good form reaction

“no more horrific nightmares tonight” r u sure



So, late night thoughts of pain:

I’ve said before that I want/need one of the Jones boys to nearly drown or otherwise be in some kind of peril in the flashback, and for the other to think they almost lost them. After due consideration, I will only accept it being Killian.

Think about it. We already saw Liam almost, then actually, die in Good Form, and had Killian’s reaction to that. What if we now had it the other way around?

What if Killian is the one who nearly dies this time, and Liam is just as frantic and desperate to save him as Killian was for him in 3x05, and we see Killian waking up and coming back to him and Liam being as happy as Killian was right after he gave Liam the water?

And this is paralleled to Liam thinking he has to get Killian with him to heaven in the present, and then when they ultimately have to let go of each other?

Because I will absolutely fucking collapse. Nbd.