, bubbly self. “Sorry for the awkward silence, I was just rechecking to see if I had anything scheduled for tonight.” You breathed a light sigh of relief, listening to the sound of other boy gathering his keys on the other side, “I’ll be there in twenty.” You could practically feel the smirk on his words as he said, “Don’t start without me.” With that, he hung up.

You sat back on your heels, looking at Taeyong in disbelief, who mirrored your expression, “I can’t believe…”

“Yeah,” he gulped, “This is actually happening.”

You looked around the bedroom, “Maybe we should clean up?,” you looked down at yourself, “Should I get dressed…?”

“What’s the point if you did, it’d be taken off anyway again,” Taeyong smiled at you amusedly, making you relieved that he was finally relaxed again.

The two of you quickly tidied up your bedroom, turning off the lights and switching on the lamps on your bedside tables in an attempt to make the room more mood appropriate. The minutes ticked by agonizingly slow, watching as Taeyong paced around the room nervously. He looked like a caged tiger, bare feet making no sound on the wood floors as he nibbled on his pinky nervously. “Hey,” you said suddenly, taking a hold of his hand, “It’s going to be okay. This is supposed to be fun, right?”

He nodded at your words, grateful as you sat him down on the bed next to you, “Sorry, I just don’t know what to do with myself.”

“If it makes you feel any better,” you massaged his scalp with your fingers, playing with his messily parted hair, “I’m nervous as hell too.”

Your words were the perfect conclusion as the apartment door bell dinged, causing the both of you to jump at the sound. Taeyong stood up, moving towards the bedroom door hastily and looking back at you, “I’ll get it. Just wait here okay?” You nodded, fingers picking at the bedsheets as you waited with bated breath for your guest to be welcomed in.

You barely heard anything coming from down the hall, only the barest hushed whisper as two pairs of bare feet padded down the hall. Your heart hammered in your chest, suddenly self conscious of your scantily clad body. You quickly grabbed Taeyong’s favorite blanket, wrapping it around your body to give yourself some decency.

Taeyong appeared in the doorway, his face at ease as he stepped aside to let Yuta in the room. The other boy looked absolutely gorgeous, dressed in a simple black button down and slacks, a develish smile already in place on his lips as he took in your form, “There she is.”

You blushed and pulled the blanket around you tighter, avoiding his eyes as you greeted him back as playfully as you could, “Here I am.”

Taeyong walked over to you and ran his fingers through your hair soothingly, as he spoke to Yuta, “If you couldn’t already tell, we’re both nervous.”

Yuta grinned, dumping a small black duffle that you didn’t notice he had before down on the floor, “It’s okay, that’s how most people are. They don’t know what to expect when being with a sex worker for the first time.” He casually strolled over to where you sat on the bed, “Don’t worry, this will definitely be enjoyable.”

Taeyong’s voice was a little mischievous to your surprise, eyes glancing towards Yuta as they shared a look, “_______ was the one to suggest it, you know.”

“Oh really?,” Yuta smirked down at you, your eyes meeting his as he boldly took your chin in his hand, “What a dirty girl.” He spoke towards Taeyong, but his eyes never left yours as he licked his lips, “I need to teach you how to discipline your girl, Tae.”

You saw out of your peripheral vision a small smile appear on your boyfriend’s lips, “Whatever you think, you’re the expert here.” Your body trembled as Yuta continued to examine you, a small gasp left your lips as his free hand took the blanket from your grasp and tossed it aside, “There we go, much better.”

Yuta tilted his head and regarded you in amusement, eyes roving over your exposed skin hungrily, “But you can do more.” He looked over at Taeyong, asking for permission, “May I?”

“No, by all means,” he spluttered, entranced with the way your body trembled from just his friend’s words, “Go ahead.” Some deep part of him liked seeing you being controlled by another man, the natural touch of jealousy pinching at him was just an itch as Yuta pushed you back onto the bed.

“Don’t worry,” Yuta whispered, licking his lips as he crawled up your body, “I won’t keep her for long, you’ll definitely have your fair share.”

When his fingertips touched your body ever so lightly was the moment all doubts left your brain, nothing but the feeling of his touch was left. He saw how willing you were for him, smirking as he leaned down, lips a breath apart, “You want me bad, don’t you? You’ve wanted me to put my hands on you since the moment we met.” His hands grabbed your hips, digging his fingers into your skin, “Am I wrong?”

You shook your head, whimpering as his lips brushed against yours ever so slightly. The smile he gave you was surprisingly cold, “Use your words, sweetheart.”

“Y-yes,” you breathed out shakily, glancing over at your boyfriend for support, but he only smirked at the scene, watching in dark amusement as you struggled underneath another man.

“Ah, ah,” Yuta tutted, nose brushing against yours, “Eyes on me right now, princess. He’ll get his time later. Now,” he smiled, hand coming up to cup your cheek, “Let me make you feel good, okay?”

With that he molded his lips against you, the shock of tasting another person other than Taeyong sent your mind into overdrive. He tasted like apple cinnamon tea or cider, warm, spicy, and addictive. You moaned into the kiss, opening your mouth obediently when his tongue prodded at your lips. He allowed you to pull on his hair, nimble fingers crawling underneath you to undo the clasp of your bra. You blushed but allowed him to slip the garment off, your breasts now exposed for him to grope eagerly. His mouth left yours, tongue messily running down your neck as he circled one of your breasts, your back arching into his mouth as he sucked on them. He left bite marks and hickeys in his wake, your chest completely covered as he soothed each one with a lick and a kiss.

It ended all too soon as Yuta pulled away from you, his lips shining and beautifully swollen as he regarded your mess of a body in amusement, “I think it’s time to punish this dirty girl.” He looked over at Taeyong, who’s eyes were staring at you hungrily, “Don’t you think so?”

He ordered the both of you around, the command in his voice made your womanhood quiver in want, “Taeyong, sit on the edge of the bed.” Your boyfriend did as he was told and Yuta strongly grabbed your wrist, pulling you so that you laid across Taeyong’s lap making you squeak in surprise. “Perfect,” he smirked.

You shifted, looking up at Taeyong through your lashes as you felt the tent in his pants press against your stomach. His eyes were hooded with lust as he caught your gaze, lips parted slightly as he took in your disheveled state. Yuta loosened a few buttons on his shirt, licking his lips as he saw your ass sticking up in the air,  "Isn’t that a pretty sight.“ He smoothed a hand over the skin, fingers teasingly sneaking under the waistband of your panties causing you to whimper.

“Taeyong,” Yuta said, his voice low and full of desire. “Here’s how you discipline her.” You didn’t have time to question what he meant before you felt a hand give your ass a hard smack, making you cry out at the strange feeling of pain and pleasure. It was wrong to feel that way, but it also felt so, so right.

“She’s been a bad girl,” Yuta growled, giving your ass another slap, “Haven’t you?”

You moaned, clutching the bed sheets as the stinging transformed into lust, “Yes.”

Taeyong groaned at the sight, hand soothing the bright red marks Yuta had left behind. He suddenly spoke, voice a little uncertain, “Can I…?”

You heard the smirk in Yuta’s voice, “Teach her a lesson she won’t soon forget.” The brown haired boy crouched down in front of you, cupping your cheek rather tenderly, though the devilish look on his face said otherwise.

To your surprise, Taeyong pulled your panties down your thighs, letting them stay there messily as he breathed in the aroma of your arousal, his pants becoming for too tight for his liking. Without warning, he brought his hand down hard on your ass with a smack, your voice cracking at the feeling, “Tae-”

Yuta swallowed your screams as he brought his lips to yours, pulling away as he whispered lowly, “Call him daddy.”

“What?,” you choked, crying out again as Taeyong spanked you again, much closer to your womanhood this time.

He grabbed you by your hair, knocking your foreheads together as he sneered, “Call,” he popped open a few buttons on his shirt, “Him,” bringing your hands to the black garment to finish the job, “Daddy.”

“Do you like this, kitten?,” Taeyong panted, hand coming down to grip the back of your thighs. He loved your ass and thighs more than anything else, loved to see the way the jiggled when he spanked you, loved to feel them wrapped around his waist as he fucked you into the bed. He’d never touched you like this before because he was scared of hurting you, but the way your arousal dripped down your legs made him believe otherwise. He teased a finger over your lower lips, breath catching at the slick feeling.

You practically ripped open Yuta’s shirt from the sudden contact on your soaked heat, ass driving back on instinct against your boyfriend’s fingers, “Yes, Daddy.”

Taeyong froze, fingers tightening on your leg as he whispered, “Say that again.” He eased a finger inside of you, slowly pumping at a pace that frustrated you.

You trembled under his touch, “Yes, Daddy.”

Yuta smirked from where he was sucking on your neck, tongue coming up to lick the shell of your ear as he purred, “Such a good girl.”

Taeyong added another finger, watching as Yuta left your neck a mess of bruises and bite marks, “Ruin her.”

You gasped at his words, his fingers picking up speed as he pumped them inside of you, “Taeyong, please!…” You needed something more than fingers, you wanted both of them undressed so you could finally lick and kiss their skin to your heart’s desire. Yuta’s shirt was opened, but in your bent over position, you could do nothing except claw at the tan skin in desperation.

You boyfriend’s fingers suddenly stopped, so did Yuta’s mouth working on your neck. His voice was low and dangerous, “What?”

You realized your mistake far too late as you received another smack on your ass, “Daddy! I mean Daddy, please…!,” you cried out desperately, fingers squeezing the bed sheets as tears of frustration leaked from your eyes.

“That’s what I thought,” Taeyong simpered, sliding your panties all the way down your legs and tossing them across the room carelessly. Yuta kissed your tears away before he stood up, looking larger than life from your low position.

“Taeyong, I think it’s finally time to give her what she wants,” he slid his shirt off his shoulders, “Don’t you think so too, sweetheart?” You were completely hypnotized by the way his hands worked to unbuckle his belt, the obvious bulge in his pants practically screaming to be free.

Your body shook in anticipation, “Yes, please!…,” you craned your head to look up at Taeyong, “Please, Daddy?”

His eyes softened and you saw your Taeyong underneath the shadow of lust, “Of course, you’ve been such a good girl, kitten.” He pulled you off his lap and set you on the bed gingerly as if worried he might hurt you as he noticed the deep red bruises that were printed on the skin of your ass and the violent purple hickeys covering your neck and chest.

Yuta didn’t seem concerned at all with your current state, in fact he looked completely pleased with himself, his pants falling to the floor as he stood before you in nothing but his briefs. As Taeyong got undressed as well, you admired the way Yuta’s length strained against the fabric of his underwear, the outline tempting you as he crawled on the bed. He bit his lip as a hand brushed the hair out of your eyes, “I’m going to let Taeyong go first,” he bent down so that only you could hear him. “Then I’m going to have my wicked way with you, baby girl.”

You couldn’t find words to respond to him, knowing you would stumble over your tongue anyway. Taeyong tossed his underwear aside, crawling onto the bed on all fours like a predator stalking his prey as he approached you and Yuta.

“Here’s how we’re going to do this,” Yuta said, already adjusting his body so that he laid against the headboard of your bed. He held something thin and black in his hand that you didn’t notice before. A smirk on his face as he held it up for you to see, confusion evident on your face. It was a long, black piece of what looked like silk, “Why don’t you come here so I can show you what it does,” he smiled, leading you over to him. Yuta gave you no time to protest as he suddenly tied the piece of fabric over your eyes, your vision gone. He took a hold of your hand, surprisingly gentle, “Lay back, princess.”

Taeyong seemed to catch onto his plan quickly, already moving to position himself in front of you. He was fascinated with the way your lips parted in bemusement, the blindfold completely changing the way pleasure was going to be felt.

You laid back down onto Yuta’s chest, his hands coming up to hold your thighs back as Taeyong prepared himself to enter you. You gripped onto Yuta’s forearms for support, head resting back against his shoulder as Taeyong bent over one more time to give the backs of your thighs a few quick bites that had you writhing from the pleasure pain. You could see nothing, your world was black from the silk blindfold Yuta had tied on you.

He noticed your anxiousness, lips against your cheek as he whispered, “Isn’t the mystery just so painful?” The brown haired boy pressed a kiss to the corner of your lips, “But it’s so wonderful too, princess.”

Without warning, Taeyong entered you, a scream ripping from your threat at the sudden intrusion. He slid in easily, your soaked walls allowing him to sheath himself in you with a groan on the first thrust. Your boyfriend’s hips were absolutely sinful, rolling into you languidly so that you felt every detail in slow motion. Yuta’s fingers dug into your thighs in an attempt to keep you still, letting Taeyong rock into you with a groan, “Shit, baby girl.”

Every touch was magnified by a million, the sound of Taeyong’s pants and the creak of the bed blaringly loud. His touches to your clit surprised you each time, never knowing when his fingers would rub your sensitive bundle of nerves next. You edged him along, now knowing his new favorite thing, “Ah! Daddy, yes.”

