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When You Come Home (Epilogue)

Part OneTwo, Three12 Days

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: The real finale.

Warnings: Just have fun, honestly.

Word Count: 12,303


Wow, you guys. That’s seriously all we can say. Like man, it’s been an adventure of a lifetime, lemme just say that. I mean, we can’t believe we wrote this entire thing (and that alone was so much fun, holy moly), but the fact that you guys enjoyed it?

We’re seriously so emotional. You guys have no idea.

Thank you so much to all of you that joined us on this journey. It’s been such an honor to receive such incredible, touching compliments on a daily basis, and we can’t stress how much we truly love you. Our hearts are so full of love for each and every one of you, and we’re so grateful to have been able to share a part of our hearts (and insanity) with you.

I can’t tell you how much yelling has been going on behind the scenes– Well, I’m sure y’all could imagine, but take whatever you’re imagining and multiply it by ten thousand. All of this yelling has been because of all of you (this is supposed to be a sweet sentiment, just take it, we’re hoarse, omg).

Again, thank you so much for your support, kindness, and love. We love you all so much. Thank you for making us two very happy dorky nerds. You’re all so amazing.

And so it’s with great pleasure that we present to you the epilogue.

- Team GTNW -


As much as you wanted to jump right into the next chapter of your life with the absolute love of your life, you knew it was best to let time run its course. The two of you decided to spend some time apart to just let things rest for a while, to regroup and think about what comes next, to prepare for the journey that was to come.

You’d both come to the agreement that you’d spend the next two months living your own lives, submerging yourselves back in the mundanity of work, giving the universe a much needed break (or rather, maybe the universe needed to give you guys a break).

That was the plan. Except two weeks after your reunion on the fire escape, your phone dinged with a new text message.

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My Favorite What If - Part 2

Masterlist  -  Part 1

Summary: You run into your childhood friend Steve and wonder if you’ve missed out on a good thing.

Prompt(s): for @tatortot2701 ’s AU Writing Challenge!: “Please don’t tell me you got arrested again.”

Warnings: swearing, very very vague allusion to abuse

Word Count: 2987

Author’s Note: I don’t know team. I queued this when I posted the first and I’ve been dreading today all week. I am just not confident in this parrrrt. I’m having a meltdown. The floof. The angst… I just don’t know. Thanks queen bee for helping me figure out how to bring this monstrosity to an end @denialanderror.

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Driving has always been cathartic for you, and somehow last night you found yourself making the 3-hour drive back to your hometown in the hopes of pushing out the memories that kept creeping into your head. Obviously this is the last place to run from the past, but maybe it’s time to face it so you could finally let it go.

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Your story about Betty having a baby with Jughead but him not knowing is so good! I love the plot, if your up for it could you please write a part 5?!?

Okay! Thankyou!

Hunter padded through the upstairs apartment, his little feet making faint thumping sounds as he rounded the corner, running directly into Jughead who was cleaning off the living room table.

“Woah there, you got changed pretty fast. Are you some kind of superhero?” He raised a brow, bending down to the tiny toddlers level.

Hunter smiled wide and excited
“Superman. Mamma calls me super man!” He explained.

Jughead glanced up at the blonde in question as she leaned against the doorframe, a pair of child’s sized socks and a stuffed dog in her hands, she smiled at the two boys.

“Oh really?” Jughead questioned “well I’ve been told superman can fly? Do you want to try it out?”

The dark haired boys eyes grew wide with excitement and he looked to his mother for approval, something Jughead took note of. When Betty nodded and nudged her head, hunter clapped
“Yes please!”

Jughead picked up his son and lifted him in the air, putting him on his shoulders and running around the apartment as hunter squealed happily and clutched his father by the neck. After a few minutes Betty stepped into the room, her eyes shining with something Jughead couldn’t quite place.

“Alright my little airplane, it’s time for bed. I know hotdog sure is tired.” She held out the little white stuffed sheepdog, it looked eerily familiar to Jugheads childhood pet and it just so happened his pets name was hotdog as well.

“Okay mama.” The tired little boy agreed jovially, he was so simple, so obedient. He couldn’t help but stare in awe as Betty took him from his arms, she had raised him right.

The tiny makeshift family made their way to the light blue bedroom and Betty placed her son onto the soft grey sheets.
“Alright what’ll we have tonight?”

Hunter looked up,
“Jughead reads to me?” He asked, pulling an old soft cover edition of curious George out from under his pillow and holding it out to Jughead.

Jugheads eyes went wide and he glanced over at Betty, it was his turn to ask for permission. Betty’s eyes were surprisingly soft.
“Sure bug. Ya know Jughead used to read to me all the time. I remember him being pretty good.” She settled beside her sleepy son and Hunter patted the open space beside him.

“Cuddle. We have to” he explained in an almost bored tone. Apparently this was not up for discussion, not that Jughead was complaining.. at all.

Jughead began reading the book and smiled when both Betty and Hunter giggled at the best parts, almost near the end he felt a soft hand clutch his forearm, he looked up to see Betty with a finger on her lips as she glanced down at the now sleeping toddler.

They both slowly pulled themselves off the bed as Betty dropped a kiss to Hunters forehead and Jughead stared down, cautiously brushing a strand of dark black hair off of his sons face. When the door closed, Jughead slumped against it, he hadn’t realized how much love he felt for the little boy but after that.. it was a lot to take in.

“I’ll meet you in the kitchen.” She smiled reassuringly, she always knew when to give him space, Now was one of those times and he watched her walk from the hall.

