good for you riku. you go riku!

Reasons to watch Prince of Stride

• A lot of hand holding/hand focus. its. good
• Riku is a sweetie
• Takeru has a leg fetish
• I would let her step on me but I don’t want to dirty her shoes
• Everyone’s hair is #goals
• No forced het romance
• Heck the sport itself is romantic as fuck
• And that sport is PARKOUR
• ok but Riku and Takeru clearly have a romance going on
• It’s just. Really funny?
• Soundtrack is LIT
• Opening is rlly good too
• Oh yeah one of the teams is also an IDOL GROUP
• Like all of the VAs have been in another sports anime
• it’s a good show go watch it please

Q1: Which characters you want to be best friends with?
Massun (Iori): Momo
Shirai (Yamato): Mitsuki
Hatano (Gaku): Mitsuki
Egu (Nagi): Nagi [“I want to go to animate with him. And Winter or Fall events too. We’d be like “I’m gonna go to that block! You go that way!!”“]
Wing (Mitsuki): Mitsuki, Nagi, Momo, Ryuu, Iori
The other 4: So many!!!

Q2: Who do you want to play in Yokosuka with?
Massun: Pythagoras Trio
Shirai: Nagi, Gaku
Egu: Iori
Hatano: Tsumugi [Wing: "That’s basically a date!!!” Hatano: “We’d eat Soba as our lunch”]
Wing: Everyone

Q3: Who do you want to go to karaoke together?
Massun: Riku [“Riku is good at singing. I want to hear it directly”]
Shirai: Nagi, Mitsuki [“I bet it’d be so noisy”]
Egu: Nagi [“I want to sing anime songs with him. He can do the girl parts”]
Hatano: Anesagi-san
Wing: Everyone
The other 4: Again!?
Wing: I love them all I can’t choose just one!

Q5: Which song do you want to listen when you’re tired?
Egu: Natsu Shiyou ze [“I sing it while laying down, "Oi!! Oi!! Natsu Shiyou ze!!” like that.“ Massun: "I don’t want to be in the same train as this person ww”]

He’s Got Friends In Dark Places

ALLLRIGHTY. Here is the plan. Going to get Sora and Riku as far as they individually can go in The World That Never Was, but then stop and try to get some of the best Spirits that I can. I really want the Rex and the Aura Lion going in to the final bosses, at least. But that means I might have to go scouring and item-hunting for dream pieces. We’ll see how far I can get here!

