good food vs bad food

My reason for loving this series is the fact that both sides(Guts and Griffith) can be seen as good or evil.

Guts fights for Caska, and the old Band. So they can be avenged. However his vengeance has caused him to hurt many people. It even caused the death of a family that tried to help him.

Griffith ushered a new age of man and beast. Unifying the two. He is a hero to humans and apostles alike. All for his dream of ruling a peaceful nation. However to do so he had to bloody his sword many times.Causing the death of many people. Even those who trusted him with their lives.

This series isn’t about good vs evil. Its a series of Bad vs Worse. and its up to the reader to decide who is which.

Crush tone at Home vs. The Bikini Body Guide

So I see a lot of people getting questions about crush vs Kayla Itsines & it just so happens that I have a friend with the Bikini Body Guide & so I was able to look over what that program entails so that I could write up a comparison.

Price:  (For the bundles of the workout program and nutrition)

Crush Tone at Home:  $45 for 60 days (about 8 weeks)

Bikini Body Guide:  $119 for weeks 1-12 + $70 for weeks 12 to 24

Honestly by price alone crush wins.  it’s slightly shorter & there’s not currently an expansion to it but it is way more affordable.  


Crush Tone at Home:  Includes a progress tracker, for weight & measurements.

Bikini Body Guide:  Encourages before & after pictures & weight.  Mentions girth tracking with no explanation, and doesn’t include a progress tracker.


Crush tone at home:  Encourages an If it Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) style of tracking with a good breakdown of what macros are, how to count them, and gives a list of good macro friendly foods without creating a “good food vs bad food” dichotomy.  Program also includes email support for adjusting macros to fit your lifestyle & goals.  Doesn’t include a sample meal plan or recipes but has access to a community that shares recipes as well as shares various macro friendly meals for inspiration.  

Bikini Body Guide:  Quite a long nutrition plan at 90 pages, however feels like there’s quite a bit of filler information.  Would be helpful for absolute beginners.  However doesn’t really include a good way to track food & instead encourages getting a certain amount of servings of each food group per day.  Has a large section to talk about “good foods” as well as discussing cheat meals (one 30 min cheat meal per week) Also discusses “bad foods”.  I find this to be generally vague and prefer a more well rounded approach like IIFYM but this is personal preference.  


Crush tone at home:  Workouts typically take about an hour or less, in the beginning they took me longer as I was having to look things up & get used to the style but I pretty quickly got the hang of it and they didn’t take nearly as long.  You only need a piece of cardio equipment and dumb bells, however you can sub both of these things with running stairs, running outside, and things around the house like milk jugs or cans.  The workouts are varied, there’s good explanations of what the terms like dropset and superset mean.  Again the community is a great support as well both to explain an exercise, offer support or answer any questions.  Email support is also available for this.

Bikini Body Guide:  Circuit style workouts, two circuits with four exercises in each.  You repeat the circuit as many times as you can in 7 minutes and then move on to the second circuit & do the same.  Resting for 30-90 seconds between each.  This takes about 28 minutes to do the whole thing, which is really easy to fit in anywhere.  It often requires quite a bit of equipment, a lot of which I feel like people don’t have just sitting around at home, like a medicine ball, two benches, dumbells, and bosu balls, I also feel like I’m missing somethings in this list & for a program that you’re supposed to be able to do at home it’s just a lot of equipment.  The repetition of circuits also gets a bit boring for me while doing the workouts.  It also includes days of HIIT and LISS.  

Overall - Crush tone at home wins.  You can do it at the gym, at home, and you get so much more value for your money.  Between email support & the community there’s a never ending supply of encouragement & assistance.  

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You ship fruk? Why? Could you talk about their own personalities? They look even more distant than rusame.... Well, you get what I mean

eh sorry anon but like how do you get the impression they are distant…? I know not everyone ships it but…

French history is so bound up with English history for the past thousand years because they’re neighbours- to the extent, I don’t even really know where to start! I’d say the Anglo-French relationship is longer, deeper, more complex and has gone through so many more twists and turns than the Anglo-American one. Personally, I find that more interesting than USUK.

Personality-wise they are such interesting contrasts- I mean in terms of national character and stereotypes the French and the English have a hell of an interesting dynamic. France is seen as being more romantic, suave, stylish, with good food- vs all those jokes about bad English food, the stiff upper lip, the sarcastic British humour etc. It does also make a difference that French is a Latin/Romance language, whereas English is Germanic and there is the sense that French is a lot more lyrical- and the funny part is how English absorbed so many French words it sounds so different from other Germanic languages like Dutch or modern German. Like there’s such a deep level of cultural, political and economic exchange that makes it so interesting.

And RusAme is pretty similar IMO, considering their superpower status.

Pregnancy Observations
  • You are going to want to eat everything
  • And yet at the same time the mere thought of food will send you screaming to the bathroom
  • Also eat what you can eat, don’t worry about good food vs bad food. Keeping shit down is a battle all it’s own
  • Water is your best friend
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
  • Apparently mild cramps are normal because shit is moving around down there and your hips are actually widening
  • Speaking of hips, you will not be able to fit into regular jeans sooner than you would imagine. That shit starts pretty damn early.
  • Discharge is a thing and yes you will require a pad unless you wanna be changing your underwear a few times a day
  • The nausea is bad but the sudden onset of fatigue and demotivation is worse
  • It’s like hello you thought you were going to be doing shit today? Hahaha well think again. Enjoy that 3 hour nap in the middle of your day.

this is what my last month or so has been like and I kind of envy the ladies who don’t have the symptoms or changes to their bodies but at the same time I’d rather have them than not