As Taeyong punished your womanhood by alternating between shallow and deep thrusts, Yuta was whispering the dirtiest things in your ears, things that would normally make you blush hadn’t you been so turned on. His breath was hot in your ear, “You’re such a dirty girl, _______. Wanting to get fucked by two guys at once. You like the thought of that, huh?” He suddenly bucked his clothed member up into you, “Do you touch yourself to the thought of that?”

You shook your head, biting your lips as he ground up into you while Taeyong continued to plow into you. Yuta’s voice was so low and sensual, nothing could describe how it made you feel, “I think you’re lying, baby girl.” He sounded so breathless and commanding at the same time, “Touch me. Touch this cock while your getting fucked by your boyfriend.”

You were obedient, reaching down to slip your hand under his waistband and grasp his length that throbbed at your touch. Your fingers were already coated with his precum, allowing you to easily stroke his member easily. Yuta moaned in your ear, the sound making you tremble as his fingers tightened on your thighs and he rocked into your hand to achieve more pleasure.

Taeyong was relentless, grunting as he approached his high. You struggled to continue touching Yuta, body shaking as his thrusts became rougher and rougher. You badly wished you could see his face, wanting to see the way his Adam’s apple bobbed and the sweat run down his jaw as he fucked you into oblivion. You felt his gorgeous dark eyes on you, burning holes into your skin as he watched you arch and release Yuta’s member, hands searching wildly for him. You somehow found his neck, following his muscles until you grasped his shoulders, nails digging into his skin so harshly that he growled. You cried out, feeling his hips snap into you a few more times before he came with a groan, his seed spilling into your heat.

He pulled out carefully, collapsing on his back on the other side of the bed as Yuta pushed you off him roughly. You fell on your side, frightened of falling off the bed as you felt around for your surroundings. Yuta’s voice was dark and amused, “Like I said, the mystery is justso awful.” You heard a soft thump, assuming that was his briefs falling on the floor.

You felt his hands pull you towards him so that you laid on your back, legs moving around his hips naturally as he bent over you. He took his time teasing you, dragging his tongue across your skin playfully at a slow pace, knowing that you had no idea where he would touch you next. Your toes curled at the feeling, hands somehow finding his hair after fumbling around and pulling on it anxiously, “Yuta,” you whined, hips rolling up in an attempt to feel him.

You heard the smile in his voice, “So eager.” But his mouth left your body, hearing him groan for some reason as he shifted above you. You felt his member at your entrance, when Taeyong suddenly spoke, smirking, “Do a number on her, Yuta.”

You heard the boy above you give a short laugh, a breathy gorgeous sound that you felt against your skin. Just like Taeyong, he entered you quickly, your fingers leaving his hair to rake down his back as you cried out, walls still sore from your boyfriend. Yuta didn’t give you any time to adjust, immediately starting to pound into you mercilessly, his hips snapping so hard that the bed rocked dangerously. You dug your nails into his back causing a groan to leave his lips at the feeling.

“Oh, fuck,” he cursed, his hands gripping onto your hips for support as he increased his speed. You cried out from the power of his thrusts, the headboard knocking loudly against the wall as Yuta fucked you senseless.

“Shit, I’m close,” he gasped, suddenly pulling out and you could hear his hand move over his member quickly. Curses spilling out of his mouth as he jerked himself to completion, his seed spilling over your breasts and stomach. You squirmed beneath Yuta still, wanting nothing more than to come as you whimpered, “Please, Yuta.”

Taeyong spoke again, his voice husky, “Don’t leave her hanging, Yuta. Show her what you get when you ask for a call boy.”

You felt Yuta’s tongue on your inner thigh as he chuckled, “You don’t have to tell me twice.” Your body shook as his tongue swiped up your folds, fingers once again fumbling for his hair as a cry left your lips. The way he ate you out felt so beautiful, almost choreographed like a dance as he sucked on your clit and licked your folds. You thought your soul was leaving your body when you felt his teeth nip at your skin, picturing that gorgeous smile of his appearing on his face as he fucked you with his tongue. You moaned in appreciation as he hummed and made some of the most sinful noises you’d ever heard in your whole life. His hands held down your hips to prevent you from moving, causing you to fight against him in frustration as your end approached.

You threw your head back in a silent scream as Yuta focused on your clit, your orgasm ripping through your body and causing your thighs to shake from the overwhelming pleasure. You felt familiar lips press kisses to your face lovingly as Taeyong murmured, “That’s right, baby. Let it all out baby, Yuta wants to taste you.” You heard the mentioned boy moan, slurping at your womanhood like a man starved.

You wanted the feeling to last forever, but all good things must come to an end. Hands untied the blindfold and you were greeted by Yuta’s smiling face, his hair a complete mess from your hands, “She lives.” You sat up, even the dim light of the lamps seemed bright as you blinked.

You smiled at him, realizing that you didn’t feel awkward at all after everything that had happened. Behind you, Taeyong kissed your shoulder, grinning cutely, “Was it everything you dreamed of and more?”

You comically sighed, a dreamy look in your eyes, “Yes,” you shoved him playfully, “Daddy.”

Taeyong blushed, but there was a smile on his face, “Sorry about that,” he gestured towards the bruises forming on your ass, running a hand over them softly.

You smiled coyly, tugging him close so you could press a kiss to his lips, “Don’t be. I liked it.”

Yuta smirked, lounging back against your pillows, “So did Taeyong, obviously.”

You crawled over to the brown haired boy, cupping his face and pressing a kiss to his cheek, “Thank you. For everything.”

He shrugged nonchalantly, but smiled brightly, “It’s not a big deal, you guys are my friends after all.” You thought about how it was a smile you could get used to seeing as you leaned your head on his shoulder, playing with his fingers.

“Oh, yeah.” Taeyong, ever the responsible one, got up to find his pants and pulled out his wallet, “Almost forgot. How much do we owe you?”
Yuta waved his hand, “Don’t worry about it, like I said, you guys are friends.”

Taeyong looked a little distressed, “But this is your job Yuta. I’d feel bad not to not pay you, it’s like working without getting any compensation.”

Yuta grinned, fingers tracing over the skin of your arm, “I’m serious, Tae! Think of it as a favor between friends.”

“There’s seriously no way we can repay you?,” your boyfriend’s shoulders sagged in defeat, tossing his wallet on his dresser with a sigh before he crawled back onto the bed. He had his favorite blanket in hand, the one you’d used to cover yourself up earlier, spreading it over your lap and laying his head there.

The other boy, looked down at him in amusement, “Well, I can think of one way.”

You weaved your fingers through Taeyong’s snowy hair, stroking the soft strands as you looked over at Yuta curiously, “What’s that?”

“Call me again,” he said laughing, the same familiar mischievous look in his eyes as when you’d first met him at the cafe.

Taeyong burst out laughing, snuggling his face further into your lap like a happy puppy, “As long as it’s still free. We’d be broke if we had to pay the price your other customers pay.” You smiled at this, amazed how much of a change he’d gone through in one night.

“Of course,” Yuta grinned, also moving closer towards you as he pulled a sheet over himself. “You two are special VIPs.”

You smiled to yourself, so happy that everything had worked out even better than you’d thought it would. Taeyong was still your Taeyong, you felt more than comfortable around Yuta now, everything just fell into place perfectly. The three of you talked into the late hours of the night, until you all eventually drifted off to sleep, a sense of contentment in all your hearts.
Mother Knows Best

If there’s one thing Lillian Luthor admires about herself, it’s her determination. 

She’s one of the best surgeons in the country, a businesswoman, a philanthropist, the perfect supporting wife… and above it all, she’s a proud mother. 

She wishes nothing but the best for her children.

So what if her ways a little… harsh?

She’s a determined woman, and since the birth of her first child Lillian had been determined to give only the best for her kids.

If only Lena would stop being so stubborn, she would see that.

If there’s one thing Lena Luthor admires about herself, it’s her stubbornness. 

And yes, sometimes the board members don’t always agree with her unorthodox ways, but maybe that’s because they’re all probably over a hundred years old and refuse to see that this is the 21st century, and that changes don’t always mean bad things, quite the opposite. 

She’s trying to make LuthorCorp a force for good.

And if that means rebranding the company, so be it.

Lena sighs as she walks inside her office, sitting on the couch with a tired groan after a long and boring meeting.

The board it’s the least of her problems right now, though.

Lena has to get rid of her mother. 

Just as she thinks about calling it a day and finally going home, Lena feels her phone vibrating inside the pocket of her tailored blazer.

“What?” She grumbled, after taking the call.

“You're not getting rid of mother.”

Fuck. Her. Life.

“Dammit, Lex! I just got out of a boring meeting with the board. I really don’t need this right now.”

Lena heard her brother laughing on the other side, and she wished she could throw her shoe right on his bald head just as she did when they were kids.

“And you wonder why I left LuthorCorp to open my own company.” He said and she could almost see his smile. 

“You threw me right to the wolves.” Lena mumbled, scratching her forehead. “And it’s L-Corp now.”

“Oh, yeah. L-Corp… L for Lesb-" 

Before Lex could finish his sentence, though, Lena heard a muffled ‘ouch’ and some fumbling, then a 'leave your sister alone’.

"Hello, Lena.”

Lena froze.


“Well, yes, since you’ve been pretending to be too busy to take my calls I had to ask for your brother’s help.”

Lena sighed, closing her eyes for a moment, “Sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. Just be at your father’s party this weekend and everything’s gonna be fine." 

"I already said I can’t go.”

“Your father is a Senator now, Lena. It will be a shame if his own family it’s not there. Plus…” Lena could already hear the joy in her mother’s voice. “Eliza told me Kara will be there. You girls haven’t seen each other in such a long time, honey." 

"But, mom…" 

"No buts. I’ll see you this weekend.” Before Lena could protest again, Lillian was gone and Lex was back on the line, giggling like a school girl. 

“You’re being set up with Kara again.”

“Shut up, you traitor!" 

"C'mon! She’s your best friend, right?”

“Yes! My best friend and I don’t want mom to ruin it! Especially since I haven’t seen her since last year!” Lena said, getting up and grabbing her things.

“Look, lez be honest…” Lex chuckled at his own joke and Lena only rolled her eyes. “So yes, mother is always trying to set you up with some snob rich lady from high society, but at least now she’s trying to set you up with her old college best friend’s daughter again. And if I remember correctly, you did have a huge lesbian crush on her.”

Lena felt her cheeks burning at that.

Eliza Danvers was Lillian’s old college best friend, and they never lost contact even with Eliza’s husband’s job in the Army, which made the family move frequently all over the country, sometimes all over the world. 

Lena met Kara in one of her parents anual gala fundraiser parties, when they were still 15. Kara still had that lost puppy look after being with the Danvers for only two years, while Lena had the confidence of someone who took piano and cello lessons and already knew five different languages. 

But still, Kara was the first girl who made her heart race like that. 

They’ve been best friends all through high school, and even when Kara moved away, they kept in contact via latters, emails, phone and Skype calls. They reconnected in college for a few years, where Lena would drop every girl she’d been seeing only to spend some more time with Kara. 

It was only a shame Lena moved to National City to take care of her family’s business in the new LuthorCorp subsidiary right after her graduation. 

“That was a long time ago, Lex.” Lena mumbled, cheeks still slightly warm.

“It doesn’t matter. Just go to this damn party and get it over with. At least pretend you’re trying to seduce Kara and mother will leave you alone and then she’ll also leave me alone. I have to go now, see you later." 

Lena ended the call and looked down at her phone with a frown. 

Well, at least she was good at pretending. 

Kara huffed as she felt her mother moving a lock of her hair behind her ear for the fifth time in less than five minutes. 

"Mom, please, stop!” She whispered loudly, noticing Alex was biting her lip to prevent herself from laughing at the scene. 

Eliza pouted but moved away, deciding to rearrange her husband’s lapels once again, but Jeremiah didn’t seem to mind as he looked around the room full of important people. “I just want to make sure you to look good, that’s all.”

“For Lena.” Alex said with a smirk.

“Yes. I-I mean, no!” Eliza cleared her throat, avoiding looking at Kara’s direction. “For the party. It’s Lionel’s inauguration party, and I want us all to look good. It’s been such a long time since we all have been in the same city, let alone the same room… I’m excited. And I missed my best friend.”

Alex quickly grabbed a glass of champagne from of the waiters passing by, taking a sip and humming with pleasure. “And I missed their expensive drinks.”

Kara smiled at her sister’s words, before noticing someone approaching them. 

He was a little bit taller than she remembered, but she could recognize that bald head anywhere. And when Lex stepped aside, Kara saw her. And she could recognize those beautiful green eyes anywhere, really. Kara didn’t even notice Mr. and Mrs. Luthor joining them right after.

