good for kissing tho

SO LIKE, I was looking through episodes to answer a post and I just noticed something in Horrificator…

A lot of people already pointed out the difference between the Chloe and Marinette almost-kisses with Adrien

and also Adrien giving Chloe the stink-eye for interrupting his almost-kiss with Marinette–

rude, chloe

But I noticed that right afterwards, Chat Noir was totally thirsty for a kiss??

And he was so thirsty that his lead ups to the kisses didn’t even make any sense??

LIke… Adrien, Chat… my dude… calm.

He really wanted to be kissed that day.


Please look at this cutepatoot’s face as he watches Marinette say her lines. PLEASE LOOK. is that tenderness really just acting we don’t know


@miraculousfluffmonth day 31: I’m yours, forever



(And they lived happily ever after)

Anyway this month was super fun but I think the most important lesson I learned is that art takes up a lot of time if you let it lol. But again, all in good fun!


Moral of the video: No one else will ever even come close to comparing, Mitch and Scott are perfect for each other and they belong together. 


I was unable to resist drawing this.

I have a growing collection of other Hiveswap doodles in my notebook. I keep making them during COMP 330 lectures, because that’s just the kind of responsible student I am.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Everyone in the Thomas sanders fandom is like ANGST ANGST PAIN DEATH ANXIETY ANGST PAIN FEEL THE SAD FEELS SUFFERING PAIN and I’m here in my small warm little corner like… fluff tho. Fluff is good. Kisses and cuddles and stars and smiles and fluffiness.

(And then I read all the angst and get emo and write more fluff to cheer me up. It’s a cycle)

Jim Gordon has accepted that it is literally impossible to get any of the Batkids’ attention if the K-9 unit is around.

I’m going to take good care of you, okay? // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Y/n goes into labor, Shawn freaks out, everything ends up okay

Requested: no

“I can’t do this, I can’t do this, I can’t do this, SHAWN I am going to kill you as soon as this baby is out of me!” I almost scream, breaths labored.

“It’s okay, baby just hang on, we’re almost at the hospital,” Shawn says calmly reaching over to grab my hand.

“Both hands on the wheel! Do you want to kill us?” I say, panic laced in my words. 

Shawn laughs, “Y/N calm down honey,”

“Tell me to calm down!” I groan, pain blossoming up from my stomach to my spine, the contractions getting stronger as time went on.

“Okay, Okay sorry, we’re here,” Shawn rushes to pull up out front, leaving the car in a five minute zone before pulling the car door open and helping me out the car, one arm wrapped around my back the other holding my hand. I squeeze his hand hard just as we walk through the door, another contraction hitting me.

“Hi,” Shawn says reaching the front desk where a receptionist looks up from the computer. “My wife’s having a baby and I just wondering if there was a doctor available?” Shawn asks. “She was due next week and we did book in with Doctor Marion, but if she’s busy-”

“Shawn! Baby!” I say through clenched teeth. He glances at me smiling sheepishly.

“Y/N? Mr Mendes? Is something wrong I wasn’t expecting you until next week?” I turn around to see Dr Marion herself walking over from where I assume she just exited from the cafe.

“The baby decided now was a good time to arrive,” I say, a smile appearing on Dr Marion’s face.

“The little guy decided to come now did he,” She goes behind the desk pressing certain buttons on the dial pad before picking up the phone.

“It’s a boy?” Shawn asks, his face in shock. I knew the gender of the baby but Shawn decided to wait.

“No honey, she’s just generalizing,” I say patting his chest. 

“Oh… so that means its a girl?”

“Shawn!” I say, groaning as the pain intensified.

“I’m having nurses come down from floor 2 which is the nursery and they’re going to set you up and bring you into the delivery room. Mr Mendes, do you mind filling out this paper work and I also recommend calling your family or friends now to let them know that Mrs Mendes has gone into labor,” Dr Marion instructs, helping me cling to her instead of Shawn, starting to lead me to the elevators just as the nurses appear.

“Wait so I can’t stay with her?” Shawn asks rushing forward, not wanting to leave me.

“We will call you in when she’s ready to deliver,” She says and I’m rushed into the elevator and that’s the last I saw of Shawn.

“Its all going to be okay Y/n” a nurse near my head says. I groan, a drop of sweat rolling down my forehead. 

“I think you’re nearly ready Y/n,” Dr Marion tells me before murmuring something to a nurse who than exits the room. 

“Where’s she going? Is something wrong? Is the baby okay?” I ask in a rush trying to sit up but the nurse gently pushes me back down.