His son was amazing, he was smart and kind and beautiful. He had missed so much of his life but there was still time, he could still show him what it meant to have a father, someone who loved him endlessly. And then there was Betty, she was so strong to do this all on her own, and then to let Jughead back into their lives, just like that. Not to mention she ran her own business as a single mother. She was amazing, she always had been. He wasn’t losing this, he couldn’t lose his family. It was something he never thought he could have, growing up his family had been in pieces, they were separated and he was always torn between two halves, he saw firsthand the way it destroyed his mother, he would never let that happen to Betty, not on his watch.

He moved into the kitchen and smiled when he saw Betty resting against the counter, two beers in her hand. She smiled when she saw him, holding out the cold beverage and taking a sip from her own.

“So daddy? How’s it feel?” She wasn’t being sarcastic or nasty, she was genuinely curious, if not a little nervous.

Jughead smiled dreamily
“He’s great, he’s so bright and well behaved. You’ve done such a good job Bets, I never thought.. I just… he’s such a good kid ya know? And he’s half me.” He shook his head disbelievingly and Betty laughed, taking him by the hand and leading him to the couch.

“I know, it still amazes me everyday. I’ve never regret a day of my life ever since I had him. He’s made me whole, given me something to live for. The first half of my pregnancy was … rough.” She explained, taking in his guilty eyes.
“It’s not your fault Juggie, it takes two to tango. I just thought… I didn’t know why you had left and my dad.. well let’s just say he didn’t want to have another daughter disgrace him, he told me a few times I would be better off dead.. and after hearing that so much, you start to believe it.”

Jughead fists clenched the arms of the dark brown couch, he wanted to kill Hal Cooper, he was a miserable excuse for a man. He prayed to god that man never crossed his path, sure he had grown but there would always be Southside in him, something popped in his head

“What about my dad.. does my dad know?” Jughead asked.

Betty shook her head and looked away.
“I went to see him, a few times actually but he wouldn’t let me in, I wrote letters and camped outside the trailer. I just wanted him to know.. but.. he wouldn’t let me in.”

Jughead bit back his growl, good old dad.

“You’re not him Jughead.”

He looked up surprised, even after all these years she could still read his thoughts.

“How do you know?” He asked desperately “I’ve never been a father, I don’t have the best example to look up too, how do you know I’m not just like him?”

Betty turned her body towards his on the couch
“Because then it would be okay to say that I’m my mother, I’ve proved myself as a parent so far, it’s your turn now.” Her hand raised to cup his cheek.
He closed his eyes, taking in the soft fingers he had always loved, the feeling of her touching his skin sent lightning shocks through his entire body and before he had a chance to speak a word her lips were on his.

After the immediate shock wore off, he devoured her, pulling her onto his lap, his hands hungrily touching every part of her body, he couldn’t get enough, he couldn’t get close enough. She was a drug, heavy and addictive but she was also rehab and without her he would fade away. He had her slammed against the kitchen cabinets in seconds flat, her lips came to his ear and she whispered

“Take me to bed Juggie.”

That.. well that he could do.

7th year Hufflepuffs

You just know that the Hufflepuff 7th years “adopt” a new 1st year (from any house) and protect them the whole year, because that child is not just some 11 year old witch or wizard, oh no- that child is the son/daughter of the graduating Hufflepuff year.


* 7th year and Hufflepuff prefect, Gabriel Truman sits down with the rest of Hufflepuff for dinner one October evening.

* Abby Bones, one of his closest friends, is in the seat next to him practically praying to the slice of cake she was devouring.

* Gabriel, who is used to this behavior, notices a first year boy sitting at Gryffindor table. He is a little tall for his age and has dark brown hair, in his hands is a Remembrall.

* Gabriel smiles a little when he sees the wonder in the eyes of the kid who clearly has no idea what he’s forgotten.

* Then Gabriel’s happiness turns to confusion as a young Slytherin boy takes it from him and starts to mess with the kid Gabe is already so fond of.

* That’s when he (and the rest of the Hufflepuff 7th years) decided that Neville Longbottom would be their 1st year.

* Just before Christmas rolls around Neville revives a letter that says “you’re absolutely stellar Nev, and Hufflepuff is rooting for you!” -G+Co.

* Neville is of course more than surprised when he sees this but the Fat Friar later informs him about this Hufflepuff tradition and Neville is ecstatic!

* This time he was the special one and people were looking after him. It was all he could do to keep himself from telling all his new dorm mates.

* Not that is wasn’t super obvious, Hufflepuff had a blast watching over Neville. There were always at least two Hufflepuffs near Neville at anytime and every time Draco Malfoy tried to make fun of Neville Abby would just stare him down waving her wand in the air suggestively.

* Soon enough not only was Neville safe from harm he had friends, real friends. Like Ginny and Luna or Dean, Seamus, and Ron. He could even say he was friends with Harry Potter. The Harry Potter!

* Exam time was coming up for 1st years and some of his favorite times included studying for herbology with his favorite 7th years.

* One time Harry and Ron were sneaking out of the common room in the middle of the night and Neville tried to stop them. He stood up to his friends, by himself. He knew he would we okay with out his friends looking after him.

* Once they graduated things were different for Neville, but good different. He was a new Neville, a better Neville and it was thanks to their help.

* Being the loving Hufflepuffs they are many of them would still write Neville and he would reply as soon as humanly possible.

* By 6th year Neville barley had time to write to anyone. With DA and Voldemort’s return Neville’s life was different again, bad different.

* He wanted nothing more than to see his old Hufflepuff friends but now he could barley be with his friends that were in the same year as he was.

* By 7th year almost all of his friends were gone Dean, Ron, Hermione, Harry, Luna… the list goes on, but he knew he had to support the cause, fight the fight, so that good could win. And he could get revenge on Bellatrix Lestrange.

* He ended up leading Dumbledores Army that year and sent out letters to all his old friends that a war was rising and he needed help.