Lex was the first to say something, hands inside his pockets.

“Alexandra.” Lex said bitterly.

“Alexander.” Alex said back flatly. 

Lex’s lips turned upwards slowly, before wrapping his arms around Alex’s body in a hug.

Lionel and Jeremiah shared a playful eye roll at their son and daughter’s childish behavior, shaking each other’s hands and immediately talking about politics as their wives hugged and giggled as if they were back in college.

“Looks like nothing’s changed.”

Kara turned her head to the side and gave Lena a quick once over. Lena was wearing a beautiful long dark green dress that left the soft looking skin of her back exposed, golden earrings and necklace shinning with the light of the room, hair up in an elegant bun. Her eyes seemed even greener with the dark eyeliner, jawline even more defined by the make up and red lips stretched in a smirk.

Kara though not for the first time that only the Greek gods could have esculpted that perfect woman next to her.

“Seems like it.” Kara agreed, looking away towards where her sister and Lex were now catching up through their scientific talk.

When she turned back at Lena, green eyes were watching her carefully. Kara felt her cheeks turning pink.

“And seems like our moms will never stop trying to set us up.” Lena smirked again.

Kara chuckled to hide how nervous she suddenly felt. “I’m blushing, right?”

Lena laughed, “But it’s still cute, though.” She shrugged, before opening her arms and inviting Kara to a hug, that the blonde gladly accepted.

Kara closed her eyes when she felt Lena’s arms around her, and Kara hugged her friend even tighter. God, she had forgotten how good Lena’s hugs were.

“I’ve missed you.”

“Me too, Kara." 

Lena kept her arms around Kara’s body, and the blonde felt her friend’s face turning just so, the tip of her nose brushing softly against the side of Kara’s neck and lips pressed against her neck’s tendons. Just as the blonde thought about asking Lena what she was doing, she felt her friend’s lips moving against her skin.

"They’re staring.” Lena whispered, moving her hand to the small of Kara’s back.

Kara couldn’t help but smile at that. She didn’t have to turn to know Lena was talking about their mothers. 

Lillian and Eliza together always have been this calmness before the storm duo. They had high standards to archive from a very young age and luckily they found each other in college. They met their husbands at the same party, traded informations to aprove each other’s dates, coordinated their wedding days, and right after having children, they started to wonder 'wouldn’t it be great if we were in the same family?’

Of course when they first had this amazing idea, Alex had just came out after turning sixteen and Lex was on his senior year, wondering which of the nine colleges he had been accepted in would be the best for him. So Lillian and Eliza just brushed off their silly dreams with a laugh and some drinks, deciding only to support their children, no matter what.

A few months later Lillian received a very enthusiastic call from Eliza, telling her about Kara and gushing out about how quiet but beautiful, smart and strong her new daughter was. Lillian felt nothing but happiness for her best friend, who had the dream to adopt a kid since before they met. 

Lillian had to wait two years to finally meet Kara in person, since the Danvers were living in Australia. But once she did, she fell in love with the girl immediately.

Kara was indeed quiet, and Eliza told her she had been adjusting to the family slowly in her own time, but she was so polite, smart and sounded so certain when Lillian asked her what she wanted for her future, saying almost right away 'I wanna be a reporter!’, blue eyes shining and blonde ponytail bouncing as she nodded. Lillian shared a proud look with Eliza then, before saying, “Well, well, such decided young woman we have here. You talk like a Danvers." 

Kara had smiled brightly at Lillian, hugging Eliza tightly before walking quickly towards the table of appetizers, bumping into Lena and mumbling apologies for being so clumsy. 

That’s when Karlena Operation began. Especially after Lena came out and Kara’s shrug when Eliza asked her if she liked boys or girls.

"Do you think they’ll ever give up?” Kara asked, circling her arms around Lena’s neck.

Lena shook her head, “Luthors never give up." 

The blonde smiled, "Right. The Luthors rules.”

“The Luthors rules.” Lena pulled away then, and Kara resisted the urge to pout. 

“I told you you should just bang each other already.” Lex said, sliding beside them with Alex in tow. Kara noticed they had a bottle of champagne all for themselves. 

“Or maybe tell mom you’re back with Mike and preparing a very big heterosexual wedding.” Alex suggested, giving a big gulp of her drink. 

Kara winced. “Can’t we forget about Mike? I’m not getting a heterosexual wedding.” She turned to Lex, placing a hand on his arm. “Not that there’s anything wrong with bring straight, of course.”

“Kara, please stop reminding me I’m the straight black sheep of the family.”

“Yeah, because who would like a black sheep, let alone a straight one?”

They all laughed at Lena’s joke.

“But, really. They won’t ever leave you guys alone. Especially now that Kara’s moving to National City.” Lex said with a shrug, and Kara felt like punching his defined jawline. 

“You’re moving here?” Lena asked, expression torn between surprised, happy and angry.

“It was supposed to be a surprise!” She glared at Lex. “But yes. I am. I’m not a junior reporter anymore. I’m a reporter now! I’ll start at Catco the next week.”

Lena smiled and hugged her tightly again, and this time Kara saw her mom and Lillian looking at them with hope in their eyes, before they quickly went back to their completely interesting talk about the benefits of spin classes. 

They hated spinning. 

“If you keep hugging each other like that, they’ll probably start to prepare a very lesbian wedding.” Alex mumbled behind her glass.

“It wouldn’t be so bad.” Lex agreed. 

Then they shared that look. 

“Don’t even start, Lex!” Lena said quickly, also noticing the very same look that got them all kicked out of a five star hotel years back, when Alex and Lex had the brilliant idea to test a project in their room. Kara still hates the sound of fire alarms to this day.

“Alexander.” She smirked. 

“Alexandra.” He smirked back. 

Kara and Lena groaned. 

Apparently Alex and Lex came up with a brilliant idea to get their mothers to stop trying to set them up once and for all: Kara and Lena had to start dating each other.

Not for real, of course.

But according to her brother, if Lena and Kara started pretending to be in love only to realize later they worked better off as friends, it would be much easier to convince Lillian and Eliza their friendship wasn’t worth that extra drama, and thus jeopardizing the Danvers-Luthor family’s dinamic.

Alex had been texting her non-stop since the party, and Lena was getting tired to avoid Lex’s calls.

They really were worst than Eliza and Lillian together.

Lena’s phone beeped and she almost threw it against the wall, but she calmed herself after reading Kara’s nickname on the screen.

Supergirl [14:23 pm]: Are they still bothering you? Because I’m almost blocking my own sister’s number.

Lee [14:23 pm]: I may or may not have already blocked Lex on Skype.

Supergirl [14:25 pm]: HAHAHA! Brilliant!

Supergirl  [14:26 pm]: I was wondering if you’d like to have dinner at my place tonight? If you’re free, of course. I’m still getting used to you being the CEO now, BTW.

Lee [14:28 pm]: I’m still getting used to it myself. But I’d love to have dinner.

Supergirl [14:28 pm]: Great! I’ll text you the adress to my completely new and messy apartment. Maybe you could help me get some unboxing done.

Lee [14:30 pm]: That was your plan all along, right, Danvers? Get me to do all your work for you?

Supergirl [14:31 pm]: Oh no, you got me xD See you tonight? Around six?

Lee [14:31 pm]: I’ll be there.

Later that night, Lena found herself knocking on Kara’s door already with Chinese take outs and an unhealthy amount of potstickers, Kara’s favourite since they were young.

A few seconds later Kara opened the door, hair still damp from the shower, wearing sweatpants and a simple white shirt, barefeet touching the floor.

Lena ignored the butterflies in her stomach.

“I smell potstickers.”

“Good evening, Kara! Yes, I would love to walk inside your new and messy apartment, thank you!”

Kara blushed and steped aside to let Lena in.

Lena walked inside and was indeed met with a complete mess of boxes scattered all around the floor of Kara’s new apartment. Only the couch and a pair of high chairs by the kitchen island had been set.

Lena raised her eyebrow at Kara, before placing the take outs on the kitchen island, sitting on one of the high chairs. 

“You should be ashamed of yourself." 

Kara quickly joined her, already digging into the bag of potstickers. "I know! I’m a shame!” She said with her mouthful of food.

Lena also started to eat, maneuvering the hashis with ease, almost in an elegant way. “So, how was your first week as a reporter?”

Kara groaned, pouting. “My boss hates me!”

“Nobody can hate you, Kara." 

"But he does! And I thought being a junior reporter for the Daily Planet was hard. At least Perry had the decency to wait for me to get out of his office before throwing my articles in the trash can.”

“He didn’t…”

“But he did!” Kara rested her cheek on her hand, “I honestly don’t know what I can do to impress him and show him I’m ready to be a good reporter.”

“Maybe you could do me?” Lena suggested. 

Only after noticing Kara’s bright red cheeks did Lena realized what she had said.

“Not like that, you perv!”

Kara giggled, biting her lip. “Well… enlighten me then.” She said playfully. 

“Since dad decided to take the political rout and Lex stepped down to open his own company, I haven’t really had the time to do any interviews. I didn’t want to, actually. Forbes tried once, but their reporter was a dick.” Lena rolled her eyes, trying to forget how the guy kept hitting on her in less than five minutes of interview. 

“You’d do that for me?” Kara smiled brightly at Lena, and the CEO melted. 

“Of course.”

They continued catching up through dinner, before Lena actually decided to help Kara do some unboxing. By the time they finished, at least Kara’s bedroom really did look like a decent place to sleep in.

Lena laid down on Kara’s bed with a tired groan, and she felt the matress dipping next to her.

When she looked at Kara, blue eyes were already watching her. 

“I really did miss you.” Kara whispered, small smile on her lips.

Lena opened her arms and Kara quickly snuggled against her best friend.

“I really missed you too.” Lena said. “Even the messy parts.”

Kara chuckled, and they heard her phone ringing. When the reporter reached for the phone, they both could read Alex’s name on the screen. Kara rolled her eyes and took the call, putting it on the speaker. 

“Hey, Alex.”

“Hey, so, you’re having a romantic dinner with the girlfriend?”

Kara frowned. 

“How do you even…? Forget it, I don’t want to know!”

“Hey, sis!” They shared a shocked look when they heard Lex’s voice. “Mom is very happy you’re finally making a move.”

“LEX! I swear to God…”

“I thought you were an atheist…”

“We just want you guys to think about it. Because our moms are already planning another party just so they can get you both in the same room again. And they’ll do it over and over and over until you guys look into each other’s beautiful eyes and realize how you can’t spend another minute away from each other. They’re persistent.” Alex said.

“And they’re pestering us, too. So just do us all a favour and put the plan in motion. I have a company to run instead of being used as a cupid by my own mother.” Lex mumbled.

“And I have bad guys to catch! The FBI kind of bad guys.”

“We’ll think about it, okay? Bye!” Kara hang up before Alex could protest. 

Lena saw Kara close her eyes and take a breath breath to calm herself, then the blonde opened her eyes and looked back at her friend.

“Would you think I’m crazy if I told you I’m considering going through with their crazy plan?”

Lena looked at Kara the widen eyes. Did she really just ask that?

“Really, Kara?”

The blonde sat up and crossed her legs Indian style, adjusting her glasses.

“Listen, my mom and Lillian will never give up. They’ve been pranking us with those blind dates since forever! Maybe it’s time for them to be pranked instead.” Kara said excitedly. 

“By really dating each other?” Lena asked,  raising an eyebrow. 

“Yes!” Kara leaned in closer to Lena with mischief in error eyes, and before she knew it, Lena was trapped against the matress with Kara on top of her, fingers tickling her sides. “C'mon, fake date me, Lee! Please, please, please?"  

Lena laughed hard as she tried to get away from her friend’s fingers, but she knew Kara was insanely strong even though she had a skinny body. Damn all those years of cross-fitting. 

"Okay! I’ll fake date you! Just stop!" 

Kara fist pumped the air and leaned down to press a wet kiss against Lena’s cheek. 

"Thank you, baby!”

Lena was so, so screwed. 

Kara was very screwed. 

Of course, being friends with Lena was kind of a self torture, but since they rarely were in the same city, she could live with it. Phone calls, texts, emails, silly letters and gifts, she could do that. 

Moving to National City and getting trapped by their mothers silly schemes in another blind date? She also could do that. She was used to it since they turned sixteen. It was funny to let them try, actually.

Somehow finding herself wedding planning with Lena and their mothers?

Kara wasn’t prepared for that at all.

She was the opposite of prepared.

She was so unprepared. 

She was probably having a panic attack. 

Kara didn’t know how they get themselves into this, but it probably started when she convinced Lena to go along with Lex and Alex’s crazy plan two months ago. 

Kara just wanted to get back at her mother for trying to set her up with her best friend! So, they decided to take baby steps, or Lillian and Eliza would notice they were lying.

