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GOOD IDEA FELLO CAT: when hooman opn door, run out!!!! if hooman open door and blck it with leg? RUN BETWEEN LEG!!!!!!!!!!!


Exo reaction to S/O in a bad mood after a tiring day

Baekhyun: This would be one of the rare situationa when he would hold nack his teasing or mean jokes, he’d listen carefully to you without interrupting. He’d be a sweetheart, hugging you and showering you in love and kisses. (Marry me)

Suho: Another one who would listen to you and comfort you. I see him empathising very much, would affect him too. But all those thoughts would be long forgotten when he hugs you and brings you to his chest, gently stroking your hair.

Xiumin: Our Xiuminie would be very gentle, understanding everything, but he would immediately trying to loosen up the mood. He would order your favorite take-out and watch that movie you wanted to watch with him for a long time.

Sehun: Now Sehun strikes me as a person who wouldn’t really know what to do/how to act in this situation. Of course, he would be sad seeing you like this, but wouldn’t be sure how to put a smile on your face. Without too much thinking, he’d kiss gently and take you to the bedroom for cuddles and no more words.

Lay: Being the precious soul he is, he would be at a loss of words seeing his beloved one so sad and stressed. He would heal you with all the love he could get you and with the sweetest kisses ever ( ah kill me pls)

Jongin: Jongin is a wonderful person, he would listen to you while looking in your eyes deeply and caressing your hand with his (im crying). He would sigh, and then bring you in his arms keepong you there and whisperig sweet nothings in your ear remembering you that no matter what would happen, he’d alwags be there for you. (My heart)

Chen: I see him as a very good listener(ma fello’ virgo), would wait for you to finish and show you that tender side of his, that one where he would protect you and trying to make you smile in any possible way. Would probably even sing to you with that angelic voice of his.

Chanyeol: Good ball to sad ball. Would do everything in his powers to get you out of that mood, even if that means making silly faces or making a fool of himself(so chanyeol)

D. O. : Like Sehun, wouldn’t be sure what to do/say. He may be even a little awkward at first. Probably wouldn’t use too many words, would do somethig special, maybe cook dinner for you to help you feel better.

BadBoy! Au Seventeen

S.coups/Seuncheol: I think he’d be like a bully. Like not in a bad way. But he’d love to tease you. I can see him enjoying getting you blushy and flustered. I think he’d call you “baby” or “ babe” just to see you melt into a mess. He’d act all tough and jerky but let’s say he’s with you and he’d be a cinnamon roll!

Jeonghan: I can see Jeonghan being cold. Like he’d be really quiet and not really wanting attention. He’d just want to be by himself. If he likes you, I could see him writing you little notes. But he’d not go to you directly. I think the only person he’d hang out with would be Joshua, since he’s also quiet.

Joshua: Jisoo would also be quiet and like mysterious. I think you wouldn’t really know much about him, but he’d sit in the back of the class not really paying attention to class.(probably thinking of chocolate. LOL)

Jun: Flirt. He’s going to be such a huge flirt. Like Scoups, he’d enjoy seeing you squirm at his remarks. He’d have all the girls after him, and he’d flirt but wouldn’t date anyone since it isn’t you.

Hoshi: Would be a badass dancer but is also so obnoxious. I could see him bragging about  his skills and  making fun of other peoples that aren’t as good.

Wonwoo: Another quiet fello. He’s known for his cold stare and not getting along with anyone but Mingyu. I can see him hanging out by himself or with Mingyu at corner of a library.

Woozi: This guy is a fighter. I can totally see his hot temper get the best of him. Everyday he’d have bruises or scratches on him. Despite his small stature, he’s really tough.