“She’ll be back, everything’s fine,” Dr Marion says. I close my eyes as pain shoots through my body.

The door opens again and I hear rushed footsteps. 

“Y/N? Her eyes are closed, no- don’t tell me she’s dead,” Shawn’s voice fills the once calm delivery room.

My eyes fly open. “I’m not dead you knucklehead,” I say glaring at him.

“Y/N” Shawn nearly squeals rushing over to me, a worried look on his face. “Are you okay? Does it hurt? Do you need anything?” He moves the hair that fell on my forehead off my face. 

“I’m fine, the only thing I need is for you to calm down,” I say, the anger I was feeling not meant to be directed at him but I couldn’t help the tone of my voice coming out harsher than I intended it to.

“Sorry, yes, I will, sorry baby,” Shawn says straightening up. 

“Okay Y/N we’re ready for you to push now,” Dr Marion says just as a contraction reared its ugly head. 

“Shawn, talk to me,” I rush out gripping his arm that was lent on the bed. 

“Alright, um I’ve got this,” Shawn mumbles to himself kneeling down so that his head was closer to mine, holding my hand as I groaned.

“I called Mum and Dad, and Aaliyah,” He says stroking my head as I grumbled lowly about the pain. 

“Yeah?” I breathe.

“Yeah, they’re all in the waiting room right now, waiting, they’re all very excited to see you and baby,” He says, his eyes alight with excitement.

“What about my parents?” I ask, gasping as a sharp pain hit me.

“Nearly there Y/N, keep pushing!” A nurse tells me.

“I rang them as well. They’re seeing if they can get an earlier flight than next Tuesday but they said that they will be here as soon as possible,” I nod as he kisses my knuckles.

“Shawn!” I yelp suddenly, just remembering something important. “We forgot to buy a stroller,” my eyes wide in disbelief.

He meets my eyes, “Shoot we did,” He groans at the same time as I do, mine of course, one in pain.

“How did we forget that? Dammit,” 

“It’s okay” I pause, gasping, “We’ll just,” another gasp, “go get one when I’m out of here,”

“Keep pushing, the head is nearly out now Y/n” Dr Marion tells me, looking up at me. “You’re doing absolutely amazing,”

“Here that!” Shawn gazes at me proudly. “You’re doing fantastic,” 

“I am never doing this again. Ever,” I say, tone firm. Shawn grins.

“You so will,” He says, chuckling slightly.

I glare at him sharply before my eyes soften. “You’re right,” I sigh as one more painful contraction leaves me.

 A small cry fills the room, Shawn freezes turning to face the Doctors as I shoot upright, ignoring the pain of the quick movement.

“Is that..?” Shawn asks quietly.

“Congratulations!” Dr Marion says, and I flop back on the bed, taking that as an okay sign. “Here’s your beautiful baby boy!” She says and I look to Shawn watching as a grin breaks out on his face, his hand reaching up to ruffle his hair in disbelief. 

A nurse walks over to us holding our baby wrapped in blankets. She passes him to me and I sit up, holding him, taking my first glance at our baby boy.

“God he’s beautiful,” I whisper, tears filling my eyes as Shawn leans forward wrapping an arm around my shoulders, both of us not paying attention to the nurses cleaning up around us.

“He looks like just like you,” I say looking at Shawn whose eyes are glued to the baby. Just than he opens his eyes, recognizing my voice. Big brown eyes peer up at me. “Awh look, its your eyes too,” I say, a grin crossing my features.

“Do you mind if I take him? We need to weigh him and just make sure everything is healthy? We’ll only be 5 minutes tops then we will bring him back,” A nurse asks me and I hesitantly give the baby to her, not wanting to part with my little bundle.

I look to Shawn who still looks shocked. I place a hand over his. “You okay Shawn?” I whisper.

“I just-” he clears his throat. “I can’t believe this, it doesn’t seem real. We have a family now,” Shawn says, the spell seeming to break and a grin emerges. 

“Isn’t it exciting,” I say pressing a kiss to his cheek. He laughs his nose brushing my cheek as the nurse returns with our boy again, this time passing him to Shawn.

The baby looks up at Shawn, one of its tiny arms reaching up and he grunts softly. Shawn reaches a finger up, the baby latching onto his forefinger. I watch, smiling as Shawn interacts with our boy. 

“I’m going to take good care of you, okay?” Shawn whispers before pressing a kiss tho his forehead softly. He looks at me, the grin never leaving his face.

“Our family,” I whisper and he nods. “Our family.”