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do you have any tips for someone looking to start their own webcomic? c:


Ok, Anacrine Complex is my first webcomic, so obviously I’m not the most knowledgeable person out there, but hopefully you can find some use out of these things I’ve learned:

1) Start with a plan. It’s good to have at least a rough idea of where you want to go with your story or weekly strip. For me, this means having the script written out completely before I start drawing. For other people, this means having a one-sentence outline. Whatever floats your boat! Just make sure you have some direction for those days you get stuck.

2) Just do it! A lot of people want to wait until their skills are better before diving into a webcomic, so they’re kind of stuck doing the same thing they did before and they never really start their project. AVOID THIS! The beautiful thing about webcomics is that the art and writing are almost expected to improve with time. Look at Paranatural or Nimona for examples! Just go ahead and do your thing, friends. The skills will come with practice.

3) Make short-term goals and stick with them. I sort of arbitrarily set the one-page-a-week goal because I knew I could be successful turning out a good product even during busy weeks. Without that goal, my comic would probably still be a half-finished script floating around on my hard drive.

4) Enjoy the process. Make sure that you don’t focus on praise or fame as the reason for doing your comic! Webcomics are a labor of love that generally take a while for people to recognize and share, so if you don’t enjoy writing and drawing them, ultimately you may want to do another type of project. Be excited about your comic and life will be good. :)

5) Keep asking questions! Both of yourself and of the artists you admire. You’ll continue to improve as you do so.

Here’s a little tutorial video on how to thumbnail comics, and here’s a link to (imho) the best composition book ever for visual storytellers, Framed Ink by Frank Miller.

Good luck in your endeavors! I hope you have a great time making your comic!

That Vriska/Equius exchange was so good though like

it’s so obvious how desperate she is, but there’s no way vriska’s gonna just flat out ask for help, especially from someone like equius; she’s waaay to proud for that (she even admits this shit’s embarrassing for her).

So she tries to buttering him up, maybe hoping that he’ll just offer to help given her condition.

and then, just before passing out she compliments Equius while simultaneously reminding him of how terrible her own lusus is.

Bottom line is, Hussie is incredibly good at writing his characters and I am so fucking excited for the rest of this comic. 


Remember Puppers of Houndstooth College? For Minicomic of the Month Club? Well it accidentally turned into a full blown 32 page Regular Size Comic.

Unfortunately it’ll be going on the backburner for a bit, due to a lot of other draw happenings, but it will certainly be getting its day in the sun with a printed & digital version whenever I can. But in the mean time here’s a sneaky peek.


An entirely overdue request, but here it is!

Also, I love drawing Grandpa shade with one eye bigger than the other, it’s just my favorite expression of him (he looks so saucy!).

More Hero’s Shade here!

R.I.P Saitama’s teeth … !

Bonus : 

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I want to see more of the anon hate core now please

Wasn’t expecting to ever draw that guy again but I’m glad you sent this because I got to stay up ‘till 4 AM to make this little comic, just for you!

The Anon Hate core would be an asshole, but the good news is that Gavin is here to keep him in his place. If you’re going to be an anon, be a nice anon, not a rude one :D

“Awww, just look how cute they are! Perfect synchrony, one coming up with the theories and the other bringing them to life with pure mechanical skill. They are a scientist’s dream team.”


“What? Don’t look at me like that Dingles. I’m saying they should work together, not that they should marry… But now that I think about it…”

“River, NO.

“Fine, fine!… Hey, do you think Toro would let me appoint two successors instead of one?”

I actually like this ship quite a lot. It won’t be canon on this blog since the canon ship here is Alphyne, but I can definitely see the appeal. Still, the friendship between Papyrus and Undyne is extremely important for both of them, so let us reach a compromise here and gift you with some cute genius children shenanigans to satisfy all your fishbones needs.

We have one more request for Feel Good Week left and then it’s back to regular comic business. There are a lot of asks to answer and some news to give you guys so see you then.

- Poisond

Full Moon Night- 1p2p AmeCan witches and werewolves

A birthday gift to my dearest darling little sister Miss Annie @vi-6w6

“What exactly… were you trying to summon tonight??” 

“Animal spirits,” Matthew answers. He doesn’t hear the strange tone in Alfred’s voice and he doesn’t quite turn around. “But I think I worked the spell wrong. They’re supposed to kinda appear out of the woods, but I haven’t seen anything so far.” 

“I think I found them.” 

Finally Matthew turns at his spot by the fire to look back at him. Alfred was standing quite still. One very large werewolf with pale fur standing on two feet was looming over him and snuffling at his hair. A second one- fur a glossy chocolate color- was on all fours, curling his body around Alfred’s leg and nuzzling his nose against his hands. 

Unsure what to do, Alfred strokes the wolf’s nose and head. 

“Yeah, I worked this spell wrong somehow…” 

“No kidding, dude.” 

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-Stares at this ask- Oh, you have no idea.

-Takes a deep breath- Requesting permission to fangirl.




I blow a kiss to him every night. ( ˘ ³˘)


Nghhhhhh….. ITS NOT FAIR.

He’s not as cool as Riki

He’s not as smart as Takuto

He’s not as strong as Kenshi

He’s not as outgoing as Hiro

He’s just a normal guy that’s trying to protect the people he loves. (´ヮ´)


i was just really feelin that tucked lip cute finger look 

despite how unenthralled i look, actually life is good!! happy times! good friends! good projects! happy squeak!! 

Indeed I missed you, Good Cop.

(I always wondered what did PB meant, when he told Good Cop that he missed him. Have a humanized PB interacting with Lego GC. Enjoy) *I blame this to j-socks-trolling-socks….