* He was nervous about the letters, what if they never got them, or had just ignored them; forgotten about Neville. Or worse, what if they weren’t even- no he couldn’t think that way, he had to stay confident.

* It was the battle of Hogwarts Neville was in the room of requirement standing on a chair in front of almost 60 Hogwarts students. They were ready.

* Suddenly a fourth year Gryffindor came running into the room, panting and yelling something about a bunch of adult witches and wizards all there to see Neville Longbottom.

* The room immediately broke into whispers and arguments about what to do. Neville had to keep his cool, he knew it was probably some ministry goons sent by Lucius Malfoy, to try and put a stop to D.A. But Neville made it very clear he would not let anyone stop them.

* They all cheered and yelled while Neville walked through the crowd to go see who it was.

* Nine Men and Women were all standing together talking in rushed whispers. Neville was confused, who were these people? He was too far away he couldn’t tell. He quickly sped up and that’s when he noticed.

* In their hands they weren’t clutching their wands, like most were, (because you never know when you may be attacked.) they were holding each other.

* He had only ever seen that kind of trust three times before. The first, in a picture of his parents, during the first war against Voldemort. Another time was between Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest of the DA during 5th year. The other time was the unspoken trust every Hufflepuff had for one another. These were no death eaters.

* As soon as he realized his fast walk became a run and he yelled “Truman!”

* One tall wizard with black hair and round glasses turned to see Neville’s dirt covered, smiling face. Nevilles stopped in his tracks a few feet in front of them all.

* “No…” Gabriel whispered but a smile began to find its way onto his face and he looked at Neville. “Neville? Little Neville Longbottom.” Almost unable to believe that this tall strong confident man was the same little insecure kid they knew all those a years ago.

* Neville smiled and gave a sheepish “yeah” not sure what to do

* Then as if they could read his mind all of them went as quickly as they could to hug Neville and get a look at how much he had grown after 7 years.

* “Oh my god Neville!” Abby managed to say between laughs of happiness. “If we had known you were going to turn out to be this good looking we would chosen some other first year!” She joked and Neville laughed.

* “I couldn’t be here with out you” he said and one of them, Elise Hart, punched his shoulder playfully “Come off it!”

* “No really.” He said emotional but serious. “I wouldn’t be who I am today without the love and support you all showed me that first year.”

* “Neville” Gabriel started to say and another one, Josh Larnam, put a hand on Gabes shoulder. “It was our pleasure.”

* Neville grinned and then said “Well, are you guys gonna fight or not?”


(This sorta turned into like a little au but its real cute so I’ll go with it)

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Jimon "Are you flirting with me?”

The thing is, Jace is a perceptive person. Had to be in his line of work and all his of his training demanded it: know your enemy, know your surroundings, be ready for any scenario.

So, yeah. Considering the amount of times this skill has saved his and that of the people under his charge, he’d say he’s quite perceptive. Which is why is the whole Simon situation disturbed him so much.

At first it’d seemed pretty normal. Simon was hanging around the Institute every other day, looming over them and asking all sorts of pointless questions. In other words, pretty standard Simon Behavior. At the time Jace just assumed it had something to do with Clary.

And it’s Simon, so to say he was acting weird was like stating the obvious, but this was a brand new kind of strange. For example, one morning he and Clary were sparring and Jace knocked the feet from under her. Simon literally clapped and cheered. 

It was two weeks before he realized Simon was standing around him even when she wasn’t there.

“So, uh,” Simon had said, leaning over the table a crooked smile on his face. “What does this thing do?”

Jace frowned at him, looking up from the blueprints he’d been analyzing. “That’s a knife. It cuts people?”

Simon threw him honest-to-god finger guns. “Right. Savage.”

Jace nodded at him, impatient, and got back to work.

“And, uh… Do you like using knives?”

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The Great Outdoors

A/N: My first AU! This was written for @tatortot2701 ‘s AU challenge and it was a lot of fun. It was supposed to be a short little thing, but it turns out I am one wordy son of a gun and it kind of got away from me. Oh, well. I hope you enjoy it! If you notice any errors or have any comments, don’t hesitate to let me know!  

Summary: You and the gang go camping. Could this be the weekend you finally make a move on Steve? Mostly fluff.

 Warnings: Language and drinking

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things my cousin (who used to go to catholic boarding school) said while watching bare: a pop opera

*obviously there’s gonna be spoilers you’ve been warned*
Epiphany- “Ew flashbacks- wait so his favorite flavor of popsicle is d-d-d-d-dick”
You and I- “Stranger danger and odd euphemisms”
Role of a Lifetime- “Protect my child”
Auditions- “and they all think he’s heterosexual?”
Plain Jane Fat Ass- “ME BITCH”
Wonderland- “ayy kids wanna buy some drugs”
A Quiet Night At Home- “Protect my other child”
Best Kept Secret- “*just crying*”
Confession- “if this bitch spills the tea”
Portrait of a Girl- “see don’t slut shame”
Birthday, Bitch!- “I’m just gonna sing this to you on your birthday while everyone else is singing happy birthday”
Are You There- “he already fuckin knew”
911! Emergency!- “come out come out wherever you are”
Reputation Stain’d- “….daaaaamn”
Ever After- “We gotta write a fairytale with gay heroes. That’s it. It’s our life goal.”
One- “can you believe? i cannot- just- the audacity…”
Act Two
Wedding Bells- “Let’s stop it here look they got married there’s that ever after.”
In The Hallway- “woah lotta things”
Touch My Soul- “is this another weird euphemism”
See Me- “him gay”
Warning- “‘am i supposed to feel sorry for her…cause i don’t’”
Pilgrim’s Hands- “YEE MA BOIS”
God Don’t Make No Trash- “it’s me when you came out to me”
All Grown Up- “use protection, kids”
Promise- “shit. is. going. DOWN.”
Cross- “man fuck off he can be gay”
Two Households- “this is fucking me up”
Bare- “wait this is too cute to end well”
Queen Mab- “is he good”
A Glooming Peace- “NO HE’S NOT”
Absolution- “he’s fine. he’s fine. he’s fine. no he’s not damn it.”
No Voice- “i’m a broken woman”

{Reaction} EXO and your foreign language.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by sugutie

Chanyeol would be amazed by your bilingual ability, the fact that you could speak so well in Korean even though it isn’t your native tongue would impress him beyond belief since he knows how hard it is to learn a new language.

