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she’s a handsome woman // panic! at the disco

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

James: You’re smiling. Did something good happen?
Aleks: Can’t I just smile because I feel like it?
Aron: Trevor tripped and fell in the parking lot.



“ Losing him/her was blue like I’d never known. “
” Missing him/her was dark grey all alone. “
” Loving him/her was red. “
” Forgetting him/her was like trying to know somebody you never met. “
” Remembering him/her comes in flashbacks and echoes. “
” But moving on from him/her is impossible. “
” When I still see it all in my head, in burning red. “
” Loving him/her is like trying to change your mind. “
” Fighting with him/her was like trying to solve a crossword. “
” Oh, losing him/her was blue like I’d never known. “


“ Nice to meet you, where you been? ”
“ I could show you incredible things. ”
“ You look like my next mistake. ”
“ Love’s a game, wanna play? ”
“ I can read you like a magazine. ”
“ I can make the bad guys/girls good for a weekend. ”
“ So it’s gonna be forever or it’s gonna go down in flames. ”
“ Cause we’re young and we’re reckless. ”
“ You’re the King, baby, I’m your Queen. ”
“ I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream. ”


“ Cause, baby, now we got bad blood. “
” You know it used to be mad love. “
” Now we got problems and I don’t think we can solve them. “
” Did you have to do this? “
” I was thinking that you could be trusted. “
” Oh, it’s so sad to think about the good times, you and I. “
” Did you have to ruin what was shiny? “
” Did you have to hit me, where I’m weak? “
” Still got scars on my back from your knife. “
” All these things will catch up to you. “


“ I go on too many dates. ”
“ At least that’s what people say. ”
“ Can’t stop, won’t stop moving. ”
“ Cause the players gonna play. ”
“ Baby, I’m just gonna shake. ”
“ Won’t you come on over, baby? ”
“ I’m dancing on my own. ”
“ I never miss a beat. ”
“ That’s what they don’t know. ”
“ You could’ve been getting down to this sick beat. ”

for arts night, musical theatre is doing a cover of alexander hamilton but based on the life of hercules (the demigod) and i might post it here if y’all are interested

i might post it anyway it’s pretty good

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Imagine some of the hornier yanderes finding out they bagged themselves a borderline nympho who might not exactly like them as a person but damn if this isn't some choice pussy/good dick they ain't had ever and would totally try to gtfo and escape if they hadn't basically met their carnal needs. Would they be down, feel weird about it or would it put too much pressure on whoever kidnapped them to continously sexually perform to avoid having to lock them up all the time?

Every time he thrust into you you’d moan sweetly through the gag, wanting more of his length but unable to do anything as you were bound tightly, his growls and deep laughs only turned you on more as he slammed deeper and deeper, finally filling you with that sticky white you’d come to adore. You wanted more, all over… Your tongue, your chest, deeper inside you.

“That should show you…” He smirked as you panted, still arched in a pleasurable after soreness that appeared the minute he’d pulled out. When he removed the blindfold you couldn’t help but gaze at his strong form, it was intimidating, he was so big. When he removed your gag your pouted lips turned into a small smirk.

“Oh I’ve learned my lesson, daddy.” You smiled, biting your lip as you gazed at the elder Shimada, his eyes widening as he looked down at you, gulping a bit.

“I… I seem to have misheard…” He blushed a bit, trying to keep his composure.

“Did you really think you could get a top mafia assassin so easily?” You panted, “I’ve read your profile, Mr.Shimada and I liked what I saw…I’m liking it a lot more know realizing just how you punish your prisoners…” He backed up a bit, his face burning obviously. “Cmon Hanzo… I’m all tied up..interrogate me.”

He glared down at you, assuming what you were doing was distracting him. “I will not be tricked.” He growled, smacking you across the face as you gazed up at him lustfully, beginning to pant and bite your lip. He huffed, pulling out his phone to send a message before walking towards the door. “If you like fornicating so much then we’ll see.”

“Oh?” You smiled softly, trying to look over to see what he was doing. He’d opened the door moments later, a young man in rather trendy clothes with pale green dyed hair walked in. His eyebrow was pierced and you could tell when he spoke that his tongue had it too.

“Brother you better be serious.” He laughed, “I walked away from an amazing fuc-” He stopped as he gazed at you. “So I get her all to myself?”

“Yeah right.” He sighed, “You’d kill the poor girl, we’re just gonna interrogate her.”

“Some good cop bad cop?” He smiled as he walked over, unzipping his tight black jeans and lowering them a bit as you blinked in awe. Hanzo smirked as if he’d gotten to you, but you were just fantasizing at the thought of the two brothers fucking eachother then fucking you. Genji smirked, lowering his face to yours. “Lets see if we can break you.”