Lena would nonchalantly mention to her mother she would take Kara out to dinner, or meet her for lunch, or even visit her at Catco. Kara sent Eliza a few pictures of her walks with Lena around National City and so on. Those little acts kept going for two weeks, before Kara received a text from Alex:

Alex [19:35 pm]: Mom just asked me what’s going on between you and Lena!!! She’s thrilled!!! I’m pretty sure she was crying over the phone!!!!

Supergirl [19:37 pm]: Wow, that was fast! Actually, I’m not surprised. 

Alex [19:37 pm]: I told you I’m a genius.

Supergirl [19:38 pm]: Right… what’s the next step, genius?

Alex [19:40 pm]: Make it OFFICIAL!

Kara had felt her heart racing then. 

Make it official. 

With Lena. 

Make her fake relationship with her best friend, who she had a crush on - okay, maybe more than just a crush - for years, official. She could do that. Right?

Lena had been acting very professionally about everything. She made a step by step list, like what they were doing was just another work project she had been planning, and she decided one of their family dinners would be the best place to make it official.

That’s how after dessert one night at Lionel and Lillian’s penthouse, Kara felt Lena’s hand covering her own on top of the dinner table. If she had been paying attention to anything other than how soft Lena’s skin was (so so soft, she definitely moisturizes, no wonder her skin looks and feels flawless), she would see Lillian’s eyes widening or hear Eliza’s loud gasp, even Jeremiah and Lionel ceased their talk about their earlier golf game to look at their joined hands, the room going completely silent.

Lena cleared her throat, “I think Kara and I have an announcement to make.”

“You got her pregnant!?” Lex feigned a gasp.

“Be quiet, Alexander!” Lillian very unlady like threw her napkin at her son, eyes never leaving Kara and Lena’s hands. “Go on, dear!”

Lena quickly glanced towards Kara, lips turning upwards slowly in a lopsided grin, then she looked back at her mother. “I didn’t get her pregnant, yet. But we are together, yes.”

Then she brought Kara’s hand up to her red lips, kissing the back of it softly as she looked right into blue eyes, and Kara was pretty sure she almost came right then and there, with that simple innocent kiss at the back of her hand. 

Then all hell broke loose.

“Oh my God, yes! Yes! That’s all I’ve ever wanted!” Lillian said loudly, her hands joined in front of her as she looked up in a silent prayer.

“I can’t even… I can’t… oh my God, Jerry…” Jeremiah quickly stood up to fan a crying Eliza, looking just as lost as Lionel, still in shock on his chair.

“What do I do? You’re the doctor, honey!” He said.

“Champagne! Lex, go get the best champagne we have downstairs! Hurry up, now!” Lillian yelled like a mad woman, before getting up and wrapping her arms around Lena and Kara so tightly it and most hurt. Then Eliza joined them and Kara saw her sister taking a picture with a smirk in her lips.

She could kill Alex later.

Lex came back with a bottle of champagne and soon they were all celebrating the joint of their family.

Kara glanced at Lena and she saw how surprised and scared she looked.

That was probably the first sign they should stop with that act immediately.

The second sign came with neon capital letters. 


Kara couldn’t believe her eyes. She quickly threw her coffee in the nearest trash can she could find, before running towards Ms. Grant’s office, bursting inside before her assistant could stop her.

“You have to get me off that front page!" 

Cat pushed her breakfast aside to give Kara a better look.

"Oh. I suppose Lena could do a better lady arm candy, but now that I’m seeing you from up close I guess you’re kind of alright.”

Kara frowned, then shook her head, “Please, Ms. Grant. Lena hates getting exposed! You have to get those magazines out of the street!" 

Cat took a deep breath. "Listen, Kiera…”


“The Luthors are almost the royal family of America. Lena Luthor has been a public figure since she was born. Surely, she must have known walking around the park taking selfies hand in hand with her new girlfriend would get some attention. Don’t you think?”

“We weren’t thinking, actually.” Kara whispered, looking down at her feet. “We aren’t even dating.”

“What did you say?”

Kara blushed, “I-I… I said… we weren’t even dating, then. W-We were just… sending a few pictures to my mother… but we are dating now. We're so dating!” Kara laughed nervously.

Cat smirked. “Do you want to make this an exclusive? How did you and Lena ended up together? I’ve heard you girls were best friends since childhood. Did you always know you were in love? Planning a wedding already?”

Kara felt her cheeks burning. She shook her head quickly again, walking backwards. “You know what? Forget it. Keep the front page.”

After work, Kara would pay a visit to Lena at L-Corp. She ignored how Lena’s employees treated her with extreme politeness, taking a deep breath before walking inside her friend’s office.

Lena wasn’t working. She had been outside in the balcony, looking at the night sky, but Kara saw the Catco magazine on top of her desk.

“Hey, Lee…” she said quietly, and Lena looked over her shoulder with a sad smile, motioning with her hand for Kara to join her.

“You know…” Lena started after a few minutes in silence. “I’ve been CEO for almost six months now, and I just decided to close down our weaponry department to open medical and biochemical labs, but still my dating life seems more interesting than the work I’m trying to do here. That’s funny.”

“I’m sorry, Lena.” Kara said with a sigh.

“No, it wasn’t your fault. We simply forgot that we wouldn’t just be pranking our mothers in the process. I forgot.”

“Look, we can just tell them the truth and-”

“No! My mom loved the picture in the front page. She called twice to ask me how we’re doing! I can’t… I can't turn her down like this. Not now." 

"I’m really sorry, Lena.”

“Stop saying you’re sorry.” Kara saw Lena clenching her jaw, before taking a deep breath and looking at Kara. “We did look good, though. In those pictures.”

Kara smiled. “You always look good.”

“Come here.” Lena pulled her into hug them, kissing her cheek softly and saying everything would be fine.

But a few weeks later Lillian would stumble with Cat Grant in some event and they would talk about the wedding planning. 

And that was when things got out of hands. 

“We’ve only been dating for a month, mom!” Kara said to Eliza while they were grocery shopping. 

“I thought lesbians moved fast.” Eliza said nonchalantly. “I don’t know how much time I’ll have in National City. It could be years or maybe a few months. You and Lena are so happy, I see the way you look at each other, and you know for how long I’ve wanted you girls to be together! You’ve known each other since you were kids, for God’s sake. What’s there to wait?”


“Lillian told me Lena already agreed.”

Kara gasped. “What!? Lena agreed to have some afternoon tea to talk about wedding planning? Our wedding planning?!”

Eliza turned to look at Kara with concern in her eyes. “Are you… are you not sure about Lena, honey? I mean… I’ve always dreamed about joining our families, but if there's anything wrong…" 

If Kara had been smart, she would’ve taken that chance to scape the mess she got herself into, but she shook her head. "Of course not! I'm very sure of Lena. Very sure.”

Eliza smiled softly at that, “Then let’s get to this afternoon tea.”

When they arrived in the club Lena and Lillian were waiting, Kara immediately attached herself to Lena’s side, wrapping an arm around her waist and placing a soft kiss against her fake girlfriend’s slightly red cheek.

“C'mon. You girls don’t need to be shy. You can kiss each other. We certainly won’t mind.” Lillian smiled, sharing a look with Eliza. “Actually, I want a picture of it.”

Kara started to panic. Kiss Lena? Kiss those amazing and inviting lips? 


“Lena! It’s just a kiss. I want to rub my daughter’s perfect relationship in everyone’s faces, specially the homofobic ones.” Lillian took her phone out of her purse and pointed at them. “Now, kiss!”

Kara knew it was wrong but she smiled, anyway. “It’s just a little kiss, Lee. We do much worse when they’re not looking.”

“Oh my God, Kara!” Eliza hid her face behind her hands.

Lena rolled her eyes, but nodded. 

Kara unconsciously licked her lips and she could almost swear she saw Lena following the action with her eyes, before the blonde leaned in and pressed their lips together.

It was only supposed to be a quick kiss, for their mothers cameras. But somehow their lips started to move in sync against each other’s, and Lena’s hands found a comfortable place on Kara’s hips, and the young reporter started thinking we could be doing this the entire time we know each other and oh my god was that Lena’s tongue? And then-

“I think Lillian has a full gallery now, girls.”

- they broke apart.

Breathing heavily and with red cheeks, they sat down, intertwining their hands as they listened to their mothers talk about wedding ideas, and dates, and venues and flowers. 

As she listened to all that, still with the kiss in mind and Lena’s hand in hers, Kara thought: I can’t do this.

I can’t do this!’ Lena thought to herself.

She had to stop that now. They had to stop.

She couldn’t pretend to be okay after almost a month planning a fake wedding. She couldn’t pretend seeing Kara going along with their mothers crazy ideas like it was the most natural thing in the world wasn’t hurting her.

Because it was.

It was tearing her apart.

“Hey!” Kara snapped her fingers in front of Lena’s eyes. “Earth to Lena!”

Lena shook her head, blushing. “Sorry… what were you saying?”

“I was saying I don’t want red roses. They’re cliché. And they’re not our flowers.” Kara pouted, smelling a few lillies that were close by. 

Lena saw Eliza and Alex talking with the flower shop owner in the back. “And what are our flowers, exactly?”

“Plumerias!” Kara said happily.

Lena frowned, “They're my favorite flowers.”

“Exactly!” Kara agreed, taking Lena’s hand and dragging her along to check the bridal bouquet session. “They’re your favorites, so they’re my favorites and I want them! Remember when you sent me that corsage? For prom?”

Lena did. She spent the whole night designing Kara’s corsage herself. 

“Yes. I remember." 

"Hey, lovebirds.” Alex approached the couple, glancing at her mother over her shoulder every now and then, “Have you decided those flower arrangements already? Mom’s going crazy over there.”

Eliza waved at them from the other side of the shop, and Lena quickly wrapped her arm around Kara’s shoulders, waving backwith her free hand. “I can see that.” Lena said through clenched teeth, faking a smile. “I'm so gonna kill you and Lex when this is over.”

“Lena!” Kara elbowed her on the ribs. “No one’s killing anyone.”

“Yes, Lena. Plus, who would be the maid of honor? Lex?” Alex smirked. “Oh, Kara, look at this bouquet! It’s beautiful!”

“I know, right?!’

And that went on.

Kara acted like they were planning their actual wedding! 

She would meet Lillian and Eliza over her lunch breaks to talk about flowers, and guest lists, and how she wanted to marry Lena in the same place they first met. She did everything so naturally, like she had all that planned for a very long time.

And Lena didn’t have the willpower to not follow Kara’s lead.

Until Lena too started to believe they were really getting married in three months. And in the back of her mind she knew she would end up devastatingly heart broken, but a girl could dream, right?

"Jess, can you please clear my schedule after lunch? I have to meet Kara later.”

Jess nodded and smiled at her boss.

“I already did it earlier, Ms. Luthor!” Jess blushed when Lena raised an eyebrow in question. “I-I… Ms. Danvers texted me this morning. Cake tasting, right?”

Lena smiled, looking back down at her tablet. “Yes. I didn’t know the cake was such a big part of the wedding. Kara actually threatened me if I’ll show up late!”

Jess bit her lip, trying to hide her smile. “You guys make such a cute couple, Ms. Luthor!”

Lena blushed and mumbled a 'thank you’, walking back inside her office.

When Lena arrived at the bakey that afternoon Kara, their mothers and surprisingly Lex were already there.

“Lenaaaa!” Lena almost didn’t have time to prepare for the impact when Kara threw herself in the CEO’s arms, kissing her right on the mouth before pulling away with a big smile.

“Wow,” Lena wrapped both arms around Kara’s waist and held her close to her body, giving a good look at the reporter’s face. “You’re cake drunk already, aren’t you? I can taste it.”

Kara had the decency to look guilty, at least. “Your brother, too, to be honest. Everything’s so delicious!”

Lena brushed her nose against Kara’s cheek with a lovingly smile, kissing her fiancé - or fake fiancé - again, slower this time, trying to pretend she was doing it just for show. “So delicious.”

“Hey! Show some respect and stop making out in front of our mothers!” Lex yelled, mouth full of cupcake. 

Lena rolled her eyes at her brother, before letting herself be dragged to taste a few more cakes with Kara. They chose a white chocolate raspberry flavor, even thought Lex said a lemon one would be more fitting. 

Lena was ready to invite Kara to go to the movies when her mother stopped her.

“We’re not done yet, darling.”

Lena frowned, confused as she looked from her mother, to Eliza, to Lex and finally to Kara. “What? I thought it was just cake tasting for the day.”

“We have one more gift for the two of you.”

That’s how Lena found herself outside of the most expensive jewelry store in the city. Once they walked inside, they were lead by the owner to a private room. 

“Kara…” she whispered desperately to the blonde.

“They made me do it!” Kara said back, just as desperate. 