  • I feel like I should have better Spirits now, but ehh will make do
  • …Damn how is the reality shift going to work here and now
  • AHH okay that’s how that works
  • I gotta say I think I like this version of TWTNW better than the KH2 version
  • I like the battle music more anyway
  • …Okay wait how TF do you shoot off this laser-shooting thing again
  • Isn’t there a good challenge thing in this area where you can get some parts for the real good Dream Eaters??
  • ARRGH I got this far and then I died?!!
  • Okay never mind, I don’t know if Riku is ready for this yet. I’m gonna go item-hunting where I can to make some really good Spirits
  • Okay screw it I’m not finding the ingredients I want so I’m making stuff from scratch
  • I made a Cera Terror! Her name is TERRUMBLE
  • Oooh and a Beatalike! That thing is new!
  • Of course his name is Daisukenojo
  • Awesome so now Riku has two giant Dream Eaters that are gonna push him off all the ledges
  • Even though I don’t have my rexes or lions yet
  • Haha Riku literally arriving back at The World That Never Was like this
  • OKAY UH we’ll tackle the death wall later. Get back to Sora’s turn in weirdo land over here.
  • DOODLEY DOODLEY DOODLEY we’re back with Sora’s weird flashbacks
  • I feel like there were a bunch of treasure chests up on the skyscrapers that I’m forgetting here?? IDK
  • Sora: Who are you?!
  • Roxas: I’m you but more depressed. By the way here’s the entirety of my depressing life. Byyyeee!
  • I don’t blame Sora for being upset here I mean jeeez and hell
  • I do not like the breathing architecture
  • HO geez almost didn’t get through that triple dino challenge
  • OH thank goodness finally a save point
  • Only this might be boss battle time anyway
  • Hello sad Wayfinder family I’m sure I’ll be seeing more of you soon enough!
  • Hey flashback to when Aqua showed up on DI!
  • Xigbar: I’m here to explain the plot of Inception!
  • This thing of them regrowing hearts totally threw me for a loop the first time
  • I was like WOW I SPENT A LOT OF TIME ARGUING OTHERWISE ON KHFFR ahhh fandom memories
  • Thank you Sora for calling Xemnas out on being a huge liar tho
  • I am always fascinated by this scene because Xigbar is just SO CONVINCED that this is going to totally break Sora and he’s just like WHO CARES I’M NOT THE HERO, I’m FRIENDS WITH THEM SO HA
  • Xigbar you little chickenshit
  • OH DANG the boss battle is friggin now
  • OKAY I failed hard the first couple of tries but finally got him down with Chaos Snake
  • Also the friggin Recuscant’s Sigil thing blew my mind
  • Xehanort: I KNOW ALL OF THE FUTURE…except for the future that’s happening after this part
  • But yeah when I first got to this point I was like WHAAAAA
  • Ven: Here man you can borrow my armor I know I owe you back rent for the heart hotel anyway
  • AND BACK TO RIKU…Hey I’m still capable of going back to Sora’s last save point right?? Or is it just Riku from here on out? I can’t remember
  • Will Riku be able to survive the DEATH WALL this time??
  • Getting bitten by twice by skelerexes will certainly do you in
  • FINALLY got past those friggin Rexes
  • And yes the death wall is worth it to get DARK SPLICER
  • …Oh I just realized that Riku’s drop menu is gone, so. Don’t gotta worry about that none then!
  • Just surF UP THE WALL RIKU
  • Man I think this is my last point before Riku’s first series of boss battles
  • Mmmm OKAY let’s go on! We’ll probably need to go back and get all the good stuff later
  • Sora got dream bubble’d
  • Sora: Gee Riku, how come your mom lets you have FIVE final boss battles?!
  • WOW I died a lot but uh. Got the Anti Black Coat Guy at least
  • Apparently I really do not remember how to fight any of these bosses
  • Xehanort all like “well now I get to fancifully exposit at YOU”
  • Now we’ll see if I can manage to get through these next two battles…
  • Give him Spirit candies give him pets play water balloon with him it’s all good I love every Riku Dream Eater joke
  • Aaand Riku mentions Terra from long ago!
  • …Okay yanno what? I’m dying too frequently in these here.
  • Gonna come back and face the bosses when I’ve got some real good abilities like Second Chance, Once More, and everything else I’m used to having
  • SO that might take awhile. When I’m ready, I’ll tackle Riku’s bosses again!

hey so i’m way too lazy to make a separate twitter for spoilers so i’m dumping my kh 0.2 liveblog here, under a cut! it is RIFE with SPOILERS so this is your fair warning about that. also, since cuts don’t work on mobile, PLEASE SCROLL LIKE THE WIND if you are on your phone and averse to these things

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アイドリッシュセブン Event - 妖精たちのお菓子なお茶会  [Event Story: Kitchen]


Tamaki “Aa, I’ve been waiting.”

Sougo “We’ve been waiting for you. This is the kitchen. It’s the room where we make and drink our tea together.”

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Hello Fukuoka! (02/21)

Special thanks to (@aseria) for proofreading (^_-)-☆

Visual Board Tour Event:

Sendai | Sapporo | Hiroshima | Fukuoka

Mitsuki: Let’s begin for today! IDOLISH7’s web program…

All: Kimi to ‘Ai'dolish Nai to~!

Iori: This web program is presented by the seven of us, IDOLISH7, and takes place the same time as our tour to seven cities, “Visual Board Tour”.

Mitsuki: It’s sad that we had to leave Hiroshima. But starting today on February 21, we are visiting Fukuoka! People of Fukuoka, please take care of us~!

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But if Kairi was the second playable character–or even if she’s not, and is just a party member and/or just does some mean fighting in cutscenes–it would just end her character development from KHII off so well, and make it amazing.

Because she actually did have a great arc in II, that people have either forgotten about, or don’t even consider (due to them expecting too much from her, or then moving onto the next game and not thinking about it much… if they’re maybe new to the series, that is), but it did happen:

She actively goes to look for Sora and Riku herself, the moment the opportunity is presented to her (and dodges Axel while doing it, with the help of Riku and Pluto).

Gets kidnapped by Axel, yes, but ends up escaping him for a while! Axel - “I kidnapped Kairi, but she got away from me! After that, Saïx caught her…”

She escapes her imprisonment with the help of Naminé, who technically is her, and nearly gets into a throw down with Saïx.

After that, she jumps off a balcony, gets her Keyblade, and fights some Heartless to help Sora (and I’ve seen people shit on the way she fights before, but the girl’s had no training! She’s doing well! Plus, there’s gameplay and story segregation. Sora and the gang do not pull off their cool gameplay in cutscenes. The way they fight in cutscenes is actually pretty dang similar to how we saw Kairi fight).

