good for you ryro

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: Live In Chicago released March 24, 2008 contains a live version of the song There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought Of It Yet in which Ryan Ross asks the crowd if they know what jazz hands are and proceeds to ask them to do the action ‘jazz hands’ every time the chorus is played. They continue to start the fun and unique song and as soon as Brendon Urie starts the first chorus Ryan Ross yells “jazz hands” into his microphone and when the second chorus came around he did it once again and-

Are there people who think Ryan and Brendon were never best friends like whAT THE FUCK!?

honey, have you seen their old interviews and pictures? Seriously I’m done.

Bob the builder grew up

Tbh I’m sick of ppl saying Ryan is transphobic. I’ve made a post explaining Time to Dance to ppl who hadn’t read Invisible Monsters but honestly it doesn’t matter. Before reading the book, people assumed shit. After hearing the truth, they ignored it. I’m so fucking done with people fucking scrutinizing things to try to /make/ someone problematic. Guess what, no one’s perfect. But Ryan Ross with his kind heart is not transphobic, and all you fuckers who still try to start shit about that fake ass assumption need to grow the fuck up because honestly you’re fucking ignorant and you like spreading lies and serious accusations so good luck in the real world you motherfuckers

me: *posts a ryan ross photo* this is my favourite picture of ryan

me: *two seconds later posts another picture of ryan ross* this is my favourite picture of ryan

me: *waits a minute and posts another ryan ross photo* no wait, this is my favourite picture of ryan


PATD - Astoria 2006 - There’s A Good Reason These Tables…

Finally found one. Ryan Ross playing the keyboard


365 days of ryan ross; day 27

Hello, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour, me, Ryan Ross


He. Had. A. Fox. Cake.


OMG did you see this cute Brendon’s smiles to Ryan? I’m crying T.T

Conversation I acTuALLy hAD with a child today
  • Girl: hey you know for Halloween I was Ryan Ross
  • Me: oh my gosh that's awesome I-
  • Girl: yeah I went Ryan Ross and my friend went as milk *devious smirk*
  • Me: .....
  • Me: ....