Chanyeol: “Wow Jagiya, that’s amazing. Now, will you teach me how to swear in your language so I can curse at Kyungsoo-ah without him knowing?” *giggling*

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by kaisooshipper

Every time you would speak on the phone to someone at home he would always watch with admiration on his face. He would be in awe at your language and how beautiful it sounds - or maybe it’s just beautiful because of the way you say it.

{y/n}: “Why do you keep watching me when I talk on the phone to my mum, Kyungsoo? Don’t worry, I didn’t say anything about you.”

Kyungsoo: “I know… I just think you’re amazingly talented”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by sebyunie

Baekhyun would probably be the kind of person that is so set on impressing your family that he implies he is good at speaking the language when in a matter of fact he doesn’t know any at all.

Baekhyun: “Jagi I just told your parents I’m good at speaking your language so you better get the textbooks out and a fresh coffee it’s going to be a long night and they’re arriving here tomorrow at 12.”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by visual-jongdae

Sehun, even though he wouldn’t show it, would be very impressed about your ability to speak in two languages.

{y/n}: “Yes I speak it fluently, and no it isn’t an easy language to learn.”

Sehun: “Give me a month, sweetheart”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by yixinqs

Lay would be a gentleman and would probably go to the extent of learning enough of your language to have very basic conversations with you in your native tongue.

{y/n}: You really don’t have to learn my language, Lay, you’re busy enough as it is.

Lay: No, I enjoy it. Plus it makes me happy to see your face light up when I speak it” *Is a literal sweetheart*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Minseok would love the way that you peak so differently to him and would be in awe at the difference and the beautify of the unique language. At first, your Korean would be pretty broken up, so it would be hard to have conversations with him since your Korean wouldn’t be easy to understand.But Minseok being the gentleman he is would do everything he can to help you out. He’d use pictures, pointing and some sort or charades to help you communicate. However, Minseok can have very different personalities, so be prepared for his adorable encouragement (“well done, jagi your pronunciation is improving!”) to his other forms of encouragement (“Our conversations might not be big, but you know what is”)

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by exoxoolf

Jongdae would appreciate how difficult it is to learn a new language and how difficult it is since he had a lot of trouble when studying Mandarin, but it doesn’t mean that he won’t tease you on the occasional mess up.

Jongdae: “No Jagi you can’t call me Appa! No, Appa is not the same as Oppa, please don’t confuse the two.” *Would turn into a blushing mess*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by zitao-vevo

Tao’s language isn’t the best when it comes to Korean, so he is very empathetic when your Chinese doesn’t always come out right. Knowing how difficult it is, he would always try and help you out whenever you mispronounce or use the wrong words.

Tao: “Here {y/n} try it like this, it makes it easier to write out. You’ve nearly got it though.” *Also likes it when you compliment on how helpful and smart he is*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by wugalaxy

Suho would be impressed by your ability to speak both languages, and since your Korean is good, he would be happy to have conversations with you. He spend a little time learning English, so he does appreciate how hard you must have worked to get your Korean at this standard.

Suho: “You’re so amazing, jagi… maybe one day you can teach me to speak your language.”


Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Luhan would come to a misunderstanding when trying to translate messages you had been exchanging with someone you were significantly close to.

“Jagi… why did you call this man butt? Do you like his butt?”

“Oh god no! Luhan its Welsh slang for a friend!”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by intokai

Kai wouldn’t be too bothered if your Korean wasn’t good, all that mattered to him was that you liked him and had passion like him. He’d fall for a girl based on good vibes and a connection, not by the way she speaks. If he likes a girl enough he will put aside differences. Since his crush has grown significantly he’s spending more time researching things to say and impress you.

Kai: “Everyone dances the same, we don’t need language.” *grinning as he pulled you into his chest and started slow dancing, swaying in the living room without a worry in the world.*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by incrediyeol

Since Kris is a master of languages himself, he would see this as a challenge to master yours. Not just for his pride and flirting skills, but also because his crush on you in genuine and he wants to impress you.

{y/n}: “Kris you’re crazy, you already speak four languages.”

Kris: “Well guess who’s about to make that five.

Just a lil mob AU thing I’ve been working on for awhile now. Finally finished it! Basically Jack finds a picture of Rhys in his old school uniform and unexpected feelings ensue. 

Jack had been somewhat surprised when Rhys had brought up the idea of going through his father’s things.

In the immediate weeks following the man’s death, most of those more personal items had been boxed up and locked away into the now deserted bedroom. Rhys had hung onto the more utilitarian items—furniture, dishes, light fixtures—that lacked the sentimentality that might send Rhys into that too quiet, too still state that made even his stoic bodyguard uncomfortable.

It danced in Jack’s mind to steer Rhys away from going through those more personal items, but though the omega would often listen to his council, he was growing a far thicker stubborn streak than he had had in the past. Jack had gently asked him if he was sure only one time, and when Rhys affirmed it, he let it go, only staying close and providing physical and fragrant comfort as he sat with Rhys on the floor sorting their way through the boxes.