And just the entire game, she’s going on about how she’s sick of waiting and wants to go with Sora and Riku from now on; and how she wishes she could fight like they do, because they shouldn’t be the only ones getting hurt.

“Maybe… waiting isn’t good enough.”

Edit: And her “This time, I’ll protect you” line from KHI evolves into, “This time, I’ll fight!”

“So all of you were out adventuring while I was living a normal life. Why do I always get left out!? You’re going to tell me about it later!”

“I wish I could fight like you and Riku… I know what you’re thinking, but you guys shouldn’t be the only ones getting hurt.”

“I’m tired of waiting, so don’t tell me to stay behind! From now on, wherever one of us goes, the other follows, got it?”

“All three of us together like this reminds me of being back on the island. If we all make it back together, let’s finish that raft of ours!”

“Thinking of you wherever you are. We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend. Now I will step forward to realize this wish. And who knows? Starting a new journey may not be so hard. Or maybe, it’s already begun!

And as a whole, she tries so much more in the second game than she ever did in the first (but even there, she did want to go to the final battle to get Riku back. But Sora just refused).

Speaking of the final battle, Kairi does walk into that in KHII… even if she does quickly get thrown out of it. But it’s still progress.

I’m also still convinced that Kairi originally was supposed to be a party member (as there is some evidence to this), and a part of the fights, but they just had to remove it at the last minute. But feel free to ignore this, since it can’t be proven.

ANYWAY, the only thing that kind of destroyed all of this was that Coded and Dream Drop Distance ignored all of this about Kairi, and even seemed to shelf it.

But it’s not too late to bring it back, and make it matter and real again. 

And having her being officially trained under Merlin now, and writing to Sora happily about how maybe now she’ll be able to help, is certainly a good start.

And if Nomura does this… I honestly think Kairi could have some of the best character development in the entire series (and maybe even in any work that I know of, but I’m clearly biased):

Weird to think about with her, I know, but the potential is certainly there. 

It always has been. 

It just needs to be taken somewhere.

[i7] Nanase Riku Birthday Photobook Part 2: Riku and Takanashi Productions

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

Tsumugi: Thank you for joining me today!
This is a project established in order to commemorate the release of the Riku Photobook, as well as to learn more about the real Riku-san.

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Clearing Things up on Riku's Route

I didn’t get many screencaps of Riku’s route because I got super immersed into it, but there are several factors that - from what I’ve seen - are making people really upset about him route.

Heads up, this will contain spoilers, and I’m on mobile so I doubt I can slap a read more. HEED MY WARNING FROM THIS POINT ON.

Let me just set something straight, the MC is not Riku’s second choice. Riku does not pick her because Yukiko doesn’t return his feelings. It’s mentioned several times in his POV that the MC was the only girl that he ever loved.

I’d also like to point out:
- from what voltage has shown us, Riku and Yukiko’s interactions are kind of like old friends talking things over. Of course, we have no idea if they’ve actually slept with each other - and I doubt voltage will ever tell us because of angry fans.

- there’s a scene where Riku sees the MC talking to Yukiko - who honestly seems pretty cool - and proceeds to lead her away from her. They don’t go to his apartment and for lack of better words, bang, they talk and sympathize with each other.

- the scene where Riku chooses to comfort Yukiko instead of go to the Tokyo Tower with the MC? Yes, it pissed me off, but consider it this way.

>You’re about to go on a date.
>You’re close friend (disregarding any friends with benefits thing because after several years, Riku and Yukiko must be good friends) runs up to you sobbing about someone extremely important to the both of you jumping ship and leaving the country.
>you have the choice of going on the date (and probably feeling shitty about leaving your friend there) or comforting your friend

- they go to a cafe, have iced tea, and talk about it. Riku also regrets this decision, so consider it in context.

- Riku not once ever mentions having romantic feelings for Yukiko.

I feel like personally, those things were blown super out of proportion. I liked Riku’s story because it felt so realistic. First, MC and Riku are exes, which make things more awkward. Then, Riku is not perfect. It’s not just tragic back story flaws, its that he struggles with his own problems just like every other person in the world. People are complaining all the time about how these sadistic characters who are horrible to the MC are too common (looking at you Butler before Midnight), but Riku might be one of the most realistic Voltage Characters I’ve ever read.