“Here’s the best of Harry Winston collection, ma'am.” The owner said, presenting them with a very large set of wedding bands on top of his desk. 

“Harry Winston?” Lena shook her head so quickly she almost got dizzy. “Mom, these must cost a fortune!”

“Lex is paying, honey.” Lillian brushed it off, taking a pair of wedding bands and placing them on Kara’s palm. “Let’s try those first.”

Lena tried her best to stop her hands from shaking too much as Kara slid the wedding band on her finger. The blonde did it carefully, smiling, before kissing Lena’s finger softly. 

“It looks beautiful on you.” Kara whispered.

Lena closed her eyes, holding back a sigh as she started to test wedding bands with Kara. The blonde looked so happy as they tried ring after ring, kissing the CEO’s hand every time she slid a new band on Lena’s finger. 

They left the store a couple of hours later, a pair of platinum wedding bands adorned with micropavé diamonds around it left in Lex’s possession until the big day. Simple but elegant and classy, Eliza said. 

A few days later, it was time for the wedding dresses shopping. Even though she was dragged out of her office but a excited Kara, she kept working on her tablet, sending emails and orders to her employees as she sat with Eliza and Lillian at the back of the store, waiting for the blonde reporter to come out of the dressing room. 

Kara had been taking too long, trying dress after dress and not letting anyone see her until she could find the one.

“This one’s perfect!” Lena heard Kara yelling behind the curtains.

“Then get the hell out of there, Kara!” Eliza said with a huff.

Lena laughed at Mrs. Danvers impatient tone, but as soon as Kara stepped out of the dressing room, she was left speechless. 

Lena didn’t think it was possible for Kara to get any more beautiful than she already was.

Until she saw her in a wedding dress.

“Wow! It’s perfect, Kara! You look beautiful!” Lillian was standing in front of Kara, wide smile on her lips.

“What do you think?” Kara asked Lena expectantly.

“I… it’s… you’re beautiful.” Lena stuttered, trying to cease her racing heartbeat. 

Kara was beautiful. But what for? For a lie. They weren’t getting married. It was only a big prank her brother and Kara’s sister planned. Kara wasn’t in love with her. She would be laughing at Lena in the end, just like everyone else. 

It suddenly became clear to Lena that was so wrong. She couldn’t do this. So she stood up and grabbed her things, walking quickly out the room towards the street.

She had to breath.

Lena didn’t notice Kara running after her.

“Lena?” Kara touched her arm, but Lena flinched away. 

“Leave me alone, Kara.”

She would’ve felt bad for how hurt Kara looked, but she was too busy trying to prevent the tears from falling, clenching and unclenching her jaw several times as she looked up and down the street. 

“L-Lena… what’s wrong?" 

Lena huffed, a incredulous laugh coming out of her mouth. "Are you serious, right now?”

The tip of Kara’s nose suddenly turned bright pink, her cheeks blushing slightly, and Lena knew her best friend long enough to notice she too wanted to cry.


“This is a fucking lie, Kara! They’re spending a fortune in a wedding that's not gonna happen! Can’t you see it?”

Kara blinked, looking down, “I was just going along with Alex and Lex’s plan… they just-”

“Just what? Expected us to marry and pretend to be in love forever?” Lena said loudly. “We got wedding rings for Christ’s sake, Kara! I won't ruin my life over a stupid joke and you’re just going along with and doing nothing to stop this!”

“Then tell me to stop!”

“Then stop!” Lena finally yelled.

Kara looked at Lena as if the CEO had slapped her. She saw tears streaming down her friend’s face, but still, Lena didn’t move or took the words back.

“Then it’s done. There was never an actual wedding, anyway.”

Kara turned her back at Lena and walked inside the store, body still shaking as she cried. 

Lena locked herself in her apartment for two whole days.

She refused to receive any calls.

She didn’t want to see anyone.

She just ruined the best part of her life.

Kara was her everything. 

But she couldn’t pretend to not be in love with her anymore.

Lena sniffed as she got out of her bed, still in her pajamas even if it was five in the afternoon, and walked towards her kitchen to get some water, when she saw someone sitting on her couch in the living room.

“Mom? Shit!” She jumped, hands on her chest.

“Honey… I thought you were never going to get up.”

Lena approached her mother, sitting next to her in the couch. “How did you get in here?”

“I have a spare key, remember?” Lillian said, placing a comforting hand on her daughter’s thigh. “I wanted to talk.”

“I don’t want to talk.”

Lillian sighed, then she wrapped her arm around Lena’s shoulder, and the brunette couldn’t help but rest her head on her mother’s shoulder.

“Kara and I, we… we broke up.” Lena finally said.

“I noticed.”

“I’m sorry, mom. I knew how much you wanted us to work… but…” Lena sniffed and started crying again.

“Oh, baby. Don’t cry.” Lillian hugged Lena close, kissing the top of her head.

“I just… couldn’t… it was all a lie, mom.”

Lillian took a deep breath. “I know, baby.”

Lena raised her head. “You… you knew?!”

Lillian brushed away a lock of Lena’s hair away from her face. 

“You’re right when you say I’ve always wanted you and Kara to be together. Together, the both of you look so… meant to be. I know you think it’s insane, but it’s clear to anyone with eyes that you both are so in love with each other, but at the same time so afraid to ruin your friendship.” Lillian smiled. “Kara broke up with Mike as soon as she knew she would be coming back to National City. Eliza told me she was excited to surprise you. We had a plan to help you realize how in love you girls are with each other. We just didn’t expect it to go this badly.”

“So… Alex and Lex…”

“We convinced them to be a part of the plan.”

“I can’t believe it…" 

"I realize it now we went too far this time. I just wanted you to be happy, and you’re the happiest when you’re with Kara…” Lillian looked right into Lena’s green eyes. “When your father told me about you… I felt devastated. I felt betrayed in the worst way possible. We tried to work things out despite how angry I was at the time, because I didn’t want Lex to suffer the possible divorce process. And then Lionel took you home.” Lillian caressed Lena’s cheek lovingly, “I prepared myself to feel anger. But when I saw you hugging that teddy bear, when I saw your beautiful eyes, and how you smiled at your brother’s jokes… I loved you right away. I was your mother and you were my daughter, and I promised myself I would only give you and your brother the best of this world. Kara is the best for you, Lena.”

Lena dried her wet cheeks.

“But the wedding planning… it was all a lie.”

“Did it feel like a lie to you?” Lillian asked. 

Lena thought about it for a moment. “No.”

“It don’t think it was for Kara either. She’s heart broken.”

“I hurt her, mom.”

“Then make it up to her.”


Lillian smiled and reached for a small velvet box inside her purse, placing it on her daughter’s hand.

Kara heard then doorbell ringing, but she refused to get up of the couch and leave her beloved Netflix behind.

She was tired of Alex or Lex or even her parents calls and visits. She wasn’t sick, she just had her heart torned into pieces.

The doorbell rang again and Kara groaned, standing up and walking angrily towards the door, opening it only to come face to face with Lena.


The CEO looked like she hadn’t slept in a few days, her hair up in a messy bun and she was wearing an oversized sweater as she stood there nervously.

"Can we talk?”

Kara bit her lip, looking down as she nodded and stepped aside to ler her best friend in.

Lena stood in the middle of Kara’s living room, hands inside the pockets of her jeans. The reporter couldn’t help but find her beautiful, despite everything.

“I’m so sorry I yelled at you, Kara.” Lena finally said.

Kara shook her head. “It’s okay.”

“No, its not!” Lena took a step closer, but stopped herself after making a move to touch Kara. “I was a complete ass.”

Kara nodded, “You were." 

They stood there in silence for a few more moments, before it suddenly became too much and they ran to hug the shit out of each other.

"I’m sorry!”

“No, I'm sorry! I got us into this mess! I’m so sorry, Lena." 

Lena shook her head, cupping Kara’s cheeks, their foreheads touching. 

Kara closed her eyes and reveled in that moment. They never had a fight before and it was killing her inside. She couldn’t lose Lena. Not after finally moving back to National City where she could see that beautiful face everyday. 

She had been in love with Lena for so long now. She spent their college years seeing Lena go from one girl to another, but the brunette always came back to her. Kara let herself believe she could plan the perfect wedding, but at the end of the day it was still a lie.

"Kara…” Lena whispered. “My mom… she came to see me…”

“I know. My mother visited yesterday. She told me everything about their crazy plan. I can’t believe they made us plan a freaking wedding!” Kara chuckled. 

Lena didn’t smile, she bit her bottom lip nervously instead. 

“And we did.”

Kara frowned, “What?”

“We did plan a wedding.”

“Oh.” Kara felt herself blushing. “Yeah, we kind of did.”

“I specially liked the cake’s flavor.” Lena said, arms still loosely wrapped around Kara’s waist.

Kara hummed, “So delicious, right?”

“Totally! And my dad did schedule a shipment of plumerias for the wedding.”

“Oh… he’ll probably have to cancel, huh?”

Lena shrugged. “Maybe. Maybe not.”

She reached inside her pocket, showing Kara the velvet box that was supposed to be with Lex. 

“We planned a wedding, Kara. We really did. We have a date, and a guest list, and the flowers, the cake, your perfect dress, the wedding rings…”

Kara’s heart was racing now.

“Maybe it started as lie, but it wasn’t… for me. And I think it wasn’t for you, either. Just tell me what you want to do, and we’ll do it, Kara.”

The blonde blinked back a few tears, “I wanna marry you, Lena. I love you so much!”

Lena smiled incredulously, “You do? For real?”

Kara nodded quickly, “Yes! For real!”

“I love you, too.”

They kissed, giggling in between kisses as they whispered how much they loved each other over and over.

“Wait!” Lena pulled back, getting down on one knee, Kara’s hand in between hers, smiling like a fool. “Will you marry me?”

“Yes!” Kara responded, before tackling Lena to the floor in a hug.


“I can’t believe their plan actually worked!” Alex said, glass of champagne already in hands as she spoke to the newlyweds. 

Lena smiled at Kara, pecking her beautiful wife’s lips, pulling away and looking at the mass of people on the dance floor of the reception.

“It really did. I’m glad for my mom’s stubbornness for once.”

“What you call stubbornness I call determination, honey." 

They turned their heads to see Lillian and Eliza approaching them, wide accomplished smiles on their faces. 

Lena hugged her mother one more time, kissing her cheek lovingly. 

"How’s everything? The wedding planner is doing an excellent job. Of course I didn’t expect any less, since I hired her after doing most of the hard work.”

They laughed and Kara nodded at her mother-in-law’s words. “Everything’s perfect, Mrs. Luthor! Thank you, really!”

“Own, you girls are so beautiful together! I feel like crying!” Eliza said.

“You mean again?” Alex said with an eye roll.

“Hello, ladies!” They heard a few moments later, Lex joined them with a friend in tow. “So, this is Maggie Sawyer, my detective friend I told you about. These are mom, the bride’s mother Eliza, the bride Kara, my dear sister Lena, and the FBI un-special agent Alexandra." 

"I hate you, Alexander.” Alex said bitterly.

“Oh, a detective, such an honorable work!” Lillian gushed. 

“Maybe not as honorable as being a doctor, but thank you, ma'am.” Maggie smiled, showing off her dimples. 

“A very polite and gorgeous detective, too. This one’s a keeper, Lex." 

Lex laughed, "Oh, no, Eliza! Apparently I only find myself surrounded by lesbian friends.”

Lena shared a look with Kara, and they knew without saying anything their mothers minds were already moving to the next targets.

“Oh…” Lillian and Eliza said together, glancing briefly at each other, their eyes glinting and lips turning into little smirks. 



Anyway, enjoy :)

anonymous asked:

What makes TeruMob appealing to you?

oh! well, hm. it fits several things that i like. 

first off, it’s sort of funny because it has the ONE dynamic of a really foul mouthed rotten blonde who becomes a complete starry eyed fanboy around the flat-faced object of their affections (whether platonic or otherwise). 

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∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ Hey frog!!! I was the chubby Jolyne anon that got confidence from ur cute jojos awhile back, I’m so glad I came across your art without I wouldn’t have met such cool jojo peeps at the con and had such great fun! (I was really surprised at how many people asked to take my picture!)So thanks frog Keep on being great!!!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✨

OH MY GOD! YOU LOOK SO GREAT THAT COSTUME IS SUPER WELL MADE!! i’m so glad you had a good time!!!! you look amazing tysm for sharing these

Edgeworth teaching Trucy how to drive because Phoenix still doesn’t have a driver’s license

Curiosity – Part 3 (M)

Originally posted by kimdaddynamjoon

Pairing: CamBoy!Seokjin x Reader x Jungkook

Genre: some moRE FILTHY SMUT

Word Count: 3,217 words

Summary: How the fuck were you going to even look at Seokjin, let alone Jungkook in the eyes after what you’d seen last night? After all, you had seen your best friend, Seokjin, make your neighbour, Jungkook, suck him off. Heck, you were going to be so so awkward around them.

