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생일축하 합니다, 생일축하 합니다, 사랑하는 짐지민이, 생일축하 합니다~ 21(22)을 좋은 해이다. 내 천사 사랑해요. 넌 세계를 받을 자격이 있어요.

I’m super happy and excited right now aaaaa !!!!


While everyone talks about Minnie The Moocher & Swing You Sinners as primo examples of the Fleischer’s cartooning weirdness, I think this short is highly underrated  in terms of strangeness.

Like, it only really kicks into overdrive in the ending, but boy what a fever-dream of an ending…

  • McGonagall: [Breaking up a Gryffindor common room party] Well, well, well. If it isn't my old friend, underage drinking. So, we meet again. How are you, underage drinking? Besides ILLEGAL!
  • Remus: Forgettable?
  • Peter: Delicious?
  • James: Totally Justifiable seeing as we won the Quidditch Cup this year?
  • Sirius: That's a good point Minnie... would you really not allow us to celebrate our victory over the Slytherins?
  • McGonagall: [Sighs while leaving] I cannot wait for you four to graduate...