Things had not been well organized. Clothes and toiletries had been crammed in alongside paperweights and magazines, the boxes bulging near the bottom from the haste of packing. Jack had not been in this room since he had helped Rhys to put the boxes up here after his father’s death. A thin layer of dust crusted over most of the cardboard, floating in the light filtering in from the barely drawn velvet curtains as they sorted through the belongings.

Jack rolled his dress shirt up to the elbows, kneeling next to a smaller, flatter box filled with what appeared to be several leather-bound books. The first couple he leafed through seemed to be classics, including an edition of War and Peace with a freshly cracked binding, while the next couple seemed to be dog-eared medical books from at least a few decades past. He set those aside in a small stack as he picked up one of the wider books and set it in his lap. He opened it, peeling away plastic pages that stuck together, his eyes widening at the sight laid out over his thighs.

“Rhys…what are these?” An affectionate smile curled over his lips as he scoots over to where the young omega is rifling through his father’s old office supplies.

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Remembering Robb Stark. The north remembers

He is a boy no longer, she realized with a pang. He is sixteen now, a man grown. Just look at him. War had melted all the softness from his face and left him hard and lean

- thoughts of Catelyn Stark

Gods be good, why would any man ever want to be king? When everyone was shouting King in the North, King in the North, I told myself … swore to myself … that I would be a good king, as honorable as Father, strong, just, loyal to my friends and brave when I faced my enemies … now I can’t even tell one from the other. How did it all get so confused? - Robb Stark

Pilot Plays Sims part 2



- i mean hes a grown ass man but oh my god im actually so embarrassed

- I made myself sleep on the couch 

-Nino close the bathroom door if you are taking a bath 

- stop splashing you are an ADULT 

- why is my sleepwear without PANTS

- okay but this kitchen though. wait freaking mop that up what is that

-traits for nino are music lover, bro and creative. gotta say i nailed it on that one

- okay youre about to pass out but YOU GOT A PROMOTION CONGRATS

- why is literally the only person i know nino? do i just not talk to anyone at work, like no thanks ive got Nino im good

- pretty accurate tbh

- no. why were you even salting it. what are you doing im just trying to make mac n cheese for Nino because hes tired TRY HARDER

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Imagine Jamie's POV the day Claire showed up in his printshop in Voyager.

Samhain dawned cold and overcast. Another grey morning in Edinburgh – no different from the day before, and likely no different from the days to come.

Jamie blinked awake in the quiet of his loft. Still half-asleep, he reached beside him – acting purely by reflex – only to feel chilly, slightly damp plaster under his fingernails.

So it had been a dream.

He sighed and rubbed a hand over his tired eyes. She had been so *real* – if he closed his eyes, he could feel her still.

Jamie raised his trembling hands in the half-dark. Hands that bore her touch. He had no other physical reminders of her, save those on his skin. Being able to feel her, always, had kept him from going mad.

He flexed the stiff, scarred fingers of his right hand. He still had a ball of rags in the top drawer of his dresser, and used it every now and then – as Claire had shown him – when his fingers locked from tinkering with the printing press. Just as he still had the pale scars on the backs of his knuckles from when she had set and fixed the shattered bones, after Wentworth.

He examined the palm of his left hand, tracing a fingertip over the tiny C she had carved in the base of his thumb the night before Culloden – the last night they had spent together. The last night he had been alive – had been whole.

It was a great comfort, knowing that her touch was on him with everything he did – with everything he had done, good and ill, since they’d parted.

As much as he ached for her – longed for her, burned for her – he knew he could not offer her a good place in his life. A cramped loft above a printshop was no place for any woman – let alone Claire. She should have a true space of her own, surrounded by friends and family – as befitted her place as the wife of a respectable but decidedly unprosperous printer. Keeping company with smugglers and French madams was no life for her.

But he was so selfish. He wanted to hold her, smell her hair, feel all the curves of her body melt against his. To be vulnerable with her, and bury his face in that secret spot in her neck just to hide from the world for a while.

Was it so bad that he would do anything – give anything – just for a few minutes with her?

He had had to be so strong, for so many people, for so long. Only with her had he never hesitated sharing his fears and doubts. She had held him, healed him, understood him. Loved him – beyond all reason.

Jamie closed his eyes and called Claire’s face to him. Doing this always calmed him. But the edges of her face had gone soft now. She had begun to fade in his memory. He had lost her presence – but not the memory of her. And now he was losing that, too.

His eyes jerked opened in absolute terror.

Oh, Claire. Oh, God – Claire.

Jamie shifted under the scratchy wool blanket. Her absence was a physical part of him – as much as the stripes on his back – and, like a scar, part of him that was always just – there. Part of him that was dead.

He’d thought some of the loneliness would go away with the foolish marriage to Laoghaire. And it had, for a time. But sharing a physical space with someone did not – could not - repair the hole in his heart. And when she had turned away from him, he had been surprised to feel no shame or disappointment – just relief. And this had only compounded his sadness – his loneliness – his grief.

Better live a solitary life in the printshop, sharing nights and dreams with a long-gone wife, than a life surrounded by people who pitied him for his past – and a wife who shrank from his touch.

Claire had never pitied him. She’d never let him pity himself, either.

And he had sent her away.

Twenty years. She’d been gone more than six times the length of their marriage. A marriage that was almost half of his life ago.

Why had those three short years been the only time he’d felt alive?

The child would be grown – perhaps even have a bairn of his own. Good God – he was the father of an adult now.

And Claire. How had the years touched her? Doubtless she was as lovely as the first time he’d seen her – shivering in her shift, freshly fallen through the stones. Any man with eyes in his head would desire her.

Like her husband – the man with Randall’s face.

Jamie physically recoiled. He’d sent her back to him, after all. But the thought of any man – especially that man – touching her made him feel sick.