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four

How the fuck were you going to even look at Seokjin, let alone Jungkook in the eyes after what you’d seen last night? After all, you had seen your best friend, Seokjin, make your neighbour, Jungkook, suck him off. Heck, you were going to be so so awkward around them.

Was it weird you had downloaded some (and by some, you meant most) of Seokjin’s videos? The guy was attractive as hell, and he wasn’t badly built either. He knew what the viewers wanted and he gave that too them, but he also gave you a burning passion to just want to kiss him whenever you saw him.

You didn’t want to make your friendship weird, but you couldn’t dent the fact that you did like him. You always had but the thought of ruining your friendship always lingered in your mind, which is why you tried to forget it. That idea was going well until you saw his cam and well, everything went downhill from there. Your thoughts of love for him were now also blinded with lust.

“Dude,” you came running to your friend who had told you about Seokjin and his cams (and you’ll forever hate her yet be so thankful), “you know how you said Seokjin was…you know what.”

“Mhm, he’s really good holy shit. Did you see last nights though? Oh my god I promise you, my orgasms have never been better.”

“Okay, too much info there, but, yes I did watch it and here is the thing,” you began, “you know the guy that was with Jin?”

“The cute, sexy muscular one?”

“He’s my neighbour.”

“What the fuck- you’re kidding me!”

“I’m really not…” you two stood in silence before she spoke up. “Shit, you’re living the life!” you opened your mouth to protest but some blonde locks caught your attention that were approaching from behind your friend. “Morning ladies,” Jin smiled as he stopped beside your friend, holding his books in his hand. His hands…gosh they looked good. No, shit, this wasn’t the time to daydream over his hands oh god – but you weren’t the only ones staring at his hands. Your friend gulped and accidentally glanced down at Seokjin’s slender fingers, adverting her eyes quickly as a faint blush started to take over her face.

“Hey,” you say quickly, wanting the awkward atmosphere to disappear. “Is there something you need?” (you secretly prayed for him to say a bible cause boy, he’s sinning too much he would like your help for a cam because you would happily oblige).

“I was just wondering if you wanted to walk to class together? It feels like a while since I’ve seen you…” yeah, that’s because you had been avoiding him at all costs. “Oh, yeah, sure.” You replied hesitantly.

“Great!” he grins widely, the corners of his eyes crinkling up in the most cutest way that always, always, had you smiling back because of how ridiculously adorable the man looked. Your friend winked at you before giggling under her breath as you walked away with Seokjin, you were going to kill her later.

“So, why exactly have you been avoiding me?” He asked, looking down at you as you walked through campus. “I haven’t.” You walked as fast as your legs could take you and sat down on a seat towards the front of the class (at least he wasn’t able to talk to you about anything because your professor would be right in front of you both).

“Yes you have Y/N. Have I done something wrong? What can I do to fix it? Please tell me,” he sighed as he slumped down onto the spare seat beside you. “I’ve- just nothing its girl stuff.”

“It’s such private girl stuff that you can’t even tell your friend- no, your best friend?”

“Yeah because you’re not a girl, duh.”

“You haven’t killed someone have you?”

“Jin do I seriously seem like the person who would kill someone?” He shrugged, “You seem like you’re on your period because you’re mad at me so…” you hit his arm. “Ouch! What was that for?”

“Just because I’m mad, doesn’t mean I’m on my god damn period!”


01/12/16 | 9:56 PM

You sat there shamelessly, doing your assignments as you looked back up to your laptop every now and then, just to check if there was a popup link for a stream.

01/12/16 | 10:39 PM

Why were you still awake? Oh yeah, you didn’t want to miss an opportunity to see your best friend pleasure himself. Right, so logical.

01/12/16 | 11:09 PM

That’s when you gave up and just ended up going to sleep, you’ll be able to see the video tomorrow anyway. But you couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t do a stream.

The next day, Seokjin didn’t sit next to you, in fact, he didn’t even talk to you. It wasn’t like him to do that, maybe he was just sulky about the fact you refused to tell him what was wrong. That night, you sat there with your laptop open again, waiting for something, just anything. It was around eleven thirty pm when you decided to text your friend.

02/12/16 | 11:34 PM | You:

Hey, you didn’t get streams or whatever from Seokjin today did you?

02/12/16 | 11:38 PM | Y/F/N:

Ooh, you’re addicted now? Lmao why don’t you talk to him about it? And no, there wasn’t one on yesterday either, which is weird for him…

02/12/16 | 11:40 PM | You:

Cause I don’t want too, we’re not going on this topic over text.

02/12/16 | 11:41 PM | Y/F/N:

Alright whatever. Anyway…are you glad I told you about your dear friend’s secret ;)

02/12/16 | 11:43 PM | You:

Yes and no. I hate you for telling me but I really love you for telling me.

02/12/16 | 11:44 PM | Y/F/N:

Well, I for one, thoroughly enjoy watching him, and your neighbour lol that was great. Is Seokjin gay though like…?

02/12/16 | 11:44 PM | You:

I don’t know if he is but I wouldn’t be surprised? But yeah I agree, it’s super hot watching him…this is weird we’re bonding over my friend doing porn. Anyway I’m going to head to sleep before this gets weirder. Night!


It was the fourth day Seokjin had been ignoring you and you’d had enough (hypocrite much). After your class you headed to his apartment in hopes of catching him and talking about what was going on and how you could fix it, because you really missed him.

You didn’t bother knocking on his front door because he had given you a key to his place a few months back and you would let each other in to each-others apartments like it was nothing. Walking inside you saw no sign of life and thought that he wasn’t home – that was, until you heard a small whimper come from his bedroom. It didn’t occur to you that he could have been doing a stream, all you cared about was wanting to talk to him and make sure that he’s okay.

Without a second thought you opened his bedroom door only to reveal a (yet again) naked Jungkook, hands tied with a tie around his front as Seokjin’s hand wrapped around Jungkook’s shaft, a whimper falling from Jungkook’s lips again, the camera on the other side of his room catching your attention also.


“Do you not know what to call me baby boy?”

“Your…door…” Jin, confused, furrowed his brows and moved his head towards the door, going wide eyed at the sight of you standing there, staring back at them both.

“Do you want help, daddy?” What the hell did you just do? Jin stared back at you before his eyes turned darker, lust taking over. “I’d love your help. Why don’t you come on over here princess, let me introduce you to everyone.”

You shyly walked into his room, closing the door behind you as you dropped your bag onto the flood. Jin held out his hand for you which you took – he pulled you closer towards him gently. “Looks like you’re all really lucky, two guests in one day huh?” he chuckled a little, the comments going wild at the sight of you potentially joining.

“My princess here is going to be a good girl and do whatever I say yes?” you nodded, cheeks going red before adding “yes daddy, anything for you.”

“That’s my girl.” He smiled down at you (but it looked like more of a smirk) before putting a strand of hair behind your ear and leaning down and pressing his lips to yours. You couldn’t believe that this was happening, that he was actually kissing you, even if the kiss felt rough and needy, you’d been dreaming of this day since forever. He bit your lower lip earning a groan from you (he swore he’d never heard anything better in his life before) pulling it back a little before letting it go.

Even though you’d just kissed, you were left a little breathless. His hands came down to your sides, guiding them to your butt, making you gasp a little and place your hands on his chest. “Let’s put on a show for the viewers and dear Jungkook, yes princess?” he smirked as he hooked his finger into the strap of your dress, sliding it down your shoulder, kissing your bare skin making you shudder a little.

“Take this dress off for me, princess.” Seokjin stepped back, glancing and smirking over at Jungkook who’s knuckles had gone white from not being able to touch or do anything, daddy’s orders. You bit your lip but nevertheless, unzipped your dress and let it fall to the floor, feeling incredibly naked. Thousands of people were probably watching you and dissing you and your body, but the hard stares of Jungkook and Seokjin made it more nerve wrecking.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful, isn’t that right baby boy?” Jin raised his hand and ran it down the curve of your breasts, making you suck in a sharp breath. “Yes daddy…she’s so stunning,” he whispered out, mouth going dry at the sight, his cock getting harder if possible.

Seokjin moved the cup of your bra down, his tongue coming to flick over your left nipple. You gasped and wrapped your hand in his hair, tugging slightly. He smirked before wrapping his hot, wet mouth around it and massaging your other one as a low moan escaped you. He let go of your breast with a small ‘pop’ and stood up straight before pressing his lips to yours again, his hand trailing down to your lower region and ran his fingers over your wet panties. “Fuck…

“You like that princess? I’ve barely touched you and you’re so wet.”

“Only for you, daddy,” you purred back, running a hand down his chest making him groan a little as your nails dragged down his nipples. “Do you know what I want you to do princess?”

“What can I do daddy?” You raised your head and looked up at him. “I want you to ride Jungkook’s face, let him make you cum with his tongue. You’ll let him do that, yes?” you took in a sharp breath before whispering, “Of course daddy,” and turning to face Jungkook who was looking back at you with eyes full of hunger.

Within a few moments your panties and bra were on the floor of Seokjin’s bedroom, legs either side of Jungkook’s head as his soft hair slightly tickled your thighs. He looked up at you eagerly before turning his head to face Jin, “Daddy, can I make her feel good now please? She’s so fucking wet…”

“Go ahead baby boy, daddy’s not gonna stop you.” He groaned, wrapping his own hand around his swollen cock, glancing back down at the two of you on the bed, god he could just cum at the sight. Jungkook didn’t waste a single second after Seokjin’s words, you felt his tongue flick over your clit making you involuntarily move towards him a little more.

“Move closer,” Jungkook whispered at you, making you move up his body a little more. He licked a bold strip up your folds. “How does she taste baby boy?” Jin’s voice came out airy and in a small groan, his hand pumping himself at a steady pace. “So sweet daddy, so fucking sweet.” He practically growled at the end and dove right in, wrapping his swollen lips around your folds, sucking away as he groaned at the beautiful taste of you.

You could feel his groan more than hear it, but it did enough to make you moan his name. Seokjin gritted his teeth at the sight, maybe it was out of jealousy because he could probably pleasure you more, he hated the fact that you moaned out Jungkook’s name instead of his.

You began to rock your hips against Jungkook’s mouth slightly. “Wait, wait,” he breathed out, “daddy, please untie me, I-I need to touch her.” He whimpered out, the tightness of the tie around his wrists was getting painful (but not as painful as his erection that was still waiting to be touched). He wouldn’t mind usually but the fact you were on top of him as he had a clear view of you sitting above him, and he wasn’t allowed to touch you? That was painful.

“Why don’t you ask her baby boy, maybe she’ll say yes.” Jungkook looked up at you desperately, eyes wider than usual. “Please Y/N, I’ll give you the best orgasm you’ll ever have just please.” You nodded back at him, holding back a moan from how fucking good he looked begging for you to untie his hands. You threw the tie away somehere in Seokjin’s room and Jungkook’s large hands came to rest at your hips, pulling you closer again.

He kissed your thighs gently before looking up at you and diving back into your folds again, holding your hips down against his mouth as his tongue lapped in and around your holds, his nose rubbing against your clit slightly. Your mouth opened and a string of curses and moans spewed out, a hand of yours coming down to tangle in Jungkook’s soft brown locks. “Fuck, just like that Jungkook,” you moaned out.

Seokjin gave up on pleasuring himself, thinking it wasn’t any fun for the viewers if he was just doing his own thing, it wasn’t very as you would say, dirty. He walked on over to the both of you (but you and Jungkook were caught up in doing your own thing to even realise he wasn’t standing off to the side) and sat on the bed, taking a hold of Jungkook’s hard on making him groan into you. “Shit hyung…”

“Forgotten your manners I see?”

“N-no daddy, not at all.” Jin hummed before running his tongue against Jungkook’s slit, “what are you waiting for baby boy? Don’t keep the princess waiting, you did promise her the best orgasm yes?” Jungkook turned back to you, looking into your eyes and opened his mouth to speak, “I want you to ride my face,” he spoke without faltering, flattening out his tongue for you to place your dripping centre over.

You didn’t hesitate to rock your hips against Jungkook’s tongue, desperately wanting your orgasm to approach – moans were spilling out of your mouth as whenever Jungkook groaned (from Jin giving him the good succ lmao) the vibrations shot up into your core. One of your hands came down to your clit before it was swatted away by Jungkook, replacing your hand with his and he rubbed your clit fast in small eight figures.

Seokjin’s pink lips were wrapped around Jungkook’s head, his hand pumping the rest of Jungkook’s cock quickly. It wasn’t long before Jin felt Jungkook’s cock twitch a little signalling to him that he was close. “Come on princess, you close?” Jin’s husky voice spoke up, to which you nodded back, “come no Y/N, cum all over Jungkook’s pretty little face.” That was all it took for you to be sent over the edge as your mouth opened into an ‘o’ shape and you moaned out Jungkook’s name as your orgasm hit you, hard. He groaned happily as he felt your hot juices and swallowed them as your thighs clamped around his head.