When they’d finally positioned you onto the younger boy, it was as if you were riding him. “I thought you were gonna tag team me…” You pouted a bit.

“Eager isn’t she?” He smirked as he rammed his fully erect cock deep inside you without hesitation or preparation, you moaned in pain and pleasure as he tore you, surprisingly large for his slim figure. He growled a bit as his soft brown eyes began to glow a deep red, your own widening as he grabbed your hips to bounce you up and down on his dick roughly. You wanted to wrap your arms around him but they were cuffed behind your back, you’d almost forgetting the older brother until he interrupted the younger Shimada’s rapid thrusts.

“We’re here to break her..” He smirked, stepping behind as he kissed your shoulder blade before burying his teeth in your shoulder. “Not show her a good time.” He growled, lining himself up as he slowly pressed into your ass, causing you to clench your eyes shut in pain. Fuck it was so good, you wanted a break but the two were relentless, tearing you with their girthy cocks with every thrust until both finished deep inside you, leaving teeth marks in your neck on either side.

When you finally came to, you weren’t hand cuffed, they didn’t expect you to be able to walk after that.

“Brother, she’s waking.” Genji yawned as he buttoned up his shirt. Hanzo smirked, walking over to lift your dazed face by the chin.

“Had enough…?” He smirked as you blinked weakly, his grin becoming toothy.

“Next time… I want big brother Hanzo in my mouth…” You’d smile dizzily as he backed away, Genji laughing at him as if to say, ‘Good luck with that’.

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Wait, Good boy like bad girl? Which blog? Tell me,noona!! Sound so good i need asapf >♡<

Good Boys Like Bad Girls by @wildernessuntothemselves 

I’m gonna be honest here… that story is hard core fem dom and not for everyone.  I’ve never been a big fan of pain, flogging, spiked chastity cages, etc… but the way it’s handled in this fic is so intriguing.  They psychology that motivates both characters is fascinating and believable – and it’s what makes the whole story.  The physical pain that is endured is nothing compared to this looming sense of dread and hope.  I’m terrified for what might happen to the main characters.  The angst levels are off the charts on this one and the way it’s written, the potential for crushing heartbreak is really high.  I’m hoping for an eventual happy ending, although I might die from anxiety caused by everything that happens in between.


Happy blog anniversary! Enjoy xx


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The day is gloomy and rainy on the window and through your sleep filled eyes, you can see the drops hitting the window forcefully. Harry’s tummy raises and falls with each breath he takes and his hand is on the nape of your neck, warm and gentle, fingers tangled in messy stands of your hair. 

The feeling of peacefulness is overwhelming as your head rests on top of Harry’s chest, his heart thrumming steadily under your ear. Although the atmosphere is filled with peace and quiet, inside, your mind is swimming.

You’ve been awake for quite a while now, both of you. He’d pulled you on top of him for a cuddle after he went down to the kitchen to whip you both up some breakfast while you brushed your teeth and got back in bed after your meal. You’ve been like that for an hour now, the TV humming low in some cooking show that you knew he liked watching, but couldn’t focus on that. All you could think about, all you could feel was the heavy, toe curling desire that had settled low on your center and tingled on the tips of your fingers, spreading through your body like a slow but all consuming flame.

You had no idea where it came from or why you were so hot and bothered in the first place, but it was making you mad. Everything was tipping you off - the color of his skin on the morning light coming through the window, the way his taut and defined stomach moved with each breath he took, tattoos seeming to gain life with the movement, how warm and sturdy he felt underneath you, the smell of his skin mixed with yours, the innocent touch of his fingers in your hair … everything

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ALLURE | Eric x Reader - Part 6

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A/N: This is a long one, but you guys deserve it for being so patient with me during finals week. You can find the masterlist here. Smut warning!

You tapped your foot on the floor until you noticed Eric giving you an annoyed glare. You stopped immediately and crossed your legs, looking toward Max’s desk. You heard Eric grunt but you continued to stare off into space. The door clicked open and you both stood up as Max entered the room.

You had spend the last night in the dorms, as Four had suggested, even though Eric protested endlessly. You woke up in the middle of the night to someone walking around, about to yell out for Eric, only to realize it was one of your fellow initiates going for a late night bathroom run. Sighing quietly to yourself, you had slammed your head down on the pillow and went back to sleep. You went to breakfast with Lucie only to be immediately pulled away by Eric. He dragged you to Max’s office and well … here you are.

“Sit please, both of you,” Max said without looking at either of you. You again sat and made sure to cross your legs, preventing you from unconsciously tapping your foot. Eric was already on edge, you didn’t want to further aggravate him.