Slowly he eased upright. No use thinking any of these thoughts. It would do no good. Would never change anything. Better to move on with his day, shut all these feelings away again. Go back to a life where absolutely nothing reminded him of her.

It was a life with no discernable future, full of emptiness and uncertainty. But solid with the knowledge that he’d done right by her – and the bairn.

Quietly he dressed in the half-light and tied back his hair. He ate a few stale bannocks he’d taken from the tavern the night before, climbed down the stepladder to the printshop, and turned over the sign in the door.

Better to start repairing the printing press, and get a head start before customers started trickling in.

Gintama manga chap 635

Dear Gintama gods and Sorachi-sama,

Wherever Kouka may be right now, she has got to be proud of her two precious babies for having grown up to be such strong, mature and capable adults. Of course the journey for her firstborn to reach this point took a much longer route and he even needed a good beating from his baby sister to straighten him out, but at last he’s become the man his mother would have been proud of and the older brother that Kagura could depend upon. Sure he still looks a little crazy in the eyes, but at least his insanity is focused in a more appropriate and productive way now. 

My heart actually ached a bit when Kamui mentioned their mother since it only reinforced how much he still misses her. I love that he is fighting this battle not as a pirate or a Yato, but specifically as her Yato offspring, to show what kind of great individuals Kouka, the last Yato of her clan, has produced.   I loved that with just that simple declaration you immediately made this fight for both him and Kagura personal. During the Yato family battle, my only lament regarding the Kamui vs. Kagura portion of the fight was that it went by far too quickly, so much so that when Gintoki jumped in to help, I wish he had stayed out so that the two siblings could duke it out longer. At the time never would I have thought we would have the opportunity to see Kamui and Kagura fighting side-by-side against an enemy; this arrangement is so much better! They could go all out on that ‘roided-out Tusken raider Yato without me having to worry they would end up killing each other. Of course I still worry for their well-being—after all, they are facing against an ancient Yato who might easily be stronger than any one of them—but I much rather see them direct their pulverizing punches and kicks towards an outsider rather than each other.  Not to mention, I’m hoping that as a united front (and perhaps some miraculous artificial sunlight) they will be able to somehow neutralize that pumped up Yato.  Considering how reminiscent his physique is of Housen’s, I think it would be quite poetic if they defeated him the same way Gin-chan defeated Housen: by leading him underground to Yoshiwara just so they could maneuver him into the perfect sunlight spot once dawn broke to deliver knock-out blows. I’m sure it will take a little more effort than it did with Housen since this guy probably hasn’t been living underground for decades, but I’m sure you’ll find a way to add a variation that will make his defeat both a callback to before and unique at the same time.

Since the focus now will be primarily on the Yato siblings’ fight against the common enemy, all I ask is that you take your time with this battle and make it as gloriously violent and amazing as it deserves to be. With apologies to everyone else in space and on land, I want Kamui and Kagura to be the only ones in the spotlight. Of course it would be great if everyone could bear witness to what Kouka’s children could do (especially Okita…he needs to see what he will be marrying into), but please let this be just their fight. Abuto and Shinpachi could provide an explanatory narrative of the fight if they’d like, as they’re wont to do, or better yet, you can keep them busy fighting the other Liberation Army hordes who are still pestering everyone, but I hope no one jumps in to help the siblings because I firmly believe they are completely capable handling this monster on their own and I look forward to watching them defeat him with just their own two hands (and feet).

Speaking of Sougo, I want to thank you for giving consideration to my request from last week and actually letting him and Kamui cross paths. (Well, honestly, I am just assuming they did because Okita was hanging around Gintoki the last time we saw him, so I am guessing he is at the forefront of featureless Shinsengumi members that were behind him when he met up with Kamui and his gang.  One of those guys looked like he had Okita’s hair anyway) True, Kamui and Sougo didn’t continue with their fight from before nor did they even appear to exchange words, but the fact that you literally just had them come across each other was enough to satisfy my silly fangirl heart. Now if you would just let him hang around to watch the fight and be absolutely amazed by the almost humbling spectacle before his eyes, I will be ever so grateful.  

Yours truly,

A silly fangirl with yaoi dreams


PS: again, this is purely on faith, but I’m also going to assume that is Hijikata right behind Gintoki so I wanted to thank you for letting them be relatively close to each other once again.

i feel like if you’re negative about deckerstar right now you’re looking at the ship the wrong way. and i’m not saying that to be mean or harsh, i just. i really think that. cause like - the thing is i always knew they’d be a slowburn ship? i never assume endgame ships to get together before like end of s3 the earliest. that’s the way the epic ships work, friends!! 

you know, this episode was so good for them. cause it showed just how much lucifer has grown as a man (i’m tearing up) and how he’s seeing that he’s made mistakes, but i think he’s getting that he needs to own up to stuff - that he has to move on. forward. and by god, literally, whether he actually left her that message or not he finally gets that he has to tell her his truth, he understands he has to be honest with her and if it was a dream he subconsciously knows that she will accepts his flaws. do you see how big that is for him? for them? and the fact that chloe took him aside and finally fucking said, “hey, i know you’re hiding from me and i’m tired of it. i need you to trust me.” is clear that she won’t take his half assed explanations anymore. and if he didn’t send it, and he is missing - she’s a good detective, she’s smart. she’ll see that something is wrong! have faith her. and if we get to see her and maze - you know, their mutual best friend who would also know something is up - team up to find him. imagine. oh my… the possibilities are incredible.

we’re truly on the the road to her knowing the truth in season three and i have never been more sure of that as i am now. i’m so excited for what the writers have in store for them and for the show in general. don’t give up on them because they’re just finally getting started.