He didn’t pull away after your orgasm though, his hands were still on your hips as he continued swirling his tongue into your sensitive core. You whimpered and tugged on his hair to try and get him to pull back, “fuck! Jungkook, t-too much.”

“Be a good girl and take it, princess. He’s not going to pull away until he cums.” Seokjin spoke up. Jungkook bought a hand up, making contact with your bare ass making you groan a little, the pain on your bottom fading out into pleasure but the borderline pain Jungkook’s tongue was giving you was still there. It didn’t take long before Jin’s skilled mouth and his fingers bought Jungkook over the edge too, a deep groan leaving Jungkook’s mouth as his cum filled Seokjin’s mouth and he happily swallowed the bitter sweet cum. He finally pulled away from your core with a sheepish smile, his mouth and chin glistening with your juices. “You taste so sweet baby.”

Jin cleared his throat. “Be good and help daddy, both of you.” You looked down at Jungkook, but he was already moving you off of him, pulling you towards the ground and you both kneeled infront of Seokjin’s erection that stood there proudly against his stomach, red and pink with a few bulging veins visible around it. You made the first move and darted your tongue out, running it across a vein of his, earning a groan from above.

Jungkook bent down a little lower, taking one of Seokjin’s balls in his hands and looking up at him. You took as much of him as you could in your mouth, moving your head backwards and forwards at a steady ongoing pace as Jungkook switched from using his tongue and mouth to his hands on Jin’s balls.

It only took a minute tops to have Jin pushing you and Jungkook away from his cock, his hand coming to pump himself at a fast pace. “Open your mouths,” he groaned out, tossing his head back slightly when he came as his cum sprayed across yours and Jungkook’s mouth and chests. He looked down at the both of you, “you both look so pretty like this,” he muttered, running a hand through both of your hair, before he realised this was all live and it needed to be finished.

“Jungkook, turn it off yeah?” The younger stood up and did what he was told, waving and turning Seokjin’s camera off. Jin looked down at you silently before offering a hand for you to get up and grabbing his shirt and placing it over you gently as he grabbed his boxers and slid them on, the awkward atmosphere not going away.

a/n: this is actual filth how did i write 3.2k words omfg i’m done with myself lmao. i hope you enjoy this!

let me know if you’d like another part :) feedback is appreciated! 

Finals Suck, but You Don’t

(A/N: This was a request but I seem to have deleted the original ask for it!)

Originally posted by j1nwoo

Member: DK
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 4906

You could never pay attention in class with him around. The professor droned on and on about something that would probably be on the final exam, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. You were too busy drinking in the sight of the sun himself, Seokmin. He sat two rows ahead of you, but you could still feel the warmth radiating off of him. He always laughed a little too loud, smiled a little too big, and talked a little too much; it was probably annoying to some people, but not to you. You found yourself slowly falling for him, which was a little bit of a problem because you’d never actually talked to him.

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So a while ago someone requested photographer!kook and I decided to combine it with the social media AU and that sounds really fun so I wanted to do it today, here is the second half of the Busan line, an actual bub with the cutest smile like when his face scrunches up a bit and his eyes do the thing and it’s just so cute, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • This is gonna be a mix of college student!kook and photographer!kook and also Instagram!Kook 
  • An art major with a hobby of photography
  • He’s forever in the art building, painting is his thing but sometimes he does quick sketches
  • That’s one of his things he likes to do, sit down somewhere and just sketch everything he sees bc taking pictures is a bit too obvious people tend to notice when he’s sitting there with a big ass camera in his hands taking pictures of everything
  • But sometimes when it’s a less busy day, he’ll bring out his favorite camera and just snap away
  • He would prefer digital over film
  • Unlike Yoongi, he prefers a more modern approach to it, he’s already busy enough with his classes and his art and his job, he doesn’t have time to sit there and develop film by hand and fiddle around with the printing process
  • He likes being able to just take the pictures, get them onto his computer and then edit them if he wants or just leave them be depending on how much time he has on his hands
  • Plus there are some really nice cameras nowadays and he has this system where he puts a lil bit of money from every paycheck into a jar and saves up for a new camera or a new lens or anything like that
  • He loves taking pictures of everyday situations but in an artistic way
  • Like he’ll be on a train or a bus and he just takes a picture of his reflection in the window with all of the other people in the background
  • But he always makes sure to hide his face with the camera or take it at an angle where you can’t see it
  • Has a popular instagram of all the photos he takes around Busan but no one knows it’s him bc he’s never posted a picture with his face in it
  • Never adds captions onto any pictures besides the location of the picture and the date it was taken like the only thing he’ll add is “5:00 bus 01/02”
  • Some of his close friends like Tae or Jimin bring up the account and are like dude this guy looks just like you and he just laughs it off
  • You were the only person who actually knew the man behind the camera/phone in all of the pictures
  • Occasionally, he would get you to be in the picture too (making sure your face is hidden too bc that’s the whole theme) and his arm would be around you most of the time, like around your waist or over your shoulders
  • There’s this one picture (it’s actually the most liked picture on his account) where he’s got you in his arms and he’s getting you really tight and his face is hidden in your hair and in the background are all the other people on the train but they’re kinda blurry bc obviously the train was moving so the camera wasn’t perfectly still
  • And the entire thing just makes it look like you two are the only ones in the world in that moment and it’s really cute and simple but sweet
  • He also takes a lot of shadow pictures and you’re featured in those the most
  • Those are the ones where he’s holding your hand while taking a picture of your shadows on the sand of the beach
  • There are also just some body shots here and there like pictures of his feet as he’s walking somewhere or his hand holding a cup of coffee with the simple caption of “essay due tonight”
  • He does love to take pictures that don’t make it to instagram and probably never will bc they hold a special place in his heart and he wants to keep them private bc he wants to be the only one to see them
  • Like a picture of you opening gifts on your birthday or getting your first puppy with him or pictures of you two cuddling 
  • They just make him smile every time he sees them so he hangs them on his wall but he never publishes them
  • He does let you take pictures of him but he gets shy when you compliment him on how good they turn out and he starts giggling bc oh my god you think he looks good rn (even though he always does let’s be real here) 
  • There’s this one photo that sends all of his followers wild with how cute it is and it doesn’t happen for a few years but it eventually does
  • It’s this picture of his hand holding yours and it shows off the new engagement ring and all the caption says is “said yes 3 a.m. 11/12”

For @reallycorking! Because she’s amazing and she’s doing such a great work with the challenge! I did this for you! Sorry if it looks weird I used a completely inappropriate paper for markers (or ink) lol.

So, think about this: they’re on a date and Kageyama starts rambling about volleyball and Hinata is ok with that because he likes volleyball too. But when Kageyama begins to talk about how important setters are and how awesome they are he starts to get annoyed. Though his anger dies at the moment Kageyama puts his arm on Hinata’s shoulder and his face is so close, god, so close he’s gonna explode. And then Hinata is gonna kiss Kageyama, he’s gonna do it. Kageyama stops rambling when he feels Hinata’s lips on his cheek.

And they kiss more because it’s better than talk about anything else.

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He would walk into the kitchen just waking up, eyes puffy, face swollen, yawning a big yawn as he sat down on a stool placed in front of the island in your kitchen and watched you as you made eggs while jamming out to Reflection in one of his big shirts and boxers and question how he got so lucky having you as his own.

Originally posted by xchiiban


He would come home from a morning run to find you in only your bra and sweatpants microwaving a breakfast meal because you wanted to be cute and say you made it for him when in reality you didn’t know how to cook. He would stare at you as you poured orange juice into two glass cups and place them on the table.

“God she’s perfect” he would think to himself before running upstairs to take a quick shower and joining you for breakfast.

Originally posted by bwiseoks


Let’s be honest, this boy probably ain’t even awake for breakfast half the time, but when he was he would offer to help cook even though he wasn’t good and would constantly burn the bacon and make a stupid joke like “you’re so hot you burned the bacon” to cover up his lack of cooking abilities.

Originally posted by bwiseoks


You would be bending down to grab a pan from the cabinet to make some eggs and hoseok would constantly be slapping your ass saying things like “you making me breakfast is the sweetest thing ever/the hottest thing ever”

Originally posted by yoohngs


Blasting American rap songs you’d be rapping along to them while making pancakes and occasionally using the spatula as a microphone and Jimin would walk in and join you, but instead of rapping the words, he would just make random noises that went with the song because he didn’t know English that well

Originally posted by bwiseoks


He’d wake up to breakfast laying on his lap with you sitting by his side with the same thing because you wanted to spend all day in bed with him because you knew how tired he was from touring. At this moment, Taehyung knew you were wife material and needed to marry you.

Originally posted by bwipsul


Anything you did made Jungkook get butterflies and chills all over his body, so making him breakfast in one of his white T shirts would send him up the wall being so madly in love with you.

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So I have a habit of livetexting everything I read/watch to the person who got me into it, and it's generally regarded as quite amusing. My dear friend Mycroft recently got me into Young Wizards, and he suggested that I put one of my livetexts up on Tumblr as my introduction into the fandom. So here goes "Iago reads High Wizardry" (lightly edited to make reading easier).
  • Iago: *picks up High Wizardry* Here we go.
  • Iago: Oh god. Setting up a computer in the nineties. This should be fun.
  • Iago: Dari wearing a Star Wars shirt makes me incredibly happy.
  • Iago: Nita's parents affronted by the fact that Dari can set up the computer without instructions is just perfect.
  • Mycroft: Dairine is the best Star Wars nerd.
  • Iago: She also likes X-Men, which is perfect.
  • Iago: "The sure way to make the world work for you was to know everything. Dairine sat home and busied herself with conquering the world." New favorite character? I think so.
  • Mycroft: I think she became like half the fandom's favorite character at that exact moment. Myself included--I can definitely relate.
  • Iago: *laughs* At least I'm in good company, then.
  • Iago: I hope Dari eventually conquers the world. We couldn't have a better ruler.
  • Mycroft: Amen to THAT.
  • Iago: Oh sweet lord Dari took the Oath we're all toast.
  • Iago: Dari with a lightsaber is a terrifying thought.
  • Iago: Dari's going to have an affinity for computer systems, isn't she?
  • Iago: Awwwww, Nita's upset that Kit didn't notice her new boobs!
  • Mycroft: Also consider this- since Dari took the Oath, she could probably make a lighsaber out of wizardry if she really wanted.
  • Iago: Oh sweet minty Jesus we're fucked.
  • Iago: Oh look, Dari's created a second computer.
  • Mycroft: It's always good to have backups...
  • Iago: It's her Wizard's manual, isn't it?
  • Mycroft: I'm saying nothingggggg.
  • Iago: It's totally her manual. It's fucking taking her to Mars as we speak,
  • Mycroft: Okay yes. That is a thing.
  • Iago: Obviously that means she has an affinity for computers. I'm a writer. i know these things.
  • Iago: It also means that she might have and easier time with wizardry that Kit and Nita, because she just has to command the computer.
  • Mycroft: Brace yourself for the "computer wizard" puns. They're gonna happen.
  • Iago: YUS
  • Iago: How convenient is it that two of the *four* North American Senior Wizards live within relative spitting distance of our main characters?
  • Iago: Wait, puberty gives you more power? Fuck, why wasn't *I* a wizard? That could have made things a hell of a lot easier.
  • Iago: Souls are one to a customer *on this planet*? The hell does that mean?
  • Mycroft: It's a big, weird Universe out there...
  • Iago: Fair play to you.
  • Iago: Ah, the trouble with going to a place about which you know nothing: you find yourself talking to the luggage. I wouldn't be surprised if, at some point, Dari used the wrong verbs and ended up kissing a complete stranger.
  • Iago: Ah, planet-hopping youth. Always expecting something they're familiar with, when someone more experienced would know not to expect anything.
  • Iago: "Tentacled" being used as a way to describe how people get around brings me much joy.
  • Mycroft: SAME. Also, welcome to the Crossings. You'll be seeing a lot of it.
  • Iago: Oh boy. That sounds ominous.
  • Mycroft: Well, I mean it's a popular travel hub.
  • Iago: Fair enough.
  • Iago: Oh my god are those actually dinosaurs.
  • Iago: Holy shit it's like a bloodhound but it's a dinosaur yes good I approve of this.
  • Iago: Oh shit, now she's covering her trail. How the hell are Kit and Nita going to fin her
  • Iago: God, this galaxy sounds beautiful.
  • Iago: Kit and Nita in a "permanent partnership". *waggles eyebrows*
  • Mycroft: INDEED.
  • Mycroft: They're so adorably awkward.
  • Iago: Especially at thirteen and fourteen. This is perfect.
  • Iago: And we're back to Nita considering asking Kit what he thinks about "things".
  • Mycroft: Bless her beautiful relatable awkwardness.
  • Iago: Yes, Tom, tell the magical children to go to major law enforcement authorities. That can't possibly backfire in your face.
  • Iago: planet-sized computer chip = yes good.
  • Mycroft: Wasn't it terrifying when Dairine thought she'd fried her Manual. Stranded in the middle of a distant unexplored planet is not the greatest time for that.
  • Iago: It was too far from the end of the book for her to be dead just yet.
  • Iago: Ah! She's teaching it and everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.
  • Iago: Oo! Dairine's manual is learning, too!
  • Iago: Oh god is she going to make the planet a wizard
  • Mycroft: ...MAYBE
  • Iago: Goody.
  • Mycroft: By the way, you didn't say anything about the Doctor's cameo...
  • Iago: Oh, of *course* that was him. I was wondering why he felt familiar. Which incarnation was that supposed to be?
  • Mycroft: Five. He's Diane Duane's favorite.
  • Iago: Ahhhh. Makes sense why I didn't quite catch it, then. I've never seen a Five story, and I really know very little about him.
  • Iago: oh god it was a *birthing* room?
  • Iago: "Kit, I didn't do it for you 'some'. I did it for you 'pretty much'."
  • Mycroft: YES GOOD JOIN US
  • Iago: Also, That Fucker just blew up a star to kill Kit and Nita. How rude.
  • Mycroftt: Are we calling the Lone Power That Fucker now because I totally approve
  • Iago: We totally can. I figured that capitalizing the first letters of any creative epithet I come up with would get the point across.
  • Mycroft: And it totally did.
  • Iago: Aw, Dairine's making friends with the circuit turtles!
  • Mycroft: With!
  • Iago: Is that its name?
  • Iago: Apparently not. Too bad, that would have been cute.
  • Iago: Gigo's nice, too, though
  • Iago: Mycroft I want a circuit turtle
  • Iago: Oh my god Dairine has just created a new race.
  • Mycroft: YUP
  • Iago: Good lord she *could* take over the world.
  • Mycroft: I would probably support this.
  • Iago: We wouldn't be able to stop her. We probably wouldn't *want* to stop her.
  • Iago: Oh dear god the circuit turtles are going to take over the Universe
  • Mycroft: I think it's more like... reprogramming
  • Iago: They're going to remake the whole damn thing!
  • Iago: I legitimately do not know what the Lone Asshat wants from this encounter.
  • Iago: Oh my god Dari has just used one of my favorite lines.
  • Iago: "You're so full of it that if you had eyes, they'd be brown."
  • Iago: Ah, mental contact. Solves everyone's problems
  • Iago: *flailing* Dari!
  • Iago: Nita and Kit showed up in the nick of time, and honest to god I was waiting for a, "Surprise, bitch."
  • Iago: "One might be intending to cripple or destroy that Power, but there was no need to be rude about it."
  • Iago: AND WHY NOT
  • Iago: RUDE IS FUN
  • Iago: PEACH
  • Iago: *incoherent shrieking*
BTS x Carnival!AU