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You Will Refer To Me As Daddy

Crowley x Reader Smut

Request: Maybe like a smutty Crowley one shot? Make it really rough with a daddy kink! Dom/sub! Stuff like that!! Thanks!!!

Warnings: um… It’s smut and also heavy Daddy kink w/ Dom/Sub themes

Author’s Note: Um… I’ve never done smut before so I hope it’s not horrible also coming from someone who hasn’t exactly experienced a lot in this subject/category so just bear with me. (Also I didn’t know if you wanted like a story to this or just like smut so I kind of tried to shorten it but add somewhat of a story)

When Crowley asked you out on a date you were slightly confused, you knew who he was, so you knew how powerful and influential he was in the demon world, or hell you might say- but you didn’t know what he exactly wanted from you- per say, but then again- it was Crowley. So of course you said yes, you’d be happy to get drinks, which is how you ended up here. 

Crowley and you were currently sitting in his mansion, drinking various liquors. It didn’t seem like much for a date, but you were just content being in his presence… “So.. I have to ask- why me Crowley? Why am I here?” You finally ask your burning question. “What? Am I not allowed to ask a strapping, suitable young lady over for a drink and a simple conversation?” he replied cockily. “I suppose… Is this all you have planned for us tonight?” you ask hinting towards a change in activity since you were starting to get bored. “Well, I may have had a few other ideas…” He smirked seductively to his drink, not wanting to look you in the eyes just yet. You got up and walked over towards him, where he was standing near the table with all the bottles full of liquor, you put your drink down and lean in towards his ear “What kind of ideas?” you asked confidently as you had somewhat of a buzz going on. Crowley put his drink down and turns around, grabbing your waist, pulling you flush against him. He leans down toward your ear nipping, biting somewhat gently “Look at you, getting naughty, are we darling?” he pulls away, crashing his lips to yours somewhat harshly, passionately, you lick his lips, asking for permission, well, permission granted it seemed as you slipped your tongue into his mouth, both of you fighting for dominance. You wrap your legs around his waist as he begins to move you both into the master bedroom.

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Sudden Love

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Title: Sudden Love

Characters: Reader (Y/n) / Kim Jongin

Genre: Smut

Note: Haven’t posted in a bit. I got a Yixing smut in my dash too so that will be finished soon. Hope ya like it!


“You didn’t have to drive me home.” You glanced over to Sehun who pulled his car slowly into your apartment driveway. “Yeah I did. You think I was going to let my best friend’s girlfriend walk home from downtown Seoul in a neighborhood like this?” He chuckled, letting his eyes roam to the odd looking houses that surrounded your apartment.

“Well thanks, I guess.” He shifted the gear and popped the lock to the car door. “Again, no problem.”

You hopped out of the car along with your jacket and watched as Sehun pulled out of the driveway and drove off. What a dork.

“Jongin, I’m home.” You called as you kicked the front door closed with your heel. There was a silent response to your call, and you furrowed your eyebrows. “Babe?” You called once more and nobody called back. Although there were sudden footsteps behind you.

You jerked your head to see Jongin standing with his arms crossed. You were about to hug him when you were cut off by his large boom. “With my best friend, y/n?” He suddenly yelled, stepping forward and causing you to fall back a bit. This continued until your back hit the wall and you were too stunned to move to the side.

One of Jongin’s hands smacked the wall beside your head while the other laced it’s fingers through your hair, tugging roughly. “You’re real smart.” He chuckled and you winced, trying to pry his hand from your hair. “Jongin, he just gave me a ride home!” You cried as your nails dug into his wrist.

Jongin’s hand that was placed beside your head suddenly pulled a bandanna from the drawer beside you and he wrapped it around your wrists, pushing your hands above your head. You felt the fabric dig into your wrists but the Adrenalin in your veins blocked it out. “Jongin, baby, please..” You whimpered, slumping your shoulders to show some sign of surrender. He just stood with a satisfied smirk on his face, not hiding the anger in his eyes.

You felt his hands on your hips as he pushed you towards the table, knocking a few bills and pens off to throw you onto it. He held your legs open as his hands worked to undo his belt. He swiftly shot his jeans to the floor, letting his Calvin Klein boxers follow. His irritated, needy erection sprung up against his stomach - pre-cum dripping from the tip. You realized that tonight wasn’t going to be soft, and tomorrow you weren’t gonna be walking very much.

“Hands and knee’s, pet.” He barked, slapping the inside of your thigh. You immediately flipped over, pushing your ass into the air. “Mmm,” He hummed, “What’s my name?” He mumbled sexily as his hand sharply came in contact with you right ass cheek through the fabric of your skirt. “Daddy.” You moaned sexily, trying your best to please Jongin. “Good girl. But you’ve still been bad, and daddy is gonna punish you for that.” He scolded, falling to his knees as he dragged your skirt down.

