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EXO reacting to their GF dying in their dream

Xiumin: He would feel very light headed as he woke up from the worst dream ever. Everything was fine, you were having a night date in his dream and you were both crossing the street when out of nowhere a truck flashed its lights on you and the next thing Xiumin knew was that he was yelling your name. Now everytime you crossed the streets he would make sure no trucks were around and grabbed your hand tightly.

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Lay: He received a call and it was Suho, he told him you had been in a car crash and were in critical condition at the hospital. As soon as he heard this Lay headed to the hospital where you were staying. The doctors were in your room, he wanted to see you, be with you but it was too late. The doctor turned around and told Lay that they did the best they could but you couldn’t make it. He woke up from this nightmare and first thing he did was hug you while you were still sleeping peacefully.

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Suho: Sehun woke him up because he kept hearing him screaming in his sleep “Hyung! wake up you’re dreaming!” the maknae said as he shook Suho until he opened his eyes “I saw her…she drowned…I should’ve done something Sehun I-” Sehun gave him a glass of water and called you, then he gave the phone to Suho until he calmed down. Being away from you affected him a lot. Thank God it was just a bad dream and you would finally meet tomorrow at the airport.

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Baekhyun: As soon as he arrived to the dorm he knocked out in his room. He dreamt he was at a funeral but he didn’t know who died. By the time he got closer to the coffin he saw you in there, dressed in white and holding a single red rose with your hands resting on your chest. Baek felt his heart falling to his feet and started crying. The same tears from his dream were falling down his cheeks as he sleept. “Baek…are you okay?” Chanyeol asked while shaking his friend a little bit to wake up. Baek woke up and sighed “yeah…I just had a bad dream”

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Chanyeol: He heard the news there had been an accident at the subway station, out of nowhere his phone started ringing, it was your mom. “Hello?” Chanyeol answered “Chanyeol….Y/N….she….” your mom couldn’t even speak and Chanyeol heard her sobbing uncontrollably “Mrs. Y/L/M what happened? are you okay? is Y/N okay?” He turned around and saw the TV, they were dragging a body out from the subway, he was able to see the bracelet he gave you in your first year anniversary. He woke up startleld, just to find himself in his studio. He sighed and rubbed his face then decided to call you “Hey! you wanna go for ice cream?”

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Chen: All these rehearsals made him feel exhausted. After taking a shower he went to sleep. In his dream he could see you standing at the edge of a cliff. He called your name and you turned around slowly to smile at him. He smiled back at you and when you started walking towards him the ground started cracking. Chen told you not to move, that he would come and get you. The cracking kept going and you were now lying on the floor crying and calling for him to help you. Chen fell to the floor and suddenly a lightning stroke the ground. You fell off the cliff and Chen yelled your name with such force he woke up panting. He sighed and looked up at the ceiling “it was just a dream…”

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D.O: All this filming for his upcoming movie had him very stressed out. After reading the script for the 5th time that day he went to sleep. In his dream you were both standing on opposite sides of a railroad. He saw you standing there so cute and excited to see him again after so long. You started running towards him and suddenly the lights announcing the train coming started blinking and the bars started going down slowly. D.O got nervous and started running in your direction yelling your name “Y/N! stop! the train is coming!” the train was getting closer and closer and as you were jumping the railroad your shoe got stuck, you went back to get it but the last thing you saw was the light of the train on your face and D.O yelling your name aggressively. He woke up breathing heavily and wiped the sweat off his forehead. “It’s okay…” he was panting “it was just a dream…she’s fine”

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Kai: Him and Lay finished practicing at the studio but he decided to stay there a little longer. He was on his phone reading an online book but he ended up asleep in no time. He woke up in his dorm and there was a fire, everyone was trying to get out. “Y/N?! where are you?!” he looked for you desperately but the smoke didn’t let him see, he coughed and covered his mouth with a wet cloth while looking for you “Jongin! help me, it burns!” he heard your voice calling for him but he couldn’t find you anywhere “Jongin! hurry!” you kept calling but it was impossible for him to find you. The flames were too high and the smoke was too much to handle. A fire fighter pulled him off the building and took him to the nearest ambulance where they gave him oxygen and checked if he was completely fine “Where is Y/N? could you find her?” he asked a firefighter that was walking by but he just shook his head “I’m sorry kid…I’m really sorry” Like that Kai woke up from the worst dream, he instantly sent you a message asking if you were okay “It’s 3 am go to sleep, jongin” after seeing your reply he felt more relieved and texted you “I love you”

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Sehun: It has been a month since he last saw you and he missed you so much it was driving him crazy. One night after the concert he went to bed feeling uneasy because you had not texted him all day, not even a call. As soon as he closed his eyes he saw your smiley face. You were at the airport “I’m gonna miss you” he said while bringing you close to him and putting his arms around you, he smelled your hair and closed his eyes “I’ll be back next week don’t be a baby” you said while booping his nose “Okay, I need to board now…I will text you as soon as I land” Sehun smiled at you while letting go of your hand slowly. And like that he went home on his own. He turned on the TV and the news were on “A terrorist attack in a flight heading to /your country/ was just reported, the attack cost half of the passengers lives” Sehun felt how his sould left hos body when he saw the list of the victims names and saw YOURS last. He woke up and realized he fell from his bed, Vivi was licking his face. Suddenly his phone rang, he rubbed his eyes and saw your name on the screen “Hey, babe….yeah I’m fine I just woke up…hey…uhh, I love you” Thank goodness it was just a bad dream.

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Imagine the Circle 45 degrees to the right. 

The Star in the center of the Box of Life matches up with the Two Pentagrams opposite of each other.

Each point of the Star inside the box lines up to Create the Tree of Life.

Each Element is the opposite of each other, creating the perfect Balance

  • Earth/Water-Water/Earth
  • Fire/Air-Air/Water

Elements must always balance each other. 

Body is powered by the Mind. 

Mind is powered by Frequency. 

Frequency controls Negativity. 

  • Speak no Evil
  • Hear no Evil
  • See no Evil 
  • Think no Evil

Control Your Thoughts. 

Create Goodness in Your Life.