good for under armour

Supposed to be

I don’t really have any excuse for this, except that I’m having Padme feels.

It’s not supposed to be like this.

(Things were supposed to get better. He was supposed to be hers, and he was supposed to love her.)

She can feel the heat of Mustafar in her bones, but all she sees is him, his dark cloak billowing around him, making him look like some holo soap villain.

(He was supposed to be her knight in shining jedi issued armor.)

He hugs her, and for a moment she can disappear in his embrace like she has always done, can pretend that the world is not literally on fire.

(He was supposed to protect her, to be her escape, not the reason why everything shatters.)

Then she looks into his eyes, only, they are not his eyes anymore. They are yellow, and cruel. She doesn’t recognize him anymore.

(He was supposed to stay the same, the same boy who had loved her.)

He lets her go, accuses her of betraying him. She does not know what he’s talking about.

(He was supposed to know that she’d always stay loyal to him, just like he was supposed to stay loyal to her, always.)

There is something crushing her throat, something strong and invisible, and the look in her husbands eyes is terrifying.

(He was supposed to love her, forever and ever. He was supposed to protect her.)

She tries to swear her innocence, her loyalty, but her husband doesn’t listen. Why doesn’t he listen?

(He was supposed to know her. Isn’t that what a husband is? Someone who knows you?)

She wakes up on the ship, lying on a cold, hard surface, a med droid next to her. She does not remember getting here.

(He was supposed to be her friend.)

She gives birth to twins, gives them names that he would like. Looks at them only once, because she can feel herself fading.

(He was supposed to be here for this. He was supposed to hold their children, and to love them.)

Bail Organa and Obi-Wan Kenobi look at her with pity in their eyes. She wants to scream, but she does not have that kind of strength anymore.

(He was supposed to be good.)

It’s not supposed to be like this.

Grant Wahl just said Mal Pugh, has met with Nike, Adidas AND under armour. Also PSG HAS MADE A VERY GOOD OFFER!!!!! 

Also she met with Wash  Spirit on Monday but she definitely doesnt want to go there. She would much rather end up in Portland of course but Wahl says she may just end up going to a different NWSL team 

anonymous asked:

Can you do HCs for how Genji reacts to recieving anonymous notes from someone, cute lil doodles or sweet messages, and he discovers that they are from his crush? Bonus pnts if the notes started when he first joined OW and continued after the recall?

  • At first he thinks it’s a joke. He’s still in rehab at that point, barely alive and not yet fully put together. He’s missing his limbs, half his intestines are replaced by clunky machinery until the doctor can make replacements. He’s in pain, alone and far away from home. They won’t even let him look at himself in the mirror, but he knows what he must look like.

  • So the first message, a small figure giving him a thumbs up and underneath the words Hang in there feels like cruel mockery. He balls it up into a fist and throws it away. 

  • Five minutes later he regrets it. It’s the first kind thing someone has done for him since he came here. Even the doctor, who assures him time and time again that he’ll be fine is too overworked to offer anything more than professional reassurance.

  • The messages keep coming. He doesn’t know who they’re from, tells himself he doesn’t care. With every day he ‘recovers’ he becomes less and less human. He demands the doctor make him a mask to hide his scarred face. She tells him it’s no way to cope and refuses. The engineer, Genji doesn’t bother remembering their names, does what she won’t. The day the mask is finished it comes with another doodle, this one of him, wearing the mask and a cape. The Masked Avenger it says and that, reassured that no one will see, makes him smile grimly. 

  • Every time he’s sent on a mission, a message hides between his gear, wishing him good luck, urging him to come home safely. Everytime he returns, another message tells him Welcome Back! The longer he’s gone, the more exclamation marks there are.

  • It’s the only thing he can look forward to during that time, because everyone else he pushes away. That other Blackwatch boy tries to befriend him, he snarls at him until he runs. The doctor tries to talk to him during his routine check ups. He accuses her of stealing his humanity, everything that made being alive worth it. To the old Crusader, the very same people he used to read comics about as a child, he says that he will stay until he has completed his task. And then? The old man asks and Genji doesn’t answer.

  • That night the doodle on his nightstand features a lot of people, some he recognises, some he doesn’t, all hugging him. It’s the first one in a while he throws away. He doesn’t need pity.

  • And then he meets you and everything he tried to do, keep himself apart, complete the job, not think about his own ugly body, shatters in the face of your presence. A year ago he would have wasted no time getting to know you. He has a dozen charming lines and cheeky jokes already on his lips when he remembers what he is now. What his bastard of a brother did to him.

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gettin there bro. under armour, fuck yea. its a good start. maybe you should start thinkin about gettin there logo inked on you. somewhere you cant hide it, fucker, like right above your socks, on your calf maybe. or maybe the nape of your neck, right above the shirt line. UA for life bro, dumbass. now get back on eBay and keep lookin for more gear, gearhead.

general-nerdy  asked:

Pssssst. Danse getting too excited as the SS works on their equipment....

Send me nsfw prompts?

Danse couldn’t help but stare at her hands. Her long fingers wrapped around a battered screwdriver as she tinkered with her power armour, and he couldn’t help but wonder what they’d feel like wrapped around certain parts of him. Even though the thought was relatively tame compared to other ones he’d been having lately, Danse could feel heat begin to crawl up his neck. For once in his life, he was happy about the dirt covering his cheeks; no one would be able to tell he was blushing.

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