i decided to compile all of these together from the au game for those of you who missed it or wanted all the members together!! ~


  • definitely a magician
  • knows like basic card tricks but can also do illusions and escape from like ropes or handcuffs
  • wears a cape even though yoongi was like that’s corny but namjoon doesn’t care he thinks it looks cool
  • and like whenever he puts on a show he’s dressed all snazzy and has like white gloves on and looks like those magicians from like the 20s it’s kinda cute how much he gets into character
  • he like pulls you up and offers to saw you in half and you’re like ,,,, oh my god no,,,,, no thank you and he’s like awwww too bad,,,,but then he’s like you know what it’s good i don’t want to hurt a pretty thing like you and you’re like did this magician just flirt w me
  • and tbh the rest of carnival bangtan sitting in the audience is like ,,,, did namjoon just flirt??? because that’s not part of the script
  • after the show namjoon somehow shows up in front of you like pulls flowers out of his sleeve you’re like ???? oh my thank you???
  • and he’s like suddenly rubbing the back of his neck getting all shy he stutters and like some cards fall out of his pocket and you bend down to help him pick them up and you guys bump heads and it’s cute
  • and he’s like um,,,,here you go,,,,,
  • and he passes you one of his cards (it’s the ace of hearts) with his number on it and he’s like jUSt in case you WAnna let me Take you on a Date,,,,i won’t ask to cut you in two hahaHA
  • and you’re like omg that’s so c*rny but also,,,,adorable


  • ok ok ok but can you imagine like,,,,,dangerous carnival acts hoseok???
  • like he juggles fire??? or like swallows swords???
  • and like usually he’s just smiling on stage like he looks like a blooming cute flower but then all of a sudden he’s like eating swords like it’s nothing or breathing fire and everyones like holy SHit
  • or like he dances with fire and it’s so pretty but so dangerous and like everyone just can’t believe such an innocent happy person has the capability to do wild crazy things like this
  • and you’re like part of the carnivals on site medical staff just in case someone gets hurt on the rides or something but tbh you’re always stressing out about hoseok
  • and like you visit him before shows and you’re like ??? you’ll be ok right?? you know your safety precautions??? and he’s always just smiling at you like of course im a pro!!! like pats your head and kisses your forehead like i promise not to burn or stab myself so don’t worry
  • but hoW Can YOU NOT he’s SWALLOWING SWOrds for gods sake but at the same time you see how happy he is to make the crowd cheer
  • and when he comes back you’re just thankful he’s alive each time and you like hold his face and tbh you’re like ,,, im sorry i just want to like touch you to make sure you’re ok
  • and hoseok bites his lip because like you Can keEP touching him like hE Doesn’t mind he likes your ,,, soft touch,,,,,,,,
  • hoseok making a heart at you with his fingers and then his fingers bursting into flames and you’re like OH YM gdo and he’s like no no don’t worry it’s just a trick i know hehehe


  • runs the fortune telling booth at the carnival and basically reads tarot cards for cheap
  • he like vaguely knows what he’s doing, but he gives off this mysterious aura and he’s really hot so people go to get their fortunes told even if they know that it’s kind of fake
  • imagine jin in like a little booth sitting at a velvet table with like flowers surrounding him and candles it’d look like something out of a movie but nope he’s just your regular carnival fortune teller
  • and he’s such a flirt tbh he like holds your wrist and is like i can hear your heartbeat~ are you excited for what the cards will say~~ and tbh is this fortune telling or fanservice who  k n o w s
  • and you visit the booth one day because your friends all did it so you go in and see jin sitting there with his flowers and candles and you’re like alright lay it on me
  • and jin’s like ahh you’re here for love right? and you’re like nope can you tell me if im going to get a better job this year and jin’s slightly taken back like uh oh,,,
  • but he keeps his cool like whips out a fan to cover his face like let’s read the cards ~~~ and you’re like this is a joke and he’s kind of like ,,,,,ok yeah but listen it’s my job and you’re like you’re too handsome to be working here?? have you considered modeling
  • and jin’s like oh,,,,well i mean,,, and he knows he’s handsome and whatnot but you’re so straightforward that it kinDA flusters him
  • but basically you kind of end up just talking to jin and you’re like well ill come back soon and you leave and jin is just like holy shit ,,,,, i can’t stop thinking about this person even ice-cream boy jimin doesn’t get this deep into people
  • and idk jin like tries to read his own fortune to see if you’ll come back to him because wow you’re interesting,,,he’d like to see you more often,,,


  • taehyung has to wear the big costume of the carnivals mascot which is like a squirrel and it’s so hot he hates it but like
  • he’s got enough energy to dance around and all the kids adore him so it isn’t thAT bad
  • plus at least he doesn’t have to clean up on any of the rides or sit in booths doing absolutely nothing
  • but every now and then he takes the top of the costume off and underneath he’s got a tanktop on cuz it’s too hot and he drinks some water and he’s you know glistening with some sweat like his hairs stuck to his forehead,,,,,he looks,,,,,,,,,good
  • and you’re like let’s say you also work at the carnival but you don’t have like an animal costume you have like a fairy costume and like part of your job is to do a little dance with taehyung
  • and it’s cute taehyung like twirls you around and like it’s all fun and games until you think about how he looks under the costume and you can’t help but get red in the face
  • you guys probably meet up with the rest of the guys that work their at the end of your shift and like taehyung’s showered but he’s still in his tanktop and like jeans and you’re like my heart and he throws an arm around you and is like my cute dance partner!! how you been?? and you’re like ahhh,,, and like yoongi is looking between you two like oh oh i see
  • and suddenly yoongi is pulling the rest of carnival workers bangtan away and you and taehyung like walk together and taehyung’s like you look cute in the fairy costume, but like this you’re even prettier


  • works the ferris wheel and honestly wishes he could work at the haunted house instead cuz it’s so much cooler than this big wheel that’s extra boring
  • jungkook swears if he sees another couple making out in one of the compartments he’s gonna gag
  • sometimes he purposely plays bad music to ward the couple’s away but like they still come (and manager bang pd is like jungkook stop playing what does the fox say that song is h o r r ib l e and jungkooks like i KNow that’s the point)
  • and for the most part he sits there bored playing on his nintendo 3ds and then one day you get hired to work the ride across the ferris wheel and oh my god
  • jungkook does like a 180
  • all of a sudden he’s playing corny love songs??? like ‘run’ by bangtan boys who even is that??? and the whole park is like what’s up with jungkook he looks like he’s in a daydream
  • but the minute you like lover at him jungkook ducks behind the ticket stand because oh god no he can’t look at you face first??? you’re way too cute?? waaaay too cute
  • and ice cream boy jimin’s like hey jungkook you like that person right and jungkooks like WHAT and jimin’s like yeah it’s obvious and jungkooks like shUt up jimin go eat some ice cream and jimin shrugs like hey maybe ask them out
  • and jungkook’s way too nervous honestly at some point you’d have to be assertive and go over and be like hey you’re cute why don’t we ride this ferris wheel when you have your day off
  • and jungkooks like swallowing like like ,,, a date/?? and you’re like yeah a date and he’s like o o k,,,, and you wake away and jungkook for the first time in his life is like THANK GOD I WORK AT THIS FERRIS WHEEL


  • ice cream boy jimin walks around selling ice cream to whoever comes to the carnival and just being as sweet as the snacks he sells
  • gives extra sprinkles to little kids because they’re cute and always gets scolded by manager bang pd at the end of the day for it hehe
  • wears the white and red striped shirt and the little boat hat and it makes you giggle the first time you see it and jimin turns like every shade of red
  • he actually got so distracted by how cute you were he ended up dropping the ice cream cone he was going to give taehyung all over taehyung’s outfit and taehyun was like jIMi n bang pd’s gonna kill ME but jimin was completely absorbed in how cute you looked that he was just like uhuh
  • you go over to by some ice-cream and you’re like which is the best flavor? and jimin wants to be like my lips~~ but he’s not that corny so he gets flustered and is like um u m u mmmm strawberry???
  • and so you get strawberry and you’re like how much? and jimin is like oh yes um uh just um 1,000 won and you’re like but it says on the box that ice cream is 4,000 won and jimin’s like haha discount???? (because you’re so darn cute)
  • and so you give him the (right amount of) money and you eat some ice-cream and get some on your chin and jimin’s like um,,,,your chin and you’re like oh!! i don’t have a napkin??? and literally yoongi in the back like jimin you idiot wipe it for them come on it’s so obvious
  • but jimin is like i Can GO Get YOU one PLEASe waIT
  • and he runs off and you’re like a little sad he didn’t catch on but he’s so cute and adorable and flustered and yoongi gives jimin a lil smack on the head afterwords like theY WERE FLIRTING JIMIN and jimin is like WA I T WHAT


  • works at the skeeball games and absolutely hates it
  • wears the dumb bright uniform shirt and cap, even has a fanny pack to match which if you make fun of - he will lose his shit about. respect yoongi’s fanny pack
  • but anyway he knows the games basically rigged and if someone is really sweet and nice he usually is like hey you should go try your luck somewhere else but if you’re like an asshole he’s just laughing at the fact you will never win behind your back
  • but since you’re a nice person just trying to win some tickets to get that stuffed fox at the prize center, and also yoongi kinda thinks you’re cute he kind of coughs under his breathe like ‘cough go for the fifty point one cough just throw it a bit more to the left cough’
  • and you’re like oh and you try it and you score and you’re like omg thanks and he shrugs it off like it’s no big deal but when he sees you go get the fox and how happy you look over the toy he gets happy to
  • forces ice-cream boy jimin to give him free ice-cream
  • is thankful he doesn’t have to wear a fursuit like taehyung in the heat and dance around in the parade