Voltron Goes to Walmart
  • Keith finds a notebook that says “hello hottie” on it
    • He chucks it at Shiro
  • The team finds some easy bake packets and hands them to Coran
      • “Here, you can cook these”
  • Lance spots a skateboard and tries to ride it
    • He falls on his ass
    • “Kiss it better Keith?”
      • Keith punches it better
  • They find Allura getting high off the candles
    • “It’s called Altean Sunshine, it smells like rainbows.”
    • Hunk has to drag her away by the collar
  • Keith goes missing at one point
    • Pidge ends up finding him
      • He’d wedged himself in a cooler
  • Lance walks around a corner with a tennis racket around his neck
    • No one knows who hit him with it
      • Coran’s money is on Pidge
  • Hunk tries to ride around in a Lighting McQueen mini car
  • Speaking of mini cars, Shiro hijacks one that looks like a cop car
    • But the King of Safety needs a helmet
    • So he grabs a rainbow-unicorn one and burns rubber down the bike isle
  • Pidge pretends nothing’s there when something’s camo
    • Coran’s confused as fuck
  • Allura finds a plastic snake and shoves it in the car
    • Shiro goes ape shit when he sees it
    • Screaming, pointing, incoherent shrieks along the lines of ‘get it the fuck away ohmygod' 
    • The whole nine yards
  • Lance isn’t allowed to go near the knife section (apparently Walmart has a knife section, who knew)
    • They learned their lesson the first time
      • “I swear, all I did was pick it up.”
  • Keith manages to open all the glitter in the craft isle
    • They find him making glitter angels on the floor
  • Lance walks around with a Despicable Me fart blaster
    • Hunk trails behind him with an arm full of Littlest Pet Shop animals
  • Pidge contorts themselves into a two by two foot bin
    • Nearly gives a store worker a heart attack when he pops out
  • Keith tries to shove Lance into one of the garbage cans
    • He also tries to stab him with an American flag
    • Hunk gets both on tape
  • Hunk also manages to get stuck in the ball pit
    • No one knows how
  • Keith gets lost
    • He calls Lance
    • “I’m in the soup isle”
      • Lance fucking looses it
  • They go to the clothing section
    • Keith finds a tee that says ‘Some people just need a high five in the face’
    • Lance tries and fails to get a sports bra on
      • Allura almost kills him
    • Pidge parades around in something that says ‘low battery’
  • Coran’s fascinated with the stack of pinwheels he finds
    • He spends a good ten minutes trying to make them all spin at the same time
  • Allura finds a princess scepter and brandishes it for a straight half hour before Keith can tear it away from her
  • She’s also the one to smack the candy Lance snuck in clear off the checkout line
    • The cashier looses all color in their face
  • Lance also managed to find a plastic ukulele with Rapunzel on it and managed to serenade Keith without getting strangled
    • The only reason he survived was because Shiro was able to hold Keith back
  • The guys are mortified when they have to walk past the pad isle
    • Lance tries to shove Keith past
    • Keith flips out and does this weird dance to stop from going in
    • Shiro peaks around the corner then dashes across
      • “I … I made it.”
    • Coran doesn’t know what’s going on
      • Decides whatever’s down the feminine hygiene isle is scarier than Zarkon
    • Allura and Pidge stroll past the idiots
      • “Get a grip dickwad! It’s just a pack of pads!”
      • “Gah! The forbidden word’s been spoken!!”
      • “Lance for the love of -”
  • Pidge peddled around on a children’s tricycle for a good ten minutes
    • Then he went missing
    • Hunk found him a little while later playing playing Bananagrams on the floor of the board game isle with a random old lady
  • Lance follows Coran around with a pink toy vacuum cleaner
    • It makes popping noises
  • Allura finds a weird ass toy
    • It’s a green variant of an octopus crossed with a donkey
      • “Coran look! It’s a Snargleflogkmer!”
  • Keith puts on a batman cape and mask
    • He won’t take them off
    • He also finds a red lightsabre
      • Won’t let go of that, either
  • Shiro somehow burrows himself in a shelf full of stuffed animals
    • Allura was the god forsaken soul unlucky enough to find him
      • Imagine a fully grown man popping his head out next to a care-bear
      • Poor Allura
      • At least she got to whack him with her re-stolen scepter
  • Hunk and Allura tear apart the Nerf isle
    • “Surrender the neon archery set!”
    • “Never!”
  • Lance finds a children’s cooking set, complete with fake oven and plastic stickers for timers, and tries to give it to Coran
    • He’s almost killed by the fit of rage that ensues
  • Keith finds Allura using the stores sport equipment to do yoga
  • Pidge manages to break open a bag of ping pong balls and Coran is the unfortunate soul stuck watching wide eyed as the plastic spheres of doom roll towards him
  • Lance starts styling the hair over every doll on the toy isle
  • Hunk finds a giant ass sponge bob plushie and won’t let it go for the life of him
  • Keith becomes obsessed with a spy kit meant for 8 yr old girls
    • ‘Includes lip gloss voice recorder with real lip gloss’
  • All in all Walmart’s a mystical place and team Voltron is never allowed back
  • Oh, and Zarkon would be obsessed with these
All I Wanted; C.H. 18

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10**, part 11*, part 12*, part 13, part 14, part 15**, part 16, part 17

“Did something happen today or?” I start off when Calum keeps quiet for the first five minutes he has occupied my sofa. I don’t know why, but he kind of worries me. What on earth would be so off that he thought he needed to talk to me about it? Usually he brushed it off, acted like nothing was wrong and he didn’t have a care in the world.

“Not today no. But it’s everything building up. It seems like when I breathe I do something wrong with her. You spoke with her, did she say anything?” Calum groans loudly and drops down on my sofa, laying horizontally as he gazes at me upside down.