You felt his tongue lick at the wetness that coated your panties and all you could to was whimper and clench your fists into balls. “Who owns you?” He questioned sexily as his fingers rubbed your folds through your underwear. “You, daddy.”

“Good girl~.” He sang, giving you the privilege of an open pussy as he pushed your panties to the side. “Who’s the only one who can do this to you?” He questioned again, dragging his teeth down your sensitive, wet folds. “You, daddy. Only you, just please, fuck me already.” You cried, watching as he stroked himself to his ministrations on your wet heat.

“Your wish is my command, pet.” He purred and rose up, rubbing the head of his cock against your clit to exploit your moans throughout the apartment complex. Your veins were pulsing and you swore there was no more calm left in your body. “Just fucking do it already!” You yelled, pushing your ass back to catch more of his dick while all he did was pull away from you. “Uh-uh, bad girl. We ask nicely and we be patient.”

You felt a cold leather trace a small line against your lower thigh before it sharply whipped your ass, sending a shock of electricity through your lower region. “Fuck,” You yelped, even though it only made you hornier. God, you loved when Kai whipped you.

“You know the drill, pet. On your knees.” He said, waiting for you to be on your knees in front of him. You quickly obeyed without using your tied hands and opened your mouth to let his dick take it over. He rested it on your lips, watching closely as you innocently looked up at him. “Fuck, you look so hot right now.” He groaned and you opened your mouth farther so he could push himself in.

Jongin - or daddy - was way to big to be deepthroated, almost too big to fit in three quarters down your throat.

His fingers tangled within the back of your hair and guided the rest of his dick into your throat, twitching as you gagged. His hips bucked forwards, sending chills down your spine as his head hit the back of your throat. You looked up at him with pleading eyes and he pulled himself out, dragging you to the bedroom.

He threw you gently onto the bed, immediately following to hover over you. “I love you baby, you know that right?” His voice became soft and warm against your navel as his teeth attached to your panties, pulling them off of you teasingly slow. You ripped your shirt and bra over your head, throwing to the floor as they were forgotten.

Positioning himself at your entrance, he frowned up at you. One of his hands slid along your jaw. “I’m sorry if I hurt you baby.” You covered his hand with yours. “You didn’t.” You said simply, ignoring the slight pain on your head.

He pushed halfway in, taking in the innocence in your eyes. His eyes were lidded with something stronger than lust, something deeper than sex. He would never hurt you, and for him this wasn’t sex, this was what it was like to make love.

“Jongin~.” You moaned loudly, scratching up his back to release your pain. “S-sorry..” You breathed out as you felt blood under your fingers. “It’s, It’s Okay..” He squinted his eyes to forget the pain. “I deserve that for thinking you would do something like that to me.”

You calmly closed your eyes, letting your fingers weave through Jongin’s hair. He rested his head in the crook of your neck and his breath was warm as he covered you with sweat. He began a quick but steady rhythm, shaking the bed but not hurting you. His hands dug into your hips and you threw your head back, grinding your hips to his every other thrust. You felt a knot fold in your stomach, and Jongin’s thrusts became sloppy yet powerful.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna-” He wasn’t aloud to finish his statement as he shot his warm seed inside you, groaning loudly and bucking one last time to send the bed forward.

He fell next to you and pulled you to his chest, holding you like he never wanted to loose you. “I mean it, I love you.” He mumbled, half asleep.

“Yeah, I love you to you little dork.”

ok but english teacher!luke asking u to stay after class to discuss the assignment u had a question on so u both plop on the comfy couch in the corner of his classroom and as luke explains what you were concerned about he gives you these heart filled eyes and these genuine smiles and puts his arm behind you on the couch and once he’s finished with his explanation he puts his other hand on your bare mid thigh, uncovered due to your short little skirt and you immediately heat up and respond yes a bit timidly and luke discreetly slides his hand up a little bit before he starts removing his hand as he starts getting to his next point but before you can pay attention to what he’s saying you crave the attention his hand was giving your thigh so much that before he can pull his hand completely away you out it back and luke pauses his statement, grins, and goes “I knew you were a bad girl” I’m gonna swallow my phone good :-) bye :-)

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I am sure you have been asked this alot, but do you know when your gonna post "Good Girls Gone Bad" ?

Haha. I have been asked a lot. I am really hoping to get it up tonight. We had a minor incident at home that required some attention but I’m gonna keep writing and tweak it. I am posting today, just might be later this evening. Thank you so much for the interest in it! Never thought people would want that kind of story but I’m glad to be able to bring it to you guys! Thanks again for the patience.