Also, Ito and Yukiko’s relationship is kind of toxic, he runs off with other women, she’s scared of him leaving her. It’s not a perfect fairy tale relationship, and that’s okay because no relationship is perfect.

Things that I can understand why you got pissed:
Riku is extremeeeeeely negative.

Ito is kind of a dick.

Yukiko is in a toxic relationship.

The mystery behind Riku and Yukiko, which I hope will be touched upon later.

This is getting tl;dr, so I wouldn’t recommend Riku’s route to those who are expecting a cute, fairy tale romance (try mako’s instead) but I do to those who want to see Voltage try a more adult and serious theme.

missingmywing  asked:

Hmm, well if you're up for it... I'd be interested in seeing something between Terra and Riku. Maybe after everything with Xehanort is over, them talking in Radiant Gardens, maybe there's a party going on inside in celebration for the Light's victory. What do you think they would talk about?

I hope I was able to write something good. I never wrote anything with Riku before so I’m not sure how it turned out.

!!!Attention: English is not my first language. If I made some mistakes, please correct me so I can learn and prevent this mistake in the future!!!

A moment of peace 

The night sky was filled with a thousand shining stars. They all lightened Radiant Garden in the warmth of their halo. The worlds were at peace but Terras heart was still a battleground.

Even though Xehanort was defeated, it wasn’t easy for him to live a happy ever after.
Terra lowered his head and his glaze sank into the bottom of his wine glass. He should be with his friends, they all were celebrating the end of the war at the castle but Terra couldn’t just enjoy himself.

Not after everything that happened, and even more because it was partly his fault.
He had been just so stupid, how could he have ever trust Xehanort? How could he have been so naïve?
All the pain that was cause because of him… If Aqua hadn’t try to save him she would’ve never endured all this pain and waste in the realm of darkness.
Irritated he looked up, he heard voices nearby.

“I won’t be gone for long, it’s just that I’ve never been a party animal. Besides, with me gone you and Sora could share a moment together don’t you think?”, Riku gave his childhood friend a soft smile. Kairi folded her arms and gave Riku a pretend angry look, but then smiled and walked back to the castle.

Slowly Terras eyes wandered to Riku who had sit down next to him.
“Hey”, he said with a weak smile on his face and turned his face again to the sky.
“Hey”, Riku responded. He put down his glass on the bench beside him and leaned back.
“Why are you sitting here alone? Don’t you want to join us?”, he asked after some time and looked over to Terra.

A deep sight left Terras lips and with insecurity he ran his finger over his wine glass and watched the small waves the liquid was forming.
“It’s just… after everything that happened, every mistake I did… I feel like I have no right to celebrate with them. I know, that in the end, I helped defeating Xehanort but… if it weren’t for my own weakness he would’ve never had come so far in the first place…”, Terra knew that he shouldn’t see it that way and that not even one of their friends would give him the fault or be angry at him for things that happened about ten years ago. But that wouldn’t change how he himself felt about all of this.
Quietly Riku listened what Terra said and after some time a short laugh came over him.

“What is… so funny about that?”, Terra asked in disbelieve.
“It’s just”, Riku began and still had a big smile on his face “You just sound like me… You know, not so long ago, I was stupid and naive. Driven by my own curiosity I sought to see the outside world and was responsible for the downfall of my home world. Maleficent and later Ansem, or Xehanort if you want to call him that, used me for their plans, I was a mere puppet in his game and I was blind for the truth. I didn’t want to see what I’ve done, but deep down I knew that I did terrible things… I tried to undo my mistakes, to atone for my sins. It was hard and sometimes I still struggle with the things from back then, but I know that I also helped to save everyone and so did you… You shouldn’t forget what you did and you should never play down your mistakes but you also have to remember the good and most important, you have to look forward”, softly he laid his hand on Terras shoulder and have him a gentle smile.

“The war is over, you can smile again and you should. The future waits for us, we don’t know what else it will have in store for us, maybe even greater danger awaits at the end of the route but right now we all can share a moment of peace and we should share it with our loved once, that applies to you too, Terra!”
Confused and a bit abashed Terra looked into Rikus eyes, then he laughed and gave him a big smile. He felt a little tear running down his check and quickly he wiped it away.

“Thanks”, he said with a gentle voice, stand up from the bench.
He looked to the castle for a second before his gaze went back to Riku.
“Let’s go back to the others”, Terra proposed and took some steps towards the cheerful voices coming from the castle.
“Yeah”, Riku agreed while standing up himself, he took back his glass and followed his friend back to the Light’s victory celebration.