“She had some indifferences with Michael, that’s all we spoke of. And when we spoke after it seemed like those issues were resolved. So if there’s anything else, I don’t know of it.” I shrug my shoulders, sipping my glass of coke as I keep my gaze trained on the television in front of me. Meredith had become such a sensitive subject for the both of us and I didn’t want to say anything wrong – after all, it was his sister.

“That shouldn’t be a reason to treat me like crap. It’s my life and she should stay out of it.” Calum huffs angrily as he sits up again, his back facing me while he also focuses on the television.
“What do you mean by that?”

“Well,” Calum turns around as his frown seems never ending, “she is constantly nagging me that I should stop sleeping around. That I shouldn’t spend my own money on parties and alcohol or my mates. That I ain’t home enough. That I’m never there for her. The only reason I’m never there is because we always fight when I am.”

I don’t know what to say, because whatever I want to say wouldn’t be wise. Sleeping around? Partying? I know he had a few of those years behind him but I was kind of hoping those were over now… Right? The second I start tryig to find confirmation in my own mind, I know I am either going insane or - much, much worse - I am having a hunch. I hate it when I have a hunch.

“Well maybe Meredith is just worried about you. After all, she does care a lot for you and you as well as I know that partying, drugs and alcohol aren’t a very healthy life style.” I shrug my shoulders, wisely keeping my mouth shut about all the women he is referring to. I might not like the number he can pinpoint.

“You’re sounding like her now. Patronising.” Calum seethes and I can’t help it but visibly roll my eyes. “Don’t fucking do that.” He continues, and by now he has me laughing dryly as I cross my arms over my chest. “I’m sounding like someone that cares about your well-being. It’s something different.”

“Stop trying to overrule me with your logic, Y/n. I don’t like it.” Calum laughs, standing up from his spot on the sofa to drop beside me, an arm thrown over my shoulders.
“So you’re saying you can take me saying it, but not Mer?”

“Seriously, stop.” Calum squeezes my shoulder and I laugh when I feel his warm, plump lips press against the side of my head. “But I do see your point.”
“I’m not saying you’re the only one who is at fault because you know damn well that isn’t true. But sometimes both of you have to cross the bridge to meet in the middle.” I speak, turning my head to a puzzled Calum as I crawl closer to his warm body.

“Don’t you both always have to walk if you want in meet in the middle of the bridge?” My mouth falls open as I slap Calum without a second thought. “Don’t be so mean, you get my point.”

“I’d advise you to try and talk with her, try and reason with her. Tell her what’s up – and that you’re a grown ass man that can do what he wants. Although I swear to god if drugs get involved I will personally castrate you.” I giggle as I watch Calum stare at me in horror.

“Well then I should be glad I’m not planning on using anytime soon. Don’t worry, Y/n. I’ll try and talk to her. Hopefully this can all be forgotten as soon as it started.” I hum in response, my fingers slowly dragging along the tattoos on Calum’s arm. “Good.”

“You know; I have to work tomorrow. Maybe you can convince Meredith to join my mates again? I’d like to see you.” Calum smiles like a child as he drops his head on my lap, my fingers immediately threading through his thick, unruly hair.

“You know, Meredith doesn’t always have to be near me. You make it seem that we’re attached at the hip.” I chuckle, raising my eyebrows at Calum when he turns his head from the television towards me. “It’s not like that,” Calum begins, his hands grasping my free hand as he starts playing with my fingers, “I mean that she could become jealous if you decide to hang out with her boyfriend, his mates and me.”

My mouth forms the shape of an ‘o’ when I realise what he’s implying. “Well if you state it like that, I understand you, yeah. I’ll see what I can do.” I smile, leaning down to press my lips against Calum’s, freeing my hand from his grasp and letting it drag along his abdomen.

He sits up so quickly I barely have time to respond. His knee pushes between my legs and within a second, I’m flat on my back with a very thirsty looking Calum dangling over me. He leans down, slowly letting his body glide along mine as he covers it completely in his warmth. His upper arms are resting beneath my head and his lips are kissing their way up to mine, leaving me a whimpering mess beneath him.

Our lips meet and I let my hands cup his jaw before they slide along his shoulders and back. I don’t make any attempt to stop him, although for certain reasons I can’t give him what he asks for tonight. After a few minutes of kissing, Calum’s hands wander down towards my hips and I break our kiss rather abruptly.

“You know, as much as I like your presence, I sort of was going to study when I got home.” I laugh, pushing a very willing Calum off of me, a whine of protest leaving his lips.
“Well then, time for a break. I’ll help you relax..” Calum chuckles, his lips attaching to my neck and I let out a small moan before I try to push him away again with a giggle.

“I haven’t even started yet!” I press my lips to Calum’s as I cup his face before I sit up again, out from underneath him. “Okay. But next time I’m not letting you go that easy though.” Calum laughs as he sneaks in another kiss. “Then now, you study. Chop chop.” Calum laughs as he pulls me upright and pushes me towards my books scattered on the table.

He leaves me with a bear hug from behind and a lingering kiss against my goose bumps covered neck. “And I’ll see you tomorrow.”

You guys ready??

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“Say something you idiot!” Chapter 1

(So here’s my fic! or a chapter of it at least haha. Let me know it you guys want more okay? Special thanks to @deathofamemer for being the beta reader.)      

      It had been four days since Jon died, Eduardo still couldn’t believe it. Even standing right before his grave. He had visited it everyday now, placing flowers or just looking at it. “Jonathan Bowley” it said. Eduardo stood up, wiping tears from his eyes. He could still see Jon’s face, bloody, bruised, and smiling. Goddammit, why did he smile? He was fucking dying, and all Eduardo could do was insult him. He was an idiot. He sighed and turned around to walk back home and listen to music or something. Who knows anymore.

Keep reading